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Full text of "Morning Telegraph, Jan.-Apr. 1922 (Louella Parsons)"

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Ctje jWormng Cclegrapfj 


l'L'BLIHKKU jd;i;V uCNDAl. 
J^u, oil shed t*J TKK T.BWlB TCBLISm^n COJirAST. at Tio, &-"0 Eighth Avrnie. 
nifF rtrtieLi} Simt. In (lie Ctty of Now Ynrfc. lli.r.>u;;ft ot MnuUnttwi. _ 

W I! 1. ■■".:.. I-r, ,„Ir-,i;. S.-y KLthlh AU-O'H. John J. Sell, .lr\ r KertetstT "Hfl 

raiurcf. sai Eighth Avenue. 

Tfj*p»»ar, ?«* Cln-le. 



Alt in t 


> the Morning Telegraph. HO ElfiMh A"*e=*' ie . Now York. 

The Way to Find 
fa Happy N*w 

A Happy WW Year. In apilo of the bromldie sound 
lie old-time wJKb. there In □ wenllh ■■' meaning In thane 
j-ijaple word*, Happine** in (ho greater^ gift In the world. 
Wealth is able to buy many things, but h&pn'ue$ti cornea 
only to those who are bifB**d willi Ihe fBillneophy of helot 
able to overcome ibe ohstnpl<"ft ami mm (award Jibe tight. 

Wo nrlah the motion picture industry a happy New Vrnr. We wish for this 
ftreat growing and artistic body happiness. Hut in order to nttnin 
that coveted td.rj.ikig there pre many thing* wn milat do. First of nit. we must 
nUnin our liberty. Withent freedom (if lhuu|(ht and nctiutt WG cannot. have happi- 
ness. We mu*t stand together lu fight for a hi* principle. Wc must buttle 
ahouldrr l/i shitihlrr (*i win In the treat question of censorship now being wnged 
1ji iiio^i of the States in the Vtdon- We mu;t work day after day i-p uselessly nnd 
tr ra Uri n if 2 y i? keep the btue Jaws frow becoming effectivr and thereby removing" 
the freedom of our people. 

Bat our flcbt «JD be UEelcan if a> hare iMttnal strife within our rnuka. 
Ha tang Dm there art iri&Ide rinas. personal politic* and: petty intrigues tve aball 
Hat find tapping**. brcBU«'t \\t will not be nblt to rrn-li (In- thlat* thai mnbb 
LsiVi'ii 1, -> liitfrsl) stfif" li a (langot'-i^ tliina; In any lior f-r ivork, .ind it In 
j.i-.i-.i -ii:iii.i errlnun rl£bt loiv in ih" iiKHinii purlurr irninstrv. "I'h-f v." \w.rv breo 
i::.r.-. Tftal tbinirK nt i>ta,ke i:i ibr paEt. I-.; ntvtr In t!ic mraiDr? of Lbr motion 
pi-'uro iudcfitr* btve ih^rc aMn to many bJ([ proWftna. L*n!(Si* tt'B work, wi^b a 
Ubiti-d imniOJit in H'JU tve arc join*; In )■>»(■ oar fight. Our bnnlc will bt 
■wonhlr^K, X.i (rent cmiRC b«» **er 'bt*a won vhh utrlfp ia tbp rnnkt. 

T/ri un, in 1B2U, ]otc our nriphlsor sis ourarlf, >Ij*t us lt*D 'bis wrangling, 
ilia.. {■{< «f riti£ and thIN rliildiah dcnijrc to gn th* crrJU for ertr} adTuricc that 1? 
Jttttde .im| \ii»rk with (be good t>l otir people in mind and not our otru peraoattl 
:■ ..■-:.'!■-. ::.■■[!'. If our ^ .:-h f d r a 1iiij'i"-r New Te&r Ik atberra nc i.ri ■: bury nil 
priccancr* mid ttcvt with a fr*ah sUtjJ* .Thert t* fKjnjlb pt'jr? for r*(ry naf. H 
1« not restricted m iJie f*w, bjjbJH r«d.r and wnltlnr for oil vrho will work witb 
t!:e pMi|h(r spirit atu) not ■■■.■:;, thr "i" tbounht erowtJiak nil *■'<•■•■ into tbr hnt'k- 
crwuiid. I 

a Han|ij.- SJBK Ymr of bAp^lnrHS for mrcrj nuo in (he imliirtirr. 





"B Af=T wrck w« b*4»m tiilhS'nt lo a man eonnwted wKb a T<romlin-iit 1li*airr 
*—* cb^aiTis fitntt'ran pirrarcs and drirtrtl Into h (lUnjHMiati »n |>r>i!iijriir^, muKlr 
ntid oillt-r nrtdiUons t» ih^ pniirBin^iif film*. H'hen vrn nxked utir frltoil what 
A)f thonitbt about wh thing* w* wtt« ijliltc flftftled to bare lifm l"ll im that b- 
inrpTpd tbr htrfllcbt filiii progwtpL "If ;ou bin] n. Ib?atr# offcrwl yoa, wb*t wriiild 
jnu do -K-liji jt7" ^. r a^krti i^u,, "I'j mafcc ,i ftrI1 sare tnnt 5. „.j, B su ^tuiirlJettd 
tbtr ihfrf wfta Ho rootn for proloffQ« prrMfntutionp, and I'm 'rather (neJLnfii t.> 
believe tlsst I'd nlno nee to it that there wag hq room for an orcbrhtrit." An« this 
c uniiiE from one wbo rippref-ntn 11 tlicutre tbni ia fonHtantJy itatna; fraturec osi 
their proiteaDtH rith*r than motion plctur**, In ill(mi"KSiiir tale iuHi>nial auto- 
bv feature nl film tBtnirrn Ibm «tfms ti) ly-a. <Utlded «pimof.. not onlj- Mm»Ds 
ibi^ tW.itre men iheniNeWeK. but among (ln> jiublif, We Ynavr nt bud people *B» 
l«rer<"r to «o t& the eiiTtj. nhbV of ' 1 imppcr"" abow wJien thej- cnji eee Uie riintrt. and 
in'tlTiui el^e. C>n the nlllfr hand, we bave had many jirojit.- UtU us that th* 
lirolosoef, orchestral mu«lc and. tocd) numbers bH their dcliicbL.' Soiae like oar 
hor( of prcfrun ^nd some anoibtr, tlad thrre jou ure. tlndoabfedly there t* 
room- for the theatre tbni ftiows a • i:-r.\i\:' lilm pnipraiu and the on* that present* 
inddeotitl fMttur*!! a* well. We »t* iurilaed 10 believe iLmt H on* <ut the lari^ 
lirnndwity IheatreH offered n Urictly film jirnsraiii it wanjd do n« bin a bufllnee^ 
a^< the para that hard lac other features, li smbm worta whik jtmbg a try out, 

ABKAUTIFl'L BtH# motion pietiiri- tb«atP«' Ii&a r*«n(]j opcnH on Forlr- 
second iiteeet near IjlittU BVfnUi'. It \m called the Cam** nnd i-s ytwler fhe 
uinnnjrm-ot of B, 8. ttiHft* The perforuian^rt will be c*qtlouou». trvai 1) A. W. 
UUtJI Ilddulglit. 

Tbat tlirr** in a dccidffl pe«3 for jiltl fcttth a iilticr Dffir th? lioppiuf dint-it 1 ! 
and dM*R enoujili [4 tlte Grand LVutrr.l ruiEroHd ftmlon, i* Mcand by tb* pOpu- 
lurirj,' of lb* old HflVny Theatre on Thirty -fourth «tr*r(. wkk-li is ntnatliir tLtn 
tlbC Cfiiwj but continually busy with i» lrun*ieHL nadienC-P nJcrnfttd feonj llie 
»-!iujh. timl rnilrond hlation of that neij[btiofi>«oiL Tht-rc at* j»o many odd BMJDWOta 
TrAea ibp sbopper or tofnmuter would sladly tlrnp into a picture Simu*c if it were 

The Cameo i-entR *-ti1.v uli hundred projtle, &o tbere Mill nrvrr be s Inst, 
rctjliui; arronod feelraE (dai i.» di-prehiilri('in fl lflri>r bonwe durinR the ipiii-t hour*. 
It in bm brauiiful nnd comfortably equipped (is poH8:blr. and will tfhow opjj p r *-. 
rpiVassr und fir«t-ruu pfcturcs. In adilitioa t.i the TerHnre, tbi-rv will he a comedy, 
M. nt-wfr reel' and ■ nolo number. A S'»od etchfippra and nrgan fire provided OS 
: <-•:-•;] u 1 iuuitnenr.1 to thn f;lm^, 

It a«tus ->- if Sir. iIos.B bad stmiek fiomelhipg f or wltlcfa there (fl 11 reol Mt& 
::;•■! Wf reaiurt -lo pff#rtbpj«j' n biii-r lini offle*, 

AltTlANOKilKNTS were completed btotVHk for the fiiinbg or tUn J^vrM, 
pflfl-piuta nreaesied dti^nj: tb«? UoIiilnjA at the Hoi"l Afior by Ihe wonwtffl 
divia'ou. vf the Fede»t(OD ff>r tlic Support of Jawlrtti riiilnuiliropjc cikn-lollei* iu 
Now York. Qn* of tittw apectaclM told the atory o( the tribabllioas id the Juw- 
Ub caee froai tb*- time- of Abralnrm. li rhowvd i!ic WOraBlp of the gjlileu ctlf 
cad ib t return of Mosea from Mount Sinai, the ncxpeeutlnn of Jena by the In- 
fltiirll^wH in Bpaio in H.D2, *a iiojrrom In reload and o preient day incident in 
Am en 1 "a. 

Jvwi-h hisiorj l»cH^niOne-(bo ui4>L pictureifqu,* of till [he Hatioim! It afejuods 
with nlof and remnDcc And iist pre^eumtJou \h BUttbla inciuTtia T«ir wchvoln 
sud ehun-W'H will be an exettleat ibiuff. Ah a anted edaatUr remlndr*! li- th^ 
oilier rloy, tie fft-ld of htatfHoDlLl r4ctfiTrca la as yet pracUtully unexplored. Mit^y 
)■* tuckicp to prMuire Jii«t Ihr »n of pit'dire* which 9dftt«torfl require and de- 
maud, And Ibarfa iw atill ShA o( otidt-rsiflaiiiue bem-mi pn«lu<?i-i' S and teacb^rj' 
:.- in jubi wjiii! J« deeded In ihr .-laHsroonnt. 

*>u.- or r*0 flue rceltt on Amerkim basfOij are now atailablc. A Serif* 00 
Bran hrt(i-Hn--i. of our vaunt ry in paw in JfJ-ovedii ot iirfidurtion. Efron* of thiis 
kjifl tilnniiil be enrouratiHl in c»rrf*r (bat all t»f the latent po»ib1litirt -iif IJip sere^D 
JU) a tearhcr. may be developed to the rulle«t. 


T"VAY:if lVAItK OBIFFITH recently had an article iu, the X** York Tribtin" 
*J imd>e lac intrifiUat iitl^.. "Haw I Kno* a HoTlt'Sltir When I See Oite" 
1( mjolu i>rove of imei-tK 10 aspirin} futur* a^rctn fnvarin*. W« dtsoto the fol- 

"IVhilo [.-.union pkysScttl Ljpes Imn occaHionnlly won niUe.ll in ill* Utcatsa, 
Ifcti n«rn.ol bee Bni! liturr. without eranijeratiou (Jth*r way, arc the tooei fcuitflblej 
T&ifl b true botfi lor men nnd wotnea. W« drmaad heallb not only n* tfaa require 
biiol Tor eokI work, but a* un pleinent la ItaeM tttot win* llJcing and fflrnr. Thft 
ircir.ii — .i^y ■.■:■■■.:>., — huo K liltui of pbyfibal renuMon toward iinbenltbfultiaa*. 

-'Jbe ttvrtnql hero lit neither of treat beillit nor of heavy bulk. t\> bellevo 
tba{ the ht-rotne h-st appeals lo tar arrrugr attdleacc ir ihe bave a slender, plenn- 
i:iE ffgare—«*mfwb«|. petit*, lu fmrL. Man ir the protestor andrVooifta tlic pvb- 
ti-rted, ko tbfil Ibf eligbr. fcOllitwha! utrrferalKed feminine fcrpe fltilta th" »tnt* and 
■ t.hj; oudient-e fyuipadiwu. H aho nuit*i cuai'-ra reiriiir^riH'otn, Wbiwoa tall. 
i|'U!fiil>' woineo w*-r« fel*Olnn fnv.nltc*. aff^eti vr twenty jedr* afii, perhapa oo 
aevflunt of \\ie reqaneni.e/itn of IJif n-rein (be ^mall air)* hnve bn-fjmr the f B vorlto»< 
■ r » kteoJntfl, Atf I kok back «vr r the notable vaunt woaiow ivhn have apprnied 
i:i aty idaj-H itm.i (nut U* Unit njim. my rntry ic(a nJtiuir- in IfH)?- alary 1**l!c- 
Cnrtt B3«mh-> Swwt, M»> MAreh. Mlrtajn UJflper, I.tUlmi and Dot«f£| flii-b, C^roi 
]*.nip-iltL — I d'i nat rrt-all iHii- AmuKohuiu ncurie. 

'-fbr '-pprniuIE^ 4|i|>1Iw to featured x* well ur to fuini. While normal j;oo«l 
i'Mk*: did )!i. ljimI.- j .ivitjI;.-. tb-y it- ii..; -11 ^mliorlaut ii« evnr^aloa. In the cmn* 
ofwoa^Jl tin- liiiujr> [bat help .ire; Pull (*frofcbofie* to catch (lie pajkA of liclit: a 
r,tjr -■ liririul fa'-e; it nnt v.-ry fad or Ktroiii aotA, h fl ttbs' not bcinr iNirrul: rood 
,1'rtli and |il*aflrs u-nutli. Hp* ifldiniDH to tbiniir*n; eye* pjrfnnhU Qatk if «a*r- 
NUN »i .1 fii'en or tiiotmr tint ro r^Bn't the ]Ea;liE. But a girJl psav iwti> till tb-' 
ihbov impi'idM of lie 'iiiotojjrBjtMv fine uLihotit hpj n; hide tit eipi ejl « iiJi>[I>"u^ 
ID wlui'ti rut tipui llie drauitk* T3p*lh.lot !tbe U !i.ijipT?»i«. l h iiotojtrftwhrc r*5uhS- 
m*n^ an* tduiply to taaalc llifr '.>anicrK In wjrt>i»!r hvr Inner -e|f batter. Fur 
la.i!ri- ^.nw-fi. i,*.^bfc mea lior wnmen nip d''j».nd U)Jon « ( n«l Lonts. Y'-n wIJ' 
se iln 1 EfaUl of tul*i if yon will I.tuft bacit [11 lfa> bijaiti/ types nf t<n or tt a dosct 
_ • ore find larirr that The mpr*!" lu'lidMimi- men ntt.1 the merely pretty wobjc*- 
j) ;i:n Humlsfnt' af-the >cCe»a partl-nrlnrly 1 haw ■,n;ik lilin oliuctirii r. 

"The priutipifl diataeter quality tb;it Irani* tab-nt :■. t|i« onniHd poriltbti 
uberc it (tin t-i'mioami nlizn ' 

TnT: oiuuionK on itxe. be»t plctore* , 
of the year bavo not been iroatly [ 
at TarianecT The lirt compiled j 
by most of the editor* of trade ■ 
r.'.hffnainea and newspapers hlvfi bern ; 
aimllar ettattili to make ok believe a ejood '. 
picture is alwaya ncocntacd. There bare 
been a few ili'Tiiiiii; roicea on this pic- 
ture nnd that one, and a few complaints 
ii'EiMorvd when we hive rlvph oar en* 
Lh ;]»:£_>[ ie apnrnVHl at one picture ami 
em oj>Infrin that another wa" nut wortbj 
d( a place on the lillil list nC best pic 

But Uiat difference at opinion that 
Mark Twain Kiid made for haneracfux; 
applies to the artistic Quality uf pieturta. 
Ef the produter^ bad one close nf people 
to please abd could never vary in ihft 
aljtc of, their iiroiluetioaa we would never 
progiTaa vety far In the .in of picture 
making, But fortunately there nro many 
people, in the world miri ni».'-( of Lhia a;reiLt 
u.:i«-- of tittmanjty : ei)ulp]>ell with nton.- 
tal machinery that function* and spouta 
it* own idea". 

In thiukin; over last yrnv'a film erOp 
many piclnrrs hare Haaht-d acrom tbr; 
hnrlaon thut nte ftoo^l, Many of (ham 
of cxeoptioiial merit, but in rcntricttnji 
ounteh'ta to the best fiitern we arc ch&oa- 
injc only tbn praduclioaa that appeal to 
ub as embodyEiifr the finest artiatie qtiolity 
■ ciil gf havInjE the bc»it cowtruetjon end 
continuity. Fn a.inrt, the beat elemcnta 
that pror& the worth of a Rcreeai ]day. 

"W> aro not sayina thew few band- 
[•idted favorites art the only good pic- 
ture! of ii,-" 1 year. Iieeauao such a state- 
ment would be ontfmc, tt'fl are £ayiua; 
the foHowlon prodijctioin> tattneo to ua to 
merit the distinction of r&ikini; omonc 
tbc fifteen 8ncKt photo-play* for the jenr 

Just rc 1KM had ita "Way Down 
fiast," 1 IU "Dver tim HUl," ita "Hii- 
inoretiiUe" anrf "The," 1ES1 can 
ttonflt of "The Three M n Hit r leers," "Tbc 
OotenV 1 'The Old Xeat." "Tlia Queen of 
Ktirba," "Petor IbboWim." "Henllmcntal 
Tommy/' 'Torable DarioV' 'The Four 
Jlutpemen of the Apocalfpac^* "Tboo- 
dorn,"" "A Han'a Home.," "The Little 
MLuister," "tHanjadi," "Sehofll Daya" and 
*Ttl* Secret of tha llilb," 

One of tb: finest eertofl prmliieliona 
autdu Ibis >n.i- In mi.utlnj{ frum tlii; lut 
beenusn It will not be shown in New 
tori until IftS. That is. n«rid w. 
QcfStiia "Orphaas of (he &turm." We 
Inline thlB can be said to be one nf the 
Djeat iirtlntic and bwt plctuna turned 
out during tbat aeaAun wlita the. xubject 
of ir-cn us true lion ntter (ho wir made 
trupality nnd ecoaotny mi (scandal, Mr. 
i:rifi.'irli"fl "Uronm Btrei-i" had a treat 
parannal appeal for Us. although ibare 
ware ninny peo|de who did not consider 
it worthy of hLf erafi. . 

In slaucina: over the: above Ibtt we arm 
nay lOit nal not been tt lo*t yenr by aSJ 
means. She baa bad her rirtii*H and; hat 
faulu. But nivcp it i* the cuutom to 
upcali well of the deed **t will fo^jpjt the 
fuiihu and dwell uihjil her Vfttdtit Her 
Itood derln will Eiv after In-r. Junt a.s 
the poet* say nur de*ida Jive on when we 1 
br no moff. 

In welcoming 1KE2 y. hope ^Jie wilt 
dcjd as kindly" wltEi Ua. And aow hit tin 
wfah ctery roc In the iudii»ii-y happy 
Kit Ycnr. Alt of our Erfeuda and till 
who am not Our frUiatia. We con »i[H! 
the slate clean nod start frcJih 10 inakj 
up far out 1 nTtaTtcuiiiLn^H uf ttie la»t y^iir, 
hccaUfte w n nil bfli'O ihutfJ. lenKfiez we 
jsdmit it or not. 

r.v-i.i Lablfaen tDlu*. . - 
The cyea of thl* AmerU-nu Bin] iurJui- 
try hare been foeahed on r>m.*t Lu- 
liii*ch, the younjr Ocnnan direrliir, who 
more than any other fowigo niabarofpte- 
I urea has vxtaldiwhed bihtaaU an ;t iimii 
of iiiternationBl reputation. Frt>ia tbi> 
moment Mr. l.ubithch Ktvpped oh* tho 
AmerleJU ■■(»■,..!;. -iii'. •:■■<-.. Dtciucu Im 
ban been ful!o«vi-d by ttewepapcr repertrj 
era and fllni nun. who hare lingered to 
bear front biM own lipi thi' fiiic-jiiou of 
bin fiUccc-V. 

CnlcsE ih'-r bpi:^b Oernmn ut batrc an 
iniecprflter, they will fun? rfaj bjftly, 
bccatlf^ Mr, LubitKirh. hpcakK nu EtJ^lipIi. 
IIIh acroiah U Bpoil off so .fuk-kly. the 
Gertaan one learned at rehool h abso- 
lutely of no use. except to catch an oc- 
casional phrane. 

I ijael Mr. Liibitaca in Lbe'oflieeit of 
the Tjnltcd. Play*. Ofticrii that IwkifiL 
nil-re *.« if they miftlit- hare btu^tafefl 
1e the -in:" of a crand -J m ■ ! » ■ - - ■■ or a 
::.- ;!:'■■■-. "I" thf* i'-:,:-\':\:^ fflUllly. Who- 
ever tbought to fled a srand iiiano with 
n eeriae-eoloi-ed drapfl, with curtain* and 
bcavy rarnete &• match, marble ;■.,■■ ■.,, ;.-. 
pEi-Liip-8 and other vitibm «emh|anec of 
ek'*{anr*a on Broadway? I rubbed my 
■■ycf .to see if 1 bad not euddenlr Htepjwd 
Jntn an Arabian Nifhtu chapter InKaad 
ol 111 it tiuj-iiiupi; nittci'- HtU n't; kpparcat- 
]y LuKiaeaa ja^trBTiFHirtcd Itf fhese lnstiH- 

01JB OlIiCM, ' , 

Thou Me. LuMilacii eXlUe; and I for- 
l.ii the liarkeround in my Lutereht iii 
thf yoLi-jir tiermaa. who is ntmitt 'J'.l 
ye4m old ftPid h«» m sffilfc" llmt in bJfec- 
tioiiK, Up war dreswd !>■ a lipht-en^ri'd 
"oit. ai*parf-nt!y ready-made, and only 
j j dis-laat ennui!! to (he ptodttct lime 
i cotti'jd from our. Fifth araaua tailora. Leii 

hiM i-'othca were on )■ Inefdcntal. 
I Jin »i::i;tiil ijn.iliine OftMau a; $ 
j la.u of forty mUrs a luomenT, cnkiut; 
j 1 if.- ioup qoCadion^, and pniCtooiiu^ L 'n.;ll 
rtttiftfk with n Sotiejnh ul hi» nrnth. 
"!*U-.iHn tra'nsltife." I n«!*ed ?Ir. Blum- 
I 1 uthnl. "He 1h xiieahitit: ho fast 1 ■ .ai> 
I not catch a woed be tn Karuis." - 
I And *" Hen Blmneaibal ntfjipeti into 
; ( V braaca afTad JnllowGd llr. I.uuisteh 
: wlfh :i litcwl (ranslatlori. 


many, "Jl Is'aq lioauttfit!." he Bald, "i>a 
ufttatU-. Mr, Uritlitb h » woijdwfttl ill- 
Reni 50 lie aide to put flSUb beauty on 
thif ncrcen." 

TLrii'itli %tv. Biamwtani"a npt imer- 

Si reUt I Ion [ jfalhared that Lliin-*" had BO I 
<ean an row In' -nitiklnjr '■I'tinniiiirs 
Wffe" iin Mr. LBldtfldl had WpectejO, 
A Utile of Itie wpiiil nf Alu-rlcaa uiirii.-t 
crept iuEu rhi* utiiillu. 'TlinraiplL* 
Wife." MhUb LnJii^ich tii,id.-,fo- l'nin.i.:-i 
Players-I.m-ky, i-i an L-tayptiaii stnr H v. 11 
omlnnintli n,i?'tmde in wliich LTi.^mi mru 
ntid womea ar- 1 otupit*yed P A sriui I -a trie 
war. iu i>rdsri.*H whin one «hle of the 
urtny Kiiddi-uly Kto-ppcd work anil r<!- 
fiiMi-d to h<j on witii the |ikti:rc. 

■•Wlmt In the troabre:?" demond L -ii 

"Mure money — money Mkn th; Aliier- 
l**pr-T npt," wuji the cry, 
Tltia fuctioTi Iinrl no more b'on ijniri 

aela, which we hrivc been told are n part 
of lila tuatarJcnl setdops. 

lie Imipliwl merrily nnd (Ulid llf had 
never henrd uf thc.111. % 

■i'bnrawli'ri Wife" 1011k sir mnnilw to 
nroitiiee, but it took- it very nborc time 
fa era nnd edit Mr. Lubilsch doe* liJf 
own culiInK and ediiing nnd beMovca no 
ilirevtijr anbnltl Hmtruet tbia work tn any 
olif; clue, whether ho is tiermfUi, AtncK- 
cnii or J"!ii;lldi. 

After a brief vfcttt bore be will ro 
Went in tool; ovrr ibe studios lit t'ali- 
fnniin. lie i*i in favor of our director* 
risltinK (Jcrmany and lOnropcnn directora 
■ ifltuif America for an exoaancii of Ideaa. 
AEthouch htii first picture wan for an 

with tilttt aalacffea, tabft ihn -th-r ajuc j Anwriean concern add bcUmas to F.. 

„nr"%K' T^et? a - X£f»« n**SE& « «"■«■*'««' "»"• 

yoN-tod, tfii plriore ptteefeBMU uojil th* i "^ mtuiy filth offer* bejn-s made in hiit 
entire outilr put tlielr lieo-ls toj;»tIicr nnd ' iliri-wj..n. (lood illreiftora nrc srarce. 
with one nwiinl fiurainhwl 11 ulriki ihut ; He xn£d an 1 was lem.iHf to make r-iom 

1 for Bevotal other ufiw^aper folk who 

1 ware vwiitiug. 

meet 1 Kbnll try and 

toob the rutire stttniO'IttPoo t« cjoi 

"Ptinrjioh'N mre" coktlr* 

J'iiarnohV Wife" wiH not he the ■ 

picture every one expected, lis 

on a par wit litany spectacle in 

America, And It -sewm likely, in: 

the tjiniian*j have lenmoil not l> 

for noihin?, " xlint picture* outtlo. vn 

Ti?htoue Efonud will hereafter .runic In 

pric-e with nor .Vmeri-.'nii-mnile protlufT. j 

co nip 
met is 
ido in 
r that 



Mr. Luwiwlt wan tnken 
miic.'iioii of the Americi 

if the seitti-ueo in >:ood 
Bojlfab. w]ik-li find?!** me wonder if he 
doesn't know liiiire Kii^ll-li thnn he pra- 
teiidj. i-'oruiji;n(<nj are tiiwnya nieh ct' 
pert UnKuiatB. 

An for 1'oln Neffri, he say.*: hhe la 
every lb In £ charmmr a womurrnho*ild.lK , l 
nu'i it i« nuiit'fojifiarjr for htm to sn.v more kIii' *||J v|nir, America Airly iir-.t 
Thin weh aald iu TlrrnnrnT M-itii a 

tu re theatn 


, fnu;. 1 iii* wi_ 
f l ; twtnklc lu his eye, la fact we siikpcet 
: man of bavins grout sense 

Stranili the ftrwtf aud the Rialto. 

"They are very hcuutiMil." he aaid. 
■"Much more nrrtijntioita I ban nbytMhj; 
we have In Berlin. 'Our theatres hula 
UO Hin-h eleborate pfoffinms nnd ore not 
deaiaTicd with » much thousbt mid cam 
They are hiit simple playhouse? Mmpaml 
with theae tlieatraa. 1 * 

In fat.-t Mr. LnbitwU is the sort of 
v .:n;;: tuna who ia prepnretl to give his 
unqualified rnilor&nnirut lo iilivlhliiS 
Araerieaii. He in rerjf bmh] nulitml: 
sinltc* coMliniiftlly. He has it pcTi-tnialily 
tltflt la both prttdiroa ami pl<-asif|^. Hi 
sdi* he like-- t'bnriic Uhapliii Inter than, 
any- untor lie hut 

tbc QapiHtl, the I "T humor, fie laughed ko (rc*uiinli ; 

' . - U'li-j, hull ^..-lu1«P«..T.t 

nnch ciijoym'Mit. 

t/i-iiiltude Sat*. 
I wiah i 1 .were poaaHde Lo send a ;nir- 
*onnl nato of tbhnba for nil the Cbrbjt- 
mon carda ihut cawt- to my dfafc' 1 this 
year. Hut It would be a idiyslcai tin- 
potrdbtlltT to answer them all. It would 
take until up-tt year, but 1 do want lo 
bbj tbflnk yon! to every i«f who waa 
thoBShtffll euoURb to «end a word at 
•rrwtlcB-, Tlmt mem,s you ond yon and 
yon. It h »ri*ntifyija to Jtanw there are 
muriy kindly disposed pdopla in the 
worifl. It afh^toa We seem very pleasant 
ntid worth whiV*. A Happy New Year 

a Chaplin pmlure plnycl ia Berlin : 
he v.. Hi \' : .i ■ pmcat, Harold Lloyil is 
aiiw* a prcat (cvolitc of Mr.. T^nbi'lacn. Ha I 
tbiiike he: {ft one of our bent nttora. 

Perhaps one reason- for hi- tuteresl in I 
Sin- coiueiliaiiJT ia (hf faet be started in 1 I'n'tly h;idiu7 Indy; her mother, and Mr. 
lift- pltytDK MHiredv roles. It waa Mux f oml Mrs. UkI Stoai-li. IT yo:i r ink- tlie 
IHnWdt who -liscavi-pd him n-id -m- 1 ibintre-i you will pro^ahly »w Mr, Ijloyil, 
"!a vbo 

Sow' in Town.' 

U'4'.l. Kir'w Harold Lloyd ia in town. 

Iu arrived with the <:old suap oa Fri- 

1 hvt were Mildred tlaris, bin 

n vacation nnd ■ 


■■::.. V., 


Ir! : 


'if'tienlfh. room, Htitfir. re; 

■ vi.-l pmvir il^ aJHplrartt b* 
e». rttxa and UlleaaML tu : . 

■ w\a*r walk i-r ejtrwr: d(Bi 

than !■■ in:v . 

•-Thlrt" ' 
■*iy aud 
tion in fond omJ falutuh. 

raw*uf, I t 
be nacfcail 
Rrajttaa tine 
, beeit true 


iiUVir ti;--lllti tip: 

Lhfl ind I'tlwnf ion. 

.ran thu ttiaelfltrom 

and tiu watje po more 

life iBttce time 

* ''■"'■ '"• r "r f '; ll !^ : fca'rt in owtar to vorh cbd- 
Ifltif rwao itiJ- h:cncs,t reward*! PJrat, the tsaipta- 
JJIet 10 rrfniii she ftjora and atrirt cuoril a£a|n*<"t lo- 
ul«eiire mii-it needs be i:ialnt»i;ind. Pully rye» or* thr flllale iu the utitr,' 
*\at tin? vf one f.Hhl or-y! Nmi. ihe tepiptntinii t" ..-oflncss. The person who 
dueast eeen in pbyalni] [raitama will pat t*t emmi to the tack. For, though: there 
are ImiR hour* ■■! wnttinp In sltldlo, tfary art- Inli-iwifl by !hc tavercel labor awl 
iuh- T e.,Lit;i!iiiil appUrat|oti, even to the point of ektiau-iboa, "fhirj, the t"tiipia- 
r;,.; -.. kUep%3*. TI-- 1it*y work+-r will wn.r sfflDlifif ta niiv thins, Ftmrtn the 
taJantatiwn I" iliesifMlfon of nay *sr!. It wftl -ifrpri-e theat who think of {hi; 
iij'li.i "t^rii a- n place *>t b;iiv uleaaura and Lbati-jou to barn tlmt oaly the meu 
,ud wouaa uf notmaily dcap liT ¥ a lylly Dur«*il there." 

somUi to f^ernian. 

I diii manaB'C to nnttefrtani) ikiora 
j Mr. Ulumcnthal itOttcd Ilia iulcrprrla- 
' ti'jii that Mr, Lubhreh liellevei our Amer- 
ican tiiauj nrp "arhr trat." 
j Tnkfr "'Korbldilcn' Ftttlr" Br An . r-s- 
| ample. Ute little ih.iifi* (Mr. Lub-lstch 
I meant the d*tit!la> nr:: ai:;ajiuc. I 
\ noticed a ^;rl troubled oror the proper 
I fork to uae, Hho Ktnpped abort at ber 
1 tisb fork and wjjlted for her hoxte-tA to ! 
proceed aa abe wonld niakn r.a miiitaka. J 
Such care for tbt* minur tiuaaa i-- wop* 1 
,'tli-rfu! and J* (yplial of (be <icJlqieo 
I of Amorfcau ulrccllfm. 
j Mr. Lublitrb spnke of "Broken Jltos- 
1 Eofa: 1 ' At being Ttrj' popular in Gci- 

KBjriHl him - v , 

«tp?<-ca4 wai rapid and h" tiiiretl Kuron.- ! p*tte to sctf rtlt Ihe best tulaeii in town, 

with (ha i;.-iiil;iir.H twrnuanj-. At lln [ f"> hone he irrtd'fpfta* by "fUx Tylindcr 

time T.-Len LunCtaett hnd rniit t. plsctor f >■'■•*'■ f.rtu*i: IruM, or that *\~ 

himsel: on tlic .Ivuropeau ilaet Paul cjtiu_- wr-lodraam, "Bull llc-z JVTim- 

Davidbon. owner of ittliueroini Ueraicn munfl. ThlB larier han liern laoeled a 

irbiL Rtidrrtakrajr*>. mew him acltnff the i "*well \ ahotv" by BaArd J-rrqimnl. I 

l>adinn! rule, of tbc i^Hl In "Tbo tireeit f 

Fait*, linprftwed by (a» youae i;iili*'k i 

tflipnt, Mr. Uivlit> n ,i Eitlked film Ui :: ■ ! 

yoottKfl actor, and a cennatt wna i-ignfl I 

mabiag youtut I-ubitBcIi director an 1 

iiceBtinu writer a» well us actor 01 hlfl 

owft wunijon'. His firm onditt^^iojj ] 

wn» 'Luhit^ih tVmi'dici " II was npt. J 

until after that he Itacutoc uleatilled wiih 

iilEicr feature^, htit It is a^ an Uifim 

director that he baa betume ratnjenlsed 1 

in (bin country It wa« be who diacov- 

'T! ■,? I'h'H S"i::\, whn Was III Unit t'me ■ 

nu uiiauu-wji tabaret AUsi«r T Her charM ■ 

aud her tek'nt, coinblocd wilii hiw dire- . 

terlal flklll. midt "Carmen or Oypsy 

Blosd" one nf tin 1 best-known nlctarea 

In the world mftrhct, 'L'litu toQawed 

■•Ptaaloai "Jjeceptlun" and "One Arab- 

len Niflht." 

Moee K«t Cm- l'Miiter-Mnflie, 
Mr. LubitMch w:ib< liijhly anlilatd fit 

an Brttr*--. The fairic* mtist have wished 
h»*e tjvefjr good! a""" 1 ■" lor birth. 

Tk* PU-tplrc Faina I-'Icrvk to I'bralti'. 
Altbdu-fu It ia nver thvee years since 
Miilc. Ohta I'vlrova ban J>ccn r.neaNn 
miitron pictures, aho i.r-'; rclfiiucd trrr 
fotlowinc; «I] this t4me. It is ialereatiur; 
to note that "many of (lir penile who 
bare been flocking to the Comedy The- 
atre toaaa h«r In "Th£ While PfciCoek" 
are her admlirert of her film daym. Some 
of the critEra spoke of Madame IVtrov'n 
as beina eaaentinllj a tilio ntnr, when 
an a matter of fuel «lie wan on Tbc 
attj-e twelae yearn befori- vbe cfilm* Into 
pictures, and her experience on the staac 
lift? been Matt? JtreUtcr thaa on the 
ecreen. Deap«a that fac;t, thc.iriendH 
.ill'' made in picturvo hare aerer deeert^ 
iti hfi' — and bUp oeeiiplL's a place in 
their banra. "Tlie Whftt Peacock" is 
from the pen "f Madame Petfova end 
wa* WTitteD prTrfiarily with th« thoUcht 
nf woman'* eeondtnic freedom, a Biib- 
Jeet that la of ictereot tu nil who have 
die aiR* m-L-nL«j t of womoa. oL licarl. 



Mae Murray. Robert Leonnitl nnd lit- 
mund G&ittdihB; have come back fmn- 
Cuba. They want down thfifo to take 
exterior scene* ior Mtwi Murray* nnt 
pmdiictiou, which is laid in rjptiln. The 
nativea "were nrt rleliehted wilh the Amer- 
ican actress they crowded the um*m 
whenever she appeared a nl managed to 
get into tlic camera go nftcn these out- 
side sccnea were taken with ■fif.ilculty. 
Mr. flnnlding w feeliap rjie New Year 
is treating lum very well/ He is reprc- 
aentHl in three them res on Broadway. 
"Peacock Alley." Mae Murraya latent 
film, now puTjinc nt the Camro ThenlrCr 
was adapted to the screen by Mr, Oemld- 
inj. Ho nmlHied in the odapnitiuu of 
'"IVl'tihlo Oarid," now jilayinp nt the 
Strand, and plnyR on Important role In 
"Throe Live tShoatfi." Oeoeee FiljEm«n- 
riCeV picture, the feature attraction at 
the lUvoll This n-eok, 

(*pe*klnc of H't- FlUTartnt-leeii. 
They are onendinc; their holidays in 
N'aplca. A can! frcn* them nnd a letter 
conveyn this jiiformntioa. Mr. Pitn- 
ruflurk-p is making exterior seeaea for 
"The Man. I-'rom Home," and Ooidn' 
Betgero I-MtcoJliirW. who odnpted the 
ncenericr frnu the play, i; ansisting her 

Have Ye 

Conlribntftd : 

till? indtiiiiry '■■■■-. - : been, eo buajr cele- 
brating Chribtaian and Now Year they 
haven't paid Tery much attention lo Ihe 
letter aent out by Onalfil Frohmao call- 
ing attention (a the souvenir benefit pro- 
gram to be r ■■■■;:-'! for tba Actors' '■'■sn-i. 
Neither have they paid heed to oitt item 
of ];c,i wnk neklnf each and every mo- 
tion picture actress to aand Mr. Froh- 
mitn ■ check for {100 to aaatar. In this 
must wortliy camtc. It itot only meamj 
y»u arc doing a chnritnble deed la adding 
your mite tn the fund that Is uaed to 
maintain the Aetora h Qomu at Staten 
' ; .!:-ii,.i nnd to care for the dtaabnal and 
sick rlarcr)', but It mcRn* you uro also 
rfureii-uted in the art section of the 
■-mivjiir benefit proarHai. Thin coptribu- 
tion need not he confined to players or 
directora. nnd oilier folk in (he industry 
can show liielr good will by sanding the 
amount of money, which doesn't menu 
much tu Uilmi but which means a great 
deal tn the Actors' Fund. Do not hesi- 
tate. BCto! ypur cheek to-day. Start the 
New Yone right. Avery Hnnwood. Clare 
Kutnujer und Jane Cowl were tho lent week. Wo should km 
Leu litpca that number to report iu these 
I'l.liirttiiH nciL week. 

Who Ott* the M»«i aianey ? 
Irrln Cohb settled far all time that 
much mooted ((uefltinn of who gela the 
most money out of the Induatry. At the 
litipert llnjjhrn luncheoa, ho nalri Rupert 
Hughes mrule mora money than any other 
man in tin: wurld with the exception of 
the sheriff of lisdlywo&d. Now wo khow 
the >h«ri;t of Hollywood gets the most 
coin. Qtfrernment Itivesiigniirrs please 

any tirisnlrllV BDjFi <Uof. 

. Count tlut day loit when Jloy McCar- 
dell doeu not step forth and contribute 
his tit to the fiaycty nf affaira. His 
latest concerns the worm. 

"Why," he-a#ked the guest* at Stnmuel 
(JfdiWyit's Juucheon, given for It 11 peri 
Flughrs, ■ "nhoitld ft worm turn: ii ia 
alike on both oldcaV" 

"To heyi pM aide from wearing out," 
■applied frvin Cabb. 

Answem to thja question will be printed 
in tliifl depurtmrot, Motion picture 
rights olready applied for. 

\lili- Tufcru an .l»!ilKiiiieiil. 

Able. ourOirixe affice boy, who lamcnta 
that he is being cheated, of bis. due pub- 
Hrlty, wa* amused from n deep atudj of 
the morning paper by the editor. 

"AWe," aald the boas, "why aren't yoa 
at the fire 7" 

"Fire? Fire? Wheto?" asked Abie, 
CiabUue bla hat (tnd nhowtng more aneori 
than In* has ever been known to wiow 
in. hi,t year nud a half with The Morn- 
inp Telegraph, 

"WhCM ia thac boy?" asked the city 
editor a" fiM* momenta later. 

''Oh, I told htra aboot a fire," renllefl 
the editor, ^ntld M nuttnt have taken it 
ai an nfialBUnient," v 

W, A. 

1b* Job. 

rwell ' xhoiv" by Binr _ 

l&h I bnd [bail (houpht of those* wnrtj. 
!" -..' rhat iu exilitly what it i*?. u 
•Weil - !■■ v. You net *& thrilled and 
ci.^i'.i-.: <i.'i ei"CB forget thi first nl 
Januar.' will h-rintr tht* bills for nil tltoi? 
Chiiiitnn* pieients yoti rhargerl. A* 
for "Sis Cylinder Loire." lha tittle L iH 
who liven m. my hoiiaa said if I dldja't 
*'tn,j lalliinjr m much nhoot ttrffl play, 
every one would tbiak 1 wm thi preaa 
ngciit met Torn Ollphaut Wouldn't like 

quo ti una asked about the paplcr-mache 

: to be- 

|] «!■!* write* m. Uaok. 
Horia Kenyan, who in addldoi 
ing "'■(.TiJi' :i goad, aftrena dad a Gtiv 
Hintfer, Is it poet.- ha* \vrUl<*n a new 
boob: nf verse in eoliabonitJoli with her 
fa'Jie;.'. ittid it makim Ita'an pe a ra ilea joat. 
at the holhlay -i.m-.-j'i. V.'., Ihjvuh'l nif-I 
;;mi' In read the boiik thntugh, but It 
lnolis, front the ime or wo wo liRvn mad, 
ns If Deris is an fine a poet aa aha Ut 

William A. Brady, who la Always yn 
the Job when Die subject of better filnia 
Is meatl'med, entered die arena yeatnrdny 
to do bla part to keep "Tba Lonely 
Trail." atiirrlng Fred Benuvah, Corc- 
BlH^niknt in (he StlJItnan divorce ease, 
from being ebuwn nt thn FouNy-fourlh 
Street Thaatrc A statement over his 
■dgnatur* ta a* follows: 

"If Clara lla/mun and Boseoe Arbnekla 
nre hartc-l by popular aentiment from ap- 
penrluc on the screen, the anmn Itolda 
good Jn the cftfle of Frod Bcauval*. he ia 
an attraction, only becaiiae of his crin- 
hi.*ctlnn rriLh a uotcirlona divorce iMinc, the 
details of which ml**ht b«Jt be kept trorn 
tap pttbllc jb the papers, on the acropra 
or In the court". If one can become fa- 
ipnua through murder, dlv&rw or *ca»* 
ila'f. then encourajjemeat only goea to 
unread the prewent wave of crime. Gov- 
ernor Miller forced the |maa-4gc of the pic- 
ture censorship. !l In said, peca-iiac he 
ifii-.ih his dnuRhtcr lo see a mutinn pl<*'itrc 
nne jiiifht. that offended him. rlla in-Si-i- 
cul ceitword have plaeeil their a?al of ap- 
proral ph tlli? ]}emivala plrtuf-e, I am 
o,niif 80're that (iovcnior Miller will he 
in the flrat row when thif picture is 
shown In Albanj and ao tjupixirt tiie rul- 
■1 ■■: of Ida canaarH, tnAilf; in tha fucc of 
tho onpoaltiou <»f Huj mueh mullgned mo- 
;loii picture luditHtry- After Keaueais, of 
eoaree. Clara Ilumon^nnd then what? 
"U?igued). vVaHaia A Brady;' 


Motion rictare Bdltsr. the SJornlnff 

II cccurs. (ti ine that now Is the time tot 
Ibo motion picture irnd>* to take a for- 
ward step, nail I am WrUlns to you, aa a 
represents 1 Ire trade malValne editor, 01 
wliiii I hODestly believe is a\«rluus trend. 

j speak oT the matter if prolnSuca. 

The real itaoatl«n is J "Way Is a Pro- 
loBuet"— and I defy nhy on* ia glr« sa 
aiiawer which will, stand as a "feffUimatn 
r.aflon for tlwlr gilatenre. The traiie presi 
lOlfi. of cour«ei rO-reuraKnl prob ■flics and 
other vaudeville aecoiupaotmeat to pltnirr-r- 

KAtnretly I nm sneakLns for con-edbM 
and foe othcT M-bJeels on n dlrfr^lDcd pta- 
gram of -ilrmres. flat Is ll not also lo ill- 
advantage of the !•■ ■•■■■■■•■r- aim cxploiteer* t<> 
abnadon tae tanugut of prolepnes wtileh 
iake ibe cxhlhltora* time anti mnn«-y anrl 
do nor ftelp Ibe pleturea one bit* 

My point (j this. Is It not foollil for 
dULrlbntlag companies to urge tthlbtt&r*— 
nesi'ted by th* irndo press- to apnad Hrc 
rums nf. money f*r prolegne aecomponl- 
soeat to their pictures when It t* net 
tiroTcn that the prologue helps Ihe plctar; 
Uiolf? ',. 

fn other werrjs. what ■■.:■.-■ :\-.-> hi has ihs 
feature man for a price (or His feature Him 
n*n|nl ichen lie Is encouraging the cthltj- 
ltar to ■ jvvi.t n.en-.juiij avore oT hi* mobcy 
for seioethlne In Ms *baw which Is out- 
alfle «* (he rtalm of pictures? * 

Or can yon nay thnt a prologue will" give 
In twenty minutes ns much real enter- 
tainment and satisfaction to * large per- 
centage of the nudhaee that certain abort 
aulijeela— .secured cheaper— will ftHe? This 
tn me earned y**«oEle. 

Tni- big fc i tow in the big city puts on a 
prologue. Perhaps It la poo*! pereapa it 
La nol. The acblla accept* it paaalvely, 
Immcitint'i H t« lierstdeil aa ''ft-eat* 
through the irade v Tbe ein^llee fellow 
thLbkfl he bis to follow nit The rival 
neBSB m>aeRer thluka ho his to do It »Iho : 
jiifl-t because aomo one eta# bsa done it; 
net because Pis ettfti»le tins requi-stett It 
or pvpn -liowtv parlleular tnterevt In It. 

Perhaps some «F (he nubile Is kleklap 
at n«lmlaoI*n prleea, Whst w^ul* they 
ihlnt If they kntw thut a lurac *h»re of 
their ally cent** or their dollar !#. ^rAng for 
tniniet'.lle— Inferifir vaudevllte at that— «nd 
staging of Bomethloc or nther (half tha 
ttrae they di*n't know what It u at! about, 
but sit through 11 wnlUng Tor tho ptc- 
tuT*ji, snd n small per cent, of their money 
gMng for tie payment for the ptcllifrS 
which they came to see? The public wauld 
ham n real kick if tbey anew what aomt 
«r these prolbgusa cost to stage. 

It ban been pretty IhorDnghly ptOT** 
that taudevlUc. put oU by pletaiw*- 
ltors T cannot rank wltb the best vnnds- 
Tllln ot the circuits. Does nm the pro- 
lapue com* under the *JBndevl!l* clasa? It 
in net pfettKt* And plrtutea are what tho 
public pays Its money to are. 

Theae are only a few random IbougM* 
It seems '" me (hat lhia subject arionjld 
n» Inoied «t si|iisrcly hr thp trade press. 
If the trade pt'*h Is to aland for 'hoatit 
advice to (he eshlbltorn of Araeilco. 
Yeura very truly. 

Fat Dowlibg. 

l.os Angeles, CfcL, December 10. 

Motion Plrlure Editor, The Morning Tal*- 
grBph : 

In an edltortat In Ibe lime* I read that 
Mr, firlfflth objecU to inforior produettoa* 
befar tlragged out and floated upon ta* 
rppaUdon or his efforta. Thl* saetns a 
reaianable ohlcctlon to jr.-- Bt also Bays 
thnt II will hinder the eld! cissalcfl from 
bdog featured. j:he part that dlatnibed 
m<* was (hit the editorial writer went on 
to comment adversely upsn the otd 
daialcs on the aerean, aaylngr that they 
are lameatBbJy changed and that the glory 
vf (he narel was where one could htar 
ihe miistefa line*, f wlah to state that 
netaing ta nneh a Btlaiulatlan to read the 
ilssslrs like seeing Ibcm on the &cr«n. 1 
bad never read "The Three Musketeers" 
until atter the Fairbanks pradbclton. 
neither did "Peter I&hotsaa'- mean aay- 
thing to me. I have never read "The 
Two Orphans." hnt am doing ao now to 
onler to enjoy the forthccmlng picture 

The editorial writer may aare bail a 
proper early training In aucb thlngi, hut 
the bumbie laycnsn need* Jnat sueb a scar 
as tBe irtotlon jflctDre gives to male blai 
v4r! about the reading of literature. 
Very truly yoara. 

Self KitucBled. 

Motion Picture 'Editor, The Morning Tele- 
grnfih: . _ 

I hnvft no Lb-nil with considerable re- 
joicing that Sflc ot the largo prodUrlug 
Companies have decided to resign a num- 
ber of its photo-dramas lo three reel* V 

There are mv jnuiij-, many so-called fea-f 
turn pleiurea that would he ao much more 
enjoyable If they were coadflcd ta two or 
three reels Instead of flee, six or seven 
;'-,..! It seems arrange na other com- 
pany hail ever ihouctit of ditln^ tbla be- 
fere. This Is n step ta the right direction. 
We will venture to «y that It ^^* rather 
an eaay Job to cut the feat nre* la ques- 
tion nnd'make them over Into tbree-rMlers. 
In moat features there Is sa much padding 
thai it would be nw dtffleutl task in eMral- 
nite twit reel*! or more nud (has enrt*ner 
the. sctlnn and make the atory more at- 
tention coaipelMng. 

Met inly should this i-- done with films 
that are reissued tt ahauld 1» done to 
naw fllnrs. It oeenis to te-e that (be puh- 
He would, tunch rather see a good. la + 
tere*tlag three-reel picture than a *lre- 
mn» one of five or mono ree!a. : An a 
o>niter of fact, there are not many Htm 
siorlea that will stand aura thna nre reels 
nnd nuinUcre ihnt ate lot a trans enough 
for mere than (hree. 'The theatre man 
■-011 ta make ap a pronram of two three- 
reol drnftiat Snmead of one of nix reel? 
ami I'm sure hi* patrons would thsnk 'Mm. 
Very trnly jonTS, 

George D. Danon. 

Moilon Picture Kdilnr The Mornlai Tela- 

The letter In year column last week 
ilgned "American" la certalnlj typical of 
a i-'"i-!-' lo whom the theatre In any farm 
Is fn])" no atuTiaement. lo no other toun- 
rry la the public ''O utterly superficial :■■ 
Ita laEite. the sugfentlon of CllUnr« «r 
edueatlonal valu.- In any pecfonnonr** 
nearly always spGllB failure for Ita pre- 
dncer*. To credit tht* trtah-Ioslag ale- 
tneut wtth being too eraetlensi ta aw. 
foreign films with unglc endlngB la tt>- 

Foreign picture* will draw the Ameri- 
can crowd If (her ecnlalft anything ihn: 
may he taken aa eensatloaal or rtBine. 
The chacg*i( In title" made -by Amerk'Ba 
cam pan lea 4fo a glaring proof of this. 

Toe foreign audience goea to (he tbealn* 
to see life *i>4 the; ->Mtv.--; that trugedr 
and 1 i .-■ dp ■.>;■!, EowaM molding hn 
Iilbq destiny anil thn hahlt of dwelling 
n:i Sr. ilium the tifippSf-r things er plays In 
whiL-b good Is stwuys triuiaphani would 
seem to tbrm unnatural nonenBe. There i« 
In t!n> Bttlrude of (he Ruropcan a fatalis- 
tic Bcceptance of misfortune, riach thins* 
must he and lu seeing It exsreaaed In a 
play ih-j- ■-■(■ li:- truly. The fondg:i. 
plnyerB would feel that the material with- 
out these tieepct emotlarn was untrnttby 
of their nri. 

As a peni'le ther are far more emotlonaT. 
hot are alio «MtiM*!lcated !o the polal of 
refutlog in u« entertained by IdtalluHl 
stories which lodplre nothing but falsa 

IVbea If cornea to a vbotc* between. ' 
(ragrdy or ;is»ti, I prefer tragedy. 





'All -Fat People. 

Should Know This 

0*4 ■ 4-bI Of trWHuLi!* |fj ttlA 
: [-.- rjBHI M.rrrfehi I-ciMrlptloa. 
I snore [(lU'ht'tt for 1I10 rrforlrBa 
of Uiis binul'wt, rifnnir ctu>llr nm&r *" 
nbtfi rorm, narmi)* niH-rltfinn T«ii!rU '*ri 
bn obutfird it *ll (irus hot** (Hn ttor.d yw « 
(htf truss]* h ■'.si* I'ri+' 'if "in i" dollar Jur ■ "<M*. w 
yon r«u scthi* t-fL'/i iIt-vt. un, ra tip' ft D' 1 -" ITs-IM 
HM M«n>iqla O/ *SI5 l^i.d**rt Are., iMUroli. 
H>h. TJiM iw I***-* I.- tinu* tor llitlu nr 
rlglPDl atFtvkcn 1st Uln rr-iiur; !<=■.: flf (J* •«!« 


Tragic Opera Sung: at First Sub- 
scription Performance of 
Kew Year. 


John Dfly, Paramount'* Sotatb 

American Agent. Tells of 

Brighten in £ Prospects, 


Bert 1-Ttclt ami Viola Dun 

for ri-T-HOHJil A'ii]ir:ii-.iin-rn 

JTferonirti rib.- Cerantrr. 

N E 



A HH4 .- -■ 

■■ fequ Wtjrtiiri 

-*jti UTfl W email .. 

Fan] 01 11 
bay «r 

lilVtrppA Hpn1«a 

muni Mii[1i!--iii 

tdin-j ['altrlnl-rl 

Plrfni Audi* 1 

I liiihirtCBS for the comiaff ) car. 
ins »no ftl thea? mra en I ltd ho 

Ih« Iraslc fcWeracral 0111?™, 

"L'Ainnrt lU'i Tn? Up.-! which besjm 
ibe mil record xit the Mrtrniioliue 
opwi IlVim"-. itilfl civcii liiiins laat nrati* 
,i-.-: ':d . Mir lh-1 ..iilKiri|iliui] pfrfoPin- 

!]«!■ -hlll-lH 

trrvd in 01 
hut '-I'm-* 
(h» .Mr-tro 



Wit]] : 


Nil IIH 

dim i 


■ in'.: 

■ ' 


ilfjisisiflMn TVflH 


nl K 





:;i'Li.'in] fining- 

MtU'lT ■ 

f lie 

ii 1 a 



liai lcnijr inh?n 




nnit ilrnnwrii.] 

*o«« rliJtf 

..i.lvi..iiinl for 

the el 


i-arl.v lulitm 






lir- lullittl nit] 

kin,:, . 


.' :. 


ine ilii- maiden 



hi* |iini-is lu 




nl. Busily his 


ihb li 



it»«n ujinii 1i«t 

lip* Fi 

inn 11 


■'., ■ 

i»ltf9 n liisrl 

.) 11 






. 1 

luroiifrlily ia- 
• >txw, was 





1 i 

1 n 
1 r 

liking ilir? wo- 
•eo. TtilN ttft* 



and £i 

• din 


.1 h 


inu.sii-imiH it 

i')K'>r 1 



"If |J«- 

.-..). li- 


' r 

« WJutcft 



■ h- 


■ ■ 

f thn Drnninu 

\vni 1 

o Mn 





Rori. Sin- ap- 
». U'll« MdS nt 
kninc hhiI n*- 

E\V YORK looks Ilia a rlowinff 
(telJnilioB of Purjiiligf. Id John 
L, Dnj, ivlio hp,n iftcn iu Biwtl 
n.'i'l .V ri;'-nt i-na in I tii- interests of 
1 FMayprs'Liapkj' protluctiona. Mr. 
rlTcd home in time to c*l Christ- 
m*t (iirk^- and "'Woitie the Sew year. 
!■'. i;. ShiimT, a/io In'JiK tli*> Parnmonat 
foififiti dcpRtttntint, hs> sumrilDn^! nipm- 
brrj oT hin tttnB to New York to tnlk eTCx 
home to talk 
f.^-iT- iacceiiTOrt dlstrihiiti^i Tacllkics. The 
olli'*RK in Rio de Jatieira. rcliculas 
d'Lmo, t\iH he put iii(i> rpadtnrss fnr ia- 
■Tfannd iiuiiDen ji;>L us eimd a? Mr. 
Iju.r rGranu to &outh America. 

Spi'Fs5:iii|; of hi* pifipnanFa ni a reiirp- 
^Riitnlivfr of faTooufi riaJ<-rJi-'L«*l;j- in 
j Snutli Ainftira. Mr. Day said: 

"Despite the ]i>w ]tesi[iou of Brazilian 
pxrhapge< the motion pEctilre Industcy 
has [.nl ^'inil baateawi diarfnj the lant 
[*w mCMlm. When "Matf und >**mali-" 
WDM rol«a;<oil some wwofea nso it met lh* 
npprorat of th* piablte, and up to dntt- 
baa b«n Bratfl^ bhjnfeat box oHi'-e at- 
traction, "Mld»«mini*i- Madnrlw** aiw 
i-rtiiiilit ihc popwar fani.v. 

"Tl tlook for 1#£2 ^ tnn*-h siior-ft 

diiH-rO<l. Therf in firm beltrf Brrjzil'e 
exchange jKiHjtlon ■«iil be ronaldcra'hjj 
[mt>roTe(I dnriox tLir eon^oji; monih?> and 
this iiiii have a moat ticmjfinal eCtact 
upon (In; niotio-n picture ixsOuPtry. TJ-.p 
ta'orld expedition tfi hf ln-ld In Ilia a nt 
S-T't-nslirr hhould draw many to Br&alt 
nud 110 d'Miht bring new L>iihlaeKa for 
thr 11 '.Him [itctnro lartii^r.. Despite 
tin' efforts of foreign pmdnr<-rs to puiu 
a fwUmld in nraiif, the hl|hMt ci-ade 
Amtrirae pictyrc coa't^nuea to hold f3r«t 
p'ntr? mid rflntiot he dinplaf^d in thr eatl* 
Ktatlan of tho irritiefil piihu'i-. During 
XOSS. ta iu tb<- part. IJrar.ll should COH- 
tSiuiu [o ln> ouf^ ot (hi> Kraatrrti niark^tr Anwrii.-d" nfcturefl in ihe no^rthorn 




■ lUrlfiifi iin 

a alX ■" 




Ihr rnnnlr) 

tlnllfnu "iu 

|«li*lTirr llir^lrti ioj 




nal mipraHn 


dflorr'. ShoMinji ill" imr-Jvliii. nl u.\- 
KtUm is nut all ' routined \c tii- Irnda] 

I.ui-11* l.rln 


"« 1 ■.'"■' r'.-L j.n-. AUriHtd. 
Ui^iard Staiitap haa 
e of an IJiij^liph film 

»lw>lis l»1-ll . 

pclhM fn fuirsa (i 


r «f rwDt par* 

r iM'lifpPhillllt'lI. 

form.uiif"» mji act 
IikiI sufiEdmHy t 

■mat ( 

rm'iitij..-. --ii.. Mil 


; [laniat* :i..i)i'- 
.!■>.!■ MnnlinixR 

PHlirtnl^ri IiriI 1 
anrl Mnn>, Srh;in 
A.filent jifld F'ii'lru 

u- pin ^r Khiiii-ii.. 

. AnlliuiM. Itnnil -mil 

AhdW* cotUilVl .1 Eba 


Iin liic iifK-r 

n.l ■■( fl.-r-iKT- • 

H'littrtiilt. MonVn 


lOfi, Plrtrpnra J 

i:jj;... s-jmii'f ,.^1 

r m<- 

AlJ.N ll- 

^Meadw - aud '' 

;i«urcoti. li-vhii^kv .Mudn.-r^t. 



Supreme Knig-lit Flaherty Asks Co- 
Operation of A3! Members of the 
Order — Wants Masons' Help. i 

tu tin- (WftOIKJ 


Thr i-cport lh a 
li«ren<*d to the to 

limducer atjil will a-aU for Knclar,^ iu 
direct pEgtnreu obrttd wan vrifiwl yca- 
Cefdny; .Mr, Staalcn trill drptn-i Wed- 
mMftt|y „ri tin- Ni-v AtiiK'rrdani to ful- 
fil a f-ontvart h? haa tnadr by cahli- 
with tii*- Uritf-h ln1cmnlii>nari:"ilnt Cor- 
,-".i'i' ■!. 'l'!3,.-, in an urnnl^alioti. :t i*< 
"aiJ. of i-onii-snttlvfl.'* ae* origin. **f»tj- 
(n.1!m| !.;■ KMl^bat-l R.ot^-h ,-JipitaI nl«l 
EaYhirf oh itjt execflUTflB nrcral well 
known I': ii -ii mollon j >ir t urc bdod. Mr. 
SiJinioi, Kaid th<* tfolfry "f Uie liew inni- 
pany 1- to uuitt* ■■iwureji ealtahle f->r 
il>-it rilnil ir>fb 111 ihin mmilrj n* wrll b« 
iiluiiod. tie has lip»-n triTpn carte htanehe 
<o a** ahrad and Injef^ a little American 
h.tminp'hcn] into the pleninw, whw-h trill 
inulic thrir rtrb-it as Ui<-hard SlautoEi 
Smtiliii tlitu-. Tlf ha* cliflscu Ma fir»t 
rtory. ivhieb foils for a Iwaiicn -m &wh& 
:lii.| XortJl AfJi'-tH li-friiory and ratifoifi 
'« have "r"ttl almoKphrr' 1 '" even if if 
duea mriin takinc a t-ompnn.y llicrr. 

Rt-ri l.jtall'a Lou*; Teur. 

VTllfrc'd Lylcll waa exi«eiinj: \jh 
hrnlhcr, lUrt, lu reach Kftw York in 
'him' In pafti Xew YfiarV. |liu ho dttl 
not B'-t he H 1 hb "oon' ait M* fntnilj hoiied. 
Bert LytcJI i»> hooked far n lonr of thr 
Putted Slate*. WU'a Viola Dann. he 
will fmhoik 011 a pr-t-arqimlnlod toni* "f 
\i\K ii^ution picttire thintn-M. Mi«s IMorB 
Mil] bo t-U-titl. fintt. t-it'Mf. JjyieJ] frit] 
conm dJrcctl; to New- York and start 
from hew*, Thi* pei^haal appearance 
projrwftl wan ai-nnicd after anuounco- 
iqhh (he -Metro Wee'f ■"CmjS. hlndios 
w'onJrJ eie*e for *lx werka. Mhflt t>ana 

on I ite Ljirii Tviii ufc tlil« rmforeeil 

vu'-ntlnn in making lilt rro»8- country vis- 


Mm l.inili-r 1 tonrai to*. 
Max l.itidrr. .who bon had One of tin? 
womt cane* of K!t»:g eprt* on rvwrd, iw 
^aid In lir improtjne. lln wa4 tempo- 
mrily Mtipded pod lina lic-*n iiml-'r "he 
caic e>r u trained narpo, Kyc ApriJalisi-t 
nay lit- iv j 1 1 r*C0Tcr llio u.'*-' of hin rj-c- 
f<iu.t)r v iih .a litlli' rrtit Bud carp, a fact 
U;s -friend* will !(■■ pl^■n^cd to hrar. 

Now that Edteinl (Jari; h- flti.l Lurry 
Semoa bavp made up iu fart,, 
tlip r^MsnntialJon lins been »0 eoruplcte. 
Ilint. Mr. Senv.iu has Etreta fol»'^ rlnr + 
which she is wiariiti; nn l!i«- ttiittJ tinfifr 
of her Irft ha*nl, K v it J-x'k»; n* IT Ojata 
of thpj«- dayn l-urili- wMI ntianBo be* 
riamp nn" i-^t n lire fob itiayini; oiipo^ty 
thi- Vlla-fraph conic ■ I hi Un 

(irirflili trjirnlnK T< 


livriytiilu- la ready fer iiw Beat meat 
of "Orpkifih -^f iho SIuj-iii." Ilir DaVJtJ 
liV, iJrUlitb pru-iueUoit. which eaaea to 
the ApuUo to-uwht for ril :»de!inlti* mo. 
A (rrHlitli oin-nilV in alwajB an vvnit id 
motion pletara rfralca, nud ih-rp ha* 
liocn- such a depm:itl (or aanta thill the 
QrUEth ollii-" in iinnhlp to su|i|i!> enoitzlt 
tlehe-bl to no tllO voiiuiifi. >"o Iho^i" who 
liavu rrrcived mi invltnlioin enn CODritfer 
thewaerrta lurky. mid the tinTae U true 
o( thosi- who bare been ubl* to liny n 
scat. Or enon". I.llllnn mid Dorothy 
tiiMl will Iw in llie aiidipin-e. Mr. (JrU- 
lith hiinseir will he there, and every one 
who Is* nti iiaportiHiL ftptrra ia the In- 
dustry altio. lo hhnw aiipTudntioo «f tin" 
lutvtit. t.iriHttlt hnnoinort;. 

llari tt 

The tah'rps ni' 
Pi.kfgnl family. 
Jaek Piekfor.! I 
rciEa* to how hli 
qetW Mary [a 5 
.larti. He" will 
Man" ou the uen 

mill Do teaa j> i i( 

will lie iu i-linrs 
Jiiek throUfiil U 
the weed 
liltlr Mary haa 
frun. her illii'" 

. IHrcLl JnrL. 
: to !<e tiimrd in the 
A few inoiitlw nco 

nuk itn the dhreetp'rial 

) Hrtler. SltPJ"- Xow It 

■ ilo I ho same joli Tor 

put "Tho lailoi-,\|nile 

■en for tij.i next ptctme, 

on llion '"Ottr Mot? - " 

,Siic i.i- coiup to- put 

pacva, Aeeonliii!! Ip 

am thp Wflhl Coaai. 

">rtipiet*iy recorered 

l i* ready fo r work*. 

Hnh Ilartliclon-** (iltc» Pajrty 

Of course yon cpo'i UJatnp mo thr m 



Ii:i!!.jih IkmbpcI. 


nrtfiiuii will _'*m 
liinMluhi ihut 01 
nod itiJI Vffl .]■ 
StlO oihrm hnve 
ni' 1 L ill. .-■ ilir ' 

=•■«!. v,ii,V-,| 1 

In^irjilioiiB dare heoir issnH for (L<? 
fitat rtctwiae of "F»l(ah WItp*." whiclL 
Opcna at th^ L'ulrer»al on ih+: OTeolaa of 
.lauiiitry 11, (/at! L-t>-rumle. who hax 
■MHiE out the rninK B*kfl that *is put-Kts 
U'A liteti kuoiv IT thry Intend to aerppl, 
ulrcli is. after all. a luiasihle wax of 
lining thinCH, Why ^houlrln'! thijatm [ft. 
vitatiotis !"• frtfflt "ft. U. V. P.. Jiij-t «4 
.--o'-lftt invilalioiL^ are? '-Mr. I.jMsjjiiuiI- lm» 
1 vcn "cona I km our heller" by M-nditm 
mi oni-lio_.-d envelope, with U Cnrd a«kuiri 
i;' [hf re— rpicut wiphra the tickets. 

NiIkt i^iflflD, OjJitS ' ""l* ri T|»Bhtji i.ii.m nf lianor* 

J^ml'n'fciirt^Jn.'^irlT S ^^ lIo 8 fl « ** "^^wiWE t" S«tire 
iTiiT'l 1 iiiinl will tlie^v j fn|i * ,,| J r in "^f soeinl actiritie* of the 
hill- mn be pm- j Eiiafc Friday he jvaa the ?iepei( of lianor 
at a JatwbNH p;lv«n by f*ataiiel Uolijwjrn. 
ninl Lii-iMin-nnv In; y,-if] be heuorrd guptt 
i:l J,he U'oshiu Pay* ■n-CPitly Inoeheoa. 
Ar a nitu-aker Mr, tiufhra Sua few etpiala 
cud bn always maaaf;a.* t- §ay mooicthiuj; 
tvotlli hearing. 



E«crlii|'iifi!,.' v|mi.r, I'M y. 

i.'llAMBUttt.AT.S. H, l», Jirpjlt— . 
■•flrtltTHfliie watt expetriaoeed hera to-m 
'Jhimnojn T»rc knocLcil down, dial 
umblod afli itaiitrr unelvM aort w.-tndo 
Mk'-ii, Ka injttriaa treyo rfportrd. 

Sick Stomach 

'I'll? njict. &ure. imTalllbio r-Hc-i, » ;■> 
caai pactfime Of Oronff-la* l^wtlt-r.* 
m boy dmi noro modi nay kimt at 
I'-iadarlt" rtr nirV momiiPh and th»j 
uevar tail. Six mnuja n.*d jraarly. 

A1bI«t* abm* I'lL-iiur Ifpuaaa. 

A cable from AJcii-ri brLacx the ead 
nawa thp new tax™ there will ho ji* 
l.ordeii*oun that it bap pwu deefdpd to 
t'lau- down the tnotiou picture bonKtr> 
The cfJdcKTiinf. dated January 1, saya: 

"Th.* finpwlrtoa of 1111 HdJdttional 3 
per cent, tax, brlaplnc; [In- total Ipvy to 
Wtt pap cent, or the khMm Tewtpt*, has 
tf-ultffl in the rlojrlnjr of moiion picture 
theati-px (a the PruVtnw of AlirLpfii, Thin 
fteat inlu eiTeet Januapy I. and atf>ct£ 
J .'UNI m.iptdnus nnj L!,o0*> cither entr 
Et noMiv lliai pru' licallv n\-cr.v 
[slciore bfjust; in Allien n-IIl ahm (ta 

iinrntiitj; with iithiif irt-HI *¥pc their ofT- 
Bprinc- ll la Mr»- IturtbcluJcwi. juotlipr 
of the popuinr lilrhnrd. who is urarln? 
i her pride un he! - Hleeiva this week, nud 
b hc dPWD?t care who knovra II. Snndjiy 
prenfofi jwhe fiiu 11 imriy at the Strand, 
trben Dir-k't lU-t >tarrinff pieturp, "Tol*- 
ahlc DarU," hn-l Its laltlal pre&cntaliyn, 
Dick liiin-i i; t-outd not Im? iirrwul. as 
he was in Providence with his wife 
(Mary Hayl., who l» opening in Ilir new 
HiumIl-aI comedy, 'Mofplyn." but Mother 
lUrlliclmrsH did tie: Uojiot* for the fam- 
ily nud listened to the praise of the ttpvo- 
latora ^rlth mete ttian the ordinary 
amount at Interest. "T'd'ahle Dnviit," in- 
-iiji'loll., ]j.c I-- 1-11 ha tic. J a -. oin- i-f tlie 
really line ulctutea of tfcv year. 

t'li«t»rr-a stnra. 
Tou atari uf tbo fattjre, K(*nan 
tt'ynn and Jebtt CnATefl, 'apUoar with 
Ivrui'st Tniev Jo hia motion, picture, "tAC 
tii-, l^ut Ob My." These yoanc men, 
wilL tbo Trocx hoya, add Interest to the 
aim. Keconn'n dod \g Kd Wfnu, aoiv 
nmkinx the world In^ieb Id "A l*prf«-t 
Fool." at th'- Ijf-orp! -folia n Theatre, 
nnd John Crawo'* no Icfa a !"T»niKe 
thun E-'raok Craven, *t$r and author «T 
"Their Klrat. Year." Talking about 
future prwtdetil* cad rrc-rylhfw*, thrjtc 
rhipj, oft" lli" old I'io-k hinc that bromide 
b,*atru. Thins of l«-inc a future Broad- 
way alar! 

(From fitayon Lu^rij'loni dia.oTrrfd by 
Wiltfnia I ■. Tn. )..,- on ana ol bb \rty.i 
SaataN l:k'! cameraman — 

TiuiaK*i .^teL-klasM do not tarlii him, 
\Yaru ho timl* a hU-v nrrts 

If^doi" hi* beat to GKnnt," 

T.Jiii- - 

- Trwn. 

Now that i'ic! CbriMtmap ami >(ir 
¥ear*s celcbTatfon i s a talai of the put 
vi-, 1 have to face tan bula tbat fallow In 
their wftk-f. And t;ven.nltboucii tbo mo- 
tion pictare induatry {a t thinf apart; 
thtw* hilU an* laflpirtfBl ta their tra^etaj 
they reach im alt and maker us glu-i 
ChrUtDits comes ij^tt omoa a i eau 


A. 1. Wrir.ilrt <t CV. 

- t mft. Airir 1'flrS 

, of WHITE Opem TODAY 


"Life is Short" and Why Should 
Advertisements Be Loug? 

This is :i sonstWe aod lialf origmaJ apliorisni worth 

It is rcspecilull'. iubmrttssl tn tjies htisiticss fraternity 

for all Kit ilimicr tables nn tliis lirsMniiincs dav of tlie' 
New Year. 

1 propos; a loasi in he drank in-side-r h;. all present, 

Good healih and prosperit; to lilventiefs In IM3 
who practice shntthainl in order'to jaiiv morf readers and 
be ficlier and happier, ever afterwards. 

Remember the fate of long sermons, lu»« pjitJlk 
speeches, and ]an^ aJ\erlisei»ent5. us liave betiei newspapers with mnrr newjtind- 
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P$ jjfami 

■tanuDry !•. 111-. 

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54x54 in. 

63xo3 in.. 

72x72 in.. 

445 doien 22x22 in. CROWN napkini, $7.50 dozen. 
900 yard, CROWN bible dunult, $2 to $3.50 yard. 

4.1 in. fir 52: "ri in. at S2.W: ffl In. at ?n : 72 in. ill SS.5U, 

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viUir-U in., oil unr* linen, W anil XX.Tti rwli. 

Silver bleached napkins, $4.75 and $6,75 doxen. 

T2.-, nWii of ttip 2i» in. «*,, iii-hiinod. Bt M.?.^ iJhml'.it. 
aon dftMS nl Itn* -'2x32 in. kIec. blescht-it or nitvpr lilendiH. Ja.i.7.% 
iter... r 

875 do/., hemstitched buck towels, $4.80 to $16.50 doz, 
He««T ti.-rn. ail white; *ir... V,\'1'2 En. to StxIO En. 

300 doz, linen crash kitchen towels, free of lint, $3.20 doz. 

Iixihi in.: tot ':■■■■■'■ nr .In!: ' : dIiiu or Tfid nnrdrr. 

100 do-., typed towels, for glasses or tea, $7.20 dozen. 

22x34 in. : BUTT, Unr. ^uslitj- ; li-tlrrn lypH in red. 

5,000 yards. 17 in. all linen toweling at 25c yard. 

t'li'fit dctficu. or ",_w!tl! cvlortd barrier. 

200 pairs hemstitched finen sheets, $12.50 pair. 

>*ice 2x2T, ftls. tlr '".■- bemiotnc; nesTj crude jr. ■ . llneu. 

200 pairs hemstitched linen pillow cases, $2.50 pair. 

IBVixSO iiu^ 

$10,0W Decorative Linens for $6,375 

Scarf, centerpieces, dollies, tea cloths and hemsfitcfted 
luncheon cloths— idds and ends remaining from our great 
holiday Slocks. T»d«j— Tint Hoar, Old BuQcuar. 


\ The LONDON SHOP lins imporwd some 

London-made Tropical Suits 
for Men Going South 

Tllcv are lite identical suits worn in India. Egypt, uV 
tropical "countries of the Drilhh possessions, and osi the 

The cloth ot which I hey are made is kiiown as solitru 
cloth— a sort of wool (jabariline — quite UrIiI in weight and 
color. It is said to deflect the rays of the sun belter than any 
differ material available for' men's clothing. 

It is also showerproof. 

We have these suits in very (aim blue or green nud sand 
■ ir putiy. shot throujj!) with blurred [breads of red. producing 
an opaiescent cfTecl. 

Two-piece Suits at #65 

Tliree-picct! Suilsi at $73 

(Coal. Ion? trOBWeV* nnd kiiirlrrbocleroj 

lt.\\i:t..\t;it ninfli-l -.IMieh, ty,utce ,(»st Willi vuke In 
Init'k ■, u-ciiltinr. A huil tnr fi.-tiersl w*<ir. 

ST. ANPItRVV'S n.i«lrl— 1-r.nt niib Hisernsi i.l.'nl. nl 
..'tea nf cunt. Fur Rvir. 

New Foulards from Euglaml 

The Bond Street model four-in-hand, in llie gaj colors 
which %o with the sands and the sunshine and the palms — old 
madder print colorings which cannot he duplicated. Half a 
hundred patterns. 81.65 each. 

Light Sbclluntl 'Wool Sweaters 

Yei) much favored, as a sort of semi-formal covering 

over the sports shirl, iu warm climes. Open chain weave, 
something like the steel corselets of old. In gay and tropica"! 

COlofS. S 1 5 each- Burlington Ajrude floor, N«v, nuildmr- 

.59.45 ea. 
. . $9.45 ea. 
$11.25 ca. 

It Brings Quality, Fashion and 
Savings of 10 to 50 Per Cent. 

^27,092 Pine French Numeric Inr <l7,fKKl— uur 
nwn importttriORs. 

I n o 

Itadium silk lingerie inatle aster the Ulcas of 

Lingerie til sheer batiste— made entirely by hand. 

Tlie best lingerie made in the Philippine IslantU. 

Profusion "i lingerie — trimmed with laces and 

cm broideries. 

l/inj{cric from tu j>.>5. 

a a + 

Lingerie made to our order liy the exquisite' nccdlc- 
nurlccrs of Belgium — for Miss 14 in 20. 

Children's ligcrie— domestic— at to $i.2>. 

M & -J • 

Adorable I'Vcndi il rcsscs, slips and petticoats— fof 
youngsters up to 2 years-— at Jl.7^ to S2.*5^, 

Famous Co-sets Redfern. Silphin, and Wanamnkcr- 
Spccial^at Slj.o.v 

A new and exclusive brassiere will be" introduced- - 
it solves the problem of what to wear with a low- 
top corset — at 95c to $l.4>. 

Crepe dc thine negligees copied altera Paris model - 

at #12.75. 

+ • ' t 

Silk p^dcoats with new: lines— at $3.95 and $4.'^. 

r « a 

While sateen spnris petticoats at $J.95 to $2$$. 

■t * * 

Silk pcttifaloomcfs at $3.95 and $4, 95, 

- a" # 

Buiigalcnv aprons at 75c — only 300 of them. 

* * *. 
Morning frocks that will be a pleasure to wear — at 
$1.95 tn*l.v50, ■ 

:■"* Third Floor. Old Bujldini. 


S 10.50 to Si 4.7s 



Hind-made Iriah lace — - 

the latcPt whim of Faahirm 

-~ 'td^es the frills and Tux- 
edo collars of sonii? rnoJel> 
— and the hiKh-necked 
blouses have the Irish lace 

Inset in unective uays midst j of shew white voile, j 
f]ne tucks- Hxeeedin.t;lv dainty mi j 

livery blouse ' is hand- welUlittinir cuffs, 
made, of an exquisite quality Sizes 54 to -46. 

Second Roar. Old BuLldins- 


Gnat Aruiuaj 

S*le— Here — 


Details in this 

evening'* paper* 

r ^Vji 




u, To-nji v t 3at tt tM 



William Gillette 

x\S'i^„. The Dream Maker 

luili'trrliurLi-r. 5>iy. 11 IT Bn. MB, 

Pop. Mat. To-day fiOc to $2 Hlfi ™ n 

™ "fiirl 'Dni'MWWB 1 Dead W 

AUl 'e," ■■V» SLrphni RjiJi^ue In Evc.Bun 

'Bulldog Drummond' 

A T'.r»i Mtfiiiruni br "FAlTrTR.'" 

wlia A. E, MATTHEWS. 

^«ic^,^ aUas jimhIV - 

vaBjuraiM 1 iim c&xtiuc" 
Mtf E »Io Gillmore t WLtH II H t 

MAI*. TUT". A £»L .;__ 
OiiTld HqUlVO pmaeqt 

i i:\niL.. 



I. Thuri. * liL ISO 
IHtIS Beli#so prcMqU 


Hat. TO-DAY, qQc. to S3 

MATS. TO-DAY & SAT. Mo, to $2 

'"Sit St, limit- 11 nil. If. !ii i c p. v, 

SHUFFLE ALONG 2 '™ '<5?,',i Ml,* J1Hnl;-rn rtrform.Q,. TO-NIOHT. il.aj 



\r« AiimOrilnin lti.tif 


THE intimats s/sa/vcsq'-s- 



A Bill erf Div o r cy iiwr I 

I Yfc -Writ MECr** - I 

nor'W it'fimlan * Sd*. 



"IT TIIItlLT,5,"- 

FBITZ IETBER nc jfiE£at& 11 

Mil. To-d*>". ■I'umliiH of .be Hhi-riT. 
TrrTilsln, lliuilfl. T«-m. E"_. Olh^lln. 
Vi-I. F>_|., line h rlli. Kit. Hit, JtUlua 
Curnr. Pit "■■-;■. S .*«•(» ff»«n -"■ 


KRAZET, V««l 4?1 Si, 

H*;iFit-i TO-0*v 
una Biiortir. tag, 



"JOHN COLDJEN P«««nt. - 

TOMC-iV • »• 1* YEAR 

LONGACREM^.T^n.! 1 : 1 ^ 

f thu CHAVES rom.rfj- 

'■'-.'■. \ ■■■■■.'■ £ J 



rflRT Tvr " 1 ' I "Sev> York end ConuW* Iti$a«*t fin«re«" 


br WnlMr HIckrlL. 

"■■ °- ::v-;r-lElSlE FERGUS ON va ^S b» 

fl'nl l_.ll. :■■'■ — -. 

*r*l#ftiiijo tfrfaiii i flu. 
!T*iQlon UL IThU. 

ill-OAV JE BAT. 

L» E v ™, Q „. s "*roSIC BOX REVUE" 

Wi.nm Collie?. 9«m Cf^niril, rtori-Qw K« — • Wlldl H+l! a -rtl-. 
.^Hpb BtOllfT, ttj Ji'W, c.Jbi othiTt. 8l__£_-d bj Miii.iiiI 
'Tin lljnio Shaw stft mi !» in Am jri. -» ■'-(Jfcfr-. 


M.:. TO-DAT * Eat. 

m*> Ib Atw rtw 



A ■>:<■-. !•■■■ ah «<-.. ll.H «tr..-f[ 
Niir Broiiliriy 

ruPVtAR. rnicia >i v i im i:s 





Conl. It A.M. U, 12 r.ii 
'" :•.-. S:, in. ;■-■ 
.i 1 ; :•"..[.. -■■■;,, IHoL] 


J in. "Tlifl Thrw 

j ATuikeirrrt" 

KLffE Wlllil., 
' thlt Adimi * OlraLWfc, 

m %AO*^A \ 



k or p i» i, HoriiiK 

'ill KKK i CO..HAHKV 
TAllRiMiI, * CO, IjBW 

UllHi, j:.,.: ,!;.:■-.. 

\pammoiml (picltin\s 


l,WL ' *-a i,i ve r;Moivrs" 

H'RTJ^rt keatm oqheijt 

it hypnottzkd^-held— 
swayed and overwhelmed 


stary trj an Antnorlal bubble 

'Orphan^ Storm' 

A PIlI.FfA JTIIGATRB. W, *tv1 Bl- 

FH, BVe. »l 

H*l. Miit AL ■ 

Snr< P H. Sp'I T* 


. ilm«i4 ].+ «p! d'l'H 

Hmih>*u n ,. linh vim -t-ln 

I. Dkitl*rny 

■.'nv.iiini. 4 I'liuElm-cl 
, ■:■' ^BtalTjilir !• Ilmc-iiln 
i ».« i.. r Dl« Tolo Sladt 


Ktc itl.% Itbo. 



I AflTEIl 

H"l N' 

M \f,l II' i V 








S1 ^^^ 




]Ioi>LIn* I'rrliriitJi 




I ALTO "**'ff Amind: UnCm-aM*," 

RITE FlOW Ceo] E. DeHTDc'i 

■ (. To-day y.n'l 




Eddie Polo and UtliTtnal Would 

Both Put "RoWnioa CrUEOo" in 

Pictures — Harold Xtoyd Here. 


Trrelre C«m()male« M orklnfl at t n- 

niilTItt flBTTT^-FiUB'ai j- WtllHn StB- 

dloB— — Hjnn '-'f-i-r JiIl a l;?n-. 


W]J bit shiorclj 1 to be rtffsm] two 
«prin)5. boib Joiini1i*d on ilsu lEfp 
of iJiai Mnliieat plnnner. Rotin- 
s<yn Ctibm, Uni venal oiig- 
iDJillr cii^d-fij |-;ijij|i- I'filn in p!iiy in fhia 
E^rial. Then Mr, Polo -ml bia ILlm bowt 
came in a porting' /*( lb" wnyj* bh'I ihr 
Bluu for Ulmlne Daniel I>c Foe's fninoiiB 
talc wba laid aMdr f^r tin- ilmft Iwiris. 

Universal decided if. Lkl'lie Falu would 
nut listrn to r^ii^oii namitn]*].T #1bc woiilil, 
so Jnrt O'Brien wrts rtrfcrod tlic job. lie 
utitcptcd BDd wort wna nUrlcd in t'ni- 
TQthL Cliy. Hut ill »»l itiinli for it mo- 
ment Mr. f'nl.H ?i.i . lii'.l-.i bia tiiiflrrtl 
Uirr^. Not by it louj; aiglit. Ha wtnl 
out, eollnctpd some moTipy'nn'ii atirtrtl (lie 
Exilic Poto Scfinl {'oinpeny. Now to 
fl*jH lie Jilan will jmt Ttobinjon Crusoo 
imri Tii* ^-ji.jiI inmi l'VLdny on ihc Ecrceu 
iu scriaE form. 

Mnrcorfrr, llr. I*cIo !ias determined 10 
makp, othtvr wrtaLs. His nontract wllb 
■ tbe new cotnLumy cnlN for tiz, ill i» be 
I produced la fifteen epitmdes. So tlist'i 
' ihat. About thfl time Univcrwi ttciia 
forth "with ita "RaliiiKioiL Cm«oc" con- 
tinued licit tctcIl stuff Mr- Polo ivill 
ruke hU ann on n cement. 

To Utr«H In tloilOll. 

The elite of Uo^toi) will gatbiir -U ihl 
Copley PljiBa lo-nigM to have a look at 
"School Tiny!," Hurry WaMM and 
Harry H*|rf bavu s«ne in Um ton to be 
(iKfttlil at the premioTe* which will be one 
of the Impurtatlt cvtuis in Doiton film 


Loafer B«l IVorrltd. 
AIolj: Mrkh all news frnitt tha CchUC 
[list: ihfl lltriLtOS ari' ^luiriin^ dwwtl thero 
MiOH th« chwrfdl ftwd from linkr'i 
Bollywood etudloB that tfaMBaUS Plflyera* 
l.nnVy ijrcpductioiia are coinff atone- n t 
a preat rate. With tbo e*iitiuuflu.j heavy 
rains tao actlvltln oir intoriof produc- 
ttrtii UnH decreased with the result t^st 
it his Iw-en newwury (A build a larrjp 
c/IaM itifti. TvMttra onrrnaatai ire not 

rm*^buebt and I'aid For," a Ecrctm 
S ijft pi* linn of the 4 f corffo llroadburht 
play with Aftnes AjfjtW Ud Jack HolL 
in l!,-- leadiQC rale and Wlhor Uton 
in the part l p rank: ^rnvon created oa ibo 
ntnce. Wllllaia Taylor la dirtrtiog Hetty 
Comp^oa in 'i'Tdib; (Jrrrn Temptation," 1 
adapted frottti Ul-I ilary hf Constaneo 
Lindsay £>kioiier. Jil»3 <Joiupso& |>i sup- 
ported b> Million Hatnihoti, Theftdor* 
Kosloff and Mary Thurman. Ja^lefl 
Crniit 1^ working ou "W MatHmony a< 
■Failure?" T. Itoy Barons has thu lean 
flod tlie'Mut iiieludet, T-nin Wlls»n, Tu'.ly 
Marshall, U\a. Le* t 2riUU IHlM S«d "Ln. 
rrc. Wallao iteld is xpondin^ bia timfi 
In "AetdM lha Can I in cut" with Philip 
lloacn haddlios thu mi^aphoi)*, Ularifl 
Hwnnson it flnixhin;; "Dcfonit tlif 
ItotltB.'* Thoniup Mevchan in workJoK on 
"Thp .'rosy I}*iLdi.': with Alfred 0«*U 
dlreetititf, mill Dflralby Dalt«jn, ilary 
Mill's Minier, ^'unihi Uaivlcy ntid May 
M^cAvoy lire all at work. Cotintalii-a 
Itiutiey and Bebe UanieEs are enjoyiaR 
n llltle reap it & in thvir work preparatory 
to boifLnnlme; ac;aio. vo it can bii uoen 
there \n nn let up in rnratnount Coast 

M.«r,-t. OMt m. LltllB l"l-Mii. 

Irfwi* J. Selzniet ia bofinnlog to 
i !:..;!: liia won Myron ia not apfeodlnn; all 
hiti tlmu In hard wcrt sbrfttd. Some 
of it Is apent iu :-ii:ir,s Wclc and frttn 
!■■■:■■.■-■:: Lundon and Paris In an aero- 
plane. We understand win MfFOn re- 
turns to tbla country irithfn the n«vt 
two or three wee4^» the. BebtDlck ivnn. 
iiiis:v Mil ht^e an (mpoiiant <Dnou'n.«e- 
ment to mnlce. Myron writn slmvlncly 
of t:ay l'nris and fiondcm ana ia alao 
i:iiini.;:p.;j.j orcr the film pnupceb ou 
the other aide. 

. TO- PAY * Rat,, 


ThMt P«>»»Ti»«t« 


f 1 


All S(JM Re^TT 


■HnjtT Trir t'hlldniit," ill* r>[i 

ft CllftOH, Claildll ft j(i r nn 




* T T „ c rlf tT05 sig?™?, iraxi MON. 
l^^HT'' "' IHB CIECLE " •««!? 

Qttieyia * Ur^i. Sn}a*r ft M»- 
llna In. Qulnji a naTai-lr, nflii* 

I'jrtMB. tii'pLrtii 4 iiuJ-nrih, Dab- 
en ft Rijbtrt. ntt«rs, Ptmiih 
HatUsva in "Ttxm £«>■ in Lira'' 

?!!I?i 'THEODORA' 

"Tho l^ntly Trail," starring Frwl 
Boauvnia, opened nl lhft Fcrty-fourth 
Street Theatre as n pDTt of Uto current 
vaudeville pfOfiratfn. The pletur* 1# of 
I iin' varioty and viulnio ■■( 177(1, fljid hit* 
"absolutely nothing to rroommanr] It ex- 
('■■iiriii,: the continual dodaratlou nil th* 
yrey JiroUfh lha jileture that i b ■■ beto 
portriiied by Mr- Hv-aiivala baa no. in- 
terna* in the fair aox Not tbat ihlM is 
any aort of a recomniendittiort but it Btuat 
haro been Lbe tafne wbich m«d« the 
ecnxor hoard release It. AM for the In 
dinn guide, no far hk (lie film world Lb 
QOBttnWd be will never fet a job on 
f'?[]i>T bia li»ka or talent as it film actor. 

Vnal He™ In T#w«. 

■ Atuonji cur viaitdn to this city Ls Paui 
Bern, accunrio rdHor of ihn OnW»jc 
i "oiii|ijin.v. Ho U here to punboac Kiuii 
material and 'take- n vacation from hia 
ilutii-fl by huviuK a lonk at the tliMtrc« 


Maids <j( Am«rioa. by Jolin Herbert 

Mack, Ii Considered Beit of 

Author's Srvici. 


nobby Un»-rj, Air*rrn« S J in u II <li h 

linlsj' llnrrls mid '!'*■• llonnrtli 
rrinclpiiU In (nit, 


hr Lb un mlvlnL n1 1 m. I |i.m \i 

l'«(nna» I'lnrrri-Lnky plolnro 
Tmrlni; b<fn in ifAfte ii t.i plHjr ar 
Iswp<=ri-Mii rote Jtl "I "I; - Ri-err 

Trmp!i>i Lou." Slrtij Cotnpiun'i 

I'll l>lftufc. . 


; n Ridard BarthdmtM 

TJwiy ft *nti St Strand ?j™pk&;,y OccbMin, 

" ! 


rco Uiupioyee* <>t i id. ^t. The. 
|X« Injured li^ tl;lMn 1'IjiBfrr. 

Three employurii of the FonrtJM.'nth 
Sirr-f't Theatre were injured last nieht 
ivhed part of ilu- eellliiR |n the lobby 
'ell. A^atleflns pV>»a of -hwivj* plnMi-r 
wrr tbp en tiro space. Too m^ti wcra 
^fario t'Wirtnlii. tJcirt Inker: Vim-riwo 
llldo. sua "I. uo>l John DetcnKo, an 
usher'. ■ 

The af'ci'ir-ni hapi-em d "bile ihc show 
Mas In firotiTj'!", ami no i<|KctcMn tton 
at tbut ttitu inii-inL- Thrnncli lln- lohliy, 
th'tK plev^ntiu^ a jrrrEftV entarpd lir-L at 
injured. The auntie nwj hniiw nothloij of 
■■■'■ -,t until lbe pcriomunc^ wn» 


1'oUce Qumtlon Ttn-ury ol John 

I'nlisnrlr. 1 , Batrld*. 

Detectivea of tho Ka*t Eiehty-eijthth 
htreet poUco Rtfttiou Wrre Btttl tQrhlf (4 
dd , cM« laet i;ij;hi whMlicr .lobn Palaiarla, 
of K«-"<L StvetHy-olntli pitreeT. wp» mi|i*> 
dered or had rojflmltted HWieidc In hLi 
j home earl,v jr^Wrditj moraine;. 

B«#iln LaureiJee, who mid *be wo* 
pjlirifirio'H frirnrj, and who wan found 
in h:» apartment, infonntxl thr polieii 
PaltiiaH^ had fired three hiill«ii intij hi* 
hem) iiivr he tn'l -in- bid a Tiolcnt'J. An a-il- p..'" ivf!l he performed 
l4>dnr to determla.- lb" eOtinte ilin Uul- 
let* ttHik. iXecHvcE took the Laiircree 
woman ti th." Kant L-^nhty-eJchLh rlrwt 
police B&tlon r where iht^ qucnUoDod her, 

iu Hi-- hif town. 

irnroM l.luyd l a doc Id* d, 

Tbc> motion picture alnif will not bn 
compelled 10 #oek rerengo on ilsrulf] 
JLlojd for nut tvporting in portflq. He 
caiwi to Tho Moraine, Teleirapli offlnj 
yesterday, chnperpned by Joseph Beddy 
of I'nil;- and paid K- rt-s|KirH» » tjia 
etaff. Ho flipecta to slay In ta*q for 
two weeks and In that '■:::■■- bn plana to 
crowd all our most popular plajrft of tte 
p>Mpon Into ht« program. Mils Mlh;re<£ 
Davie, who came Last with Mr. IJayd 
nnd her mother, in alto ceiilne. in bee 
Shtlrfl t-f UieiiteeJioLnf. Mr. L-Iott) a|ys 
aba hna'sfirned n contract for alx more 
moatlis w Ids In'jidinK lady, not becaus" 
nbo v.-iiiitfd to aiay in bia cotapany but 
neftUM *the lonterl fwr this trip to New 
York. Mr. LloyiVs i-nntrtot baa eapired 
With Ar._v>i'i;it'"l Kxhibitorn arid rifht now 
be ia buuy talkini; shop with Patlm and 
with Aeaociatc<] First National. Ha bs» 
reached no rleelnion aa yet, but promis'-n 
to tell us when ho ecu reiu*y to situ 
Liu sijgnnturo to the E,«{xtaary pftpct*. 

"Penrod"' o* ih* M'siy fi*M. 
] i. J. Crty, film edttar fof Marsbil) 
Ndlu: bl* ataxtod cut. Ail wrapped. 

Up »a cOlton-wooI id u prJut of "IVn* 
r*d, T * >'fUaii'tt latest, utarrin? yoithj 
Lesley Jiarry. I. reds llailir, huslnon 
aMmn of the Nalbn orwniaullna. Is 
iiiiim.,- the trip with >! . ;'.'..:y jimi to 
fte that 1 hi? print has thia estrn proier- 
tlon. The yauriu mva arc due hero any 
day. and w|]J report at the First N»- 
tlonal offiee wHIj liit-ir treanuro for the 

EnrpMe of lattiutf J. n. WlllbniH uni 
la asaociales h*T« b first pUmpse of 
"Penrod." Wa tinncrstaBd Mr. Gtav 
has pot (bn (liiL^iiiii: touches to Lhe ulc- 
tiire. editlns; It on the imLu. Menntihili> 
Mr. Netlan is Bctllnic everrthinit In rendl- 
1K.-SB for his next ffodoctioo. M'hirh wQl 
bo adapted fnmi a Saturday Eienlnji 
1'opt story. 

j' Miii \..\vn-, llilnni-. 

True to bis promise. Lnnls \alpas, tbQ 
Frnach prodncer. has eomo liaek to tltft 
United States. Mr. Nalpas, who hroii^ht 
aevarnl picttiL-ss lo this country a feiv 
monrfch ago- and arranifcif for rbuir tit*- 
trihutlon throuirh Pa the and Absoclali-d 
J? lr»t Nntioiial. ins come back to trans- 
act somfl nortj isu Hii|i~<«: and to- i*nciv 
awintlntunet! wliii tin- many friends 1m 
made while In Ibis enuotry. 

A \i iiriiln.ji. 

If you bare a aeangn paas foe any ot 
the Broadway woKoti picture bonpes ami 
ahould by any rJUk&C* foriret to brln K It 
down with you. do not try lo aoi In the 
tue«trco. We. know of one theatre that 
wiil reftiee to let yuu by the. intti unlil 
J'ou bare auswftred cngnfih qucKliou* io 
fill an ipeoinn tax blank. 

"Why du yon Uraot lo .enter I lit- thut- 

"Do ya» wlah iu review the picture? 

"Arc your fuU-iitfons strictly liduora* 
Vu V 

"Hava yOti a bomb i:oii{-oak-i| ui| ypur 
person V" ' ■ 

Which wig rmluT n liloiv nfti^r we 
had inLrodueou oaraclf. !■.-.;.-.. t«o 
oilier motion |ib,-(pre [iosm^, a police 
card and a :..l;i'., ;■-, ,... But the ::■...: :-...-i. - 
la new. He may l«rn all nawairtptt 
folk Ufa nut fntflntional crooks 

llopa Hamplnn has =■■■■ ■-■.-.! b. letter 
from the SfUdlf; We»t askJnK her whim 
her patt pitllire, "Bawduat." will ha 
roltuiietL Well, in fomD folk there Jan't 
a v**l brtWoBa "Sawdust" and 
"StMdUBt: 1 

At thr HJiuK And IIIAlto. 

The IHvoli iK-st week will have a-, 
ltit ehlef £lm attraction "The Lann That 
Had No Turning," Afeuea Ayrea'H flr^t 
afarrJnr vehicle. Vlrtur FlemlnB; is the 
director and lSueean Mullfu adapted the 
•CtJiirio from an origitiBl story liy Hir 
Gilbert ■Pnrkrr. In tbu cast chosen to 
tUrrOHUd 9Um Ayrtal arc 'rheodo™ Knri- 
loff, Mabron Hamilton, Wluiou Taylor, 
Frank Cnmpeaii, Lillian J.eirbtoii, 
f'barliXl WBat, Itohcrt Bolder, and Fred 

At thr fllalEo neit wcok tha cbW Elm 
Atirsctlon will h,< Marion D*rlc* in 
"The Bride's Play," adapted to (be 
screen by Mildred l.'onsidlna from (hi- 
story by Doon Byrne. Coorsti Tenvll- 
linirer I* th« dlrcctnr. Tu the ca*t nrfl 
Wyndham Wtiflttuj. Ctflton Miller, Jack 
O'Brien. 'T-'rank Shannnn, Hi>.-b^ird CuLn- 
Mlflirs. El enn of Mid dicta n. Tbo* Talbot, 
John P. Wart*. JulU Hurley ami Uoofy* 
Spink. , 

lUjt.i-i-f (iofdoxi *(*rn rretnre. 
With the memory or Hueli Finn in 
mind Uobert OordDn hal been enn-ae.cri 
to plky tho leading role In "A Pri&ca of 
T-i-tiSchl." a character. that is not unlike 
the ob« be blared In "Hiirk and Tdnl." 
The film is hi'fn^ made under the direr- 

By "UKO." 

Quite an enjoyable allow is John ller- 

btri Mi'.''k':: alolds of America, rcmpru- 

Ini; a worthy New X*tttl wcek'a bill at 

!'■■■ ^oUitnbia, Ei Lx really Maok'a beat 

5Iaii,« of America. BULy K, Wells wimio 

am! fetatcJ a Kruieroua tjnuulity of urijrfri&l 

Ami new h]t* and *■ in i in the book, 

"Fol-L>oltles." tifcat paint wftM taken In 

prodndnic this rtJerinE. Li$lillTkr cK«ts h 

j insinmea and wrcnery lire i-lalftmle and 

', (» a. hipli unJBical Btuqad^ tU-groc'. Extn 

tin mcln-ty mWtu CflHlllna, Tor t&c in Ml, 

! eiclusivo lyrlcx aiad mlr», 

lVhnt 'leteciy tltM Were, ii an.;, Iny ia 

i Itn* npiioitU'ainem (if lb" \'im. Iliiibhj 

; Hurry, ewentrie, midzri ^rt of ^f>me' 

' iliim/vaii npL'Ktt.'nil.Y (he |. i^.t nun at tbs 

! eomnily helm. Bobby nbauM had 

I Lin- Gupport ■■( ti morn runipcteiit iihisl- 

1 hni ihnn Fred liner. Why Welti <3ld not 

■ sHsinn liitii!. filiitf Merrimln. «* diiniuu- 

, Live ua Barry ami nhottc toin^iuiu ijimll- 

lientiotia nf«J wniiwaed in bu riBuquti n.a<t 

; oikee »|ilaie«, *<ntrnl i-iimcllnn imnltion, 

in jiIIhk fur a v.-miderfnl .ip^tFruiaiiy f«r 

n "limilarily oehrme" in ihr setia^ »f tin: 

lilts i* a myateiy. Harry "a chief aid. 

however, ia Dirk Lamradier. DCtWl iSWtl- 

lepi In |i straijtlit roln ulrnl JmkI m e«er- 

ntic, inolliuentiy dtetloneil »iul funltlwa 

, In rliBrnnltr intttH. Aitructlve AifaretU 

i riymmdl, wttu her cnsHgliu; cmilc nnd 

I anihtir capabilities, >ir.| aIiIi Twb How- 

: in th nnd soiibrettn Dulny Uatri:* in teen,- 

Ininn aetlns. ibllily and the Jiiiu.lknK of 

iho hpokan line*. Other Nlea W«b (Tiled 

bv Jwn Foi, InB'nur: ivi Lirifiin, MOPe 

b'hI Kitit ^d Ed Smith. 

Male rtnarictte PIcUC*, 

A ptrtlogue rtvcnleii bsuMKOea llie foils 
of a tnpeatry curtain a noarveUe of 
J males in Bonn;, "(50od-bj. Ba<:belo; 
Bay*, 11 with Lancaster preirttitiltS * f* w 
of the best lookers in the climuw Hock. 
Then arrives "DfWCtlTi)' 1 Barry, nssWr- 
inx kidnaped "■Uabj" MfTrican to 
■'Mamsur' itowarth. Tbi- first anao- 
liitely new Wells bit has far Ita props 
Mini foundation the. HfitttW far (he truth- 
ful nnd the lemonade for in*- liar. And 
Mlns Hoivsrt int-rltfid A big round of ap- 
plause In this aeene for mi anauslna 
■■drunk" imperJtoaaUon in Barry i 
hunih. f'fiiiiit Barry an'l Alfarettn now 
play the cattic of "No Hub, Xii KW 
|li flu- 1» Ui-' mean lime lcnrnJnjc n'hai * 
-country Best" tmd an "aiiPi-Atral 
bciirni'* nn-aii. Loru'eitler pvcrftuu hearty 
iliiu^lii. i wish home, ilone difil"riuc, of 
Vhhfeh twp fnuby lines WON ".No mat tor 
bow fan! a rish mviias he ne«i;r ^'euti' 
and "J built u tunlirl over an otumn filial 
with nawdust made fr-mi lily^Bbeailii tbst 
rot*»d the country dry. ,, --l»sirryV attempt 
to Loll about hi* bftWjl a star In Condy- 
vslle waa bumoraUK. Tbfl second new 
Wells bit could lini'e btWD entltletf "My 
Kw.iihen.rt for Two Vlbji." If «*• a 
com uii eft led con (tlutu oration —a aort of 
satirical affair wbure everybo^ly waa 
tverThodv'B. nvrctheart for two yeara. 

Part a ojiMts in OricnUI splendor, fur* 
nlshinfts and atiuospliere. Hultau i^arry. 
In charge, nurt-haseig more tnVeih Bitry, 
later a iilaht viptehmqp in n. hotel, fimis 
It a difficult task ta Iwep ItecniiKe of [be 
antiox of the Ku tvlui Fmir. the de- 
racntcil Alfarettn and Dal")'. A can- 
Muni BCTcsni premised throujtbout thia 

Mprrlnltlrn Arc Xniiicron*. 
A M.!"'"iiiliy by Barry and Beer bad ai 
jtH im-i- witty tn 13; conrerpias i3*i- d^"- 
tinationn and obHEatlonr' of iln- rontents 
uf ps^leboard bo?e* Jlcw-. eitrhetlDj' 
iVnunlue hose ■;iin-.n.i - frnm une, in- 
(lulriw, "Who nn UtM ror?" UfipUet 
Barry, bis back i timed to tho other and 
toying with, a nerklacr, ""Those aro for 
my wife," Thia transverse tttNttMt 
run the entire l.>nsrili tit the skit for a 
bowl at each box nliiliil nnd reference. 

Urlffin. KbiB and . Smith Ln trio •«- 
lf>ninaii t>lense<h 

Novelty immberK ai>d ttWodiw were nu- 
inoroiLs. "Htop, ■■■■■i... I.i '■ :>. Lo Me r " by 
LrtvncuHter and Beer. acc^onnpMirlc^ stunts 
with lbe iflris and Alfaremi. "Pro- 
[lopqla," by Mian Hymouds, iueluilei] the 
way prr-tiisuarir. fjiiaker nnd utltfr tnore 
moiterh couples popped the question. 
enstor and Urlfnn, for a muhieal comedy 
finale of the flrnt. Introduced their 
■lyHes," hy way of the (cmste meinhera 
down the, lino to the comical Barry. MIsb 
Bymoadl'l heat effort was n -.murt de- 
livery of a, lejittliy- vcratttP of :i isle of 
f'hing, aet to music, which alie netted In- 
r.'ii-iiy oil the llir'iuD whllo M: ■-■■■■ Unrrfs 
Btid J.iiheuPlrr. .M.-i'njc.Mi. < irifrin and 
KlhB inten>rcTt-J (no Uen'e of u domes! I c 
Iram-dy of the Far But in piUftlaUBft. 
Alfnrrttii surely must hnv<! taicl bcr 
brain wbell she colncnllted tliin "biKhk" to 
memory, At any rate, It was a SiQWfi- 
pure Bym6nrfs'3 verbal and dramnile tr!> 
umph tor the biitriuliLcnlty ebver Alfar- 

[ii the uvmbera prober Mis^ I !■■.-■•; ei'i 
acored ilLTtto repeats T»r her Uv4j>tlDfU] 
ly exquisile n.iidUlon "f "SToo-Hoo" nml 
Enllitit upenlne McOKniiloii in "I'lul of lbe 
Play," "Wnbash Bhnw," followed by a 
aoto dance, rop»lr«d a baadcJ .ippsii^ 
btorm for tho himblo Vtiitj Harris, who 
nttfftal also with 'MJlrln 1 ' and with 
■JijiiiL>lii£ Maii," 1 aaaiatcd En thn inner by 
3li-« Fo-x. "Just a Tiny Lfulo Vboawi' 
ami " J 11ie Kl|tht <lirl" were two bits for 
the tnatulnc; Atfcretta. 

Urvaiitdy at A'mlA, .Veto Y&t};. 

Sttna fiaufii i 

A Very Important 

January Sale of 


Begins Wednesday morning 

SpccUl purchauiei and stocks reduced 
Savings of at Fourth to a Half 

Mahals, Araks, Serapis, Anatolians 









II.HS.S It,... 



. IO.3xti.Yi h.. . . 

. . »4 SO 


11,'lS.S It 



It.3l9.3 ft 

. .8600 


IUS.7 tl 



11.1018. 9 ft.. . 



1S.SI9.4 (1 



12.1x8.11 It... 



11.?lS.lO It., 

.. . JICJO 


tl.r«9 ft 



i',;ia.4 it 



14.9x11.1 It.. , 



11,518,6 It 



ll.SiS.7 ft 

. . S60t> 


10.SI8.10 ft. .. 

. . .*!90 

»17 5 

12x9,4 ft 



12,9rc!0 It. . . . 



I2.3j!>.i fl 



I3.7Z10.4 It.. . 

. . -S425 


' 13.6x10.4 fl.. . 

. .8750 


Chinese Rugs 









tie it 



10.10x3.11 11.. 



9.9IS It 



10.6x8 R 


837 5 

I!x9 It 



11.9x^.1 It,. .. 




11.10x9.2 It.. . 
11.9x9.2 fr. . . . 


'),1CX6.1 » 

.. ,«)2S 


Il,8l9,4 It 

. . .SJSO 


12x9 11 





12x9 !L 

11.919 » 



13.10X10.5 It.. 



(5x9,10 It 



13.10X10.6 ft,. 


842 S 

Extra sizes— Chinese, Hamadan 
Ispahan, Serapt, Sarouk 









li.6iri3 (1. . . 



19.2x12.3 tl. . . 

. .1.1 5oo 



19.2X10.9 ft. . 

. .«■■'..■■ 


16^12 ft 

, - -J70U 


20xtS rt . . 

, ,IT50(J 


tS.iomO.-4 ft. 



17.7x10.6 ft* . 

. .51750 


lSxi3,5 tl... 

., .1950 


IS. 1X12.10 ft.- 

. .»32So 


SO Mosoull, nvMage Silo, S'/jlSys ft at $45 

44 Leliiuuu, average size 5x3 Vi ft. . . .at $47.50 
20 Lelihan Doxari, average siie 6x5 ft., at $125 

The current prices for rugs of the quality of Ihese aver, 
ajes hall as much ajiin. 

75 Turkish Rugs, pure wool, 

heavy quality, below today's import cost 

Atartje $ire fjradc Sptoinl Price 

4.2X3.1 fl S50 $25 

6x4 ft S95 »4S 

7x4 ft SHU $58 

fixj ft ,.$(65 $89 

Qxi.5 11 $185 $88 

Third C.ll,n, N.w Bulldina 


Ai Here of "Utrae Qniardiman ,r He 

Is AttT&Btitip lloiiiter ThfoiigB 

to the Big Playhouse. 


Ford fitVadioa In Hollywood. 

Ward Fran D* Mltie. 

According to a letter wcc-lviMt by Kr*. 
Cecil K .I'm Hille at Hollywood during 
, (he holiday season, Mr. Vc Mile and kit; 
Art director, Paul Iribe, who nra enjoy- 
Idb a vaaailon trip abfetd. wr-rc treent- 
ly pr.sented to liia Holiuc**, r- ] ■■ Uetic- 
dlcl XV, darinc a brief visit to ltolae. 
t-aur In thHr tone, Mr. Iribe haa ar> 
ranged for Mr, Ito Mille to meet the 
Prrsldnnt of France and other Juotabios 
of the republic* 

A cablejrrajtn recelTeHl M the I-naky 
Mtudio on Ohriatmna I m; bore .Mr. De 
Millea (rectincs ib bia frllow workers 
■ml Kruployees thrr*. Mr. Do MilJe 
apent the day at Mci. 

A liln« or Twraj, 

; At o'clock lut oijfht Juek Uoyd wns 
; offerina; WO for (no s^tn for the Orlf- 
j fith opcnluj. Some friend of U. W. OHf- 
1 flth'a wanfed to aoe "Onilians of the 
J Sun-m" and «'•• making every effort to 
i locate th«« nece^iirv piiMi linnni*. And 

•"tb-ar My we tuc Imvim hJtrd titneijxln the 


Ili.lrl. I AEtoril«T llni.L.Mi. Affalta 

liejisirt ot Ula AaalataaKi 

Ulstrlet Attorney Jouh II. Banten 
fiald Ust ni(}ht the to vesication of the 
wrsek on the line of the Ninth areouc 
*L" on Friday night last will ho cuu- 
itnned hy bin offlcr. 

"I don't know Jvt whether or not any 
friiji.i"' ba ■ been cumtnlttefl," aaid Ur, 
HtDtoh. "Uenedtcl D. l.r|neeti, vnc i>f 
Bty ahablduU |u the Hftm!ci<U Bureau, 
in InTeatlaaliiic; the rtlDtter. nn'l bo h»i 
not eoniplcMd hti report, tl&leta t.Te 
lovoatiifatlua ri»*w« that a crime Was 
^untjilltwi, it will not conje under our 
j u rind kilo o." 

Mr. Dlneen, whan n^ked nhoiit . the- 
matter, BivM ho eipeeted to l* able< lo 
make a report to-morrow after ho has 
examined a uumb*T of other wltq&ajttu, 

ftnaltaeu IVonm Sleet TuJsy. 
"Rcleaeins Your Latent Power" will 
be the subject ot nn address before the 
New York jVnpjuc ol llujines* and FfO- 
fefc» Women. Inc.. by FMerfek 
Pi rim, analyflcMl iwycboiojlst, at ita 
usuril OlitlKJ inw-iinic liKlay at "be l,*f& 
Il&ulevrtrd. Mr. Pien» will be me enr-t 
n-f honor of the club jnd his talk T.1I1 
be followed by h t-hort di5cus*ion of the 
[iraetii'a! use. of bueliiMJi Wer.'hnla.Ty- 1o 
iwlvn nroblcmoi both' in lbe- omc* aqd in 
th4>innio of busiuca* and uroftsiloa,Bl 

By 5AM K'KEE. 

Marcus Loew'a bitf and luxurioul Statn 
Theatro is anrpas-Ing i« own recwpl for 
|rr*flt crowds' In Maturing "The Thren 
] Moaketecra." With n capacity lo s£4C 
G,tW0. Jt Is attraetlug the limit in etaml- 
ing roon,, 

liesplto tho clnns of the vaudeville bill. 
Ibo fPIM and popularity of Ooilfflu* I'alr- 
banlu is unquestionably the compel I Ids 
mn (net. 

As D'Artsffaa, lbs ■ wo foam im, ready 
to +Mrif.M his life for loyalty or lot*. 
accomuliahiaR the fteemlnicly impoeelblc, 
Mr. Fairbanka ia a great film ii- :■>■- 

PhSl AdamH nnd Broadway Ddlta top 
tbs- kftajie featnn-s for lbe first half ol 
th* week. Their* ia n merry -raak in g 
coniblnatlaa of wit and mal«niy, with 
four dainty nnd apritbtly eIHs. Die 
hilarity occurs in a hotel lobby, where 
an loebrlate piest falls out ot windows, 
tiooni =i!i'l elevaton. 

Ha Italw«*» to-Bi*r «*"*- 

PulLiaj; this man behind 1 loeited i|«-r 
is tried. He just will not keop out ot 
the lobby and away from the elrls. He 
ilorn. and sava whaL was t^ecialiced by Lbe 
candidate Uf llelleVue s 
ward. He even buys lha hotel; HljdHtll 
away beenuia he cannot pay for It and 
for anotlier reaaon. Wblehy Ixinght from 
booUi-cKers has taken bia fortune., 

A doEf.a Manhattane at ine time ia 
on* uf his order*. No cherry, he aBys. 
A cherry occupies t«J touch rooai. 

Olrls dimclflfi causea him U thmk he 
In In it lilt hatlrwm with hundred* of 
ilaawriT. CotnpUinu to (ito office amuse 
blm. Sla c-ocouiaBca faultfinding. 

There la a restaurant aoeue In Whteh 
soma .if the types of Broadway jjlrla 
pons In review before the drank. The 
aong Is descriptive, una La a waitress. 
Tin- torts' give* an order He jrota this: 

"Outside, you long, .en** buugry hux- 

Ttie flDflle ia a. bridal rnareh of the*. !l is the bc«t melody vf th» act. 

L'ni.iL Dixie Tiiiif I" M>in"p*l^"ti. 

Forest A Church in "A Dixie Greet- 
ing" offer those ncvftr-tobe-foraDtten airs 
of Stephen Foster. Mr. Forrat play* a 
banjo. Mi** Church, gewiinl e» iu tbn 
Cnloniul imriod, is prottjpr aings well and 
danresi lightly. 

Miss Church tocsIuics of ehlbihood 
days when "ot-er hll] and dell a bid 
letj ia th« well," slid on a cellar <loot 
until ilnd with a tack ntopprd the np«rt, 
rlslieil thr e-tvlmwln' hale where the 
boy* wore- nothing but tsn at the tub 
iraat down, Meaawtitfa do bsnja 

atrnms "Ohi llJaeh .Tocj."' "^fy Old Ken- 
tucky Home." "nixie - ' nnd 'MJuwnncn 

Tbn old-time tunra are side- 1 rack". I 
fot\a,vnpopathjii. tlototilal garb ia dlf" 
eflrded: for tifthle, Th* banntlng airaina 
of craning tunes bt" wxrhanijeif for 
the sad notes of wilder days. 

The ctoaln*. aamber f" ih.; "Secoad 

llunga rian Khapmdy" on .1 mandoMa. 
Tho dnnefl by Mtaa Church In a fe*. 


IJraiTn, Rorra nnd Trujillo d« Span- 
ish sjiPcialltlpH amid colorful scenes, ex- 
celling In CMstanut imfiM, "KJas M** 
Again * ia their »ou« hit. 

"Friendly Eaomlfra' 1 are H*vaia's call 
rrirl rata. The rat* are of many color*. 
They walk on Lop. uni I or. around milk ' 
bottle* and! over and around minimum 

The cats duplicate evt^rytbint: the rat" 
acconiplirb nnd more. Two fcJinen hl*« 
a botLoiJ context. They <:piL at aad 
sina5h each other for (hrve round". O"- 1 
K*la knocked out. Both continue to 
Hivlirli tails, preautjiahly to indicate? that 
the flrrlit la lo he renewed. 

! 1 ,1 T".- La Touf nines and [mperson- 
Ate* Frenrh and frinh charnctexr la 
livoly soubrrtto fashion. 


State Cumuli Hrrnirn uml lillirrs t0 
Attrisi. .i-i:-l- *'■•<• :•■; y DlDDCT'. 

The Jackson Day dinner 10 lie given 
by the Touumsh; Society In New York 
at thr Hotet Cammodoro ThnrHrJay CTen- 
inir, Jnnunry .", In honor of Hon. CordelL 
I hill of Tcnne*aep, reeeatly elected ehoir- 
(naii of the DiAnoctatic National Com- 
mittee, will "i-r attcndnl ■■>- Stale Cbair- 
oisn Herbert C. Pell. Jr., tbe entira- 
Stale Ui'iflorraiM' Commiltee, and repre- 
senlstlvra of each Assembly dtatrlet of 
tho Local Democratic oraanLiatixa. Karb 
execatlee mamhfr of the oraan last Inn 
linn taken two tablea fcr liii diatriet 

John fr. McCrwr-y. lbe Brooklyn Dem- 
oeratic leader. w|lf ho present also with 
a large delpfraMon from acrooa the bridge. 

A riH-rptioa will !■ ■■ given Mr. Hnll 
beforr ih:- dinner. Mrs. Frederick Aa 
WiHii & chairman ot the reception com- 


sennit VjBlisjr llnier Hal nn XIW 

Vork l-'rifii'I« TQ»niast(> 

Frank E. Wie^Uinp of Seattle, Wsan., 

Is j-tid'.rtamini; 1 Dumber uf bia friends 

socially this evrnins at the rCeldoUce of 

J Mr*. Kutberfoni, 714 Nfadli*on avenue. 

Among tho C alerts Iners will bo an ad- 
rir--:- bf I.-vb 1 MseKcnrie. a. rocLtatlaii 
by I'luicH-fr.'i Vandcr Linden apd fomo 
remarks on Alaakn by Mr. Wkatlltig. 

Lady >t»(r inn -Kf&»ir sic Waldorf, 

Lady MiiiOfaaK^nale. the noted ICnc- 
linh writer' nn>l blnliVni Ipeturor. ia *«tL>- 
ping at the 'Wnidarf-ANtnriu ninl will r*i- 
main in .Vni Yotk C.iy fer the nnxt six 







William GUlette 

The Dream Maker 

-times «tm«nav«ti- 

1J«i«. To-day i f-.pulP.r-! A §*». 


Mill. Ttmn. « SU1 ££ 
Hut Tfl.lij, U.UO 
U»-i]S [■.■;,„■■, PreMn | 

J .BH nni: 



LYCEUMS 5 .^' 

Mm. Th-irv * ?ji a.» 
Ifa*. 'IVili.i: 2.30 
D«*l4 rnl"fn pialfqla 




MATS.WED.tSAT 50t»«B»JSt» 


Will Rum, l.t-on Krrul 
N«W Den VlillnK^ln I'l. t lls-r-a. 


CVE5 &?0 MAm£F5 T?*jQ£&>SAr P. W 



Ullo (Vrujer ■* ■ ■ riiTiiirr 

Mar C a!o Gil|mor»YALfcll I IHt 

F&ITZ LEIEEE *■ tLi Plw * 0| 

Tf-^'cjit, Othello, re-m's* B**., Hnr- 
heth. .- ■■.■ Julius Ciraif. Rat. 
-'■■■«■■ B ti'ii. from ft i.i.n.i. t'cnuMr 




"A Crnnlllt Xn-rfjf , j»--Kr*. Sun 
■%■>■ jktf KB^ei:. w.v. «m «(, 

twill ?Ki 



• T HAiVK-U 


fflw rSifwan 
MARIE DORO BfiBEfc&fa!"- 


i Fl*b0ari6k Perrj 

. Wri. J Jit ! 

™- 1 'YEAR 


Enntloa at it-* UlA/Jt»JLuv,i f% S*L IIS. 
fi."!»l S(, Mnalp 11*11. tut. IV j t C P. IV 

SHUFFLE K0Pn&\S.$Si "' 




Wm listi Ptrwt. 
-i - : — i; 1 . - i;- li'ir:: Mid. 

Ei«Uiu. MS. Wait. 


"CHrTAIH APPLE1ACK" ,. ; !?;;,.V"B,,„. 

■ love 1 1 #■!.". Tribune. 

in "THE 


■«i« Pcli™*o» here Cm n."hp 



WIMi ariinU. 




Creator of Historical Photo-Plays 

Calls the Hew Film Griffith'* 



Fan* \ork Will Nfurt 

tl-rlrffnlrn to \ILjnu> Cl> 

[.i.M-i llrrii 

A bone -10l> 

L 'l-lirnlre in. W«t 1 Ul Mtrrl 

K*jf nreidoijr 

'< ■ TlTi 5.'> THlll. * SAT. 




*nm peacock 



HOl'ni M T, 8 Of H lie 

It vltiitn.i. * CO, \.:,\v 
nof-iisTAntjrt, joe 

COOK, ■:. .:■_!■:- 

fll?J>ODRpHE:S*,^-" T 




1COHT1NUOU» 9im\P 


{paramount t?>ictan\s 


TIMI.-S ,1 f.AftHBN " C*MfllS 

IVOI T " :n,VERj,aBy www 


UH!ft£i. itivnu oeHcsar ortcn." 

■<mTEBIOII CtcU B. De Hillt', 

JtU f<J<^ HmXTTNl. 


I.Autfni.l x VredfH.i ■- Hulk 
.Funlar. Sonla M«rahT * - 
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?°,'J.^ THEODORA' 

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BRADY * WAIHVlfK " 1'fiiKJlSi.- 


(Richard Bartheim« s 

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;="..m.- NOW PELLIKCI 8 ■"■ ; '-"■■ ' ■::■■: 




in "The TLra« 

ITnr nil!' i'-' I MuiLtBlftcrr*." 

C>*l. 11 A.M. W i: P.M j F|o<lk WB . -h * tt 

tE». ftir.. Jiun. AJloi.) r ■"* omai »*li . i 

Arthur llfipkllifl I'rrirnli 


in "Annai Chriilie" 

VANDEEBILT ?*•■•*•«**■ *"■*■!*■ 


Cl_ I I HUG si -u . U>.|. t Ca; . - ;p. 


■^-L-RFt UflilT ""' Hl 1: fhf M-*i*.|Mati.Th tl r. 

^uLLInUnl fiH1»p,|!j. ,r *-.j i.M.ii S41 }.S',. 

T!i» rrlnmas 1'itli Iml- dfr«ri in 

"THE S. S. TENACmf".r„. u :;' g , J ,„ n 

"..BOLTOH ™f*™* REXT MOW. 
JSwtST' "TEE OBCLE" iVgtt. 


liUooiil.Tpi- ASfCSlCHSNTlt. 

* "I ■ I aTY ■_ "■-■'-t;-wi\ juiu li, 

"roLt.y tows,- »ici, 

- 'I-,, t-.,. .| f .^;v... v..,-,,, ,„„ |, ih . : r. rir „ r 

N«t Weak... -Box ton cjin> s 



wnri neqBtetM Detaining- Bn«] of 
'I'ltrrr In lluminrj Cuav. 

In riiil'iiii; l!:, i •• rata in bull of s '.n.n-hj 
Mfl in \Vrflt SitTp Coulr .i r <"BtrrJoy f*r 
'■'■' i:i-r.ii ScHBimu on. a fliaric oF at- 

!fi;nn \fvin ;■-. 

W*W, *('■ Si. Th4rMl*>'. : f. a. Ample*! 

tprant*d burelrji-jr, ItkjUlrate I»aauif 
Mitt J.r totend^I ti> iln ereo-tUna Ju hl« 
turner to rjlj tljc ptJliep ink^nicB c'riiq. 
iflfiln An j.j ; i. 

TJic prEnoDorn tnn Jamr3 T. Tpjeh. 
-'■1 rcnrn, Broad way, aa at.-t.or; Joha 
Baras, 2-4. rtrtrpi-. r iV«t IKxij-ftmrib 
Ptrcet. iBfl Chirks tr» an n, H. ratnffcnr 
of Went ai*tF + fa.]rtfi nn^ fjhrj W - Prc 
ArrrSlPd mrly >i-slrh3av Jjv itt'lf-i-livrn 
who nllejeml ility hml «. U t a * h«| P Id thr 
door (if ifc^ llejer & Kramer ilrujt Htore, 
In. AiiiM>rflaRi (ivfniie. with thr EtilrnUou 
tif OrciikitiB | m <i 1!„. pln w . Tin ilctfc- 
M« Mkl one ,,f ih^ men thrrw * 
Jimnrj away. «nil ilmt cfaen the prtMn- 
pr« w'fr, a R | nH a catter waa 
foimd un BurnH. 


N'OW InH il has bctn ijcfin'ne]^ 
ilr!.t!r.l |.v the Nev; VorLt and 
Doit on. crJUcft ibat "Orphan* or 
lh.' Stnrm" is , laonPT-makfr and 
uil] |i!(iu thF most caption motion, 
picliiro audjtntc. Ibc Datid: GriHEiTi «t- 
fiip in «olp|r rip-bt nhrad lit book it. It 
will t?ppt' '*i Cleveland nOit lUOftdtf 
nijtkt. id PiiUhiiFg tbe lolloPfini -ncol!. 
nutl in rhicapti Ifltrr thin mnrnh. 

An in term tad ivitncM or the Anirri- 

r-BI! firit ibowinj; WB5 EmCSt LoWttCb, 

liiniseli tbp oicatpr oE ^Tprnl finr Ms- 
torii-al film dramim." Thr GriUDlh pta- 
duclinn Pleased him. nod be t-htlcd it 
onp of llie llftCat ftCTWn productlona lic 
\intl cvrr mppo. lie <:•':. Ifl ?|iciklnc of 
Mr, t-rifIVili> iM.i>i-iuinn: 

"^'itii llur BTBfttett inicrp-'t I **w 
last niffitt ihtf Rrat Hbflivinc of Mr. GPHfl 1 
fitb"« mjUH>rp3oeej 'Orphans «f ihp 
Storms. + Hi* ■tttitte cllfcction of 
•Rro^Pii Hlo?uiiim»" bad prPviou?i!.v rnadr 
n drcp imprfsfiion bn hip. nn<& bin new 
film haa immi'iisplj; Mrrrtiithcncd toy pro- 
fnund admhation, I waa "nnt nnlj" in* 
| tanttted In tllC aCOlUc inpntrurtinn, hla 
rlnv* ■>■:■- liflndlinj; nf maan. ISO la* 1>^Kf 
highly c-fTt-L-t i v « • scrnPii. I>ni a.It»o In M» 
amall'T, naora delicate detail*, wbifh a« 
A Ifim dlrertor 1 L\1n iipprppidtf!. Grif- 
fuli poiacaaea ft" ^stmonllnary rcrson- 
fllit.v ivtiivh dope imt trflvp] tbp ti-otldrO 
path-* nf ifliii'pntinnolitr. mint It II (bia 
quallt)- I admire BuMtt lit b* ift* I w£* 
vory minrb interested \u ntaklnp Hit per- 
nonal jirnimlntancr «r Ibp Gi»b Finlcrs. 
liarcly. Indftd, Imvr I nr?n l^o aPtrPR^s 
ploying up lo edOli nthrr as ideally fl" 
X,tlHnn nnd Dflrolhj. f al»ci wn tOT| 
rancb pTaaaod t» mi ray old frlpnil. ■)*>*• 
I'pli SolLliaiaut ™ iaco ciwltcni im- 

{iiTsopnlioil "11 UiP J"."rrpn. I not OBIS 
rnpjrrLtilTnt^ Mr. Griffith nntl lii« n^tort, 

imt tac iviit'li- Akiirlcsn industry upon 

ln|* jtur.'esa."' 

Tli* S<aip tnnvfntloii. 
All mat ion piL-Iiirc iticatrrA M-iihin n 
ratiius i>f KPt-en«y-fiee miles or Albiiny 
wilt In- aricen" to »how itlckl anaouncins 
Hie Btato tNjnri 1 nlion ol motion pjetnrQ 
axhlibilora In that cltj nn r'cbniary B 
and IH. Thin n-iil include h ou pes ns 
fat EDntil a^ Poogli ayejai e and Uicg- 
hainlnn, rorlli to GI*i" Filth and went 
lo Aimterduai. The ball : nn thp uicbt 
nf rehmnry •!*'■, VoWp3fBff! eapccbsd, 
will bp atlonded by nil too stats work- 
ing in the East, will be featured pn-ihcs* 


I'ractically ill details (if the ciiinint 
d^nvpotioc «Hnri iettfpJ at a inoaUoi -A 
the Albany S1t«trleil Jlanaepm' As- 

aodatEoa Taaaflay altceiatHL Mayor 

Willimn S. fUchpit wttl officii I If oncii 
thp i-ornrnlioii nl i onn on PabfflaWy 
II. Tacrc W-B| be a mwUns of women 
in Albany |n-day lo fern* a vonimtiteP 
to look ftftcr entprtaiiinipnt of all viomro 
altpiidini tin? poavef.tiOTi. It is p'anucd 
in i-iitPTlain I'iHilord at n luoclipoa or a 
liuocr at, well aw at two or three Ibp- 
Mn< pnrtle?. 0*rtfln to [irphrtMp *vrfllh^r 
COndfttoM tlirrc nil] be nn automobile 

l.o«li« Bittner nf Colntot, vice prM- 
denl of the Slit to Aaaoetatiao ot Motion 
Picture Kxhlbito«. I« ihairman of ill* 
rrreplion eominittee. Ili'servaliooa. al- 
reail* raUfttaf %Um& Snekno here ia- 
dteftle the con vent ion i^ili be atleoded 
by al IcaBt ifiM drlecflte* and that >TeW 
Vork City alour nill bv reprpt«enlP(l by 
frum WO t* 1500 pitliilillora abrt. dlBeti, 

vs. ntin ii. Dr'wnnil Hctarai. 
After » -eri.-s oi ppr^OGal appearances 
in Ohio that in.-lirdrtl a to-n-i^ny per- 
forniaitro for a montb or mere, Wiiliatn 
iJCfmond has raiuraed to New York, lit 
will depart in a flay or two. accom- 
panied by his wife und op. a print of 
"I'lffhliil 1 MtflV'jrhlca 1>p will takfc with 
bim In Caaaoa. Kli porannal appear- 
anprj haro bten sueh a aurcesp fie will 
repeat them In Toronto, Montreal and 
other* eitjes, aasnrinp: the Metro orpaci- 
EBiion the name linxacinl returns the 
pkluri 1 has brought in the roLtrdi States. 

llorj Allien In Tc*tTH. 
VThtn Chirlea Qlbljn *etn ready t*> 
makp lii* upcdll. "A Woman'* Wom- 
an," Lie will h.i - ihat drUiflitf til artraM, 
Mary Aldrn. in one of thp, pHPelpnl 
rWe* shp ha« come all the way from 
California |o play In Mr. Glblyn'd pfc- 
hire, whieli t» to bo slarlcd loon. A» a 
cbarnL-tcr "atrtrCJ* MS«i Aldeu has few 
C()iinln and no peer*. Her work ja J, Tbe 
Old Neat" in one nf me finent ihtntn 
pvnr done on tlic M-rren. ""A Wonua't< 
Wonaail" is a mother ."Cory pf a fllffn- 
ent iyj» and Ifl by Jdalbro Bortley. 
aduptfd frnnj a Srtinrdny Krcnlns post 
a lory. 

Lone In UaltlmoN. 

Ilabert Kdgar Leap baa »«p<> lo Qfl- 
tlmore. ITp nfltcvted Lo My what Ukn 
him rrom New York « thin rime, but 
haricjr a Hherloca Uotueti mind wo de- 
duiyi iL ri:,' aomctaing to do with Mmt, 
XaziTrjovaV pt4ii.K or uletnrAL 

HliJihn pf Unman I'ur* Clmb. 

Ililpcrt Iluilieji made hluaelf "ftolitl" 1 ' 
.with the lniiVd!< ■' att'l Sfty wometi at 
the Woman Payn Club yci tenia j t when 
h.a iirl ■- -l-.jici t3 absolute frpedopj. for wom- 
en, even lo rmyinc the olitnony when 
neceasary. 1!p nnld hp bad never known 
r.ffominate woman, nod cheered toe wom- 
en in the clwli araatlr by hf» attitude on 
famhaitni., Hp touched briefly oa. mo- 
lidii pictures and apoke a sood word for 
the Hilent drama — which, hcayen kootfa. 
it iirprtn (hp*e days, r-fih crery ona 
■r.ri^irK B ;i '.:.-■: of Ikufj^ too intelllffeat ' 

.llAnV AbDRTI, 

Out han tramm (oj y™ Vovfa |o |il*y 

■ n Imiioriniii i,.u i In ittP ne« pert. 

ilurilno. "A WOfBU*ji T/tHin." 

lo enre for n nmadaiie tbin^ like l bo 
film™. Mary Altlnu was also a cut-'dt 
of the t'iiili. 

lUiainaB Ijiaa Hi. 

Word lina COOld from the I'aeifi.- 
Coaat of [he aertauB illness of Tbopijt'. 
inee. Ur mi about to fb'ta Hon f£tw 
cisro ns the picat of Jauyor .lamcn 
Itoitiii and Btnua .loimson at a bnafnffa 
men'* liincbeon wlteti be wn* middcnly 
mrlekcn Kith ptotiuaiae i»oiBr>ri*nc;, He 
wai tsiialdr to tat.e Ibe trip mid wok put 
lo bed under lltp rare itt |ibysldjiii 
atifl n Irnincd BUiac Latpdi rfportn tmy 
IlO Is onl of ■Janser and on the mnil Ui 

41 lite Mnnd, 
With "I.ove'n UrdejnNtion" aa the 
chief film. nitNMilmi nrii work Ktm Na- 
iIohhS will ocrnny the Srrnnd Theatre 
Hfuin wiih n. Nurnia TiOinailice pfsdvo. 
tiuu. TSn- is an niliiiuaiioii in- Atntliotu 
Paul Kclfy nf Ainlrew Soui*ir"s alory. 
Albrrt Parker ii tUraOHf imd .MNa Tul- 
BUQtgD lut« fti! 1 lirr Niiprw.rtinc punt Hnr- 
rliwii Ford, Moniafin i,n V r. Ida W'jitn 
Cliff*. .\Udtnel M. it 
i and E-VtMcr (."onlter. 

T W 1, re I Tare nl I olnmbln. 
Jdvery ti/oe n ^-eiiarjo cilitfir or a fiJin 
eeli'Iiriiy retjcbivi town iT lie ih <-f »uf- 
ficicni Importance be racelCM an InvJ' 
latloii to npeab on motion [itotarea nt 
Cylmnhin Lniven,i^y. It hp dut-a tint 
reeelvo th{t Invitation yon may be nun,- 
bin fame lie* rot wnattwtod tliomr 
clasoic walls. SrriouBiy, it in n eotnpji- 
ment lo the Eir^f^tojdSoaa of ttifw uni- 
versity — ill in power of realise In jr tJic im- 
prirlOlice of the nilput drama. Paul Urni. 
motion pfettire wlljor of iJoldwyn. J„ the 
laicht LH-rwm to be iRTilOt] to lecture 
He will BjH-Lik oj "Pboin-tiliiy Coilpotl- 
lion" at the cX'ADafoB coiin>p In lite da- 
panment of pht,m-]ility.. 

Ilrnih nf n plrnlnr. 
Elliott Howe, who dlrftCiwl mn»y of 
the Zane lire/ storfea filmed by Benjn- 
min llampU'ti. died suddenly in Holly- 
wood durius/ the holiday*, tic van i:ii- 
fajted on a aaw production wliep be. n-n* 
atrlckcn. He hud ninny frleudH in the 

Hnt'h Joneii BmpjiI. . 
Clirimrnni wpb not ns joyou* uti im-a- 
sion to Buck Jonea an it miifhi bare 
been. He nurTrrrd leTOre b«mn In nn 

ajtJde^t i ■■' m-.I- an i,:i ■: ;vi. but are 
hexr tlic GrP wan cmipeif by a eij;iire[[<! 
not nxliiiKui^li'vl iifp-mptly. 

DlokJ.e fa "All nelter." 

Li;tlc Blebsrd Mend rich bib* reuvenal 
from nn at tuck nt ifiphthrrin nml Ik aejnki 
able to do hin pnrt tnwanl awelliiij; lite 
family inconn- tux. TaB liltln bellow wan 
•rovdy ill nml Viv frleilda, f«mily nod 
admlrera are relieved io hpnr be 3s Well 

To tip ifl ihP we>t L'nMl L 

Now that William Parana bu bti- 
islirrl i!ir hie produrtioo lie waa intikitif 
at Ilia J-'ojt ntudion, il j* ■-■ ■-■ \ . -, that 
he will ko to the Wett t-oaat to make lm 
neit pLoture, .Mr. and Mrs. J''iirnuni 
have Liioved to thf Alismit^iitu over the 
Winter; hnvinp Ipft llicir iiorae in Wng 
Harbor during Hip cold wcathpr. 

i-fiilnt In Itradlneaa. 
We arc to have with ns u. production 
citllci] "Mcyantl the It&inbnw." l-'rom 
the prom Sue the east holds forth ii aliould 
be Jin ItHcrcntinst production- Harry 
>!(';■■■■. hpodliiiE rlie ciati Huntlry iior- 
dn:<. Lilian iHillle: Dewo and U'Alirr 
Miller and, ■...-:.■: otlirr i- ; .:> ■■e. J, F witbj 
3<K) extra*. Iir whnt the prtas iitj4Utj Jd/a 
we inuy eapect 

Kall.ln-. nilllKniH Baula Tour. 
After riaititij: n sennr of ibeatrcs in 
the Enat and ntakhin appearances .-;::■!. il- 
taneou*Iy witli her pltturot, l\:tthlyn 
Wflliama Lftft Haf.ilied Iicr tour and re- 
toniod to Hollywood. In private Ufa 
Mlu Williams la the wire or Charter Ey* 
ton. pnncrnl manager •<( l'.iru mount's 
Weat Coast studio*. 

,1 LIb* or Tnn-. 
The social cvcnL of the m:u>uii bntinc; 
paam-d. the dress dotlten of ihc imlu^try 
have all ht'i-ii piiekpil away in mulh balla 
waiting for tbO nnt' jm[i<irtnut isrM 
nifthe- Ko paaer were till <b<r tihrt folk to 
be at Hi" tlrlmth opening that it Is Kald 
BBVQra] s-nst* wan purelia^ed for a mira 
that ik-i'old keep d family in brcld for a 

Beatrice Morgan Is the Attractive 

Star of ''Moonlight Madness." 1 

a Conrting Playlet. 


1 Hleutlne I'm *i't'u ni j.JU lip* irlcka 

nt ^ T-ulrlloq.oUm — 11 1 r. Mil A 

Hallo TnIL ot l-'o»i1, 

H. ». Moshs TlroadwTiy Tlieaire is 
pfayiup in rapaeiiy. The eVttAjl I'ftl* 
atfoeoj bill adtU brtahtn'Hni to the new 
year and is in keepitie wih iht- i^pnirl 
aide attraction* ibameti-riMi'- of B.'s. 
Mnsa bouse?. 

"Mooniicht Madaesa" ■■» pi brfelit apot. 
The tlipme bt love. The lille ■'\[i1wiaj 
ilie i-PiiHoii, Beatelcv Morean and ooni- 
patiy iirodiice thin brpray ailxture of ml- 
in ruiioo. jeaJouay .in'l deratlonj John 
Connrry Tinrtray^rr^niinnlwml."" 

The. others are the wife, a daupbtvr, 
Winoaa. and tS-yi<nr-n![] r'nni. vibu 
thiekens Uip pint by . iiiVliti^ both 
mother and danjrlitp . 

The mother ebldea hw daophter for 
falling lu love, 1-erniinlirii; Iht ibilt Silv- 
ia oftTy 1^. 

"I haifc breo l,T For 'lure.- y.eara,*' 
potlta the danshler. stragjcHnj: with an 
niriiaKCment of her TaLie t-iirN. 

i have been J!" fop n:n^ i m i , ■„ 

iijii-u.: 1 rotort* IIlp cnnh^i. rxjireoiliii; 
nor disapproval of rbttifali tl.i tiuii.i^. 
" Y out. you reel f eJo^eil with [aiher. 
j Ibe daughter rclnrtit. 
| I'anl appear* cai-ryins Ba-wara. The 
I iHolher rearhca Tof ihem. tellinjE Paul 
lie is one aweet hoy. Three j> mlk 
j nJ'tnit a pflotnprapti. Ibfl Mfefn of nimiTi 
lirlit .strolls, sonic one's peach complex- 
I ifln. joclLiiiins other rapturoioi vajKHiaas. 

| III* Return W»H 1 neanpH^fl, 

j The buahanda tppearnncp ii ataaoi*- 
eortiaf until he i-xpbiir^ [hnr he wau in 
jooTch of nn imjiortaut paper and vtm 
} WtBrtllBB n( OOCO in ilu- nff ii-... itiMcad 
in' TPturnK ond fmm hdiind n Kereeu 
f liears Paul's aupjie-ifion thi.t llw wife ob- 

j tmn a dimrce ! marry hcin, Pnul 

I tlc« HOI worry over llif dfalWrlly of iflei* 1 


"I ii H-! I arn not in your wit, 

i ttir ItiiMiniid, ntepjiipE forth. 

I Misa Morcan'a cmid loodu amply jus- 

lify the itthiiimtloii of the buy nnd the 

■IJftiilclItintii-n nf the huKhnnd lo toae hi-e. 

Site eaplniiM thm lhn dread of no loafer 

KPflmiiig youoj; hml led her to heauly 

prcoervnlinn scltpnies asd the ncc-phinm 

■ if Pititl'a tuldrenBeB. I'nu] in itiro nil- 

j inks he had Courted lite mother In win 

" the dnugbter. 

All pintle i' loyalty. The wife ask*: 
"Hadriy, will jerti nike me. to a bnr- 
lewpie ph'fB'r" 
"Nn," in ilie cnipliatic rraponte. 
I!. A. IttJff fin.l Dotnpahy offrr in- 
stniinrritHl mid VXtdS IjiiikIciiI eKtravn- 
sonzn. TltP priLieipttls an Mr. ftidfe, 
0«drfa d'etat a-ntt Jtntn LcVclt. SptdaJ 
aunrben nre "DEnlx oE a Fcntbcr," 
■FIf.tiry#uckle Time," including [lie fan 
ifonp. nl*o "OriejHdl T"mple Bolts," wiih 
n daa« of cliiiriri. 

Prrdlntt !• Their Arttomenl. 
Ihnvnry fa CJifiil^p ure tinier* mid 
funsters, afiaa CJacMte sinaa "Kreldn of 
Oliry' prior to Mr, tJowju-y's nppenr- 

aiiea us a cyclist aad pnatomtniltt Mils 

Cluridce hkuie^ prnecfiilly. 

EHgeloW A Clinton me tCHftti]* sin;- 
er« of raj and bhtei nUffibera. "Cool 
*Doj OIT" is an Aritic meJody, "J'licre in 
one about Ehfft'l reafonatbLlity r«r eirry- 
ihing, Olher cood oaea an- H 'My Mammy 
Ctant Know Where I nm" and "The 
Pan-Tan Bines" 

\'n!entine Vol is tntrodtteod as "The 
Clubman." 1 As n vejitriljoulsi lie i* nni- 
ipjp. Hi sings "HreamiitK nf To-mor- 
tow" with a doubto voire tvliili? ifleettOf 
to take an nrnher -lined drins. tVltb bin 

own voice audible, a different- e seems 

toifcauc from Ills dummy. 

I.ida Oardoer tttrps from ilv orrhps- 
li,i fluur tu Hip Hage, bwlitlng thai she 
rem put pep (into the ttcl &t Clik- nnd 
Tiny Harvey. Hbe WcJm blah and oftPfl, 
not wqrryina utnmt tin- blfnrijy rauaea 
by hcp-1'.-olonint iinderwwir. 

Ruth lJarby. with n way dawn South 
e/rPnl, nlniy syneoiiaierj iiuinlirrs-. Tfflt 
Hliapiro In nf the pipim. 

Hnbblt .V .Malle, t nlF»r :■-. and sinners, 
hojt-l of Iheir telnil fur in^rnHtiair 
women by supplying them with food, 
Ciiio nceusPs Ibe other "f (nine to -end 
himself hloiiK. declaring: 

"Every Hue 't nee you with a cirl yuu 
say_ il> the Miiyori* dmiffatrr, Wq«r> 
nor'a nlpcc or i re^idenc'a nuini, Man, 
every one I've.t-een .von wilb dWl kftnw 
anytbinf but pat. work nml sleep."' 

The ocrpp'n feature*! nr^ Urrbert Bos- 
worth in "The Sen Una"' nod Humid 
Lloyd in "Illj;h nnd ItiMy." 


Warren Kti-.-bKH.irii line.] ftO lor 
l flrtemi rtmtjturoTii. 

Coekrnarht's have nft n'acn in a re*- 
tauranr. kitpheu, Mac;lnlrntP TVUlfain A. 
Swefltaer in Washington tleiiibts C.onet 
held ypstcrdflsf ItapMinp; a floo of $10 
on- Wurron Kirencraii'ii, nniracer of 
Ihc Kihei rel-iaiiT-im In Wrat 13ftth 
strwi. Kln'hjtrnvcn pleaded jfnltiy to. 
a eHarcp of viola doc Section II" of the 
Uanltary t'otle. 

ThP eomptnijit nti niBtl" lit Inspector 
Kctwarrf-tiieUer of tile IFfalth Depart- 
ment, who aaid anooym^ii-i Icltera had 
been received pomp!rainioc noont Ihc 
corkmaebra. Metier wrtii: to ihc rcntau- 
rant and found, hp -m<\. i"ek roaeh pj uu 
the kitchen rhelvcM auo in the crevices, 



' Alma 

ftisly tild F'rlendi. Will If 

i«i'iii Speech ait ii-'- i . 

A ]iii-rii;i:u:'* will be made lo Colonel 
Theodore IlooBCvclt's grave " in tlytter 
Day to-morrow, the annivenkry of blfl 
ik.i;ii. by «iziy men who knew bim in- 

At the grave bin addrrrw on limitation 
of armaqinnt, i nn!" in Pbrinttniia in 
ltllO, after lie received the Nobel Peace 
Priw, wilt be read. L>ater tin- Kroup 
will pny thrir rettneetji to Mra. Theodore 
Kooaevatt. the Colonela wfdovt, at Safa- 
more Bill.. The; have been jnvftcd to 
lunch ai tne Roosorelt liume, * ■ 

Raccoon Coats, $225 * 
A remarkably low price! 

Raecoon cnits h t nc had 
plicnomenal .success this' yem 
- — ntit only f«r actual sports 
wear, hul for Irotlcur use. 
They itrc warm — no amount 
r»i rough wear hui*ts tliein and 
I hey arc amart. 

These coats art" generously 
iiiadc, 4tf inchca lonp, of licau- 
lilully marked skin?. 

\1so — , 

Persian lamb coats, *u Is, loitg, 
ui;ji ^kunk colfva and cuflft. ta^S. 

Near seal (dyed coney) coat*. 
'■ ci inches lang, with dyta Srkuali 

ciiiiirs jnn* cuffs al (icellenl grade. 

Second Floor, Old Building 

About 200 pairs Women s 
Evening Slippers now $7 

They were $12,50 to $18 pair 

Uooct current liihiou^-liiiok and -.Ikcr SrOJade, while and 
gold brocade and sit lit. 

rncOKp-Ietc %\n croups. Fint Floor, Old Building 

300 Men's Ulsters 
Drop to $42.50 

Our $55 to $75 Grades 

Furtunalc the man who lias need of .1 new overcoat' — 
if he avail himtelf of this offer. There are three kinds of 
ulsters — targe, roomy storm ulsters, and smaller town ulsters, 
also ulsters with belt aU around* Browns, frays, heathers— 
a color for every matt — in plaid back and plain back overcoal- 
injfs. . If you are early, you wll! have choice of famous 
O'Brien rwerenalim;s in fine blended coloring. 

Burlington Arcodr Floor, New Building 


( [onitnuPO' l-'rona 1'nae l.r 

pieces rtf nilverwnri' valued at J'J.500. 
Uliterer wa* wearing Mr. MaiWs ovpr- 
coat when arresled h UcMlaM repotted. 

Becauno of IiIa long prinon record lh* 
detoetiven IhaiiKbl I hey IirlE made nn 
niiuHUBlly disk] catch bi apprehending 
tiieterer. He had. ibey Mr, been 0OW- 
mitteil in Trenton prtsoo for two nud 
a hair years mi April 5, IIWO, after 
IwlliS eonrfiCCfd a?«-a sneak thief in New- 
ark. ,\, J. ThiH record shown he used 
fftr alias "WUinm Motiek." On Orto- 
her 1,1, lOOtl, as Cisterer. lie wns wen- 
leticcd In New York City prieon. if 
cordinit lo the iwjlin^ for sixty- tlays 
fur potty larceny. (Vi .fnnuary -I, 11" M, 
be was sontNircrd to fire years In Siua 
Siuxj^ur KrHiifl hieeepy, January *J.'S. lfll I, 
m< one year in Ibe penitentiary for hae« 
Inp burxlar timla In hi* ponspsvioif: l-*eb* 
miry III, 1B15, waa (IWeharned after 
heiujr arrested charged with bnrslary; 
•Tanunry 'Si. PMii. iva? itHleheod ti> (out 
. r i rid A r inn-' £li S:i;;- Sing for Imii'- 
rlary. ail acordin^ to ^lepartuictil rec- 

TJuj-dPlnctive* e^p'nined tiiiiterer has 
"Totunteered to tnko Hima. to pawn^hnp* 
where in- iI1sisibi.iI of pi- tider taken by 
him In in":.- than tivi-utj-(ivt> robbet-iea. 


i (amln 

04 from I'agn 1 ■ i 

diatply. a littlo to the left of her. abe 
beard a muOlctl fmta, and iliHcaeered 
that Mr. Pearce bad, mUL-h against bb 

I will. h«« preeiplnieil Into llie depth* 
of a ecll*r. via the coal chute of tha 
boAdtsar. Two sirln just ahead of tiro 
I ronpert star and her ivtnipi niou, had 
stepped on the cor.-r of the «-Iuile t and 
had knoeked U from Its Heetutouied 
| ifim i-. Had it not been for the knowt- 

Is-laTo 'Mt. E'eirco poaseaied of street pro- 
ftidure when ftccompaoyii-d by a lady 
Madam? Liltge ml^ht bun- found berncl' 
; In a like position. 

i Mr. PoaJto, a pathetic ficure. wan re- 
! tn«vrd from the dent lis. nalo and sbak- 
laa under bi x he*hHld^.-d countenance, 
and tlpPlarctl he was moM thuakful tanr 
tin- aeoidciit had hapi^ned to blni rather 
than hi" I-. i. .[-.i.; ■:: "I-.- bady said sb» 
n as ftTPi|*tuiri>-d tn tahr i«ro oT bertdf 
under even the moat trying condltiona 
noil eontlnued on her way to tho oArei 
-f h"r attorney.- Mr. Featt* coatend* 
llial in Hie fulure be will "watch Ilia 
slpp." _ 

.„.'.i-".- In I'lumlrr lien 

. ■ ir.l. 

Ilinidi-n robliing the llr.rrbt and Elail- 
burton !*aifc« Iidia™. Girtcrcr la accused 
by the delect Ives flf.havJng robbed (hose 
of tleriuan A. SehaJk, lltH Nlnetr- 
Hppond slreet, on N'onelnli^r 'JS; Ijrorgc 
CllttUlatl, . Kant NinPty-fCL-imd street, 
Novrnilier IH: Inlmaii Maiis. lint Sixty- 
ninth street. PeeeJobCT -I; A. 11. Cohii, 
Knst SlKty-fltth Hired, and Jniii™ Co*. 
bora. Hum EOiifblletb steer-*. 

Thoar arc included in lite tint of fit- 
Icen the iJe.tect|vr>N say 4Jfnierer -■ . ; -ji ■ ;. -.i 
lo Liicm. Il was nl--" said that »30 h 'KXl 

irlh of the booty taken by tilalerer 

I.nw/rr llfM In I'hn-k Catae. 
Kdwanl B. Hall, -it years old, who told 
detcetlvea that he waa a lawyer aod that 
bo lived at the Hotel Martinlipif, wai 
held in bail of $1,000 ycstenlay in 3cf- 
lennn Markpt Court, by ^iTagfstrale Joa- 
eplt B, Cprricnn for eiamlnatEon to-day 
on ;i '■.'■ni-i- of pptty larcroy. lie was 
arretted at the Waldorf-Astoria no n 
cbarue of preapnUug three checks of $£."> 
each to the cashier at tbo hotel) arid 
that nil three efaeeka were remrtted bv 
ihe- liayside Xatiuna) Tig tit. Il.i> -!■!-■. 
t,oa.g Island, on acrount of "in-orcrci 

Will Take Off 

All Excess Fat 

Ho you know iti ! Hwre'ht a ainol*. 
harmleaa. rff relive r'mnly r„ r oTcrfainetri 
Thai may lie um-.l barely anil teeraHy bj 
any rain of wonom wfao Is Icatng toe altm 
urn of youth? Ther<> u ; rtnd It li nan" 
«nher than :■■-■■■ taUci fiTtti ot the '■■-'-■ 
i-un,vi. .Ilurinoli l'reseriptlon, kooiva ;i < 
Unnnols Precrrtptlon. Tamers. Yon. can 
•cell Pip*?! lo rctliice sleadlly and easily 

wllhnul gnloc throusli long ilegfa «r tl» 

->' "-11= ■- Pa'ttdM .111-1 ■.!.tf1-:H,..r| -ikl, .M.ll 

m*>ttt I'marripllyn Talilpta nre sold by all 
ilrnffgUta Hie world uver at D ae HoUsr for 
a rate .Or joit >-on Mrure t liem illrrei frdtn 
[lie MaTmn-ta Co.. WIS Woodward A» PI >ue, 
lie I roll, nileh.. on raealpl of price. 


Be»t French Style 

& 7 „ p ™' ^a* 

3JR Str»p- ^m 

■ssfr wriii ^m 

Vg'V .afl r Finl 


In .aBBT yuaU '5' 


NS MT Ral 


w*m Kid 

<.& *m $4.25 

t^intb ifiat In us: Bii>:k Mai white; 

white and Hick; mddc ind brown. 

40*- 5th A™. N*w York 2S3 B'way 


Stick to Senreco and Your 
Teeth Will Stick to You 


Have White, Eadiant Teeth Thai 
Will Compel Unitinted Admiration. 

Don't Deleft janr pint «?hatrTer 
elan ymi do « you'll rfnrely bo sorry 
nler «&, 

Keep them atronc. lUlrdy tad fait ..f 
lifi Bear ta mind that * healthy plant 
n-on'l prow In foul noil. NdtftT will 
unhealthy Eqm« produen food teeth. 

Your rtrntiit la one ef your heat 

f>4*nd»— don't forget Lbtt — Me blOA 

often — many raouaaada of mea and 
wonra are rajorbji health to-day be* 
<-atiw of the dfoiitU* knuirleuxr. and 


Yob. can bare white !wtb _-n radian!!; 

Hhd ami faadnatis? anil *o fr^c from 
film or contioe that ttm -rt ill rompe! ua- 
«tintcd nitnicnioo. '_"«■! fan have firm, 
healthy Pimm »viih n.i ratal of diaeave 
if you will eitjr »rMt your ttrntUt oerw- 
nionally and mrv & are to - lootbpailo 
oifbL and morning. 

Scorero is ■ dentist * formula, a turn- 
blnation so perfeet :hat P besides befar 
lb* fin«4t cleaner at teeth and the nnj*t 
en joy aide of drtiiifrircg, U an artier 
enemy «f the vicious perm* of pyorrhea 
— that nil loo cumm.m and abhorrent 
di-ense thai, attack* ihe tuata and rauaea 
thrta t» bleed, recede and stow soft, len- 
der and rptmgj* 

Get a tub* of Penreeo to-day — th* 
eood reanlta wiil I'tonbtb j«n — in ju§l 
a few tlay.R yottr Ir*lh will radiate pn- 
riir. SlirV to Srnrm> anil jour l«tn 
nil! atick t& too. 

Saul RofBS, Head of Cemmittee Ne- 
gotiating, Says Decision Will fie 
Ann oh, need January 14. 


Man Who SttiTe Overcoats From 

Boyi T Committed There for 

Three Tear*. 

la«t w«k and told br eontd earn a aided 
by E*Uln< jl bundle ur w«*h at a n*atbr 
addrev< for Rrirh. ' The tmy aw»-ntM 
im[ li-!i-!i. Rn-ordinc. to the testimony. 
T"iJ him to leave his coat ii a guaranty 
of bia return with the laundry. While 
i!br mun^ier w^j jwne on The frrtltloiu 
■nx-irnmffrfrn vv tttt nnrrDT <rrand (be man mad*- off with the *>T.rr- 
IttJIQUWUbiJ J Ltti UJUJIX 1ML a fwr dijt Iil-r DRtkl vn ant 

•valUin; with bif aiiiii, Mr.-, I ranrr* 
ItfritotritiE, when he saw and refoFtiir.ed 
i;< . li. Mr*. Berkpnitx raocht Jn.'ld "f 
t!.i<-h, aid drtipftr hi-> nJpadhiB ibst he 
naa marrint and had n family to *n]>- 
port. brld btm until lb<- imril of a 
jwtrolman, who placed him ntidtr *r- 


Msiianii- I'rttoi* i.nril ot Honor B| 

th* laaihopR* I'unF Fallpw 

*h1(i l.inrkigi To-dtT. *" 

lq Krciotitin^ SamtirJ llriuli, &i yrara 
^ld. of Chrlstk airpri. in ibru yeata in 
Ihf Penitentiary, Jurtlce Mtirjiliy. In 
Bronx Special Bc^nion^, yratf-rdiay told 
him kp was "a thlrf of the nltrn con- 
lempCibtc Yirtetj." 

Tleivh wa« tried nil a <-hn.r-c nf rtnnd 
larceny growinc QUI of the theft or an 
oTereoat from Parit! Cmhnin, 1> yean 
nld, of D(im«n itrHtt Bronx. 

Acpprdlng to the. tmlkr, lti>li-h lui-l 
mnrio a practice of Hti'oliiiK ovrreonK 
fTom hoTS, In the oa"»* of Ci-aboli. I lie 
lad tvob accosted Vy Urlrh on Iba n!rn-t 

Ilanci'H CondltlOti lupraifa. 

■*■:.-■■■; :-fW« UThe Me r..r-L ".'>;.: ■,!■!. 

ATLANTIt: CITY. N. J., Jan. 5._ 

Tbc condilii-u of John Eendrick l'-.<n: . 
aTTlhiir anil lortiirer. \vu* r^rHirtwt n-i 
nU=1illr imiimrn] lit AHantii- City IJu*. 
pliril Inf TbiU'Milay, I IIk condition i* 
craro. Inwrrpr. mid then- m sllglil hopp 
for bii rrenvpry. 



use the 

New York City 
Telephone Book 

COULD there be a better testi- 
monial to the advertising worth 
of the New York City Telephone 
Directory than its use by 1500 adver- 

This book reaches the telephone users 
of the Metropolis — resident, transient 
and commuter. It is consulted more 
than 4,000.000 times every day. 

The man who advertises in it is sure 
of a big, comprehensive circulation 
for his message every day. He is 
sure his message will be read in the 
homes and offices of thousands of 
buyers. He is sure of getting power- _ 
ful, persistent publicity. And at low 

Advertising forms for the next issue 
of this directory dose January 21st. 
Make sure it carries your business 
message to New York's great army 
of telephone users. 

P.W. Eldridge. jr, our Sales Man- 
ager, Directory Advertising will give 
you rates and other particulars. Tele- 
phone Vanderbilt Official fin or write 
to him at 1261 Broadway, New York. 


ike ttUphon* dirmamy is Aw Verb 
C-ity't most tu*d and most uarful book. 

New York Telephone Company 




THE morniaf nrn*pJin<rr whirl) mud 
rr*irrrlay that Wi!l Hay*. r*it- 
rn«»tfr *Iepf*nl f had fclznr-d a 
mntrart with Vad*r* of Ili« mo- 
tion pMurv ihdiiMrt lo brad a nrw or- 
i:..i-'i:atii,ii a- director jrneral and ar- 
bilrr. nan un-maturr in it* ■■■•rrtkn). 
Mr. llaic ha* not lisnnl the fMntra^t 
yi, allbouclt >t ***m* pmhah> hf Kill 
i r.-si-n B « I"— imager t^arral tad Irtent 
th« oRrr of s i *j i.O** » to reortanbV tfc« 
intlnMry and habdlr ttn- important i-vni 
;hai HW CSMrrtrfl it. 

Saul K. U"cm, x\rr prmideat of tlie 
Fo\ I'itui Company and rhairman of tbe 
rwnmiitrr t-lio^rn 10 diwimn nrptllationi 
with 11^ flat«. hald vi«trrday: 

"We bnvi' bad no drliuile word rrvfn 
Mi. Uafl timet n* made him thp offer 
I" h'-ail the indmntj. ttf i-oura*. #B 
hop" W uill aentpt, but you ran j»j 
Uwsn I* tmi a Irani nf truth in Ihr- re- 
!■'>.- 1 In bml wtgMti i I'lmimi' or pivrn 
Us Uf liidli-nliun lie bate&di to aiTi-pt 
our tautir. W* eiiH«el l« nvx* him on 

Jaasary 11 En WaiMmttaa tn Ul- •>>■■ 

Ailolpti ^iiknr laid: 
I run Min- ii i>* not irur. I luidrr- 

Maud; tSero Is n eofltoeO'Ce arrangofl i» 

Ma^liinchm f-'i JaBWrj 1.4, w-fcfl-B M* 
ELajra will dbwmw the mMtn with tti" 
niininiEU-. I iitn not on tbr M H rri i 1 1 H . 

m 1 only kuu how ii-KoiirtiJoiin an 

Ltnij:r»?niiis from what Llie.)- lid I hi" mid 
from whm I rrad in tbr navapapam. 
Uut 1 do Imew ibe Mory In nm- morn- 
in? papar, thnt the eoftKraet han bren 

hipned, \* pcaaatiBV, becauHtr. on o Hnr> 
n-r :■% iniportant a>* rhai. va would he 

Thf inumher* ad tbr* <*uinmiUre, be- 
»idrn Mr. Koprf". an' l.«wiB lttn«otity 
•■f I'atln-, John UBWa •■( Vilaiiraph. II. 
H. t>«Urniw of t'uivcrsal ■>:•! tlahrirl 
Htm of iiflldttyn. 

Th«-«r men are iutrrc*tcd, with o'lirrni 
in tannine « , " -w aataOBnltpail » r*Pf«- 
M-iit tbv jiroduiiT. nod tfi.-r.ribiii«t> ■if 
Ho c i i ■ ■ i ■ - ■■ a l |.ii-[nr«- totlii-itry. IL< plaea 
am Rli^l raiHrr indriiniie. I*«t aft*r >Ir. 
II;m- in*!..-,- knoxii [.i, di-'-i-ii.u it K I*- 
liei-rd the lieu <-<canixal1au will lw for- 
rim|ly of j,'anin-d and i!* ntllr., nfleaijted. 
.Mr. UayR " ■- anions a anmtwr of 
I'.inniio nt mon mmddrr-ed for Ih" i-'af-, 

At hi-.iiiiiijirii c- of tbr >Mlti>nal Ait- 
-iHi«iiuTJ of ih* Mtrii»n rir-inrc In Jn-irj-, 
l'rraVrii-l. KHiotl, «n«tii|ie ^en^tarv, 
fl>>.ri-rril be liad Hothlln; to Ktv on Mr, 
Hay*** rTjWftnJ ■i-erptanrf'nf lbs ?10U,- 
ia«i olTi-r- 

A proininrnt oo'lth ian in the i-iry i-aid 
;r>trrday he iti"'i-li' tbtrc ■■■■■■ uo doubt 
.Ur. It* i ■ n«iil,i ■rrrj<t Ihe dtrtrtona l.e 
ol the ihrfu*!TV on liumit II. The ■al- 
ar* ■>( 1'iMtmaoier tifflfral. he >a^d. «■ 

*v>RRi « j rar. addm= m> man in hi* f ^ : h , 

riifir mim| w* M Td Peteei »»juiH)t> a year. \ 1rnm n^w^e ™ * •*** * 

A- I uadrnianri II." >*i«l „ 
H»>-'- -Jitti**- In EH motlto i'i. Lure 
HoKd t! on Id not ronm'r-l whb bin im»- 
Utlml rar*er. Th** Rim men waul him 

Irftrm'.r U- ha, |irn1-n| h^ ba« a laTM 

hrad end ran ili-iiiM maltrrt of foli** 
L»(i"n Mar "U tin- oorL&on. tic i-att ad- 

raat lbr 1r ji!> i ■ nf T'i- |-i- t:nr bWHRl 

on h"i- to handle (|iir*rtiun< of reneiir- 
-'i;': nn'l ran |>rnntorr pnarr and nar- 
mnuy In rank* uluve Lan Iiltd lit- 
llr of t-ilber. 

■Or RRHjnc,"" lir add«l. "Mr. Ilayg haa 
not in |*tTxentel hi* mlcnation 10 
rVcatHleai i -c = ■ r - s - . _■ He Iib» noly tobl 
(he I'n-nideMt ni ulfer. and r*»HTte-y 
deniandn be rr»ij;ii unr Job before he 
[aJsPB ami] her." 

So ih» rafejati RajMt rest unlit Mr. 
II*. 1 - make* Lann n dir- planw in (he rtmi- 
tnHh-r. wlil.Jt. ur... -.lin- io Maui Hoterii. 
n ill inn ]>e lii-fnrt- Jamtarj- H, 

Dll-ri-lun Mtoel lir«irpi, 

Tht Muli^ii IV-iure Plreclora' ApMiri' 
oll^n bud n no-tine carl> tbli week lo 
name In nCieern for the cornlnc year. 
Tlttme eleeteil jirr Sidney Olcott, dircetor: 
llol^rt Vlinnlit. ne*i*laul dlrootur; Kcru- 
uc-lb Webb. lii*hnk-a] dlrrt'lnr; Wllliuin 
ITadilwk, .MTMarlati ('. Jny Willhun*. 
Inner cunnl : John Jnneplt Ifan'r/. oilier 
anard ; ilwir A. A. C Lund and Aajtley 
Millar, troitcva ror three yciirM. E^utitiK 
Mr. Olcritl'i* iibwinf in i;i|,ropf J, Ncarlri 
Pawfry will nuiiinue to ar;[ au itlrMtor, 
linvinr tiinlii-il th" IhrI term fur i)ie previ- 
OUJ ■.;,!.■■■ ..fllriT, R !■■■:=-- allller. 

i-rtrtue (.urm nt Honor. 
Muclninr "iShi IVtroii, whose rlaitn to 
Biiiluirr-hip bj ncatabuKl bif Diurh bh her 
ability rr on nctrcu, biN been InvHrxl io 
enme ta cite- Atilhar l-eaaue Tillowfliip 
monthly runi-ln "o to-day. Tuo*c Itinrliennh, 
Jirld mn ■ ■ - ■ ill (bo Ciitc J^iulrvard, 
alwuyn 1'ijii. tocjether |>cra«ia whv arc do* 
inn I'm..- ■ worthy ol notice. Mml*mf< 
Peirrmi ha* been InrlrciJ n» Silent of 

loitll.i. L'Jl.'ili- 

: ipaBdj ol the Ip 
I and ll i- txpfi 
I W prcsrnl. 

Iji V 

i cue. 

rnc will also be n 
'tti* hrnie h Tii.^r, 
lurr- rnniininy will 


AM lh* t-apKul. 


iloinc *■< well at iha 
! Capital ihat ». I* Uoili.itrl haa decided 
i in keet" it risin «here it ii (or another 
j w«*. Tboar wU-i bai"? failwi to acn thn 
{ (am-niR Italian -jh~- iar-f« at the Alitor and 
I at the Capitol ih^ we*k can make U|> tar 


Billy Sharp'* Revue Is a Speedy , 

Flaih— Hand Huller Yeatiii 

for Food, 


M!iB-i Ma 

nioRk lha'Pi wiifc II tt 
n«fnr.l Jt I'rHir;. L 

By sam :: k:.:' 

i'ui.i^e bAitoy. 

i« In 

lenilliiM rolr, 

lr 1( 1 1 h.-ti-.l Ho. ri.. I.... ■-.-.. 
Iteit motion |ilt-(llrr. lo 
r- hj- Ihr InaptrOllian CARNna 

ii-i»-|n<r<! Flrat ■x.-iniiii.:. i. 

]yo la jihiiiii to dlrr-"t + Mury Alil-n 
playa Htfl Ir-riilms role, that of n innllo-r 
whflsc eMdran relepato her to lb<- bn*-l< 
KPOIind n-. lo-inp tOfl obi tS rlpjoy Hf.-. 
Thow Omlnbit |iiemre« har.^ n tTiinen- 
ilou^, apnea] f-r tinmen, who lik-- I In* 
prii-jli-^ of n>ajui itirir ■hftara P«flp" ra 
tlie fan In ill ii-JLiix^jcm „t s.-x iipmli 
Ity. whi*tlKT iit ihi- ljuin*- or in hu pi in -hi, 

I' Rhi lUrr ht-enarta. 
Ait itllTr-liiii little nl*iri liii» ni.t 
eornr to tknt tirjk from ClarV Irrme 
ren*-ernin- | *t L i*nartn wr'Clrn by l^*nl* 
Victor gytiqpa. & "lir.-T -1 in ih- 1 Ari- 
?ona State pdaaft. Xnle Walt, i *l.rr-. 
lor-prrvlurvr. it appear*, ha*, tiled Milt 
to rr*|rn*n I'Diretsal from mini! "IVier 

llBh," n *r*i-B3rirt writtrn t'J |l«' i«ll' 

vft-i. Wall -Uims ftyltnev tuninl IA* 
•lorj oir.T to li'ni md tlo-ti laier »'*''! 
it tn IniTiTMil. It hi ni"i h"inr pro 
diiretl with lT>-rle»rt aUwaaawn n- in- 
■tar. r*.T|ince lia-> »o'd many wiitii 
and niasajtin* 1 ^-t-i-ri*'*, mtiuc nnnt-h »t Iijr 
noini-« io pr'iutm wlfare work. II-' ia 

■ai:l to lajW rOqrlr B*1H th-in *Vni>*t 

In thr ihirteen jt-nr*. he I>bp) ■Ti"! in 

ihr pH'on. 'M^tuwhMr. a Knlentl Juds> 

. JQTt 'tinJerrd I'niR-.T-al ta appear in nhnw 

""*•' "** 5' »b"uld nai 1^ Tolraiurd 

Xrlafr-ldt Ftlm *o h Ttrd t P. 

Over at the ofB-i- of lb MsfrM 
Film Company, in ih~ |ir>l;nouieo 
BltiWinT. l.iomd lien «il. to panrasaaBt), 
Fir w#- ptttorw uafre by Sli-riif KnoH 

to fcre tb»( morn- nf lhn fHirtii>liili£< *ier* 
removed- Tho Ironolc. it pa aAJSto 1 . h 
heeamu- William K. /^i^teM. h> i,\ ol* 
Ihr .funjhaiit. itil lint pejr nil the -al- 
*rle^ or thr htam- Al Ira.l. Ihat l^ 
rehat 1-1'wrn.-" l»p.-d. Nnrnmit Tnv»r 
ami Earir Fas, at) r*ffas;»i| in play In 
"Tar- Ularl I'anlher"* Cut." Maim. Xfr, 
Itatn baa horn inv'ted by Iba aanrlff to 
rrm'.in oo ihe prtaadaep. 

John I .nlrhonL- r: *■■ ■> "- 

John l-'aithonk^, brother ol Dongta*, 
hnd n Tew thinfis to wiy tfb«B he n „H 
1n|i| J ii |iii KmTMXi awHrrltil 111* hero nf 
the ■'Tbrri- Htuftetevt*" film »«• w.-rih 
n «rant S-'.t>.(««l. 

"31y bfolntr* -lohii l",oi i':ii >. in 
ijiioh-d :ik Myitis, "is nut broke. He ii 
altoiit |.i wttirl n nrn- lilm. he OWfUl o Tine 
linme, lir bus: rnr». ^lo^-kn. bond". r*rv- 
antr'. and nin*>ey Jci the ImuL. If he. 
Iiii-iTi the ,S"iii.r«Kf Mr. I^mrrHiii I' I it red 
in, ht li'imt \v boR iIiIr muHi." 

Of nnir.'C. it nil depends upon oiie'w 
ntritri oi huh', Mrm talk Mould ilitnk 
1^0.000 ii foriniif. 

Ail I3t»en I.elH-r, 
Itpnr Hoy MH'nrdlell: 

1 apprt-cijta ><mr invitoilnu ( DM 

und Thew tte Daniab picture for **hn> 
yoic wrote lbr miLilltleii. I tun hImi lm- 
prrjwerl aVdroeuautal nt Ih-Siik imdudH 
miifhii^ so distinguished n cu t li.-rsi i^. but 
Kridny ill II oVIork bj Riieb a Im-y time 
that [ ft'tmld bavf l« h* mwim-iI Troin 
atteadina my own Si an si rip- it 1 were Hn- 
tenced 1c i<. That Ir ih" hour the ^in- 
day i.-*-pnt""." h plannnb and yotl »eo 
how impi^wiblr ir i» tar me ro poRlnone 
the mo1i"i> pfetun- j-it-tion nf rli" paper 
even for rtieh an a uauWoRU i e\erl. "Tho 
Kinik fl .^niiii" 1 *onn1- hold tinrijpiijif 
and -RiHritedL w» I hope (o r« the pLrture 
at a future date. 

L. ii- ft 

]'. s — 'Why i> it [iiiK-heaii** ti-iie»j 
■ad: meetingR. always i-^rao ^*n Kridayl 

I n'ltr- IJ ■"••>■ t pa i""*, 

Ilrlcrir Chadwiek "-a* orlil the atfear 
their detiiiqiiniej by Coin* ta [he Capitol [drnj while apnearinE in ■ pirtum at tbo 

^V.h^ir"! 7i,l kirn dl'raraa 1 ^ I CaMwyi. «t»din. SI- ^U,r-d and hrf 

nud tbr re»i <it Uir Dim drama. ... ,, . . , 

I Jceth rattled, the aikrd tar ■ |<et|inai. 

raantna nt Hn. Praada. j The property man hsirrird lo ihr ward- 

_ . robe department. 

Friend* of Ale.? V ranHi are lyinptthi:- [ "We don't tuu-« ih™ any more." h- 
Inff arith him in ihr lurt of hia witf, j Rrtbi InW. "I^adie* d™-»f>"t wear Ifletlt." 
•rko paM^sil a»ay ilarittr the nolidaj*. ' Mi * t * fc *4*» 1 .'*. ' 
Mr. FrantlR i- one nf the be*; known 

TbroafR arr *c«-latmini the mrrrj lull 
■r V. V. Piwtar'fi Fifth. At-eaur TheaTr* 
the laRt half or lbr "T»- Tee art? pn? 
aea* wit and met-Hly. 

Billy Sharp'* Ueene ii ihr topper It 
ii* a comhlaatioD of Rome of the '"*■ 
f aatatlM In popular ■stir and wrttaths 
d.Riirinir. Thl* iR n twift prodoettao. 

The »in*it£ and ftrppitut of !«"f" 
Rtara are renrndti'^'d The Inutaled *n*R 
ineluda.. Irene Tlntdiai. K»* Tarena.f. 
tlerman Ttmberj. 1**1 Ro>nrj, (he late 
»;eorf* rrimroae. Fdnlte Leonard. &Mi 
WltliamR. Me- Sharp's -'Turkry in 
the SirBw" (r A hie sinner. So |po*^ i* 
It thai Ihe BBBfltaa M io appeeeiation rail* 
■pott Mr, Sharp in (nrr'#»r Ur own Ral- 

Maud Mailer nrd Kd Bta«at>r Ml" 1 
■MP arrire io attend a rltih banrpt^t. 
M -^ Muller in hunBrj. Mr, Pianley »ayJ 
naa ia -[npld^ Hlie look* nelTher hungiry 
nor ninplfi. Ilaiher nh« 1* mtraeiiv". 
amnRlDl nnd odt/mal. Mian Mullee clee- 
fn|]> apiklpBteii ■ '»s lei-t after a ta^t 
on ieji nnd (Mat. 

'Then I am a«lfl C io t*-' 1 >™ ""■" 
Rhe aaya. irldlrtllBl her caaieta* 

"Itpn'l irll neXftUsit'' raullouR S*T- 
E tun ley. 

"Kvrry womnn waart lUem." ahr re 
pUtt, "They all rake 'em off. or waul 
lo nfier entinB i I BJH ifllinc the trmh 
athTUI It." 

MI-« Muller ^ocalian-i of Krii'r- I 'It. 
a Inllnhv blend of hiujlrs iiiid tenrw. [hs 
bfjbj ralKni naleep. (lir faXbrr fftllinc in 

b|a tetrefe for wort. Tar ineWthj alur- 

RUKffl btlwaM n motln-r ■ iiloimry or !ier 
vblld nnd nttatto iillii*:on lo bi-r nil 
murt* Jnebriely, 

nbe KRio-wa nt .. Sei-rn 'frilM, 
Sh" iTRiimfn her plea for [*ad. o^Reri- 
im; t-hf a[iproache* ih" limit atarvatloa 
Riace. Tn Mr. Siaotey*- aaaw uiiU RCTn l Bl 
that Ii" had met Ihe cflbi of fto ttnthnl 
Ktate* Serret Barrttv, Ml»* Mltttf >iat-.i 
tbr Aittnniat |a the unly Rrrret aerrire 

■ h.'iii wbloh ahe know-, Tryln: to eet 
food in on Antom*! HHritatl In Erttini.' 
fi«e ri^e ("iiddlnFR tar a «|iianw. 

j The iiatiqiiel i- abandonH beraMie 
neither i- a nipmhr- ot the tfejb "di-li 
has artmnaeil the affair. There i* a i-*na 
aWii "Feeding the Fa«e."' attrr * hirb 
the inn em unleA. 

Hilly lilatvxon mnl.nue? to iImd. rC- 
fo*ii>E i • lake life ATUiiirlj . pabai ton 
at eirh, or the bIb«i* w*rt. finally Mjuar- 
ing hiamrlf with an appeal to Ihrir <ln- 
il» llii iitorlr» en «i-n*a merrily. 

Miaiiil MarlnloRti. a raaa t aaat. i-l«;* 
"ILniuanrc llnlrrik" "1 Want to fir io 
Triiornare." "I.e Oaiuri." alto a St->uh 
inaaThrj, It i- an a.: Ihat n'ri>r-. 

SonUi llrnilT arin'Ri" I« the ".l]-'.«lj 
Mi*-. ' t*banriux lim--. rrratiuL* a ]«p- 
niar demand. ■etWRflks la h<-r i-icplina- 
lioii. rr>|iiir«- that >li ii.i |teate lie ta- 
booed, ourra jaued and I'avlotRa aauaa' 
u+i-d. lu -temJU of rBk. MI»- H«adf 
rihibiia mlnwiiiir auamtoa ot ImiMtair 
material or »hr *iiii:' "I'll Huild a L'trta 
Uttfei Tht-airr at My i.'rtn." 

Where ihr Mower mi r-orni. 

Sbr i,h«h;ri Jbln It; i-litl rOnllime ta 

■ Los of llie r-ihr ebe i* in marry, who- 
■nbrrilcd three million dotlam. the 
lotiml nodrr a Bflalr ai'l'V tre* The aenl 
in riilivf "The I'aiitin Inure,"' nveata 
thf ilaulina; Htaa atamtf in li^hta. Her 
"In I In- tJaj*. of L.«u-- As»" la ol Uruad- 
way and mother- 

l.*n~r..rd A Irrdrrn-L in '•NhnppJDC" 
neemlitlllj Phnrt- th* (on the Mmr-intor* 
bam bh (bla act un fnlile. Mr. LaLftard 
la a ■ale.oiah in a linc-tir ?ei-ti«» nt n 
store. Ml-- Frniatioi ■■<- Mian Hap 
i in.- ■)■:.; in ii. ■ lp> rmtUMlad! 
"Take a ehiili- and in- ihcited,"" 
InaprrlJcin of pannint- nilh ilist; nation 
thereon i« tlm DWtfbanl nt mrrrfniPlit. 

The M*|prininp. rafarrhiG r* i^" 1 mi- 

; '■ '. ROMll. 'I- ■■■ 

"Where did roll purchase ii"! Vou 
ray yuur moilier pa^r< h in vun on your 
elulrteenlh blrthdnyV I mnsi -ay it has 
a-nru weJ]." 

Tlinlr ncMigR, ",\ btJaa l.« th* r.tiiiciinRr 
or t.ove" and "Cirl" Aff Trni- fo r n 
W*pk or Two, H * are (unnfii!. 

The Mleaiiian arfi-pjMCa [Q niarry hia 
ruBlnriirr. lie Km* hw n rin£. KIiq 
wnrtin iu kmw t( b#r Htw Homo Hill ba 
a a cood an thi- urn- »h a !>■" uow. 

"Why. deari*. y«l ate hoi ^oinp N 
leave home nre >o»iy i«. bb fLnrt!eit 

Thf oproetR tirv Arum lleUr,. Jo? and 
StttTfflnll Triiitlrll, ftrLrtiial.*, n- ho i-ufr-ia 1 - 
isn in bafaneitiE. MiaR H"lb'. na well a+ 
■kliru) .ta- Trlnnrll n- Mllf. FJfl. hi i 
cut-up with nuiaiitic mnvira. 

Sort Jlne unit i-nni|iany rtoar Ihe 
ahow in a whir] with :i daneinR act at 
aiipedor cIbx*. iHEinniup nith a Kpani^h 
niimliri-. .■•iii-ii*ry danr-hi? ia Inteodrirrd 
nod otil-hi/li- fttrna an- aoptai]dt>d liemn- 
il.«. Thr tin a !•-• f$ R Hanr ti B jubilee. 

■riiahirtef acnw» in plctnrea, havia- 
plu.irl |n manr rermt pRHjcctiona. 

R.dded io Iha t»R|. 

Wdi am Taaaarr. Ilolmea E. H--.-:, ; - 
and Oonald Hair Mvr uetm added t» 
the r-aRt af "A Woman'a Woman," by 
Nalbr.> Tlartlry, the picture Charlea Gvti- 

• ore the deured the |-|t.i.^' mT-ly tn 
keep her afmx wartn. 

Sick Stomach 

I'auElur .i«r..» llaa ftRi. 

While llUhanl Bartfarline** drrlarea 
tha; briury ia not (he only rmpiirlte fnr 
a motion |iir(urr aetrr?.?, lir admltH it i» 
n»L a diaadrantaze. Thin :* avparent in 
hlfe aclectioa o( I'aulioe Uaroa. who i* 
ta rw bla leadlns woman in "Snuny," 
whirh fallow* "The SeTenfli t>ny," In 
whir-fa Mr. EtartfarloK-.* i* l»'inr etarred 
by ln*pirpti«n PMoraa under dlrrrCoti 
ot H»-nr: Kins. 



For Qoiek rallaf, aal a Urant pauikaire oi 

Or^Aio* rowd.r* at any dVuartSea, 1^"" *****' **** tb . tt ' ° BU J no - L - fl - 

Taeyitop anraJnd ot haadacht or atak ada, ia drier than New lerk. and aririva 

Rwimarh fforq pnyraiiia anrj nerar raJL | j|| r# p M1 , J3 , „ Lo plan ta more ihtra to 

Fuji formula printed en ar*ry 

I inrwtipatc tho VoUlead (RTiiWHlie* fifaL 

MAC ARTHUR'S $25,000 


Governor Miller Hi! Not Replied to 

Bequest That Actor-Artiit'i Ex* 

tradition Be Befmed. 

J111I1V John V, Meln'vir ia GtorraE 
?naifpBl enntinnnl thr bail of S^S.tKrJ 

fiinl in Ihr rj- -I A'. -in«lrr A. HjHT- 

Arlbur. th*- artnr-prti^t R»d fo»ter oon of 
Joan U. MacArtbur, nniilij contractor. 
of Kart Sriroty-eithtl. atrect. The et- 
tradlliun of yumc M:»Aftbur it anuxbL 
t>r thr #iith«hiie* of Cedar Grove, M. J-, 
who allrjrd thai he attack"! two woman, 
there a month axo. 

Last 1 werk tamirr City Maritirata 
nmil Fueh*. attorney tar tho arrtnted. 
ap|K-ar*d before llnirrafr Miller anrt 
aakoi! that thr -nradiH"H be rofuwd on 
lbr ErminrH that a inimluT of Rribiraaca 
were eeody ta **ft that yonnf Mac- 
Anhi|r.i*ai en-t at Cedar Urol-e on Ihe 
date mentioned in Ita- rtiancr-*. 

The cilradlliov bail troajd have, «- 
pired ye«i*rd«y but Mr, Fueha. after a 
nanrrronoe with .vjwiRtanl 1>latrict A I* 
tomey Koherl t% Johnaione, In chance 
of Ihr llureaij or AnpeaK Wchl ibtn 
enurt and riploin"! to Judrr Mclni.Tre 
that the mnlter of ritra<lif.i< i n m« aull 
lirndinc hrf'Tr- (joveraor Millet. 

/(•"adtri-'V vt JtaafA 

Hurt BoJks 

5,000 of them in the Annual Sale 
2, 3— even A — book* for the price of one 

L\tr;« \car tlic Boot Store 
Wonderful ticaia DOttSG «ftd 

Chri;lmas — 

AH volumes w Mdi hat* 
been a Utile worn from 
handling and the inevitable 
^hufflinf libout utideifcon-e dur- 
:r,z the Christmas rur-h. 

This yejw we ilart the Hurl 

Book Sale with live thousand 
v«<himC3 — none ni iiicm badl-. 

All aorti of Booki 

tiM hftve «ome vnlnniM In thi* P 
Firiion, nalnrally, will 1i*it 
Inrcntt rrpreaentalinn Imii'lr"!- . 
httitdrrda of poorf MVtt*. *om' o( 
^rn^on'a beat. In lbr |m, 

llitfu'apkv. (roi-el, Mutiny, ^rtet 
art and eeonrjonci. "innlfju. h-i 
mi bpttMaaa, piiifr'"». n-nf. bai 

un Airr-rimr. reJ Jpi illlf prriio*opiv* <t" 
■*|i", FreieA bfutlt, hov-l* far fift 
onrf jiirl'. »r*"'.l t-noti— ^l*twn *o pic- 

I iirre fi^.ti far t*e JHrfolieR — all ar" 

I well rrrift-nrriCrd In liii- mllM-tinn nf 
Hun ll'Hilv eaaal nf them -in little 

I hurl Thai ii taken Rharp rjaa lo de> 

1 1m[ lbr injury. 

Fatly i-pirnrrR wdl hnte he* l eh nice. 
Main Floor. Old Building 

C a r pet s 

Cloae out of short lengths 

500 ynrds Wiltons, Velvets and Axminitera 

$1 .ii id $2 yard 

£» n>. iiirir. %'!.'.'•'> io sJi , 7 T« a yar>[ RraAtft From ■'■ tn l."> yard* racb — 
J nat the i-u"lit ihtfa for hall ami niair Tiionrra. flni-ntnl and -niiEl alliTer 
eff-et* — and |irn>t it-ally anv eliade in rhe plain rolot>. 

400 yard* Printed Cork Unoleuma, 70c square yard 

fa>- and i\ ^tflilea. II pa(ieraa--tile and parquetry. 

4,000 yd*. ha«t imported Inlaid Luioleurnij $2.50 »q + yd. 

*.T.J7> Vt t&SS arad.- *J(i pnltern* — tilr. porqnrlry and aiflilTfc 

ThirJ 0-llcrr, New Buitdlfl! 

Lace Curtains 

500 pairs — A Third Less 

Last o* the best-sellers — one, two and three pairs of 
curtains in .each of 3 number of patterns. Imported and 
domesttc curtains are in Ihe tot, in u-hite. ivory and ecru, 
ran.pjnc: in lenpih from 2 f .- to 4 >axds. 

Filet Net Curtain*, plain or figured, S3 to $5.65 pair 

a TTrrr $$M (■> ftM rKtir. 

$10.50 to $65 Lace Curtaini, $7 to $43.25 pair 
Marie Antoinette and Point Arab* 
Lace Curtain*, $6.50 to $16.50 patir 

lrerc ss.'s lo $ss. 

trrre I"* tn fafeMi 

Scrim. Voile, Marquisette Curtaini. $1.30 to $26,30 pair 

$2.50 to $6.85 Ruffled Curtain*, $1.65 lo $4.25 pair 

I I'm Tin, Mf, Hraaaa Baaaanriaafni 

Special purthaae of 500 pairt Met Curtairu 

$5 grade — lo go for $3 a patir 

urlalnn: trimmed c-uHbIitr with neai Mriasr, 

liflrrrin [i*|[cin*. In iforj. ecru and white. 

Fourth Gallery, Now Buildinr 

I'iam. rrry dalrjly ofl 
Romr rritli inaertlone. Ni: 

AH ibmud fir*. 

Annual Sale of 


AH our good coats reduced 

4 Ricc.ion coils fjijtossoo s::StoS350 

9 Spanijh lamh coat? S8o s5o 

I MuskraWined CMU *2S5 to $550 Ji 75 lo S?JS 

I' tritk olttr coiltrt; $ wilA btatrrt. 

4 Mannol-Iined com SI50 SI 75 

/litpvttei tkdti; atltr enUtrti. 

4 Mirmol. lined colts S::5 S 1 55 

tD'imHMiie iKdlt; alter tmi Niti'tm ,Ml tigei mwtrnlf r*>IHrJ. 

5 Willaby-lioed coat- 5:oo lo *2:5 5!35 

tD'omcllic #lcf'»,' fccir* 0*4 "Her rrilmrfl. 

Fur-collar Coats as little as $39.50 

irere r'riemt 

li>. of cheviot, nutria or otier collars, .. . $65 £39.50 

4,*of imported tveed^ otter collars. .. .$135 sioS.OO 

12, of cheviot, otter or beaver collars. . .JrfjQ S95.0O 

*>. of melton, ts(rac»an collars. ....... $70 . $55.00 

Burling ton Arcade Floor, Now BttLldtmg 




Mt£W YORK'S I.EAIHSO T II F. .*. T It E S AflfD liVrCKMBS". 


WUliam Gillette ™DTRIUWH, " 

&£*.«-«„, The Dream Maker 

> RictihFi, lUthbun Ir 

'Bulldog Drummond' 


i War** Ami.twr.lnm Uuf at li !fci» 


Will Biwtra, Iron Ureal 

\tl» Hen Alt UnHKln PictpVSHh 


■■■is ■:.'.:■.' ."■•.r/S;- r:: ;--/..'.>-rf>s^r?2f= 


tR * P 

"A Bill of Divorctnit-nr" 

i urfi ,«J*1 BfcfcO' n 

Umtm, IVilnj A Tin 


P*Hrt fiaTaaoi firri 




M«.|-To.d*>4Tli<ir, l j.&'ip- 


i-ou ancLK. i 



mQOQTH TADft/KG TONS Grnfaf Com* 


M«ry BgUnd Br I II iti^tb ,nnr»fl II 

Icxing:<m p~";';' r T .V"! „"' i Jf t ". 
FBIK UBBEE V i ;!CfA.'^' BK 

)!■■ To 4«i JnlhiJi I'niMfr. Tu-nlslil. S 
■.VI H mrm ft |iln>-. r.:.,„ ;...- fricM 


"A .U union I 

FlrrcrncLpT.' 1 
~— tUUTf S#wa 




flet-lek r> 



MATHTEE TO-DAY, Mc. to $3. j KSBtfS^ SLOBE't,',:, 


ftSSttS ! SHUFFLE AiQN0^<K;- 

• THAATK-U i -' : -'--' ^"t-ws'A 

I ^^> C l a COMAIJ TMKMI1* 

LJIILL KulM^iff^uL 

• ««•!•■ YEAR 

Mat, TO-DAY, 50c to V. 


« St. 

Trl, BrrioUt UUf. 
TO-DAf a W»d 


"AViO Wl- and trOPWjwi'j ffiweif 9BCCCM 


Difinl itfl 
Mfl. Mil. IE. Li. lUlTU 
3lal .■..Tft-Hl.r A ■.HXI. 


■ " "^1 l"1 I'i r^llHnli 

I "-111"* 1'rrjiiisoii licfr In nt Ji<.r |l,v r ]i P ,i ■■"., 



mm, W 1 'b^HPn S «MUSIC BOX REVUE" 

TsifptinDa ttrrut n;r, 
~ *ialnc» i "- *'■•' 

HARRIS g£££-, 

HMTo-AilrtWt&ise, ' 

v-i—pH Km 
Short. ' B i 




Mll.Lr. Eat. ft l]n!:,!»r M: 

tWICB PAIJ.Y. ; |0. 4 


Story or bti In. m.. rln I liii,ii-.l. : 




gf*%^, -;.,.,,.-,., iilfe! 

Vied. Ei. 
TftBfk, m 
't'ltnpn. Ki 
Prl. Bri, . 
.int. at i-i 


' * L l>n*ni 

£'* ■"• ■ Iitthc-ntrrlTi 

7 liTy^Gwa 





MOROSCO Si.n-S.^i'A, 

n kt^sdckh osjripf qr tneiu toes 



A ThcHlrc on Wr 

-tint ><'■-■; 

JIATlNHtiS Tl»ll. fl; SAT. 



! !!■■•?* <Schfir. 
i voat. |i A.M. to i 

. Afl. I^. ^lAtil [ 
; 1&. faC Pun. « 


in "The Three 

JtltllE TVdlnh * c« 


'. Hi!. Vr 




Invra in l'ullon Tliei 
daj- 1 Wi>th« Onl) 


no us-: 1st 

• Xftt lliifl.- 
■ estM Niivi, 


Tli* -ii-... -!,■, \A 1 *n, 

*'S. K H TfHFACtTY" 

•i 1K ..;to:-5T D TiiK r ;'Vn* r i.r i 

ntryouv itm». w>il + .1 Mar :; 11. 





W«t JFtI, St. Brj-iBl Mi*. 
K»M, Mt, Mi; Wad, JBii, 

WAltWicji '■ 

fin FUXTOW ^„\ t .m; MEST HON. 



1 TUU '-a MVI5 niio^TS'' 

.tl'lr.y Hf.iTKIc JiKATrhN fOUKtJV 

At t^j h Zt. REVQ Ll CONCKHT OIlCiL 

JALTO ' J,l *f, r 1 ,E'^^*^ 1 *^ 

pRITEillOH Cecil B. De Milie'a 

^-i r.'.ir. Rett re" 

*d«IIf. ;,t54 t#" 






HKTTV COMpijos f n 
-Tlic l.llttr '-n,, i-i.m" 

I -iir-l Illn Vna,k, US- 

IM^arHl £ H«i1l*MVu<tlF)- * I T , , n 
^TanTT" " r " " >a1 "! d '. ^'^ 

iu- it v 4■OMI■'^o■^■ f, ^"^' l * , 

"1 + l*r I.HIlr Mlnlilrr" 


in "TOI-'AB],K tlAVIEf" 


E f 

.%>■< u ..i. 


P'lfih frTlday Mmi-nlqic Ciincert Ham 
Anna Kllxlu m* 1'catnrr. 
The fifth Bllunora Fridity 2ir«rnlbg 
Mtlsicjlli>, hi>ld ymKorday, IihiI an nrtiitUi 
Aann Fitziu, JortnerJy Cliirayo Oranfl 
Opera .Kor,riiifl; Arttiui 1 Itubbhtcln, piau- 







" Eii..-I'ln 

j »nrt trih fit 

Tel NoUtk 


nov Tin 

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llro»il*«r -n J 

MnSlt. lain. 

& *. wyuwBaai i*r- 

Umailkair \u^ KHi Htr4«E 

»'i=iiy : P. 41. 

fsl, and I'mil KochnnySci, violinist. The 
us-ujil cntUllKinfiirt: i-rond wha an himd 
1<> aiiplniul iJii.1 oJTir/aB«, forming. B brU. 
liiLUt inctiirc in the liisurioim grnntl I-aII- 
nqm of tbi- hotel. 

Mr. 1 1 u bin w It-it i nn-i JJr. K.odi#Miki 
Pdmbin**! tlrflr i(Tort« to ~$V* GriAt't 
$*.DnlA in C minor for |iLtti.o mid] vdo-lin- 
Slih« Fitcin mnf the "Sflme ft*? iln"|j 
CoiDe" arl.i. fniHi iSitcIdI'bi "Uatttini 
Suticrfly** anc( n wrieH. of tflioitfr B ud> 
b«», amuac llifra Slnrnni> Iwvoly 
"AIoonliffliL «Bti DnamlDit/' Mr. ltuhiu- 
HWlli p'.ayvii itti w)Io miiuliersi four rjno- 
in i. uleew, iii.-JihIhi? tbu T'ulithHMt! in A 
Ll^tL in it j.*. Hi. Kochantki \,\ n ^^ cum- 
-po-Jtlftu. hj ciiop^i, Brahma, n i„( uvo 
n-ij^-d ftlitituas or oWit wrll«t? 3.r 

on, \v. .ircusTi's tjiatt, plas- 


Branch Offices in Zones Will Iron 
Out Disputca Between Theatres 

and Xxclmnyrs. 


fttm. I.lIllMn T, ItrAdlfr Jolnri Punt- 
fnOonl Force*- — "Ftatrr-F fl tli« 


A "J* n mcttinp ymnrrlflT . ju ilie 
mom nf !hr Xmional A»S"ii!i' 
Lion of- the Mo i J mi Pktura ln- 
iJnslrr finnl pluns fnr mlnplltte 
tht* Jiny Hrporiinc Scnir^ *WC nairi'iHt 
] DpOB Ami ntftm tnkrn tn &fgllHJH film M- 
j chnwffPi fnr lliin purpoR thrmi^h I he 

j ]'. I.. Wmtpn. rhflirmmi iif llif ilifl- 
j ltHiiit*rt rtivislim. jin^lilr<l and the ful- 
pnwfnff cirtnpiinles VhfB rrproNfiilNl : V}*x, 
I GfJffwry it, Crilvflrll»r, I'flllip. IL (,:. Car- 
| )»|iMi. i;j(i(!dtluiial. Fnnsous IMBJCth- 
Lnjity. Metro, Ktlrcu, ^'irasriijili hthI Tri- 
! nnslr. Saul Tiog^Ts prfficntH for ralituru- 
I limi tlra forMt uf nsn'oinc-nH ntnl rrKrtln- 
i liulls fur tin; cst'Iiaii** 1 atnooisHon In in*e 
j in lint liiilribiitioti cctiti>ra. 
! Ulmrli'* Jt. liny, OWIW of iJit 1 tlor Re* 

! p!>PLiflf; Be'rVtec. will k* io Cliirttpn nt mio* 
t'> start r hrnneh oflfal that nill bjiadte 

Jill tli^pillCs jiU(I fUitns 1r-IWi'1 l 11 itlGHtlTS 

inul '•xchnnicrs in Lh- 1 CtfltOWfiie Clttn in- 
clii'lcd in Kotic 2: CleveliLiul, t'incinnaii f 
I'otroit. (.Tlicopn, Minn?Qpoti«, Ouiittit, 
ItcA Mniuffi, ln.Li;iiii![i..;j St I-flui». 
nttr: L'My nml Milft-mik^. 

Arnirij;emcJilH linvc ulrctnly vent niucta 
in liainllc imnif^diiiTi'ly :itl it>mplainis ami 
I'laiuii* in SSose I thrnTuri" the New York 

Jimiikpirtrtrnt of thr- ucnicc (It T1D Sl'V- 
rnlh nvrnur. The rxctunpu cltiM In Koflfl 
1 n ro lioilon, New- rotti PliiliuIMphiu, 
New Hiveh, AibliJ. Eufftlo, Waehht*;- 
ttin anil I'lltsntirg, 

•J'ltia at-HtJciution milli Mr. Uoy. na we 
naiil n fxw VotiU HRii, is for llic 
of ifttHBC nil cIMm* ficlianp- mnnn^rs 
holt) ucninst th*atrp!< emi vieti l mna 1 All 
eblm ,ia!.-..i Ni!ptc!mbrr 1. 1921, nml ell 
Mibecriucii! ■cleiit.8 will l>c tafcnn i-arc til 
by ih« one c-xchaue.e tnanUjier, At JtW- 
tilidliT'l BLOBttni it wnj* dtrtided iJie ci- 
CtaUfn MTEOiBtttioti In CH^tt tltfitribotini 
cetttep ><hall Iw Itubft-ii «4 F. t I* M. 
lloar»l of Trmlc. Tb<? oxchiilijt* witl 
constltuie thf inemboT-hLii cf thrw bnltrrU 
pi truilc ntnJ the rjfhntige mnniiRerH wil) 
Tpprr.tpnt ilicir ■■i"-li!iiisns in 'li* 1 BOMOUt 
of JlffflLTh, 

J^lnn rnraimnnnt KortT. 
famous riayrrt-Lnoky Iicr ronxi-d 
Mr". Lillinii Trlmbln Brsdlor 10 pJ Co ihn 
J'nrllie C«« nml tf« her ndvicfl on witflfl 
snecilil work nbnut to be «ts««l in CtJ* 
ifojrnia. But tfco i>re« thut lukea ttlf, 
Uraillry uwn\ H from llromlwoy U only if 
temporary nnr. UMtSfi lirumlhurai, lot 
*hnm ihh talnittd vouna T¥9ra*in serves 

:la iVOSrtl (taiga cuciiup^r, liau iflvni bin 
cruiBcnt to h^t Paromotint coolrivt out) 
nvilh ilio untleratandini; *hc return lu u» 
mhfl li ■ in wilh some pl&y« Bfl i* plunnint; 
for nmt sciuKHL. And hfK'aklBK of ihf 
fuir mi nnd th* 1 Bi»C« ii «rcupiea In tin- 
rroiUt Mrs. Rroolcy i^ Ml* rt the reu 
wjik *-hy fn-minism is such a ponulir 
ttintr these dny". She oc^ipiea a man':: 
gUct- in ihc world and iloes her ? - ork 
JipiLfr ilian nine ouL o( w-n tn^i couJu 
<!o it. 

Hnj Baek on tUe Job. 
liven the naMlitw er Llio incanricjo.-eaLF 
Aiii!>i set buck to wurk. ami OwrLie W»3 
mrlfiBa lie Lf Rlad hir i« nf> esceyHon tc 
thi-i nil p. [Iff U hart home n«niii oben 
man; nfler hu-vltit troveloil around (hi 
roumrr Tiftr wtra Week*. The (l*y aftei 
his nrrlval. >Jt. Itny wa en hunfl nt In: 
ritudiu. riiser Lu »mn iroik. H in nail 
of him Hint wLirn br whs In the h!*wt lir 
reiiorted (or work everj morning it lb« 
Kalre ofliet lit 10 oV-JoeL. ilut he onls 
kept this LntlJNE nvcrugi' up for It wcrk, 
iheiitr*^ nml p<-«ortnt nppcHraiJcea Uimt 
ruptinc bis dwiiro to «lrow un imeri-flt n 
lun N>w Vork business orpmHUtiob. 

^lt>ri>"-7i> J^lkei ""Slippy." 
Wheelep Oatmxn ran return to the 
W«t Const m>w. He has been waiting 
for n month to hear Oliver Morocco's 
YfrdiGL on '"Slipiiy Mc'jee," the film h* 
bronflit nil Eke vr? Gift for his boia to. 
sec. Mr. Onkcnan \m* been ready lu 
return to tbr C.'tinsi since Chrlatmm, - 
Thei-e tn ii roiutoii. Vne. It In vol ret a 
woman. But ytt W»nder if it i» proper 
to oubiiah .<■■■' ■■ tbiufi iu this family 
ootnora. He want* io kpE haet to *ce 
I'rlrtrilln Denn. N«w ihm Mr. M rdabo 
has niid far likes "SHjw Mc^cc." WhecJ- 
ar iff paeklns bi« has. ready to denurt. 
1I« liopea to ajet out <.F this town by 
•Sundiiy, but even thnC w|l| not erL him 
in Ism Ahftck'H by Jauiiar? 10-^tlid i|n> 
be proraLsiHl tn return D> rrHreilla. Ob, 
yea: «c almost fc-rctit to ltn."it.tioit Prin- 
t/Ilia i« hi-, -,. iiV and January 10 in hid 
wcdiltne; antjivcriHiry. LLso will RoRera, 
he vuilL kteps ttm wire be GUTtvd wiia. 

HerferlLtla Willi Ksn-rj ir.... rr, 

linn.' miii.-r Onfitnvi? S">:"'rliti7. the ><••■- 
lion [*ictilre director"; Wall, he hna on- 
term) the ranks us n film *t*r and will 
be aeen in. the SUerloek Hqltnes prwlne- 
tfoit atjirrlnE: Jubn Bnrryaiora, ftc will 
play Morinnty. llcrv l« n ohanoe for 
knntf> joker 1& ndd n word. .Someibinj 
original iitinnr a miin -^ i ■ Ij n Ton io his 
nemo pliirln; no lvl-it role. Bnt, to para- 
libmfto fibnke^pewre, what Is In a name, 

Vexi t-'aniru AltraeHun. 
"pDaeoek Alley?" i^ Jtiins ao well at 
the Cameo TbenHrc tlm manateFucDt bus 
decide.1 to retain it another week. After. 
tbaij beginning January 14, .Initio OU- 
vrr Ciirwuotl's "Flnwr of the North" 
will move in nod i*kc rKiswrahloii ot the 
jtoreen. "Flower nf the North" it a 
Viii^mph special, with *ueh well known 
plnjrera n« Henry U. ItahJiall afld Pail- 
line KtHTlff fn Iho Milt. Dnvid SmiLb i, 
director: and by ihe w*t. ibht is oa* 

Kii-uif.- the authoy is willinc to eluEm. 
Ir- Garwood Wl** Jt and liked lL 

Vtirex !!■;■ ii- -siMs, -hi . -..[ii, ,l. 

An optiL'Al dinwvery. ftejientlftc 3d m . 

purpose, wis demonstrated ^eaterdaj 

iDoraiut ami ai'Lernoon at the Axtor for 

Pliotn t'aprtuhl, t'lwlrranrad 4 Undr^wwl 


Shf will H d lu UnllyTTUud In n nrL 
1'"- ImuiiuM l'lri)rrrRi^-1.a.Bk;-. Tit* 
MfPiiiijLrnirnl In lcni|iurH py . lit* 

tiintnri lintlnc been nlitunJ 
thrumci. i-Munrsy ot t-c'i^iic 
if run dftmnt. nitb «fc««i 31 ra. 
iiniiii'i In u.<*oolai«d hi H-taue iLI- 

the lipnelii oT a newjptpcr aaHemblnge. 
If in tin- VlttM glut.*, wbieb eliminate, 
the iilEtii^-iuSri intrii-rod my* iu pr«»jrt- 
tion «f pirtnres. Ttieeo w^re sriectlKLt 
prtteat who pasaod judgmeui on thi* 
new lalT«3Jtlen, wfaid^ it i& eafecttd, will 
be n prohectfon tu tha wm in the aaow- 
ioe nrf pteturta. The vftrea t'otiipiiti; 
piii-ceil uttniitil ncuveliirf which *ti^ In- 
leroHiinc and linporLani. hh h jnnrjitiiy 
a»« wonld vae imirb belter alter u»e of 
the eontentrt. The "nTeet Im miu! io b- 
:■'.;:■..■■■;;.,■. Mini rice 1 1 .. ■ Bluour is the 
invmtor of Vilrei. .!. 1'. HobbinM. ivbo 
won (be rold nn-rinl in ilie l*iin-Amerk'mi 
KmoMliun aw motion picinrp emtineer, 
(a\> Uie deiOH>ti:>lrolioJi. 

Ilblirl lullnn 
Mareiin L'>ew is still 

>i c 

( unlr; 


SORed In nSin- 
iiiK (tarft \\\h latest step in that diree 
lion is Lc> add \U<- nnnie of M"1H IfltU' 
(erro to (.He ii-.i and euenafT Jwt lu make 
an nppnurnnur nt, licew'* Stale Theatre 
III N-wark. 

Mar Aillaiin lu t.'rnnc Kaal. 
Bine Allison, who finished he? ronlrnel 
wirli Blaofn ?dmp iveeks neo. i^ H-oraiuf 
Knat. 1 1 ih Fiiid ^hp f^ ciigei- Lo rttttW 
In lue Htage nml her rigJt to Nati Yurk 
at thW. linn- J* made with on idm •>( talk- 
ina btutlaaaa to Wtoe themrirul lUJtuueers 
vofin are olTerlOf hpr o ehnnee !■ 
before the (noftielil^ fienlo. 

at Nvntk 4 
Xctv Vvrh 
700 Stuyptmtn 

Uifficuli (o Witt-rc. hut thrrrart many people who \D(fh'I dancing, wha have t& 
X" out front their hmtu's to illdttlgc ill it- 

The AMPICO—($850 up) 

gives you all the music you need for the best dancing' AT 
HOME. No need iojfoout in all sorts of weather. 'Sou 
won't miss the orchestras. The most expert of piano- 
forte players of dance music have played all the popular 
pieces for the AM PICO with an expression which very 
agreeabjy makes you forget that jazz was ever needed to 
put "pep" into the toddle. 

fjriCO-m^irtlllrKIWI.W. ,,.; |„ „, ll'.l .V.u/.l* fc'*>\ 

Convenient terms. Old pianos taken in part exchange SaIiMiI, Fir.I Cilery, New BUg. 



Arthur ft. Ki 

Asm Kate. 

The ■ • = n: r.!-- « ■- .].-.!-i-.ji..Lib is Anhtir H. 
Knoe. who fa enh<yin( the n-ii-nti-n! of 
reaidine: iSew Sorl weather l-opotU from 
the biilury volitate uf North CaroUoa. 
Mr. Kane rereiiLly ninipletnl nn intensive 
(*et,»lgii of solfiDK nt ritiehurat. nod. b'nd- 
tne; hlnineli fully eqiiippivl foe ihi> eert 
Unit tourtlatneiit of the industry, lint now 
tltrnajd his ntteJttion to diteV nhooiJni. 
Il>* and hip son Lnirronee am tl«eb-[ijii^ 
into ciiliLt murfcemen nt fiirritiiek SattJra. 
Watrr l.ilr, XortLi Ciroliuy Mr, Km?. 
lien been uojoyhis :• week of rent nnd 
reereaiiou. Hi- n> expected \a return 
Sun ilar. 


ii" In (he Cnaaii 

Jlflving: aiipudeil (o all (he maUti> at 
buaiueas liiat brought him En at. that 
world's sreitcst commuter. Jesse La-It:-, 
will -.ct out t*or£aFifwnila this afternoon. 
Lanky return* (o il.'ll;. .-.i.-i.i <.. deep a 
watrliTul eye on Ihe nrodncLSonw nn-tv in 
rrok'rrsH st the Fniuons Plnyens-Lnaty 
West Coast ntndins. 

Colli TT JM Su>rO*T>. 

T:ii.." week ii was nearly the Itsl of 
the ■"Miis.koteiirr/' bewun three of Man 
J.inrler'*; hra/e film r>word»men nrU od 
the siek li(|, He is maklna: a five-reel 
■MWeaqnc on "The Three Munket^erfc" 
for and bnd look reijrna. 

Max. Mill we-arinp blaeh ImadaxcE. 
beiriK temporarily bliml from (he hitoii^ 
r*yn of two bi^! an- heblif. la nuralne a 
battered nnd bruised spot where h» 
ali£htnJ after b miiie Lhrew htm. 

Fred Caveus. anuhaiitrit find etao one 
ol the miiJ-Kf'tei'r^. Is suffering from a 
neatly punctured eyelid, injured in a 
atiord battle. 

limi Momaen. ptaylna FElcfilieu, LKju«t 
oul of the Iinnnlial tvfth a 
Jury to hLs leu. He 
L v i : i u to recuperate. 

All will reeovtr, Meaniimr Mux limna 
nboui ^..'i.i:in:; for blnucuJ and rumpanr 
t» rerorer auffleiemty tn rvanme prodnc- 
tion at ihe t.oidwyn studio. 

Un Her Way Eut. 

The latest from CalErorohi says Viohi 
Dana will com* to Xem York before she 

Former AsseDihlyman and Two 

Business Partncts Take Over 

Mole's Hotel at B&yajde, I. I. 

Former ABSnmhlynimi Dirk Kahu- 
na* retained in Ba\fiiie, 1- L, io mnko 
the S^iind comtnuniiy all eKief reiuleK' 
Tons, nlth.iv.ifiu, h* it III nudlitliBf hii 
hoJnc in ^[anhattnn. odjerB he rcten and 
keeps in tmieh with ihe lmnLnes* mut- 
ters of the inn pibotr men's union. 

Butter ha.* Jdat orjSUifeed «*il opener! 
an eatahliahment that lie mlla (he 3SU- 
vi-i' Lake Country Clnl' iu ooujunrtiou 
with Aiible Ken, Hroadwny habitue, and 
Jtiiiiiw MeKennn. who for JCHti eondi» - l- 
ed the trill iiearina his name >t the 
■Knynlde station, but ivlin-li V- I" he rnr.ed 
(o make way fori uarina pictltH thea- 


M fcortfllry 
raeittti ihe 


Ticene three t.liia!ri' 
on the WilleltH I'uii 
Sound, whieli wa* f 
Mole's. Kxtensiie iLltera(ii>ns have heeti 
eampletftd'; muring i; an tutraetin- i ."..ill 
for nntnmohile pHriU-a. nsi tniil." i'f Hay- 
aide and the rtdony ui Kurt To I Hen. 

In ii rhapaody of deseriplive adjec- 
tives. ]*i>jtterday\ Ruller i.illrtl nitration 
in the desirable itopc and extent »f the 
batbln; beaeh. dlrei'tly neronn Ihe roatf 
[]n- yai lil'litiKliiU Mn^i 1 , •■""!! t» !■<■ 
rreL'ted. p»d SHfer i*flkt; in Ihe rear of 
the cstahliahmeul, which in to bo BttWSOtl 
ivith froffs, no that brtHdea dlsnen '"■■>" 
heeomc a feature oT ihe enlerlninnient 
profTam. The lake nt*0 affor.V fiuio 
skatlna; ftdvatiiaae* when the Keatfaw in 
mid enonfrh to freeie it to a stjfTIcTctSf 

A wlrelena telephotiir e^iiijimen! is 
now heina inittalled iiy the Amerfeaa 
rtadin & JEleetrie Cnmpany with Mhieb 
to pick up and amplify music and cool 
stories from the nir fnr th>- .ihinseioi n{ 
of all preaeot. RutliT nan be expeelM 
to make lot Sileer Ijke Country Club 
one of the popular pori- of eall on. Ihe 
North Shore. 


goes South. Our <-.:■■■-:. n. 1 ..■:.- !<, i^nL 
After Mopping io San E'>am.-i-nt) stie wtlt 
take tbt tra:iiL tor New York. At i+-a-t 
xoinehiidy told sonul««tv. and Honi-li.,dy 
told us; Ihnt Is the way the la ml lie*: 

\ J.lne of T-no. 

L"lark Jrvinc eomribnut Ihw oue foi 
our eolutnn r 

On New Year's J toy a motor puny 
troin Hpn l-'ffnfieiseo ibitcd Ootid J^owry, i 
Qrodurrr of the "Reddy lir-.n ; boy ad- 
venture series, the ttrtit of which Ik sooa 
tu U- rel.-asTo. After all the folk had j 
enhuiiHert ujeeiinKs rJwjr nt-re introdueed J 
to little fi-year-nlH C-llier by Mr. I.owry. \ 
wbu .injd; "Collirr, 1 want yon in meet 
all Ihe folk from t4an Francisco.' 1 

The yOtuiRStcr looked ihc imny •.■■■■ 
eUipfully; then rather disappointedly re- 

"In that nil the ncopk- they're sot up 
in San Franciseor" 

The;t ClePe had a lime e-ii,£ the la*' 
with the J* an Frantieeajia. * 

Suspected Pickpocket Ar rested 

Again — Arrived in America 

Twelve Months Ago. 

Mayao Ko.Hsartk of 1>m Houston 
street .was ye-iterdity hi-bi in bnil of 
S."i,0fK) for einTiii nation .kinuary 11 hy 
Mafiatraio '.!-■■■ I!. i: •'■ ■■■■■'■ ■■ in 
Tnntbs Court uh n chflhji- of disorderly 
conduct (joatlihs:'. modi, frs IJeiectlve 
WfllliLB J. ItuJtis of ili' IMt-k|HH-fcttc 
Sound. The detwtive abnwed Uub M^Jh- 
Irate Kaannr'>k*K polleo reeoni which in- 
dicatrd that he bail come to tbia country 
twelve moiltlia «it» froih Poland, and had 
spent seren months of'thi* io the WOT* 
house. * 

Keaiiret was nrrcstrd thin inoTninJ al 
Sprint; and Mereer atrccls. mid tne dc- 
irctlvo claimed ha hnd seen him push nttd 
Jostle ■pa»r.euir"Ts who wen about Co 
toani an ensth^nnil auto taw and saw 
him place his hand oadcmcnth the coal 
and Inco Uie pocket of an iinidriitiiied 


Department of Justice Agents Ap- 
prehend Elderly Hun. Who Is 
Later Sent to Bel]evue Hospital. 

A mid'He-ajredl umii ivh<i ejaTd tii-' name 
ns nrndf-ird Wil.M.r oml esJ.I ho lt> n 
louji-r. uj YnV ETaduato nml balh froin 
U"mHi|-l>iir,v. I 'I., ivhh yeabotdAy 
flfiertifion when he tri.-.i to njieu his 
prirnto letl.T |m\ on Ihi ernunil floor 
■■i Ihe <jil ji-ij<TiLl p>Mtoffii-e l.nlklinff. 
The agenta »l tbi- hipnrtmTt rrf Jlla- 
1ii-» jfny rliey hnve been lookfm: fur 
IVaoitor for wamfi tliu»- on Hie ebtrce of 
writing ilar.-Minninc le'iem ,|iv Cbwt 
VSitliam .). Hum* uf the r.H-pnrlrwnt ■>( 

After his iim-si Welh>{rr wa« nr- 
rastjaad bofere l". S. CoHitu-laalonw 
lliii-lnt>i'k nnd there the ■r.-utilniiii 
against iiini charged the aentUnsl of 
Uiriiitcntiif l.rti-n in Chiei [turns ira 
December 21 lasL Aintuia other ih]u r s 
I lie [ottct ronipiained of Mated: 

"The nest time any ratten agrati 
arc went out by the NVw York I^imrt- 
mani 'if Jiisttre Io make falie iLPrcsta. 
Mieh an waa nnnii' mi me s'i.-. soon, iIhv 
c'lll he trail' il until they nr.j H hoL donn 
like dogft. lo^'iliiT \eiih nnr who ilii-in-t 
surh .ivil war nnd lrea*.on" The latter 
was sl K nod by Hradfurd IVrhitrr. 

Comatlsskner Sajaaad M. lliieluwl: 
b^lil Ihe innn in $1 inK> l-nil f ur >^unjina- 
tfoii nod! inim.'dinti iv alleewntiL Aswisl- 
itnt L'.^S, l>|hLript Attoriie.v Maxxwidl ;S- 
MutCuek bad the |irinoni<r hroHirtit ba- 
fon* Tndffl John i . linox iu lb.- L-.- ;- 
erol District L'uurl. 

The tulU'r, uTtor resdinc tin- tbreaten- 
mc loiit-r and tnlklnjr with VYebater, 
■raatetl 'I'roaeCMlor -Mnttnek's mollnn 
for the eommlttavrii. \\ tin; Iflnje- tn 
Bellevue Hospital iqr/ihseriatioii. 



$12,000 IN PARTY, 

Charles Street Station Operative* 

Take Fhikdelphians 

Into Cn study. 


Girl in Party Also Arraigned and 
Sheds Tears Until Set at 
- — liberty. 

Capioaa tears hheif by Aiuiu Kayn, ^o 
yenra (tld, of »V«rt l'Vrtyn tilth wreei. m 
Morriiniila Court yesterday rcanlml in 
her tii'Lting enough in^iicy \m pny iLe JT. 
fin. LmpOMdon her by Miitisir.-n-- Charlns 
!■:. Simnw on o ehnrac of dintuvlerly «m- 
dtict. rler, watt, J«e|c (Twin) Sulli- 
van, n fortner wolJ kuut\i>, iiiiiliiliuei^hL 
boxer, -AJii] Alexander I'olk/pnid similar 
fines on a similar charge. 

The trin were iirrostwl lust Thursday 
night cm E'nrt atenue followiue nit argu- 
ment over n taxieah f«re, l^tk. Lbs 
ehnurf.-iir, eiaimetr they ow»ct him $5, and 
the oilier two. who had b-en his |>ns- 
fcctiu'es, demurred. They were arteatftd 
hy Tu j nil m m i John itapuire uf tho Al- 
exKndet avenue smtlon. 

XV"ln-n ihe tines wrr« ftSWWSC- 

iM-fHii' to cry at iIil' tumdpeet 

Ini-tiiE in thetr posaesalao P0 niflny r^ 
tralvcn iiini r» mtii-li UOaoy that ther 
iiI'lirsreiL in di'twult-M tfl bo suspielolis 
eJmtaetera, t'linrh-H ToleT, his brother. 
Uor>K Toley. nnd Jionrv B^oxe. who 
-f'if.-d they mine ir-jui T'hiladelptiin. nAd 
I Jinrles Abraham*, of K B *t Fourth 
fitreRt,fl[niibaliiin. who described himself 
fli n tniCKman, wen*' Arretted at. Thir- 
deutli Htreel nnd Ninrlj m.-niie seBtaXday 
hv Ueir.tiv.K .S!,*.viirr. c'ii 1U |iheli. Define, 
Jlynn and Lnrboiie oF Chrtrle.i street po- 
tuj* slatinn. Th« datectinff were in n» 
iHiinni^lnlf in ihi- vieinity en what the* 
described a% n pjajjt, whlei they ex- 
!■ .i..L ,j ivfl-i to wait for nn "Vipcrled, oo- 

The four men arreted looked to tha 
iletH-trn* iik',' truck driren-. nud wcrn 
IU a seilan nuinrnohik, tliy JlefceUTe)* 
wnld. WtiPii Menrrhed Cbnrlra Toiey had 
in one of llin pockets 51-,'HO. Threo rC - 
volvern were no the Boor of iho automv 

Questioned in ('hnrlirp street pnliee afa- 
ll . on ." t , n .° f . a " r ,, "' n "'"ted tb.-y b»,I trsT. 
wad, all mcht eomlag fMtn i'hiladeipBli 
in the atttoiuobile for the purpose of elos. 
Jiir.n busijj.'i* n>n I. ieuii.>a ther declined 
I" inform tbi' detectm-* jbout further. 

In the pocket of obO vrta n card hear- 
iiib a Mulh avenim Address, which is tha 
Tomiion of an ah-uhol dislributinff cam- 
pAiiy And h near when> tan men wero 
ivhi'n A" d. 

A^ked reirtirdini; the revolvers fon D i| 
on ihr How uf rli«. nutomo,bi.!r. nil four 
men denied ownerrfliin, bat slated the* 1 
felt thoy ><r>uli| not bo blamed even If 
they -arri'/J rev.dv.-rs. hecnu*e of th« 
] l rz " *HL tHII|t " r m^fy they bad with 
them. Trie four weea cjtikrnd wfiu tIo. 
in i i r»n >>{ the SutUran law 

Jliifflslrace Joaeph h\ I'urrican, in Jaf, 
frrwi Mnrkot t'uuri, held t he four pris-. 
WJWtB tifcll of tZfflO each for H>«anflna> 
nnii 'iliJiidny. 

Oa* nr^th.. oitonieys ror t]i^ defeats 
, ,. i t-'^ri th- f»nr prwouer* were 
Iritnlly in ppBsessirtn of tbn money, that 
tbev hail the thrt-r revntrem t*t prelect 
It, and Hi»J> wen- emBloy«tl hy a I'tdJa* 
d+'tphm clleiii uf hb'. 


tab vt Widow of 
1 Prubniffr «*ui*il. 

"Empire DoJIde 

(By l Diet J Min M tBC MnTAiSE :>■■■ f ni'l-- ■■ 

ST. PAUL, Mich.. Jan. C— A unlet 
aettlerarnt of the conieet of the will of 

thfl laic w«. James J. Hill, widow or 
the "Empire Builder" of the Nottbweati 
is predlctod, 

Follow Ids; jnoetpODeineni of ihe con' 
test fn the Probate Court, it is indi- 
cated The secon Mtleatlnc hfirs of (ha 
118,000.000 ettate wEI] nmch an arnica- 
We eettlemcot without court procedure. 

of speariiug iIm- in jail. Klin hiiiiI she 
had no riioney. I 1 ■■>'. thnreuiiun Secnme 
sorry for h*r Odd paWi her fine. Solli- 
v n it hud Jtttt S*i. ' isoucli to jiay his own 1 
fine with $1 an k reserve. 


Dvlary in Arbpehlw Csuta .liar Fost- 

punr IMvorre Trl«l l M ur. 
'Iljr I iillp-il N*i- ; B -$ t Xvwnr TaLririDh-l 

. O&R&UN CITY. N>... .ran. II.— DfUir 

'''■' ,, »- ,: •'■" ^r\- . kb- iri i! nut rrsuir 

nurt 'P B similar ddiiy \ a th^- Man I'lekfnprl 

Matt mVC- 


u.-....rr-. .^reUard ot I sins Invem- 
nieul If On r j- far 1'tr.onnl train. 

WlUlitii M. Walsh, Anpwtua Tw..- 
b'il and ItcnJAfttlh Bapob, who have b««p 
Goenttor* of » liriikeraac ulttee at 41 
Broad htrOet, wore yesterttuy orre-ted 
and arrtleiiMl befaru Juik-e John F. Me. 
In tyre in General Seaatotui charged with 
grand larct'iiy, 

Ou enter-En): pleas <>f not puiltr Wnkh 
■was held fih- trinl in tZ.ftX> iinii. Two- 
bill tu $J.&» hail, and llartio in (li,o^J 

Th,- tare* wrrr imjicird December &. 
It iv ip. allrsft] that the defi-ndaiTtj, IiHd 
indiiii-il Jimcjin Aldesdv, «r LocbiKirl, X. 
V.. to supply $L*.tK)i>. pre»ilu>uh|y jor par- 

? loses i'f inrcKtmrnt. and that the d'- 
endoiit-i ban! eon vert ml this mun'v t't 
their own use. 

Htotcc heAriIls , before the XeradJt'Sbato 
rjqnreme Coart. 

Atto-Ae,*- i:.;ueral Fowler a B id arfu- 
menra m (he TokfiTd itihc, an for Jen- 
nary i'H», niijrht hf ilelavw) a weok on. lc 
L*ui.t M the <!Hay i ? i the Artweklr ease. 

I.avm + if.-\fl|.. .\rbitrkl»'"s chief coiiq^ 
set. i unli-'i rmtnsel fur 'Mary, 


ss Casino restaurant 

■ :»-» |» T lir i 

At. rviiK 

ir 7'JiiUj Alea-i 

* itder M nnofrmcnt tif 

■ -J 


<£Jje Adorning Cclegrapf} 


RUMaHil : 

iru ¥ T,V» r ; ra "Eight* 

C*lufr rihs-Hh "f'lMrr sV^iift aty'e:' New' Vorf."B«ooVh"'cr n *Manbili»B - *" 
uIL'r ?" fcV""L-, v PrMI * Bt - S2D Eighth avenue John J. Nell. Jr. ^eernary 

*» KlgaiB. Aven^a. 

IT. \. HAI.LfcTT, Ad^nltlni 

Mike rHec/Li iirable tr. Ta# Uaralst; T«&«r*r.h, (00 *»***£ JKntt. Sew lart 

Let Ua Cnrv David The di<msl wsil of The calamity howler* cannot change 

f* "#**k i"* mA~* Ll a doaioaat nat * ro raotlop pictures. They exeunt refuse 
^*™" U * t - re * t *° r b acknowledge >«ir irtalOffi of "Orphan* of tbe Blortu." 
Hit Genitu in Ctt> designated by urnr of our most srverc rrities 41 the finest 
j. ,i_ , _ screen ptey ever mtide. The aid shrike o-{ the head bd'I the 

feting Uipluns of <, tJirf!ltf d # Mr { ^ t ttt raorif y deprrsiion bis robbed the 
the Storm. 1 '* motion picture industry of everything precious, is denied 

by lb* mertt.exlstrfice. of such A picture u David W. Grif- 
fith, bis made. Btrt is n/t, great art that nothing can make less valuable owl Ins 

When Germany segt <ieer LuWitrli'n hlatfit-ienl films, th* country went mad. 
J-'ili"rm! wen writ tea on Germany' j superiority in making pictures. lrUorn were 
r>mned rer.r*ltlng w bid no director in this Country cnpuble of ranking a picture 
like gpawlflu? or "Deception.'" Thr culture nail mentality of til* trermnn dlrrrtoro 
were held up u « idtng Impossible ol tin pi ICA ling In tbio conolry- Sorue of I lie 
American-* grew rather weary at ill lal* talk and resented flic inference tbtl oar 
directors hcm- unable l* makr bl*torie*l dramas with an intfUIr^m SnterpT-ftatlon 
**' the ptrimli of aadenl mi mrdieval *]*>». 

Davrd Orifflth ban proT«l tht inter fiiltarj- nt *ucb an aifcrtioa. 111? ""Orpk"".* 
of tb- Storm" I'ir'.nri-* it* rbaos nf ihp fr^nri RpTolatlon !c a bibet do p!c!urr 

hu_yu_itchiem] Tin* li^tr iTitTma*^ toartm la markad. in itse.r iiza:txsarr. and 

*a potest in their rt*alla> Jaates uEt ifeallae the tornr cf ibai period in Snack 
bi*l*r)- thai tm boot nor ptfly hi« y« b»rn »»f ir> ri* p - A& d to «rbJ*T* lb«»e 
■«-»«!» ilr. tSrifnih cra*T fcmra- hir btrtory- bf anrrt tnotr bin -"ral* sf Tw& Cltl"" 
and hl# arcbiietturc «p4 coitamlax el 4aya imie lr. 

" If '■UfphBL- of tbe Sura™ is tbe trraici ma-.ibo pi^Urt of :b» tljy, wby ar* 
lbo»r vrbo *corrd American film niakloi nil^nt noir. Way arc they nfmid 10 coim? 
ft»Ttb and aire tbis American picture tbe uuc mesmrr of pr&lM ttry banded lu 
tbe German film*. 

And Aaoibet tbinf. tbe ra«tE«n pktcre induitry U not beaded atrtifbt for 
death and deatraetJon aa Ioor fca -we are able to make pfemeea ai fln r and artUtic 
tu* "Orphaoa of tbe Storm." One of our vrn countrymen baa pr«*ed AtqeHem 
nred fear no for+lcn inTaafon ot films. Hbc baa In b#r own coavtry a band and a 
Lntln that Ifl eapntie of rrrciin; a play that aland* at tbe head of jrrear acreeb 
[f -.[nation". I.*t ua flee blm credit he? ti* do honor to a inan who ba* demon' 
atntH Oflin hla areat (enlca and hla fltntia 10 attod *Stb the artkftJ of the irarld. 


QAPPY NEW YEAH" may hove iome aLjcoirieancc (tti*r atl, .it ]ep«t tu 
people In t!ie motion picture Inrtuiitfy. I'rnbnbl.r iiotlj'.iif; could be ntilli* 
t-Q ilnprfsnirij; na atartlna; tbfl nevv year uff with a ftoup of dull, but coarag»o«« 
Eilrn-. Han-rver, the releoarx fir tbe fimr aroek in tbe ueir yeor ran Loant at lcai>L 
£bm fcurli pletntea a* to send a poor film re^t^wcr into Inimedlnie efsiaclea. 

Fifii tUK ■■Tnl'nbic B&rid" on New Year'* Day. ScrL&a. the picture wa« a 
fcp!*ndkl wsy in start lie new year rlfbt. It in one of the very be*t picrarea t*w 
made. Fe^llof that undoubtedly potbitg like ibnt would ever bariprn again. tb>- 
reviewer, ra an nnjiuirded ojOj«J/ walked fnto a projection ronip- ntvi saw "'Il.vl 
lbc IVflpiap.,"' AStO rcelcc tbe picture, one freta like •lappkic rvery one In fi«lil 
•■o the bark tnd yeUiac: "Isn't It grredt?" It'a a moat enrourxsinf picture wllb 
wnicli 10 alart the new year. It br-rjn bar- nn^'a faith In fi'.mK. It doean't lei] 
a great atory. but i: tella if en a freai way. Xot lj iuph of :: i* dull. 

And then, of eo^rxe, came "Qrpnnnx ff ibe filera." Not r*en the mo*! 
rriieni' HriSrb *d»ilrerB expeflcdi quit* aa touch frsra "The *IVd ftrpbana." I: 
VU for D. TV. GriSlh to prove that (Jennasy liaaa'l a corner o» a;] tbe Itllatfy 
and inuftaalloa in tbe film bnninesa. He Lai xandf a hlatoricpJ film vt real value, 
beauty and importance. 

The jr*r la yet yoaaf. hot we nroeatly boo* Ibat tbcir- thre» fc=.a p«rtcc>J 
the omloob for ltt±!. Ttarj nre cior* thifl ePcOUratln*— they mnbe a bajul i[«f ir. 
"A lltpfr Nfw'Yeat.'" f*-itly mean ejmcthujf: 

OBEftAilMEItOAr tradition [■ to reunlu invioialr. for Iha eeoaoni nt nttaf. 
H»h^jr«i|» bttn bejrnn for the long lf<l ft vlumi-ttrs who -HU lake part 
i.i lbc hiatorir l r .i^»ii.>n May ro be preaenletl thire t numbrr of Hrae* tail* year. 
ifomc of tbe rhief role* will be played tglin by tbr. vrteracua who lia^e appear-rtl 
In tl.ih fanuui reli|tio*tR dramatic event (or laai forty jlmx*, 

Hut thf pqKnioa 1'loy will not lie rrproituren in BWHoa pvturea. AH wf lbc 
.\i.n Ti! nn jiiniio; piclurc rrpreHentailrari, vt|»o Krrg olTi-red miSliotiii of iiiur^" W 
tbe r.iioniiltfr for the prlvilepe or (ilrainjr lhf <|Ufi'ijil .tad aadcQl rffiKShlOCtiStJ "' 
a iwriion of tb* lire or Chthrt, bnre been refitted. 

TJifr* i* tnHfh to b* nab! for Ihe attitude «f iln- M?unpb rfhi'IpJlt* ol Obe*' 
DmntatflU. Thrfri 1« n beritagi; ■roleh in hbAcilu !«•!)' on^bc. It hup been brimled 
i.un-ti to theiu frntti Talher to son lor bundredii t .f jeafn. tJnido lllrmer. wIlS but" 
Jdat bren atlectrd n eholr lcldi'r for (bla yrnr , K pre pen tat Ion. in tin < -...■,.[ : - id 
■ lie Jini-nditi: rbnln. Far eighty year* ibere Um fi-tH Lr.-a a prrformnn'-*' iA lb« 
iil«y thai a Dlemec was not leader of tbi- cbotr or one >•( tli- Importuur »Iue«H 

IB tt. 

A acrt«*l reproduciion of ifip Minkn May would bare t» be dt>ae rrTerrnlly 
mi] with artlmii: dh tt nMt fcm. Some daj. it !■ lioprd. llberntnm'erjau will Lav.- I'ifi'i 
fonuch In the irniu» of a (Irjmili or a LaVbata to ntnnti tbein to give uc a tuailnn 
pi.-tnre of tbe n'urli-fannu? IfbrrammcrAau lese&J F 

TIIK ItOnMXO TKIJIGKAl'II nlwnji. enjoyrt |RdilJ»Usa| entwtruet it\- rMBBWeta 
on any of tie cgrreut upiea of tbe day. Xbntebrt. ■• take- treat p>a>ur* la 
reprint'ns du editorial pnblivhrd in tbr EtyDlfii World undtr the headinr "t_Va»(>r 
I'rwof." It li >j pleasant, to Law why we bavc cenaorablp, cad the*e fc^ R.irJ- 
have helped u- underatand: 

"Tbe 'Beaurala film" wfcicb areeted the new yeit oft * locOl rtrecn t* raictble 
in explaininf why we have a fUni cr&»ue<hlp and again in Jemon*irattn* ibe Utility 
t4 tbe eeaaor*hl|>. 

"The film U«e!f is censor proof. Hut <!■ oaJy vaitje i* it* Appeal to uirbbj 
curio ■ it t. 

"When lb*- l^fiailTtiK mlnpi^] (be Cen^orphlp tllil It waa raond by pilfer 
piampi.- Kiually nnwurtby. Tbe ccovle« Eli.] beea ap|>eatifir to tiie haur haattawtl 
of tho i-u'i'l c. and the aeEUiaEor* decided to puni-b the whole ladnatry fur ibe -in-. 
vf the inwtc dirj-ppUtable M*tlOH. 

"But ib» r-ei:*orablp doean't vrart It easnot touch ih> tjeaurdl* fliai. nh^ongh 
ibe eeneor» kno* well- enooan why, the film i- exhibited. t>n«oo rancor cennar 
tontrrea! 'bey bo** to content thptn'rltr, ..efib evtlior butbi^c gErla out ut current 
ecent rcel* L 

"The Irani ib^^e exploiters of bad laxt* ran do in to cohacnttilafc il:- m-r :n , 
«u brif- tig t« keep the renxorehip aenilm-ent ^irona md ftflfhuU.* 1 


OUT In Hvilm-y, Aurlrtiliri, they rebel n[tvin*t "tlic Aatne <iiil nlnft.' 1 [oo. TVp 
Qtfatl from an article by -Lull* Watqa (."ray., Ttldrh apncfeRd En TUf Tj|ni|. 
an AunJraltou pnWicaiioo, Tt appenr* under the intrigulnji title, "Do Average 
Pteorwi iufieair: 

"tine eoc» ro n inovtB nbow for varloua reaioui. To shelter from the rain— 
U see a murh.aitrrrtiBed film, tj pel Wl*a#. t» have oBr'- jided pable ifr-kM. to 
Kpe-nd a chaap tradig, to bnre a aleep, to r4tinfy a wandrloM, to bnJd thr be^t 
boy'* Latd and ajgfe, ,.hl -sd a ruilliati otbrr reaionp. The overture holr-hed. the 
I'urtsJQ riaei inauallyk oq a Topical Qaxclte. Tbla it always more or laaa enjo)- 
al>>, E)etau»e ctimat eve&ta are noted and looked for. It ia to>*t tnicrcititi| if it 
■a a I'l'.i." or a Vox (axette. for the I'aibe syndicate, and the Fox pcopl*. hare 
imaciuatlon. and take wander fiendi away to Ibe uiaie land", vrarre the b:j «blpi 
£o ao eaaually. A -i |ti( *i(b„ and an fnvariablt murmur of dlaappolnrmest at M 
brief a al!aip*e of tbe intr-eMing thia|X of the day. goee up. Then on come- a 
toaaruy- *to* rear. -.ii:a incx. atrthe Mmethinf amulet or beantifnl; bat ibr 
A«n*eiean eoraedy king' are mainly acrobatic, tut worl^r*. n-bute aloaan i- 'Keen 
Ih^ir eye* all ni*er tbe j lace at once, and dop't ]rt Vb *ee anjthinj.' It xro*i a 
iii;> affatfiMttie occa»iona[ly. Tie ctrruii vfllic- boA. tbe pretly flrl. tb* lioa- 
tmteied eherilf. tbe ebauaf oree ic6po-><ih|e obataclrs nitb>>ot any atniaireni ren>nn 
tbe fat 'wObxan, the mnptached villain. If *re aaw Is a book only what r.v k« 
. oa the film* mtn-i'ion. v.e rhouM never read nayibini. 

And I 

i the Dnma' 

"Thtu come* a draiua. ife arc eivui to ujnierxtaiul. in film atorlci, ami «p 
have iiad c totif. bo* lrflinin« in thin, that tbere arc few, if any, happy and natural 
boniei-. There la no -wra tblaa; a; an beprat frienu*. The hero'a best friend of 
y*ara. alwaj i [alia for tb* hero's wife. Vtkw in real Ufa, thin fa the exception, and 
not tb* rule. Ob, 1 know, oome o,f you art ahnigaiBf; and thi&klog;; "And a lot »be 
knoni" Hat 1 mil referring to tbe real men and irom>en of tbe apedea. We ],m* 
a n-onderftil world. We have great ln«entora god iplendid orcan[a«|]&n«. We 
bar*- brllllnnt financier! and culnired iliMoqiflt-. ebd we bare many, many bapiiy 
Imn. i,. where quite batereitlm fltnj VLdudrrfu] ultuatlopn M-nWi Bbont—wltboiit 
rrlme ..r vlre b*(tig; |»rtoeDt. Tb* plcntre prndnrci-p. T le h each otbrr Ip nhow- 
Inf ui eoiirmcn melodrama, which we wronUln't trtwn the road to Mte In a (bentri 
climbed In the toont extraordinary ami ridlculgimly uaiutttble and eiuenaire anr> 
ruenta. . 

'■Thin nffprinr^ tbr-y call ti atupentlniii [inniu, Utift. and we could «e p the name 
thing exactly, tbe -nine, plot- the Man* eet --biiracter". the eternal Trlnnrle by 
Talking Into the mo"! r^mtftoa low -dawn afajtr in [be beirt of any dty Tbo 
prodiui^r itpagiuei vaguely thlt we— the piiblli . tbe »-inip]etenn. the hatiafied-with- 
,i.tit(b:d( aort of idiot*— dan't rrcDf-uise the okl, fadad. Jaded ulot, wttb Ita new 
coat vf eatftUb. Tt !* an loenit to our comcaon ifiiellifence to aalc n> to iwallnw 
orer and orer arclo tbe aame nolmaglaaljrr twaddle. A»fc aay man or woman 
with a <1n» -thinking mind, to go a "J rekrt for an errninf'a enjoyment a novel 
froiu a library hot-kraae. The average will tbooie ideeatmre. travel. ■ awaat, weil- 
ifi'A lora alary, a tny^ery novel, a comedy, and few (bora will be nrho come aoar 
arlih vice and *-iiroadH rultBrff.m tqched tinder their arras. We nee women in 
iii-rUcer. for ianuiice, both ntterly unsuitable to flalina and aurronndtsca, fit only 
for an ecapreu' or wc *ce a harw&> runnliig about a simple bLiilDe^a ptun'j hoE^e. 
We »ee btillcr- and fovtwn and Freacb utaid« in pbKCf wberr -hey tr# more 
dfOhard aud bi :ter iciuntd than Ifaeir raa»?e» and tniBtreaee*. Tbp trouble ar|th 
the whole lni»li,*»* If that loj mnrb elnporltJon la uaed to get eoTeet. Inatearj 
of givLng aa woMerfnl art. we *r* shown numptuoua b^mej, aod e^ti^l*. !ci:*aj 
of fctbag the pnln of the Lhaalre, wt see tbe aaoarrooaaa of a *fop," 



Ov KR in a Fifth avenue office, with 
hia deak- bnricd in maaaoa of 
cableaTama and foreign reaorta, 
alu Kmil Shiner. His bind oh 
tbe pula* of the world, he watchca tho 
kalelcSoccople proceaaion of forclffn buj- 
era and aallprt of film paaa back and 
forth and keeps hip own mind la tticta 
with thia variety of Ideal and lnnava- 

Mr. Shawer reprfienta tbe forpim hold* 
Ingi of Kamoua players- Lanky, and whllo 
he ilLctate* their polities and hands out 
bin instructions to bLi cmiaaariea located 
in all partx or the world, hn can httt- 
«Jf conjnre a mental picture of what 
China wants in pictttrra. how SpuSn likes 
tbe American brand: and if Germany like* 
her acntlnicnt aprend in thick or thin 
■lirei. lie eas tee >be altuition bimacif 
peciMio he TTia "peiit r^naldeTable Ume- 
Iq c^trry country or any importance in 
the world, for foreign Importation !l hi" 
■pecialty and be knova bi* aobject ai 
fhi>rmc'M)r V old C<&rjf»rior3 tow* tam 
neople Tor whom he wr*it<- fii» phlloonphr. 
To get Emil Sbaner to talk la diffi- 
cult. Ho ia a modeat mso ami not given 
to rivalling on hix own accn^nliahtp'ota. 
If the inbjeet of tb>- Fordaey bill— Hio 
HO per cent, ad valorem tax mw trou- 
bling the film worH— ha J not been aa 
eendiug in the bohiia as a matter of 
eurreat in 1 ! treat be might nercr hare 
BBuurdeaed 1 hlfflwlf to fflf and permlttpd 
me in ask him nucjtirn" nit thr proooned 
ui. rea»e la tbe tariff on foreiga film!. 
Aa It Is, Mr. Rhauer. .■■■:■_- with the 
rent of the world. L* ileep'y iDtereatid 
In the ontcome of thh ^ill now occupy- 
iojr tho attention of iV BtMli l-'iaabee 
Committee la Washington. 

A Tariff >f-n«^: •. Ha gara. 

Lang experience in thi* bueinesi has 
taught moat of na tiie i-.-n way ta ar> 
proach a subject i* to aim directly at 
It, and not ro lead tip io it in deviona 
conversational path*. Ko after T had 
sealed rftyeelf ia Mr. Kbanci'i office I 
began, not subtly but nbrfonilr, by ask- 

"TWo voa believe in □ b-gb protective 
tur!; on imported film*?'* 

"1 lec-llece in a normal ts:i'."* ao- 
nroredl ilr. Sbaner. "Eii-ery ennntry In 
tfie world, iJermcnr. France and Eng- 
land, chirgea a tariff on th« (Ilea *e atad 
into tbeir rjatialry. end a tax wi:bln rea- 
*on would not in any aenaa of ibe word 
forc« an ctebarzv. We need aotne tariff,' 
i if cniir*c we bav* a small one nf I per 
cent., but in addition to that wr need a 
duty on (be lilan being imponed into 

"Whnt abunt thg Fordney biUV t ia- 

"If iba Fnrdncy bill lirpntnea n law." 
ntaarend .\lr. s ; inu-r. "one difficulty, it 
aptOIB to nte, wruiM be to determitle tbe 
Ami ricitn vnluarion. Tlie ]'.\i jt-.i l-!i ,;■ 
for n (VtiDinittrc (o place nti .\mcricjin 
tnluntinn on nlma mmlii nhroud, hni 
(bey br lure thry nre mnkEng n enrreot 
i Hiiuiiir 'V Say a picture i- iitL|wirt.ii here 
(fnni Iiuly am) it m%t ?lOf>,(a)0 to pr>- 
duce thin-, IJow can naj unn say Jiuw 
much it woald coat lo pr^luee ihe tame 
picture in the L'ollcd Sbaloal Wo none 
uT us can aay what a )<r»ductiDn wifl 
w*t until it ha* been n ;•.]:■, Take our 
uvea "Afraira of Anato 1 ." It .-.»^*tKJ,l*M 
more than wg exxjected. IJiert is ab-o- 
Um-ly mi way of Enttin; vrbal a jiieiurc 
la going to eoat before tbv I.i lis an? In 
tbe bunds of ih<- auditor. 

"A tax on films Is confining."' went 
oa Mr. Shiuer. "We are trying to plam 
a valuation an an art. It Lt raiy |a giee 
a atanilard estimate of i*,h<rr product*. 
Iiitt Biotiatt picture cannot brj i oiupan-d 
nitb aoap, or wool, or dry gaed« A film 
tariff la unique and mun !■ - vtudird o;mrt 
rimaj other dutiabie good*." 

Mr. Sbaoar known tins tari,^ ■|iie<tluti 
from all angle*, having received hie edlr* 
catiiin oa & bujer f.«r 3 salt-Bftaara Ud- 
cugo firm, and liarLnc »pc»t tire greater 
Hhare of his curly life in vi-iynj; the 
inarl: > et.i «if foreign cuuntrlei'. 

ills Preparation r»r 11. ■. Work. 

'I'liiLt tie !]H>nka four IflliKiioce* welt 
enough to converse in thi-iii and baa a 
dmttltering of wterol nthrr tonguwi cg- 
plalnn bow well Mr. Hbaiit-r Iiiik iirrparcd 
himself for bia work by ■ 1 :i!\ and by 
real rttbor. 14k* Aaron Jeftea'aad Mar- 
cus ]>ew, he atartcd J11 life with noth- 
ing hut hla brains and Hn ambition, lie 
managed to finish grammar icLmil. Tbl« 
accvmnLiahed, he iet out ti mpport Idi 
mother, who had been left a widow when 
tbe boy, 11m EL warn only two yean old, 
lie alio wanted ro heip bl* two alatera, 
and wltb that cohle reaalfi brgan Ufa 
at a ticwiboy in Cilcato. the surting; 
ptac for many of m:r fanwni men. . 

Mr. Sbauer"* first ncijnaintaitei- wi:a 
the- aoiuiement boadneaa -it arted when 
Mne Mirk Csffle to Chicago and Iftttraag- 
ed l;!m in Inveatlng IS.ftaJ in the Adio- 
maiic Machinery Compauy. With Mar' 
cus Lorw. Adolpb Zakor and nrtjm bo 
w.t.» ope of the group of men nl:q eatab- 
lisbed tbe penny arcadoi. He continued 
tv keep Lis position oa buyer for the 
Chicago dry goods firm, and trn-ir-d hit 
tnterrsta 14 Mr- Mark. The cstablhuV 
ment of (hi*? artadca «nd t>icfur£ houana 
in UoatDn and Ki±! ludrljiLin was to prof, 
[table, Mr. Marks wrote him in resign 
ami come East to become gen r ml raan- 
ager of tho new amusement cnterprlan. 

"In thole, day*," Mr. Bhauer, "we. 
bid one-reel plctarta, many of tham 
Fn neii made. Speaking of foreign Alms, 
1'atijc made the btst. arid Franco was at 
thr bead of the fiim Dt-oduclng bunlneu, 
with Mclirs. Oautocmt and Fathe to her 
credit. Our show lasted three-quarters 
of, in. hour and from 10 o'clock ia fhe 
nwrnlJie o&til late at night »f kept tbe 
bouses packed. We bad to CatabLiab new 
theatres and things looked very naj." 

From this beginJiIng Adalph V.A r and 
l'.mtl Sbauer and Marcos Idoew liranched 
outi each ia bis own way. The old pmcy 
arcade on Foorteenth street VU the pri- 
mary grade for a number of oar moat 
prominent film ma. Dot Mr. Sbaner 


Ail of the wumberi will be ih-re, ac- 
companied I'S busband'* apd brat bean* 
and frJeada. Thia U the tJme the men 
harr to wait 10 be sBTlbJd. Romo of 
tin. yoon$ «-e>men have arranged parties 
and will entertajn a number of KQosta. 
Tbeep will ba dancing followln- the din- 
ner. The young- w.omen who belong to 
this femlolata orgaalsallnn eotntift* o* 
artwu, musirlapa, motion pictnre writera, 
nittbora, iterr![»apoj' er^men and other 
pcofeaslopal members of the fair sax 
who bellera in their Independence ami 

prove \i by umlisibDir living. 

tv«ih.rr!nc MacUanalu 11 in Favorite, 

Former Prealdeat Wilson is one of 
tbo most ardenl and rtntiuaiauir of the 
couatry'a acreaa "f.ins," During hi* 
tenaatcj or the White Home, and more 
particularly -during the iro-iblnocne war- 
time period, he relied for ppilch of his 
rc&I and •ateriaipm^nT upnp nnnl wi ftjjt 
ture* (hat w«e shoien m mn rapeyTxTI] 
m-raagtii otojeetiott room ia ibe While 
Ho use. 

Joaepb V. Tumulty. forraM- private 
p era t arf (a Mr. WiUon. in bi* "The 
Whiu Hocso Looking ill*.**" *eri^ of 
currently »yodtcated hewataner artirirj. 
In rommenilng apoa Mr. Wilaoa'a fotid- 
pe" Tt roniion pcetnrea, •tatM that: 
"Mr. Wilson "v. Tsrorit* icreen «tar l* 
Kailierin* Mael>!d. « -lately awl 
itatnefl"|nc beauty," 

\ tUnurksAle thy. 

F 1*4 -year-old ArttiBr Trlmale, who n:sy* 
la Rupert ITnglieVi new perawnatly ■)■- 
rerted RdTdryo pi eta re. en won three 
prlsei for hi* good laox* aad latellieeae*. 
Rtnre be n-si 3 j-ram old be taia been ahiit 
to coant too, repeat nursery i-hysati snd 
■.'-:■ tbe ilphaltei. '3 " L . 1 1 )■ Arthur's fine 
ptctafa. tie held frequent conferences with 
Mr. Ihighei resHrdltig ia« nroducclmt of 
the story Jicd wb«n be Irft tbe Binillo he 
kni",v nearly o]| tbe rrap]oyees by nsme. 

!■ I In- til » ii nhn 

'"■ln>lj and irti 

-t> rl.-ir--. 1 -■!;■' L11 Iflf 

, bn<iTi< ibe 
■"■ tilt Ian 1 . 

Sftri-lan policies at 

■ nbjeet of aim i.ieir. 

as rtar- 

■laaya eboriaucd.a gJCTnt lovn t»r the j 
Itujiort blirinwm. He had Kpem nn wniiv ; 
years of bin life uuravrUiig the mystrry | 
j of dutiable gcixls it una difficult tn get , 
j It out or h-n hVhifni, Ahrtiit tbi.i time 
! I'ongre** [irwjuul what was ktinwn im iImi - 
! J'aiae tariff bill, an act retnoilng nil dufy ; 
j on embroideries made In ihf Philipj iii' 1 .'. 

letnda rttlllliiilnra LaHBnaltvw. 

j With hi* kern eye over on thr poaai- 
* bilitier for ]tp|«orting and exporting 
goodK Mr. BhaasnT at onee a#w wliat a 
market could U> created iu tht« conntr/ ' 
for Humeri* dextgaed by ihe 111 initio*. | 
lie sent r, man to Manila to catabtUh . 
da r*j»rt comjian} aad arranged In tbii ■ 
country with the leading tncrchatM* tn \ 
bay these goodx, In a cncnparatJv*!/ : 
nliprt t : »e ha- lud biillt rnirh a Incrativt , 
btndtirsa he Wt br ahoald fO abroad In [ 
*i:|--rii-.- it bimself, lie iile i for thf [ 
I'bilil'pLii-s and remained there iniiil ! 
Ada i B S, \»r ffifiiie*! rnpmii" I'lajer*. j 

Mr. 7,ukoF aail Mr. tjhaurr arr 
brothorvin-ljw, and the rmy piclure tbe ■ 
former ihuintcd i-f thr iiron;je,eia fiir m«r- 
iiftiiK; Bve-reel iilro drjmiui brought the ', 
JKlveittfirvnit Mr .Shauvr bnd; tu Amerlc.i. ! 
tlr-ogrcod wiUi Mr. ttltkor. there was a 
eluinci' to niakts live-reel film dratiia* in 
place of tbo Jumpy l,Wa>feet ftfCtUKa 
that WOM limited in tltelr coticcyt'on ami 
had never reached flny idnco aa mi art. 
He came Intu lliu Paniolis I'Jaye« 01- 
ganixalioti n* trcnaiirrr and siayeil lliero 
uutil the consolidation of Faonona Play- 
ers and Jesse Loaky Save liltn on oppor- 
tuniiy to pnt bht kaoaiedge of the im- 
port and. export burin*** intu prttetira 
by heading the foreign department ■ ' 
Famoua Playtra-Ijdiy. 

Another queation of Interest 10 the 
American potion picture public. "'■■'. :% 
[I,* sLatos of tbe American p^sdHet 
abroad. Mr. Phaucr anawered thl* qae*- 
ijoa in a de£n1*.e manner- tlia: ii bahn 
tu tbe ae-jJs of all patrf&tji; Americana, 
rlrpccially to those who bod A fecJifig. 
perhapa, onr Sltaa were not standing up 
■a well aa they ehould in view of the 
reconr, quality of fnrtlgn pr^lnctJ-itif, 

"In the Argentines," aniil Mr. Hblurr, 
"a lucnl dUtributor spent elO0.OUti iu im> 
Ijortlng films from Europe, lie rcleoaed 
bit pktnrea Ea South Arhtttni atnl lost 
beatily CO bli inVcsimenr. Tli •„«• iplr 
demanded Afflcricati-iuitile pletur:?. The 
Latla teraperamcat 6nda luac-.lilng eflRt- 
dallr ptQBxant In Atncrican pentimcut. 
Fraaoo lilta the ivamo thing about oar 
pictures, so does (iermnny find EngltBiL 
It la twt nlaile tMft exceJImco of our 
llglitin^ onr direction and our ailing, 
It la also otif wny' of telllpg a tttory. 
Ponplc argue acoiaat tbo aame old screen 
tfaaa. and ycr. it gfem* to be what tho 
world wgnta, if «ra arc to judge by the 
drmindJi made for American films at] 
over the world." 

This interview might be prolonged in- 
definitely, told In -.dial form. Mr. 
Sbauer had *o many interesting tilings 
to a*ty, but we shall have to say a<i 
revoir or continued In mir next, nines 
We have several other t'.log« ta *ij la 
this dciuinaaent. 

The Art of 1 uiisu CUa. 

John Barrynxore compared Lillian Giah 

to Bcajmia Erase, Some one else spots 

of utr art as being mnro like the rfiiallty 
nf nctiiig Pnrnb Uenihordl Iish omrib- 
uted to the stage, and stlM another ad- 
mirer -'-iht i. waa ,1 hupny union of hntli 
H-'Mtiini-il, ultli Mlu lii'li- own beautiful 
personality. Snlfldrni bo say, UHlan 
tli+li ia au firtieL Tbnt word has been 
m> ircqucnlly mlausei] Et srenis ilffloW 
went In describing hrr work. David 
ilriffitL boa demonstrated so often: fall 
muldiajj i« thlt of tbe eonjptor who 
takes plastic material nod rash opes it 
int" bcautilnl form, we are apt to for- 
frt the voting actress ia responsible for 
thb art heraclf. 

Mi>' tilib has never made a picture 
for another director, hut ska hai plart-d 
in enough Griffith pictures to nuak" u« 
realise that the genius la hers, ('nmbinrd 
with SB ethereal lovelineaa, there is a 
talent tbat baa grown with the years, 
and developed from a liny spark into a 
full-grown flame, Unlito snma artrnBsex, 
Lillian Giah boa not suddenly shot for- 
ward to take h^r place with ihe great 
ncircFses of tho unj. Xbo baa worked 
nut! stndird to make herimlf what she Is 
to 1I.1;.. 

Whnji "Way ItoWn IJlst" wbh preaent- 
i-i she wa* Lauded editorially an oao of 
tin- Ern'sjipflt American uctreascH. Ninr.- 
"Urphuas of tbo Storm" *ho ban lueit 
called our gtaatujt aetrewi hy several of 
the .■mil-. <)f cuuthi: thul may be n 
matter of opinion, lull WB do know ttoth- 
isrs uiht bait bean done on singe or serr-rn 
than ber i-motlonal work. Hhe Iras the 
power to wring ono 'a heart and moke &ne 
otiffi-r wltb li'-r In hrr nngulfh und aor* 
raa - , 

l>oroihy Gkh, too, uoea some eery r*- 
n:iLri:cbl'' work- Her perforuianeeSla a 
tribute to LbMiriffllh aeboot, titan wWh 
there is no tiling uaer, "Orphatig of tbe 
Storm" Is a picture that has all the vir- 
tue* of -Tli-" lUnb of a Nation" and 
none of it* faulta. It i* greater because; 
it U the mature offering of tbe mind of a 
jcrrat E-niu» who was just brgitiiiiug to 
do big llrinp when be made "The Birth 
of a Nation." 

Waai AHlia dot tor f-faetaiassia. 
All John Kmerwa gave his arlfa for 
Chriatmas wai m receipt for tbe> pay- 
meBt of her incom* tig. Thta may not 
*auud Uka i very important gift until 
"i.« reflects Mrs. Emcraoa Ea Anita Loos 
and what ah? t-ara* e«ch year Is eaovgb 
to a Id a tidy sum to (be Government 
treasury. Anita said the liked riia: gift 
(tetter than a atritig of twarla brcauj* 
no-v ihe **■ feA'^all *hr; earned <i hef 
own without baring to cut bt and aire 
Uncle Sam * iarga allea, 

Wheeler OakHBtt stnrii llnmi*. 

Yes, he baa gone home. Wheeler 
U«km*n, we meao. Fmnj tho rime be 
arrived (n town with a print of "Slippy 
McGee" under hlx arm U{> to the preMat 
moment be hain't Ulked of a thfug but 
setting back to dear old California. Yes, 
that is bow the Const affects iome of our 
Ka*tem youths when they setile down 
end tad a home la tbo golden jumhine 
of dear old I alifurnla. The tel"ptiane 
lijmpsny will h* a«rry to lose Mr. Oek- 
man. lie aprnt idp*i of his moarr vailing 
vj, PfiieHla Dean ofl the long dimtanee, 
rerwnaHy we pre aorry Mr. Oakrnan 
cannat be parauadad to come to New 
lork and live. Ha Li a charming yAlr 
xnan, and every one liked him. 

Thr Wostss Paj* PaVVtr. 

At the Amba^uutdor Hotel Tueaday 
evening the Woman Pay* Oob win 
Sire i« *e»»d aojinal dinner and euvaca. 

fr-laiali** n riay. 
Hits Weiman, who baa beeu hniletl u 
a boon to rpotintl ploturea, In that aba 
has piieti ibe wcreen aonte of the finest 
material of the year, ha* been barnlng 
the midnight oil in behalf of the stage. 
This time it li a atagc play that is as- 
suming shape nnder the ikilfnl ban- 
dllnE of lliia young woftiln. who happens 
to Lave been born both beautiful and 
brillEant, The re Hsatt ranee of "The Ac- 
qoilal*' make* its eotldent in the sue* 
ceaa of the new ehtU, 

W. A. tlrag r 's fhlld. 

Over at the I'laygotjse there ia 4 melo- 
drama that la aa vivid aa etching and 
aa full of color as anything that hat 
come to town this senna. It in called 
"Drifting" cad will be for thosa who 
love a little hnmor nlie.J with thrills a 
pleaaant diversion. Dot it is not alone 
the play that Intrigues Ibe audience and 
hold* tha audience, it ii Alice lErady'q 
performance. If ahe Is a product of The 
screen, tbe films shauhj be thanked for 
having givaa na an actreaic with her 
charm nnd ability. Alice is a chip rtt 
the old block when Ft comes tn gray mat- 
ter. No ono will deny Mr. Brady"* men- 
ial cquiiraieni. thai is, tin nne who has 

ever been atjociqicd with him, 

A >:••• -t ,-.t Honor. 
The -T. 1 1 1 ii ■ . 1 ' teaguc-^-thot is. tho fcl- 
hiwhhip branch or the league — Invited 
lime, Olga IVlrova to W Ihn gucat of 
honor at Un 1 monthly luncheon on Fri- 
day. Thli invitation waa extruded to 
her because of ber reeent eontribrttina to 
tbe stage in tha pbape of "The While 
Peaeock," »bleb she ho* written. This 
is by no means the first literary child 
of Madame I'etruva. She has written a 
aomber of short ilories for Fmart Set 
and Alpalrr'a, all unlqnc ia atyle and 
ennstrurrinn, Madame Ivimvi baa proved 
again aod again ber understanding; of the 
probltmi of women. Sho haa not hesi- 
tated to put in prtot her belief ia the- 
ner+asity for their _ frcedoro and her In- 
terest In the feminist question. 

Mr ana Mm- Bill n«n » a lc* a Call. 

The Itestnonda — William and Mary — 
were desolate on Chrlitadaa Day because 
their daugbtrr — their only uatigblct^ — 
Mary Johanna, was mile* KVsgr. Bat 
they aeed not hare shed tears over the 
separation. Mary Johanna didn't mind 
It. flir godfather. W. P. Tlatioew-yea. 
Bill Hart, the gunman^accornpanird by 
bin britfc* Wluiirrl Westover, saw w ft 
■dm: Mary J. did not mlssi her ^ravelinr 
Piirenta. Mr. Ilflrt I* the baby's gocf- 
tather, and ha expects to Oo hia duty ami 
bring bar up in the way ahe should go. 
B> and Mrs. Uart wetit tn the Desmoml 
borne bright and early Christ inns morfiing 
to take a collection of wnlklng dolls, 
mooing cow* and fussy Teddy beam. 
With the*" nnd fl tree. Mary Johanna 
juiiil she didn't care whether Mary and 
Bill (hrr pjireriu) ever came home. 

Lotll* |MrLr„r,i Married. 

At 7^0 list evening in the First Meth- 
odist Kplsropitlsn Churcb iti Hollywood, 
Lottie ftupp and Alan Forrest were 
united in marriage- Hrr. Wliurie Mar- 
tin performed tb« Ceremoay in the pres- 
ence of a few frienda aod relatives. One 
of The principal lntereata in thia wed' 
ding waa the presence la the church of 
Mary Piehfortl, who officiated as bridea- 
mald. Eddie Suthcrfktid *m beat nu 
and Jack Pickford gasc (he bride- away. 

The marring" license uwuetl Friday 
gave the bride'* age aa UO and The gfwn 
as admitting .12. It also revealed bia 
real name Is Allan Fisher. This la the 
second attempt for both- In tha words 
of a celebrated wit. it waa no amateur 
affair Lottie Plekford wai formerly tbe 
wife of Albert George Knpp, a Now 
York automobile man, whom ahe later 
divorced. Mr. Forml'a first wife waa 
Ann Little. They were also separated 
bv dlvorc*>- Mlaa t'irlcforrii child, little 
Mary Picjrford Hupp, has beeu legally 
adopted by her nranilmolhrr, Mr". Ohar- 
iMte Iltipii. Mr, forroat I* n popular 
leading man In films with a most promis- 
ing career. A wadding dinner at the 
Ambassador followed the ceremony, after 
wbicb Mr. and Mrs. Forrest departed on 
their honeymoon. 

A PoraOnal AppusvMtmeo. 

If you adtnlr* Mae Murray on the 

atreen and want to nee If she is really 
as lovely In real Utt u the is In her 
■faanow self, you may satisfy thia long- 
ing by visiting tho Cameo Theatre thia 
-week ob Wednesdsy and Thursday even- 
ing. At U.aO Mis* Murray will make a 
persotial appearance In cchjooerlon with 
her picture. "Peacock AUey." which 1« 
the chief attracdoti ihere. And we can 
promise one thing. No one will be dia- 
aapefntad in Ml** Hurray, who i* quite 
aslorcly off tbe aereeu aa ahe is on. 


Either tear ot favor Ii at wurk amour 
the nilswara, for amang all these Hit* 
cf prise fkiurea which are poblli-Jed 
•boat the flfit of t»o year I fall to Osd 
meaUan or the pradntlaa wbleb cpencl 
at lie Vany-faarth - fttrWt Theatre U»c 
iiocdsj alght. It tt eatltM "The Leaalr 
Trail** and atari Wat 0X1* of face and 
form dlelae, rrad fl#a r vati_ It in one of 
those farelcn prDdC<le»M. made In- C*n- 
ada, and Iherongaly d*=n>n*trai*s the ne- 
ttaeRy for a high ail ts'orno tariff. Sure- 
ly it |i worthy, at least, to lrf** the 
Ms: ef Tbe n>it I'leture* at the K»nj- 
faurtb Mfaai Tbeatin In VI™ 

•The Lonely Trail" L» la amusing and 
Issirueiive a« 1I1* boilrva who ratertalns 
tbe aUeit* oy pouring Lolling water ou 
her Vslipsr tahle. For ssimplr. It 1« full 
of inch wood loreaa bow to ailng a bam- 
mock In A foreit, J10M In terlse I faiatlnc 
girl l*y ynurlPfi waler on hef. how t* 
Uok Uki a cigar ptor» Indian, oad n\t* 
bow to ivt like one, Thi titles puae- 
tniied trlegrammltlcally, are felt or inch 
wise eraeki as: 

kCnUoa aire— Flea H get my mil] and 
make It rapid: 

Uulde— <iU r you mean Grand Rapids. 

Tor raJHIenilre aidn-| a word T» aay 
after rjayg, Ha Juit leaned b"*k in his 
hatBOioc-k and io!*tvd. 

MeaTlDH **bb14 h* made cf Ae easily 
praqBrltaO tiled. la t»l* »Up*ff*aturs. 
Imagine lit «gpen*c etteadiat upon hav- 
ing every siagi* leaf plucked fTesi tha 
[ollage, or af having i*e graaa re»ov«l 
vhenwr a Tomiatle scene was to ba tatca - 
or course M Ii insc peialtrle that the pro- 
ducers cheated «»ii fUased ih44r ptctbia 
mi lurrt-n isimfl, or la iba Montreal dty 
durnr Oaa can almost hear tb* dlrscto* 
aaylng: "Came on down to tha a**Mg* 
wet I nti and shoot that lote scene, Wa'U 
gal Jnat Ibe right atraoapher*. 1 * 

Watch brlpgs nt, lnexptlcahly eaongfe, 
to tha itarr. 

"Ttte lonely irair !■ an. idyll, pwre aad 
simple, shoot a pure and simple Canadian 
guide, who na* faaiODf, presumably for 
his hair <-uf Into the rottgx of life In 
tbe Cansdlan wilds sr-- tbmwn ■ mlllloa- 
alrs erltb aa aitlrtnaUc OatiEb'er and a ■ 
penchant for weiring white necktie*. lr« 
heroine, deir'te !&■ offltciloa wlileb dis- 
torts h.-y ■■■.!■' In occulonnl close-npi. falla 
;:i lore with the guide at first sight! tmc 
the '.'.'lil" aim liil hi* eyesight oad de- 
cide* to triad tha lonely trail alone, this 
In ipitr of 1 letter from the fflrl deelatlng 
that. 1( he hut glvei ibe word, aba will 
eooje bick ind together tbey will "climb, 
climb, climb.'* 

The imfiJMi la obvlensty, "De lonely and 
you'll he good," and the pirturr vindi- 
cates Mr. Beaanl* frooi all that In* beea 
eJjnic- 1 against falm One lea*#* tbo I des- 
ire n-irb tba Iiellas thai hi 1* Jmt a man** 
man, ■ rough chap stllh nngh nays, who 
kfontd ao sooner tike sd*salage ef a 
KleigeTdl heroine than tt one frith a 
hair llp- 

Ooee ysn h*re learned !«► like this pic- 
ture, yoo will n* louKer *pprecl*tr im-h 

■ awdry prortuvtioiis as "'Way Dawn Gast," 
-fteathntatat T^nnr.'' or (***.) -Bed He4 
Bouaa.ce." They *re really not to ba 
rlaaard with The Lonaly Traa" S00M- 
how we ATartirini can't seem to acqatra 
that foreign touch Sincerely, 

Jsmes A. Cnetlaaaa. 

Katlea rietnee Editor. Momlof Telegraphr 
Falling Into step with yea and what 
seemi tt be practically every other motion 
picture critic In tbe coaPtry. I agree tans 
-Tol'ble Di*ld." a« pliyed by that brilliant, 
young ictor, Illchaid Uanbelmefs, Li the 
slmait perfect picture. Tbe acting of near- 
ly c»ery raeaaber of th cue Ii truly mar- 
velous. The direction Is apuadld. Tho 
pbdiograpby |howi aat a flaw. Tar ftary 
l-raflza awir luniHj nt all our heartitrlng--. 
Dnt T*bit afiout >bnt truly Incredlbla 
ligM tccrte between young David and that 
tlollath rannater nf a llatonrn which *I> 
peon ni the »o|e niei gpoa ilie production 
of "Tol'bhJ Dnslfl'T ltn't It Jn your opln. 
top a 'truly dreadful iblag, ir."riiid r on- 
rilN Ter ind heyand all rredenee? I aac 
In the EMraad Theatre Monday arternoDO 
for what seemed an agonEclag eteraliy 
witehlag that roper- villain, Krneit Tor- 
nan raiathlbc young i)arld's iko'l 
igilnst the rafters. One such Mow, 
wielded with all lbc ilreaclb of ihe brawny 
tlit!:urn. I sci Ifllv in n»l life weald hav* 
rteft t'ivld'. skitll In t«*n — ur leTt him for 
la* east of hli lire ■ bop^e--* ■'':"'• And 
*■-■; f >c rnlniii» sltef mliinte the ainlienre- 
:■ eo-nne|Fed in •■<■ Dirld live and ealer 
under eireumsiaaeei «htefc ererybody ji 
pnsillT e weald bum absala'ely ended hla 

The fllWirql Dltld WOO hi* Victory by 

•traleg-y. "Tor^le IHtWu" ptoduee* glsea 
oa* thr Impression 1 jai but terv did like- 
wise, (in tbe tcreaa The axact metb*d of 
naelil's vtetery 1* left lo the Ifrigf" 111 **- 
1 know. hoKevrr. that my »*d ImaginaUoa 
ami rioi<ihJiM# msnr others uanLd be a lot 
eailar ir David Ktnemou bad not beea 
rsllad ur-nn to l.te through itrinrr* ba 
never could bs*e sttrvltad. Let u* h<** 
tar'-lli, lots of Them, but b*lk*at>la tortile 
at alt coats. Tnnn, Jobo I.awriace. 

Illaca. N.T. 

Mullen PEetTtri Editor, The M<<rniDc Tela- 

My Dear Sir: 
Ai it regular render ot your great [irer. 

■ Hdiv m« in e«n«ry niy Sheerest apprecls- 
Hub of your ;.r. ■ it i:hrlstraia lipta It 
covered nil aelili, nnd gave news and view* 
that nppeaUil to nil eiasse*. 

Mr. i-iiM Qaradorf, maunn-rr for Graort. 
our ruadhaiise iheairr; Hiolto, CipHoif 
I.sIji ■", I'riii. rt-, at Mji-nq. Gi , resuirhi I 
that It »■» Mi!'-t'i in erory detail. Tbla 
aenlliniin o-a* formerly of Jaehaoneilla. 
Fl*.. but wai Iraniterred from that point 
bare oa the -drat of the year by thp Sou:b- 
eta Enterprises, lac, who hsve large bold- 
Idxb (d the Hon th 

Thli geBtlpaidn, fir a yonng nun, I* 
tbe yonngsst nsnager we have "aver hid 
here. lie bis hid nulte an extanztve ca- 
■reer. Ife «i* proaram boy at ibe Broad' 
way In Hemrr. Pal; then was ■isociite.t 
with ibe pnbltcliy dttpartmeut *t tse ILIvoli 
and H!a]i» la Hew Yortj City; then with 
Charlei II, Miles - * puMMly depannMat 
at his theatre la Itetrolt. Mlcti-: taea eTanib 
-> Ha ibe ffjiiit-crti Eaterr rises. Inc., at 
Jaekiobvtl^e. FU, nnnsger of Us Arcade, 
ana also publicity manager for all ot itwi? 
theatres at thai point. Then to Maeou. 
(ie^ where be coatrala the deattay tif i'l 
four of ihelr battle*. 

Tour pap<r. and especially the moving 
nlclnfs sactlon, ia a dlgeit for all of tha 
theatrics] mim^n hire, ind a glahca at 
tbe Suihiit edition wilt tell tbeni what to 
present and what score for the music ro 
follow tbe portrayal of (be sletnra Mr 
Gersdorf the otbir evening WAI speaking 
of your review pig*, and ho* It helped 
and sullied him |p planing d|Be*eat pro- 
grams lieforc his palrana. lie hni pEaced 
al] a( tbe iiousei berc in Dtst-eliia shape, 
and n- niebnsira led pus house -*)t1 bo In 
Irenltia- with The picture ibown, and 
Macon. "Tho rioart of Qiorgln," Is for- 
tunsto in leentlna him. snd I trust w» 
«'HI be foriunate enough to keep him for 
many yean, 

When an* one ipeaki of what a paper 
Ii cuing for lbs preiesttan Mb jour paper 
!■ dolus. I ihoaght I nould gira you tha 
ijrnpa ; ot It. and iIm other* coanected wlLh 
tbe Li neb thestm thraughoat the Hs-eth 
coald see fur tbejasetvea, ana fall wurdi 
were aeeompsnled hy Ihe keen pleaauye 
and dallghiL be showed mi when bp eras 
looking over sour rartitaii edition. t>o. 
jon eaa are acta ipeak'looder than word*, 
Wttb wishes |ae b«*t for year health and 
sac L i ai . Wbaarrar I ran da jou a (arar 
lit me bear from jron. and It villi he aay 
pitman to do It, Vo«h *lneerrly, 

OHver Ofr. 






PMPfRF n-«y*«tbSt. Eip. atI.SC 

William Gillette 

5 .J"l,« m The D ream Maker 

ITa I clCrr boater. 15 »n,y. M &(- E-»- S.W. 
"^ JUIaTo-oi'w <J«V. M tt.^ »Ttfl H«U, J.M 
I MOELI. Fl.'K TIMS 'Till- q = V 

U7» AlfUDdH- Wtwltenti. TIB** 

'Bulldog Orummonit* 

A H«l Mclmmcn^ iy " "Sapper," 

S^r«.C=rr!,. n "ato JIMMY 

g ! ££X VALENTINE'' 

Mary BaUnd ^"^u r >(H.To-m.»«-i :-». 


eghe JANIS 


"i-'..Thiir» iS»l. tl 
D*111 l>l*KIJ pti"<1 

!. i:m) in: 


• Kim 




"A Mn»lc(i! 
II.-IUS.I. ' 

— Krr. -"■■■=!? — s = 

'::i;l *,*» Sailc Hj-M, brl.IVy * C. R W. 


[■.m.Ulrlnlrhl Fnrkni:inr> WW1. 1 1.111. . 


ARTill'lt lIAllHEftSTltlli PT«fi*i|"> 



Tt. rem 


I'liAZKK. \WMt >:■] B>. 

1 1UU. Wtd. £ 8tl- 




MATS. WED. 4 SAT 50t!s tf.E2„,fiSc« 

zieo feld midnight frolic 

in booth rAfmiMjrafsHmkstrm* 






Mats, To-morrow & Sat. 50c to f& 


frfljallon »t 161 


Litmus *a.TmxmjB. 1 w+aiT..J 

■TnTTnWTHBATBK. W«« itii St. E<fc l». 

ruiiiun M ,„ Ti . m ., irao .) * «.t m lm, 

JOB" ^Aflkv UItH - ""ffiSI 



gill ' 1 



hlnu Th«i»..Vi-« .-! Kv.." .'.-.Vn-.ttHCt, 


llv IV m. Hurl In- 1. »LUi b - r-.J..*s- t Pitt?, 



wen- i "Naw York and hondon's /fttjrjeil itm-si 

TpL Brj.nL It. MaLlnm 
Tt> taorno* * BW-, 3-tt- 

HUBSOK ji^v 

M*L Hit. SI. V. Ham.. 
HdtlMBi. Tom. * )*■■■ . 


Writ l'-:'i s 11- ' -'■ 
Trtrhli™* PTT" 1 " lrJn ' 

- ^ *r- 

i. "e»pT«MJ>WEI*CIC" ^'J^S &q 

■■lit** !>rKi|»" ii hiT<- Uni liprlnirli-il." - ,.: ■ 


HARRIS E.: m .S 



^ggT^irosic boaTbevtje" 

wiiLL.m CaLB«n Ham IWdpfiI. Platnarp M«iip, WLldi, llannalt. 
I-»it!l Pmtlny. Hf t^fjtK m*ny nilH-m. i-'i.-s by s| M . -*c-.l 
|itn.rr. ■ Tfp t MUalo BttOW Bt«T MadUn ABWlDX"- I }Bib», 




H* Succeeds Holland, and W, E. At- 
kinson Is Given Vice Pres- 
ident's Title, 


r*-L to 1'ii! V. 8. l'Hi!rf Interna. 

[|.ir:«i ( i.iiyjfipin AiTtrmtnl, 

"f :•■;-« I'liru. r.i-iri.rrn(hi- Co, 


ARCL T S LOtSW him been elecicd 
lireaJdcDt of Sl^tro. Thii Bim- 
ple ftiHKiiiiii'i'iiiPii! i$ sqI Vrty 
swrprittJnit tn tlw inilustrj at 
larKf', fnr evwy dm Ltoucht Mr. Loew 
ttimW (nkfl tbe-ptncr loft vnennt by iht 
ri-. !^ljiisi il ii of GfrbAnl Howlnnd, Jcrrmrr- 
ty ijrcsideat oi tlie orpniixetion. Tha 
im-i'iiiiK of itic DreaiiinuLion, held jcnicr- 
dn,v r jj^re Wi K. AikiJiwq. w)4cd T(- 

, :il ;.-. Ill ::il.iiU,Ti In bis r--;,'!ti:,r 

job of ceacral nmuiitgcr be is now rira 

"The policy," Mr. Locw «ayj„ I'wiU re- 

maLa l!l- sumo, wkb an coaiiece la heatls 
! of dcpaTLCdCJjla or lb Lbc slualos." 
! 'f'lis- will put nt irttt iii-' i-i'i"" ii''.i'l ! 
I on thfl BlrtfL for a tnonlb thul Metro 

would lose lu '!"i. ■>'■■■■ in a mcrcar wilb 
: l''amoil* 1'iuyrm-L.iwky. Acrordiaj; la a 
I at&tcmcnl nisrlt jTaiorday. Metto will not 
* cou^olldutc with any oibcr vumpniiy or 
| make any great elm new In It? plans ot , 
I tnakiug aod marketing liliii:-. 

i ,. 



Z r'. 



.. D*llr. !—- 

hanulai Uillfi^« '■■-■-. '-« •'■ l,! ' 
Nl.Bti 'Jf lo 13 '<■■ ''"■"! On't>. i'*". "- w - 



smrj- or >u i:,i-i,.i-s..] pttimif 



hi* i..i ii -'■- 



KM. Bt* 

Thnrp. it j, w Es j;, f 

Krl. B«7at* 

MmI, .1 IM1..„ 

flati at A (f-nfi.. prlrpai 

?f«H* Mwn. at * 

HAflUMAS- 1' 

llnr*. lin<|nr»ir(T 


UM >mr 1m 

A lila 

HI- W.rfL.iL.r.. 

Thla p(ctor»- nllb 
and iir+Hrnlnllon 

*tlo«n "t 


} *■"**! Wl". r«-iii..rr,.., A lat« a,.io j 




S..U K» Siltbi! S W.Ai Akui 







1 .MlKTI.Y »d THL'BJT an 
■ S AT' ariiTftOflii ulllttn. frsln 
Hi oil* Then. ]!r;j.i,i I- 

i(*a - ' Bj' sl Jo^ii ErTinir 

AIITO^Ia^ 1 

Cltfiyi TO DAY 

MUrf And «lf This Wesi 

irtMf a i ■■' h *i 

Cant. 11 A.M. InU P.K. 
AJL «*■. M«fvt. S«>c. 
(Ei. Baj... Sun. A tfftl.J 

in "Pater lbb«tiDn M 
'IIoHa»j In UUI^«fvM.- 
B«fch»- i|rii«»iii" 

Arthur HnpMni Tinrii^ 


in ''Anna Cbriatia" 



(putvmotml (pictures 

Law ^t Uia Nn ^^ 



1 A L T MAUI,} ' ,( DAVIKB I., 
«™ Z nE W"OB'» FLAT.- 

E-QUARIJ Iirnmi RlalW OhbiUlr*. 

pRTTERION Cecil B. So HiUe'ii 

ei. Tlrlre lullj. Lfe A i» 

1- TIH£R 
All ftMta ItlW.1 


EiLnna Xmthi 
>'rl.». lllblvl 

\k"i I !■.-!■. !;»■ 

■ THII Wl-JliK 





rltrt 4 Via. 
». anjr nili»r».. 

RFPIIRT IP T?."- *M St-.*"."* B'j', 
nCTUDLIL. JlaU.Wnl. A s« r . l;.:tti 






attar * h au 


•LOrt-B RCnEMPTIU^; • 
ttraail Sftapboaf fWi, 


SurroEliU' Joan P. Uohalau yesterday 


niniKni." is.- j :■ 

URmPEK— hahoakbt , dptuks. "CAttrBSU, 

PX'HERAL BHOftdC' llrJait-waj m& H^ E. 
ttnm|»r. H A", ii. 


iiflixcd Itip xJenatun- to the ordor ar>- 
IKpfjitinc Mrs. Dorothy D. B. Cnnnw. 
widow- of Eni-Jott Carnats b.h Baciltaiy 
imminMrntrii of hlu tsiatot in Uik 

The Siiiro^aw io JtiK dccliioQ Ffquirei 
irjai Mr*. Caruso furnlab a -i«0nd for 
S-JKi.niO r«r iL*> fuitbfHl rwrformiiRY' of 
administrative dutipa, aad '!,, order atan 
clrriCH ^-ita It Ehe lnjuni*tioo tbnt iioao 
ot the tteccUfcd'a property i>c removed 
frojii ttiifi State nnM] nolfirlpnL *-vi(1c»cc 
hiiN in»eo ^iv*n to tbp 8tnlc Tax r at- 
im».i.>ii, wlicn thry njll list- (tip ouloubi 
nf lllr InHinf^r tn \ ll.ill In dm* |J„- 
WialP. Mrjf. Cnriiiia rwri'nily tundi" thia 
ufiplleatigii to tha Surruraii-'i Court and 
Surra-sato Cooalnxi ivtt^rvd dH-inlon nn- 
til c-rrtJiln reqiur''bi>'n!» jih to tin 1 value 
of tin* teno-r"a rotate fcorrt «o4 t^fanlcnl 
' flrwl iocH to ihc Diovlitg pa[ifT* had 
liceu cotaplied wilb. 


A, C'o-Opecnlivc i'roduterp' CooirftiJ" 
i hne brrn formed oa tlir raclnc OoAct with 
) ;n'hii - unil dlr«c(OTB ns members and 
j apouiiiuit, F. U. Crogbim, Wratcni enpi- 
lulint, it* spuumiting tlie HOW otftiliUiilkMr, 
I wbidi baa soinu inirrc^llnr iiLonti. Tlie 
liluyrrn who Iiiive ulrvndy IHOCtlttd 
i thrmM?lvra n-itli the iirw orrnnltatioii are 
I Xoali Werfy, h^vin Stonc + Lon Chanry. 
1 Henry Olio, David HilHfon!, Jack 
] UOmoVaD iiinl ollici*. Hn L*s Ancclca 
Titnca him (Ilia to wi.« about it: 

w i!!i« couip.uiy Ln'LaiiilBJIxwi fof |3Wv 
000, unil iliu new or^iilMTloa expect* 
I to faifii! work ahortly m rflDtcd quanrrs 
'at ihu TJnH-fwal City Aluilim. Bottoew 
i offleca art! at 3£T**WWL Stitfc BtrMt. this 
! city. Optiuim o» n unmbcr of »t" tos 
bave Biroady befiu atcuM. 

"Keaidos Mt, Urotihan an pfctddftiil, 
other otTieera nh^ Uarid M. gtttfortl. 
vlcp pritHiidpnl; EJn'itrd Al^saodc-r, aOD- 
rctory, and K, I'\ Kdton, ■:■■-..•::.!■. 

"ApcopIIdj;. (."> *h ft offii'lal opnttiiUre - 
inont of the C6>*p«nltTe T'roHliic-flrF, ihc 
orgaalation ia formed Tor llie pUHWae 
ul" (tnaDciDR and mukiat: molion plrtn^a 
nn ii to -opr rallv*- t>0ai^' The principals. 
Hticb qj* dlrcctom, stnrs iittorn »n,\ 
ijiitn-ra men. that ar* 1 ne^d in making ;i 
pEctltre, wilt rwciro ci part of thi'ir 8*1* 
in-ii'K in canli and the balam^ wBI bo 
IsTeated hy Itivtn in the ]iiL-tiirc. When 
I. if pictnra Eg sold nr TT!ea*wi tB.SJf "ill 
abcrc with the comp4ny in Lhf iftoiiU 
of tlv nam*. Tbr- company will 0M 
-ifliy ,!■,■!.■ or n,|[j":..!l rODHintlnn D> 
dlrrctflnt aod ntarn." 

l-llm kfan In W Jiihl luiton. 

Jp(1 a* the Mouainiiirdnii* (uri»«d 
boprfnl oyea lo UtML, the liim ravu a m 
BWtUnK U'ashinslon in tn<- \\«\>v nl fi^t- 
tln,r rttlei frnni many rnrTcnl Irollides. 
No foivcr Ibuii three gruupa of men to (In- eaTpltal" ru.->t aTSBtftT 
w'«j thn-i- d ! -«tini-l and neparnle ava lo 
arhid. hnpinj; to llm) liei^i nnioDC Qu WW* 

Thc Fire PrPviniinit L^imcnittpp n^- 
POClB t<> lie on hand fcrislil nnd early at 
tlir Jneinuc to lakiT jilaee liL-fiiri" iho lib- 
trli't of Coliimlitu foninii^>ifin — a btnir- 
iur that i» Lo tUtiaa whitJinr or not a 
iiit-fljtiire for I'tlni pratctioii iu film 
baa:«B ^hrlf stand as u law. The com- 
mitter, POBRUttBe of lemtemk rllifntt, 
K. V. fhninlt'r!niu unci Jfilni F. AuCOIt, 
OOBKUlHBjr i-nKijie^r tt the BUtXBntl 
k'uil-tk I'ompaiiy. will «ndfl«VM lo *■> 
plain llmt tihredimnl. cormsated eontain- 
er;i jit* imjaeCAttSSty; thrtl the pr««it 
S*ufo,:iiiiril In BUffWilit iirflttiriion. l'ho 
Him nn-n ore *rrtfi.-r I" have the bfafUfUM 
killed hci-aiwe of ih«> effed it may b«TI 
on other States. The ileinatid Dial all 
HIuih lie iilatthl in lio^e.* of Una wott 
would rust ahmit $I,V)O,0pO, a tax ttm 
indnnry mi i'l afford iow. 

11. Minor I'itttuau uik.'n iwo misKioTia 
to WflshinKton, Tin.- IJfnl leflvta a ro- 
quwt ihut n hill be pmsmh.1 agafnat ill* 
theft of lilinn in tliin e^ontry. Such a 
hill who introduced In JP»», bdt never 
i-iun-Lpil, Ad{H|Li9itL> punishment i» BHked 
for all nffwiilem ulio ei|lu.-r meal or dapli- 
OaU-. Illmw ulready produced. I m Japn^i 
it La a comiuou orunrrenei; t<» bnvc a 
nroilurtioii. refuted *<t> th" kiouikIs it liu 
been ulinw-n beforu. The tbiev«a make 
thii poasiWo by intnillng n print untl 
duplicatlnfi ii for fordBii marketH, 

Anathrr rfBiiMiou w>o(rbt Ik wpynclit 
an filmu abroad. At u coiifcmieo in 
H- mi-,, i^wllaertand. wmo yi-ir. qj£o aU 
The-Euro|tu'i" CTinniri"« ijitere't a iviiiiuuit 
|irovidin£ iimLual prulnetiaii oft CP>pJ- 
richu. The I "nited IMbIds mkh not rep- 
rusfiined. and Mr I'iitiuan now anka 
thtlttbUi ccriintry be =-. 1 1 ■ ■ -.-. ■ - 1 to : ■■••:■, : the 
ii.Knwjnf.iltK cnntlfl in borne. 

Ham .Morriii find S» '*■ Kept ure al«o 
ill Washing tim in the intrtvat of Uiu ao- 
CiLlled lioiiKine hill, mi iiniwrtmil mraa- 
urc now on the horizon of t1i« [ihoio-plaj 
induatr} 1 . 

I'nrwniouti i to Celebrate 
1'urainount ia pulns to have a l.Urli.liij, 
It la ;r.iir,'i to crlrlimtc lis Untb ajifti- 
i-eta*ry (n proper style. Ten yearn iip» 
Adnlph Zukor founded the parent com- 
pany of ImHiwUh I'luyera-Lasky, known, 
thrHin^Uiint the world as i'aramotini. Tlio 
celrbrutlon will lK^in*i<iinday h March 5, 
mid IfljiL two weeks, V*t only trill Sew 
I'orl; be reoriented, but the l^nramount 
offiec-a ail over tha country will partici- 
pate in the anniversary odrbro+ion. 

•a .i if- in He Dnitet 
t-'ritlm fttfaiPtitntt eopiplnio timt a Lilm 
baa too many "hoW Lu it. \\'cJI. It't 
fivon wor^o than luo^t pfr**" 1 * iinaainwl. 
\\\ G, Ifiitrhinavn. the i:<ddwy« nudltor, 
wiifi lipiririK uti Iht- oihei duy and found 
tiiae In the atiidlo laboratory ltfA,m„rn,(ji*]- 
lioica are Uiinrheil in hltnt tvtn week. 
Tli*y arc uprockot. liolej?, bowevur, nnd 
lidvij ngiiunjt to do with plots, 

■■i-hMlliri-fi iiimliiii Ellil, 

)'. F, Sehnlhei-^ haa ularted l^sil, and 
Ik now kujDcwheTc between here and 
UaliforcU. Mr. ><-.-i-:\ -.■?.;'■< Teanwn for 
hurryiu- tQ.$<<w York at tbJ« time eou- 
c*riHT„ we are told, an importsnt huaiupna 
(>rnjKiHjtion he t'\iieCt"i W cloAe in the 
next ft-iv wfi'iis. lii« ntny (h only tem- 
porary, ■ » hi -i duties M president ef the 
riatlierinc Mjififeoaid comiKiny keep hi in 
blrny on the Coaft. 

HnllLhlT "n ^ntlirtlti y. 

lJuhinei<« baa kept Cecil Hoy-worth, 
tha EriffUBti producer, iu New York 

U to 

HI mil ttr l^iialnnil on KnTttr- 
mXtpr a irljt in Ainirten fo* 

MIIL'limr- Of ilinl J 111 '- lIKJllim 

are candltlonM Here, 

i Biaab lonaxr than h« cxneetwl A'lun h" 

[ tirnt aet Tiot hew. Mo hoped (o pn*n 

ChriHiTOne in Knelnn-I, but that brins 

out Of the o,iieptiot]-. ii conietillDR him- 

nelf with (he thoiichl he will «t len^l 

he home by th* lircl of Ifebniftr-?, Alow 

! Taylor, the "EnelWi Mary HoWord." 

[ who came orer ti» thif A4r. tvitli Mr. 

, ItvpwnrlTi t'i leain pometlllaaT ()i the wuy 

I plclure" are <rvfti|e mi th'ifi »irte. w[ll sail 

1 for Enciand Saturday. 

To Visit ITU l'Jiret^*. 
Jtow thnt l-arr; Triniblr lisa tofornu- 
tinn hia picture, "The Nitent Call/' WO 
l^o into i be I'aplroi in a few weekK, he 
thinks he can take ■■ llttli* vuraihn. 
With .la»e Mnrliii, his iiartner, be hn» 
hem <V«rttne . rm thia picture a year, 
Ula fiieeesB wilh ll hero In Xew York 
ha* inaile birn iliink he ran tnke the 
hiiliilAy. and In- i- in I'ortlnnil. Me., with 
bM pxrifntp. 

r (Joa* Afpftia f 

Sjieaklnr; of the pi'iitlemnji in vandi 1 - 
I'ille nn Site 1 ri^hi in, inrned rich! 
around, nnd wnll(ed rltfht out aC4ln, he 
haa nothing; mi [tulevc Kdtar Lnna, who 
..■uiu- bonn.' from Ha!iini'>Yi' nnd 'i>imrj+--ii 
ar/alu (he matt dav (nr the -..:,,■■ tfiXT. 
It»iniM fl (li.n takeN ItoherL to H.lIii. 
more on ell Iti'^e vinile. 

On llrr Vt'a-r Hrrr. 

f'lf"" liuduwMky. who ii now MrA, 
Frank M"ATp, U heodoct in ihlt uliWtioB, 
She \a unt Inuring her hnthand to seek 
the career the iifw.ypnpern tallsni W 
much about, lilr*. Mayo in onrHy eom- 
jne in New JTflPll to way fsiw-weli tt* hrr 
rioTinta. wtifh a»< siilinirfor Europe, lir.r 
father h Leopold tJodwivhky. tim lhbiiIhC. 

Piihld'T Kprnba C|» for flay*. 

Therr nf*"iiih to l"< a division or opinion 
on th" ji '!-■-;.'■: ;i - of cKoObJdji Will Ilrtyi 
to lii-firl ibe oini'on pietnre industry. 
The Rbt. (Vhriathin K. EEeixiier. of ttiO 
t'helaeii Mi'llonlj>l Moim-oiial Chttrcll, 
btwevfeV, i* mil »>ie who Is iftaljint ill- 

ToatniaJiter C! ral haiiui: n ehnrre? In 

hrinrj hariirony into ihc ranka. At hlf 
church Suinli? n'ljM be apok* in favor 
Of Mr. IIiiyV-4 a * -.on i Minn with Ihe in- 
duNtry and eonum-nd-d I be picLrire men 
for their wisdom i.i wfehiny hia advier. 

O'Jlrlen *luli«« i n*. -jrnrr-r. 

Now tittup fi'ltrirn »v ; ll denert + th"* 
film* /or the "Ir.jie — lint only for onn 
week. The Heknlrk attar ha* imparted 
fnr I>etrfilt. (Tajc-re he will nppenr before 
the rofitUtthts or ibe MAiliHOn Theatre '.a 
a ^peeiil'v written oronntnene. Tie will 
he ai-itimpftTiied Ity Tninar Ijioe. al-e fit 
th? Scb,alr-k forces. 

Glrta «1' 

> I'nrlr, 

The esitlr,' iiimpan>- t> f (lie "Zietfeld 
Midrichi Frolic" were the* of Nlnn 
and Kraip'rH Ihrir home on 

ItU'ernide Hrlvd- yenterday nf: :i tH 

a private mnllon pictnra Jhoiv. iu ivlrirh 
all nf their »■■■■■■■■ uppcarrii *.u Che acreiai. 
Several motion piernce Htaf« And tttago 
relebritles 3n Sen York \\\>rr pri^anL 

Trqit* Hotci 

Thf t-Milefl Ktat<-^ I n-l'iirf lln-nt Oi 
A^i-iiubiiee motion pictnra film, "The 
tIoau 7 "f the Little Pnrpli- Stamp." dhh 
Iwfu wnil r«wfivcil in London, where it 
waf rercntly rhown lo a LToiip of reprc- 
*enta,tlve>i of the meat tradr. some froni 
Koiiih Amefict. T1i ( p nhttsre (fcata with 
Kedenil meat Inspection fondrteie.1 by 
tJie Ilepnrthieijl. TJji' thoronalinwif of 
lite American meat insprcUau wemrd lo 
imprena that? who nr H. The man- 
OCer o( rtne of the Lntiri+w theaieea, who 
was nrwr-iit, made tlie anprtsitlfJii that 
many motion ptfiton 'nfliiWH we-itld h*r 
fflnil to Mhnw film* of tUU aorl pa rt 
nnrt or their enti-rtaluincnt. if they trerr* 
fihorti'r. He wtld tie helievml frlnea- 
tlonal films of tht* nature would make, 
no. appeal to nopnJr.r audiences, "The 
I'tiri>Te Statup'' will he jihowa ejrtrnalse- 
ly throuch Klimpean eounlniK n* a part 
of the immpaicii to iiernlo[i the foreign 
Riarket for Amerfenn men* prfjfjintft. 

A Line nr Two, 

The ^.Tlbitton -to the fir*r nbuwlup oE 
"FooUsh Wiie.n" at rho (.Vtitrul Tlien- 
tre rorjiJiin^ the word, "formal." 'So 
fnWcr tlina three jmiulHrs ■■: th<- indus- 
try hrive t. leplintii-d to »»S; '-f th'U means 
no one without ereiiluff clothes w'll be 
arlmitted. XM bciti* soriat editor of 
the newapnper irr paiK it aim; p. 

Harmless Means 

of Reducing Fat 

Many fat people fear ordinary iucidi for 

.■"•tiirlo.R Ihrlr w^lchl. ||err la no .-■ji ni-hj-. 
dlOnrj iisfllii]^ Kxfruorillimtv twauM 

wlijle perleetly hnraib-fa no dlfihig or mx- 
pci-ttir are'riecL-iiiiiry. Mariuoiii t'rem-rlinlon 
Tahte(-i ara mad? r tartly In un ^rdanee 
with thn rwuintii JliiniMln I'r- 1 - rlpi li-if, 
Vrtil reriiife MeqdllT and wialJy. wlto no III . 
rfftcti. Prernre tbtm frrtin ^o"r ilriiKA^'l : 
at ah* dollar f»i * eise or send prire oim.-; , 
lo lbs lUridfil* retormoy, tt,H Wocrdwaid j 
ATinufe, Detfott, MIh.-^, 


The Great Sale for Men 

3,261 Winter Suits and 3,115 Overcoats 

and Ulsters at the Lowest Prices Since 

the War for Quality Clothing 

In Both Clothing Stores 


Suits and Overcoats 

237 Suib — $36.00 grade 1 
176 Suiti — $40.00 gude \ 
169 Sirib— *45.00 grade J 

337 Suit> — $50.00 grade 
507 Suits — $66.00 gradi 

* ) 

210 Sulb — $80.00 grade ) 
ISO Suits — $86.00 grade ( 
45 Soil> — $70.00 grade (' 

87 Sdt. — $75.00 grade 

$ 38 

$ 48 


$35.00 grade — 236 Overcoats 
$40.00 graifc — 258 Overcoats 
$45.00 grade — 207 Overcoats 

$50.00 grade — 236 Overcoats 
$66.00 grade — 306 Overcoats 

560.00 grade — 135 Overcoats 

$65.00 grade — 157 Overcoats 

$70.00 grade — 122 Overcoats 

$75.00 grade — 110 Overcoats 

Burlington Arena* Floor, Nnw Buildbif. 

A special group or very fine Overcoals 
—$80, $85, $90 and $95 grades 

The aristocrats of the overcoat world — CroinbieSj 1 flj 
Carr's Meltons, and various imported fabrics. About 200 >■ 
in all 




Suits and Overcoats 

ISO Snits — $23.60 grade 
136 Suits $25.00 grade 

126 Suits — $27.50 grade 

87 Sniti— 430.00 grade 

121 Suita— $33.50 grade 

62 Suit. — $35.00 grade 

182 Suits^ — $37.50 grade 
112 Suits — $39.50 grade 
138 Suits — $40.00 grade 
124 Suits — $42.50 grade 
96 Suit*— $45.00 grade 



$ 23 

,50 ) $23.50 grade — 139 Overcoals 
$25.00 grade— 94 Overcoals 

I $27.50 grade — 139 Overcoats 

50 1 $30.00 grade — 114 Overcoats 

j $33.50 -Trade — 13£ Overcoats 

( $35.00 grade — 109 Overcoals 

| $37.50 grade — 164 Overcoats 

firs l $39.50 grade — 106 Overcoats 

> $40.00 grade— 143 Overcoals 

$42,50 grade — 131 Overcoats 

$45.00 grade — 73 Overcoats 

Brendwny, cor. Eighth. 

Wanamaker standard 
Wanamaker standard 
Wanamaker standard 
Wanamaker standard 
Wanamaker standard 

AH these things or 

V- A -L-U - E 

Other Special Sales arranged for the convenience of 
men ivho may wish to till several needs at one visit 

2,000 new Madras Shirts at $1.85 

Blacistone corded white madras, and satin-stripe madras in half a dozen excellent 
patterns and colorings; sizes 14 to 17; three sleeve lengths, 

$1.50, $2 Silk Neckties, 65c 

2,5oo. Wide variety of colorings and designs. The same j;*joJ four-in-hands we 
have sold 'a!l season at Sl. 50 and S2; some are duplicates of tics in our £i-eaf Qtrislmas 
special at 95c. 

Bwr.ta.cLen Areada Floor, New BuJdini. 


Wgt itlorning TOegrapfi 

TOU ». NO. 11, 

CtrtiPr l'i[!l»tl| (=11 


_ ...» <|IJ »t il-JTT ■ " L i, 

... E. Lewis, Pr«i!dFi)t, isiO Eighth Area*"*, 
iTeiiaffr. Co ETgiuh Aveaue. 

o coar*M'. «t n». Jl'b Eights atcdb*, i 
Verb, RoMO'th ni MltflmflL 
j«w. JBbti J. Sen, Jr., S#ert|lir 


tlltiKTl. Ad>*.tltll*t Uuttli 
Tel spina*, MM CirrM. 

William Le Baron Elevated to Post 
| of Director— Other Appoint, 
ments of Interest Made, 



TAt ii il co/trr orricc 

V.trLli»i„ lli.u 

. Mb#m»1l»pj Tr>m«— 1>*4tai Ta e»l.t In I lit t bIIkI Rikir* an-1 11* n«f "t »»l*r V. 

intfSBnaiT. *«e -erar. . ..... (21 JW | J}iJ1r sort Sunday;. ->reflJPO"-jjhi. .ifij.l" 

T»a""y only, en* year Kfl.W f I1«1]t qnljr. oat raoath.. „..U.« 

Daly orlv, Hi montH* , ]>JW> Stntfo Lw-— 1° 

I'UIt only. .tbn« uioii. L h4 ' BM I 

#"ninH» rtnly one rear ,'..."W.W t KuaftiT oslv. on* ntoQlIt .... M 

Sun«tr *it\ r . Mix month*,-. .. 'J,* J single ceplti ■ >* 

Bandar amy, ;arae i^»at...>... l.lfi • 

Can-r#,p r«tf«i- 

; a ^ 

'. I .>h ,- :I. a 

: ri" 

„ j**-j(*ir en - r1tiH*r tt w * . * W %- n r LH«, 3 UA * *J fdlltrt 
aelloe *f*ii file rtniW paper no ei'n rnsUee is en a eg* a. 
..j+iwri pniT*»* Ml** (tqUiMq an «ppilriinon._ " 
Tfnterrrl p; the NV*>art Pa-lrrrfcp i« ^■n ! .,|-n.i« Matter. 
*S TnO\nos tho Pully fl nfl He^tr Isews «f T*i«- MnrnthB TV leg en p* «r* <fl b» 
Bbeu) en »*i* nt On-ln?"** Amerir^n \Vf-« Ac-nrr. II ("teen Street. CiBrtng &•» 
Ja*.": P«ii M.iii 1-noilt ft r^Mriinr (V, Urgent ■ml Cartinc, **l?e*t»; TJ. ■>- WMlsT 
n FJi»fr#*h«ry a™. 

cgba— HAVANA, DUnmnfl S>n* Co.- rarit* Arcndt: Tht Atatriein %'#*■ Cnm- 
Paiij. ;bc.. Sol- '1. 


N'o picture va Xhi Bcrern nr \i\ay on op; - b!»** Is 
How a LiLW-Abid- : "'■' tir»maiic. ilian ihr ^jipryrc of IIip nc-erc, Lulb' 
inz Neero Brouirht 1In,1 ^- T - "-**** ** iwllcemeo. br nnnth^r npftro, Amos Scoit 
Another to Jus- 

It \ 


i* an rlicrly mnu, possc?Kfd of n scBss rtf jwnticr. 

And d*tprniiin>d to <io hin drrtj tt^ mutter wliflt [Tit 0097 

BfW\jS*' (br fplon ^llo brr*V;^ ihr- 1*tt it. a bliicS: mm. tht* 

n*gif> of I'hilnrlrljihia h«*h no T^nsflii ilir ii* $boutiI not 

bp pUDifbed (or bin ciitar^. When Mr: Swtt htanl tbnr. IWiIt wis »leenin,| 

in !t bouse nur bis cTLcf. Hf itUBalDDDed the paIIcf, anil nrcompanirci ti; oalj one 

■n*t>. tnarciird in wtcM V—'.-i- xrms tiiiiiu^. Si-n-t: W«lfa«d "P W !l,r ^ l:m . lv!l " 

v.-^.,;-.' f :..( :.- : t : ■■ t - - to hill hini. .in-! rho T.flu Jcuon-n lo br- airtn^d nnd df^pcratt, 

Bui 3<vjti hesitatrd not; he padded Boddy in tUr s-tomit-lj ^!ib a revolver nrnl 
erdrrrd him Co thfon* n-> hi- li.-irn!-. Wbtn F>rnjriy r'-rnii<u tin- a neapon Stuli 
thrraicnrd iti.-nj-i dtttb, nad wiilnmt daunt h<* troufd bfere fci^ii-rl him rather tbiu 
let liitn escspGi Clad oa\y in UDdcrc]DLbr> nod Irmjatrn. tl>r uvcro, Botldf. wM 
:. .:■ lo n fiolicr Btilion, Titb SctrU ATld «n« pollceU4b fijirdinR "him. Bodd^ ■■ iiE 
be !'r..:icJii to tbiH rtrj and IilLt nn will be Liil*d by thr lair. 

N/o one Mtr doubled ihat colored meo are br»re r their Talor ia the l4te 
■war vmm itboini on mKoy oeca^Iciis: but ^ometiaies (hey lav* Mbirlded msa nE tlieir 
""■;■; rtrt from officer* of JuiiLice. In Ibia vemarlcnhLe iai<- « negiro liiin-.*-lf ttji ■ 
tie cSoiPQ inst rumen t of (be law, nail be aciinltted hinraelf witt lionor. 

A man. labelled by An evening ncw^mpcr "*». ;.m: ::■-- ' ." 
Dininv Hat a Loit ' i '' l ^ c h oeuallj meiTiii some peraon wbojw thotiEbts abrarr 
« ' ■_ , it, ntr cectfred on his stoaUtb, bewails ihe fact that per- 

Art, but rer«mi , k , - . U11 , „ , 

_ sons In Ameelcn do not ''din*.' but merely -eat before 

Eat More Scnsibiy, poiriE t0 ^^ tbeaire." He depbrcs tbe fact tbtt tlfr 
cld>tjiuc dtnaer in ii»v; served a.ur tio[-e L And Ioue i for 
fbr "aid time*." ftoiftj bncli to ibe; old iimca wbeu mrn upeciaUted on eatint;, rre 
•»ril3 trll of a sample n«L Tbe toCn wbo ordered ii ctctt daj of his llfr Tr*e a 
notfi I^ondoner, a phyjilcian o[ naoriuoua fortune. This doctcr rtit<red bis favorite- 
restaurant Inte KWtvf .ifternooo, nud the waiicr i-inriedinielv placed before bim 
a large quaotiT.r of bread, one ^uftrt or Nlrouj ale, one quart &f p&ft wine and 
A ci!t o( brnndr,. Twn. conked fish accompanied thin raat quantltr of slTOnt; drink, 
aodl v. !:■!.■ i be doctor dcroured tbem be drank the i|U(iri of ale. Next the waiter 
»et before bim u plate hot from tbrj oven a a width was ft sirloin 8t*ak weiibing- 
one and one-half poundft. Vrolleil and red h»J. the meat being nccompauird bj a 
dish of potatoea. The diner washed ibis food dsn-n witli tbe nunrl *if port wins, 
nffplle tbe fact that bia Moaiaeh now contained one-half talton of drink awl 
aeveral pounds of aoUd food, the doctor neit waa served wilh a larte poninn of 
Wrong Cheshire rbeese. -niib biscuits, anil afier he bad ettcn tbem lie poured the 
gilE of brandy into hire stomach. There h a sample of one of tbe "Idtiiae diuern 
thiit "Eourmct" mlka alwut nud pniittf Man alive, if folk nre and drank in that 
fashion DO*adav^ moai of ibem would die frforr thej left Mie tiplr. and thoac 
who Mirrirw] would be drtTok. fcrtona of our dn.v ^a| wiaeJj anil of better food 
tban the old-timers 1 did. and wiil continue *t t» do. 


RItoU ana niiim 

Haul Film F**ta 

tlT, W. IloilUtn 

•ihun Ia.t|.. 
\»il Wtrrk, 
LaltrO H 


COr NT that day lost wbfcn Cm- 
mopnfitaa flow not have aouta ia* 
Temtting chauic" tn rtlaTt. Tea- 
taplay «me tlte new that a re- 
orjaniEutlon of lae pt"<>>icinfi depaTtmanl 
of thia cmainui. iwd Urii elfcCMlL Wit- 
liam I* Haron han Iw-nn named as direc- 
tor ganerah Verne H. P«trr aa scenario 
editor *od Hownni Inmc V«mil8 4" film 
editor. -. 

Mr. Lp Uar-u/v >.< « pMiUota carrier 
with it Ihr fiiiir,- r^^n'clhility oC the 
final a|ipn>Vni Vf >ll smvi". in.Hinse.1 
b> this compaiiT f»r |t r .nliiriion. He Vtri 
formertr r-ditor-in-chW. n ' rLtli '.. . t ^ ,ar 
Hjutuls wilts in imLwMii: o* Ms now 
lonora. lie bae Iteeii ritli I'MtnopeHtHn 
f*r rn-o years nud i- well nuwo M a. 
drt'niAtiet, Iibviiik ' mnifrihnted snch play" 
4s "The Yet* Idea." 'The llcho." "'Aiiple 
Blosaoitta" (wMcn bt wrote wllil" FflUt 
Krelaler and Victor Jtieolii), "t Love 
Ton," "Baefc t« Enrth" nud ytber»- 

/0K P b Urban has h*en rWalned tij 
Coanwpolilan res jiroilm^on mnnaa-er. lii* 
duilw cotmNtiiiE "f ewttttnlae, lighting 
and other altntlHr rtrliNtic nail creative 
work. William t-iur..iii i* iiumrdl on hU 

V*me Porter leaves tlte ]in»ltlu» of 
editor at-Cosmopolitan to pnier the film 
world* He has written ranch about our 
industry, lundy conatrufltfee and enter- 
laihing nrttclos beinK nnliblahed tiu»lna,tb« 
HnV he wait ntiaoeiate fditor i>f the Red 
BeO*. Bloo Book and Uroeu Boob. Mr. 
1'oiinfc lids had much |ir4dienl infMLun 
picture experlcnci-H lit hai boea nana- 
dated with Faineas T'layew-Laasr. 
Metro. World Fllma, Hie old }lellnii« 
COmpiny anil Kalera. 

H. I'. Carver Low been made gmrraJ 
rjanap»:-. -tthi^Ii sets al rtfct fill rumors 
that this one wad that «u« would taVr. 
Charje ai the International studio*. As; 
mnncmtic+d Sunday In The Mominj Tcle^ 
ftranb, Coimopoliiay will aWti fitfiri mat- 
ing "Enruiifa ftj[-WoniaB, H n serccu 
adaptation nf yieenic JJlasro IbdUca'* 


By E, J. SMITE. 

t»t«<-*l 0^3»Wi Ibtkt Mof«1nJ TWKUP 1 ") 

tVA3HI>"UTON, V. C .Ian. IU. 
A considerable riuinber of people who 
heard Triiijtau H, R a- nuarrj ilcrcnd hil 
title to a scat ln-the I'nltrd Htht*» Hen 
ato wi<re of (he opinion riitti he did his 
owa t-auac maienaf woela; ijuite n num- 
ber of others ivere of 6 oWtcflW 'iplnmn, 
innl th*re jou arc. NwbertT* anpeftr- 
■ nco for the rirst tivar lo speak ffir blm- 
solf vis cOhsmoulv rt-gorrfed a* an net ot 
ileHiiet-mJon. Those :*riiiii(»rn ouuo.wd lo 
MwitlnE him had run? the rhameca oil ht 
tall that h" hwl not appeared either be- 
fore tho iiiresiiitallnu' eomfnitt^ or be- 
fore (he. full body of tho SrnBlo to e^- 
eiilpnte liimseir from eomplloltj' in th« 
ulleet'd ivlviiN'<nIf> hiilisr.v nsi-l [vji-riiitn'ii 
nr Mirhiaiin votcra in the i>lff!!oir"Of 
1918. "hflii lie defeated Henry Ford for 
the Si-natcrta! otflre hjr only a small 
margin. Nrwuetry rrad a written "lite- 
tueul lliat showoil erldeacen ot iiirufnl 
prepsrattor, b^l ulibh, hi.Tlfrf ilowa io 
its eaacact. nmaiititcd lo noihuip morn 
tlifln a I'Oflfrsr-toti nf ieuorflnci? of wont 
bad arfuallv been, rlone b.v. his fnnuls 
rlthrr itr tfie prinutTyTir KCrirral +ta-iivri. 
A» fst L as h.? was personally rnnrrrned 
hs Iiadilt buiiKbl suvbody. and wlien h« 
finaiiv leimrft (hat ¥1Wi.'"K* bnd. i^r 
ajfrlit lo put nlin orer ho Mas hntb 
gmaxed A ad ao;-jn\r(»l, 

IVhvrP ?Ce«h*rry IL.-r.rl',ilrl. 


; la Booked to Open at the Royalty 

[ Theatre on Fobrumry 13 — Con- 

rJiita Fi finer ThroWi Rote, to 

David BelftBco — Gillette to 

Bpeak for Charity, 




Will Make Their Appearance in 
"Saiiy' r Tn-airjht-— Eoae polandlo 
Tarns Anthor— TrtJflk Tay Be* 
Uearsin^ N«w Bevuc — Ir- 
ving Berlin Still Here. 



UTHINC short o( -■ cjUftHtrophe at 
net will stop Brock Petnhrrion 
from jiresrmhJs -linter MadnWe" 
In hoadon'uow. " lie said to taiia- 
I self ye»icrdny. 
-^PoraUrtoii iirt.-i lf»'he.l iiat«Hg* *m lh* 
I BllltJ^- titnl in *-1io(ImW i- ""J wil fur the 

eritisJa cajiilnl an Saturday ^iwnriii^i to 
. .Ji 


ntfltrttl itf III 


BKTTY nmi'sov. 
-],- nil] nl«r ID l*eui*by-n HtnntAtVH'N 
l>rri<]iiLMloi:. "Tht ],mv and lbs 
VDURai" '' M'li \\tll he aetn at 
ihr lllvoll next WCrk. 

and dlslnhiuion of lt>4 L'ataiiioiiiil pic 
Hires throaah the "'irrnilni Ottmptft ^, A- 
vt Mciir.) City. X*. it Isn't h liraud of 
tigars, ilrar radars; it is the name »f a 
i*.i;ll-krn_)Vii i'1-ti iliutbij; nra&iilzaiion hi 
Aloiii-Ji. It. 1*. J-AnBiobi. an Aiuprvi-**. 
is the owner of tlie OftCtiltO tllitii|ita, 
which i^ ctoinc; a land-oftiee Im^iiM^ in 
our si.Mti'r cotjuttj - - Thn Tt-atrti (Jlimpta 
bah .ii-.-i been opened in Me*k*>i City with 
a proaram that would not <lun)e out- 
own Brnndwaj- in its arraiiHeinent. 

Slmdfi uf Unuita. 
I'rtnoc'lt not to be nuttltma by Amer- 
ica on the subject of "The Three Mttfc- 
keteerf." Nor ib Uouj the only actur 

boak. It la planned to make thia »n* [ vfk i,,, fl mortgage nn l>'Arta(rnanV 

Here is a plnin story of a happening of-AInnihy nijbt 
Be Warned A^ain, >bftt contains a warning- IlobefL Conlon, a youth of 18, 

and Drink Noth- ' 


It Be 

I & jiany in West Kor(y-£ifth otreet MoQday nigbt, 
being aecomimnfed bj his friend. Arthur Wllllam-i, U-iuk* 
Bcrvsd and probably ibr drinkers enjoyed ibcm. 
ly it wm dtHeoTCred rati there wa» nothing Wt in 
(be bottle-;, nud one or the giifstfl at the -party sfjugbt nut. 
a bootlegger and secured upotber bottle of what was .nlled wbiety. T» unfi <' on lon 
drank from it and shortly aficrwcrd be and his frieml, WIlHuras. storied fur Con- 
Ion's hone in Amsterdam avenue. While wall;ibg north Coutbn* snddriily M^oiipcd 
and cried out that be ejuid not itce. H* was sion* bllatl. The boltle of llciu&r 
procured from ihe linoilrggcr eontaineil wood alcohol. Thin deadly poiaoa if it 
decs Bot ill) thoflc who drink it. teuders tbem blind. Conlon Beve? will we ngnlu, 
oiore'n the pity, < 

Hetaen only knows why men mil xtfr* tte eLtncca they do and K.nErOnt the 
ftite that av-nic drinker?, of li'innr.. tiotight [nun bocilcggerrt^ The sellers of the 
>luff do not car?; nil tbry «i^b is to get tlte money H J>tJ go incir crooked -vyy wi 
the bunt (or other rrrcu to poifion nud toiike bthtdu Of coursr. it i^ ajuln-ii the 
law to tell even good titjuor. nnd the vendor of it is pualnhed if caught, bin lis is 
nrvrnhetcM n law riotator, and there ari> men so low tbtl they wlH deal e»ep 
I alcohol, tlrcateug the lfl»- against selling j^iroaj drlok will lead ihem ti 
break another law— the statute width fortlcis one man to klD. another, At about 
the bme C^nhin weat blind fi^e men wprp ifytpg from the offrcis <>r wood alcohol. 
The terrlhJp woruing ihat S geB with Caalon** bliadnesn apd ihr death of tJiCF* 
Mvc men is uti plain that be who rendo the siory of ihr ti-igedies tJ ni deduce It 
bimsetf. Better n live man with a thirat ihan a dead man. 

of the nuwt prttcntioui pn>rtnctlom 
mnted out hy tliit eqtilpoiiy- 

lidii lo tbe Oaa«e> 
The moat recent dennrture Id OttB BlW 
elrtlca for Hie CoBBt is W. W. HodHu- 
sob. who t<M4 Ihc fiwt esprcsj yesterday 
for Loa Ansele-'k Mr. Hodkinson hrt^ 
decided to jojjl tl« FCRt of the pre'ducer* 
ami healu ntrtiviti^ in tht^ coLdcn \\r,n. 
Jle will HUfwrvise K"\Vral pH.diicliints to 
he started when he reai-bes his i!e*lltni- 

l-'lrat SodUi SJc'b Film. 
There in alvTiys sorncslilns; new nailer 
tlie itin, with apologies to tlaitl sentlemnu 
who Hid the opposite. Tin* latittl 'l.».A 
on&ErotioD Of proof "( this 1? the arrival 
from ihr 'South Kea» of ;« 1ilni. 'Thr La- 
gwo oT I.Je*ll*e," whieh liAi Ipwii nmde by 
tbe Pie Want t'rodiK-tldn Cnuipany, or- 
gnniErd in i.ialiJorniu Ln*t year for the 
purpo^A of pTodiiiiing pictureA in the ne- 
tual iocalea, Arthur Bwwfl. dirwrtor 
toot a corapttny i« Prtpetl^, tnpital of Ta 
hfli, to get iJie aCluni crremouira "t th" 
halt tea. Hundred* of dark skinned matt 
and women took parr, The be« kn^wti 
of the white pinyec in Un- wi«t nn- Ktnh 
Itnnirk. BdMrd II cam. Wuli Whitman 
and Frederick Sinticii. M. t'tlandcr, 
who, wilh E. F. AUer. ]*-fl 3cui l-'rqii.-isO 
Itt^t Fall for Tnliiti, U» in New York, and 
we may aspect to tee lh^ picture very 
Bhortls. Soiilh -Sea Htociej an; c«cpcd' 
ingly popular since Frederick O'Hriaa 
and Someraet Maugham made ■:,■ n: in'icr- 
j"3fiTis tft atl lovern of good readlruj. 

AdvrhlLin'-M. (.iiiiiinnat has just liaisbcd 
'riinini: Ditm3**s well-known story — and i 
listen to thitt. it ■!■? io!d in lhlrty<f)Lr rreb. I 
Kvitfenlly Anierlra is not thn only i.-" 11 - 
try that CaU afford ii Von >>troheint + 

was by no meaUf i«ir>ren*:ve but when It 
camr io hN enmloaTl»n hy Senator 
TT*I*h of Mooiana the defendant anowcil 
lo betirr ndvontage. Ill* rcptlcsf were 
fclreii with jrreat iipp»ietit candor nnd 
mdii'Ateci that he rettjy wan oaiWSK of 
(lie very raw ivort that liud inrii d»>jnj 
in tih hphnlf. In the Itc^Inniap It had 
been tbe pur|M»» of mhiorliy Senatom 
ivho had hen bitter U their npposlticm 
t« se-attng Noivbciry lu liri'klc blm by 
|n:tliiu- lo JtWlt ijlli.'.-tir>n»i Unit lioipl lirtifl 

twtn eraliarra»5fng. Kor some rcM^n 
(Ills, plau wad abandoned ami lie was not 
•1 1] s^t lotted, hy tiny an the muioelty nbd# 
Hart- S»riE!i.:' Walsh, and frein thn.1 flr- 
deal Newhrrry emerged- in perhaps bet- 
ter iita;' ■ :''iiu if ho bed nol been asked 
any nnrMina* at nil. When the con- 
clnalve rotr on Ihe retention of In'IS^i-nt 
il mkc ii the latter part of the week the 
drfeurlsnt js likcty ro win out hy a very 
few votes, bui it has Blretdy entered 
tbe minds of many ilepublicnn &cunLora 
(bat in allowing bltn Co remain a mem- 
ber of larlr hotly the conse»'iuences will 
b> tlania^iujr to the Ftepiibllenu parry\ 
It J» still recent history that thone Senn- 
tftrn. oo the nemocrane fide whn volod 
iu faror of the retention Of IiIh aent by 
Wi'']i:sin Lorrlmrr dug their own ponti- 
les] graves., [n Ibis Newberry case I here 
Would h- ii solidly negative vote Rifhln>t 
the rirfrndnnt "itb the ■ioelv esn-|ith>ii 
ef Tom WniKoa of Georgia, who h a 
law unto nlaifcrlr and who* will vote to 
■Olt h.lJ"is*lf rrgordlesi- of rermlts, From 
a ftandpaiitt: of politic* purely the Hb- 
pabUeknj arc playing liiibt Into the 
hands "f i Ist'Er opponents In the uphold- 
ing at Now berry. 

There 1? Dp bisgri--heart< , ci nr mora 
kindly dlspoacl man in the United Ktnle.i 
Si-pATO than Sir. Spcpeer of Mkwsuri. it 

_.glu prepnratlonrt for the foretj-ti pm 
dllction oi ilin comedy in wln-li GUtHi 
Vuri'si and "Sormni"- Trevor wrn- sern here 
under hi» ni^uagi'mfnt for »w umny 
month f I art smiwwi. 

Mi-- Vrtresi ivill iiS-'p ere^s the Attan- 
II, U, twiiloiiv in «hr- j-ole .-T Miirtame. 
ami ilnTi- "I- four »f the chnriu'trr pUyort* 
vrill 1m- taken nJong for ihrir ivtiftinpl 
pnrLs. The leftdtng male rate, liovicver, 
tAU he pnnrarrd by DOOIUl t-adie, one 
of ihe. forcDHpil start" Ot ihr- i:itgli=Hh atnge. 

"Enter Mndiinir" will mrtkf its first ap- 
iu-:.niti.-r in XabUOD 00 I'ebnriry Ifl at 
the Bojaltj Then* re, 

>tlrrnr n Stontbtr r«P#r. 

After forty yesrs a* ji weekly theatrical 
puhiMttvii the Dranlatie Mirror ban 
elihUS'^l It" poliry aad will henceforth be 
issued :t« it monthly ina^ualne. The new 
era will lie iiiangvraierl with tIiu Febra- 
Bry 1 number. ' 

8. *1ay KAtifnuift and <•■ 3. Ivnuimnn 
mill contb'ue sw eilijor in-i hi'i uud mmt- 
aglnc editor, reopcctlvely^ 

t'oncrlilln nnU Be*taac4l 

When it cointa t* fancy, citrn special 

-.iunpiin;. John fori Would Cflil your nt- 

tcntton W Lit lie Cotichita I'tquer, lb'- 

if ihe "Slower Smic" fanns 

niBia hr WM;t 
CDM.T1ITA I'litl i:n. 
fpnnKli Stnu*r vt "Th* Willi Lnl." 
who -n-bs rei'i'iilly eompllmpnicil 
by David Aslairu. Kirl ' 

of distrcea narrated by tt 
[i) L ui-iM> young mnn, who tnld him that 
lie :■.'..:■ •■■■■■■:> robbed of all his cash while 
■ n) a Pullman rftr between N«W Yolk Slid 
Washtnrrloii. Tho trick waa so ingeni- 
ously Worked to to be worthy of rccont* 
iiig. The SeilAtnr W(U appureptly •.■"■- 
Ksged by a prrxutinl frtchd &f his In a 
Ion- distance telephone call, ostttiaibly 
'■Eminaimg from St. I.ouls- Tbln friend, 
a prbmincnl hanker^ related that bis -mi 
bin] been i-"hbcrt and asked the Senator 
to supply him with nf-vewury funrli*, Vtf 
vrmpatlietir was the Missouri stnti'smnn 
that he went in per sou to Ihe Union Sto- 
tion. where he mil lire young man whObu 
"I., ihe i iipilol nt-Kt week comes Irank 1 vnm |,ad been purlninwl and iJien npd 
Lloyd's hiteni Coldvyn prntliictiao, 'Tbe j there plnyeil the bthmI Samaritan net hy 
Mini Frnm I^jst Ilh-yr." The' story u ihr I ,hf " 'w^owal of *I(Jft. Pr-rfo*d thanks 
,. ■ , . . ,, ,^., , ,,. ,.,., rik anil n cheek time, will never he mshed 
Urn original phoio-play by Kothennc U|, h l,l„ „-. j w \ Kwr .^ da, wero given In 
NewlUL linrt, wlm ban eoutributiHl wveral i rrtiini. Then, the ptwiudler ditrnplK-arHl 
- 'ilifr storirtj _«(■ ilie_j<preen :itl;i|UHl from j a. ml lite police are doing tbrirVhest to lo- 

Anritbrr "Throilora.' 1 
Wr arc ptopiised another "Theodora."' 
Ai Cmrhicrf, wl« wrote the continuity 
'and directed the picture. I* now at wort 
od another spectacle which fs to oil t- 
Thnodnrn "Tlieodor.i" If the enthuslnstJC 
(foltiwyn pi fi. e*n be briioveJ. 



Jji'c (iriion. UotUC Peters lukip* the lemi 
in(S rob: oi« the furnlwr forenutb and tbe 
c»«i inclutles Fritai Hmnett, Allan .JLitt- 
rvtit, Jaair» t'reeu. M<nit" '.'tflllOs sn*I 

illUn Uavcwpotft 

They ■ 
ltter. Vt 

nice Tji 

T"l«rcn^r f-n 

r nil come to 

rrr—rr iirrr- 

Ceaaorslilp .Itit'i 


Tfc.f Stara On Ttl"; — hu( Can't Comyel Hr n .i vrttrnt They >ay. 

T7-Mrt r-prtn-Mw 

**■ Nrptune in 

It is a lien* 

whilr- Neptune is 

should be ihr rule to-dn? 
■ in benenc aspccl. 
for large imitative, for 
in frirodly sway. 

nceerdins to nMr^lagy. far JinUta artel 
tb'- vijion should be k'ei 

An attack on 
l>y Klmar USe, 
IVnse" a atl "On 
*t the 


pusorelihi will be made 

ulhor of '*F«- the Dc* 

rrinl" to-njorrmr arm- 

Itiil^e Hifj]i Sehool. 

1'ronklyn. and sCAln »n W/.tunltiT, Jtiuii 
ai-v ID. At Piililic School N'o. l«Ji. Alau- 
bat Pin. 

Mr, ufee, who recently returned from 
mo .t-casrs, In the atndio-> »t Los An- 
gp|*s, w!H poirft out the meitate of cen- 
-i: -hij-i in Will acreen ami sta^p, lie is 
a member of tho Authors* IrfBEue, and 
will lippeur nn botli a repfs'-alotivo of 
ili»: organisation and or the National 
A--iin.'ia'ion of th L ' .M-i ■■:; I'-.ttirc lu- 

.Mr. Kfc* [8 the Urst P r several ^rakcr* 
arrauaetl for by the Xatiuna* AxaOi^t' 
(Wn lo lecture against r'-n^r>r«Eiip la the 
high acnoola of New Vork, Thmoch the 
e*iirtesy ft tho llnnrd of Kducction thi-se 
iet.ttlres bavt- tn'"-n N-heduleil dtirlnjg the 
niontbs of January and February. They 
will he attended ; ■■..■■■ ;•■;-.', ■ hy ■-■■,,■,.■■,'. 
and the uarfTii . of scbnol children. An 
attractive motion picture urogram will 
ln» given in cbuuei-tinn witu Mr. Hire's 
InCtDna. Tbe fllmK for thiK-pnrp<ivr have 
bcea donated by dbrtribiltor memb-rs t,t 

New York iKHiiter or 
c have witli no thh fiOtk Flaf 
arnmce, urn lion picLure editor of 
tbe Los Ans"lcH b'xaminer. a writer who 
has runny Weinla iu lire imhistry, M^M 
Jrfhwn-iier U lien* to look nt the llieatn^. 
ilit Home uli op pit! J and liri-et lot irld 
Metiib. 'flier- nre ii numbirrof enii-r- 
TaiiituehTi pluiiiti-d In lier honor. 

Ilerbrrl li«W« H*turn«. 

L>i-spit*> (he glowing nceonkla of Hie 
(>ar.l, lferbert llowe in hack iu Now 
York. IJr ftflj^ be i* here ly stay until 
Spring, whim , he ripest* to fto nbn 

cate him. Tbe I rick was discovered in .. 
"rerj brief time for the rea-ion lh«t thq 
Sehntor irom^lintt-ly a&n\ a' wire to lint 
banker fciend in S|, Lowin inarming hLtu 
iluii mi son's pressing nunls had been 
relieved, only le get on imtnediatfl ntt- 
fcwer thnl the son was right there io ft. 
Louis and wasn't lu noed of hnan- 
el;il nsswtance. It sccmti io bo a decree 
of ilnttiny that every new Senator must 
he tlrered, and c* the victim in the prw 
cni case in serving bis. first term, it was 
in the order vt ordained things fur him 
It* uppenr in the nde uf vftttro. Tht: 
He no tor in relating the episode tmtghih;;- 
ly obaerveil that he hud bought a pico- of 
li-i'HuI iTjii'i-ii'iLn', tli^ ilpx! uJiurpir 
who did him up wtrald Jiave to ba tery 
sh^rp, iudoeU,, 

Why T -til ei lljirrcti !.«in,-;n ,. 

That ilIn<itrious American, J«bn Ear 
rett. who for so long & time was direc- 
tor of ihe Pan -American bureau, ctttoei 
Vvltb'itie entire industry moving aenes J «<? the front with o mournful dlrg.*. the 
Ihe cichii we «ho'l s.«n have many va- ■ £,s '.' £ ** ,,le " '» ihnt Poiwn PWpngWidi 
runt i-hjiirs. Mir, llown jmU'k Hollyw.«..l j H hnng r>ent from l\aKflmgton_thruaKb- 
iff fur fri.m ihe gay place the nlsgitltlwl j "■'"' '■"- wouBiey iu make Ammtan rln- 
New "forkcrs plctwn; it. At the prfwnt w™ hostile to the four-imwer tremy and 
moment it i" 'hiid-dlv dAjjl. * [" ,Ue (h»"BE» of the Jieuc^ parley rOn 


To Hpi Ire ('tiBplt 

in is a revival worth while 


IV hi 

real Oharlic Chniilin-pielure 
f to he cnileil Lurk.. That u what 
■T. 1). Williams. beMeves. FuTtiicnnore, 
that is exactly what he intends: lo do. 
Ue has .plan nod to- revive the four pic- 
ture* Mr. I'hnpliu mail-* for Associated 
First "N'ationpL They will be rdjautd in 
Tlie following onlcr of release: Fehnttiry 
ii, "A 1'u^'rt Life": March 8, "■flliun)'- 
■ida* : April 3. •"Shoulder Arms," tun] 
Mil.v 1. "A Day's Pleasure." 

."yew Weekly ProaranKr. 
At the llinli" Tlicttre. next Snndaj 
N"rsrI*o1U make AH iuitjal appei 

fjood luck should follow those who open stores or entT into new Doalneia tittt- 
necUonfl under Ibis planetary rule. 

Jupiter promteea wuecens tn oil men tj*jo nre his iQbjecta aodVr^ldeni Iliird- 
iog. in particoiar. (.Iioyh] benefit at this time, 

■OvertwAs Jioorijryu begun to-day should he mo»l fortunaie. making for linaa- 
eial gain Ma well as enjoyment, 

iliidges. lawyrrh and sutteicnten of every rank are well directed fry the planeif 
at Jliij*. time, wicdorn ind undcraUiiduig being their Tot. if the stars ar* rich til 

Large bational enterprises ore' foreca*r. the trndeney daring the year hfju; 
more and mure toward Stale cj-opcralioo in tremendous projects. 

Tb* TVrnlrni coaet will prosper durfng the nett few nunithi, It is progooflli. 
ratrd. ihrotigb coramrrce as well a? indie. Xrw indut-triea ivill seek ihe Padfti: 

The nfflieiion of the Moon ruling the eighth hou ffB ilcnotes uausual ntortality 
aniong womm. especially io childbirth. 

Ther* is a sifa pref-nging eitraordinnry' pslftlral activity among women, as 
writ hi men. early in tbe spring, 

A jdjrn Is r^sd ,is (clving warning that member^ of ihe I'reaidciil's Cabinet nay 
disanrres fluff more thiin one resignation ia foretold. 

-InpiteT, culminating at Berlin, give* proline o( iuerpnsed pf-Oiperlty for G«r- 
inauy. to which the Unilnf Ktatcs will contribute. 

Thr new moou of January *JT ""oreeiists favorable eonKoercial condition* for 

IVrtaHM* Mhose blrtbdata it is bari- a happy ttugury for the year. The"- should 
iTo'.l ail li*igatii.i;. 

Children bom *n thii- day piob<bi> iv'll be gcEicjally-^ue'-eiflfijl in all their 
ondrnabings. Th>-j -1,'uM be mlratcd arid rnter]irl?in|. i 

tCopyrf-rht, HS2T"" 

ami reliable- ) the Nat'ongl Assai'latioi 

„ picture of iiKMleru life, '"Tin. 
-f****. gftr^rier. \ f ^^ ,, <)lin „ BBH , nhl , 

Wgtch your jokeK, tides, Adella Pot ~Jco~r~~4 Jncobl, two of the iMMt-koowu 

■h airman of tbr- CotnmfUeo ..n Law screen wtitm in KunuH-. prepanvl lln 

script and ihe Lit I it directed tbe piciuro 

rv *" 
Korom-mcnt. *p»*aJ** to the , motion pjr- ^.^ 
Lure folk with a requett that they fci ' 

el| "oki* hearing- do the caforinncat of 
Ihe Volatenri Ai-t away from the itcTi-eii. 
She my the mot ha pb-ttniy ire a tree 

tin -:r|m>., jnl"Ui'HCi' in CVCfy r"IUHi mi'lv. 

and eat) otTer a splendid oppoi-t unity lo 
have tli's EaW enfon-wl. We almesi Hgld 
|o.tni|ir. hut of count" w-p nitlit not he 

t last tbf 

Harvey Kales I.-j-'--, ll'a 

Just when be ulanncd t 

validity of Ihe Yolnlrm" Art 

| thing Harrry Gitea had to 

j lo tbe liohiiltal ;.nd bsy* hi 

I rpoiovetf. It happened duriri 

da,yi= and despite the miitow 

\tiiiae acytblo": at HnrTHi' 

tjateis ii d«itm very oivrly 

ttuiie bis aeeaario i\ nr".- ii 

l.. ...Li. 1 !U, t;„„,| T!in,-fc. 

Mcs'co City iK^going tu flgui-e'ln tlie 
distribution life of FanoiUt- I'layera- 
i.-i'-S..-. In a prominent way, wo abontd 
fcf i% . *ecjm|iru{ to the atntiimiit Hiinii- hy 

lit- will 

few da, 

K. Shauer. tlirector of rhc *"(..,. 
irirtliUUL of that runipanv. A runtract 
ibs Just becu tljavd for tao cibibllloa 

fttaEeil by Mr. .1^ 
colli In tbia porerii dniitio denliug will; 
nighr llfs In Paris ar«> wiiil Pi rival any- 
thing ever WSi here from Kurope, 

The femnre progrmn at Ebo Hlvoli vjII 
lw I'enrhyn -Sluirlow^'s The Law uml 
the WoPian," wiih Hi'tiy Cioanson. It 
is adapted from Clyde Fitcli"a "The 
Woman in ihe, Cbsp." Clet-i ltldf*eiy. for- 
uiorly wP'* <if Hie most popiihtr of aerecti 
stars, will npprsr iu the role of CI urn 
FrMtrr. Ol+ien i» the enai. will bfl Wil 
lime T. Curlmu. Crufflriii B|erKiMM r Henry 
ijit^rowr. ll'-len l>unhiir. (.'Inr'-iic'; Pin- 
ton otu! .1. S. -Slrmbrhliio. Cecil B. De- 
Milh-\ 'Pool's Paradi*'-'"" will remaiti in 
tho Criterion Tor irs tilth werfe with lira 
»uvroundlng progrnui unchanged. 

.A Line or Tvrw. 

"That i» Eratt Lnhltxch. the famnoa 
Ucrnian director,'' aaid Frnicriritr JamMi 
Siuiih. «howiug the bighla to his friend 
Herbert Howe, who has just returned 
from ihe Co*M- 

"W litre, where i" Rapped Mr. Howe. 

.lust then Mr. Liibltwcb gave both 
young nica a winiiiiiu. mjiIIu and a ewcep' 
',■■■;■ bOW. 

■■Say," Kiiid Mr. Smith, -'do you know 
that it the lies! director that eter ".[loke. 
to mtv M 

rerence in jjcnetal. Mr. BflrreM. who 
hits really done mime- very useful thlttgn 
io the interest: of bis count rj-meu, mid 
who ia one of the bent informed men on 
iuteruiiTional ntfairH, nerer losen an np- 
portualty to chcckmulD the dark and 
devloua ways of COIislllrAtors of every 
tlpHeripiic-n. In thia case he doe» not 
specify who ihe criminals are, hut be 
..:■. I 1 !. :ii;i--.-i - their dirty Wo^rk mid pnu 
the couutry on notice. The fotir-powe*; 
treaty is not going to :"j;ii — not Jf John 
Darrctt can help it) and he thinks he 

Heimtnr Smoot of Utah went after the 
P-ublie. i [.-.iltlt Service the other dn } - in 
H way thnt that Bureau will not noon 
forger. This Kiune bureair, it will he ru- 
mrmberetl, had. the countrj- stirredto a 
hysterica] degree some nil rriouihn n-.. fey 
giviag out a "report that a nuniber «f 
Southern Hittcs had an epidemic of pel- 
liiKr-0. broujrlil about hy inViffietetit fw>L 
There wn» teSH! pellagra, but it wns in 
sporadic fomn and not in a tdngla Kioto 
■jMiitJi of MawiL Olid llisort's line wew 
ihe j>c-jple on short rations. To put it 
mildly ii wna a case of bnrc-fncevl cxoH" 
ccrnlion on the part of W'nshlngton 
Ititrciiucrm.'i. Kow tW> ««tnc hraneh Of 
the government ho* been conducting n 
propagmolfl, the object of which .ia to 
amiiae (literal ap|io*liloii tint threatened 
cut in ttie lfay of^Iie refrfrve nfficera of 
lie Public Health Service. Alluding tw 
thiit effort <bc Utltb tk-nntor sn)d : 

"I wish tu stnte tli*ie has. never been 
a proi-oidiiou inade to cut the pay of 
thesp reserve effieera.' The pnriposiltion la 
that these men khall rontluue *.« (reut the 
holdiers in tho hospitals jwst ihe nonie 
as they Ore doing to-dav and he paid the 
same nmnnnt they are bcinj pain lodny, 
but denying tTiCW retirement prlvilegeg, 
I do not believe il in nceeomry Lo have a 
man clothed wllb the power of nn oflieer 
of ihe regular army ncforc he Can at- 
tend lo n wounded tOldicr. 

"Mr. rrcsidnivL I do not wish to take 
lb* limn #T the Sennto this morning m 
rill attention to what hilt been going ot" 
ln i hi- Pub'lr Health Bitvict. 1 nm -in- 
ply Roiug to contcfiL mjself by -taying 
that If -■■■■■- 

Wtld Cat" nt ihe I'nrk Theatre. 
This vQiins woman not only i-inplc-: mtl 
uoUVrilfi in tire itndience. it would Kcem, 
but *h+; tfocs lire sister sirens Of tha 
- 1 . :-.'■ one bettt-r by nuitlng forth MR)**! 
rrom her baaJtet ttl tin- MlijecJ: f'f h*r at- 
L'Ntii'ii", rlo-reby making her efforts 
doubly effective. 

Oil' 1 of tlte latest victim*— "ililif.iigh 
lhat i* "icareely tiie proper word — i.t sucn 
ii disphtv "f ntteiiibm \n I'-iviti ltila.ic.iij 
no ietts. Thai etninenL producer nttctid- 
Lil "The ^^■ild Cat" the othci evening 
nnd found it blooming flower thruwu 
■lircctly tin*? his lap and after the per- 
forming, ho want Mntltago to Ltjiigratii- 
liiii- the [unite artinc on her singing. 

"A grcot future is nwiilting you on 
tin- Ainericou trbajti, ' Mr, Bern-*?, told 
in-!- nml thriL in te^ininse to her plea thai 
^bcM-oke Jio English, ho nddnd. '-Thai 
dueHl-t maLtor mnclt. My tttperience iidla 
me there nre plenty of others wfth u 
uLmilur: comphiint." 

ttjiteb. it ntrunf-to it* nfty'lie lakeo 
nny way one i» disposed to view hi* 

enieito to -tpenii. 

Xow William CUlsttt, nLt-peariiit* fit the 
Umpire in "Thn l.'rcum Maker," has 
taken lo public speaking. His excuse ia 
k worthy une, however, for it \i mijfitn 
by rhurity. 

■ .Mr. tlillctlc Ini-i. coiutentnl to tlelncr 
All iidilri-*a jit the lliiibjcuii; Lu be ;i^il 
at the reiiideiiw of Mrs. Cornelius Vau- 
(ierbtlt. ttitl I- it'Lh tiK:i»Lir, on Tu«SJdaj 
nflnrnoon next for the benefit of lh« 
liner Mrmnrial House at Hope Farm, 

Mr. QDlatte, ineitfonlxlly, 1^ one al tb* 
few MtufH «>l the sihrc wbo \iau lint d'n- 
tiiieuoa of never having hi-HQ inT"-i-i i« l <*od, 

Fanil Home c~n**iM la Attend, 

j By way of Toeiprpelly lna Clnbrc will 

\ net as hostess to the guests ot thtf Actoro 

Fund Llome at tlio Hiti this nftemuon 

for her pcrf«irmo nco M ''Ulnebcurd's 

JJIjithtb Wii*" 

j Mi*« Claire was recent iy "Hiterla.laea 
i dt thr lionw by invitation --f Oanlel 
t Frobmuu, prcnld^at of the fuii-i. and brr 
f iiivjmtlon wHI be in the nature of -Mnirir- 

!iu[; jiL-roiinlH. 
The matinre, Incldentatly. will luotk 
the 12."ith pcrforinauee of Her «hjfiy. 

At m Rf«, Mlehaet .T. flrrne. 

WliUv .iir.]ni-i lii ■ from Atnnta, *ia.. 
se^ia-nlio,' recorded |he .\.< l < ; ilicr*- tif 
Rov. Michael 4. Uyme, for years chnp- 

I lain of the Federni prison of Hint city, 
il in not generally known thal..tlihi ■-■mi" 
riergyman befon- lupins ordained Into the 
in iesthootl was for u lorn: i iioe one of On: 

I beal known showmcu of other days. 

" For years he ftiwreil the eoiintfy as n 
locnibcr of the noteil acrobatic tvaid of 
ihe lUrne lirolhrrn hi a TCh^C i-alJrd 
"Klghti I3clW." aiiij it was only, in lite 
last ileutde and a hulf thai he hi rued 
[mm (he Iheslrk-al field to tlencnl pur- 

"Frank Fay s KnblrV and i* to he pre- 
ai-nted under the iiii|iui|*ciiii-iu of John 

1'iiy Kemliill \% singing tin- da?ces. 

trvlBJC Ilerlln "Still Here 

rion'l be deeelveil into tliinkiiiS Irrifig: 
Brrlln is »n the iiiuh ■**«■ »;- !"» merry 
way io Mtirmir. mi ilie word of Sum El. 
Harris. BwBn Is Mill atictttnc fcy our 
fair eiiy despite ramora to the contrary, 
and her'* lie will retmiiu. or Mr. llnrrM 
will Inst- all faith in mankind. 


si llrln, Ha 


Lionel Hah. favorite polilh-inu of 
nromlway, lus turned iishlc from hls.'piir- 
ftuit of (he presidency OE may orally op 
whn irv-r "tli'T- It was he was running for 
ai ihr in'.; elrclloli, lu'tnk'c ln> the reins 
of el-p-dis rie'itl inotioeciwliiji lu the tutert-sts 
of 1'eggy Mnrsti. 

Misj Jinrsli will nhvrliy appOrtr in 
vaudeville in a dancing act with tier hn» 
band. n nephew of the lute Mayor Tom 
■ .fdlUSon «f I'll :VeJntml h |i|li| J[Ho i* jiO nUp- 
I of the BucceM whieh in uwalling Iter up- 
I peaennee he ht willing lo fiiri-w<« nil potto* 
f lijil honors nf public n(lice tr> t-ast hh lot 
[ .villi the beam. . 

' Paris Wniils Elaln Janla Back. 

j'iiii' WHlttii i'i-i'" Janis linck nnd, in 
the words of the nncirnt Rd^erttscment. 
ft won't be happy till it gem her. Jllsr 
to prove ft. Monn. Jtrctiu, one of tho 
forcnifiHl impresarios of the French capi- 
tal, cubled her yesrcrdBy, urgluK her to 
run over there, and help him open his 
newest theatre, miw-ncaring completion, 
and he n!n>™t pnmlftid to JiBlnc It after 

This is unusual and upsets alt French 
prei-Tdi 'Tjis, Mark A. Ltli-Sclier lH)iitift out 
glrefiilly. ,ii tin- snme time mlding lltnr 
Miss JnuiK and liar i;niig nrc still going 
to ojien in Iheic new revue at Ihe Gaiety 
Themre here nn Mom|ny night. 


<'a Another Offer. 

.. the Publie llenlth f"crvlre do*s 
Hot correct the evils that have elated 1ft 
that -Jen + kf — afr, Mr. ■ President, ihe 
tooting of the Treasury' — nomcthing is 
"prnn* in happen to that orgunixation thit 
will bring it to its sense nod; eauhQ It to 

> folJow the objects tfant ConifrCSS InEcndcd 

-Jin creaUng iV 1 

Unre Sfrf cosiaases. 

There's lift-fttftpptpp that cKtravasaiit 
outlay of golden,' ahfrkels for new cos' 
tuples ft»r "Sully" down at tbe New 
Amsterdam- Mr, Kip-rfeld's latest «- 
■..■■■i.::!i!i-.; has provided Kathleen Marten 
of "thai troupe with n complete wet of the 
latest creattorss f run i dear olil Parfs, uml 
alie will display tbem for the edlli.-atlni! 
o( the (--m-.-'-* I i-iihlle— or at l^ast tha-: 
jiortlort tHeiTof that if- nbk to buy seats 
for "Sally"— to- ok ht "for the first time, 

It will ahio be ;!v -VJ'Vii perform a tier- 
of thai production, n-" 1 li '*" <' Bti ,a Btlil ,0 
fnr out. of ahtbl »a to be iBTi$tbla along 
the hnrlatJii line. 

"iri» italamlo Wrltea On*. , 

II."- Hnlando U igotiiething of a ver- 
satile young womati. Mltv never lets 
her right luind know what, 1 be other one 
doeth, to Ire marc easel. 

For i'lMsnre. wafle doneiue iit "The 
Moslc Box Ite-nic 1 ' all ueasou nhc has 
kI'II foUud fluie in think sip a vaudeville 
riki-teh. and. what't more t« the pofitr, 
she has sold t[ lo the Orpheum Clrrtilt. 

If von don't believe It drop- in on her 
in 1 ni. Music Itox and she tl probably 
j-liow you thj; cb-jek. 

Another "-ibdfNe Aloa-r." 

The muiia£i-mriit oT "SlinPh' Alotig*' 
isn't froUtg lo hold out on the public- be- 
yond this city Boy bnKr-r, Lir.Hppiriiig ef 
tlie run of lh" uumiial mclabgo Htawinj 
tu n cIoec ar the Hlny-ihird Street Mnsfc 
Ifnll for many moons io conre. the wpon- 
h»tv of the proline" Ion have ilin-itfeil to or- 
gnnice anniher crimpnny forthwith anil 
nrud It out itl Hi tin.- lui-iiWAya o»d bywaya 
early next month. 

Frank Pus- 'a , 'Faili)e«,'' - 

» I-'rank Fny Twin another lit of ai-tiug 
roralng on. ft? be started In rchcarsiofl; rt 
brand new rente up itl thrj Park Tbentro 
on .Moaday ntarniTig. It will be colled 

l\i\\ ■-". however. Misv Jnnis baan^t 
I nnytliing ~>n Charb-n ^Vnldrun, nnotbet 
! hired hand of Charles Dillingham, .who 
i is appearing in "A UiH of divorcement" 
at thn Time* Sntmrc tie, toe, lias re- 
ceived an offer tOnipPCttr io fiFti-i"-n parts, 
but AuhtraliiL in ■seeking him. 

Wahlru is well known in thc.Anti' 
pOdew, having appeared there t,r>ma icnrs 
ago na tlie star of "The Virginian' 7 and 
"The Squaw Man." 

Anolher Andtrrpv l*J«y. 

The Theatre Guild Itui't gwing to have 
tlie works of Leouid Andreyev all to itself 
if the Jewish Art Tliratre can Ao nnS* 
thing nbunt the matter. 

lu Ihe doing "hereof Maurice Schwarta 
will present Andreyev's "The 'JHoiubIh" 
at bis Twunty-seventh street ployhousa 
to-morrow night with blmsefi iu the lc«d- 
jng role slid n cast inaile till of Colin 
Adlen Marc. SchweM, Juliiis Ailler. 
ITyiami MitiEel. A. ItonogniHit, Amelia 
Adlrr. Baailo nlvgulnhco and Honvn Cor* 

!>ebwartx is iriso respui^iblo for the 
direction of the production. 

Teitlmoiitnl to Aitler. 

Alt of tv hi eh remind* nn ttint 4 tesil- 
mouirl performance will he given nt Uiu 
Manhnltnn Oi«*rn. llnusn on Siiudiiy 
etrninii in cfd-cbnition of Jacob P, Adier's 
fiftieth anniversuYy oa the stage, and 
several of the lending tights of the ihc- 
iitrc bnv*- roHintiKrcil llteSc secvleea To** 
the ,ooi.nudon. 

Among others Lionel Atwill ■.>. ill ap- 
penr Jn the Uxt 'net of "Drburaii'' and 
Loo Hitrielistrin will net a scenn from 
"Thr Great Lbter," iirobably his meat 
successful vehicle. 

VrtlejilmiB to See E<l Wl«n. 

.Lid Wynn will have io reeonntruct his 
character coatumc in "Tbe IVrfwl Fool" 
doTvn at th- 1 George. M. Cohan Theatre to 
embrace n deep blue sweater if lie wants 
-to make ii bit on Friday night, Jan- 
uary 20,_ 

Tlie occasion will bo a visit to his 
prndncta of the Yale Club, which will 
act aa host to the lfril 'varsity crew and 
conch and the captains and mmingrrs nf 
the foair major nnd seventeen minor 
taama of the UtttUnfdan at New Hrtvea, 

LJlcrury aUnuspbiTe will l>r: added to 
the event by ihe inclusion fn the invitne 
Uon of the chairman of the YaSo New*, 
tho Lit ami Record as woll ns the cbfllr- 
man of thit AcndcmLc and Sheflletfl 
MluiTent Cuuueils, tbe chuirinan of 
li;'i«i,r ijnll. ths ahairman of iho Junior 
Prom ahd the mnnnKers of Ihe Cleo Club. 

VI) -,....-.. I... ^.k j.f tl. A Virln I n 1..l. " ., — ■!.,, 

CodIji iVrLiliii- ."Vcit rMiiitlirr. 

inspired by the purebasc of a nsw 
derby— his first, by the way — J. Feed 
Coot*, the champion juvenile composer of 
Itie Friars, net to work yesterday oa> ». 
new symphonic dance be hart been COW- 
inisiimutl by A. U Jonefl to write for 
i'!:i Sharon in "T~1te Orecuwich yillago 
Follies." , 

Coots li:f: Mpniiig into prominence aa 
n coiit-octer of melodic* only in the last 
two -'ii.'.i::-. ainco lie put an Ions 




William Gillette 

';j"i,..,.„. The Dream Maker 

}{"If Ufrli.irkrr, B war, il SL En. '.'.". 
Mm Ww, (Mb to JI.OO) * B»L, l.M. 

Un Almicder WMlKUt, Tlmaa 

'Bulldog Orummond' 


Mary BOlind Er,«,».W*T.S10ITMr.:.IIi. 




StLASCO £.!',% 

MfeU.Thuni.A5xt. I.N 

Mat .Torts ?'.'.: P £(l 

□•ml BUoni iw r w tl 




LYCEUM fi.% 



113d »:. M H >Ie H.-i !!..■= . e p. w. 


Exit* Mbtatcbl Peffannmca. Wad. at ]J.». 

. OELWYS TUBA., W. h St. 


Joseph uu.ian 



Tfia Pdumi Cafe cl UuiUU Sbovi 

wjui ■ taenia ei ,10 Panic* 


FRAfcHS, W+« iff flt. 

NUtftwa* W^Mik; 



Kln.iT ThM.,lV.i 



i 51. En %. H.MlU>.W44.4tii 

Kurlbut. vj(h I-frdcrlck Parr 



Net* AWMilerd.m Hpftf, »| '.1-SEW 







111 I orT 

^■nM*8 8a.TMtATR£ V4S 1 

TnTTTATjTHEATnVT. W*pt Mlfl EL E*a. B.5*. 

the »elwvss rnESEST 

JOHN — "JMaak MKft, LESUK 



KKNX5T >iMiW nriBBiit 

LAW F0 Ell) ^^■T BKNDEL 

LinLE as 

^ THE J* 







Ti-i. Ifrr*n!« 

Vrf, * SlL. 


' Ywfc and £ondWi tiigjtJt Succw^* 



HUDSON EtnkBt tw. 

MtL Mr*. H T 0. Hi Jib. 


Wnl mil &(rr»l, 

T»EtBh^rii Bry*rt hot. 

or* romady. 
^■lur lLy->»U . 
■ t.'-'-TrlHi 

Mtw fer|iit«i. kor* U *t h*r Iot«-II 




liiB_Caj!l*r, Rim Acmard, PM«ot« Wddt*. Wlidi a. nn .u, 
EbM>>d h r HinirJ 

"Q '■**■• 







. , P1AY1ETS, 
ST A R 5 und SVJIBERf 

FRIDAY, JAN. iiilh. 1.45 P. M. 




=.1C— B in. FOFULAft 
«ATIVE:ES t W=-li.«. 

MuilTr'. r/.- [,> 13.0). 

Ch-4 i"ril:--ir- Pull tl 

■■■•iiri l> n 

II [Mi. i n p[c*arc," 

— Ecu Ptat. 


7'Am jJiclmc, ri'ii/: if* special mutio and 
j/Ajjfp cffccte. cannoC bff c/Wicn in art)/ 
uMer theatre i« A"W TorJt, 


1^.. BROADWAY,^ 
ja 5S , y e I°o°^ n 

CA M EO iWvli'r 


In CoiiJnnrlt»n Wrrit ll^r 
[.hIpm l'lrtnrr-. '-t'KA< OC1C Al.LEV" 

— dbmnmnci Tina eatl-hhav— 
jamrs ouvkr rfuwonu's 

TLOWER <i r . 

HiPPODUOMESful^ 1 ? 


(Uiih two ;:^ r,-n. ti 

TuilNji M*t.m i*1 ti>iJ.S« M'uTU Cirmi-i 

I'jinluht it I He. r I* CmliiBiHT 

Frl. En, ■(. I.. ,» ...Ern«b| 

W*i, at i.u liotaencrln 

viii. *t It .i- :- Print)... Ald« 

Una. K'l". "-.iiL-r! (Ti-.i la i:> VECSEV Vlnltn. 
IIL Ji)f.t*||ir: H»rrolil r (lrct! + P*mbo*eft»li. 

N*il >lua. ■! I Die Wnlkurfr 

TAT fit. Mil. il i, !'..:> iili, Ko WwTii .T^lrt 

'W»d. E*e. ii B Don GlrlM 

ThufK, Kwr. K1 H,.. llnll rr Of Sr-vltlB 



in "Ajmh Cliriiti»" 

"tli- nrd. A. fi«t.. t_tn 

5th Ave 


3HVtT AreJ*IITWsW«k 



"intoiir-o" * ,ai 

Mabel Jionnaiid 

Rni«..JiL_. _. . 

T»« I'n-m Mind. Ilirfy * fW« 
hhlvronh, Jlobln^m i n T rrr 

all -riTirwEEK 





tl* I I llUt. M. l( . W«i!. i- S.i.. !.:ci 


'ijr A »jtb fit. I n^fir-rL. 4 Ijfl 1B . Dmr 

»f. NUM. Wf. I ""***-. Th* Poata 
BaL, Kun. t Hot.) ■ Olrl." oibcn. 

«* V T» «re "made l« F™nc*, 

T^->y' W N10HTLY and THUFUL and 

^ ^ , ™. SHlSSH 1 T »"*"- "T«nt «, 

Cpammounl Q>iclures 

D-*a y l«." K.rr.r ^ x*rC-: 

* ** "^ B . ^* "rKE BHlDf S «S^Y ■ 
Ii ME 5^ Jlu»Ta f Krat^l Coliwdi. 

CRITERION Cecil B. Be mue'i' 

All >MU HB*en«dl. Tmrlca Dtllj. tiO A !,» 

MH». IIU^m: CARTt-ld, 
Dun Krtei, Idafry i:irrolL A Co 
r*vi Mnirtoc * Ha Uirli 
■Tfc» Pamllj l>id," TVllliaina 
A Watrut. ij.U wifirri. 







ijaaaj nrnnlwpy Rhd 

tkl. ;nao jjunm, 

- -Jfl nailpb Ay*. 
■ im> TON crnt,*" witb 

John llBTTJf Arirt (irrnrm- llr.nKlrt- 
Na,«t Week HC»i.l,[J-; WILLiAlfS 

iu-:«ipii i s. 

LeAcMKHMTj lArgwMl, Fo rem cm I HoErl 


l.aVr-ri*4, )4<w Jrr:<*. 

tU.CI WKEKLV: l|.«} UP DAIliY. 

Pur A«Mr*iiion> piaim* LAkaODAd Ki 

p» NY, lln.llnc OIK". Ila^lay Titfl.. 

">!'- r-. n:'iiifti-j n^iut. 


Fall River Line 

To Borton * s «' I, 5S5J¥i r ' lA "" 

lt. m*,- il ?;, K. i*M4 niI id Lee- r, H_ Dill;. 
Ntrw LoudTan (Norwich) Lin* 


Mempen Say Next Satnr day's "Ap- 
pflintraent" Was Made Only 

in Newspapers. 


W. P. S. h.tyrir nnd J. Atnuri Black. 

ion import Prom. Bllnml og 

MalElnr rinnrr. 


THE Tnysterr of tho nge :..:■!■.:.■( 
iroiitld ttH Unjfi BltpolnUn'™t. 
Next Siturdn.7 >■- <h.> £atc pm[ for 
(hr nvnhrcnco with Mr. IIa;wit 
WfltfJjipjTtoR piiid yet not a film mnn hao 
AtiiwerocT la *ho ATflrPiftlive whVn qucs- 
tinnrcJ about bi? prospective visit Lo CU< 
Cfirttit.— Tfipy dII mj the . nffec. made 
tw "IVilt TTtyS," T'onlmiisipr Ucnrral, to 
he .11 1 The EDdn&trr ban licea mide nod 
tfiej ate 4»Taitins Jiis d^iftlon, Bcyand 
that therL' ii no offlcilE ll^cht on th« 
Kituation brrr. . . 

. "['in- eoDunlLLCP, compoBcd of Hnul 
IloffPm, Lrwlq InnflfnThi'. John Quicn, 
It !i. ■ "o.'iii-Hii-- ■■',■■'■■ Gabriel Seae. when 
■KkRd auont their t* ,,l T WSft " J l "P to 
WiBniggloa on the Uth Me reported to 
have uid thpy ircrp nf^t planning to 
make the Journey. Ttwy all it«m to ba 
as much In tltc darlf *n dlO conferrnco 
thinj( as lb* rest of the world- Saul 
Roger*, tbo "na^G^iuan Inr the crQivd, 
is out or ton-u far a. fpw iJaya and th« 
-'■.":■■:■■ of the oomralttpo have Raid nolh- 
lug to enlighten lis On the announced 
meeting- , 

N*o»v, who i« ijoinc to Waahiastop oa 
Saturday? Mr. ffir/l cannot cltac of- 
gotiation« without a rtprenctitaUTi! from 
(ho fllro InclDStrr. A very protolrifnl 
ptodacor trbon name lias not be^n 
ncDtioned in Mid to have artrd as go- 
between for the CgmniEltM- and Mr, 
Hajs. He declined JcsterSny to com- 
ment on thin rep° Tt i "alXtaiB lnc whole 
•eery would be made puMk when Mr. 
Hays jjrn TP his UWtW I" the mobion 
picture iaduatty. 

Mr, rMhran. 1 acid the comrnittre baa 
no M-nrd fTom Mr. B*XI that he vould 
nee It oa Saturday. He Mid h(i had no 
idea. <vti«src the report orisinu tctl, but 
ivan under the impreariiiB MUM of tBB 
Waahiii^ton. oorriwnomlpots. had tht'Sr in- 
fornidtifvn directly from Sir. Huye. 

Gabriel Ilena Jtnid lie did rlnt EjpeCt to 
«o tii WnKhlngton, and had uot been in- 
lonncrl h? Mr. Hljl or any membrr of 
tbfi cfimmltte*' * meetutg on JaTiunry H 
ii'oiiM iaki- place ih^rr. So there you 
are. Too greatest rJWttan pictHM m.w 
tarj jn I he world ip about lo lie unr»T. 
elrd. tntan dlj' thr, Jiinimry U "Inry 
urijilnalr, and If it Ik :r«r, who to going 
to WaanlEtfUD to inliTVi^-w Unjui 

HMtir ;--■!■■;.-. "Atmnaphere." 

KviJenLly Krtin* Loblttcfa i* a tnueh 
better dlrertor ihnn pffireholofibit; If* 
went to Toiiee Ht'iidiiuartiirs yiMlerday, 
donnr.l n n!S3i 11 lid jalnell till 1 afltettf«i 
in loutinu; m RHan«cti bh tbuy vntrq 
bronchi In fur i-!.+(nilniilti.u. In the cruivil 
«f crimimiL. ivn« Lnilnf Uoddy^ th« 
iMjjro oho W'Ucd Iiuteetfv.-s "Miller nod 
RucJOcr. Mr. Liiiiiw=h lonliot! d all Lho 
prl*oueT» with gretit intprrj-t. atid than 
uaked to Lie nllmved to VX lh* Rogm'a' 
U all ft- j, 

*"I tvIbU." b* »*iil. "to aro pictiirea of 
tl:e»e oiniaaJa and study, Ihtrlr tarea for 
my iaptSbn plotwe work." 

Sir. LuKtsch wns asked. in aetrct the 
phoioarA]i|| that uri-nird to blni to have 
tli^ BWat vkltnm fni'e in the collection. 

"Without hesitation hi_' pEcfcan out one 
plCtBnt. and. hanJiup It to the d^'tes-UTe 
u'ho Rccc-mp&vied hhu. snid; 

"That I* the moe.t ptll fafi 1 I hare 
ever ""-en. I woulit knmv that wu a 
erlminiil. ,+ 

"Mftfb" j'Oti «re tijhl." Bale ]r« mm- 
panlcn. "lie Id one of Hie o.-st detec 
elves on the forec." Vet Decided. 
Whether tit iitay with Paine or to 
east hit lot alsowhene hits not b«u de- 
elded by Harold Lloyd. He wil not 
make a definite iecUJoa nnril his tawycr 
jreut hcte from th(- I'acifie eoa»t— and 
that hetnB atWUt TuesJ*;. we may loon 
for ftn announcement froui ll]r Lloyd 
unite nt the Biltmnrr about That time. 
It seonui very probable Mr, Lloyd will - 
remain with Patlie another year. He ', 
feels It has Irenteil liim rery well and | 
its offer is as generoii" a.* any he ha» 
receltcJ, lo the odd^ tof thin yens's eou^ I 
(raet are all in :'«'■■■: •'■ the eoLnpany 
which Ji«h gtarrrd blni from [be begru- j 
nine ot his carter. 

FLOIlE.Nt'B iiil.J.n'ci. 
9br ulivi one nf the leadlna; 

that he expected lo be bad! at the I'm ' 
studios on tbi' cuaut by Jtuuar.v '25 
to Htnt-t a iiKti' picture, 

"TblM talk about a B«PW contruet la i 
all nouFenaf." ;i:-" he, "My c-ld toa- 
tract with Fox ivjll not expire until 
Henieraber. I wan hen' for & rjtcatSofl, 
a fact that pri-m^ lo haVo given rite u 
many rumurii tliti! had nti foundation." 

What Ab w ut Tfttef 
A Las AugL'U-.i eewapapfd? attyn ISIaiu 
B'aCfUHia exjioeia in ko tn the Pacific 
f^oast Hf soon Si* sho fluishCe her pres- 
ent alage conlraLt lo nuiki 1 pictured fur 
Paramount and jeaau I. ashy enmi>lKi<d 
:tll arrangeuicnLi hcTore h« went to ■'■.'. 


Doirn ■ I (hr Ae Ur, 
Hflrrj* Carey may be important in 
tb* eyes of his ndniirerfl, but he has A 
rival wliu nitlltlaes liim in bin own fani 
ily. And that i- the pcven-tnonthn-ajd 
.son, (hi joy and of nil the Carey 
L-iuuiliiiottierii, ailobL. ^ntittliin and nueJei. 
Tln'y ini.y Kreet Hurry. f<r.. in jiaMiiie, 
Feaerviuu; their greatest deruuriHir-rirjii 
for the baby, who undies ou thim all 
impartially. ■'bwhIok" U\h welcome in. a 
tuunni'i- (hut nendw his nrand father into 
bpHsiuH of joy.' '"Some bahy," ways 
every one who saiv him. Wk niv.tit 
with intrrrst fulfilment ot the inrttaili.iu 
thai ban bees gireji b» lo meet in pt;r- 
rod Ilia warJi'j crenti-Mt itilani. 

Apeaklnc; nt llnblea. 

CliurtcK McCarthy of FamouH I'lay 
ers-Lasiy impi! Harey llflrej may baya 
the CKthtCtM peven-ojonth-old baby, but 
hh duu^btvr j* thn finest .sjx-weeki-oldi 
bah.v in eajiiieity. 

■'rt'uy. oo von know, - ' mid Charles, 
"jjiy Unbj Imh gained all oiincea flacu 
Ha turday, rtbe ' ' 

ltul mi 1 bad to leara ibe f-on versa don 
eolr] just ilie«. Being no judge xA HUtt, 
we vi-eru afmtd ta let our lirnurauco ha 

no i- la J Note.! Moiitanj has been visiting Hono- 
lulu. He. went there to take part in a 
wreathing nuici-h. Mr. Montane r.iill fol- 
s the vocation thai hrouaut him to the 
screen nail lo fame. 

aiaireurrili- ?tnrnh IV] lit rnrnnai, 
Tbfl lutest odditjciii in the Fok studios 
on the cost Is Mixrguerite Muruh, kuown 
aa "Lovlo" to her friend*. .She is n jturter 
of Mhc Murjli, and one of the moat 
baautiful wnmen <m the KHHtl. Min-i 
Manb wmt io the Const lo form her uwn 
cum puny, bin alte decided a blnl in the 
hand trus worth twu in the huali. woA U 
TJiorefoie now ennu^ed \\\ idayin^' I cadi 
for Ihiniin J-".m)ti:u. Willi -in i.'niikliii 
ond FranL Cuiii|icnu ara other lucuibcra 
ot the* cast JJcNuinl Lmrniuj: it dirootoi. 

The Secret of Today's Silhouette 

The wimiau who wears her clothes with an air 
ot distinction realizes that the Chic of u chariiiii)^ 
afternoon frock, a lovely evening gown or the simple 
tallleur depends to a great extent upon the lines of 
the corset worn under It. 


fefrfeg Su 

gives the fashionable lines now lieinj; sponsored by all 
Parisian couturiers — Blender hips ami a l«iij, r (hit 

REDFERX models of pink silk Ugureil brocade 
with elastic waistbands, for young girls and slender 
women, $0.50; of pink coutll with medium bust, rein- 
forced over the hips, for the medium llgure, $4; of 
figured broche with elastic waistband, reinforced 
over the hips, for full figures, $0,50. 

For Sale by 

Broadway at Ninth, New York 



Fdtmr 1 
V ici 

At Watk in UlaoaJ. 

The new Earle company, formed a 
weak or ao ajfo Co make sonic apeciai 
prodnttiotia. now refWft* from Miami, 
W. P. 3. Earle, director, and J. Stuart 
Black ten, Jr.. neniy nppointei r^prs- 
Hentatire of the Carte film enterprise*, 
hare already reached l-'tnrtilB to nrraaga 
for the 6cat produetiPii. Tn-morrow (ha 
Cant wfll follow. It Is seen by ;:,.- data 
that Mr. Karleis not BUperatitloUa, The 
caal Includes Virgin in I#e. Florenca 
BUHngjr, Ward] Crane. George Fnwcctt, 
William UavidKoc iad Arthur BoOia> 
man. All ejterior* will he made- in 
Miami and Nassau, the EtahamB*, vfork 
starting as soon as the player* reach tha 

To Entertain. .Ml-- 


J. D. Wlllion's ia booked to act aa 
hint at a luncheon be will giva at Del* 
mouico'a Saturday. 1'lorenee Jjiwience, 
niotlon picture editor of the Los Angeles 
Cmmlner. ih guest of bunar, and Mr, 
WiillttniH prmnlscs "there wtll he no 
"PeecheK to mar rhe |waee of mind of 
hU guesta. 

l.pai Inn In (or llie Coatl, 

Tan departure of William Ku&ee'l fc-r 
the West Coaat nithlfl the neit fen- days 
-■i.'t-. at rent aoine of the runitm regard' 
tug that young man. Home of them 
said Mr, Ruaaeii had left Fox and waa 
In Nfiw York to arrange for a n«w 
rantrict; others th4t Mr. Rrjajt«]i hart 
itancd a freah aereamefit with Fox. Mr. 
KubscH himself put on end to nil these 
riiiiifiri venter. la > by explaining ho had 
come to Nfv. V«rk for m hohdar nnd 

A I llir - ir:;(i:l. 

St Urn strand Theatre neat week, aa 
the chief film iiltnic-lion. Thomas U. 
luces picture, "Hedl thn Woman™ wWl 
grace the *er«'n. We use the word grace 
idviHuiJIy. since «Ur nuiewet »aj'a "Eltdl 
the Woinuii" is one of LhB finest pi i-nn ■■-: 
of- the year. Ii in hjiHprf on a «tory by C 
Uanlncr Sullivuii and linn n cntit iriehnl- 
Int I'^tn"' :.- Vldor, Lloyd Hughes, 
; Mndge Uelluny. ThroflVH* llohorts, <I*n- 
iihId. Ulalra. 'I'ully aiarsball, ^ ernon LJoat, 
I J3tt«-nrd Marliiolcl. Chiirlr* .Meredith, 
I Mathildc bniudnge. Rugeirb- lIofTmaii and 
■ Muriel Pans. John Griffith Wray la 

In Hanjr TlltnlrtH. 

The reeord laat weak for Vit^graph*a 
"Little Minister" bt 110 •Jiee.tres right ia 
the dty of Xew York. Alice Culhouq 
plays the role ef Itsbbie, n.o: the general 
oplmon is thnt thif is her finest work ou 
the ecrten. 

31nj- McItoj cortlua East. 
Moj MeAv-e-y, having finished her 
mo*! rceerit picture for distribution 
through> PlayewLashjr, is i*k- 
lug a vatatino. She may isweJi Sew 
York dnrfng her ;.■"'■;..,■■. The urgo of 
the « and thentres is ntrong In tho 
hcarta of the young, especially when ttiey 
wadr etothas as weJj'M Mifh .M.-.'.vny. 

If Will 11 «j* deeldc-i to sni-ii ifriwn the 
?15( l ,Q0O-a-y*ar job an head of the mo- 
tion picture industry, we have a Hat at 
nrenty-nva ynnnf:, "tmnjl and willipje 
eon tenant* wbo wilt gfadly compete for 
iIm job In in open contest. 

rhAMKur^cuiu cAurpmuu "caistbku.' 
Tt-s-nnx cfiurtcjM." ar»*H»ar «es stm «in*i, 

tlkiimlAir, l.iO p. M. 

Are You Fat? 

Just Try This 


Tbauaandi 9t "h-'il r--;-:- -.«.■.■ -. ■■- tluet 

br f«JI4w:ua <■''■■'■ a'l'-if* ot io'ir-i rh* mcaiK-'flc^fl Fn*ri<?:'-T. TSMala. Oaoas timlfM 3 1 LX l« 
Ul i-lnr-ri that -i-a*i:i,- :*.- <-,™,- fl r {ha f*n"»u» 

Wsrinaia Fraanipiien. )l uw on, aorri *»1t— 

$(, »B*r U> j!n« ringitfaL Snil 0>r on* Jollar. »hlch 
I* lha tttka lha apgrM near, proeurn a can ot 
IhMI untfU. If pr*T*K+lll. *fru thS •rrqlD lAtm 
airvci br MBSlDK prfa (a lha VinqcU Co., till 
Wa+Jirird A»i. f D*tertl(. Mtch. Thiy ra*w* 
itMdlla Bud cully vllhcwt tlrunma aiairlaa or 

luunyim an\ ,&3 hi<a bd u flpUiJWot" *taa,~ 

iT^pBit Pr«.||(]int Ot lha JJ[t*f!\ Rtpualm, frMl- 
t - : ''* P«r»iin Atfaira CntninlEta.) 
copr'iibt. n:;. ay lattri Xaife.1 

PARIS, Jao. 11. 

Preneh oplnlo-u rejoiced at the newa 
that tEiO iQom^ncary minundrntindinKi il 
Washington bad becu HrtttaH* dlsslpaied 
mid that America'* initiative would be 
reCOtupotiBfrd by suctej**, but the arerajo 
trench mind to-day is OnCe rflOri cast 
into a troubled a tale by the (teat re* till* 
of the Hupiemo Council meeting- at 

KraiLce bMl*hoped that the repOfatiooa 
f|"eetlon would be etudied Ami Battled 
brfoco anything alaa, and tliai no BtTW 
haeHfici'. iipmedlati' ur fuiut-e. wimlit tie 
aaked of her, Bhe doea not iindiMtaiid 
why |MOji.e nhotilil be we actively iift-ii- 
pii'd in ii-hiiii - i n 14 f ;.friurui>. wlm ueciared 
war und was rDnouiKhcd, befure ibey te- 
^■'■r.- thi- iiailmi which IwugbT tne vietoty 
so dearly, ilia nation (tint was inradej 
a:id deriatatod and which Buffered moat 
I nun the hottllltlc*. 

On this date the German GnT^rnmeot 
id our debtor in en&rmnuit hiiid*. CoB- 
ii.ii j tj the treaty which waa nltned, she 
1ms aclmbursed ur for only a uoiall part 
Of ihe cOBt of Our nrtny of occUpnuon. 
and, i:iki!iE Into conHlderatlr-n wbat wr 
have received on that nceounL and our 
adi-iinces aee/irdtn* tw the Spa aaree- 
: i. ir. there remnlnjf n«t a ■■--.■ ••■>■'■ inin 
for the rentoration of the dev«*Wtcd tec- 
rilory and for militaiy peoaiotu. 

Irniir-i- llfcrhr 1 VmhSiiu. 

To date (ierrrany lian cunLributed 
nothinjr lo our tenant! dub. The Frenth 
TreoHury. extifl tinted from &ve jttn of 
warfare, hfttf been forced to itdiance tht 
whole eipendlture. On Xrw \>ar'n Tie-y 
we ci>ulil i-on temp late in riielnneholy 
llioua;bt the gifta France bns recelrtd — 
miihnig -but b tnajrnifieent aero. 

The sunt* ht liare streadi paid on 
(lermany's aeeuuqt to date lotal about 
elahty billion francs, divided into forty- 
live billion for recunntnlctioo *>t hooaea, 
factories and rarma: twenty-nloe billion 
for reparation of petttoaal dimasof;. to 

tear wldrjwa, to the faniilies of wounded 
men. and thoae of civilians shot by (he 
enemy; and nix lilllion. hnally. rcproent- 
Injt the Interest on loans we'have been 
forced to contract in order io make these 
urgent autlarjS: 

Now, while we have accompli shed this 
prodlrioru) affort linen tbe armltttlee, ta 
rise from our . and while wo have 
Toted new taxe« on Inheritances, rev- 
enues, iwrnmefcial |>m1ita ami ajirrieiiJ- 
ture. Germany ban exp^nderl reck.ensLv. 
wasted unee*ftpn«bl.v and endosvfld BTJrnp-, 
tvtously aiipfrllunus pTojccta. Whero 
«he has raised taiei it has bren in de* 
ri,"ion, with unheard of leniency toward 
the tasjiayent. 

l-'mnee wftb SSjOOO.OOQ inhnbitnnls. 
paid 17,Stf»,MhJMMsi frsues In taxen in 

iML or 4t'A ftan'ca pit head. Oerauurl 
dmnttn her territorial reductions, etlll 
hau ill,0(»>,is)(j [nhibltaata, and ouly re- 
ppived tI0.0fJf>.f)(rt,tJ>i marks in rjtxea 
liift year, or Q&8 [taj^r tnark^ [ur henil, 
at exchaniia rnte- less than a hundred 
marka for each person. 

1! know that the mark preserved a 
greater, njirehaains power within G*a> 
many thin outtlde. tlwr^fnre. I nm 
ready tn admit thnt these \Wi innrt* 
were eqrjiealec.t to jwrhajet 3, r jii ur *JtN) 
franca, put Lhey certainly t\<t tint repre- 
sent ny more than Lhat. 

Therefore, to-day the Urrnisin tav- 
payer pay« one>baU nr a third tna ibnii 
the French. Conae^ueqtV, France— whn 
has hitherLr. FiipiMirled al^nn nit thn 
weight of the re pa rat [on j». ravneed and | 
murdered fee abe is— France cau hardly 
explain th* ln"i«tence «llh whi'h 
friendly nations PfOI»«c to bestin the m- 
cfiriMt taction of Knrope bv aidine Oer- 

More renrorfal Thin Prune*. 
Germany waa undoubtedly beaten, but 
She is liefer, richer and more power fni 
rhao France. She had to pny her war 
expenses, but ahe was not invaded, nor 
were her cities destroyed. E>en rhe 
■lljht dlcuinmlon in territory left lirr 
stTOBjer th».H Franee, Our population 
Is not even two-thirds of hers, TJow 

then, nhould nr rammiserate with her 
fite befure hetiorinx *»t»r own? 

It la not only because ot ihe old ndaai 
llifct "charily baaina rtt hnnie" thnt Wfl 
are allahrly uHtoniidicd nt the benevo- 
lence aaown Gernuuj oawndafa. It 1* 
beeiaaej #■ tainlt that feratSca and uni- 
rer*nl interest demand tiie |irimnrv tf-- 
toraltoii of the nitlon whose >oil boro 
the brunt nf rhi- battle. ]t hi unfnrlu- 
caiely to be feared that the < muff reace 
Nt Genoa will not apiicun^h the' Freacti 
viewpoint. It in true we are nsMire^l 
(hnt the niientiiuis ot reparations Bad 
our right* will n«! fee (H«ne«ed Rt that 
meellDf, but under the pret'-it of «*»■ 
liim:! ■ and financial problem^ QtrwuEf 
evidently wl|I try (o evuke the *ubjecH 
tOitehlnf our eExeutiul interests. I* 
vtm't be easy to hinder her from plflrirur 
rill fhe cardH on the tnble in the hop* 1 
of ftttiJut a better deal. 

At any rnte. I'"ram> lrmtld be happy 
if America, in npite n( a natural desirt 
to keen "Htfhtiy nlnof tnm Kuropoan 
■ '■J!i|i!iriih-i;.«. woulil [larlii-ipste at 
fri'jum. Mir rnuld plan u mrutt usefiill 
role bv a mediator or arbiter. 

The nrTBORce of the Vnih'd StatfH and 
her Hjiilhnrll.i- at the eoufrrenee would be 
itxtremely odvuncnL-eoits. notably in en- 
iiiiii'.li'L.- the mysterinij* alfaira *>t Rnnsia. 

If the euVet of %\\P ninferenre will he 
to, open Itusmia to derminy's prejmn- 
derant esidnitatinn, if. tlilnkins to aid 
(Germany tn reeover mure uvlekly, tho 
c-iiafrmes deliver IfiiKsiu to Germany; 
lirinud hand and C<wl. it will not be lonS 
baton wa see Germany's Industrial and 
"■mraercla! ImperinlUm resnrtrirjir with 
stl its -re-war power: SDfp StinnW witl 
brim: Germany rapid revenu/e for the 
'■: i- ■■•' and Verdun, and ill the uiethorls 
employed Home Tfara iro by the [leqtach- 
ruin abroad win flnilrluh anew. Germany 
win beiriti ajrnlTi to oxport eTCrj"tvlicri-. 
ni'i'l.i iiie the old theory of Ueutschland 
iteliee alles. 

No r>iropran nation en,n t without 
hhtii[i|erinK. caviiutre atteb enlemrbjes, 
and Amarica sooner nr titer will suf- 
fir from j (he repercussion^ 

Furthermore, the jruaranteen to 1-e 
made acalnst the petiU of H<>vTet in- 
ternatinnal propiirmi<ui av> n.r i---. Irtt' 
portant. - One does not son very ideflriv- 
whnl form they will tahe «r how their 
obavrTanee can he assured, 

An I «inre TV>lahevlk activity . ia 
world-wide, it would bo de«imbh< thi' 
Americn sit beside Europe at the G^noi 
mentinr. At leiHt lhat ia thn placers 
wish of France. 

'THERE la no othar e*r life* the R C. 5. It la. m«di«m sired, madluin 
" priced flBii/fjr boijt car wWch ia economic.], comfortable and « rriceable. 
Il la trdly th» Port-ftuftrwr oE the rooit pepulnr died cat and the greatest 
■chisMEoant of Its daaJgiMt, Harry C Smtt 


lNDlArfAPOLtl.TJ.t. A. 

Ha t o t : . 5 : -j i . . 'rttUHl 

1830 Broadway, New York City 

mast: comsibvs km. 




Five Progressive Advertisers 

To Invest $5125 

This Year 

In New York City 

THESE five men roost know ad- 
vertising values. They must 

know what the expenditure of $5125. 

-in "a year will do ordinarily in New — 
York City. 

There is advertising- apace now 
available in the New York City Tele- 
phone Directory to permit five adver- 
tisers to present their selling messages 
to New York's telephone users to 
powerfully as to make it practically 
certain that the big majority of those 
who daily consult this Telephone 
Directory win see these selling ap- 
peals whenever they open the book. 

Yon know who the telephone 
users in New York City are. Yon 
know there are nearly one million 
telephones in the Metropolis. Prob- 
ably you know that these telephones 
are used four and a half million times 
every day. 

Bat did you realize that this 
big figure — +,500,000— represents the 
daily consultation given to the New 
York City Telephone Book? 

More than a million telephone 
directories are constantly in service 
in the Metropolis. 

Advertisers with vision will im- 
mediately see the unusual publicity 
opportunity afforded by this proposi- 

The man to talk with and ar- 
range details fa P. W. Eldridge, Jr, 
Sales Manager, Directory Advertis- 
ing, telephone VanderMt Official 60, 
office address 1261 Broadway, New 
York. x 

New York Telerth- >nerCompaoy 

The Telephone Directory 
is New York's most used 
and most useful boot. 



Purpoio Is to Distribute Pictures 

Over World U Mercantile 

Sales Corporation. 


Jane Xatata With l-ar*Wl»aal 

Thrt' H OUtiB*n" Join TUe-lr 

F>re*« to Haas FUaas. 


, L. George Says Our Americfui 
Girls Have Greater Chance 
Than English Sitters. ■ 




i'IMIiH « F«*roJUM rrrcM|a0-l 

An Englishman feels rattier rtranrr is 
a ccontrr such as America, wb«w so 
many vonn aeon to have career*. I do 
jjn-t mean that -in Kngland we Sod an 
woman in utfires, that wq lick wotnen 
duetfra "t .-Selsls. hut we ire B0t. sw- 
euaMmed to serine weinafl m inurh "do 
Jier own.'' We, arc surprised, not io 
much at her capacity (of wliirli I for one 
am well awnrri, aa !iy Lin rewards Uiftt 
hrr capacity obtain*. For Enpland and 
the rest of Knrope fnila to nfforrl woman 
n unitary dr-nli the baa a better cIisk* in 
ilintllinrl than in France, Italy or an» 
Latin country, but even It fa a chance 


it's first touch 
stops itching 

A paftrtf rjo dpflan eisi kml 
bur **• ptttta reus* rut 
ihi Int laaeh *t full i 
hrt—a to ltrirt»«L j aniai U , 

■ baioriKiD bemhae Fflun 

tile am a Jonc war. 

_ _ nwdtralWirj M an 

fc*fltk ttauaraajxrt IrrlUlr. 
Vw mostrid kato *r I n Buwd 

ill in. Privtu, r*Jh** t trttp 

IrowMf*. mmpka— Ujorota 
ran-lj irsnt Pi»|a#irwri*a 
I ii nwaaaii W. 
trnk, He* York, fee !ln 

ilmt iIip AmTinn cirl won)'! iniicli at 
ai the #merfta from VAanr at Siolth, 

When 1 rrtnaldcr [he Atnrrfcilti bo*l* 
seas woman I feci doubt*, doulila bclnc 
a feature i<t my unfortunate- mental 
h >['t'f,nirnt. I discover here ami iber* a 
female district attorney, msjtuirate or 
even iifl*un[ attoniry reaerat: I ob- 
1 aerr* witb admiration a lew women 
bicxTt, a firm of female n-nl cainc 
asmta, women editors paid (I*],(ak> ■ 
year— and jet L *»aj myself: Has ibe 
Atncriran oualneas woman r. rsne aa fsr 
a* stir- think*} Cfrutalj she han awn*' 
trjrUier than any woman |p thr wtrrld 
haa nvrt axplrr-d. The Aanican woman 
has <rnt a furrow ajpn c which Ktiroptan 
woMcti will dtMi theb- piow^ but tbrre 
are nil! m-nny wnrlda Tot her io roaqitcr. 

If you look (hpaqgh thr banfucjui tli- 
renory nf B ay city one dort find n f*w 
frmalft namn amonz thr tittin <*t >1m 
prr*id-B(»— feut how few. Whi!. a trowrj 
nl m»«nillri n Blum nurrotmd lb* kunly 
peaka that womfn have >.r J: l.-.-;. And 
vh f"*U ihc f*airtJ^ I^wddpniv The Itt- 
m«1* Siwretary of Rtate? TJrn iroup of 
fi-inak .^'iiamraV 

I don'c want (» bdlitln the nnniins 
naema of AmeHoin womtn, i... | adudra 

th«m >o niin-h that at tho rLjik n] un- 
IK-ptjIairil* I venture to .how tlirnt coa- 
ditlnni aa 1 are Ihcm. 

T3mc la on woman 1 * *ic> : tr>t lirr make 
for hla rarrlock. Tfecrr i- nothln* *> 
cannnt ittain, and it will do bcr no 
■imd lo teiicie that she hoc neblrvH 
wbtt to modi power wait.* fur the tikifif- 
The Amcrinin wrttaan hu luiown frw de- 
femta: to-iay ahr haw but oh* rJanfcrcuJ 
fee — th* cuoacionaacaa of -rietBiy. 

"■■■■> Kltiaa'* Os*>aai To- B i e iti. 

At thf He!«i-j~q Thcatrr tbU rtrem: 
Artoor Hamm?r*t?in wj!I launch hi* 
new mtiKical roaedj, "Tlu- Blue Ksl- 
tea" la irbFrh Joaepb Cawtborn and 
Lillian Lorraine a» the cHiin and 
rtiie-f mtertaiacia, IhcldcntaLij, Lhia 

Sroductlutt wilt mark MiHa I^irralnew 
r»t appearaure <■» ih* niape elEirr lur 
aririoui acclrtftut of several taunt M ea->, 
and hef entanenitiit in "Tbr llliii- Kj- 
tm'' in » mtopsga h^rlihunr of hnr re- 
cD*ery. The plr-c* !x in rtirrr new nod 
baa been adapt**! from ""La Cliju.'ir 
d> Chn alaiim*-.' 1 th* r^Uxnlnc I'arlplon 
*uet?M* T OH" IfarMicb and WltSatu 
tarr l>un«n am raipoaRihir lot Lb« 
(vfi-h ami rjTrCa. and n» tr.*« thau UudolC 
l*i ill! i cMspoacd Uh tuneful wir. 


B„ WABRKN pro'baMy hold. ib<? 

n-iH-Id'a reeerd f« erfaniiiafi 

* new flltn rom^aiiic*. )In i. ■ 

more iban p-n* the oil In th^ 

matJitaeTr. rolea-en the K«r and Marti 

hla new to? In notion iban he «fp» out 

tad aeeki another corunnny tn *pnti*oi-. 

Hr-inhlt Tfay; ;.Jfiitt "miiiw '•■*itU thnt 

"Mr, ■vTarreV, ia niwriaMc-n with Wlltap 

I'j. Creen, Jiaa foraiCfj thcAmorit-nti lit- 

Im^IftJT -t'orlWrailon^ with ufllrr ' 1; 

Went Porty-lotirUl 111*^. 

Whatever elao can lir aiM of -Mr. 
Warren, be outer Roea 1ato thrse eo:n- 
naoji>- in n poor wav. 1'or mataace, tho 
mtire door a ton* F«.n;, iHLinS atraet 
has b«n enticed f'o- thia narr fMatrlbU- 
tloa einerfiHt>; II* ia rice president 0* 
the a ew compan? and Walter E, Green 
»■ president. 

The parpote of fbf company is to dis- 
tribute picture* of Jndepeudmt uroducera 
oTer (he enlira worht It will mainlalu 
aa exchttttri mcreanUle avlec orfginba- 
Hub and nrU no; produce ur own j«; pic- 

Plan« for th-ln hare keen soiitF aboad 
for t-smv time, anrj 'th* r>rtt release will 
I ■-■ made !m,- tkU rti-vmT). with one lol- 
loB-ine aaebi aBMC^lni week. ' 

The his uuoKtloti. "What Ih Fred W«N 
re« eo\i\g tu do dawr" i* bcrrbr U- 
■ w*r*d for (how who m- iotrjrtaled. Ever 
tfac* lie took hl,a lielontrincrf away from 

the WJd <: :ii-i;n, .>,!i:i|d:u,>- cvpry OpO 

alonji the Itinir.. ha>i iBjen jis-kinj; that 
qnention. until une firm Mn tmaxeated 
ha either nell ( fl r fll» rfabEi, („ it o r put 
It to DUfiC. 

John l:rai-r> D a TalU. 

Vw. we- kn#v It Lo one of it* be*t 
thinp- he doe*, lint j eater-Jay be vai 
all ujo-aed for the occmaton, with a 
flovrenin hi ( bultobho3v\ You ace. JI*. 
Kmerscvii «m pint or honor at the 
weekly lunrhrotii eiveo [>y ,iir> Anmv 
™ied \lotluh I'jclnnt Adrerti^n: n| tag 
Tare Botilrrard. U,: irta invited to tell 
d9I be knarwa rpn Ula Fordner 1.111, a 
thins he "honld. da well, having |ip,| 
(yinsidurabJ^ iiractlco In dL^UMtio;; tariff 
questions the lant frw moutlin. 

Before In (rod n ring Mr. Jteaftaa tlia 
irpumenh put forivartl nt WaabLotrlnn 
by ^«t Kojrer* acaLnst ihe iiroja.*te.l 
lariftT were read. A t/uiple nay at /»r- 
nlahtnc John with araamtDitfoa. lie 
■taned rijjat »ff J.)- oaliioc tnat a header 
duty |U lerfeol that) [he <me Wrillen llilo 
the Furrfoev hil). |" H - u*jrd manv «f 
lie arxamrntji be hna used oa olhw or- 
ea*iont and amonr oilier |iiinjt«, nld 
that aanj of a tola) «Z^^t a - down uf 
thefltres ti iH per ^'ool. at 1i»m ."H per 
cnt_ could be laiu at Ifte door of the 
Imported Situ, lie Bascrted »nr fifty 
Of Bion: furr-i^n nlm- have lnr-:i reJcainl 
in (hfa roiimry already or nm alMint Jo 
be rulr-asml. Hnth of UltaW aawrtlatia 
wore t)Hr'stinne«) \>p othnr ivpeakcia vvheu 
tlin mireUno; n'sH thrnnn open I- a-ts- 
«*1 dEscOsBlon. 

Major .1. W, O'Xjihouey, (;bnrJ.yi W. 
BarrelL Hnward Pleu ami oiher5 took 
exception to matiF ni Mr. limtfaoa'i 
■ talemeat* and en.deav.vrci t^ poln> ortt 
lo bim (here should lie hu tariff on for- 
r.'sa EI raj, l'i; t.-. unJ forccftd alite- 
Benta vr<-rr hurled Ua.i. and forth 

There la no daubt iJIr. Kmereoo ti 
rincere in his aland, lie ii a pleasant 
and eoavlneins; talker^and, ob r yea; wo 
pronil-ed a p. a. «^'d nieni^ti tie fart 
John Kn«ii>u'i "Had Hut Romanre" la 
aoon to \v rtlra*ed hj First Xationat. 
Thr Innrbeon and dlseuwloa were folly 
worth the % 1.15 paid ot the door. 

Jane ii«<hi. wtiu Pnrasaifatst. 

Juno Mntlile, who has nei-mcd aa nviirh 
n part of Helm oj< toe trademark c» tlielr 
aUILonerr, lias left that rompuiiy to seek 
her fortune elsewhere. E'aramo'URl, with 
an. eye oat for the tnoin chnnrr, has rljrneil 
MIm Mathis lo 'tn sgme work for it. 
Any one who knows anylhinr of (bis tsl- 
ented woman's ability to write a script 
■ad io adapt a story knows well abe need 
only let it be noised about that she la free 
before all tht film mraimnir* in America 
are on ber trail. It ha> been said af the 
acenarto of "The Four Horsemen f rjj* 
ApocalyKpe"* that It i* "hr nnrrt eon- 
Unullr rrrr wriltea. M-- Mathis wa» 
rtsponsibln for i( and ilnen'ti a lar»* 
share of the credit f«r ihc picture— oufr 
of !nat- year's ntiest. Hbc is D*» worklpt; 
on Ibanaci "Bloisl anil Sand,-' which 
ParamemBt *Ut prwluee with Itmtrdph 
Valentine, Bene 1 ibpW* and Mae 

Korm h"*1« rnoiii:iiij . 
Another "-'■■> :ii".i ■■ '"ii-. ■-■-•" has ttisida 
It* boar* Thre tohliiniers in ihfl biiBlaens 
bare Joined forces to mak<: picture*. They 
are Bernard Fiaeman. who foently sold 
Itll rfeba in Ihe KaJherin*' Mnct^nabl 
("ucripsvnj; Charles Bnrr, jritsldent «-f Af- 
filiated iMatdbulora, sail 'bat child won-' 
ncV. Bebrxie Zledtnaa. who was awdaitd 
with Mary -ftcfcford and IhvjEln* Kair- 
hanka sneb a lone tttne. The "new rooi- 
pany will be cailed the Edwin Careara 
I'ietorca Corporalion, and all prodDCtauna 
will be made on tbe I'acific C«asU Ur. 
Carrwc ami Mr. Rodman have cone [u 
f'nlifurnFa lo slnrJ work r.u "IJell'a iriilt- 
w«y," a niory of Ihe old Northwest 
VhtlLllted I'uliCr: tJid i will serTt: ax (he tiret 
vehlclr for tJic new orfaattttlDa, 

TUr Wnhlifl Are Ih'lllf. 

Nut all of uur plnyinnTea ore '•in,:<f.w,: 
in tbn annabtuv of California. K. A. 
WaUh. aecompao-ieiJ by his wife, Hlriant 
Conner* baa come back tn Lhia part of ibe 
world. The* are Ifiine ai the Pbsxa. 
Sir. Waiib has nnc decided wpetier )ie 
■LI) retnxo to the uCait or stay facte asd 


•■iir has i r In Mom 1 nek •■ nil tier 

in i. n, a, Walflkj Ua> »ro- 

niake his next alcturo. lie i.4 imilcr con- 
met lo AsaodAidl Fim NntloaaL 

Can Von I'mnpanee Ttarsaf 

Now, with ai! I lie Ttu*ai*b ballet 

I danrere eominr, j-.,i . rlxi- ronntay. Pan* 

! theon Prodartioo* ha* decided lo fnUw* 

! mlc and add a few l£it*»!aai with un- 

pranoiihcablo natne* |*a Ua -.TsJT. A eon- 
v tract baa been »ien-d with l.ndmiiij 
. Fiaaaowaa ItstsUn:i and Alexander 
j Ivanoa-ilch Tro;BP'iM*a;r. f«rio*rie of 

*:.>■ Mrv-v-viv Art Theatre, lo play ■*> a 

romlpf; prodactloa. 

I'rr.riU I'llr:, fa Urtllial. 

; The Clermon ruin|ioiiy reNpoasible Tct 
1 luiiiiiuK "Two Or-ilidiiH" lino tliis tvnn- 

! try baaWfo sThtrU \V, t;niriih the 

j unirrilJri: and positive prlnlf "f (heir pro* 

' dttCtlob ■"':" a ■•;:■! bit do IIM.VthiDC 
hrv HOW Hi witlj ttiefil, fltnitrluC lliftl tliny 
■ hrtvi* n>i intention >\t rvkainris their ri*v- 
< siiii of llie i'!iir In thbt i-niin'rv. TIi.jj 
[ furthermore reawlr»> bint they wl*h n« 
I remtineratioTi far thin iTHirteoj. Snitiids 
i likv a fairy tab*, but ne ore niiMircd by 
: Mime ono who sbotgld kn-w that it is 

•.I'rjklrii uf "Thf flrptjuv" 

Tli ere tuny lie busier mm En the world 
tlmiL Henry MeUahoDi. but he Oscaat*t 
l»!le-r it [.ciblt., Kl r hf rmw ' he kj 
lupfnitjs the rniilnuEht oil writin-f a book 
foirndnl on 1«btjiI W. tJrlffith^ "tJr- 
phaiis of Ihe Mtonfl/' II. I:- r.. -,!..;, 
the Ver*i»H "illlill JIKllt ■!*>» IT 

ofaEwt Im-iin*, -ir tnaylm li wae richi t»iu- 
Dtrti. but. sd.vtv-i.v. 1ir muht rsl»hli«h n 
iwnfd; nnd he i« irurhiiif *•> hard tu 
ki-. |i his iLcrrt- mi in he n I'u-r- io Ii- iL- 
tui-linJ fui- ftUtb Irlvisl thiugH <*■■ fowl. 

A l k lvkfuril-\etlBn Humor. 

it was whispered yfttorajky Eba ptanj 
were beEiti' mrtik- In buniiw >Earsh-il) 
Ncllnti to diiTi Unry I'lekford in her 
neit picture. Some of her iiioai auerjnu' 
fnJ work wna ilriite uiid-r hi* directio'i. 
It was Impos-ilbl" lu •■fataln.a lerlbi'aiiun 
uf tin- O-rj. Eliruia Abraias. pn-*id-iit 
of the Ctutcd Ar.i.i., «u»td iiver the (elt- 

"I wttfi ii vera imr, but 1 have heard 
uorLLiiE Ale mt it friui MUa llckrurd." 
lie added be oade^dMil Mr. Nedan had 
a contract arilfa A«a-ieia(f-tl r*if»t Naiinoal 
for two mure idnnre*. 

« I--.1.- • RclDHki In II. .11, „...,.;. 

tjm Chancy liis returned In Hulfj. 
wood after pnsaini; lira weeks in Fort 
Lee. Oh, of courne, he nuinnx'cd to fiet 
into Nnw Vork rjceaaidnniij., tint moat of 
Ida 1 1 ;ll- . With (be axecutfon of &iRdujs r 
Jgia u'ii in nt the F'nrafQll sLildioK in 
Fort Lw, where he played in "The Lujnl 
lit the Kara." Unpe Jlmnii-iin's p-uduc- 

Jaaale 'rlol'hersoH nan, 

llnvinr [-ft her beauH lit order, her 
work alt done arid her plan- for the fti- 
lure nude, Jvaaie Alri'Ler^m hu come 
to .Vew York in take a varsiion. She 
was at the opening of u r\«IUd| Wives,"" 
kukmr. wt-ry hi nnd nne. 

Will Hair «* Dm 11 KJ.-.n. lli.i,.. 
I Hirer JIon>sco has been postpodlaj; 
his depattsrr for ihr West Coast f-ura 
daj to day. He had exported to be there 
IdbI #rt tbio, bnt li.iv Ihto held here- hf 
Ihe t'Larlotte Greenwood opfltlnt- The 
motion picture netlvlilea of the Woremoo 
t-vuipnny are wn|tlnn uiiril .\Ir. M„ T ■^■■i 
can art to CoUfcttiin Ju l-'romnry. 

Keepltia- *tem on the >\.m... 

"How you Banner keep 'obb down on 
the farm after Ehej'iL- iM-en I'utvtT* 

Thus luajt thr American public after 
Iheafatpinjt of the am.letie^ In I0IS. 

Vcslcrday tlie qtiesfifin w*ii answer*!, 
once nod for all, I? none other than 
Jutn Armstronc l.'alosvr. »&u ur^ea 
the establish meat of m»tfoo pirtiire 
*'centera". through Amrrira'n mrel -Ji" 

Mr, Chaionrr thinks his pn';xi*.iii..[, is 
onp of national lni|»rtsDr<e In view of the 
fact thousand- id iti»rriii(cnlnl munrrr 

>nr i> iei Hesrr IS T»S Mmsisk Tewtrsp* i 

CDiCAOO, Jan. VI.- 

Piiil. ladpolo* and varnilllloci rlephnnl* 

aylni throiicn tho a*«re mone arc eras- 

Inx to lioihrr Amatican liquor COlf 

SUIlHTIi. ( 

The old rime "do wn -a nd-ontcT,'" man 
And woman, is jrfelnjf waj lo noonahtna 
fitlM "rvi.u about town" and E !i)- flap. 

Ittit all ; n ■:!, there are only a quar- 
ter 'if the nQmbef of Honor victims iliat 
featared orr-prohlbltloa days. 

■\"tl ';•!■]: vininu axe not IsVwf >* ■ 
\ aVsaa, a* predietod &T oppo^er* ^f the 
dr ; Is**. 

\ 1 *.-- in l.riff, art Ih'" iinrlhi.niij^ of 

Mr*. I'raef O. rjair. kUperEnteailetit •■' 

Ihe \\"■^J|iuETonIall Home, ibr o!de»l 

rare laatitutron In Ibe loiied 

i' Wahhid£ioBleo Heme btv etrtOr 
eliria tem sfheC 1W1, Jlfi. I'llri'liAi 
.■■• ii;.i.'j.i|"ri! for ten j-^nr^. Hhe 
in* -ei-n inniifiinda of ilrunknrd* ..urieil 
in and walk out, Khe has ailmlntiii^rcr 
to linuclretl* uf ^rlnc women who 
itarte,! tyiih. a frosted ...-odttait ut ion 
tli restaurant and -indcd with a rrar- ! 
toi; ih.n onlf whlaky conU aatkifj-. SUe i 
has iirihabir adat'slatered to ij;^ suffer- : 
iaf 1 <'■ more men s*einir violent-hucd 
clr.-nl [iaradea flytriff thronrh ihcir Jo- 
Ildnni than any other notion n. the 

To us j- she is it eadeiias boa lone her 
Joh trill last. The J Erector, of t^ie fn- 
stitiji. are coasiderjnf »THt^ lr*»- prop- 
er!)- snr] resins Mp abop. 

"We <rr(alniy know Use rlTeit of pro- 
bihili-ii," she said. "It has broosat 
nlmui iiiirke: ehaufirs. 

"Iir-t, wa. do riot bare anyivhrre near 
as litany nutlm:*. and only ,i rracilon 

of The ii^niNrr of delirium r ■ - ■ : coaca 

tre iuhkI to have, Ih-ilrluaf EeenfRH re- 
snli froxn I'onsumplioa of no mm'h Ibimw 
th;.i ili^. brain hecorpee porelywil. Nuw 
aaoonahlBa lii|tior in ho deadlj ilui ili- 
drnker berimes violrnliy til pefun be 
cjii drink euudsb to set ihr frencas, 
II L« ■foiiiacb h paralyaeji, but BM Lis 

"Th« patient comes in rxttaattt*; ill, 
■ lid often niuffa mora vjoieHL than Le 
■J"-d lo in: It takes from fo^ir dAjs 
to tw.i weeks to Set him user ii, but He 
la rarely aufferuiH from Uemrns, lie 
I* p-iiKioed. 

"The |j-|m- »f patient has under;...- ■ 
aisrk-.l ruaoKe. We fet St*. .ir.«n- 
nml outers' now. 

'111. nuniiil [lallenU here arc u:'»tlj 
nap)ii-rs— eiris who naro lieon ont on a 
■yanv" nod Iteeu i>f>ii.oned l»y ha- 1 liquor,, 
Ifui wa rarelr set the bleary -eyed ■■-.:] 
n-nrnnn any more wbo lias drank herself 
to flu- BjHttef. 

Them wn« onsy ^ii women patients in 
tMt RflJOHilDg ward a^ she lalkoil. livi-rr 
00c Wla youne— and every iiuu was oa 
awfnJly sick it-uman. 

■"^V'l! art joHDgi-r men, leak, niihonslj 
rlilr. i 4 i,n| M unifiitiiily Che ease is 
ivith iinnien," Mrs. Carr rontlntie*]. 

"Anulher ihinoi Is that t do nut re- 
ni-mtii-r ■ single dmn paib-nt here who 
was a heavy drinker l-fie*. prohibitliW. 
I'i"; titers are not hnty lbj,noe drinkers 
sisa nile snd it |s th- -aniQ nay tvhiAkr 
drinkers dn not nftermty serk to pet 
ihr diwiml reaction takinz dfibr"." 

Th" Wa*hio£totitan Horns n»ed t" care 
fur front S-il to libvj iiatienta annnrilly 
In ItrJI. Jir». Gut said. It had mji -j»n 
patients. Ihirly^uiftc of whom wm; 



Intjulrle* «ri (he Nnw York rrrunnl 
neome T» k law nJI \:r snawrreO In 

b|l HllllUD If .-nt 10 <(H'I . I.llllol. 

STS of this paper. 

people are moilnx io ihe ritln to sc* 
(hr alehtx Bhd h-- balnma tbsi if tho 
Stuteii appropriate funil-. r«r "in niuic m-a- 
tlnii pieture cwitera in rural dlstrid* lb« 
country fglt will TVinnht on ibe Jam,, 
"viswinx tin »:;hia froni ih. sHyst 

I The n-Ldtiiinertt hue onkred a new 
n^icrim^iiL uf trifk iitvifonpH [n cusf n»y 
, of <mr New Turk BUtta TWJBfia c:iri- la 
$ cmulnte Krich Von ^tnilwim. We mhiw 
j Ihcni to wait- If they are uo more po$v* 
| uiar witX the Ne* rota wnnn-n *Uh 
nbotn **> bare lalkej than Von Ntrtr- 
bxinl'a coant it will be hv%rs iahur IcaU 

I'ulnrky — Aa a etfe- proprietor N not 
lh» n mount of *300 fiue fur vl-utton Of 
il. ■ VoUlnad Act a biiiaf.. njiesse in 
m.r rnturti? .Answer: \#>. Amoanla 
paid foe viobiEiana of law or In -trfeas* 
of euefi sdltn are B« ilednrtiM*. 

A. L— Has the Kiaie a!-., r« : -.l ha 
niarried mrm*a oxemptioii h> ^.r«»i H rjd 
il!n*r fur rhildjrra to t-k») (o nutli-b the 
l-'i-Jerml law"; Answer: No. Thr- action 
of Cottar**!! in ameaditut the Kederat 
rtalutr does not affect the Ktalc l«w. 
uhirfe can only be cbanxed by n-t af the 

Mr*. M,— la my return niay I dnturl 
:vr a charitable eoiitrHiutiotl the valno of 
clolli and lhrrad lu be usml f.-r uiakipx 
rhlldreo'lj drenaw, wbh-h 1 have uiveti 
In ii rnri'ign tuLsalonary amup'' Answer: 

Bear— tn my 19ID rrturii I paid a 
tit ijue (9 14 points rise lu p-loek be- 
tv.veu .Isunsry 1 ami date of *&[•■. Tbe*e 
■^urltlea eomt me 1b ltll* exmily what 
I sold tfaem tar ih IttlO. K a refund 
due to roc Under thr recent kLurrber 
dsM-isinnT Ane*rer: Tea. Kile efaim 
on form 110) with thr Al!>any o!flrc. 

M. A* N. — la there 4 reit»ir*meat in 
the Male law t^r same ■* tha f-'ederat 
law for the tilin; of partperabip retonia 
on a ttacnl year basis two and <>ne-ba1f 
ii.-nttie alter ekniti E ibe :-■«--'.■ Aa- 
i"r: No. The due dal- f--r retirrna 
under the State law fll.*l an a ti>rni 
year fiaaia is liiree and onr-bs'f aiontna 
afier rhe ih<«t:is invon(or). 

Auditor — If a corporation 1. unable 
tu file cetorns of ikformailun sfaosrioDc 
;iaymenla of ?l,t»»" before April 13. what 
can be done? Answer: Apjdy fur ex* 
tension of time. 

Clerk — Are theae aipouufs dcdnetlala: 
|ai I'ayntaota to antauliiatioaii for eink 
■iii'i bi-altb benefits: ■■,'><> aiuimndi laken 
itnt by omplo^er for j-.-is-Iuii purposcu - r 
AameeT* ho. as tu !wth efties. an thuy 
are pcrsaual expenses, lines tn labor 
organisations ar<; not deductible when 
they prorbJe for health, accident or 
other benefit*: ther are dediirtlb:# If the 
tiraauLxailon !• <<o!el.r eiirssnl In pro- 
OioiLajc the lateral -f tin- trail*- <. r in- 
iliistry In whi^i* (tie raxv«yer If encsaed. 
BrneBciary — tt*hrr* an exefuior files aa 

n!uel*iln< return rr .llflJif lb thr rJJ*- 

riv*nre of additioDSi ili-irrlninre aharaa 
' of las aide income of beaOAciarwa riSoUld 
(he latter Hie amrarlrd retiims ur await 
Tmiirea from the bureau? AnaWrr: They 
ahonld await notices from the tuirrato. 
Market— One Sunday my delivery 
track, on wfaich I had fitted aeela lor 
my family, ran int" ami <tsw--'iTd 'an- 
tM hr-r automotiiie. Th!* cost -ie JsV*!. 
Can 1 tike thl« nut in ftiy rrtnts? An- 
swer: No. This is purely a personal 
j rxpnlse and Es not a bnslnca* bns. ont 
from a transartioa entered iolo for jimnl, 
ur from a caanalt.v. 

It, I., if. — Ih there any provision nwn- 
I'ellitia ImsiiftOrl afll wild. IHInrf »e|iAroU' 
I'MiinjH, to djvlii" llir-i: (>neinptbiiis.' An- 
,..r iV The tZfXn |«*rson«l exi 
ruiptfou mini in- rntinlly diviilnl In such 
co»e^ but eaeb Km} dopendeocy 1-.- 
■ ruplirjci 111 ict not be dlvbiod. IuiL may 

|7W flhtjTfJ— 

^^pCiiiL<Ji fjupa-at I na r tPr i c 6g- 

Women'i 40 in. black caracul coat*, $395 

Stiii 11k collar* ami cmTT?.. Mod!t?rtTn3Tidsriii sleeves. 

Worrafn'* molcikin cqbIi ajid wrapa, $295 

't^ B 45 in. lour?; sortie trimmed with skunk. 

Second Floor. Old Buiidtntf 

Men'* mualtmi- lined coata, $175 Io $235 

\Vet6 S285 to S^SO; olter'or leaver cnlhts. 

Men's marmot'lined coaU, $175 

Were S250; Imported shells; oner collars. 

Men. WaJlatrr-Uned coat.. $135 

Wert $200 in $22S ; beaver and otter collar?. 

Men'* rur-cotW cwita, $39.50 to $105 
Wert $65 to tiyy, nulrii, beaver, oiler, aMrakhan 

ctltlarS. Bnrtinfton Arcade Floor, New Bldg 


Odd (jjoupa at lowered pricca 

Whoever buys them will know, through \cars to come, 
thai on January 13, 1^22, they made a v«J vise purchase. 

Holland blanket*, were $20 — special, $15 each 
Tan «ld aha«T tr«.| kind, wilh efild liir bordrr* t>n wbile creund*. 

Belgian M*nl«!ss were $30 — jjwoal, $12.50 each 

^Hl'V ln„ pink and War rfltets, buiind all amnnd with slla. 

^ French bkm-irtn, were $14.50— apecial $9.75 cadi 

L.Firjr aitr^ jdoi|uari| drslca. in Hnf and pink : V.iV, Airier, ;22.^0. 

Engiish blankets, were $42 pair — special $25 pair 
White; uadRI in. All wool, of cwnrav. 

White Trapper blanket*, were $20 — apecial. $13.50 each 

A fatuous lilnnkr-l ; T'iilW in., extra lirnvv-. 

Camel's h«r wool on cotton warp — ipecial, $19.50 each 
Wrrr VSaj ImrvTtrdj Urvctan fcrj l^nler, Isinlnl at ends wtlli aiili. 

Camera hair btankcti T were $30— special $19.75 each 

I'i. -.:■!. i-.!in.i nil ,-ir<hiind with vntlli. 

Coats of distinction, smartly 
trimmed with moleskin, $98 

Our $135 grade. Sue* 42 » - to 50' , 
Coals especially designed by an excellent tailor for the 
amply proportioned woman. 

Thr ln-iM-nunu slraii;liiliii<< illisMUltt" lias Imi-h Lnterftrt-tid in inntiy 
whys -i-nch tlllTrn'tit mid (Jr-IlBlitdil. .Mnlrsltin linn l«"ii il«'"I ("f eullnrs 
■ii'l i-'i'f- '■■.' , . i i..,i cloth la thv fabric — one <<f the -■==.■- - 1 KTORd of tliQ 

st-nntin. , 

Hfnet Of sarj blite. 

I.ininfti of heltvj allk. hand nnlshrd. 

Sacnnd Flour, Old BeUdir 

Good savings on first grade 
Wardrobe Trunks 

$50 for the $75.00 trunk 

$49 for the $70,00 trunk 

$45 for the $63.00 trunk 

$35 for the $41.50 trunk 

$32 for tho $35.00 trunk 

$30 for the 538.00 trunk 
$29.50 for the $34.75 trunk 

$26 for the $33,00 trunk 

Light weight 
At *io— Bodr law plr h««»w«h 

«,«•«*! and brmnd with «ntwlar4 
tlbre, lw»r ins •«**•*, Hided wilh 
trn hanp-rs. liiundrr Uk *nd aliw 
paehel: fl*«- dmaHn* l««™ »"? 
tiitjvr-ji-lM* in in list boa: riottV Hneo. 

At w*9 — *'* "* m * — snrne «nrtrur> 
tlon aa ahor*. bJt srith H hanjeera. 

At M^ — simmer m»— *«» l^P 
lock drawer a%d two drop rnwipart- 
menta— - 5 hangers. 

Bel ber Trunks 
Al- If5-Hhlll alw wardrohr tri'iik. 
t-ll banjfers, four drawcra, alwfl 
pockcta and laundry tins, rrfcre ii.v- 
fred rntna. all imrdwiM rimi-d, 
raised tap model. 

At KTJ — ^ taiulti. snake arrants- 
menta and rgminietii^n. witli «tht 

Stear;i-?r Mte. H hangers, twm 
drawers, larce drop secltan* two re- 
mnvabls barilrions in aor. Itefif 
)sr V34.7&. wrst gasUM, 

Ac ^W — "I*, sue wardrnbr tmnk* 
■ ~ made uf I! ply vmnrr, rc-vmil and 
linsd wiili vuleanlsMl bar*, all hard' 
ware rivetiwl. tkhji l-icJk. tever draw 
bnlu, S Laiiar-n, Hh'H- poekets. t, 
drawers, iwthim i wo ean fan- eooftrtV 
ed ic.Cfi a wnmnn's lint eiinipnrtrneni. 

At 531 — stsiimer wanlrnbf tni.nfi-j. 
•-■Hsu' i'i'i--*i]-iiviinri. with H l)anj;i>rv. 
11 ..rawers and Lnnti' d-op secliou 
with twi* :• -iiL'iwil'1.- Liaj-lltiDDs id 
BaBri G«H.r T , Nne BuiUia| 

t«> laken I'J cither taaparer. 

A Rf.arar Far fltra. 

rxzn riNTHK-VT « s taifuUM n mt* j 
ifc-si«, ti:ui< nsaaist «v rsssrsdlsa r-trj. 

SUSUf "If'W ttemsi- PlaaL •«.-■*<■!. 


Ptiralelaas: ^f Iiallam D#*real ttltl 

M*rt «t lUlnn.irr To-ainftflrt. 

A diDoer daoee vt ibe yoUBEer dollar* 
ff Italian deareat aa dnow pradiouS ifl 
tab ennotry. larxslj in »w Vaffc. who 

hsrr fnrmH rbrniM'ilT^i tnti> an anraalaa- 
flon knttwn aa tha Aasoeiatlot] nf Italian 
l*h>»iriabs In ABeriea. is In b- (iren at 
The PUimore to-nnrrivr nlpdit. Tlie reser' 
vatlrjos ntitnh*? betwr^!i frmr and Eva 
hnnJrml. and pmminrrjLrnrn in the (nod- 
ical world ar» tn sprali, " t>r. AiieubIO 
Ittti'fdi af Cincinnati, Ur. Jamers J. 
WjiS.1i and l»r. <;.-i:a'- B, rSlcnart 
amnni liu'in. wIUl !'<■_ Mlfhnel t'niml.i. 
[if ■■■iilmii nf tin- asandallon. preMldlna na : 
insatinaslr.*, I>r. PnUatorr d! 1'nliiin j 
<H^»leina:ii. l*r. A. F. Aniem-.i nn.l Mr. 
O. I.. Cartoeel makr u|i tbc committee J 
of the rvtfnlnf. 

Amonr the members of tha awirwlpttoa. 
ar# Dr. Fttft Amoman. Dr. t'lvarles S. 

H. Cimssi, De Paaan IV Veerpi. I»r. 

Ant<nin Slrtli. i>- <: latppj IVrvitah. 
Dr_ WillUm Peril II. 1'r. tsalraton- lh> 
1'alma. Itr. A. Havafli <.f Cincrnnaii,' Pr. 
Willbm P. of Se wlla»a. Dt.' 
J \ 1 fauns "T \r« Oriraba, Dr. Os 
Berxil.'eri nf ntiffaVi and l>r. V. A. La- 
■wtU of [n.i:anap*>H»r 

oau w. AiarjTti pbatt. vl\*- 

TJT nacrov r«r» and Faataraa. 
40 'Wast 341a. It. 

Will Sell 

(.tilNK ind AMERICAN 




305 TtW In 

isji.1 asm 

Cor. ZTLh 54. 





\HW TURK** U',tlhlV« THHATIIK* A \l» -■» t'CCKJOES. 

EMPIRE »■-«•« "»/■'";«•■«■" hEW AMSTlOuaH WE5T42 St EuaaSIS 

William Gillette memwam/itt 

;,J';,,., The Dream Maker tttHCTH MILLERf 

OoodMobning Dearie 

^raHiim at iy.t IMAIIM- TMkqMPM : " 

Ulllrkrrhoi'Lrh. I< t»i. IS SI. Eri. US. 
Hit., Tp-«iv A Wrt.„ 1.30, 

HE fl'31 THAN 711!" HAT" 

'Bulldog Drumniond' 

WnCmin. ato JIMMY 

f.!,;= m.A.j VALENTINE 

■V rmsi SIQlir HI5KI NEXT 
•>K.»Ts \.11V IIS SAI.K 









Mat. TO-DAY, 50c to $2 

! LIBERTY >n» '"~iV i'i uj n," 


:::;&! T3! IWRIEN CBIL 

MATDIEE TO-DAY. 50c, to $2. 


» KfKf 


'A Billof Divorecn^ 



; urn at, BM S,M. 


i. Id St. 'I,,-..' 11*11. M 


Eilra )lliltalC<-'. mftMV 


T*J- Co*, hi*. 

J liBK.V 
I fcJtTKl.l.r: 

I FI.XE.t»T 
i UffJXlHD 


Mtts. i.n^ 





Anhur LJuntaonlsln 



Th» tftB"t !""!■ «■( H'l.lrll RlMI 

ItHllirM Til- DAY 
J, -,Wtlrr..1*r at &». 



K..awrv*. J w.ii n.K*'^lfj*W«d 


flr Wm. Ifurirmt. ml Prrdrrfrk Trrrr 

M»t>. re-Uj A wv 

• ™ E p ' YEAR 


• THANK -1/ 


T«vt_ Tijirl « Wlllr. 


UrL Mr. II. F< ll»n 



R8T | '-.V«io Tcrlt and London'^ Blffal StifC«j" 

I i. "CAPTAIN APPLEJACK" ,,. , ^:.rS„ 

"111.*, tirr. !■ a. lirr lu, ,■ I i ,-.»." -Tr'l: i «. 
"• "THE 

"bekuws "MUSIC BOXlUEVUE" 

r-i||»» HTlfninn nrrr ■■ ■! lat-r 


I. t; .■]■, .., ; m 



TCI 111 



"Set a HttreBchment," Says Pro< 

duction Maaa&et", bat Movement 

to ConDcntrate. 




■James OlivcrCurttood?! 

Cr^tad. Kcncl -- 1 ■'•■i- ■■'- -■ • - 


FL0WiR T o ^0RTH 

1 4 Vita^i'jph Stsjter feature. 1 


Century Theatre 

.1 /Irf JiKun . u( -Jlappuie** irirh- 
ihttt Hiitr* tif the Tkwtra 
t BUt of Spteivi Xorcltia 



T*ke Dally 
3:L0 — B;]0 

d. w. caifrnvs 


ORPHANS erm „„ 
o/rt« STORM 

I Pot). MtEft, »* ift 5J.0O - Night* and Sat, 

AUTlft GandCentral 


Ma-g^inc-wnrtm lOjLM.b&aor.M, 

"Molly-O" "» 
Eatct HormftBd 


fciuwda t'amc*t» "Stamp Act." 
i„. lil iv j -i , Cnl* H'»f«— Kitma 
WIU Drpl#t V. S, IndtiBtrlH. 


of tbp first AnierlcM oonipaflitH 
10 Bl»rt prodnclioa ovexwn*. is 
clAiinc if* London Mudics. With- 
in thn nesi ihre* nrireV« Ocwrse FitJ- 
nun:rjrr, Jobn Bobrrtson nnrl the other 
dlrt^tpra now in Kngland wil! ruflJSB 
to ih-» connirj 'to miko plctacrt -.«i 
Anwr'cun aiijL - — ■ 

" 'This is in ov "ay a vt-ivenibtaatX.". 
mhL IS'thcff Kane, iirmlddion rnarjager 
<tf FaiMK ritjiTB-Laslir. "Wc merely 
»*at io j;ft hIT "«ir pronlr undrr^flo Itut. 
Wc fli-.' vorttiic Mil blast in HotlywooiJ 
BOW without any s-~n of n Irt-fovrn. ffu' 
havp nr-vrr hail mi many coropanics un- 
der on* roof in utip time soil wc have 
nt» IntWrLitm of Moiinin:: |iTod«ct!oti." ■ 

This was Mr, Kmu-V r.-jilj- w'the *iUp.*-_ 
Ii«ii wbertiw »r no' 1"" ll!iJ lit'aril nil toe 
hie companim nn- nlaonhiS tu "\&F low"' 
on proJiiiritm T-ir rti ■■ ■ RiaottiS nitii itlttfL 
on Jlar.-h 1 wit:i wnewftil ttitiviif, 

"Siwnbittj: nlioiit Fnmons 1*ini'i.'rs- 
liffcy/' lllT - liailfl initial, "yuu raw say 

ivr have uo MU'h nCW™*-" 

wire no.1 lifin^- i-ailnl hvnip hwaiiiTo iiil 1 - 
hir« iiimV in Lonilnn «v**rc iawo««al»l. 
but Iimbiipi! it won imin-acl'rt.l In hare 
thf company si far away frum Iho huulv 

ThL< n*ws i- EnlrrrslinB, r^m.ns oovv. 
nlim nil tbr lihu world i« niwlunfi if 
EhubM. Turn- bare Ifi'ii so inanjr dp 
DWTtda f«r iiinvDrt* from t:)iii IJWP'o 
Ut«t the: pui>i>I; Uj rutmliig t««" in « aan- 

Cinwln nnoku Olrtle^ 
Bljna •nr, nnw In- hhippnl tut* the 
Canmliin ^i«i7i«t uliliudL.thf namt of 
the tMiimo ami lirff ninViiif; tlimi boiiis 
BtJimpwl ..u L-nu pi«». LltTiusrariM* 
mid WWmtnr> ::rc HUcwfcw iiumul** troii' 
LhJj miTrkltip- Tins iw«* Kfu rimx^wl 
U. ilio Xatmnal AwociutlOU jcwhWw, 
fullwcinj; effort mink- .by U..- nlm roin 
panic* t-> I""- 1 'In' uwfflix uniiT rcvokw*. 
Yh«* irtMfHirc. dlrvclwl »r "H nrtn-iiK na- 
[lort'-J i'ili> iIh i-.mii.ry. niHuUmg iilms. 
v-iifl ud'ipt't! ii "l'«" tiun- flip*. Ji «« 

V«irf llll'i*'lf>Illf. Mill 1 '' " "'I"' »" tlUUl'U 

CAfieBw.' nitil trunWr i" tarry it uiit. 

UulllTTf "It 

tlirrrr llrts I'M 1 " " W* 

Nril V 
WV.I. Wl 

I'.lll ■ i-i-'- :- 

Barbrr Of "SSlIlO 

. i'naxi 

H.iti- |im(lwt»t>lT 

I.r IlllL d'}* 


w.j £ Hit. : - 
llllOlh TI5IJ;; MOSUAY NlfiHT 



"Anna Chri 


■| :>. ■■i'-i.Mivm in ihp 
"J*. 8. T E .\ A i: I T Y» 


Cpammounl Cpicturx-s 



■I K F«tr«r fa "Cirtn^ B .. 


,rtL1 u Tiii: unities r-L*Y ■ 

TIHBI , JBnUr KWati '■■,... i'j. 


REPU BLIC M«..»>,L*j?i£^V'* «■ 





W?"--^ pr, ,. t .,-,-T,T..'.Jf ^ 

> T '»o Hjtnd. (i»in- a ( 

ii- Ih. linhfllMSI. 

Wtbw a tin 

am, -this WEj;k 






iq "i-ov£-p nEnKMrnf,\- 


M lIiwpcHvnr ami HnlpU Ave, 

"IIO.V TOW Gmi.h" nfili 

vrn Wouaf. ..mollie k wii:" iA " ! i 


iiBtrament Hays "Say It With 

Flowers" as Magistrate Levine 

Questions the Prisoner, 

■;£Javt %ntt LiuyiLiiiij: to jury." ilog- 
i>lr^!c M*s S. Saline iu £jnw^( Markrt 
'"■ourl yeatentiT u-sitpd I*rae! J.ijiniuii t 
•JS irrarx aid, ..f Kn^t IlCrd Httwt. ihc 

\t. i 

that Lipman on DPLcmlur L^l ntttpjiuod 
to atCftl a innjiic (*0Jt from a counter. 
This defeevthrs t>aU\ hp saw Upnuo laite 
tbc Ifl»c Crnni tiie enmt^r ntitf sihore iL 
into Ills [^rlcct. - 

i Aa Lljiumn scnr«M fwf ihd xtanti tJicw 
wa« a t Liitr-f >ij ■ rpii!>.j h^d Hip xDbate hoy 
hmtiH- iuuj ihfir "Sny K IVith pttltlc." 
Tlit- recced tepi ijoitu: drtplte effort* 
or attemlBijU t« M41.1 ir and hmJ to bo 
rarrifii frum ihf room. 

UpiDdu aald hf Jmd boihiuu more ta 
nay -takv p thi* cIiatkv was uumn 1 . 

Ui'sj-iLi! Lhc ww^l ilnif hnrj by all Map- 

r. vitif lif|,| Liinaaii jit f7A*j Imtl 

for S ( ..i-ijj I Sc««iini eti 3 cbari;p of jx-ity 

For BfiViEnl •?": 
nto> iiripup ibc atnwt timi tiw Uoldwyii 
ivinimny WQtttd t-iil Hjlo wuecu »t i»a 
S.ibKI mployreirt. I3Kc nil rrnurdt «I (he 
Uji'U, i» w» jtawml by *w B^B merely 
talk, ittit HV ii" fwctna the tJoidwjn 
.-iMiiLULtiy nillt hlnrl'iis .liiuuai-y IU. 
ni;ik-> MHW ilrji&tic i-uIp 111 thfl wilam-a 
of id rrapiojow. "J'lw rfwJ"' ui rwttrCintHi 

rtHI niiT^r irotn ll> lu "Jl pre t'.'IH-, do- 
m-nnhji' upon tlli) aiiMiuut 0( UUh jfttlnrj'i 
SaLmia u SSLto ^' » y«2* «">'«-* 
11H Id i>rc teat, **:iliirti L a h« *W tiJ Siv 
_i veok irilt Ur eilt i-> pier ^'n., ami 
llinsp .mii!i*y^j. nivlvlitp ^T."> in >i>Hf »r 
mor.' -a ill IniVi- i» part «tili "^' ptr erat. 
<>( Uifip p^nioua lurame. 'Jlim n* n i^- 
.ii-«,lI rurmK, iiilnilni! noi wiity Uic olu- 
b],.jiw h«i Siiiiiin-1 liolil^yn. tlif proefl- 
*U-M. oh W«!ll. At lt}8 UoidwjFa otHeoi 
tltjst *iK in-tiubr;. i« laid f.i ibu iJi-or of 
hnrd tiiui;is. About m?* nnjiiths «gu 
i-'uninii-* I'layprH-L.asky made c«rii , m. , tiuli!i 
in iiilitrith- 

'■W« uuUcipntnJ ttir Jilujrjp," a«»I 1*110 
of thv oiftciiiij*. "aiid nadv «nr prepdr*- 
nun a.ccordi»gl>v - ' 

At U»p tiim' iliid niinvU'iii «ol Hindi-, 
iliow ■>» tiif Inalde kntw. bnl tiicw WW 
no publicity jjivcu Ii. 

- I'how shiMiid li- iiu pnbllrtty Kivon 
Mich u chtup." nni'l a film riniti, "■'J'liir 
j««l industry mm nil other l>i^ cnninn.'r- 
riuJ onctMiI'cui i'j:iH bava huJ Co cut — >*•>* 
tlnir t*npralU>np, lint httiv h*s i«i - ii »mu 
ulmut ii lei l ,r 'l«' hJm biiain«B »tnrt 

Ijiiythlii^ nnil il b VurLLl n liwt I ::.^- 


'I'ho Fainuus! MnrnvLdalLf olticiaJ 
sniii the ttalnrivn 1:1 tin) pjctiin hiimni'aw 
iv nn gruntjy tidlnU-d. mid it M't'iniHl tbo 
iJimg to do tu cm dyv.'n capetMwjt. "\*o 

haVe made. n-ilmrtiBiisi lr«..m ■! tn inm.- 

dnrinjt ih- L taat-BJjPmonttiJi mid t'xpccC Lu 
cMitinnc until uiit !■-■!■:■■■■ h ntabilLzcd," 

he iiddt-d. 

rhaalmrd Joln^ Hi ('. rmupiBT. 

r«u1!ii« Fredcri^-fc: is t*t hare a new 
director. Emiic Ciiautanl has hi-en a*- 
I?rU>d (or the jdai-e "niiti ha.t already 
gauo on tu California in nufcfi nrraaL't,"- 
moata fof l«ls BO* potlUOEi. lla^-iap Mr, 
Clinniard direct her will hv no new ex- 
perience- for Hum Frederick, who tuadti 
Sf-rer*) of her he^L known iWantfmit 
|.i.»ltu-iioTJn ivitli M, l.'hauiqrH'] in /-IinTsn. 
IL S. i.'«!e took oil LhiH iu ■'..ji-.tthration 
when, he invited hia new director la h:ch. 

■"-^Il.-hI iiu?"." ■< 1 ,:■!=- HtJUnd, 

The effort to jitaee vTantfr ltrolhera' 
"School Usjif"' uu Broadway Iielk iH't'ti 
n'ward'Ml. Ou Jnnnnry 2Q ir will niovo 
into th.- Strand, .with Its protosa'a «f 
ebLIdrrn and all. .-.!■..: Dnyn** \* nut 
pii-Inrc that ili-st-iM-- to lEo vt']|. it is 
a illent plea for hettrr tiltOH nod 'at nooil 
ctittriflbtncat for uid end yottnc, 

l»*t« 8 ml 1I1 Vnmtnx Eu|, 
ltnnj up the Japan?*.' lantirna, gH 
nut (he unatlng! Peter GridJej Smith is 
coiiilaj w N»|P Vorli, jvwt ir, utt nothing 
in the liljj ef'ty esrajien hi* watchful eyo. 
AnJ, speaking of Mr. Smiili. ]iU Iiohm. 
Man-hull Nritin, plana l-a rclKM "Pen* 
rod" Januaiy 30. 

Aribnr Knur Jteiarnn. 
Arthur J|- Kane Ih buck home otraln. lit: 
reflebni tlwn Ttiurttdny iiioniJui,'' afleT 
he bad e iliniuicd ihe ■■■:■;:.■ of tlueVe of. 
fyrrttiicic Sound, WflterlQy, N. r, Alttt 
j-luiijiin;.- BCTeLity-Eive fin,* : ,..-jtui n - 4-ast, 
so that hia friends mifht I'ojoy hia 
proft'etw fl» a hunter, EMJr, Euto d«:Jde<l 
Ii.- uad ]ie;tfr ■ hi in' home iu. ^ if hia 
thick* had all been di'lm-red. Mure ihnu 
iwir wceka auO 5fr. Jvane IrTt town t« 
v*eort Charlie Key on the liriiil lap ol 
IiIh Jonrney baDon. The jmny pntt^ed 
l.'brLtdmaD in New Urlean^ nnd ilr. 
lv«ae ha» been rrnilpff prer niw#, irytjjg 
ta jret in nhnpe In eope with our Now 
Yurk pruhh uis. 

Ta Show Our ladn»lrlr«; 

Our inoit ImpoTUiDt induatHr'a are to 

be filmed. The Snrcau of Foreign and 


"IIh Ussecn Hand" Is Plajrlet 

tii-.i'Vuii; H«w the N. V. A. 1: tbvil 

a Herd Luck An, 



Jaaai »t Knww *VIn» Willi Her 

After Getting EeTetsal of Judgment 

Appellate Court Orders Him to 

Pay Enssian Society. 



• Iimj" |n II n 1 1 1 m 11 rp ri;b.<-Brfttn 
"■itnntoln.tnrt'' ivliteli t 
h VorSt tte»t w*trli. 


■ ConimeHf-oI UiO I'liird StJUES , 
cot of I'on.imcret; will failure, r 
liviliitt fur elrenloltnii nbnHttL i 
nutlitjil tin' r*uvern;iu-nt w'i'lw Tv | 

trade in fureipn ei>ttnlriM. An 
rrjuicetncDt Ijuk been onterrd iiilo viiiLi 
tlte Htirwiu iri Miijeu whereby tin- «rv- 
ii->v. u f that l«ir™n'a motion Ltlctore ox' 
pert* will lif JihtaineiJ. TTila wtml n'tirhcd 
id- N.:ii'i:iel Asxttcialion, and lit- ialci - ' 
narlns lieeatiw! it filwd'r: bftw Ini|iuriaiiL 
arc pH'tnrci in n-nehini; ilic people. Tho 
manofaetrtrcn nill pny fur tlie eo»t of 

U Jl] W t;i- ! Ml* Hotter ISn 
TJie cliirf topic inf i-ojieiralin 

eV t 

Itlrtltt* ye^Elerdny 
whethmr or i:o( Cu^l l^enituli- mil (H 
oaet the ntUlbo doUara Lie Um IntiaAed 
r^liuli tVlvtm?* Most of our ■weJJ- 
.... imifd lilm man bcline nor, mid IBfre 
Is ^yrn^athy v riprri«i;rJ for Mr. 
»w ovopy Iinnd. 

^Iwrj' llrt> Coming; SAtiii, 

Tlia trafjl Jh out, Robert l*n^ has 

CO in 11k I lie Ihese'irip* to Ktltlniorfj In 

Inlcwrta of "Motpuilailn'," the plnj' 

-hf-lielr'ns ct rrndj for a Broadwny 

kIjowIps- <Jiir own littht Mary Hay, 

wife Of I.'ir-tinj-d BalHlrlraoBa, In ono yf 

ilir hri:;!it nwd shlulhj; atlrariionii in lho 

onnicil] roriwdy udmiiml from tin- Iluuuu^ 

■1'uloaailer \> alk." 

Rlee titafk» CeataoMblp, 
Kltner I,. Hieu ap:iffire<) nn the ^J^f;(lker 
of the cVjrolnp laat TlnirhtJny nlgbl at 
the Bay EUdfK M-heoi, Hit, (ahjed «ns 
wnwjr^liip, If 1. liroiiBlu horai- Kotur iti- 
tel't'rfiriiir TnrKs nml sjoike of tlie finuro 
of the (^oiintry if t-i-nttor Lmanfo are «J- 
lorml t u seEdn the nltitodo of the public, 
oti nil ijiKa>ti..iifl of mortality. tV'cfwonder 
if 3tr. Itfce haw "FoiiHiHi Wives." ir 
ho dtd. Ijc will he Jiior/ [Mpplrsi-.l i| lH n 
ewr, and owk, with all 01 m. bewildered 
ones: "Why la a tenw^r board!;" 

JDo Tun Like ilurnu ! 

If you do you may '.e Laterostcd to 

know iho Ufa of the aocjii will forty 

the Kuhjeet of a 111 tn to be? mnde hy lac 

lA-fior twenty of Aerlcnlfire. 

■Will jrot u D to (he Con.t, 

After all, Wjlltam Foinum Is jiat eo- 
in c to the FaeLhc Coaat. He haa de- 
cided to make bli neict picture rit'lil 
here in New York, and Herbert Urcnon 
in -.■[■■ii to direct him. 

ti'. li.-i aruins ta hvh. 
rrarini: neeii bin dauitl'Ier inarrird, 
lectured at Columbia, been the pleat "( 
honor m n fj-oto yf pink tens and o-ilier- 
vrUn fulfilled kin koHoI duties, Rupert 
H:i^he.i I* relurtjJiJc to tht We*t C«nrt 
to cgniplefc hjdip lilm ivo-k be left un- 
riuMicd. Uis h a bnaj? life. In nnf 
pii-tnro he vrrnie the n.^narie, direeti-d 
tlie pietmv and p«ed ai extra mati, 
Siill ane n«ver ohjeeir « Mr. llufhrs 
feitturEng blmtelf. Jle a'layn dopx every 
tbioK to well. 

TrjJnar <« u^-t i*rv«r Bt"«h n .-...h. 
Lionel Hem h trying fo gpi Vr^zj 
Mamh a job in the tilmi, We JtettT he 
:.:i ■ bin -vre-^k cul Dllt for him and that 
lie bud better coaline biHV>8V>rt* to the 
Mape or Teudefille. The tllm industry 
riiht now in inakinj- a detenu hied Btotid 
!:::j u;-.t fohiurinfi; naf " i»an or u Oman. 

who tatF figured iu any ro.m-i.iLi ieou- 
tloii or nenAfttiuual LaWBUit. 

IlnliiK l>«uc CnoininlliiH, 
J. Gordon Kilivanln write* fram Cairo 
Kmjii. that he U deep La "The Shepherd 
Kins ™ the Wriphi Lorlmer p'ay M r . 
Pet* recently Jiarehsftcd. Jlr. Ldwnrdr 
]iu« tin- hcad!<inartcra. at Cairo, and it 
eoniutntittfi I>y Uklnff miburbap jitmp<« to 
PaZenriiie. Tin- locale nf thin ploy is tbe 
HouaO of iJBvid. ami the plctum in being 
made riffht -<< the bonre grouadd 

A Iilna or Two. 

"What' about Hny*?" we unlied yejf- 
terday, ealline: up a '--\;n man who fa 
auppoMil t» hare all the in*Ute :::>■ on 
the .Wnftblnstoo nBgotlatJojii!, 

"We haye no hay/* said it Cross iuda- 
euline voice. "Wo doa't aell It 
This i« a ilnlirateawa rtnre.** 

And they aaid frrtloii la atrnnKcr than 
the truth- Thi- really bappeaed. 


Al F. F. Proctor's Fifth Avenue Ithc- 
ntrc fn^ the week end banner crtrwde 
era atvlaintinff nine ticrllcnt ynndeyllle 

"Th? L'nfieen Hand," n iifcylet. por- 
I: = yol by Mildred Iv Donnelly. Hobby 
Clark, Uobprt JeVrelt nod Richard Cui- 
hiir-. |« .1 rr-Jhme to thr Mvtinnal: Vaitd.- 
-cit Ji- AriU ta, B3 tbo nm-t (lein ■u.i.iiite 
a yfney lor lhV'"aTaB6~ aui i t Li I n ll f ia oi. 
ucaib . .^_ _, 

■A Little Toneh "f I'oiis If a 
piipuini musii-nl' lit. Jan<-t if iliw dainty 
J-arin pirL Chirlea W. llami< i§ the 

Lew Wclrii nprvarn in :» innnn osne. 
■4 lhc ".Mail ot the Uo'.n' 1 wcWflhig 
uirionn prubletp,*, 

"Von t«" do an you pleatse fa tjun 
coantry. If you don't ca'W to af to, 
ht bis iijieaer. 

lira VAigteed Act, b*oUtiffsts», thirst 
and jiaiftwi nre his ilie'liw. 

"i'rtirirk Henry dei'IaPfd thai wuh- 
o;:t liberty be preferred d<iitb." , he 
orme«, "Thi? in the idea a mall nvfilK 
it^r in as=kin5 for a tHtottnl. Thorp waK 
Sfithan Utile. Soilorhi an if ho tahjtttt 
!d,vh been a Jawtah boy. ii> had hhTy 
one wife to give bin eonhK*. t;.">r^-' 

War-bia^-liiO m-i-rr fhetljebl when be was 
waahijltf pi Vdili'.v Form ihat^be nuule 
t!i- auaflxhtloh lor th£ fonaution 0' 'lie 
Atiii-rirnu In Company. 

t.-e In rioonri>^nibli.- D«ka4Bi 
Mr. Weleli deHeHbn« how Ice hns- tie- 
, eceeiied in .iijoiitlty until it \f dellven'il 
j with * pair of bweOMTfc Bitter, wtronff 
and hitb-priced. G mcnlloUfd. 

Or ibc ijtllieullr tn obtait'ins chli:kenp. 
j he .-ays: 

j "tlue won't sp^-ftk to yea unlewt yon 
\ lire :i ori*li"ii»Lrr. 

I IriiMdoHn and the irnn titl'el nr* 
panned, HIrIl eo!"t in dtienssed frew 
nvanniy (n N^ntvagaBeO; Si>e.ikiu^ <d 
lumiiii; e4|ute[|y. In- o ba c rT ja; 

."A luan's hh e'rj tuny be fLSM a yenr. 
Can lie tire on 111 Ni'vcr, P«MjV,7 bo 
tonld have donn ao In t$S} t ' f he admits 

lie 1m uieefiiUy ik.ireHtitir bWr the til- 
ehrjae ra': and the van hjtjm of money 
1 "n j-.-S" <ii etiniitriew owe Aiuerie.i. 

"Tn ki-ep fiiith with the lir>vprnni"ftt." 
he nintitrui'-. "nu-i pay lie- rluhl (Uiiottht 
of inntitie fas it ia n'Mesaary t« employ 
hit lawyer*. At rhni, Ihe liiwjer» h*vo 
dittindlv lo keep you mil «if the |trnitrn- 
tlarj for im^im; committed wrjury. 

Mr. Wehb cny< if awn<i "f Ike eouii- 
Brtep owthe HJOTiey t" AnnTi^i attrreadeiv 
cil fheir riijlit und title lhc poeds would 
not luinj in "return one diitii-, IL- di 1 - 

"Tlley owe ns ivj nnreli inir^y that we 
have ic linn lie-in more thoaty ia.Opaldo 
them le MJ ibi- Interatt, I" 1 J""u waHae 
vimt it iii ul; lorV Tt* Kch'p tW frk-ud.y 
re!p lions." 

,Ian"L of Fnhee 
hlbttloTi. Her 
American wlfll 
R»rla leuuty 
■lohn. In-doii^i rfie 
{irobably doee. 

"You Are Wflrlh'wl.iV Waitlup For" 
is n Tt»eal nambcro f tin* Ann>rier.n. It 
Mirraa b. - . tbi- esjfrejwion of endnriicj: tore. 
tie Mors "Cherie" for tin- rafleh tnh». 
t -irri'iirieiin^ under 11 bttmBO r>( fc'aaes, 
[mJtca.tiTJB to he* tbm i*be may nermnv 
pjny liim tti New York t" appear lu thp 
imisii-nl nhow-.b- 1 *v\* hoe In to aery him. 

"Yon hare said n mouthful," 
prompt reply. 

little Hfjbliifon nml Rcnce Fier 
n ninvirnw net ahont ti" more WloOntt 
nn.f-llie tTlrtl* of mutfliinuiy. Me, Pieree, 
weariinr >» ceftTrCt uoiferui. esrrlW u roo- 
tier bull, nlno a nifl tbuin. The eoti- 
veraatltni In about the wife depriving the 
.iii-Land «f iiLl nimiey, At Mie eemefiwioh 
Sir. JttdiVmn upolnfriKes. K ayLnp i' >-■> nil 
lu fun, lEi 1 cite* bU own hniipiiiew, Willi 
lit.- .ntjitriiient ihat be bi.s l>nn nia«i<-d 
tlivee yearn, e»cry momeiit happy. Thia 
ilie wife eonlradii-tH. The t«o leave the 
stage [11 a mltnie H0*rrel. 
l.lillc nohnv- Apprnr» Tvilt-p Unly. 

Before the prwenlntinu *E "The Uif 
Benu liaiid" the tlerry S.wirty refmttd 
little Hobby iMnrls. a ehild, penahudon to 
n]ii>rnr In more t)ian two prrformoiieea 
daily. Thin rendered ii necessary to en* 
page Virginia BarretL far tint night per- 

The story relates tn the MtrngcleH of. 
a ttnaU-timc couple in vuii'Ii-vnie in (lip 
WeaL The actor i« EH. He is it loyal 
rriend of the National Vnndevill" Athhis. 
Down to his Inat St, lit infttrui-ts Jiia wife 
to urmE it to thu clnh lu New York. 
lionbtitiE the n-mprlety ot dniag this, b«- 
rni}m of their poverty^ mIih imully e*4H- 
eenta. QTiai eeerdilg n Lheatni moiuueer, 
plnyed by Uiehard Collins, given tlirm 
an cu^d gemenl. In the iniibtt nf iliuir 
song, "lir^anisbip." the luipihuifj, [{ouert 
.li-w.-H. iii!l!!|i!T-:. Jlr lIiu'i tun r-'—. 

In their aparUnrnt th" child comforU 
1 !■■- tnother, snyiiij [,•- will i.t!;. daddy'a 
place. The manngrr uppcarf with u niea- 
BBge,' sent by ilcnry Chesterfield, MTre- 
tary of the S^ V. A. It is an expreBahyri 
of HjmpatJiy. nlM> tlie rtaUanrat ur.n i\ 
ch'vk for ^LUiHJ tn oil the way. 

liardy und (irnec Kllsworlli nine; and 
liiiniT. Their clevemrsa ia iudk-aied by 
loud applause. 

The Cun-tney t>ih!ern nod their nnin- 
tetie amuae it muaical furor. TU'- vocal 
"limbers ate . tnuohil. The "Wabnuli 
ilhtea" in their cfiiiHiiLCnoiw lilt. 

John and Albert bwor, in Utt-tr darkey 
dm mafeinpr or^ us nmuiiing us ever* 

I.- il.iy fc Luldy open tlio sliow gnly 
with yimca and acrobnlica. 

!:■■.:. 1. Weber &■ Ityna eJoae i{ with .-, 
ffi>od Hinging and-dumriug act. 

The Appelate Division of Llto tjiiprsma 
Voiirt ye.: 

Holftteiii. who wa* unmicteaarej In JIu- 
uiciosl l L :o«rl in defending hitnsp-lf 

tlfuob II, ill- Mm 1- \VA» i'-t .!■:■*" » 

Aareenient to 1'aj- .liiiiunl 
I'uncirt StibaEelptLotm. t 


Solditrs FrMTHlnnc Country W* 

Be Met by\he Mayor'a 



-■■rt .ivhlctt Sptina a Leak at Sea, 
I> lExpMteil IIo*o Vo-aoT 
After ft Gnle. 

agaln-it a .^tiit for llfifi, with iiitcri-st anil 
eeahj, limiight by the ItiiffHltiii Symphony 
^ii-Hy, lar.. ninst ii«y the amnunt-of 
ihe .Miiuielpal Court jinlamoiiK^ttS^nor ^ 
iiitef-ei't. Tin* juilCTiiini \va.T'iendcr&l"ot " 
,\ir-;i v. lir^ii, aiot __w;a't rreeT^ciLJavm* 
Jly meJ L c te. ^y m,.' ol t h "e Siiprcm^ Cohrt, 
wbieh wnes iiself rpverurd yesterday. 

Th- d.'f* , ndatiU w^scned n^ otic bl Bui 
piarantDr.4 apt 1 11 I Io£9 of ttlo ftn^iBii 
Symphony Society for ilie'Kcantn nf 3111 T- 
ir»l S-. The theory upon Which the Ap- 
pellate Tei-m "TerclPMa "(he STTinfoipal 
<*l>Het Wil-1 I Eli, t theft 1 WJHS 110 eonsidrtti- 

t'on fo.« the mtiratitee. juntwa Lrnicn- 

AnnouneemeTit wan ttibiIo ycatcrday of 
iaT~CiirT~A. e , TOT p rini]---ro j he~pTrn"i-he H* eB-* f- U»a.. 
Array of. (,)ei-ii|)ntipn on the T". S7 trans- 
port Crook when the transport arrives. 
The vc^et iiTeXpfc«e-il In te-dlty. aceonl- 
ing to laie.*t advices Civil d£GcUh mid 
welfaie trtrmtixntloiiB will lo-opcrotc in 
which ii ill lie siven BE 
l.lnii-, Uroo^.'ii. at Firiy- 
iiimii atrejct and In rat avSoiie. 
i; r< >y W M^r "W o'nrt^i^-^oMi t jiiajiii vne r_ot._ 

Im wrote tbr* opinion n'hereia the 

Au'pelhti' l»iii(inii niintiiiooiisly rein- 

\ ^^nlell the ,Mnnii-ipal tt'jurt judgment, 

held Hint lii'H theory wan nut borne out 

by the fart< 

■■'I'liei-g win an cxpretq reoH^to n [ho 
part nf the w'iliserlbi-1-n 10 gfrn thi- t-tio. 
rertn," M.iil .1'Htire Lnnuhliii, "mid ihero 
was an exprfaa aBn'eiuent on iheh- port, 
in It"- event the eoneertii weee dEven. to 
nay each year Ihe nnio:siU HiiliMtriliei*," 


AT $10,000 BAIL 

Charles Humbert Alleged Burglar, 

Thinks Judge Is Comedian. 

Court Smiles, Too, 

Charles 1 lunil crv P who icives bin rid* 
dre^H rh Richmond tlilf, tlm hiippoNml 
dnint. tiiimhi!-, oho deteeiires r^Laxed Up 
n poSfi tind iibout ffre (acjnej nt l'or«y- 
prghrth i.ire"t nnrl Btoaoway Thiirtdaj" 
nizht, i-l'-i-trlfyin-; taMiii-and*' of per-nim 
in ibe iheatre trowd, wa.n lielfl in ^llXOOll 
bail for acton of Tli» (irUnd diL-y » Inn 
j<TV!llgn"Sl yeKtenlny before 'MiHrlMrali! 
M, Sliinley Ken 

i'lant.* null Strueturi-M and Jiena> al the 
•Mayor* rtmimfflce o n'wtie ffBahw n-iuni 
iii^; -e'dlL'j-rt. bart'urmnKcd iur the Inm*- 
uiirtiftinii (if relatives of the nseit <oi 
hnnnl-the Crn'»k en th<- Mylau. wbieh 
will go oat to luout the trom-iiort when 
it agavea, 

On thu Ilylan 11-ilt be lliB jiuliee baml 
mid the nii-inl..: -. nf the Muyei'n ceoi- 
mSttec, *vl|.. will parti<-ipu'i- afterward 
in ihe reception on the pier, nt which 
f.'o:ii!iik*ioin'r WliaEvii, in Whale pi 
Mayo^r Ilylnu, will wCl«-oiUn tbo n-turn- 
iiiL- .n'gut,ir army troopK. 

When He- tPODPfl laud on lhc {'irr ftt 
Irriwikiyn tiny wftl ta eresetew by reprc- 
aeoUtJTea at ihv varioil* welCarn orgaai* 
mttoriif whleh hervud in ilio war. A hot 
meal will ta nerved iln*m by young wom- 
en ine 1 libera of Ihe lied t'n>ns nnrt Ihe 
Y, Si. C. A., and lln- Knicbl? "t Colnm- 
biiti will W or bund tu (J is tribute <;:£- 
1 arattea end chieolate amt other dalntlea. 
! M hi' iiiiin Itrooklyn Chapter al tha 
I J!nl Oi^ 11 ill piirtieipale in n bmly and 
I the V. M. C. A. and Jewirii Wrlfara 
Hoard liavp also arninpeil tn look nftOf 
the men after they nru ^eni to Fort Sb> 

Speeial Arnt DBS toon tj brive hcCB iimda 
1<i look nfter Lho brfdcfl of wldieiw who 
nn> tin bonrd the t-hip. An army luind 
and 11 dfhtrinuent from tiovernor'a lal» 
and will be acllt (o ;'■.■■ ph- r . 


iU-.nU l.i-tli 

1 »et|ei uc ii,,-, lici, 
estiTihiy tbnt >lrn. All- 


irt lln 

ami hmdo-d 
e'jiion or the f ■■> 
Piolrtrnnin rattgh 


Il was lr 

drew Cook, who with her 4 weeks' old 

infnnt huh token from the Hotel SucAV- 

pin laat- Mondav to Hrllevue Hospital for 

oVirrviithiii. ilkebargcil from the 

, ho^r'ifHl h>st Thurflflay utRhl. Iter his- 

j leT, n Mrf. reti'reon oT JJrooklyn, rolled \ 

J f'ir hee and liny Ihe bnbt left in g 

tn\ii'a)i. l»r. ThoinlHii of the pjiyrho- 

I pinliii 1 wnrd in wbieb Mrs. Cot*k waa 

lirst placed en her arrival nt (be Jiospi- 

■ till, htalnl Unci Jte f.mml her to ihe cX- 

fiir<I itnd in a nenrooa Matt- of mind but 

I not insane. 



ml tirr .InliLi, 



fln Tittuailig 






n r 


k He n.-k-i 




iw* hie bro 




• have 

■.•vi"'--- ' ■ Dattfibpr E-ikibciI. 
(?Ct<=Jil DiTjuifls ! " Thi Uonilnc Tci^frtpb.) 
SYHACUaiS, Jan. 1-1.— The emiaBc- 
menl of II ins Kltanor Jenn Aniundutrn 
nf Now Torlt. daughter of Itaold Atini-iJ- 
s»n. Arctic explorer, to John Llnnfee 
CummLas of Scmcuee, poo of the I*to 
John .1. CnmOltiifl, w& ttannoiinred here 
to-dny. (JuBitnins recently kh gradu- 
ated from lii'oriwtuwu Unfferaity, after 
whEeh.he hecHine a inotion picture actof 
wirh a Ni-m- York City comiwiiy. 


CHURCH," tlTMitirt)! 11111 «lh Slr**(. tfiindny. 
H A.M. 

irr: ;■:?;■%. -Tii:utav;*, ■■CAMlliei.L KrNtx.u. 

1 U( .-ilClf." firoidWPr »lia MU Blr*#r. Sii/jr-Si ■■-, 
Z.W V. a, - - 

.aciitiUTg— atiFvs KINO, ■'ohpbei.l, fi'nek- 
At. Circncil/' nrcudvir u' «il" SUrrt, puu- 

tor. l«i n. a. 

flllTICII, ' Urcudfrij in.! tttfc 6lr*it. SiLuniir. 
II H. 

a«* voik. 


— it sure is 



Any man with 

$9.34 And 

^J a job 

ivho can keep his promise to pay S2.3* -i week until $35 
is paid, can have as fine an overcoat as was ever offered 
by any cash store for $35. 

—and the VALUE CANNOT be bettered^Shopping 
around to prove it will save you real money!! 

There's no reason in the world whj|yau shouldn't have 

your overcoat — if you can keep a promise to yourself 

and to us, 

Other Coats at higher prices 
on (ho same basis ol terms. 

Your first payment is your first weekly payment. One 

dollar on each $i$'$ worth, paid weekly until your 

bill is paid. 

And our terms are as standard as our prices are low. 

Same to everybody whetheryou pay cash or charge it. 


I remember good old 
No. 103S ^ 
Ser^eSmls «»l 
Blot*** V*lui \kJ 
tB Town ' . , \^ 

EvtrySh'ins that's good dressing for 
WDmea, men arid children, at ow 
price, whether you pay cash — pi — 

W-TaYftttWiMcwy pgydi.y*| f 
00 Our home fajjpw, fl plataj T 

V, Oft on Att LADIES- 

8300 Fur Coats now ?150— $10 a week 'til $150 is paid. 
Others it W off down to $73.50 Coats for $36.75. 

226 We«t 125th Street, UPSTAIRS 

opey BymilKOB vsth, s /-. it. Saturday vhtil lo r. it. 
435 Fulton St., Brooklyn, UPSTAIRS. 


853 Broad Street, Newark, N. J. 
Gruhaun, 34 N. Broadway, Yonausra, N. Y, 


Trni.h.r. ot l*ra<.(i<-„l Thrltt Mht. ir.Sn, 



ftm.i'<Rr l ii kirhv ^cxpat, , 

rubl>kt!n1 :-r TWK IJEWtS rrtiKlfWIMi mMTA^V, rtl No. MO ""iflfitli A-Ttn'j&i 
C«Tl«- |-'trtjiill> ^IfPfl, iiT the l'':li <-r ■■--,«■ Y-.rk. li-r-.-li ,,r MnvW^- 

W. E. Levin. I'Tpnivictii, «o"i;ighr*j Ateaue. John J, *"- 
■ ref. £.V Eighth Avenue. 


, tfcrrclaty and 

Us :. ; ens* 


) The MnmircTeleffrtpS, 831 ElsOth Avenue, New fork. 




H» Eighteenth An- 

William Foi will rclcbralc an EUd'vrrsary writ week. 
CoogritulaUoiU to II* wilt fit hack in lila chair n«d ner tb» fulfilment of ■ 

William Fox on v ' s «» i hnl c ' m ' w n3h * otahte"""* f«« r,g*i. II? mill cbut 
s nnd mj to himself, "I have accompli shed wbji I" 

ftflnt n> ds." To reach the goal Ib tbe ndnevement 

Wttmry. Tur . 1V or]d is seeking, nud WIHLiiin Fol ban reached that 

goal. We congratulate hint, not nlnne on tbe fact tlwt lie 

has kept the proadyo he made lo himself, but an what be lias given others in tbe 

WSJ of j;r|T i !..'■.' . 

- Up h(if train his nouso nix only for his own convenience, but for the public, 
i t bo wa nt t»i be enreeiniwe.1 Tt-I^i^i^3^Mn^o- fwrHoTTg-ig rbPtolPr'otfc«3.': 

■ — Ehjblecn years ip Ihe ordinary rim of thtaj-tt Is not a long time. It it) only n few 

"Mr: yeses in par jpan or existence; but in the motion picture business, brsmi«t!c- 
ail j called the infant industry, it in a lifetime. 

Tn have prcn a part of themotinn picture activities for Cic'iieen J'mtrs l» * 

remarkable record- Mr. Fas ha*. fidded something to each on* of these preciMis 

.^ears. Hc.aJajicd in n humble way la 1W4 wit h the_CrFHB*f Xcw""Y(vrE _ Tl«iitil 

... C afti p ao^t— wi>4 s^md-lit^ *jpcci,ca^; in thlff branc h by 'u ntding tin .■v'rgnnlsaUofi^ 

that grrw lij leaps and tumniim. hi H«tM he branched out wil*. a Esrgcr and more 
pretention* tHKlDI^ TSTtfTfc r*]}ed ilir H«x Offirp Aurtctiia Cwmpapx. 

At e<&on) ihtchlhl ..i.s tn;i 3 lif e>*il r.a^n irnm ihc llnj m™ rmw; the public 
Idutwd frimt &' Pinal) Jitin rtjtttnl btisllttw a hufc filtn ^-r|ioruUon b^» (rown. 
"And It Ta= U^t an.£iwj'l^ _t»* l;uiM ibi^ en^riuifUi; orgouirutlon aa on«' rnSffhl think. 
There were many olwint'le? fur the imh 1 prniieut [irwhirvr. The 1'aienlHCompauj 
w*» forLint; t^ prcreat all viHi>iJ<*rft freru tnterrou the pTmnir*ed liind. * Wfllinm 
I'M J*eL out t»> held. il=- won., 'fo-ilnj tu« Vox Kiltn Cor]n>pftiion la ibe inonu- 
m^nt lie Loa Ti^tnl to his victory, 

We enncraiulute IVjLliBai l'a% on b»» eighteenth Jiutfiversnrj". 11^ must he 
verj happy to have wt'n the fight PHil to have Dt hand lit* spoils <it bin triumph. 
He ban n->t remaiutd conienL vHth one rit'tori'. but hnS p«ne un and on, malfiss 
tetter picture! eru-j vrnr unabuihlinj: hi^ iiuj-ine.*s inta a more folid ^rpliaijailuin. 



Eltini VON - BTROHEIM, thr ,V«ftrii»n dirrcrar, has finally rouenlcd bow he 
pp-irt tlinL odil uiiltioti (tjlhirs t'uivrj<al dug out ot Its fiipnrluun pofkMv 
- n r I h«* i-iijirr-proilueilfn, 'T*niifli Wiven," shown for thr BlBt time In&t Thursday 
iiiKbl at ihe (Vnrral. Tln*atrt. 

"Fonlihli VPItwS r»t*e^ many a pertinent quctttou oT mamier ond morals. Not 
the lea^t n[ (oehc is the problem df wliflt ftur .■ i--. etuat>f bnfird wan thlultlnjr 
ahout when It pasted [he Bctawi inhi-l nn cite lirsl few fent &f VnnStrobelni'H 
IfreritiR. ji-Lriug iiunnlaKmnpnrfo revel t>J IlnnttontiBAni and nei. TJ*e audaelvna 
Von nStnibelni hn> 11 innreption oT Aniericnii breeding wldch i» l*TU«ttiittilHln HI Ue 
Wornt. llin ^tamJai^I of (Domliij 1 ih tj-picul «f the tiiOet dd'htknt of Enmpenn^ 

And yH out cejiMur hoard iilln--- i1> >!noip of appnivai in go n[i.ju tiftrcu 
reel» of fWr, ftootl munlrr. rufji nuil bvsthititj. whirii dvfih nuy within memory. 
"Foollfli Whr»" is diKtiuvtly and unreservedly nn eplp pf Win Slroheloi, Yet *u«h 
nn'tpocli* IV* amonrs ny the hern nf ihh longr^i nf jir^iu-'tlnnFi are pFomlncminn 
anil beKtial. He has Wretched bin ^eatunru- drn«nei lo Hiy very lowest Urala of 
human Hticirty, and ihc haui U all ihnt tniibL be orp*«te«l. Hu affair wiLh. the 
foaltnh uiTie of the Aineritab Amhanividori hU conncelibii wiilt hv^ tlu&khin tromco 
of difV nod dubious retrord; hi^ intrigue with a servant, wb» at bem ecpmri but 
Lair-HEriUcd, auj his JcrrinE advanees lo the puraema^da at the park are nil bad 

Then, as a crOfo-n'nsr uimilt to our pense ut nil ibaL i^ decent, vp hnve ih.o 
miilntfht n^cctade of thin Russian monkey of a ronnt vlimhinc the irelliw lo the 
room of A iHior UlioL ftrl-^bilil. the daiiEbler nf a i-Hiuntertriier. ^nbuequent dram ft 
reveal* Ibat >hr dieil fr^in usmuIL anil thai the degenet-qje emiiti wan killed hy an 
"■itfUfed Tather and j-ubs<i| nearly burkd in the tT>id hole. Viilh ft drad OH for 

_ We have liean) ton Hi nitwit the iwessity of a censor board. We have listened 
with more nr \"*n Impalieuee tn the boat.1* i>f ihiy hqdy ihot thi-y were ^'aT1inJ , uur 
morals und tbope e£ our childrrii from mutaminatinn and tainL 1st ibis Iht wny 
Ih^y arc dulnc ii'f Are Von Sirnhfira's un>nnij'-riu;> iu hensuality the mirk of 
kJtinj our ^Olltii! people iitB w* without L*rmJ 

And, in additi'iu tn ihnt. ip it reaHy putrintie uf the teiikor boar<l lo ptm a 
pceur. in any pr<HlurtJim in waJdi tbi- Rnod iiiaimers mnJ breiftins <if the Amenwm 
envoy at a for^gci pgurt are opcrfj hi-ld up [o ridicule, and the wneera of a 

" Fool:jiJi Uivei?" provide? VM e. oi the ojocl fiartlin; arguments arninst, cCB^Jr- 
nhip ever wrceticd. 

SOMEDOItV'S lilTinys tittiuj the joy out. of life. >*0W IKflt proliibilioa i* ao 
rJHubliabed [ait, nlon^ eoiaes Ufitt Ad HI a PotbSr of the New Yorb Federa- 
tion of lVom»n'a ("luh« dcBUBdJaf that motion pit-tur*: utana^CL>. iheA-tltcAl tnAfi- 
ascra and editor* vo-operale to pKrent the ridlouliaff of tht lifobibiiiou law in ou tac su - fe and in print. 

Of course lb,*' idea, wbfle not new. ha^ merit. A sreo! tnauv »>[ u>t bare ant 
through ^roldhitivn jnk.^ and InuaA thrta wiulint. Tut to trv amt icpencll lliciu 
irom u* i> vt-ry mui-h like billing h iuuu whfO Le'« down. Thu nypu who hiuglia 
at c probihltiou jokrt' privrn I hut he's a run? ci^3 4jiOTt. at tlll¥ Txtr. We up- 
■WW ibic man who van lutifib nlieu the j^fce is on bimselt. iliss. I'ottei, no doubt. 
Lqsu ( ,.vh.ti tbut BNpiac i-i'iwe of jiport^maiish^. 

What 31itt» Pnlier doven'i t-rroa to rejilije |s j-jst vhoi ■ bold prohibition lias 
on tb* huinonwtjt. rndf>ubted!,v there were thins* to joke about before probnMtiOJt. 
but up one rftorinberK what Uiejf were. A iit->hihitJgo Joke is uaaurwiioQAbly rhe 
l.fe nf nay puny. A food oht will put new life into nu old film, a hum vaudeville 
OH oe a (-«■,! ploy. A new one iiia iransfwrni a bore- Uito a friend. A cub-title 
% on jhe tolstead Art may load a man a j .h for lire. Prohibition jolies leep 
rUdUlea (»cvther opd wives off the ntxeeCf. Keen a very bud otse U ihe tiril best 
thins If n porket flunk. 

The us !ii] Un of anient wnrkejrs toil over prohibition ittkei daily, ibat the wjrld 
uiay be tpttrbed. The* arc tunscjeuii'juj+ and disoeruin^. They love th.-ir trade 
ac Mum IciitiT i»vew hers. They hibue for l>ve bh nhe does. An i-liniiiufioii of 
their n-ares. would he a ^tirry JiH-niuejiiein-e. We nuxjiect that Mi-. I'dfier vtkn 
^eejiis to Lie tryliiK to etfrnbLUh herself as n linmoriet. want^ to nii>qop>)'e? i Uc 
flcld. bap (.ut tOtru*Ivr>L and eo ±ti hearily f«r wbeesva on old maid-. 

fTUrE relosuin; of *dd picture* is a custom that i$ gainja^ of late sliI m.ido 
i very teiDjitins lo the esbihitor, foabiin s hint to advertise namfa tiow well 
kaown in piclurus thm they made ar the bcclnniDc; of their carecra, whivh uiay 
he bad at a eimparntively law prior. 

JilMi J.w. Iht ].-:;.:.-■■■■ actor feels when be &■«* bis early nttejinftft airetj he- 
lore the EQile» PUDM or whut effect il lias up»ir nn, ulttpss 10 sj-j- faermU dnth- 
inj tbrnli^ii a wese in a style of dress «nd hair five yeur.s old is nuolJtee matter 

Aiming thif m&.Kt MiiVeffsful rei«iOjew ap# the laepe fi^elacIeK mHi ns 
•f ttbjna, "<>uo Wnlif." n n d "ITj C Jflrlb of a Nutio-n." Tta coatDme drama Is th^ 
bent pei-rntii/jl ol ihe lot. 

The fhnnliu --omedieH &h 9 ra «el with treat favor, <'ha P li n baii petonir a 
«:lfl«SK'. rtnd it la- "Lie tblnc ko rave nhout bim. People who wjuld bare sc*rned 
liini when tin- filuia were made now Oot'li to ap<; lliera^ 

The kind of pietuee which doen not help n Hlnr'fl mime hjc tho^e wbieb Show 
Uftn playing mtavr part> before be bad uttained reeofDition on ibc screen hut 
loeae are in tb* minority. ' ' 

There la uothinK really ohjecttotiable. nbatit reiestiine, tnanv «( the nlettlrH 
art better than Hie later ones nnd tt bi !aterr B line lo aotire the timjnrrRQeni and 
compere the ■eUni nnd prinluction fu e*uera!. ^^ 

But ii iio«< .seem :ib if, nil such film* *bOnld he plfliclr odrertiKed in ro. 
S»BH JP itrOi-r ibat the public may judfic them fairly. 


IT la CJatetbura Inlerestiag to krj'-w wbo-t forci-a publicatiant nod raolioii ftps 
tore nfiliea art wiyini ftbtut the rJaeDU net A recent wane of the LaftdoiQ 
T mea coDlendi that Amerfea I« losing her pre-enimeocc la the creation of MltU- 
ifddorr filni^ Tap article, in part, tttft: 

t *i"Hlrf W nS3 !BWl>a it B * &" ^° l . Vftr v * b " KU - M*™"* t*rt week all rom^ 
ri- W Jr-i « . i- n .' *•**"& « ni? tb " °' 1 "'r two were Amerieaa. The*Kve<lhb 
filer., The Hadfl K. 11= ,'«lii^l ibe high standard that one bas eninV £■?*■>- 
eule with prodin-iirtu,- fr-ni, ii i:3 i eoitntry, Xfaa Atnerieao egtmBlei were en ma II r 
tharaeleriKto. of iLe i> f ,e ,,-bi.b i- h-i.. c f-nt «,v,-r at present. One of tli-ai 'W j 
ii-iiEi'^V*. i IT" w " - . lnhl,!j 'wllw Jlian ifce- other. « film vrnitm i^f 'Bin Vnn 
HUtkl", bul bnih seeroH io n-rrne ihnt. altht-mrh America retaina her trt'hni™! 
[jtUrarhTrv f't r " Jucl - uH ' ''''' |B 'luhrkly hising her prc-eflaiaence ia ibe creation of 
"The Br*3rt Kinj;' is n Swwlihh deniua of tlie nineteenth reniurr. tt tells a 

T11K pooil people of New York State 
have at list awakened from, 
their Tti? Van Winkle nap. They 
■ huvuittrpt'. , b' , d ihemsHvea. opened 
ibcir. ryrs, and looked about to wee jiwt 
how neH-essaty a moljon picture com- 
inlasioa in in the Hmpir^'SUsto. Awem- 
nlymatii L^uls A. t'utillier ins Hfttened 
.to ihe comment* mnde. br the Hronaed 
eittaens nnd hca hnKtened to help them 
oilt of It hod plieht -hy Introdneinj a' 
■bil! in the State l^alelfltnTc ut Albany 
:anft1nft~T*PiT -Hi- "law -creating: ^ Jlter^StiUe: 
■ C«m.mi5!>ion of Mot Inn I'Lrtiirta oe titel- 
I brand. ; - '* 

| The wbippcTJi That bava wrown loude? 
an one ellizens" iiiflirjiation "baa been, 
1 rf tned nHaiast etinb^binR a - political 
r eward \o lakfl chore* of dependent nolt : 
; |i-Un». At least, >[r. CTuvUHw tfl~t*p> 
j insthe jtliuunatMii of eepsorthU'-ifl. tiHA 
j Ttatc no lii- t : ri-':nd- it :s a political In- 
I PLitutlon. Tbi law, Mr. Curillier boSls, 
is unrahjsili Ljlionnl ttud 1* an Inroni.'oU 
of tht^ Itnjreblicai] ;>Brtjr.. created .'for 
the spllish purpose of fitiue. jots. It 
certainly add* u> the fi»ilapfx , a; fiaan- 
cUl fp*«poh*bi)iti''s, Et the mbk lime it 
pajs the salorlei dt-rannded by theao* poli- 
ticians who oerve on Uie board. 
' And now. Just vs man to- man, how 
mueh sood docB the fltlle tlonxmWlon 
"of Cenaorahlp du in our fitite? It ha* 
hern in existence nearly six ctoaUix. :.n<\ 
*•* censorships ro, it b hnrnilenii enough, 
bnt It ii'a* nnnceeamirj as the prover 
thJll fifth whei-1- Why pay n woman and 
two men exotMtaal >alarlee far doing 
what the law,, of New York have power 
■to, aeennrjiiitih': The producers make 
very fi-w jiouaaiioual lilnis in tbefe day* 
of lJetter pletii:':;. Tliry "arc jealous o* 
HipIj- cond rej'UtaJiou and watch orer 
lbt> activities or their amhora and di- 
rectum wifti n-ilaiifi 'care. If one of 
thini ia hats caref'tl i« hia ehoiec of ■ 
•inhjeet than lie should bo. we always 
have oiir jioiiiip force lo stop him f"mm 
interfering with the laorab of our 
So we my, why is a eecsor board? 
'If h In L-rcaU-d io show nn how little 
freedftm wl- have in this country it haw 
aueerrded admirabty. It is van nf the 
sore -vpots that make loyal AmerUaun 
Wtter. and mati-* ua ask if tho eagle 
dom not I.L.!- his, ui'v'i in shatno over 
(bo anaoyoner* that aee offt-rcd in the 
name of bettering the- linnon ruce- 

lf Mr. CHvllller wiccpedB In prltid? 
(be wLsl> unions at Albany In repeal the 
censorship hill he will hnvn acvotupliahcd 
a hi™ thins, lie is only oue or our Aa- 
setubiysiien who have rebelled agninRt 
tbU policial ninefeine. The expeane of 
inaintuiiiing RUeJl fi *<oard in enormoiiM. 
nod iu thetn.1 days wa»ted-mfloey M a "iit- 
Tbe majority of proiplc. n ilh the Cl«p- 
lUia of n bunch of rtformern. hvo;Mr, 
Ctirfllier'a altitude on the tubject and 
niih him luct, 

Qar Nereeat M'obmii Pr«»(l»i«ef. 

Jatle Murfin and Irftwpente Trimblo 
came back to New York u few weeks 
Ks-i with a print of their joint efforts aa 
producers and nlakcm ot motion picture*. 
They went away a year ago with a tlej-- 
iiiuii ]K>lice do; and Hrript and a terlniii 
mni'HOt or money. They returned with 
a completed £lm drama that was bo pleas- 
ing iL caught the commercial eye of J. 
■ ■- Willium^ and won fur tlicm n distribu- 
tion contract with Associated l^int Na- 
tional. - 

Mbs Blurbn, who ta cne of thoae 
women Mho p^i>'3 her liuu.bca, left biP 
lucrative work aa j-Luywright aud 
branched out as a partner In Mr. T.Hj>- 
bleu picture-making enterjiriae- 

*'I had money ill the hunk." bha iaL'1, 
"Mr. Trimble ujjrei^l tit givn his «el 
for a year wlUiuuL pay. and with the 
MOtjr imd that Eflurielfrus dog, Uitael, I 
did Lot aec bow we could fail. 1 be 
llevo bi intullioii, it ha? never failed me, 
and I was coiiildeoi if we tent our ear 
;»i-iu«';i dowo to a eertitiji mlmitnutai. wc 
could nl least rraJtr-e Ihnt amount. IVa 
tited 53(»,UUO m kbholntely the limit u f 
our ciifenditKMs." 

"Uiil you kncji within the macL':* 7 ilisa 
M Lirtill iv:j.i LiskcL 

"Of course (hvrc are al-.vaya unexpected 
demands on om'j pun>c ;t\ an uadertekinp; 
ni' tills kind, hut I wa.i inudo c&leiencr 
man, and I did my ;.- -t to tec no 
money was waited. 1 do not really bt- 
l|*vt in efiieiency in aiaking pictiircn," 
ahe said, "Sentiment fa fur< mote im* 
jwrtuflt, ]f yt*u can nilrrauud younclf 
with n stuff burnt feels a personal in- 
terest id you and In jour work, Jon can 
get rotultb that troaclad rule* will never 
bring/. I feel so keenly on tho subject 
of Kcutimeut as a bualliesG asset, that 
When a h«nkee came to call on Mr. 
Trimble and me. a few weeks ago. aud 
wanted to ditajice our aest picture, I 

" 'I am ouly inlcrc*led mi one coudi- 
tiun, and thot Is that efTieieney will never 
interfere with ^fiuiroect.' " 


j ftdwiy made bim a most reluctant vhdlnr 
in our Ne* Vqrt midnt during the Dionth 
of Dex-cmbcr and i>ntll ln-.t Suirluy .-jieiit 
New Yearn Kve here, N-.i-i :■:■!■.■ tolki 
cxpwied some decidedly new shocker in 
the whj »f eclebnitiou from u dycd-in-tjie- 
nuul tfollynooiler. AeconilnR 1« >opu- 
kr fiction, those California fitmerx are. 
Mich amasinj; persona! 1 tec's the way 
Uakman unhem'l in Ihe New Year— re- 
cording lo Joe Kinp, Oakmun's friend: 
The two of them went to see 'The Little 
Minister," cnTeeut at the Rialto, first. 
Nest they stopped in the prill ut Ibe 
Ctarldge. and had pineapple fee crenm 
fcJ.ija«. Then Ihpy infill sgti«rlF up to Vu$- - 
mDn> apartnienT.s In tlie aate) aad watrlte<t 
the electric lighta ploying out on llroad- 
whj iiaLiI the belli and lightH told them a 
new year Wu prnjieing in. At about 
1^.50 they ordered chicken sandwiches 
and mitk aent' up, and by 1,30 wir say 
Ji&llywuoder wua Ju Jrrjiinl*iiii. ^boik- 
iBCi ______ __ 

A lbtet_a— i |iuii 5 _jn5_|_!_____, 

bus stepped from the alaice iiiKn ih<- m 
prepnrnllona for thim cllm»«: hy ■.trllln 

tragic ftinr.v iu i 

*pie way. 

_?- ?™* nu nnempt ia inadft It interpobiliiig Iwhl uo- 
menU to relive the rloom. lhat make^ It a belter film, although j : muy , t „ t 
endear it w he av*Nip> tibil'iiar na n «_mer«ui| proposition. Kurtumtrl' the 
I'. r ' ii 2^£«K£V- ",- " n n ^_fp«n_IJin il« ifipiiuer.ijil pOwlblUtJei., tiqd 
nr.W« fv.EE ^ crhsmBlly-ju, udnnmblr production. It de it |fl with the life 
and deaili of a thoroughly bad jtai-. 

"h III i-implc story but It Ut toU «ith sreat feeting and esrellenily aHed 
The- two ebarneters ori whom the f.Im r-i.lir.lepends are the wtched fnlher-'the 
J^odii Kinj; ■ Jind lii-v ,fa,ng liter, anil both nun,, are finely played. Ekt| Kiile makea 
bee of H very hvr villniu «. t u\ Winifred «*r»i«. V er, ok the dnutbtet-. h nr. ad- 
ae pi the iihotogra|iby ia ncclltiit. 


"Kip Van Winkle.'' 

ip Van Winkle/ abieb is issued b> Wnrdanr Filajs. Ltd.. is not a good 
on. It U said io he bayed on Wa_IngtoB Inrinifi utory. but Ibece is 

IJ u- I r, i7 tl - l,| "?'.'li' , . 1 " , 'T" n _**,_ t °_"' a _ * lf ">' Jwl ' U| - ABierican film, Th* 
i nlukle in ib**^jTa3 \s merely n drunken buffwoq. tl" never liasrihn um- 
metits of dignity wUjh ire ntlrtl»tM«l to him try Wa«bjnito_ iri-ing. ami h«_b to 
s!*enJ ail Hj Umw uidTilging in low «tm«djr andc_ and <ilir»iis!. the niedlnm nf tie 

leticrprrMI InJkiag In pi iliar kind nf pisPm-Kiifilish. liiji Van Winklp may 

lijive Wi, ■ K.H but be £«■ l&evef ;. low «.uieJ] Bn . nnd ilin<- art ]U»>aa»i in th ; ti 
Bim »hen tin- benav>r vt his wife nnd bimntdf i 5 rcminlscem of an. earj- turn at 
a (uhurbaij luusj.-balii," 

Harm Xat Bellev*: to Mirhlnu, 

A demand Unit sounds opside down, ib 

a bltslaeii where there is s'ich an urge 

for efficiency, Mf*a MnrBti knows tha 

j value of time and money, having mud* 

I every cent she lum in the world by her 

j own efforts, und *he knows ton- essential 

it in lo beep a firm hand on the helm 

j wben the stoma tbcsalen one a safety 

; in the creative world. And yet she be- 

lievea a Itttte more human undcrM lading 

■ Bnd it Utile, Icks of the time clock und 

tmiehlecmiirtc taws will brin^ beitt'r rer 

| aiiltK in one America^ moLion pictn^ea, 

; lWore Mr. Trimble and ML%u Murfin 

'. derided to take this indefs-rtdrnt plunge, 

' they went lo the. boat to men Eltzel, or 

1 Stronglieort, H.s he i.i called nn the screi-ffl. 

j 'The mometii I sow that gorgetnia oiii- 

inni." sLii.t >!:-■■■ MurJin, "1 ;-,,:.; be be- 

[ lcngn to ine whether he ever act* or tot. 

He bad been a Craw dog in tho 

war and hud received deeopationw iat h\a 

bravery. Hi? had an intelligence [hat 

inndc imt believe if he nrald be psycho- 

uiittlyxed on* would find a huuiau umler- 

Mauding. Mr. TriJiiblc workrii witli bim 

dny and idsbt for months before bi was 

Teudy fi-r the utcture, 

I "lo« know,* she said, "Mr. Trimble 

til I d _ vamp. All n tiimn [_ j _ i v jj j m , 

and il in. wonderful the way be can rrutl 

their mindn. l'ur cxutnnlc: UitrcJ w:n 

, itiayinu n wpDc wlwre ho savea n man. 

i Mr. Trimble thought after rehearsing it 

i twice tic wiblird the dog would tug at 

| tho rope before bo tnniW liia linul ilaxli. 

tic retrained from ^sying It, it udd any 

more to ihe dog's icjponidbiliiy, but he 

wns almost knocked off hla feet when. 

Eitxct read his thoughts and did c*:tclly 

j v, jat he had hoped bo would do." 

tiaj* p. Oog Cob TblnL. 

This ability to inriamlt thought to a 

| dumb beaat w„ the subject of an iuter- 

1 estltis OlQtUaS held a few weeks ngo 

| when tin' <|iu-s:ioti of tan a dog thtttk? 

Jcnine up for dbjeuHaioo. 

1 After fiteing fijtzcl net, ilian Murtin 

j ia sure dojpi Iiuvc brHins thai I'rcud cuuld 

pinko the subject of n psyeho-uoalyns 

' test. 

Although Lhu subject of ]iieturc aud 
dogs is intriguing, it 1« not Ukiti]; nil of 
Mia: Murfin*!! time. She fa giving aoiaa 
Of brr bpare momenM to eoniinuliig her 
pluywrighting with Juce Cowl. Just Lo- 
re the urge to bedtime a film producer 
nikdc Miss Jonc leave oil and follow 
El.lzcl to the CoBwl, rite aud Jilai Ctfwl 
jiiiish^l u play for the Rclwyus. 

"1 think 'It in nur best," BIi.*K Muniii 
auid, , *But you allow they f*y a pUy- 
w right's favorite-" in uiwaya iiia pooreat 
work. lMgut eJelwyu said he thought hi 
much nf the idea be wanked to see il put 
on the filnge, eVcta* if It did ttoi jnake a 
great bit." 

Mjms Cowl il now playing iu Detroit 
and MLse Murtin .■■.!■■■■■:■■. to join her 
there iu a few weeks and smrt work oa 
a i, j ■-■ pl&y tbut is struggling in the 
minds of these playwrights, who fiUftously 
enough do. their Iwsr work os collabo- 

Their friendship dated ha^k lb the days 
when as girls they went ou tlie wtage ia 
"Tho Mua'c. Master." The two Jones 
they were cntled. Mfas Cowl remained 
faithful to bet stage career, while Miw 
Uurfia left to try her hand at playwright- 
ing. She was aueeejisful from the 1 Btmt 
and hai made iu the* yeortt u tidy lltlla 
fortune. A fact she believes is aa mu_ 
dlue to her ^knowledge of how to unve 
money iit*d invent ft nR hflir kg ntaki> it. 
"tiilec Tini'e'' is uue of ibo best-known 
of ibe Murfin-Cowt JiIblts. It h probably 
the most hiL'tiilivCr They wmte ibree, 
and the las; one, "LiliK Time," wai pro* 
duced first. The iimt was bmugfit out 

In May. Mini 'Cowl imd Mi_ Mtir&a 
will no- abroad to work. mi tliclr piny. 
They wiil u\*u take -i vucatiuu, .- i ■ ■ t = ! j - 
in g their play time and Ibrir work" tim« 

But Jane Murfin is not giving up pro* 
dyeing' filniH. SShe llbr-.-s her tirat tiiHW 
of picture making ao well she tntcadii to 
continue iu ibta .fn*eiiifliln£ field. 

O* 'ootimti^ Jan'! Murtin believes in 

woman's place in >he world. Ajiy one 

woman who has mutin the Krado always 

L.-ii -. upun feminism tut. Important, i.. (l 

rii- U not nnlagonlslieatly in f.r, ■■■■ of 

.her aex. Sbo U too ttttt*astire. Another 

. sign that never fnila is the warmer in 

i wSielk n gothd-Jooking woman adopts the 

atandartbs of feniini«n. She believea In 

< her b«x t works for her emancipation and 

1 fro«dom r btit at the .- <<■.-.■■ tlmo rencrvrs 

a place in 1 bee heart for the other »_, 

. Mtsa Mnefln impremwa one as *hnt sort of 

J wonmP. J*be in neither a woman's woman 

'nor n-maiiV woman. She in both, nnd 

ware tutereitlng Slid is her creative talent 

nod tier' husiiicus ability, which arc 

jeii"*lly (tl'tfrihuteil. 

One feels, she will ninke good iu any- 
thing she ntiemptn. Shn la ibat wuy, Hnd 
hiiiS tbnt fneul-y for pvercorafng the oh- 
j.rui-b- and winning uut in N-irrv mw. 
ill', r PArtDerabup with Larry Trintble 

promises (a eqitBl the ■■elebrole*J E^DCnOD* 
Loot cwtnbittatioii fu its value to mot ion 
pictures. . 

Tkm \\t-... WIU i:r ueprewaieil. 

The toueenir book Is now in the 
hands of ibo piiuier. The- people who 
Lava Hent their $100 to Daniel Fiob- 
niart can feel tbey-hnve peL'forined a 
pleasafit duty, whllt.tho-H; who neglected 
to help in tbe Actors Fund benefit (ran 
feel sorry they have dEprived tbemselvcN 
of this priribjjjtv Tbe annual projtrem 
nirauged to aid the Actor? Kami, gives 
help lo those In tbe profession who need 
it .in.I care for the old people at tlie 
States) I viand: home i* arranged, for 
Jmnicry 20 at the Century Theatre. 
Those who have responded to Mr. 
Frohmati's request for eontri bit linns and 
Will Ijo represented tn th* I!s; of profes- 
^fonaJ iialrons ia tbe art section of tha 
Avion Fund aouveair program arc: 
'jeorge Arties, Frank tlacon, Coriane 
Uarket*. Kddi'e Caniur, Irene Cu«tlc, 
(JbarlKi Cbaplia.* Dougiau Fairbanks, 
I- n.v Cotton, William FnrnUm, Klsie 
FergtiHoOi Jumna Forbes^ Pauline I'nd- 
erifk, Trisie Frignn^a, Dorothy liisb, 
Mliian Oiah, Mit.d Hajoi. B«_ud\ 
Ifajnknwn, Helen Ilny'cH, Avery Hop- 
wood. ChllHes HutohinnoE, ("I^-e Kuai- 
mcr, Ilert LytelL Shirley Mavon. Man- 
ij'nu' Mlllee. Mjnianoe Xailnaova, l^ugena 
U'Hrieu. Chauncey. OlCOtt Maty Hck- 
fnrd, Charles llcy. Otts Hkinner, b'riin- 
ccs Htarr, KredA. Stone, John Charles 
Thorna- 1 Und Jiinu Walker — thirty-four 
In all. There ghould ho iuori>. 

seen ■! the IMhu. 

'i'he Plaza i§ a papular plage for 
luncheon* these days. One cannot go 
thero without swing n neorc of tbct- 
tiicat aad picture- people. One day last 
week (herp was Mary Alden. Mae Mur- 
ray! and Mme." Olgn Petrovu. Madame 
PeLrova had & -aiaU party und amoag 
her gueats wa*J Q&ylord Hawkins, chair- 
mau of tbe Federal Trades Commission. 
Speaking; of Madame I'etrova, it Is _- 
terestin^ to note with all the plays eloa- 
int. her "WhUc Peacock" is holding, its 
n'vii caiaii's" each day t» the number of 
iitteudanee! It Ip Ola sort of thing tlirit 
like "The Till! of Divorcement," takes 
tituo to catnbliah. 

- -hr la A (tnaker i in,, 

Mildred Davie U baring the time, of her 
life iu New' York. She wi„ born in 
I ':■:;::. i, -l r ik:i. i.':: she never had ,■ chnnee 
lo aee thcbruj&t light!* of Broadway until 
she went iuto- motion pLcturex. K be evmes 
nf uaker atocb and waa bruugnt' up to 
think the iheatrieal world was nut men- 
tioned tn polite society. Harold Lloyd fa 
seeing, to it that she uoi only has a eliaoco 
to talk aboii, but she is (teeing every, pood 
shuw nnd dining at aJ| iff _e Tiimous res- 
taurants In New York. Miss Djivfa in his 
leading lady and ho believes New York 
if a part of her education. 

S*ealc.Ja_ of Harold Lla-yd, 
He nhaoiutrJy refoses to make personal 
appearances. And will not go lo any the- 
atre where h* bi Mpecled ti let the au- 
dience aen what n nice boy he in. 

"I do not beUtVA-itt stepping out qf tho 
acreen," enld Mr. Lloyd, "I loot entire]* 
different in reul life — why -ii..,;>j. ...n _ B 

Mr. Lloyd IS realty better looking off 
the screen, but tin doca not weur hla 
gOjgglcHa which, of coune, makes hint look 

luii lie i .ia« Front llollrivood. ' 

Think of It ! Wheeler Caiman, whose 

devotion to Hollywood nod the picture 


If you have praise 16 fJvc, cciu- 
pliliits to make or Ideas to air, 
nil sler them witli the Onlooker. | 

Ou kloTtdoy Albert Smith wUl coma 
back lo New _ ork. lit bos been .co the 
Q_a| for ihe last few moatha giving his 
p__l alt^jiLioii to production Rod hlH 
return now Is due m lila deal re to eer in 
touch with the New York home office. 
Ut will prohnbly hnve o number of thlnSH 
of interest to unfold when he reaches 

lc HI De 3IIIIe'ltl.' 
A letter from Uuidn UcrgCrc Fita- 
rnaurlce from London speaka of n Christ- 
mas party in Paris. Mr. Fitzmaurico 
reaehed Paris with his company t'lirist- 
mua eve, and John Hobertson' and bis 
forces came into Paris Christmas duy, SO 
It waa a happy reunion nnd n merry 
Gathering COfUPOBedi - of AlucriCnQ film 
folk. Mr. De Mi tie, who traveled with 
the Fltimuurices from Naples, was taken 
sick Cbrfatmaa and at the lime Mrs. FitE- 
muurice'a letter was written was itill iu 
bed at the ltits. She nays, he cxoevlO Hi 
£v to the HauLh of France Lo rccupcnitf 
an Boort oh be fa belter, David PowelJ,. 
who haq Em_ one of the Pany N will go 
with him. New V car's Kve_was spent in 
J^otidon. Mr. nnd >!;■-■- Al rinufmau, Mr. 
and Mrs. John ltobcrt-sou. Mr. and Mrs. 
Albert _hw, Faunit \V«rd, Jack. Dean 
and the, b'itzmauricN were memncrs. of 
a party given at the Embassy Club. Ilut 
despite all this gnyrty, they were alt a 
littlo homesick (or the p. y, A. dnrins 1 
tbe bolidnya and borne. 

!>l|i Wrilr, | 


Felix Ormnu Las written ft book. Word 
cornea from London ibat be baa taken 
"The Glorious Adventure" put it in 
serial form, and has sold it to R J London 
magazine. After II makes its nppeariince 
0u the installment plan jt wilt &c put on 
the market aa o de luxe edition, with, 11* 
lustrations and everything. Ami, by the 
by, FcJii saja "The Olorioug Adventure" 
will follow "The Three Musketeers'* at 
(he Coven t Garden Opera House. He 
aays the report that DouglHK Falrbnsiks 
baa leaned this theatre lo show i'nlred 
Artistt attractions, ia untrue. Walter 
Watiger has taken over Covent Ourdcu 
for tbe acasou and in doing his best to 
make it nu Amcrictut house. Justine 
Johnston, who ia Sirs. Walter Wanger in 
private life, fa &UII in London with her 
husband, Felix eenda some KOrgcoun pic- 
tures of Lady Diana Manners. If ahe 
films fts she photographs, uhe opght to 
be a sensulion in pictures. 

Julia l-njr llrtr, 

There were so man** people at the 
opening of "The Blue Kitten" on Friday 
nigh t tt was almost impoeaiVIc to see 
every one. The world nnd his wife turned 
Out en mas$e to welcome Lillian Lor- 
raine back to the stage, lint wo did 
sec Julia. Faye. 

"Where have I ocen that fiiri before?" 
asked some one. 

"Uh, I know, That is Julia Foye, the. 
screen play or."* 

And so it was. After seeing her in 
pictures one could not forget her face. 
She looked very lovejy in B white cvcnlop 
frock trimmed in pearl*. 

HendlnBr ' - Letten- 
Th emotion picture editor of tbe !)n.;- 
10a Globe fa doing his best to give ns em- 
ployment. Four letters from the rfcinirj 
of this city asking- information tUlast to 
(hie fact. Ail of tbcm were sent at the 
advice of the, editor of the Globe, who 
Bfr&nired the inquiring onei wo would, bavc 
the information. Wo arc grateful for 
thla compliment and love answering qoes- 
tioas. Wo only hope we do not fall by 
tbe wajflide before all the letters that 
cntno iu are taken care of and duly given 

J. D. W'llllBtna na iimi. 

Florence Lawrence, dramatic editor 
of tho Los Angeles Ernminer. was tbe 
gutat of honor at ft luncheon given yes- 
terday at Delnwnico'a. J. D. Williams 
was the beau aad tho other guests were 
the edltora of the daily newspaper*. 
Just ao that there would be no confusion 
in seating, ibe-placa cmrda provided were 
copies of the New York dailies. The 
guests were turned looac and told to 
find the paper for whiet their favorite 
author fiirnfabed motion pklure news. 
There were no mix-ups, every p>in find- 
ing his placff with au alacritj- never es* 
perieneed at any other luncheon. An iu- 
formiil (alb on the til™ tariff now- pend- 
ing tn Washington followed. Dirid 
Howel's. one of the £Uc»ta. Ulked l» a 
most eOtcetoinin^ fashion on the Impor- 
tation* of films. ' Mils Lawrence gave 
tbe Los Angeles viewpoint, and each 
guest contributed something to the open 
disci'ssion. M"n-i Lawrence talked oater- 
tainlngly of t he Western studies and 
HUinvervd nuJnborlesa questions put to 

her. It iv&ii a very aid party, the nicest 
alvon ia a long time, but then J, D. 
Williams, next to knowing how to head 
a Him corporation, knows bow to enter* 
tain bis friends. Hfa hospitality ia of 
the informal sort that makes all hh, 
guests have a _ood time. 

Mtu £.■ Terence Anifren Iilddi-, 

There have been many arousing so- 
lutions on ibe husband's ignonince of 
the expected arrival of tho baby in 
"Foolish Wives,'* The beat so far comes 
from Miss Lawrence-: ■ 

"Probably the husband knew nbotu 
Ibe hahy, but they did not dare let hiin 
know iu the picture becnUae of the cen- 
sor board. iOH know subjects of that 
kind are atwsyn forbidden." 

We wilt have tn say to this, ibat waa 
the only sop to the censor board. Kvery 
■■ih. r bint (iii'l auggestloa rated an being 
objectionable tn ihe board was abovrn 
without a murraunL, 

^reuniting Jlr. t'eeBlmnn. 
Motion Pletoro Editor, Tho Morning Tele- 
The opinion* »r jTanes A. Ereelman "*n 
Fred Itennvnisa piriiire. "Jli.. Jiaaelr 
Trail." recenily fenlureil at ifce Forty- 
foLirtti Ktreet Theatre, Ik one or t«a moon 
entrrialulng aril^len 1 bsiy read lo yon** 
paper for lonie time. It has *<i nuitb 
truth and burner that tar-Be who are ia* 
tsftstsd in toe sereen nail la sarins 11 
from Juat sUcli oiworlhy eiptoltatlous as 
i'i:u of the liidlun galds ou^ht to qlv« it 

TCIlIp, 'lUll'trlty. 

Mr. Craelmau his a caustle pen and S_ 
eptxrami-isllc one. LEls jcusc of liumar 
aad the rl1]ouloua fa delightful, Perhaps 
his letter will tin jiameUiIng to. sara ua 
from these grareteis s|»eit-tiirle* a? wlf* 
murderera, bnstnnd ktllprs. rore^pon^ents 
|n ijiin.-i- suits ami -iv... who flgara ua- 
plcnsautlr In tbe dally newspaiMrrs. 

We Iiutc oflen weaOered: wliy ths 
■-. :'■■';■ .-■ '-i the *ragr sboirlrt he can re tied 
leto a rogues gallery la which the prlsea 
ore Isrge at"! the lUlns e^on. t'eineuuic^ 
one thinks Ibat ill tint h necessary to 
bemnie a grrnt serepft setSr or urtreas' Is 
le rommlt a little rrbne. It 1)1 jour hus* 
band, k'l] ~your wife, estrange a liua]>snd 
rrom a wife or ^. wife from a nnibind *nA 
earn Oro theus-irnl a week- We c»ti well 
Imagine si;lij|jl» litcfataro along till* vela - 
being illstrlbulcil among Hie araldllons *C 
(be future If »iu L h plrturea persist. 

Tbe Iroay of It ail hi tarn tkin Fred 
Beaurals and Clarn Haoion type «f Jit-ior 
and aetress, so railed, even cet a hearing 
with a certain type of prodne^r willing I* 
exploit them and certain cxhiitltom u-jlling 
to show the ptcltim, W*ij study Cor fua ^ 
acrcen? Uet :■■■'. r ltertllLou jaciiturementa 
iDken. Itttre your tinine rnlereil In no- 
i'irr.'i:'i IfvOree pro^tdlnge. It in rntK-Ii 
simpler end f] nicker. Yoara truly, 
Jahn Williams- 

fthoen, N. V. 

Jle.Hon V let tire Editor. Mnrulng Tclegrapar 
Hnv'ng ]Uit eeeii ''POOllah Whrp." f 
iiin speealnllng ltpon Its tfCiit upon thtt 
America n public. Will ibey pc«ct»te iha 
deadest rhnraeter uf ibln woek or a for- 
elgu director? 

■ The more nao I* »pi:u*toweu to the tou- 
I'.nrnisl vlewpalnl, the nmre die fceki the 
nnphlslJcstlou ami ■UDlUo Irony of "KOot-^ 
lih WiTcs." TUkeffftOI Is largely brought" 
about by Von Birobeini-n ow«. iM-rrcttoaoce, 
a coaslc'ent anil utsgustJng work ■■' art. 
The awieflHre imieh *f tbe black cat and 
Ihe ridiculing of I lie simple American Am- 
tia»sador sre elarlag i'H - eF forelga warl:. 
Tar Aoierlrnn characters Jn the ilory at" 
shown as nr^rtpcial sod foo'isb, bus 
against tbe back ground of. KDrnpesa clell- 
Lxnlton t'Uey sneeecd In sblnlog by reasnn 
ut Ihnlf wholesome neas. 

Whether Lt *•> ibe purpose to &bow this 
Jn makmg the picture, we do not kaow. 
but the effect wlH certainly be lo mska 
the true A met Iran feel ibat bis native 
elcantlucta Hid honesty are saraetblng « 
Ircnpure ha preference to tho so-called cul- 
ture and padded {-tvlLlEEiilon iif the old 
wgrbJ. James P. AdJimi. I 

MoUon rfcture Editor, Tbe Morning Tela- , 
graph : 

Since, ererynody Is doing K, I may is 
well join tlie ranks or i.hos-e who slog tlis 
praises at -"Tol'ble David.*' I have been 
"oD7" pbotoplsys for months, but waa lured. 
Into tbe Strand tut week because some on* 
told me there was o gaud picture tbeit. 
I think "Tol'ble l>avld" one of the bast, If 
not the best picture I have ever aeen, ir. 
I* my Idea or perfect direction, almost per- 
fect actios, and tbe snraaihcaL snd moit 
artistic coitlDg and editing It his been my 
good fortune to sec. 

Itlchsrd itarLhelaess provet bis right lo 
bo a star, tiudys Ilulette, wbo bas mora 
ibUlty La Per little Soger than most of our 
preieat-day olft", de»erves tha blghoac 
pnlso, and I bene Korne one will bare th« 
good sense to reward her with nU-o Tst 
roles from now o*j + Ernest Tocrepcc la th« 
beat vlUakti the screen his ■.■■■:■ la msay a 
nioc-D, I only hope that tbe puhllc will 
reanonO to this excellent screen pri4uettou. 
wttb the enthusiasm which It deserve'. 
When somerhliig really good enmes along 
aterybedy should pUcb In and ■ ■) ■■ '. Ap- 
preciation is Urn only way n - o ean hope <» 
bring tbe prodncers and actors to the 
point of making worthwhile pictures. 

Sincerely. John Mulbal), 

Would Kot MIX J'olltteft Snd AH. 

Motion riclurc Hdlior Tbe Morning Tel*- I 

EncLoied. jeu will find a eartoan from 
yesterday's PtUtdelahla neeord, Ihe »ig- 
nlflcance of wblch I think mlgbt latsrest 

Dcnplle the optimtirtle trend of your 
various articles, you must lie fully awarn 
SI the usogees that aro sura lo ■ ■■i--rcf.ii. 
tbo motion picture ladnstry If say- of 
these men who bate bOea Inslied to assum* 
leadership accept. 

No doubt tlie producers buTc senaed tits 
futlllly of fighting Tor an Ideal '-■i.-.-r- only 
UU**ttoc motifs calat, 

ri.ii- fact tbit m Itepuhllesn party IA la 
power la Waiblnglou Is accouDtable for 
the selection of lisys, a Itepubllcan. 

To thim method ties producers believs 
they hare chosen the one und only road 
to the abolition of tbe auiocrnilc eeasor- 
sblp system. In this wsy a nallanil law 
may be paaser) i-roblbtlltig tbe existence DC 
the pernicious ccaaor hoatdp, hut It wilt 
also put :!■(* entire uiotlou picture laduatry 
it the mercy oT tbe ssmo ruthless pollllc.U 
ataebnae tbat dlnporaged and dLDcrcdllnd 
tbe greatest statesman aad most profound. 
Idealist thai erer live-). 

Surely nothing ibst I can aay will pte^ 
vent the Industry from making such a 
move, but 1 can enjoy tbo mtlafdetlan ot 
buvlng expreaieil myself to you nt teaat. 

The prodncers. do nut aceia to rctl'n 
the giant their erart In. Jt Is at one and 
tbe same time a business, nn Itiddsttj anil 
an art. It la Ibe greatest uo'der "i" public 
oplalon the world ftas ever known. At 
preseat It is Impartial, unswayed by ong 
party or thp other. 

There Is oat an Industry or any six* la 
the country which bas not got n» flngcra 
Into politics. 11 tie Ibe only 
way to protect their rights— the ouly w P y 
to get a square dent 

But tbn motion picture, while the fifth, 
:.i:-;;--: loduatry In tb» 1'ulted h*katcs,~la 
first of bll nn art. and please, Mr. pro- t 
dacer, deit'E drag It ■:■■■•:. ;i into aad Ibrough 
the political mire. 

Tbo motion plclures and evi-rj- one con- 
ceded with ''h-li nnuld eofTer ultimately. 

AIL ;f would er«il_tiy disappear Trom 
the pictures tialll tboy would be notblag 
but in Inane Undge-podg* of eummcrcial 

■□d political ruJiliinli 

Tours ■JneervIiTt 

John M. >'inigaa. 
I."t7 Norm ThErthttl street, ridladclph's. 

J-ilHofs Nnlo-Tho cirtoon mratlonad 
sbuwea Ijiyn cutting the penioerotlc p«rty 
irom a m-wa ,ri*i r >tbo ca|itloa retidtng 
"IVlil he eliminate a : u wutc :" 





it»- ;;>..:■., neve,ril yean 
many rriuidn and .tajo w 

Uf lllL- so 
^ in the 

XF.TV VIITIK'S l.r:U)I\0 TUKtTitK <t *>-|ji Sl"i:tE8fiKJI. 

EMPIRE :.:■:.':■"; ; 

William Gillette 

:"..»"i".,.,. The Dream Maker 


NLW AMSTEHDAM w 4? 5T£v«fi:5 
MAT5.WED.&5AT 50(J»»2„„K„ 

irrrJniM IConf » 11-JfEW" 


: Hrr *;nuK'" 

.■rlxirRer. Ji*»*j. :*9t. Kf" " 

,Vn]e.U..rhnetter. l^ 

Kf* ! - 

II I 'h.'lll 'Tlir tllLl ' 

■■ ill, Tils 


I nHta/riiliWrrU I Ttnir-.KrrJi'l-'jil'. 

'Suliiiog Drammond' BliUEBURKk 

a. i;. *i n rti 







la -Tlltf c;ra\d 
ill kK" 

fcf THEATRE SV*l!3t 


WD Trrti PERFECT «>«, : 

KrnirTti-.w, « ?! r.s.>:e. *m*W*3 t £nr 


i;. Wm, Hur)bin wjdi I'r^-ilerteti Ferrr , 




MATS. TO-JTW & SAT. SOt. to ?» 


ncBfiitnr I 

tEM/44 rcJ 


VXKK, WV.l «i 

in. To-ittmmj' 

.*WILI>AY. S.3 

A BilVof Diyc^ttnF 

L3r£.T»«a 4Q.THEATHE IMS i 
MrtttnrrK. Thur.. , l*ti pnlo r i Jf gat. 

<t Fl UUYN T, "' ,, -*■' 4I "! \ l }£ 

OCLVU 111 ■'..■- r.i.:,- i ■ «! J.M 
•.rthur llara-JWOiln Pn-»*nt» 
dSKI'II IttAttN 



irjj |I^<I4I1DEI, 


Report Shows 180 Pictures Slashed, 

5 Wholly Condemned and 

8,194 Stat? Permits. 


Will A boll lb Tiva 
tlnTiono Perform 

H'i"il Alr.L.1-11 Mir 

l-D«}' lor Cor- 

bw Spwttln- 

for Dlvarrr. 


tans xMBhv utiiRAiH 



k rn t> r XHtMHT i: 1 1 lit-: ht 

lAirrOftv ^m^^ hi.mjkj. 

ij.:rd si. Mm-;- iu.:. m n L <- 


■ rfl »3r got 

'•1. ft.1. int. 

rat it ii. m. 


LOBGACRE XS £.?,■?&?=*?- 

rHn(\ KbU.Tch'A'* n'.y.i * h.l Jits.a4. 


cort rr 

mwdson ^.; : 

Music box 



I"2f«d York end London'* tf ingest BuoumJ' 
<■_ ''CAPTAIH APPLEJACK" >;£,•„?»„.. 

I. 1 v l.\ST TWn WHKKM 

?mn? "THE 





. WUft. tKffllKlt. 
In !n Am-Tl.w-fllOW 

^ c H c u S 'SIX CYLINDER LOVE' r 


W. -12.1 El. 

i.ltJUIin ■* 

Twite Daily 

l.iQ — n-io 



«/rfo STORM 

Pt. Uali. SAf 1o {I.M ?!■■■=■- and Sat. 
MKtBjOctuSlOO. Qradnt^^ 

rnn.jriHi^.ViilinT.r. iiumynrArr lArnJrr i>t jVai' IVrt 

Thur.. | 

itj, en: 

. lUt* Hat, 

uf l#wU3« 


l!i«! ll-V« 


iv ^Tpjldni 

| fyf OROSCO 

I 60F "TIME T0N1GH' 



OOACf KLiFP-eco^rta^ESTOM 
gUIHHatCAVE PLV-oflni- &>.»Jtr»lftCT5 

'AT THE3 ION ,tt J^tflAiYttRrf! 


HAJll i;ahtii 


5 Weeks Beg. Mon„ Jan. 23 

M,„t. \ :,■_:,!. .1..,,,. xn, -Jinrirjuni 

. i"iri 


■jr. null _ 
Tun*. MKhl t "t,i 

Jtl'll*. ]1LB!U (tMl 


T, P« 

rnlHt^H W«l." Nil.. 
U^lmn, ftiinlcl, HuCi 

K«l, .Mutit, 

ti.r.-. I'iU.n 


uii- *;iri W f jju- 
VlriM urn, 

Laiiirl. cngd.. 



Elaiao H*Jt(Tnfr>l;cin 
"Why Announce 
Your Mnrriigc" 

■ m I " w " 1 ' i: ' n * 


If'/ aW IacqI Marx arid Artist* 

JAHtt ftLTrt" GUI 

*«, »v. Hut 

n!PP0DR0ME*S c ' SE ^- E ^ 




u ? „» ttheKORTH* 




TS CUT IN TWO ;':.;■ ,r.";'S.?i 

Wm. A *ft^» -« K th St. TIl.1.. B- .of D>ftv. 


Frl. A f< 

. _i »: Thir« 
. Krw . JttllUK i'o^Fitir-) Thuri. m 
■ tjilllru A Jtilii-I. i . 

■ Anhur HopWa* Pre**pw 


in "AX>A flllllSTlE" 

PLAYHOUSE SiSMTiS l i"i •■"•' 

I^IHHf MATlMn-: 'I'CI-llfkUIlOW 



KVrCIITDfttir ts i 

" THE CBOICS " a&i " S. S. TEliCITV ■ 

^Paramount CpicUm:-, 


■>::■ It 

'Thpl^w luxMhrlVomw: 
cEjiT oncft. 



f^fSia^ M'. s . IRENE CAS 


^ •^^•^^T*! .*.4 Sl.anr 5vMw.ttlns Dili. 

Ktny ■! "»r- ruriTau "ohamjj occjl 

RIALTO iouireoit 

CRITERION Cecil S. r t Mine's 
aii H*»t* i^Hfrtfln, t*h-k Dour, tail ma. 

FpR5L<?cT0 R c 

■■RfcJM v-iir n«n i| ,.-, ■■ rr»«* 

* "Jt' 1 *. Font « f" 

in 'THE 5EA LION" 
[ -5i!l-J:.1U!Li^l"' < ' Vm nirvmi., 

I *i"«*nl A IMIer. ^MtWiTT^ 
". l."M0h A Dum, Pinttn 

\!" '"' '- lh *- fini'An-r item. 

JRTH, [fl "TJI>; PK A up N ,.. 

Ijrlllft ' iii.l. I UttTJ <[■!.„!-*.*■ 

-_-.Mi.IfHL llah Willi", nu. 
1 l 4 „" UBl «" : '. ""t'ri l.|Yi fl i 


.\TLAXTH-; OCTV. J w h 1dV-U«1«m 

i uapxjwicd Him r«r iIj,. better ovcii^, 
■hii Rwirn-ii'lv JUiiiii?, uiiUiur mnl |, -,.. 

Ht. 1111,1 (if- ,|i-J|(l Uy t(.HII-lin'lV n*m. 

i, wtaltl^ by tin W. llair.E Stctuct^ 
- 1'rv.^iuil iiK.VrtlJiiin, 

!>r Stewart wij chat Mr, Rflncf. fin 
W|, ll J\ f ""• "'JHiiMin .,f Mo IntMtlnt,, 
:;> ii> |ul(r rjaiirtJiainent mu£ that 
had Miirvnii n ri'lilpsc. 


THE i'i.-.i -inniuii report nt ibn fttato 
ituthm Pletuw Commi'isivti i« iti 
thn bands er Covctuar MNI*r, 
LVrarfts for tha rshiMtion ■<( 
li.llM ttlus JiatItir b«oo ,■•■■■'!■■ 1. ii. rnn l.o 

•fiflb LhC rnisuM liOVf IIVuIClI H;i- lii!-=y 

bca' in pursuit of th^lr vci^a1ifla». Th<>sc 
iwrenlt* Include thoBe-CConttd .for- jwii 
tilm^ us w»« eibLiiUcil puhLii'lf before 
An£iiat -3,- lfl21, w*on Ilia '»m.min1on 
Kent inl<i office, 

'fifTt: were prcwatjwl io lift -mTnmJ!'- 
-■■■r» fnr fvirrr befoTr JaiTUnrT 1. 1W2, 
3.10 filmi for jwhlch UcettMH haw b'-'-n 
Krart<Ml. Tiicac BLln^ cfljitnined 8,030 
rrfilff. in qddilinn to tluiK rod*, tb« re- 
nort Bufn r the com tnludon Iw* frMiuontly 
lii.i L n r^inirod to rianiiao totIb In wlikh 
olirainatt'Hiif have brfiu mndit walrh t if 
COtrrnt, adda to the utnuuat f( togtaffi i»- 
iinnlieil, Tha CSmraLrtJaB rc]>ort« lhat 
few of tae araMi prtstntod rlcUted (ho 
HHiifdurdB fixed, i'lve frnhir™ were 
Khmlvad »nJ nianj- dlmlnationh mud'?. 

Tb**rn liavn been some vtolailowa of tht 
law by itraduef-ni, ki'Liu souitht to ticape 
jJitt-it^x lui]j^adJ}£4Ui , -.^ Q "^>y]'. wlikli 
any* IdOtt «f Lneae *nses wer«^ caimml Ity 
■iraurant-c of the »«t TTic cue Uki-n I" 
court b> Gulilwj'U h mcDtiwned to paaa- 
Lng, an in tUa work LecomnHihed by the 
Dn>ififiirrs cf mo tain, 

The Ounnltafiin) rcconimpiidsi the fol- 
lowiuif aaictidiiientfl 10 Ihc preticnt law: 

"Tio a.;iliLii-i;i- the Cumin i*sion to fur- 
nl-li the liJiu tat (he ..vIiLliitloii «t thtr 
oarinl numbar bj* a raft of the license or 
permit loader. 

"Tv pivc the CommJwiiftft imwec to Pfr 
fuse the grantlne or a Ik-ens* or permit 
for 1 filnil! wWch] contain nopjitHotlc c-r 
aedJti«im fentur-eN i.r rcintt*r. 

"To I'li-ari.r define piturctiona!, sc'an- 
liai-, rp'isintt* ur charilible tilmn In Much 
ft manner- iu to maVe. clear ivhat films 
■TO e , i* , mpt from the pftyumt vi ihe 
ro>inir<!(l, tvf- 

"Ti> make eleor ths ripht til Hie Com- 
niLnhiirtj tu chiUKe prodttfTrw of lilins 
whit-h an* aXcBlftt from r-ij-mfnl c.f lit* 1 
fee a prifp fiiilncifint 10 reimbnr«p lli^ 
Htiiti' for ilif permit or ILfi-h^ IfUdei-.' 1 

Another laietiduient urced by the 
■fiinimirtxli'ii t* to wapavnSt the Coui- 
niEtwon lo i-ir.1i- the fee paid fur lao 
uri^iaul »f fl film conclnnned in its 00- 
tirt'ty for the tmrpoM o( rrlmlntrhlns 
the SrriU?, imrtljr for tbr espenBL' II bu 
iiiLiirTt'd Id WrHewInB ihe film. 

Tlie w of opinion tlinl tho 
motion pieiuee nml proper rdpuhitiun will 
lns?oine a liTiiiendt."» paflMW for fiuoti aiifl 
:..].- for Cnttlnr approprh\tiou of moiiojh 
to cflff on iln activities. 

AlthooaU Hio law CUaCXHl nt the lust 
Kc-fslou at tlie I>tr-«laltiTu foe tho purpflBB 
of crsaiing Ih-r M'.lS«ti I'lcturo Connnh- 
M'>u upuroi.rioirtl lite cum "f ^TlJ/KlO, the 
mnimiNiloii in It* report MijsMlch an 
nmoum i»r tnoiiL'j- l« BO( iwffiddtil to meet 
thi- nnni>- clpia»« hvolwd in Ihc duties 
of ilia L-'-iniiilhHioo in laapeCflQS and ti- 
ci^LrttiiiK «f 'ltm»- a ™ 1 ,1 "> 1 ■ -*** u fl,>t 
propriiuimi will he necrasary for the eu- 
auiii,: year. 

Chairman Cobb, of the ™mmi<wiou, tle- 
sitLH the n»sJ*tancc of twelvn tuUtdona] 
pnpebtoni aud rwrlowera of ft|m* nt ji 
nalfity uf 83^00 a vcflr. Tlw report nltw 

"Xhe commlBslr.n 5s cf the opinioji tie 
motion pk-ture iioder proper re*n]Htion 
will become n bremeudoM power lor 
fictoiL It '}* alrwtdj- ren'tnUr-d aa fiir- 
nishinB n remarlmbk Igwej for CCfteb' 
Inp In one pnblie Krhooln, Kut a fiMV 
•feAM nfill paan before tlii- motion ph-tur-: 
wiU he In »eety P«W*« "-n" 01 - **•; 
^leiicffl. part.eularij- b«lnny and poyi- 
olo£y and hlntory und manr other aiih- 
jeeut. can W (*b«ht luvcManinr «"d in 
u milch Hhorter *»■« of lime theoimh 
tbn pletiiro than in taf utber tn«nuer. 
The Uvea and wofk^ of nntliore are 
raiitfbt niueh piore eHettuall)' on (he 
«c-eea than other^Jst'- It I'** ■ wait- 
d*r£ul ruttire. not only in educational, 
hut iaduatrial flelfta: hi fael, it ran bo 
utllUcd and -rill he utSltaed. In oe*rlj- 
I'Vcry IfBo of activity i» which nanny of 
out people are oheohM, The wmmU- , 
yion liflft In every way aottflit tn eneeUT- 
.:.:,■ rather than d1*ronra|,-e 'h* pfodne*r» 
iiml men connected wtt. the indmctrx. 
We hare only initiated uji<-ti the fact lhat 
picture e\hfbjtJi n n-lihin l : If State muat 
enmply with the nUDdnni. "aid (lawn In 
the law. 

"We have endearoreil in rlaialfy flic 
I ilm> auitable for exhibilion tu childrou 
nb renulrru by the atarnte anr] t xtht\v 
tli^ro arr> eomptralKrly few filmo. uhlt-h 
ran be Htd In hr iQuuufufiim-d exprexf- 
ly r»r t*hll.lren, yet there are a crral 
many fllmn lrhlch are aiiMflMe for ndulu 
an weJl aa children^ a Itat ^r ivlilrh baa 
been prepared by the i-nran-ledloli mi .1 
foptan of which may be had upon appli- 

lH TUe Trcrk nf the commlasion is a 
delicate and difficult one for the rea- 
■coa that ]n»ple of Ktnod eharicter often, 
have different fltandaroV hj ivhich their 
riven are retmlate-.! ?o that often tftne* 
the. ■:::■ ■• i<vi of vrhnthe; n picture vlnlatex 
the sluttie la a mattor of hone&t ditrputu 
jiniuDR oLi r heat eit^enji. Thia fact often 
present! Ttty latrlr-ate ami InvolTpfi q»e*- 
t|r>ufi to the romndssjOJi for Ha tfeterMln- 

4h,t liit* w n ItnnoriaBl iiaei in < 

ike CfHcriun m-n uer-ir. 

^.-^llllw5 ihi [ntUHv t 
T'-t»l n^mUif 9t rl>n 

TtlBM W(rn rU'Ptt 
■■:>!. :i:> 

■ W|» 

Tltlu flim'naii-d , ...... ...>V... W1 

N'.im-. r cl rv*li riam'iu-rt. J.CJ0 

The following w o •ttitir-mrnt of llie 
BTOffadfl ufmii wliii-li the plimlnntioiis vrrrl' 
mndc. in RQate cosed i liLiiihutlons lui;,^ 
ordered on more tli^n .me smniail: , 

Indecent. fcs»: inhuman, 35; lemliiiK,t;i 
incite e-rifne. 5t: iininonil r«- tcnlltui; to 
cormpi morals, SI j sacrllefJfflUt □, 

The films from which bUanontipira 
were iniiilc nr<: L - I:ue*ified a<i ftilinivK: 
drnrnm*. si : romedies, -3^1 i-.m-ly- 
dratnUn. 'J'l: wrinJtA, 7; new*, I; educa- 
tional:, 3, and enrtoana, i. 

The OocantJndou reieh , atl llio snm .»f 
?|.-^A4T. ffir Ifcctunw. pt-rinita imil - -e« 
from AUffHat 1. ISfll, to ' LKH^aiber TU. 

■J',v that the Ittvoll'wtH »»i 1" tho 
"-uric without him. hikv Jltr L**rophrll, 
Mm urtit^ih-iTT. hi* la very popiiinr. Mr 
Hansford lias realifned. hi» aerion to 
EaJtw i-rfeet nejfi ;ve ek, He dan not un- 
*.«laeed his ptanM. 1-ut it i* to tic hopwi 
be will -my in tli^ film iiusltivw. 

llrhiovr a..Mjt' eeei. 

■"KnnlUfi Wivw" huH lout aorne of it* 

HsIithwx. Ina't i,utW feet iic-e r«- 

Binveij yf-Ktenlay in a kflrgtrol operation, 

unit i][i'(i- iw)i"t a person that won't nay 

(he iIt-i-iI (vb* done in a worthy r.tiih., 

i" ■■■i'l'lj- lo-Mtro our CttlaOA frolu Ondite 

iriil.flmp.^ment. Wo llnd.'r.-iiaiiil — uom 

lhi> is iLcii rncirtr; It rile] not coiiii 1 Frum 

Mr. Von strohefen— that ihr nd-vcif) ..r 

fir; InfuB! and the tamer"* anrnrin*' that 

iln. slorh ivas due have all hfiii eltni 

ii.:i — l. l.-mini: tile foitliwli ™Hfr u'ithnuL 

nf-n-T^ritit— WtrPHlEtf M* bwu 

I t" direct esjiloiiatii'ti of Von 

m's moniiiueat iu thin city and 

McT;11|oH Jlprrl^ 

id Me^lliott, tnolion pietTjn 
Daiiy X;'i yaV forgot hey I'lei 
TrrTtiB^ eohlliM SaiTrVnj y " 

i •in5etion^JIbe_iiuiiy_jt 

OtarJa, S-jnday edit ir . 

iriuerly lientrnant in tile 

:. ■! .i Sda of Aiiliur LUarr,, fli 

Wc ...■ 

1 ti newanofhw man. 
Ilidinrd — ob, r*»j wn knuv 
L'lumirh lo call him l>jrt. lVli 
rttia eirv editor of the Cnrrasr 
i'tI [.Hrk vtnti in PVineetan nt i 
■nil in i Time on rL tnik tiioti.i!i pi 
nu -ii- raeotfoa, Kv^n i .■ 

■ .' .i iirerofCiiee f.o- kt<.ii... 
:nrH. Mi9 K McE'licM «r.v i 

uiip in the rditorinl ileparlmc 

■ li:ni>. We Kiffer our Wtrrite^ 
rlnllim* to tlieW two rni-niei 
m* J nth very fine ye-it".- i i-i.p 1 

i.iilltj nr t'ftrrlnu 
■'■"Uii Miicrm i 



The la 




! nt Hi.- i\->- 

ri-n-iliiy jn rfofini 
ttriori will be nhotisbed wara 'J?bil^ 
I'nradif.'" is lem-rvil fmin I be mutii 
next Hntiittlny. The tail cbllUnitona p--r- 
formdltee, with tlir- tmm- niitnher of 
aliowa iluU prevail in il.e I!i\(ili ami KiaJ. 
to. will be Installed. "I'lutra.jli'ri Wife" 

waa in;, mini u Hie tagsl ulti'urti but 

tlini w ni't renity, iKuf In | n (!n,i nu 
AK«iX , itH' , it r'irnl National attmjMJOTi lias 
been NiikKiituted, .luilii EowTBan'a "Bed 
Mot Uomitiiee," a OOmtd^ his litri iinl' ■■ 
poadont pruiJiictixti. wilt lum' iTn (itaw 
of honor next week. Thin i-i the fir-it 
time a X-"i r>.l Katie nol pietun' hoa 'Wai 
ahuwu In ibis thontxe, whii-li U under 
Fiiioi'lm I'lnyrrE-Lnsky t-oniiol H nf 
Baqrae, Anini Low hoa a pun in "linJ 
Hot Komnnce. 1 ' Hbo Ifl EOronlhor, eo-tli- 
reeliT ii ml co-producer. A^iile from that, 
ahe In aot riKi-i.iiflildi' hi Mi*. flmrrwiH'a 
pot mid i f ri . !•-. IJii iiirnily j,^e old vaj*-r- 
wli i"ri-y« hi- jiln'n ^ " Jirrmii^+'Oieiii la prefer- 
able lojlit- turn-n-day ■ nlrr[iiLiiin>'nt that 
hia beeti In roituo. Mae cToUIbb ami 
llonll Sydney hare rlie Jcudius r»les in 
"llwl Hot Kamaaee,'' 

Tlielr Wnjr 


Life fur Alnry Plcbforil in jiwt onn rnn- 
linouiiPi rail nod journey. Sh.- li.-el i ■ ■■ 
-bora than Bottled down at the oil] hearth 
atone l Li u li a uirc ram s inking l]:at **hi* 
turn nnntind nttd etrnte 1 ■ Niw V.irk, She 
nnd !>oui;!.: ■ ImmcdtBleij Marled la puck 
nj^abi and are now Kuuicwheru twtwoen 
here utid Lot Ancelea. Xpt very fjr, as 
liiey only «tartnl yi-ih-rdny. Mi*. Oorrt 
WIlkennniK^ o«ar airaiMX Mlsa Hekbril, j 
<m the diaraje lliere 
aer on the I'k-klurr 

•an, i. a Mii.t*J liilhtpff >i]?.i-"_' --adj utfe 
'■"-^5r l%#iiaiirie L tVtts Khoottn^ Kc7iie,n" 
wheii'O -4-H-h. rtlTjC" ''Tfiiilab' In" » i-eifnun's 
jerJo-y ureppfld -Up to hltn. There trai 
*-n:iM-:liiiiU vajfaeiy Llniiliar la hia fru- 
tiifini, i. ut if w:iua"t ■.mMI he pit) i.<ir jlo 
Iiautl nnd paid: ''Apple h)n p omowe to- 
day," that he wan reeo=»i«ii, Mr, U li- 
tem linen- hltn then oa n frutt vender 
in r'ortr-fonrth ^rri?et' hear SUth rucnu;. 
irmii whom bit tiled, in buy fniii each 
tiofri-iajr. He uttered in -hU muft 

I : - r. f :-, i ■ ■ |i,[ jrlli InllillLT ll|r lei.nvin^ latitude: 

■•Thi* Ik a siiiiiH world, isn't It!" 
Tin- n-nii reader didn't object i» ifw 

|ij!Hilnile— be was jio ff Inil t£ w bin fnr- 

Htee | i.i I run. 

''"Ion ti. frtorUla. 
.1 Scarle IjawN>y in jrnina; lo Miami, 
Flu,, tn ahew aonie f,r the Miami ottfeetia 
how ii jiirlure Kh(titld ba made. Till haa 
we been eiu>njteil la direct a ivpedali 
lirfnliirtloii For the i-itizenn who ereete.1 
thi- new atiidfc In that iian of (he worbj, 
We n l™ li^nr Walter Naeb. formerly 
stiidiu muim ;er r..r Air. Vox, [a Koaj; tn 
Miami to uiiniice the mndln, Tin- iu< 
veAtment dmrn tliere in I'otiHiili-rulde and 
ruasf proni]*i>j3. 

Jjlm !'*»» tiiaiiianv, 
The Ka_i ednrnliL-nal ih^nrtmeiiL h(ir> 
n new mcennri) writer, Bne4t Upward 
QtdbcrtMtD, wl.a, Jn addition to bclns 
antippad with ail aorta at rTperieaeu in 
thi* lint-, Wfla eOeond prlxe in the Ameri- 
can DlKOSattlta* rnUiJietttloa, 

"Miruk* nl I Ulattilil.i, 
Tlie memheTn of Iho rinemn C(jta- 
poacsts' Clani ]ft*t oraitas bed the pint- 
are -if li-itcnlnff lo Paul riern. head of 
tile Ni-ldwrn BCGdhrlo depart nieitt, dlr. 
11,-rn knOWJI fih jniMi-ct an,3 how (n t>rc- 
^ent It, Tliere was a utrge and atten- 
tive iiitiliom. .. nod wp arc l-UiI in report 
nut n pomOB left the ih^atn*. 

.1 l.lnr *r XvfO. 

Thi National AasojmrtT&n efflcei iron 
■■till dolhjt Iiualnenii yewtetday. Itott nf 
the rejiortern Were Up lien- to teg if 
Will Moya reported f«r vrork. When far- 
did uoi ahoie up there was pren- djMp- 
Kvrii the Fli-i he wits In 
with the llJai leader* aoiae- 


did not help tei 


la the 

Mtfry to Manhattan. - 


i lytiiiai 



doubt K 
m tin'.* 
. wh-u 
iie;e in 

ittd on) 

n-r wot: 




Following i.TatcjifTJi u< cjntaiaed 
report, wjili the amoonia f rrriiiry 

S !!■:.(:• ' Of J-i-r-.r- 

k'anbw of flfmi freta ohtct *lEEttbtilDni 

II Willi a in DeKin*n«i 

thr;t be had married n .-!ei 

-.rcrr nil rentoeed lavi ^ 

Mrs. I'chlileii'l went #oii 

T.ironui and sntfl llutrd 
band on a fen- boure" ii"i 

moad rei-rlriil n wire fr 

iHiHOtmcinp 'lln- mdden death id Iiih sir* 

ter. Ila hail been liiekiac peraon^l np- 

pearanefls in -t^iaoda. lie plnyed (ho 
matinee rtnd then loofe the irahi for thi* 
•■Ity to make arrnnaciiieiit^ f>»r i uHal. 
He does not piny Sunday, mi the p.'ve 
hint until Monday to jtet bnek to Oamtdo. 
M.r*. Ileamond aiipear.'il Saturday i;i™lil, 
and Hill haa a toeakjut feelirj she prob^- 
i red n darn 

i nut i 

. b- 

■ Jol... 


Jul Inn 
JitUan Jo I in ■ 
motion picturi 
tliie-wrliier fr< 
dtiettnns. Me ejiprctv t-> r* 
lirat love and nil) a film am 
time in Ibr Bprln*. Aleftir 
headed | n the dtrcct.eti of 
pMtt, taking n vaealeia 1; 
prnmbitat bimHif F>»r litre;- 
Before hlo whoelntion will 
tan Julian lo&noon ivoi tfci 
editor Djt riiofopbf. 

realinfr] a« 
f>il tan l'ro- 

TJionias Baldwin Hid Gold. Silver 
and Old Bills in Pots and 
Fans in His Shack. . 

little (fljpncW PlT*t-h 10 The Ur.( P in B Trlranph I 

M1NEOLA. T,. I.. Jan. Mi. 

Lyins de;nl elnul in nothing Imt rafi*. 
iu n one-room hut aitunM in the wnurlm 
in mile froiw the noan*i rillac^, ltjrk-<- 
vilto. the lirkjy <if Thomas Halihiin. iM 
years nUl, Jitio-wu na a jieriii^r nf Hie 
Qmnnatean Plnins. tfaa Fniinil thia ■;■- ■• 
laji ourrouuded by nit tllllt In- IKWbmwmI 
En the world— p.i|«. pau.« ami i.U kettlea 
whiiii «wr fift-d with K]|L,. r , -tdd and 
f> T | 'Srillaf. m dirty that it wa? bard in 
HlnKe out their 

fleoTKe Vlynum. nho i^-iifl.iiinlh j;a,-^ 
flu* ohj man food, fntmd Jla].|.vln. A 
doctor 3-nL| tdot tilt old niiiii bod only 
L>i-en dead a f>W hoars and tluu be had 
■ii'-'l from pnettunnia. 

The tiody was. tulten to |lit-km*ilr« for 
tnraif and Hearelirr^ tried '■■ Inentf rela- 
Urea of the deceam d. It wan ther 
f>.i:i!'l he koat l.i-j wealth sbmri him, a 
it waa hidden in pfcry ramiTitahlo p!uW 
Iho bonne wax lorn down under the 
ilitceti'm nf [hi- rullinri'i' s lut do more 
valoahle-i were Fourjil. HmiIv.ji \h u n - 
■lerMixid t.. hnvf n sinter in 'be lVet-t 
IndiM. lie w„» a pfMiper. Imt Itnd not 
In in nlnuit much oT laic yenru utnl de- 
nied Iii.iiir.i-1F tn every mi-. He wilt lie 
buried in- l'lainrletv t 'enietery, the 
money fanud on Ida place l-i-inu n-.-d to 
defray enveHaeji. 

ISntUiSirait at .ViHfJL .V eir Vur*. -SfOfi ftniiii 3 io J..M. 

New Knitted 

4 I 

Fashions from Paris 

« In wool ;inii iihrc silk 

,.-.- . v . 4'ue jNorrh-v^nd South . ^^ 



rot ff'omeu nnd Misses 

Knitlcd clothes arc now (he Fashion i"<ir spurts wear— for 
they at last lisve been brought lo perfection. 

And the tfrcat simplicity with which they are always made 
is (.'inpliasized by th^ir gaycty aad brilliance of color. 

Fratfa in riosely knitted silk 

EiHfaDGaty embroidctcd in bright cofurs^ tin white nr bl»ek— <i r in 
the quaintest nf aibuver pattoTtts in spriii^ DoloFtd thread, on black. 
■ Or a deep &luc frock accordion pleated ami black frocks wiih a 
c Ii ill. pt tinsel tlirc.n1. or eaU- au lalt or canary ycllnw with inler- 
cMittK patients in the weave bj way of decyratlon. White wod 
frocks with a stripe, here nut there, of litre ailk. 

Ctipt's — of both wool and fibre silk 

III alternating, hanging iu ACCOrdlon pleats from a mnst S>e- 
ciimhic Boiktr, in while, canary yellow or in cafe au bit. Heavy 
woolen capes, bound: with cire nr brushed wool; white wool 
iipes with soft tie ttdlirs. 

Suits — tn delightful shades 

Wool — tilt, rose, canity yellow, i-Tcen, white round on every edce 
with black or self color cire braid 

Guy blazer jackets of wool 

with horizonlal SLrtpci. liniihed with black cire braid and sm.irt at 
they c»ti be in whltm with sreen. black, toat or trllllint yellow 



Blouses of heavy fibre silk 

which scarcely surest Ihe sweiler from which they ricw, with 
deliffatful drup-siitcli patterns in all the jay shade* and In while 
or black, 

SMir'ts of softest white woo/ > 
with nnoetunes a thread ol dbre Jilt Co suggest a stripe. 
As these arc our own importations, prices arc exceedingly 
moderate — 

Blouses and Skirts start at $16.50 
Frocks start nt $4950 

Suits start at $59 JO 

Capes start at $3930 
Jackets sitari at $32,50 

In (he Fashion Salons, 

• Second floor. Old Bui|din|. 

>ilr, be 

he. paeifj 


Spoil in wood 
eTerbiatlrut ■frine 
Natioa" ant) nihep 
filed aull for dli 
alhrlon Avi-i Alike 
ii-k-. the ca&UHly 
and K and A. Tin 
the third rr.*[allnic 
rolTe Ureter'.- t'nn 

dm to* Di > 
Aitkea. wh 

. It- 

Griffilh pleLun 
ore* frool hi. 
i. In T*o* An-rel 
of liia two ellldreo, 
Ir troubleu nonnd li^e 
it Of -0 aerial nlid ih- 

i Gjti 


Monte TtDH»i\>r,i «m of [H\r.n. 

It will be diffieiilt In lijiBKtne tie Tcii 
oii without Mnnte llan?ron!, "ho ha 
been an intr;rut part of that theatre an 


Florence ffciapi-r. a pretty young 

ivntiui ir, 'J"J. vear^ oh!, ri.'-ie.i'.t nf n ■ -ilii!: 

in the third degree on romplaint of 

Ijiriir. W. Kennwiy, ~-H yenra, a reel ea- 

Lute ib-ajeir >.f baud BEsfity-eladwh street, 

imtiirrfay iviix pn rolled in Yor. die Court 

| im'.'I Thursday. Kennedy adeura the 

j yotiue w limn!, at her home yertflrday, 

j -Iriirk him with a cnKphlor. liiFlictlnjc 

. severe hrui^ca. 

(^•-naedy, arrnnlinc 10 bin story, met 

} the yoHtie wannniL four moalna ujro and 

i-'.k"d hl>r to unirr-. him, fhlnWEJ she lll'l 

! never been iiiorri-'fi before. She ae 

; ■ i-i!:--!! Jit-i offer nnd be mnnV hi-f Ciftn 

3 *if jeivrfry and * fur n>tu, lie wij.*. 

E - > ■ in-_ how ere r. he nlh'Civ-, I imt At sn 

i Sniper had aerb Itxierled hefjre. and wn" 

■llvorced from her bulbil ml, ha married 

j another womaP- Iferterdaj )ie went in 

ALIhk Koaner'K home, with a pleee uf hia 

wife and atidiher Woman, to demand the 

I return of hia preaentH. llo tot the rav 

inttor on his head in*lead, he aaye. 


Junes Oliver Curwood'a "Flower of 

the Korth"' ThrillinE 1 Drama o( 

Canadian Tforthwest, 


By It. W. BAB.EM0BE. 

For that great raajority e,E motion 
picture funs who favor tho dramas of 
ihe North country, notliinn better eould 
he found, than the Vitasraph feature, 
"Flowers o( the 'North,'' which hn* heen 
nkllfully adapted Trom Jamea OUrer 
iZorwooifft story. It h the nlm otlrae- 
tion at the Cniaro TJiefltra this week, 
t he wei-onii eiiiriiio fcattirr t«> i>* pre- 
aentetl at U- S. Meis'a new little intimate 
picture liottiic. 

Henry 11. WallbflU. not ionfi ftio head- 
ins the Mat of rta aewen'i uroat ittw, 
bj ilit- leadino; player of the ittrrinK 
pholodrama, and pro re* eouchalvelj 
that be hao loat noaf of the art tliat 
nude him Fftmous. He plnya "Ith all 
htl old-time natn r»iue<m nnd aerer-fnil- 
iii)t abiKiy to ra^tater in oteej aeaao that 
be appear*, in. Co-JcalOrOo with Mr. 
\\al!liall i' rmdine t*lar'iir. at* aetTOM 
that we wo far It* litlle of, for nan ta 
ta-JdedJir one of tlie eter*IWt playern In 
[lie niient dm baa. She iinndim the title 
role in ■Flower of the North" -in Bilrh h 
war ii-. to make it ntand out airongTy. 
never >ceiiiiiiK t" he or tin a. but UtIkk 
the nart. The two hIbm are nhl? nnp- 
paKed \tf a rn«l that Inctedoi Ii*rr> 
,\.jrJfiniii. Joe Itlckawi mid Kninirtt 
King, the bitter offering A |iurticulnr3,\ 
tine ibarncteriEalioa. 

The atory 1^ Iri'iiaJly Ciirwow. cold 
in rbr midst nt the IA& ■■ u. ..!■.. ■.. m= pic- 
tareoQUa Eoeslloua chow-tn? rfrera aiei 
eioiiniflin*. Iniliun eampa aad a l-'n-neh 
4'npttdlan en* tie, And the thrlllinJ Well, 
tftey com'* Ihlok and fast throughout the 
I'li-inre ami Larludc in-ist realintlc 
acme of the gurl"a e*Quc helnR w*c- 

furniv] in the rapid*, fist fight* galora 
."i.l the rather inipreaatre DtlAr'k by 
haekwooda thus« o n the eoajjlruetloa 
camp. The action h fant, attention cuni- 
lielliug ji rut withal the photo-drama is 
hy far one of ifan he»it of it* kind. 

t'ooHlilernfale credit ahonld ro to Unvld 

J^inlth. who bo hkiffullr rtireeted the 

story, lie haa haudh'd bin players well, 

provided even eoati«uity and turned out 

J . a motion uicturs that lie can (eel proitd 

■ of. Pnlu uIno naoutd ho extended to. 

I whoever nliotoitraiihvd, the feature. 

j Ttti- Cameo thin trfCk la also ofTeriftff 

'a \itofiraph coiueity, Tames Aubrey In 

"A I'linnot-J Life.' It it an umu»ne 

\ daji-.4ii(li alTnir \e|th teverat oeigiiml 

J Httintri that proride u upon unities la 

j Kcoro ]e)iiiimate lauzha. l'..-..i>iv (he 

I lonnir humofona pan of the pteture aru 

i the Aceuea la the rf-njaiirant. 

! Tlie t'anjeo Xcivh Kvepra offered 

j rlewn of eurrent hapjpeningin cniled Irom 

| the Talhe Newa. fameo lietorlal 

j Journey h proKrammetl, but n*c 

erreened nt (he perfDrnjance attended. 

I Die "/.mil pa* Oientire waa placed bv 

| tiraham Harrix'* l^meo ('oaten (Jr- 

I chirttn. with Mr. Harris :.i,i. i.'-M-m.- 

j with Ji tinlin nolo rh aniithee miiaieul 

nnniber, John lVic>? nr the orxln 

played ihe picture* well H ud rendered 

| ""Marehe MiJitalre"" n* an «tit mareh. 

tlie t'amwa aeeood preL'Tam ^ (ullr 

'ID lo the hleh ■-toiiflard nf the fiiTt, It 

■a well balanced, urorldea oxreileiie en- 

tertatnaiftut and in ivcU B-ieaeutcd in 

every iiintoJice. ■ 

j How Fat Actress 

Was Made Slim 

Many »io£e jwi>p|« ooiv ilepend eaLlroly 
upin ,Vr.irma.a f're^rlpiloa Ta,tileta ler re- 
.lii.infi and, ■'■atrnliinjj til. One criirer 
OiireiiB trllA thnl nh« i-c.lii.-nl iteadhFy otcl 
ei.Lty Py !i.Ji.jf tht- mm Inpn i>f th* ta- 
iiiuim JiiniT..i;i ftcx. ei(.tlon, nnt| new. bt 
taklnK Murmelii'Tiihl.-lps Beveval tlaiea a 
j«ar. kKeiiF hifr leeliht Jim rlcoi. All 
anrtit ilmiEuJ.i' «.>ll Pre*, rleilnr, 
Tah1et.i at one doflar Tot a rajie. o? If vdm 
I.M.0.T }0O .-fli] wm:,. tbom UlJ»e| frou- Olr 
Marmnln '■"... 1CIIJ tv.^j wn ril A,*^ IV- 
rro|l, Mica. IC yen Bar* imt tried itn-Ll rfn 
an. They mrr-fcannltw oait +ifei iItt 





EMPIRE u«l, To 

William Gillette 

N»W <!>'. '■!■•,, 

The Dream Maker 

Unit | | (■ 'riti Mm .1 <i-.l:i • : 


Jt^F * Hm ««u*7 In a «■»> F*e«. 

|f n (eh erh acker. B'»*j, a PL tun. 1**1 
op. Mat. To-day title In*?. 
Vsrt Inn Thin , "il"- IS**'-" 
h;i Al-ncl^r Wemkntt. Tims* 

'Bulldog DrurniBflnd' 



M-i: i : - .1 ' ■-.-■r-\ f Tit PIltF'" " *•* V '" 

S.n.tiLcT-atttii. tfIAf.PL TO r[ >AV *■ FAT. 



M Un.Tfau r. *8t L r. sfl. 
" l l,1CpT<*rf»- 


ir.JJal. IX 


dike:* ■ 

tmeat«ec!««15t - 

HEW AM5Tmw«W!3T+2 StE™»M5 


"Jew Amsterdam Root >i It-NEtV 




St win. ia-iriii'if. with KrcdcVfrk FVrry I 


Hatto*** TO-TJAT 

**<! UTUBDAT, iS". 


rUl_l Ufl Bfi|] To^dnj' IUu Raafca,,. 

Tin; stLWiMi *'Ki-:p.i:vr 

VtTVZ.l K 



K IImi &41- *;■ 


UHS. MV^l.tK 
ll' II V ' 


mii'i ;it 



:: IIa'ta/1 -.iisv, -,.,.(, ; Th1tt\,Pi-l.*Pat. 


■the intimate STQA^GEaff 


KATE. TO-DAY & SAT. 50c. to J2 

"A Bill of DttforwtirtflF I 

. Vox JHV KfcWR, 


aUtlnaaaa Tv-m'iT i i-vv- I A Sua. 
OCLla 1 ft M . t , fMq * Fat.I.M 

Mnt.1-.-ihi> Fleal >rnl» S-- 

fCtiw Id ram* i>( a In Frrvtnu 

WEPH I.T.'.l \> 



A Uuakal ■■-■--■■■]• Ratalatl-m. 

.up t.3f> Jflariv. 
* EiL a} 1,3". 

I PARK Si!-. 7." 


K34 6|_ Sluai* Halt. lift. F/rty* P. P. W. 


KHia Uidnlchc P*trhra»tiica To-nHhU H.». 


HflRT WE * T **.V«c I'm-*; atid &oudati> /Hooeii Ewe-cei*"* 


Trlcphocra . 
Salardi]- at M*, 

V«l. Mt*- II. H. lltrfil. 
'Ml to. TO-BAY 4 Sit. 


■«>rt **th Itmt. 
T-I-pliFiiL. II'-.-...! 1ITH 
RviTiiim Mt, Mil lore 

TO-BAY * aAT.. JL» 




hjr wi:ir 



Vllllan ■■■-■■<! irr. fl«n . . 

J^-^-i.', ^.|;t!.->. Ilj" Pill ■,■! 

V Haoard E* 1 — ' 




flnfew* Hoefi-. 
Ik'! K«lU It kit -y.r 

HARRIS r^S 1 "' 




-JOIIS QOUMSH Pretenti- 


Thank-Uo ne V 1 Year 

t:; j j.i i.m i,m v.; v i v>-.i:\i i: 



(UHflh 'Fl> 

r " LITTLE m* 

tmiCnEbfj SMITH— 

hr URAVSSN rnmrdr 

■ ■- Cm. K.» 

*-EaL, kUU, 


W. 43d :■:. 
. CKIFPmi'3 


Twice Dally 
2:10 — f;10 
Inc. Scad ijt 


of, he STORM 

V-1P, Mat.. SOc to SI -00 - Nir-Mi nd E«t. 
HltUdcuUN. G«*1 Onrhnt[a&c«!a }t 00 

" "■«<n/t'«icr} ,r iH>Jt 




i "Tho TurrBflnr-" 


m'anhaYtTn -- 1 ^ 

■ nil Delilah,' 




fcf, Ikllrt. CoDdurW. PdYana 

FttuJ^ih: *"^!: ,wr °' ""ill*"." 


May Inanparate Plan of One Point 

of Circulation, in Each City 

of the Country, 


imoBB Plaran-liBikr to Off«r 
«r>rt"(«rtr Hvaa — \niini tn n ■ 
Wcrk on ".^iftrnt." 


MOROSCO ..,;. K , 

& tJOSJd TI31K TO-,Mi!lIT. 



I' Tft-.|[ W li1 *■ * „„„ ,-.rl« 
Sl°7r. « r * n»>*« «i si* liiS 
Hill., blis. i«pi frrr--*i r.. 11..1 -t.-^'l 
■■""1 lt«n. m»i 
•Han. Eif.m il^j llmti Tlie t 

f Wed, K«r, 

r.p lini d-lii 

:n r. Iliirrrrlii- 
iW Maild^n 


"■ ;irm-':i 


Elaine HalttmnrkleLi 
"Why Announce 

Your NUtrixge" 

n'»*jr ft (lili H(. l w _,„ 

!'»i! II A U lal'TM I "*»> n " * EJlna, Emr 

*«, Of- NUthfUe,' J OltnSGfa * Co., Wh«ln 

fEt. Bar.. Sun. * Ho! i ' A Klac. nintr*. 





Arthur llcrpkBna FrtMQla 



VAWTl'EB.'Rn'.T tiim,. iv. list, etp- i.m. 



Ht'ip, _*_ Bra-rlT*i 4Ht6 St* Thua., K. cl 1I>*J. 


T«-ato"l « *. STaieon-th. To-ia'w. KM. * 
Rat, DM".. JnlJnn Vmrmr. To-m tj ana SiL 

>'.!!■ , IKimi'i] A .lallrf. 


LE\Tt.'RT TfTKA.. Priat. 

■"'Hi' >oir on Hitlp, HD«> »u 
1 l>r Urtal Aunwil Holiday 
(>U *tt Lawl Stars and Arlftf 



HEN Will H*fa Is fonriHll; tn- 
ntailFt] in lain urn- urfin^ en'l 
take* (he nHnu o' rh# motion 
picinfc btisJQpg, J n his turn 
!i:,ii'l . it in believed lr, thotv vh» arc mi 
the itiii-!f fae tvILI uiUbluili run- his Ma- 
ture. H^ will c&Dtrallise tin film distri- 
hntinn "'. tlin coLincr; nnil in mix.;.-' by ilii.-. 
(in«ac to savn the film proriHwrn it *Tim 
vjiriuijjifv ejtimBtc*T At b*tw«n 13,000.- 
000 riiil tWXtt^AWaT'MT" 

BKiiuse of bis bnewlftdKB '.'(' thi n^nt 
offire system $t iKe counirj' : hc will be 
quuliflec) !•• put into operation tho pl"n 
to hive finp distfibntion n^ivr in ciicli 
pity for nil (ho |.nrER coinpfltilpa. Aj pont- 
(■■ :.'■ 1 1 ■=■ renprnl ha bte a vorktng >'■ 
qudliitoJicr *-lth ill'- rli:,Erilnitif!i of mall 
which, is handled in tbr. nnme mannpr tba 
film men propone to droulat* their films. 
Th* c?ntralii.ut of the railrojd com- 
pniJc» v- li'i our Imr^D general ofnee i- an- 
uihrr pxrimple rf labor itrd tine serine 
for tJLr- rR'lroad eompanlex mu\ for th« 
puFcfaniter, whA e*n buy hi* iii?kei< at on* 
ecu (nil poin-l. 

The mIpu of ainetfi elmtlation ."f fjltui 

J^nrii b«"T Tlfihi'Tr' cOfl*ld>tilioTi for oomc 

time licvfln J. Sclanich, who baa a. cIom 

actriialntim^! with a(t. fliya, baa bePn 

r.^nvHnlly eager to see It put into c-pert^ 

It 1« thoufhl. b« ia ibe mail n-..- 

;, : ■■-((■nil .i Mr. ifny-. to leave the Cabinet, 
but neither Mr. .Sr Is nick vur Mr. U*y* 
]iki-!- made .mi hi;s(t in-;:t on (bit phaae 
of the xnbject. Mr. Kclinlck havin; t- 1-: 
in the barkc;ruttii(l nil dfrljir the nero- 
liatioux: He could not be reached J'ts- 
tcnluy for a Ataicmeat. 

The film prudtiLTra met Mr. Hays jea- 
tcnluj- in tho office* <if tlir tioaoerdl 
Mroiudti] Anaociutioit. The- mcMrting Wal 
n L'lciiod scitiuii, and the actnlla were 
ks-£H from the public. 

iNuturully, every one ii. atoiiiling .ml tip- 
toe waiting to Jicnr Whelher the old N«- 
tinnul AsntKiution of the Moliun I'Leturo 
lnthistry i.* to be fthsoiued b>- ibe tiew 
■jAWiclaUoU or wbutker it is to be an cu< 
tlrcly new orfaubaduu. 

W. A. Heady, who ban «rrveii the \", 
A. 1L V- I. oa prcsld.-tit ihtooifh all lite 
sinj'ins and ivii some ver; bin; l'^>- 
leitivi- Im til' 1 :;. Raid yeaterday hi- had not 
fFOYrred hla p0unt-vti<ia tfitb the aEfaiK-in- 

t:*OD >'Ct, 1' 

"IV-rry Ij. WataW," said 31 r, Ilrariy, 
nutild in' the man to whopi I »vo*lln 
tender my 1 ■ - - ^- hji = in 1 . ,■■. he la rbalmiati 
of the hoard of dlreetorn. Hut 1 am 
itlll 'iitPaident of thp National Aihocm* 
tiun. uf the. Motion I'leture Induntry and 
nave im; ln-.-ii infopm^d of a.ny ehapge 
by lh» i-"i>L- : . :'.: head* reprcsenlrd !u 
that ar^ammtlon."' 

It mH1| le r^ioeaibe'red tll*t it was OJf. 
Brady trite tirist adrucatud cbooiioj; a 
untinnnl ihurmter to ln-ad iIk> InflUh- 
trj-. In fact, h*- trnt »o far a* to apeak 
to Senator Hiram Johaaoa followlof the 
Hepubllran Natloual Convention, 

tn the |!at of compinifa represented 
in the dctht arjtau&atlon the n Limit* of 
AnKkdalad National, Tntbo and 
Vftfljraph hPl- miaalng'. They mij be 
ptannJna. icasmueh m both rathe and 
Yitajrrnph were represpnted on Ihs rr-- 
lna| rosiiirsiii-T to -nr, ■■ tlio amjoeUtion 


To nin*r llara. 

To-nieht at DeLfflOtileo**. \FB1 Hajra 
wtll be further Initiated into tho mm 
iaduatry by helng the anet>t of honor a| 
a dinner. The arleit.i ir?l| be heads of 
the dim rompanirH n^timpncind by ■-.;■ 
Ciipat which rhey are pririlpfcd to in- 
vite. 1 'r-' v '..■_: Co the dintirr the piety 
will visit the fox flnu ItudJiw, where 
moving picture^ will he likoh by tha 
new« reel wceldiea, SBtoyel tioldwyn 
it 1 ;.,!): :,i.ji. uf the dlnaiT rmnnilttpo auit 
be ha- with him Lewis J. S.'liatct. Wi|. 
linm Fun, R. S. Col* ntid t'arl Laeinmle P 

I, l!ll II U'lil ■ Ills. 

nhr "ill be reaitiTeti In Cecil lie 
Hllle'a ■"■j,fT.rij P , \uhi." m he 

b««m at hulb II,. Hlvoll aid UlnlC, 

n'xl <fre*U. 

ypunamotmf Q>iditf& 


b I A L T O pola smix a 



Hato, WfftL A FaL. 




■nd h*r plaiyera _ 

lt«r- HaiiiinBla aad wliara. 




rJiiwrrn mar *'*'i menanria 

atlci imlini-'K Ci:i'. anrl rhrM 


"HWlSH I.t'l.f flKTT." 

rRlTERlON Cecil B. De Mille's 

re*identu "Tinier SqnarB** entertainment 
whea *.hay a" '«nnblf to nj-mc-dowii- 
town. The thejitrr will peat S.Ofifl, and 
in loci ted n : iSft h atreat and Broad- 
way. "Why T<ll Rverythlajr" ja the 
title qf the firm pjeiur*' tihtrtEtt to head 
the procriai. 

Keeplina: Ilia. '.v.iiH. 
Harry Carey i* ifie bo-1 of ehnp who 
belieres in keeping, hi* woid. A fe*P 
year* affo hv nromiiPi] Tbeoifore Pcbrcp, 
rtvroer of a poiall theatre colled Dream 
land, if he ever came Eb*I he wtmM 
pay Colunibiin, (ihlo, a tinit and mukt: 
a prmmn! aprwnrBtKM 1 at >lr. IVhppji'a 
plajlinu^e. A few ria>« n?o one of iJin 
lara-*' thratrea in Cn;n»laiti nent Mr. 
Carey ttn Invitation a*kiiiff li!m ti> OOtnA 
there and make a . 1 sum. '.,-.■■■■■ appear* 
istiee wi?b tin' *hiuviinr of one of M* 
plotDt*B, ii rrai then at wire tranl to 

Mr. 1'elirrK eayinc |hr eowbnr iictor 
would vlfit Coll* mini* aud keeii btl wwd 
by (ipprariui: at Jjemnlnnd in plaea of 
any other house. Mr.", Can-j- will ac- 
"iiiiimny her li'ishaji-l, ami of ttiilrsB 
Httrry, „Tr.. will 20 Jilnnr. 

■ TIlp*e I'lrmnal Apprarnneei. 

Tlie BaJlin family— Mnl«cl und IliiKh— 
are Tn CbtattX). Thi-y nave left New 
Tftrt fiar. to see for thrmaelrrti hoiv the 
Wladj City takes 10 their picture, ".fann 
Eyre.' Mrs. fal'lin. who plays Janr, 
ts booked for pernuuil appc-Aranccs at 
the (heatren uarrlnf hoi picture. 

At- the ni.n'i taaid Rl n :t». 
There is ipatriwc>rk tti the fllvoli. and 
itlalto nest week. I'aeh house will *-nrk 
Wsetlier to proT* leeil He alUIfe la ■!- 
warn a moneymaker. Hfs "Snlurday 
Mjthl" otHQea into Ike Hivtdi and Malta 
>iirii]tt:iiii',-.n>.iy and any oni whu Hnds (kju 
8. R. O. aijrn at (he Irivoli emi tunve tm 
to the Itiuho ami viec verea. .fcanip 
UeFhanoti ;.:. written ihe aevuario for 
Me. L>i: Mille, anil is Ik maid in hnV« all 
of The beat Heller deoiratioBa thpt hova 
made the Tie Millr pieturva xo {Hhpular 
In our famUy cirrlea, Lmirtee -f«iy turada 
the emit and i« anppgi-ted by KdlLh Ic-jIi- 

'■I'.':. t ■. Ii; ,!." J'- -.;■■ I. JUL'k >!..'.!. I ,:l,' i 

Tlieodore Roberts. Otbefa In Uie eut 
are Julia Fny. KdrUie I'lmpninn. Hylvia 
Aiihton, Marie Cnap, Hetty Fj-atnlnco* 
W, A. Clark. Lucten Littlearld ' and 


laal ?■> -ii v. »!*-.:.;■. 


Appear ai the Gaiety Theatre for 

Limited Engagement After 

Two Yeara in Europe. 


mn-jr Made Up l.nrcrl? dl For- 
Benin* H«a— Itsn la New 
l» Its Bntieelj'. 

i*:rrT THtAinr;-": 

KlTa Munu 

1:1 -**_.*■ h Miftft 

Ui-Ji. llrar 
;*; ... W. tWro" 

I HfUo4 
r Krt S<iir«oti. 

^fjrtl** P. Sia"a" 

u*n n»i4 

L Claafir Orttlj 
, h -..,«ni1* Jauli 

1 Kama,- craadim 
4 TthtilritlitDi. 
r*t ItBTT. B«rt 



T!"»i-rf 4 Baalar, ?pn ._ 

n*rr. QcFdon * QaM, nalu; 
Harua im OtJian. HOBAHT HOH. 
WHR.VM, la -THK ffKA IJOV,-' 
jPanj-lBK rnn(«i fcifair Th'jretia* 

nelt C Dunliin. iifit-n J.itqrd, 
PViiht Manrkrflr, ^whl« A pollr 
OnH, atid wt*f. HOnAP.T IWW- 

B'Tay ai El-t. C\PlfUlj OflASD OBCTL 


"THE CRITICS" and " I S. UH.HTI " 
jfiT. BELM0ST 1 !;.,' 

SMABK ■*. Tl..... IT. Im-6 r ,. (i|Ill , 
tf»sia W St. "■ lT scrand P-mpiiunr Orth. 

I at KlCKUIiUir WAhtlKX 
It* ■ I Hit [ Rflwrn Thaair*. W Vtu ITBi 8t . 
'"I'lfTrT . Snrii Kve, L Jan. ^2, u.iu.. 


MOMtK, Thfl Tart 1»P= CLABSMOa 

Al'lJtll. WIFlOMlt 0111DI. ''OHKEUUt VA?: 

VUKT - Kiwa * Kaenlln PUnC. 

Verr sjcieetacle Dne. 

Faniona riajrer?-I.asky i^ soon to 
brine into their theatres a fottr-fcature 
producliou. it has been called "The 
MEatnw* of the W.orld" and waa !mport- 
mi into tbia country from Europe. 
1'rom all renortp It |s oae of the best 
thrillers ever pnt on <he screen. It cos- 
talon ■.n--,-.i'tiM>. myntery ;.;..; a mil.' of 
everything rb.e that roes to make up 
good pirtnn-p, The Informatinp on it ia 
ejEceediafily meagre, but U10 whlopera 
make va thbk wo will all ?\L up and 
take notice when It Is *liown. It waa 
prodtiwd iir V. F- A. and is i-iiri to he 
a comftdniitlon of all the oent aleturea 
avnt- iii:i.i]c r ib well as stupenflaUB io 
length am] chaVaeter. There wowi 23,- 
le»J people In the cast and $1,200,000 !< 
unei] in ftirtaking of (he cBFt. 

»l>r(a> -Work on -'a.toa**.^ 
Madane Nu>imnvn. barinej ivinpleled 
her produeMoa <af Ih4en> "A FJoII'b 
Floupe" for Volted Artjats, yesterday be- 
gan work oil ber erreen rewlan of 0«- 
Car Wilde'B "Salome" The picture wILJ 
be dtraejM, tjy Charles Ifryant. Nata- 
ebn Rjiiehevn. who *jc~;i:rie.[ (be art 
guinea for Xaairaora's "Caniille" has 
ebarce of the art direction. MiuM:!| 
Inewbt bft.m been emranred to p3ay Rerod 
and -Vitrei De Urulier u-ho B['I''-ars with 
NaalmovB in "A DoU'f HouBe," will be 
seen aa Jnhn the rUp(i»t, 

The United ArtJits are anaounciuir 
the reli'MHn of the NaximoYa prodUctlLn 
of "A Italic HaUae" for the weak fen- 
cinnlnir Pebruary 12, 

To Open >T< I lirr.tre. 

While the ladaatry in talking hatd 
limta and dramatixing its )iarHi-;hip?., ■ 
new theatre has been ereeted and |a 
al»ut (o makn Its liow. a Lfrlag teati- 
uionial that condltlonH are mot as gloomy 
aa wo iiL-,» Iqd to hellere. Thfa thealre, 
named f^r the famous bote! «y the same 
name, U enlir-l The lieihsm. - It has 
been built under the direction of tba 
Cothqin Amuscmenr Corporation and is 
expeetetl tn |f*c the Wasbinston Heights 

Jllrlim n«(l!i(:i "111 IVr^im.-' 

f.lttln Miriain Ttjiiiiiia has eljtned a 
coturact wit!) Marcu* I.oew i» ejtpcar In 
piT.-r.r. over the 1..- "■■•■■■ lirciiit in ronnrc- 
tion wltli the ahou-Ina nl WUllamChHatj 
Cabiuine'a J *At tho Htago Door," So 
which sho has an Lin part tnc jmri, 

Mlaa DRtdatu, who r,u5nrd fnatanc 
rccoynitLon hy li-r dronuitic work in 
"flwnorecniie," In p-rtu p- one of th* 
bewt known children in picture*. Her 
lirar. oppenranco will be nt I. " ■■-- '■ Htato 
Thentre, Newark. >*. .1., the week begin- 
ntD|t Mondny. January J'lJ. The follow- 
itift week aha will appecr at I^rw'a State 
Tbearre in Buffalo. Orher penKmal ap- 
pearancea are beinjf nrnuipitl for her end 
It Ib ejtpcetcrt she will ■:.:■]- >>.: U\ the ma- 
jority of the pritielpa! fitiea where "At 
the Sit life Door" In shown. 

To Wbau tt Mmr concern, 
Aeeordina to Ihir reports uf the most 
trustworthy antrc-riouiern there will seen 
appear In the motion picture firmament 
a new prndadnB company headed by 
Daniel Canon tJnodtnan for tho i"i.i""-" 
of preseRtinx hi* well known novels and 
abort atoriaa. L'p to note director! and 
fUd pl&yrra tutie pr>ue into pTOdnciaf In 
ordrr to carry ,put their "wn :■:'■• in the 
»a> Lby like fu carry tbem nut. but Mr. 
OoodtnnO Till be the firnt n^veljiti ip the 
history oflAmeriean film* to strike ont 
for himsrlf hm n production: head. 

At the ,lir.-.,.,l. 

To (be fitrnsd next week tu the chief 
film niTrnctioii tamos (ieejrpre ArllKt in 
"The Huline Paeaij)»." 


It ■ 1 1 -1 - be true, aa the post has Innf, ' 
Ibflt p|(tlit brings out the ItfirS. but *i 
0*ne, nsr for that matter. At lea*t tha 
lasl one Hid and if you have any donora 
n'-i' ■■ tlie tnattee Jqat drop in tm F.'- ; ■ 
Jflni* mill "Her Cars:," which open"! s 
alx weelB" rntracemrnt at thi: (jlaiitj 
ThrnSre i n n night. 

The Ktarn are on view down there n.i 
bit bh life and twice aa natural en) 
eveiT. one of fbem— of the male ptaava- 
sion, ai least-— is a Tet*rail of the tore 
Roropean {listurltanee. Eren Miss .laid* 
herself may be aald to llflre earned shut 
.*ft:nr KnT|lxir|urt iaasmnch aa i>he did tin 
much tn rhoar. up the henijrbtrd ^oldiert 
of tlie K^pedltlnnBTj- Foreo aa any one 
cither penon extant. 

Howafer, none of the troun* hat to 
depend upon Ms record as a ira|tEor to 
gain npjilaiiBe. Math of tbem is aof- j 
Bclently tAtected at a nubile performer 
to stand on his own feet, bo to apeak, 
and rise nr fp.n— m tola eaao It Is nnani- 
rfionsly "rise'"— upon hfa ability as an 

There nre bnritOnea Of rithne^ and 
timbre, ami tenors of clear lyriral quali- 
ties to iJcllcht the ear aad there are in- 
mcdlana innt defy even the moat DJDrbEd 
to "it through the. eTPuinjr wlthon". il 
laugh or two to break the monotony of 

And Ipen by 'thy of fair mess'ln-. 
there are dancers or surflriebt ability m 
pieiie )he admiration oT the tnowt enp- 
iSfiUH ■ i . r- ■■■■ : : ■ 1 1 - nf the BK of Ter|PBli.'hOrr. 
In ftet, UieW are onr? nr fff« of thrill 
■vvIid miaht even ulv IhaL aiieitnt apostle 
of the clanc* a nninler or two on how 10 
trip the lisht fatitartlr. 

tint after all. in The tlna] analytix, ' 
"llor (lnn£ M Is really Klsie .Inula when 
It cOnie" to lie '■onsUmmaie in pJtMJdcnj 
th* amusement palate of the audience, 
For while Her asslBtiinta do their nhaTe 
ton'nrd holding up The show. 1r I* nl- 
WWJM Miss .In His win) conies alone; at a 
critical rini" and {|lapenae<i a song or it 
'lam-.' as only Miss Janlx ran do it— 
and slrnljihtway what hnd beea 4 splen- 
did show is tuptieil into p. riot. 

Mlai .cinii nl Her nest. 

Nor bns Miss Janis ever been seen to 
better advantage than sho wan last night, 
as many a close follower of affaire the- 
atrical commented a« lift wended his re- 
luctant way out of the Gaiety at the 
end or what, white h long show, had 
turn.'d out nil too ^holr for the fancy 
of thoac prepent. 

She has aeenffal new numbers of the 
ft.iics - ' variety nut! a roiiple of tinttn- 
tlona that ■00 had never before nnrttv- 
ered hepeaboilta. On* of these ilen!.*f 
Kthel TJan-ymcirp sjngiiic a "Fol Irs 
*Jlig« and another allows Farny Brier 
playing t Been* from "Daalaseee." flnth 
are- e.Tcnteintfngly fumiy, and s new 
uecro song in dlalen, "Nutbin'," nlnorcg- 
laterad n di*tinet JtlL. 

Stl.ll another cteiuhex- of 1h* organlza* 
tba who makem ihe evening patji all too 
rjiiiekly ta Charley fjnwrenee. ao iujrpu- 
ifiih-faccd youth with an rngaginr man- 
ner eod an ability to avoka hilarity with- 
out end, Lawrence in gircii the job of 
oeeuprini the itaaa when nol-edy else 
wanta It, and be performs fa Ik duties 
with a faithful rcgurd for work that 
should e/irn him purees., m nn v walk yf 

ofitftcaii nl .Yinffcv Wow Fort, ifflfOrt ftoau-j 9 to ! 

Every Velvet Gown 

Third to Half Original Prices 

URiGlNALU' raw 

S 55 lo 5 S5 $39.S0 

$ 69 to $115 $49.50 

*13S lo*19S $69.50 

loi'ma! Evening Gowru, Dinner Gau-ns, 
£* Afternoon &SWHT 

Black, of course, predominates, browns, laupes. 
grays and among the evening gowns — hrilliant reds 
arid hlun Si — - — =r^r= — — = 

Furs — exquisite bcadin^s and jet cabochons, 
distinctive embroideries and unusual girdles, are 
trimmings of charm and smartness. 

Sbc.nd floor. Old Buildinc. 

Natural Raccoon Coats 
40 in. long— $195 

Hrc-cmiiicntly tlie fur Co;it for 5porls wear or inotorinej. 
Full swinging coats of excellent skins. 

KatiiraJ MuakrAt Coata — $12S " " T 

16 inches long— -with deep shawl collars and cuffs. 

Muff*, formerly $15 to $22.50, now $8.75 
Brwn and taupe vv-olf, natural opossum, gray fox. 

Secondi Moor, Old Buildinf. 

LILLIAN Corsets— $7.95 
($12.50 to $20 grades) 

VVtll-btHng styles, not to be reordered. All alltea in. the lot, 
l«i: nit In every ntyte. 

$18 Pari&ienne Conets $12.95 
Mir[i'|\ iq handsome eilb tigineif twoesde for medium nruJ 
full tlgurea. 

Redfern Brauaierea, $1.95 
Cleverly dbfa1|Brd moilct »t isink nltV tititted brocade— 
introdueed by us a few weeks ago — wiilpb has met. wllh tre- 
inefidolis suceeia. 

Third floor. Oli Building. 

Fiber Reed Furniture 
— good the year Wound — 

■t very low price* which are 
only good while thia lot tasli 

It is from S- KARPEN & BROS. — m niched suites and 
separate pieces in van-colored finishes, and upholstered spring 
cushions covered with cretonne, tapestry or velours. 

A few of the items : 

$123. royularly $214 
li-pieoo cray lielslipd a"lte. tn-o 
tone, davenport nofn oetl, nrm 
■chair and roelcer 

$108, regularly tlSO 
3-[».|ece fronted brown ■finished 

h U n United 
Artist production and was Jidnnied- for 
tho aercon under the title of "Idle 
UwmV The Oiroctlon in bf Harmon 
Welrht, and in the aupportina cnat ore 
Dorta Kenyan, Edward J. Ilbrnn. Ida 
Parkin*. J. W. Johnson, Ernest Hlllard, 
Harold Woleldfe and other*. 

M. f hope for the anke 0( those in need 
I of a leiijth, howiM-er, that he siiclin to 
:■■::■■ [irejtent vocation. 

In presentlna; "Ilee Gaua;,"' M1m Taai^ 
b«* not atleoiided a Im^li pn-.rlut-L;nn, 
On tho contrary, her jfiettlnEH are of tin 
aimpleet. and yet (hoy nre ade-jiiaie r« 
every lituatiun. 

A fnw -J: .1 1.- : nnd ■■i.-;-i'-r; .;. ■ of seen- 
ory are all ahe baa iiaed In the nhow, 
hut under the macte of hf<r touch thir 
aaeumo pretedtlone pratmriinu-. umt uoe 
is not aware or Ihelr paucity. 

There'si a feminine i-nriMn#*nt. toe, In 
' Her Gong" thla yenr. and thev are an- 
other wpwrnie induration to i;,r .laaia 
ahow— although in 110 wjife nasenrlal, as 
any continued bncnefor nmiM hare nJ. 
Ufttad KtilL they're pleas-ant object* Io 
nave hana-Hig; around rjn 11 IVintn- nig-ht, 
and it mwHt bo admitTid they alt had 
their rwlnta. 

White former roldlers fiink- up the 
chief parr nf Mlaa Janla'w irnnpe. the war 
end* there, except tor one «.ng 'The 
jRonns Btuea.'* e syneitpatrcf number 
rendered hy rJ, P pntlm , nil ] r rtiutinarnt 
and which come pretty cfoaa to tieine 
1 the mont inupntar niimber of the. evenin*. ! 

niii'ini -into ■!■«■■. Acta. 

The near prodricTirin is rUrldad into two 
net^ aad olghtemi eeenes, the first dia- 
rloslni; the Eij(ht i<-r'. ■■. The i,r«oDd In 
antfrJad, + '1Vhat Yon U'ant and U*bat 
You Oct Are Very DM fern it/* Then 
OOtOOa A somewbat alir;i.ri.',ii bit entitled! 
"A r*oreat in the KiriedYiin of IUbcoti- 
tunt," .-.ii! !.■■::. .; In a ru;-. ,-... -utlon la 
llnglatid, the program ehicrfully explain- 
ing- that KriBlntj-i was m !-,,.-.. ii [or ibi- 
BL'ttina; beoioac the railway statiop" are 
imhllrr tlierc. "'Honey moon t*ottaae' f 
providea Ml us Janij* and Mt, Thayer with 
alnring; oppormultles and there is plenty 
of bomor in a scene entitled "CroMlnc 
the Channel." 

A acear. in the Monlninrtr 1'aris. la 
moat pteteniiona and the must worthy 

*1DS.50, regularly $331 
.'-piece Crested *rowB finished 
rfiiilo, H'ilh hrpwn velours, rovrred 
ruehlonii anrl pillows. 

$243 P r-tLil.rly J-tOS 

H-piece brown Pnir*lied aaite, 

topeatry covered pealp und back*. 

$45.50, r*ful*rly $78 

■T-pieofl Taf o W U finished auite. 

S7Z. rciularly *120 
Ivory tiuishi d chaise lonjite, 
crt'lcnne cushion ami pOtov. 

$13.50, refularly $23 
Ivory fifclnbed rockfr, crOlonne 
ciiahinn sent. 

$28.50, wp/tiliriy $48 

Tvory and lareoder dtJatTitd 

$44, rotularly $74 

Ivor^ and Inveniler *!j-s- Ii'-iL 

$.11. GO. regularly $83 

'frer-ii nnd *old finished tahle, 

Sl-t. regularly $23.50 
Brown finialied rOche r . 

$10. r*ffnlarly $17 
fJrecn tiniahed arm ehair. 
Sfath GaJlary, Naw Buildmg. 

aeml-flnala entfUed. '■HonoymWD Coc- 
tiiBe." malnty devoted Io Ifisa -Tanja and 
Thayer, with the pmtrutu iiKiun h*l)i* 
folly etplainltit that tin; h*fo Ik dr«c- 
i : ■ ■ ■ : s. ■ - what rrmaine of 


-MjiI rhen Mlaa .lanta doee^f the show. 

Jit looked for a lima an If *h<- ifOuWrit 
-■!,•.■:.■ i in her purpose, '**> !"iilb ft a* ih" 
niidloJlce to let her *u. Hut all prful 
ihinp* ranst Come (a an end — even an 
Klalc -iiiiiin dhr.w. And. by way ol keeji- 
iiiff up the aplrit of (iJitioiMm, bear m 
mind I bat ale a bere for six week*. 


l hare found an lionnt taxi" driver. 
Ha s hoi; Id be filmed for future reference, 
1 told film be u*o overcharglnf me. The 
amount from my office to my hnmft 
ahonlri b#50 centa lew.- He looked at mo 
and paid: 

"Lady, you have an honest face- It 
Bhflll be an you say.' 1 

Sort of the production, and it gives alias 
an in an opportunity in delve inlo the 
Intricacies; of dramatic acting: in a w_ay 

that ahotild HBtiafy even the moai eantiifaa 
dieciplc of emotlonnluun. W. l.*onifelii'* 
"painlc^w majrleV and n acme entitled. 
"Wr ilnat Have b Ballet." conclude the 
firat «et. 

For th* second net Mi** Jani*r pre- 
ticntx d scene on HnnnlnMy another en- 
tilled "Metporie*," Hcanra in an employ- 
ment iifncy and in a imrk- & acene at a 
reht'iuHBl, right of th* "r«uK" In a roar- 
ing biirlepcpta ta tha "Eight Spanish 
Unlona" with Shy o* s toreador, and a 

William B. Fredericks Must Borve 

Ten. Day* for FoTtfatting to 

Answer Summons. 

"Why did you ignore the Bumtuonn to 
come to eotitt to answer Io the "hnr^" 
of speeding;?"' 

"I forffot about i|. yqur Honor." 
■ "Well, bp a warniin; to i*prrders who 
[>nL Biitnm'jnsei! In their flneketB and for- 
iret about (httfl, T am jtoing: to let you 
spend ten dg*a lij , lli« eity priaon." 

Tba foreffoinc coflvewatlon ensued 
when Frederick W, MnraaitiB, Jr., of 
Weat Jiiaetj -seventh etn-et. an aeln- 
kuown on tho etaite an William it. Kred- 
erickp, w*u arpaiKTied befon- Mauistralc 
Fredontfe B. Houne in Traflie r'mirt to 
nnawer to a charge of drjvinjr at an 
pKeeKive rote of epeed on Nurrroher 11>. 
1930, on Tenth avenue between Fcriy- 
pc-ond and Forty -fourth alreetu. At 
that time he was served with a sum- 
mon* by Motorcycle l'oli«nian John 
Meele to «nf**r j n court the fvdtowlnj 
day. Ha n.pp*areil the n«t rlay 
asked for an adjournment- which waa 
prant^t. Jtr failed to appoar. liowerer, 
on ill. jlatt- i-peeitled and a warrant Wi*- 
iHi,ued, Ho told the Court that he had 
-om' to the Coast to act in the nir>vjp,% 
Tli- r>irirt raid that made no difference 
ami .refused hh plea ta be pomditted to 
par n one JoBlcnd of b*lna foreed to ro 
to jail. 

nr.Atit SOTtCER. 

KE.LLT— JQitS T, Al'i. SI rordhan KKplu 
Jan. ii - tiff. Saevltaa U bt talA US. t. 

t«4» K ?. 0. r.wi. ju Watt lira airt<i. 

nn Taaaaar, Jan. IT, IJO, at J P U P, H, rY 

— Jaa. It, * P, H- 




John F. Ileynoldn of ll-.r-ir-n. fortnerlj" 
owner of the Heynotda Hotel, that city-, 
w»n ft r re* ted yenterday on a benrh war- 
rant tit bla roomflt in the 1 Intel Albert 
hy Deterlive William A. Carlson of Vo- 
lt re llpadujiinrter* and after refusing ti> 
u-aivi- .-Mrri.1,1^.!! won taken lo the Hu- 
iiri'mo Court, where extradition i^aper* 
hmiutht from lloston hy Patralman 
Ste| ( hrn .!, Flnberty can W osccuted. 

Iteymdilfi wan axreated ■f.inuary <I by 
Deteetive Cor!iwn i charged with bein? 
H fiiellire. from jurtice. The specific 
complaint nlli-jied be had prcMented t-> 
Cwihier ftrovcr C. Unek ot the Aetna 
l.if'- JnHuronre Company, 4.% Kirbv 
etroat, BoatOft, a draft for $a*> nipried 
"]l, K, WeeTon,"' which purmequmtly 
■■-■ jj- returned to the enehier a* no (rood. 
When arraigned before JFndea John f\ 
Mrlntjrn in (jeneral Beasioua follow- 
ing . thi* arreat h^ wm held in 
$2.01X1 liall awaitiuc extradition nro- 
ceedlnin 1 - The ba'it on* supplied 
And hearing put over until yesterday, 
when l[i->-ini:«i-. failnl to appear and tin 
bench warrant executed. XHtatdU wa* 
issuod following an order forfeitinc the 





William GiUette SmS3^ 

The Dream Maker JWmm(^ 



_, _ HAT. LK 
H.m.,. TTmn Tb*n "I'lif It*.**. 
M?l AIIIMdcr Wwillro.Lt, Tim 



a aasy.!: slo bes- ,, 11 ? ,y 
LYCEUM .£".'=;■ 


1U.-I-1 ll-N.™ nmrflti 



1 > thi. 




.. m. 


Bivld t«-l«»rilf 



as K/Kf 
?1 COHA 




Ki«n m ,W.U£r. KnL£ja,uau.WM.>uiit. 


By ttffi. lEur.luil. With Kr*-(|»H(iU IVrry 
FltAtHK, WwtOlfL 

in-t HATt'HITAV. MO 




'H«1T AKiItrdini Hour *l 1 I— MEW 



•§"■ TAKEVEU WEEK ""j,. 

h'maTISekh TflfllV Tfe-MOftlioW 


#> sooth rA&ttNGffWsfrKrsstfair.: 
■rug in tiki Are st^angs/j's" 



"The National Anthem' T 



Mi* wiinjs 



. ,W. Mars. 
iYmI. £ ttjt. - -!> 

1IH.-. I.KWl.lK 


111 I l|L\\ 





— „,^, •■rfTntr 1 n-i 

fl"rt H. Mini.- U„|F. f.^i. D'aai 4p,r.l 






.XI ME 3 a 
Matlttrro T«-I>.\V fpi 

* Sn(. 


M«f. W*d.*fctt» 
Aiihur 1 1 •vaitari- »:■>)» l>fi>-j»t!tt 

IMbTII :.i;.: 1 «■■; 



laif Itj-tcliUoi.. 

I ITTI P, Wrt +1 Hi E«- IS". 
LI I ILL tin, -v.-.i ACil. ill^ 

f ) thbI'YEAR 

LONQACRE %£$% . ?"."=.'»"' 



Evelyn Lsys, CkIIccI "Blande, Beau- 
tiful aid Keai Actress," 
Will Act Hen. 



1j J.8T T \v » y\T, |.;k 1 




far, F«ir I:. im.iL 1 !. 

>. 1*7 U*jd t 

— "Rmi Uuili 

■Jajai-rt £»ii 
!■» HaLMrd 1 




SlAlir i:.miii|;a, ■ -■ 


itJ'Kll I 

5 Weeks Beg. Mon., Jan.' 23 


riutrtw. p*r*h iTtAul) i>, 

if. HaJlel, Condi if Mr, I"oUih., 
Tnrji.. HlBrll, "l.j, Trp»'l«IB." 

t'<«ili_ r.-p !-i if*-*—" -■■ 


, Oukraltia. 


Pola*. T . 
■W-J-ll. Mk-lil. ■ 

■ fin lie." £a:ilei 

'"■■ml., rolinm, 
" F ft 1, r! ; »■'■»*>•- "Th* Ctrl fl f <hr 

(pibull. lllfflMl. ri-irt , Pnlatvu. 

*iltJ''J[*!» "; l, l" , '"" iB J! B«>i«-r*lF. 


._ ['j-, ic ■,* Rinihi. 
(Va<J.. iwi*cto. 
fff)(. '>:'.".(,. "DnrbfiF nf Jfrvlllc'r 
"■rli EvnciKl HVI.ull. °rhlpi. [UllnlB-r 
rilian. I 'end., VctoM. 
>"i» Mis hi. "I nriitni. 1 ' ■-.-■',-, '.i„ r ,. 
" Warjj yrfarruhi HtDtlmij, 


llnrlicr at Srvlllr 
. Vmomt 

r...„..b. ■■ --SHIS 

Krl. r.*t. 1 

Hal. Hu iE : Borla i:n4nn«B 

»■<., tn isr't rf-r^i ..i^t. Rni d'V« 

. Ran. tT*.i:o n r.ri.KoclnBpLr,VW1lnUL ttU< 
!*n. TtfloOllin. ficiarli.: rnml. Owh, flffai Elilfr 
■ Suit IJ-i-ui. H«t. at 1 (L u V. llTMt.-rflv 

51 nil. E.a..t««M llis-i The .tnotv UailHen 

Wod, Kvr-. a! C.ralrn 

T Jw. »t.i. air Uorla i;nr|iinnrr 

Tanrt. Kn. at It WnlLnrrr 


fiiPP0DR0M£-S§ R u £ A T ls s !] 


In "ANNA < HiilvTil;- 

VAKDEBBH.T T"'';i , ' 8 i.>"': ! : a 



*a ^l""" B'lf ar .Vnvrlllrit 
-S: n , f,f T* <M * n ot Hnnnin*.** 

»■' ■ "r>- iNlrf. -ijn, Hj, n fl, T -i,n *!,--^ 
V»f. irtiiMntu W>l(,r f , W.f Vn^ Ttatm* 
"'"ii. r, l^-ir^n.-^ KHHiis*, ■TtLh'.ni r.i- 
a^han., II ll Hirrrr Will |[„ FiYa . | Jrpn . 

— !['■!-..■! Uarwki. 1 :-< l> 1 1 1 1 - 

"Til tfrrr. 

B, Mini 


L-r-tJMi, MutjD >rbiKtK Krafl." «.>[_.. 
JulIrL Afph-nrrl KlSfi-r. H«H,nJ fUfoa If 

-....j.... firffB, [■.r~*r.l Kills IV»nk tflVrl- 
"Jan. OPir fiha*. Jflhn Hl«|*. lr«rrj Ww^ 

W ,, '" , -' t™., m..-. f! R ™»b. ton} 

iriAK. jm, M41 Wnrin. AjuirrT Trnnhr* 
ATtviul (!Kt, , Marie Clllili.r, and rtry 

Um iV, Il'J'inn (i|. 1,^ • „ 

■llFIV Slid Sav> lUnJ, 

I Aj-if Pi»jf». HkfULh., N,* Uur| M qu„ 

I'l-lf-Hri. ,"[ln- 10 ;:■,;. h'ii n | (K\T( iiv 

TIIBATHH fll.V «l'KirR 
■.IftnafrtnrTil of 1IAN1|.;I, PftDHMAX 

l.rrLr 111 rrr-irni "Ttirn id R^bJ." 

Ti'nUEi U'ill *I1iqtf -Kindred »f 

llir [)uei["' f u-tuurraiar. 


WHILE SIito:i So'anlek wan fly 
.icrj tell*'*™ Par;* and Loan- 
ikm artA tttViajr tn a ratiarrt 
h*re niiJ ther>r hq did nm for- 
pi-l lumiDrfi*. He sSsroed n coiHTOCl n-'jtil 
Urtlvii j.Rjp. iific Of I^lldwft'ii f4Vori'* 
itrtrrffs'"!", ~aTEll — raJhrlt- nrrniiiicnicjilTi to 
ulnr h^r in a T.'eJI knatvn ti!aj In Lhii 
omuirj.- Uin Lruc is *hn ttCk*of Tjob- 
(}fin rlcdt nil jr. Srw. in 'tirrrcl in-."Tho 
l*im ef Th* Fiirro." 1 n '*. H. rnrhrnn 
tjJlOW m on inn nt |hi! I'niliiun Thcidro, 
ntifl tiiu nntftr ii^ca In ,\mfti-irii. 

Vmine Mi". Sflijair 1 : was iLL^a^poinlod 
Ite ronM rot ErTaff h«r lo New York 
iinmcdiiti'li-. Inn she han n riiini'j'l to 
complete vSik'Ii will lokr UvVi tuonthN 
llr nays ihc t« fc qmlr. youop, hpuiuiful 
rnd Cain art, T.> fmrfa UlVi tnHli of ilii* 
lie prorJutiMl n plioln-jrApb. - 

THa jilai iiiirchMCil taV .MU« La,v« 
i^ hbinff kept n dart srcic-t. *I'1ip n-n- 
Irncl in alreaily on ll« Wlf 14 Fnrnpc, 
lint Myron ix totiac ov ehnnt-M ■»!! a 
sliipwrirk nnil ihrri'tor*' rrfup-r? tfl <li- 
rtjle« "l" 1 EU'fl "f biF trtMarc. 

He ufllCTCK he Iiiib a atac WliO ItaB 
.till. lb«--vhHnn fif.tiW Inff Wfh fXStOBi 
nnil minli of (hr> aeting nhilllj of It 
Ilfjfiiharcli. He" my* S 1 i s..i Uijc will 
nioro kWw neniiLtfiil Knplifli n-flooen nrc 
fimi rrpnti: B fullonini; ft>r her«*'( » t- i 1 1 1 
lirr firM iirwlOcUon. 

iJr. Sr.talck, Sr.. aK» bark In bl* 
chnir, looki irt«a nn«l n-fusps W exptcat 
nn o]iink-n. 15=31 he «ayn hf lina con- 
jfidchi-c in .M;nm"i« jiKlpmeiit- 

Federal Apptllate Court Appruves 
I Coimctiona of HgdEakm, Simon 
j mid Heyden Company, 


l)*>CeatlamtB l?nnvlLlcrt nf 0»ii't'alIne 
! ElaTdlnna- TmHinlt- Compiinr Itni] 
llurlnjt Worlil llhf. 

he In flip talk of IVondnn, Jiml now 
din, alnr tni-'Tbt) Van at the Knjrr" 
nl Ihr I'RTllloa Thmlrr, Myrm, 
JIc-IkmIcL hni. jimi p>l(n«ri n p""- 
( r\m"l (Tlth lirr !■> uiiprnr In tin 
Ami-t-ii'Hii n-rnrii iirnttartlun. 

"T«tn <i 
TttB in tin 

Thr Hia-hi" nl l.*Hi 
'-open p^iison fnr BrnnO 

i,r in. hi- I i 

|Df man. 

ivp htTc "Orphniw 

Apsfto, (hpn "Fo«l- 

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Ihr Kiehl" 

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humor ik i(u 

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»r the Sliinii" m ilif 

lnh H"iv«" ramf* 

now «> are tti hnTC 

nt ihr L.vrlr. ' Th» la.ii -ndnirrt irtrtiire j ™" j^lV" " c. . " V« - J " a r* V» 

■.prtiH Monday nit hi, JtflDMJ 28* n11 ' 1 j ri^u |K,tiii.inii. 
ib, us OTefJ en* 1 who reads lll<" hpw»- trunlilc. 
paTTHir* kiKiu-*, n Bloi ailapinH™ "I John , 
Ootdett'a plnv Ihrti rdh h>r Haya ami rlayn j *"| 

inp :,r,L Will prlra.r the plrmrr. whii I. ' CU,lil ! '7 

in iu mnhf it* bftw willi llic pmnpnta- I "ilw 
riiin Hno bv MfimtM L.piv and .luliil 
Ci-iMi-n. Rr-i tngriun. whd «inic lutp 
fniiir nnd fnrhltir an nwrn n* be snvrllu! 
#*rW -Thi' Fnur llotiwrafa nt iht' 
Aliiunlyiii-p. 1 ' ire ilim-lnr. ■ Th" pri'iiarm 
nrisiii'lly wriMiri by Hin- 

.... Uni lie in 

-uy. wli« will br 

1. ft ll)clilMLliV4- 


lure t-f iiiinnn. .is fur 
■ ii»ivpi>rnriir a MfiiMc nf 
iliEkl thine in I'd'. One 
ii ftrjMlng ■IranrauurH) 
>>1ifl sjfitlr uilll ill n riio.ii 
l<-r. Thry Ki«y In- i« n 
!•■ muld hn wiihmiT ".uy 

I Ik ait opinion rmilerrJ l-i .(indsft 

. Elmiah and ctmearred in t-j .h:-i^- 

j Itoirsi-m. h^icd .yraionlay .iK-tVicj-aJ-fiT' 

j i-Uil l,*o:irt RffcAJipWII*; I'onvi. Llani nnil 

ihr Hnwkb'n luwyrr, rind »■ 
I Sim«n. of the II>,vdMi Chwiiieal Cnm- 
| ivsny. ^.^ nrtlrmnd. ,hHv> Mnriion 

i- TbriKttTcijcnfhTr itriivi. hthM. •.■i..-i 

! ::: of thr T'ntiwl S»ttw frmliint rnrir. 

' >.hftrBoc] Hodfiskui. Kiin^ii nnfl :!he idirtnl- 

I i-a'l rompauy. i*f Karfipld. >. .1.. nilh 

"■iimpiuc - In a imoj'T | i'»'7 !" drjiaml la' 1 

!>:ter] Sutw )ty fnillnc. ivhbliis ri%iv 

iljii- r.ffpr ihr/iift^'S 1 * »l rh- T«i«Hinr 

\^ iih tjp Kiffiny Aft. -n ntir.lii.-j. n, 

. 11IT7. rr> ctnl-Ptnit to lh"* A ipn Pir*prrly 

! I'ttstudlan n H*t str ■■"''H Htfinii!i(*lri«-r» of 

ill- I'lipniiral fpmpany n« wpw l"»!ipvril 

in \-> i-mrniy nlir^nK and nt Ihr -tru-' . In 

j ivJiich aiipti nllrni had an inl"iriPt. n'.- 

iiK'Sigh j[ Ktwnl in thr nnni" •■( itn» irr. 

1 mid al-o Mithi failliiB: m re-pott imH.tM- 

1 ii"-.* «f !an Heydi-ii Company tit a (it-r- 

mrrw i-mrponttfon "' Hrr-dcn, ti-t 

[ l In* Kabrlk. 

Tli'. rMrnmihii; < -t*Tii|al«i -ni-*l ■«< .n Mi-' 

I indii'lnipnt ropiiatptl in an au^iviiriil io 

1 |T4-FPnt Ihr J.:niteJ Stale-, ir.itn 'Vap 

pujplnjj ih'- eilon enrm? !>■■;■. i^ bj 

■■-^iir'SnT-Vr^r^^nrtv^'if:.,.. i.i-.-rlSffi'l.j 

■ ■ ihfpnm of thf per>p.r:> vHll •. it-, wt 

. ^."rUO.OOO wfliid i-e iiinc^-iilr 1 't ■..: Mn- 

1 ■ ■ • : niii.-r:! ■■;Vi ■ ii.'., 

ThrwtK.i thp trial i li^ dpF-ndrt»> -f- 

\orfi\ im ovidliHifp. $llrijce" IlmiKht fon- 

t j '-tiiiiiujr tli-r di'Mai'rn. MJ's: 

■« [ "Ii h true; fhtMo rlefpnilao:^ wwi 

■>al abote evprythini: iii th» I'kMit'Mth.a 

aferili von HffWi »nil lln-.> ■ .nihl n»l 

■ -ti.iIUl Hm. n-^ilt dMirci] v- iW 

i f h.yii'ty rochlKirnilt isfrji «lif^1. 

mi- ii. tin- nt*at,u1etF w"3i!" b if" thp bJula 
t Llitd ini'VtinPnf, *Fl» imtpnr* n«n 
prrrp-, rim thai is mot rcvteiva j- In ilii«. 

i. rindiiK.nn wror In [Up rwiril, 

li> JMriciiuvnt" nrf p-ITIniwd." 

JnOjre Ju'lan W. Mat-k. win. - : n K -. th* 
■ -j n | in t-'pfl^wl llislrirt ("oiirl, t^e-n- 
in. i-d Ifnrissliin In wervp a |Pr m ..f livn 
rani' Imprlnnnnreiit In the Aibuhi l h i ni> 

■ niinry. ,Siiim« ivn* Irl <>|T n'.h n line 


*Mr of Mi? H. C, ' 

| born in 

j (llollEl.l |i. 

: ami Ntri|"' 


*btjiv ftnriiM", has | EUie Steffans Says She Felt Petm 
iiitiiry botu Umc end 
ilfijn i\w Hdtr 

I I 

Casaro's Kand in Her Pocket. 

■■hell Smith anil -loliii K, iCttsuiml. iff by | 
Juup iJnthN and iltfy (lllittn. 

'I br 


| Th-el»Ti | Jp 


fluw-n (*i Huj bnwKci But 

f Hie i.laer dti.v WlWFI In- 
itilotv n bile Btifi with U 

Biar iujpr.iiu-lir.1 

Police Kohl Accuicd. 






Ibi- Pw 

T-hIcc DilEv 





of** STORM 



... A. Hrwli*. 4«(h Si, TI.M,. K. 9f ff.t/. 

mrrzLEiBEE . sll ^,Si.Vi« E 

■■™ -aKbt Tom'-i. * R«r. Ev..„ Jallna Cjt*a«ri 

ir.iljv 41 BIT. Hill, ILlinir-ri A J ill Irl. 
Mnn. * Tim. Em.. Hamlet. 


"TKt CRITICS" arfl "S. SL lENiCITT" 
T ; T G BELMONT Z^nS"*! 1 ? Er \'" 

TliC UU. Tllfln, t Ba.1.. I.ID. 






And atre-sa a u wetHlti| u 'lli 


- i ll-.T-lr,. j 
la ft 1*|«! 

»»■.■■ Kirtjir 

rk F.,.j|!.. Mr. 
"He f Colflf 

IV: '. Vhzloru 

VYm. Do MBte'i Producrion 

•o^BROADWAY„vr =T 



Clyde rook itt " Th< TapfaiilaT" 


The bat 

K *5f™ 8 I* : iy? KK8 *^Tt|-fl OV 7HKIH TORS. 
J!t.AT8 .\Qy IXLUKG M Wi:rK3 j*HCaD 

hull ilmei tiolwitliKliinritn; 
Oai^nni UaJ sufficient *»ufitJpnpp In tit! 
finni-1' w *l|[n Jerp-mr- Worm lo a c$ll- 
irin-1. Mr. Stflrra, one of our lending 
dlrntfiTf, ba* m*v«1 hit) brUhftnifi l» 
the Fo* rtmJIoa yit t lin Coftht nnd. BE- 
cnnlirj: Hi latent rfporttj bat* (nurlnl 

wuTk on "hi l lie IjiiiiI ^1 Ba£i DS 

Acain." Il«- w3l rPBi-Irr liitnuelf »tf W- 
TPptur of hf'fi*! |ieinin"trnmt lintl mum* 
or tin who r-njnrt'il rbarlip 11*1 1"> rnrlii>r 
Jn'otKll■tion^ will h;|.v hi* la qunntled tt 
*1j<ii hiin^lf hi Ihin rii!"tiion. Ja»k fid 
hfri In tin- star of tli'e limt Sturm pic 

ilr. WatlaA r;nipnnln«i 

f-'iim mm and n'mnm litter fitt 

{ chaut-c in rmi thp riiw tree* in th^ir 

dprn* pump* nny more. Ltfe if JuW i*nc 

KiiiTONniiiu Df Bwaiiowiiil Hitd decall«te 
Etde-itia nnd fntle-ontn. Now II. A 
WaJai it !■..•■■.. onp -jf ihn«p trvuitpi 
affair*. Hi- will nlwift- "KirniVM] nf lhi* 
1'nwt'' ;it the lti';: C'sirl; hi Io-tshmti'm 
pveninfi nt S7IH oVloi-k. bf[nrp a brilliant 
atnlitiLTV. Jillriniii t'cnpiT will hart? tin.* 
Htar'tt hi>Poe*i. 

What Dan ti .tlenltt 

I 0p« i*![ the pTpniiiE [iapen lis? W.'A. 

j Brady tiawita in «'nha with a T>lan lo 
orcnnijp r. BMrtlan plrture nntUBtry thens 
Tltc Aiory la Hup, rpry inlrrpRtina, lite 
(lifluiiltv brine ilif fm'l »ve talkfH -w):h 
Mr. Brady *vpr Ihr trlepbonp and tip lo 
dato ive havi' ne^^r hi»nnl &f a r*nioii 
ht'injr In tw-n pUriw nt nnte, Thr report 
rt'Trrr'-il lo add^H I tt«i \Vlniie-t f ] yhpphan 
»n<l CsrI.Lo.vJonih' will mnn for Unvnini 
atiortly E4 try and break in on thin cor- 
penila nnnoprttv. Ii nloo aint<.pt&tl ft 
First National man linn nlroadr lippit 
tlK-re *nd dtpHTtwl nfter anrTpylris the 
i'lnutlon. Neat, wi> have no doubt, we 
*btill ItPar of h million pieinre i-iPiirslntL 
i.'' in- tEnt to Mara. 

nt iiifi.nti u!n«. <ti4(l ..... 
>, Sl.rli. t did nir -bii" in ib,- 
i. nil kind* at naaa bat whaL 
« III!-, inu , 
wludim^-bliif with ii wlitl 

:Lhj;i|i h - 

Qit, Urtll Hiring ii.) -bimUpR' ligimr h 
sol.[ w dr.1,,1, ebf-rp, - ' replied aftajamwn 

"Ii" fcofrt* i» luni-ii with nJI \V. L-. T. I" 

'"I f-1-, „\"<t rliailW in >ay ii uiih 
r^'T - - 1[ !" ,|ll,r / l ,"i' m thp :.-nin|! 
ihtriNiK. obttcrrctl Iipnnr. 

I Am n remit ftf thp nendatcnea nf. K1?>i* 
I Sieflnpr!'. a ■irnocntphi-r. nf GQJTceHiiflCi 

X. J lt III nppt^lH-Ildll.K lhi- loilB illlPRPd 

by htrfii. Imro pirkni her net-lubi i 

linsr Wiil^ Mihtvny train, I'rtrn I'linaru^ 
drwfl on*rnlor, "■** yractcrrtiiy hidrt In 
$^.(■00 bnil by .Marimniip L'raiipia X. 
Mpynnrli' in Vorktiih' CPflrt tor arliiiii 
vi Ihp Tlniltd .Inry m< :i chaes-- of lar- 

Miwt "iirffaitu iMiifkd in rrntrt Mini 
whllr in it niirlltboiiijd tlpTPM IralO At 
Ornild L't-ntrol ttiaiinti Ium nijjtri fIip Mt it 
In. -..I in ilu* MI iSuckci "f Mr hir nwer 
n>nr. ThrLiwlint Wr i.wn htmrt mm |a- 
kct. win' wiid, *Iip duttrl«il lliv hi"" I 



<"l".~V:ru.| "*<:<>T * w»lf«, 

|> A.w.uwioHiftHT -IPOOTHBIL. 

Spammount Cpidtux-* 





CRITERION Cecil B. I>e Mii] 6 - a 

LAST 4 DAVf*- T»i« p.Mr. =-W t ■-=«. 

Illri-rioi 1 |-...-.,.:r ,1. 

WrifHih Wntr. ilirpclor « 
Incf :■ "Hail thp Womau/ 

Thomaa If, 
hnti bad to tnk^ an pafor^d vacatinn. 
Ha in APrioitalr ill, having brvn hnrtty in- 
fertml by polvnn «nk while Ifikinfi RpenpF 
at ppvll GaiP I'uni. n^ar Paaadnna.. Far 
i\ liljifr Bravo aHriji was /pit ovrr hE« 

Sftfr nila IVrlmKn I'letnra. 
Hit a ^"ainiaTi back>ataiTa alorirs 



i. Jtan "aifl^m, Kl-a PiM!imn n 

s*timtL t pll■lT^ Bcti w»i.h * 

na, Jonr* A Jctwf. VmtDli'OAv I 

CAPITOLthe manfrdm tosf jnvm' 
Dtwiji 41 lilt. CATITOI, GRAND Ottfll. 

*-\ M4IIK ■h ,i.- I' l r - r ... n ,, 


iww BROOKLV!|i; A>ir.SKUF:M's. 

FUDIDaT t>i. awn nt,,ii i**a-«iCiiv. 

t*rnrlf1C Ur^^wa)- an>| li a :ph ,\.« 
■■ 'ttti.i.n: iv^t.i.TA ir*. 
I01IKJJ1HS nr i n23 
a- nn-; ("O^TKnTn kvSby jminr 
.^*al Heck -."liELIiO J0»a'" 

nn* hmnninir Tttiirt and more pnpnlar on 
thp arrppn. Thi' JaiPfii trill he kppd al 
111'' fBiiiial Diei.f week, nnd is railed 
"The t;eint Comrdiau " ll i* Mi*s WpI- 
man a firat orlein^l utory for tbn eilvor 
sbwt, and £* brimful nf tliat i*anraH mid 
paint stw&HpJjern of trhWa ih«" hnihor 
writpa to pnTrrtainlncl.r. Phwbr- Hunt, 
who vi.iyi'ii (hp f^driiin," pari i:i tho nam? 
author 1 * "Thf A'-n nit till." "HI nftV* the 
principal rolp. Thi- rait furrhtr !□- 
?indcb OloFlfl Hopt-fltid -.lT;pk~rrnlt 

M*.|*tlnar Htm far* In i^pp. 
To-hp in the mntjon pirtiirp btt^ppua 
ihP^P dayw ntid not hate met *tl"il| bluya 
ii tn nrguc oncstif absnlniely unknown. 
Ho ia thp rhlpf subjoet nf oinvpraarjnit. 
In cwrj oflfiins oiip hcant wlif lip will save 
ihn nltn 1 hnsbitmif or i-l«c *hy hi; cannot 
'■ - !■ It from ■'< ,-i'.: oinl ih-atrtirtjun. t iu. 
lifcr* tu form op^'n own idm ubout thane 
tRLnjpi, anil I wu,-i clad 10 bnvp nu opyn-r- 
innlty t« mppr. him fupp lo faw In the 
WlUIun Fnsr. DtZlecn ycnt^rday j««t hr*fnrp 
fir won fiJntwl with ihn iik-liitw m«; 
Krootwd i. ii fithiT aido <>f him. Wlmi Mr. 
Haja will do far ihc induelry, of iMiintr, 
rematna tn br- tern. It in ton noon Ui 

nl ItrmfPH Nick. 

.f ii 

lfi*il : 

hold I 


.Saul Ruc^nt, v 

mil couaael uf ih 

tn ifi thrr hltnpHal 

Riun* im ii pent nil 
nl* innhllt. U- i> 
fortably nnil i! i 
hack ai hi, dp*l i 

l:> pretddenl nnd lpii- 
n Pint Film Cotapauy, 
. wherp h.. hnx linriiir- 
i for thp rPiJtniid at 
rvniuipd i-firint; pftm- 

i lllOUThl h- ivlll I, 

I Trnvi 


'. stren 
Itnlinjc PanlaB 1 ' I 
I'nttptJ Artfct* 

Forr»t llttlw 
ulaptcd "Tin- 

Khawbir. and wblph win mm , v 
Sirai.fl ne^t m-rk. aonptlt tn uppdrip hot 
ter a'-'iunnilH wilb ■■ hpelo, hut v m 
n-lnyad lo work ti t ins phift*. 

"UnHtLK'.;' Iip Mltnl. "I lunQose ,„i 

"Oh. jrw. bow: I done travel." 
"Etor- hei*n" ftiiKi.7" 
"t>«fjy Tip ]iri>n Simtli." 
"Hniv fnr. KnuttaJ" 
"Oh, Flo hppn rlcmit to Sntith Forrv 
bm I likm (ho 11, letinl,!- 1 n 



Chid In iirint thp loiJnwin? 
rorrrrLioa in John Ini^etioD'a eppprii at 
Ojo Aannrinipd Molina Plctnre Adipr- 
,tl»pra a TTPek nj:o to-day. II.. did riot 
aay rtl pip irnr. <,t tli*- Ihojtrn^ hud 
Plosi-d. lui-tcaii, lie y-M tint le^ than 
10 per crnl. ..r ihr- Ihpuires had ii'.>.pl. 
[*'it that proilitctioji ••', ph-liirca in Amrn 
left jad flp{rr«iat*d tt-l ppr fitnt. In a ynap 
and il half; that nhpreun n ymit fit-'lis 
roniininim \wtv worliiuj; |irod'irIwc pie- 
turpn, to-dni- only V- 1 i-nmnanlca ore at 

All Ih* \\*f Prom Africa. 


rflci* iwtordny 
■nmn lEiiriLmv,. 

ure, South Ar- 
tie*- lilrn Ihisijips*. In 
"■Mated "ilh iheSnulti 
Trn*f, anil wt-o|p *p«> 


Tfirrr rninr 
a yunnE' man 
Up Mil* f'piiH 
ripn. am] i^ j 
Afriert h,r nap 
Afrlpni) Pi;m 

uaric\«, played important h>l*a and. in 
"hort. ivati bhiocUM witn lhi- film bnni- 
»w» f" #n nlt-ftrniiml «nv. I.^> ho- Jiiht 
fiJimhpd u pictiiTP with roriiLTjp titifiilli 
anil in pr»tid of thi fait nr played a 
fuII-Miondpd tie^tn. 

■_Onr n^tfapti" Utile tb#alrp. the 
r.oniP" H in dlnirtB: B'lrii u gortd hi|iinr*i 
With Vttflprn.pVn ■■[•'liiwcni nf ihe 
■North'" it wilt krpp thi* .pmrineiinti for 
an-llior week. II. It. Wflljbjill and 
I fttiiinn jifarpi- :uv ^.linrnl iiIp'tm, Tb" 

PlWIPdy Htdninv siul ..lliir lioniri-^ villi 

llVt-wiau 1h> rpuituV!. Tin- Fwmwi i( 
fiainlne; ]n filj^r r-arh day with \ln 
I'lHroii" in ttitt_J"i>rt;--nppiinij -trf-it welph. 
lnirhiKirl «■ hr* pujoy rnniiiiic in and «Pi> 
lhi thp picture nt Imirii tinip. 

.'ho .|[inky. crnf-'i-mnti wan win trail 
the p]i-rntpr in thi* iinirEinnnl nhwre w* 
lifn aiikpd iti havp nif bonrn rhangrr]. 
AVlion-nn hfl fomiif-pl.v lvnrkfd at nlffht. 
lip tlutr nnshP"! bin days- nsi maionaati 
to Hfo lift. 

"ffh.T diil you tet your hours 
rbaiiiStfd'i" nr aakpd. 

"Ko I ponlil an in ihr iiioilrm pioiurva 
PT-pry blattit." hp anFwerptl. 

And thrr baj -ImamrsB 1b had in ihn 

' To rttop n i .ih! In Odp Dp 
T*ta UiHh« Ftn.oy ui'NINI! t»sl*" 

r"«-iiiin» h> lr - (M altnalara ■ I " H 
ID* Wr* yon (41 ISROMp.i fee.— AuM. 

tntn'l band b»t bo tnaniinid la urtincl 

it ". I'M i ■■; icatip. Af«lrr llie train li-ft J 
t^ratid Omritl ihn BWBsitd Fartaro of J 
Int. vi it-; Htub'ii raOBfly frum hT, jitnlinft -in- i.u-l four ki hi IV. nil at wind i 
were ihinsine. 

Shn tonk ITasaro by Hip Httai rollnt 
wh>;n thr iraiit jeiirlinl ihr ISStlj atre*t 

KlBllllM. InlPlidinp; |o liiiiprb Idol' 10 *■ 

pidippinun, bin tin 1 iihconiii? rmiAtls ppji* 
iiraiod hpr fnnrt lirr prlaonpr. t'tnlannlPil 
by thitt, I In- i;irl iniitlr r»-n«-iV*ll Bftorta 
in inkt- CaAttrf in rii »t fm It am) at thnl 
point. ollwrK v\so lifld boiioii off llic 
irain at lS^th Ktrcet vrnil l» ber ultl. 

i.'lisfiro prntPatpd his Innort-niw and on i 
311jM HtprfnniV intistPltot- that ho he itr- 
ri.-flltil iisrnt'il to •!" Iu lb-- Hast liMlli 
fltrfpt ]Hilicp atntinn. *>c vi-rul of l how t 
vim Ltrtil Imtu nn llip tmin WPBl with i 
thrill. AfttT Um lirtitonniti hud hi;afd 
thr fsirlV pltarjte ami niRtenoTii nf thr 
ivimtiwra ho arreutPtl Caicaru. 

MIpb Strffaiia itald •!■- wan employed 
hs it ten utrap her in n flroaihiu* attor* 
dry's office^ / 



Bespaogkd Mother Arid Daughter 

Charged With Telling Fortunes, 

and Larceny. Too. 

A aril* Arbamo., 41 yearn id J, atnl h?f 
danKhtrr, Hobo Arbamo, J"', hoth nf \jE%- 
iriRtoii avenup. gjpBics wnerini sypsr 
poBtumpa. -.pannlr:' ftniii Nifld". teMprdn? 
trpre hldd in fl,lX» ball rarh for ihr- 
(reanrt Jnn- by MntfHLvurr M'-Andrptra 
in ICaacx Maritfl Court, rliareed irill) 

It waa rillracil llmt Anoie jni-j Hone 
hrtrp hrlfn arnnnd Bt-oadwuy »nd h'orty- 
ir. tiTnl *Irort "tolliin: fori'inr*." mid that 
Unnr rlipiitt have liatrr rpiiarrn] to Hi*: 
polipp IwnDB of tjIhoIiI" nrtirira and 
monry. Sipt^iticaDy. it !•■ sillied (bat 
on January Ifl the two ■•mrrrd a Hrsad- 
vtny rifar klon>. Anniv tlpplnrlnj nho 
wanie tlto buy * pjpp. Ilohrrt FUher, 
t-lPrk. arleffoj (hat uhllr he -v.i-. h-.h-U'.w- 
in|n thp window. f«r a ithv of plprn Itom* 
rrai-hwl Inio lib pocltel and tmdt hii 
wnll*t. tlpSorp rplnrniiij; walir' (n 
Fiahnr rhf jrlrl "hlptispdi" iho money. 
Aftpe th<> two had roup FlBh#r fpimd 
tlirrp tPiiw and two one-dotbr hilf* find 
i"vn taken, ho -■.*■■ 

t:irl r ai I.ovp (aunr nr Hiabhins. 

|?nrc'^l'h tftTbt MitTnlne t*Vnrjph | 

CLBV,KLA?s'D. .Jan. ISh— To a qiwrrpl 
oepr a . Jciirl Hlndrni nt l\oimnnl Iliffn 
Sr-hnirl liPn- to-dat Ivrlujird I Ii ■j.-cdrpi. Ill 
ypara old, utabbcd ami killctl AirrH 

Simple Way To 

Take Off Fat 

Thfi* r»n |.o hflLhlna ihar UaTME a 
^ nil;, tihl.l r-:,r I L«*> *t h ii+» uni'l 
Wr -rtitto- u r*a**ri |n .mui, ts.i , ,i|_ 
t-i-h tufihw* m r*ifl «r ll.-nioi. PfBacftBii™ 

THBimta I'oni rrtur Orajuriw t- r ■*# «pji*i. in* 

J"T,- {.rl.-n |!i* «ff,rW ov.:. F<h9I>w -I'rwUan*— 
en nirMtlw, rtlBUitj er ^tem-ma rtitt-|»lM. Kit 

iuTrrlanl',11 tooij-*o Mf lair ■- jttu Ilka an-t V*+p j 

■on t«lTIP« Hltni»»r. An* ih. p*ai; pin nl Uar- I 

"tnla- T*l>lala U ( h.y ar « iLarmla... Tint la W I II 

iitH.nli.1. I'lorhi,. th.i. [™ra j.tur l I ; 

^•l»«l»l. OT MO-1 tl|p-!l ... V,r^-', ( - n ., H II 

Bttrtitai at Ninth, Xtw ¥wl: Star* noura to i 

Telephone '/ZOO Stuyveaent. 

ALL Winter Coats 
for wotnen to go at — 

>:u — (or $49.50 grido 

$48 — for our $59.50 !o $69.50 gradci (unlrimmcd) 
$34 — for out $75 lo $79.50 grade* 

578 — for our $94 to $110 gradti 

$98 — for our $125 to $145 gr»dt« 

$125 — For our $165 lo $185 gradn 

Every winter com in nur Salon B0ttect]o| — fur trimmed, v 
..uii^'^^BUIV^^iiS'datf- --AH :Wil.;,-^ I lJriTV.iT; ardcr*ffl"ia3h'iofis 
Varied ~aTnf authoritalive. 

Silhouettes — those that Parts lias sandiajned- 

Colors — black, navv blue nr brown — Hie smarl slodes for 

street wear. 



y atural opossum , Beater 

Sra! tixt'd Ct/ticy Squirrel 
Beixwr dyed ttmey Xittrui 
Wolf Caraati 

The Fabrics 

The fiisltioii- 

iihle soft weaves 

teitli deep pile 


Hand finished lining? of plain colored crepo dc chine or 
i-ilk add a distinctive linish to these coals. 

Second loop, Old Build>n f . 

Fur Coats and Capes 

Smart ttlhouette*. Excellent furs. Moderately Priced 
Black caracul coatt, $395 

With hplf trimming, olher* villi 
nknnik nr ^litrn-l txillars. 

Moleskin coats and wrapi, 

Ijiracpfiilly ilp-diiurd'nod trinini'il 
HPinpliaiPn wtftl .^kiilik nt UCCttoot 

Mink coat* and wraps, 

5835 to 51,095 
Dark—well m»|cWd tfkltta; 

Kolinsky coata, $595 r $875 

Gray squirrel coats, 
$650 and $695 

M"-i nitiHiinl at (Ilia price. 

Hudson teal (dyed 

musk rut) * and wrapt, 

$495 and $535 

tn sercfatl modtfbf ami wfth i-lnin 

Hudson ichI (dyed 
muikrat) wrapt, $715.50 

Dark l-rnmi kolinsky i -ollira. 

Gray caracul and nutria 
capca, $460 

A rln-ir- ; <■;■.■ - ■■■■ i!!i ::'■•■-■' :-i-.;ij: 

ft rotlar. 

All 45 inches long 

-!■■■. r:i,l .'"'[ L-i r.i- :- . Old Suildinf, 

Exquisite Negligees 
at negligible prices 



— wn $19.75 lo J195 

Now $12:76 to $97.50 

Whimsical fashion created 
ihcse nc^liyccs — original cre- 
ations and adaptations of 
imported models — on delight- 
fully simple tines lo bring 
out the bcauly of the lovely 
materials— crepe back satin. . 
Georjjeite crepe, chiffon vel- 
vet and satin — and the fasci- 
nating colorings. 

-Metallic ind :■■ ■ : ■ .i ribbons, 
dainty llces. pretty ilcwen, os- 
trich binding, .trljtht heidj ind 
hind-ippltqued mntits serve is the 
decidedly v:ian [.-iniml-ij: deliid. 

Third floor, Old Buitdiof. 

W nt !l"l 

f a s 11 1 n n 

Sports Frocks of kasha 
cloth and French flannel 

Two delightful fabrics 

Kasha cloth — - — 
$97.50 to $145 

Whim or- ■TOlderj re'ltjw — mo*,t 
*ttrattipc: lenda !t»*W with oiuph 
di'ntinrtJon tn ^ae-pi^t-p frock* c; .to 
a rharnilua 'ivcp-cilniiaiti acd nkirr aa 

French flannel 
$39.50 lo $89.50 

ra«d In TBSjtutlfiilly tailorad frapi;* 
In brilliant red. with dyrtd rroPhatH 
woo] lar*— a rjmlnr innrh: In tan 
ami I'hjTxiol* rninr. l-.unil with 
na%T -hliin Tlhlinnt: itiri lu whiff 
trlth Juat a miMoatlon of h-1ihtp-l 
t:«pt la luitrjin* up 4*nitjrnliirry. 

A-frorlt of iiary hliir-'fJaanpl ,il[h 
a whltp UflPu tiioiJap, acrjuirta raiirh 
'■Iii'- by a Miliar? Illtto crapp, taiih* 
In n iiiqH! patiraordlnarlly simiuV 
1ji~iiinn lUnatratPd, 

SosEonol iloor. Old BuilJinjti 



XEW YOTtK'H I.RADtttft THEATnf,* .SNn tt i 

FIIPIRF B'Mr a «*& at. teres. i.-<i 

cmrmc m»,lw«a . * s»i *.■ : •*. 

William Gillette 

s.."l I ,...,The Dream Maker 

UMIt. I I MA71NEE5 IUT. & ^H». T.^. 


M^m * HrrOoiR las N-- "***■_„ 
**"^ '■S»«tC«i.i"--. l »twl|*«" 

Kllrkcrborfk-rr. ITti-, I 
HATf wep iv 

dpc Fv Tun 


*-*AT*WHl&SAt5N R " 

rttKffl MILLER l 

\fW \ ,.,-', i-," i. rfi Roof 41 I I M tt 


'Bulldog Drommond' 



-DuM iH***e_nr**fc-iii 


as KIK1 


M.I- TMr.JPH * "*- 



b. WYNN 



Rr *'«. Harfbaf. wits Fr+ilrrlfk PrrtT 

■***■ FAKEWELL WEEK £»£ 




"The fiatfonai Anthem" 

Fullon ;.':-;J 


On fcr.i.i: 



® l 


II lt.l.U>.\V 






474 ,-. Mni-r Hall. Ml. n . 


i TUVA.. 

"A Bill of DiwcMMrr 


_*Ti-«5 3»iT>fEfcTB« *14t 1 
rf - llmrnlai il'i^.i A M*. 


AC) or HSBUnUEn nwutt ulua:* 


PARK HM wrt, nw.i" 

-RT«. jNFIItL 


I Aon? rorlt o^: ■■; ;rjf MfccratT 

» "C1PT1IN APPlFMCK" *.■;•-'-"-!... 

HUDSON £2,* 

Met. Hi*, tt. B. llttrt*. 
Man. W **. A* a**. 




A ; : ' -■ 


IRVING 4t | 

'nillium Calliar, J*s Bmuil. IV«* Hoetr. 
'nw7B fClllflX I»y J4BTTT. If'rB Ifcrlll team 
IT IImmH «a*rl "e*>l ««' )"he» nor i-wj* - : 


2S£ '-" 1 *«££• 'SIXCYLINDERLOVE' 




JOHrV GOLDEN Prcac-it* — -^— 

I/MM-l/ »« 1 st YEAR 

i:iHhl,Ui.ltl\(, ii DIKXCB 

"p». 1 'h i in, r 


l-r CRAVKN r»n,rd, 
Hll PL !>.■* I It 

- a w«e . : m. 


lfew Gs-oup Reported Plaiuiiiig As- 
sociation and to Make Him 


llxkibirur. Arrant* Drlnlla mi Al. ''-nTnllm. Tiaekcra to 

ft>* "K«hoal Put-." 




: ■ I C — 'ID 


of the STORM 

i 34c bb HJ0— Hidit* sod Sit. 

«wB«. OcodOrcbc«u*Se.uiI QQ , 

C.n-_4H^ih TtHB IfO-NlOHT. 



TODAY fund 

ii M5 r.u. 1 B ENEFIT 


KlMhrrlX A raKr 


5 Weeks Beg. Mon., Jan. M 


Mrsm. r-.T.o ly-fcoin. F^.i» r *n.kmft*: 

lw*-«. Mlbl, 'I.k TT*Tf*(a," C(.. 

l^.;**7 ""W. s*a*i, coot.. 

w '■'!. Nlxhr, "Prricjta *nd Mrll- 

*■""*:",.. i" 1 " 3 - M «*"«'h tNIrtn".. 

'■The 0*H Q f th» 

Fri. Mjtiif 

Kil'lll ttilit 

1'miiJ.. Mir.., 
Sit, Mj»t., -BAi-brr 

llndnJHA II.Hr.^fij.-. 

^"17 .—.-- tOrttin. Iknlf^ fUMwirr, 

t>mt. M«IM. "1-am.rii," i.t,,. m u ,i. 
loo-, Tltkmn.;!. mm, jdccannk- ibabtiat 

'- ,: - i:iiiV£,'it^'-S;'*S 



*■■»!, A OtK IL 

v*af. "um ,;i:r.x. „ 

Ml J*t .vittiUc. | B °7«i **P,* 

Hi. Iil. Jit. A E!>i.l . ncberi. 


■rrwiiiiiht i- * ..... *>"■■■* 

PijT',... l* n.,.| dTli 

— Orrfc. <-«ot. EUi„ 

I, Mu 

tun., tt; 
Sun, Ei. 

*m, IIn:|), Anrlu 

Hal d'Vti, i :.. tt i. 

rii, ■**. it id.. 

iuitnK>i» PUSH i>ta 

REPUBLIC i h :V: ^Ji-^-.T r >F? 



CL I IHUC y.i„, tvti, * Cat,. ! 


{paramount Cpidurvs 


■"s cut in Tfors,:.', ;:.v,*i 

. A Ntinat.4. 
Tfart* A Derltb J»rk riiiu. M, . 
ri.-Iji A FjIj '■» "Ktr rekrr 
ftutSfllfcStl fct*""*.* 1 X«tiiLa'* fill, L-Jtl^rlB 


CRITERION Cecil B. Se Hille's 
a a i.n. 


Abd Flrniis :-u|,ifi I tins Dill. 


f Wwvt «l »!•«- CAPITOL 0«AKD OBCU. 



PLAYHOUSE ^.'"^w^k™ E ^ L?l 



Win A Hft'lT'i 4Sm SI. TI.*«._K- C! Ifwif. 

FUriZ EEIBEK b „ i 'i.,^ ! ,: K -;i.„ 

T.niik. It Tom* KT,, .Inllii. In-tnri 
7-fl.ii,'* Mil.. Humra A Jullxl. Ik « 
Tgaa, Kra*.. ir>.TUlrr. IVnJ ■ Thur Ki.^OihrUo, 

e.'bhyvoov la lalufiinu at 

"THECRIUM" nd !, S, S. 7EUBTT 


■W «It v^uav^J^fi^j 

I Wm. D. M.IIfr'i Pr c duui &r 

pi UMir * 

Pnatn- Clpf. r»AII1 A ___ 

Ht-im Jtvrii Ca.. wt-r<. ifwtiti 
Tiatur* PJflB**- 

"Mi>y i.n.r nKTr' 

">ttsv LLLti MET!" 
Mm lm iXEitTn. Clw T*bbIMd. 

Tie>*r.*Mi A Pi*™, «tn Wnlih A 

Nam, Jes«i A Jn-jf,: FBEopTuti* i 


tk| |-ril.iii:nrr WAICftKX 
HAllaA 1 •*]■« TbMtr*. XT* »*»t um ?1. 

FiihriTI ! '■nii. !■:«, r. . Jim. UK, al I. M 

olci* n.irnnx. LtoMiu nnait, ntA^Ti* 

JIOOHK Tfca W*» Tor* 7r"-o ruiH^frt 


VUIT. Man * HKiunn PUca, 

AfotiBn ll*ii. trondAr ah., Ju aa. jit 


.'ii---- A ■;.-.. 

eiukuvI.i \ AjmSURMTf. 

EMPIRE niS., 1 

fc miiili: i\ ll i l 

TVfcsaj I ..:, 
Ilaii '. Ati 
... Wll.i.mi'- 

iWMI-'.llin* or ir..-^ 
i: um. in\ii;iri> i;\ kii> MMMV 

r.r»< tfrrk "llHl.l.M irillU 1 ' 

in \ i ii TiOTirp-i. 
Horr-ciiA»iLE*t ii. --r:AMPP,in.L plvphai. 

i " flrattmm/ .nj tun (Hi*»t. VflciUJ 
±.M P. U, 


IF pUai work (.-ii- W. A. Brid^ will 
•«D m an fot»r»itLii5 efr>Mr in 
Ttl# UMlioC p!c;Tjr# in-l! '-Try A 

Croap «f «BfJ*iJ*mtfn* ltlm mra. It 
l> »iid. ba\Tr fii-rjrlrtl to {oran ■ mot. en 
nirtnr>? iSfwiaLron and ask Mr. lirnij- 
to hwd it. Thwe cn*n tan.T* m« **r- 
cral Limna rWCBtlT, niir infiiTTTiinL ut*, 
ntiiJ ir» .(fivins thf pfAjpft- 'nrnnr rvm- 

Wlirthpp or n«t M'r. Krariy wltl ntcapt 
b not i-!jvh..:( ii. Hi" U wrll >rffirn,i» I 

wti ell mattcm af film teeijnl stiftn AnJ 
fan mid* n umiiJt nT rin' i-cnunr-hiii 
qurttion thA! nvar* mr? SIbIp- in llw 
VoiaTi And fan p mm* rrri-IIent r»ultn or 
the ntiinlaAlina' nf tfa* *i--i«* tix m-i»- 
niwc to iBOn- ftrr ti«-. Jil^or; fn \\.«-!:;c.^ 

AppobtBarnt vl Will H«t» will tin* 
doabtedlj roilc Ehf iti*hion of prr«i- 
ri*ri! pf lh" NatJT.i! A«*-^-isi:«»o. «I tb« 
Moiipn .Pictnrf lpdnurr -.nihrrfiai-H*. It 
in fspt>ct*rf (b* difH'ia-rs *."iH »«t vfitain 
a. Birr daji lo pT«ert lb* m*«i , f »( 
Mr. Mitt'n appoint mrni isd acreptbbri; 
i(i E'crcj l. lrf lVBlti# A f^jI^lAD..<3i5,lIlft,. 
nr - jim/ — Sfl*f"tl™i3?"wai« to: it ilii» (iin- 
Bit jrlrcn f n r Mr, M*f* A5d irmi tVtl 
other recnH drvlopmfnln makr it "e^-TJ 
cirtiln unmr i .■■ r in itr nrlion will W 
tlk^D 1'- Ii i in iT'Illiin i 'n-' um i " L or 

Thr i'.ii«n! i .,u i mi in.i. 

WLHp nur N'*' Turk film prTKluerm 
Iiave Jw^n itifcalnj; tiw>ir dan* in ponfrr^ 
«ce irili Will HaTja. the State oiblMtn-ra- 
hatf !•!'.*]. worAin; on plana for Ifa^ir 
aUDual ramwtim, Ii is iclvdulrd tm be 
held in Albany »n IVbruarr H. 1^ AO'' 
30. and frt>m i!ir li-t «f acceptances ic- 
«U(Td rj Charli-i i « 'U'tllj-. it ia probable 
tbal lily nitl In- t|>-> tnrr^a of film aboaT- 
tn-n oext month. M^r" than 1. 000 n- 
Mbitora arc nperted. Mr. U'RiKUy. S. I*. 
lfennan And W. H, LinUm ** l;tic* Tfera 
In Albanj ycftlpnlay for the purpoa* 1 «I 
arntngiTic details Indrlrmal i« the Htaln 
oonvrniiun. Must rf llif booth*, at tbo 

ej t otttl cB hnvp nirea*)j' bean eoaajwl bf 
Aim ajatftrtfta ami pntduettra BraO cipc-i 

|l> !..:..' p i ;.| ■■■■ i:.!li.-i! Ils-r- that U'lll 

he icminiM^Dl of ihe prc-waf day*. 

Amoiic htihitirsH matters tu be taken up 
■will be ifar Biljimtmrni of film pr|n-a, uni- 
(<n-n: c^biMtri--. ourfliiln; of the li^rialatlva 
j^rbEram lu br f^Howcd bj it«i- Sinn ■,«- 
MMTiaiion and bftiir abtnpio: fadtLtici 
J The MmeBtloDL vill be h?H at ilia 
t Botd T#n i:»:... 3Jaror Wjtliam K. 
Hackrtc will *i'!mpif thr dclq-aua. 

Mjav aixrs liau- .*"■!« ()PE>fi.ii«d for the 
m' pirturr ball on the nfclit nf 
.-VbniArj- 12 at (be State Arnory, on 
f.-hicb t-l^jtal n.i1l b* spent in de*wr*tii?M 
aloajft This featiirr al the couvcation Ja 
belas ifln'rij"-!] in niorJon picture thea- 
IrcK over a vide arcs. 

"!"[!>. coTivrntbiL will mil with n banquet 
•in the. nlitbt oT February 111. at which 
Uenatut >Tam6S J. Waller will be to■^t- 
muater. Syduej- 1% CeltU. national prwt- 
ilrni of thfi Motion 1'iriiiTe Thi-atrc 
i.i.-. i •■[-. ttlll >■ ■ . ;.-. in- the FpenkerA. 

lleiJuced railsT-id ratf- will be availabltv. 

Hurolil Ll«ld Mpi t'omnrl. 

Harold Lloyd V"pt hw word and 
aittord a rflntrt-t with I'alba at 5 o'clock 
hu>t ■■n n'a;. He iaiiaiated ao atroacly 
« w«rt m%f hn. lotrrjtioaf were t« rr- 
mtin. witb ibla i*aipany that so one 
la tttrprbjpd. lie ■*■>! on Wedncadaj 
he would pr^t-ii-l.i ff-xti Thuraday, and 
yesterday ntlled «* np to aay the deed 
had been dour. Mr, Lluyd. Mias ilil- 
drtd Davis, >lr<. ha»t». and IUV. aod 
Mr*. Harold Rom-h depart for the Pa- 
cltic Coait ihi* mornloff. waert Ur. 
Lloyd win hi-rii. work oa hit new Tub* 


Iil\lr:ik,. ihr TCACaian ■ Trail, 

The pUbSi^- ncliool teachera are eo^c 
to forget readir' and writin' and *r:th- 
metir en |he crcninz of J*nu»rr '2~. 
The? trill aMefnhV *i the Leilniton 
Theatre am cne*u wf Warner BrotJjcfa 
and rake f look at tia% Edwardi'a 
"Hehiool Daj*v" They will »» whj an 
eduemtion alway» paya and arhj boya 
are uinally broufht in the end to the 
ttaliufJoB, it U the important tbine In 
life Tba ahowinir hai been arranged 
tbroajrh Krct-.i 1.. CrasdalL aupcrio- 
tendent of tei'turm for public achooli. 
tt It eliweied ibat WOO leachera wilt 
accept tho Inritatiin "■ aee Weitey 

Dlbtrlbaiora tu 'irrl. 
The National Apfaorlntion cf Motion 
Picture) ia »t ill doins buiineac at tho 
old stand, with the i-ntire stilf on duty. 
To-morrow the dlttrEbot«fB J branch of 
tbii ofaanlaatiott aill cather at the 
Claridxe at 1 a'clock (o dtacnat «*rer*l 
DroWemi of tnicreat. «ir o( {he mrat 
important beiue (he excfaxiien bauiioe 
problem notr facJnc them in Wa thins- 
ton, A complete rrport on th*r fire pre- 
vention bill now pendinaj in the Diatricf 
of Colombia will be made at thia 

STlaa r. Siaidler neetnjva. 

^ilas F. Srad'rr. the brixht yotioc man. 
who mill at ibis ofhee rrerj Thunday, 
whether it rain* or BbLuca, hts banded 
in bla' rr.iu;nii[."ii to Arthur S. Katie, 
Sir. Beadier Ptlnm to aay what htajjltna 
»tp. but wp hope whatever thej urt ho 
rvitt not |ea<Tp the wotlfia pieturo bu*|- 

Mittaiodlal* tn Skew Plct»r*. 

Tho Metbodiit Minion of Sydoey.oaft 
of tha moat acdre of tba, relliiocj or- 
laniii fi n"" In Atuttralltf. i.Ai lavuun #1 


-■J-- In i. ;! « [..„-. ■ n... iiinr in Pafle. 

"liTi -ll.. I,-.. l.r. I, tl..l|ll(n>.l s 

rnirrialiifJ liy t'renfh nwlpbtra. 

natron ••'. Paramnunt pii'tum ai n mean- 
of pmridin;: niri niiuinrnt for the pelf 
Ik flf 8ydn«T- on Sunday afternoon*, m 

imrdih- la idvi: >> rr.iiieil by K. II. 


The nr^i *how inp waa «n a rtt*V- 
Sunday aftr^nooo. with John P. Robert' 
bod'b Paramounl aprciaE. "iScttti taenia: 
Tommy." en ibi- prinetnal attract foci. 
The l.y.Tiiiu Theatre waa jammed be- 
fore (hi' [irnjrram bonn. and ras""' 
vrotvda Lim-d the alc-el In \\vit atteni|<t 
\t\ cain BfAnnuBi N"* ahowias ia reccnl 
mmith^ iti'r,n : i''d ruorp fatorn&e atti-n- 
tl«n. anil inhi-r churrltex thmucboui Au 
trfcUrt ar.- iinparine |a ' ' 
lh.' M^xini 

follow the 


llrarnnnil lirla «n HtiHhA*" 

Willi-in.i I>r-nr.inl i-i ibdns 

with Jiis peteWUtl [i)iprarn.iicei< that Iti 
will nctirmr Iheni. lie will jp^iT .it 
Ijtwu'k J.yieiiru. l*iitil«irc. 1h'- week «f 
January ;» and^ a* be !■ a fttVQtli* >u 
Ibr coal cily. he «ili TTobAbly cet a Kiif 

Th^ Artore - 1-^niyr ba> pffparcl ■ 
brief on th- Fordnry >W per cent, id 
ralorem bill. Iii action: i» bened on a 
dpoirc to -■"' Ihe bill maeed as n pro- 
tr.ti.111 in the .Vim-rit-an filtn indiurry. 
1 1 has preparefl an iRtrreatin: state 
limbic of l.^iiMt and facia, one of tii- 
itfnbci^i aritumcniA heins the interest' 
of Ibtr Am«ntni ncreen Actor, wbieh. it 
eiaini*.- an- eadsnicifrtil, Mut-U of tfcls 
hai lieem printed in Hpeecbra made l>> 
.John tuatafaon nnd Pan] Tttr«ef P u »ev- 
eral mt-acintiH, 

)>eact Whim Uue Home. 

Pearl White, 11 ho nulled to pa-iii Np« 
Yearn in Paris with frirudu, is eineeli-d 
home. W'Cfl enaiea ttl the receptions 
brlnc iivi-n for -Mi-h While abroail and 
of niaiij invitetions from I'Veceh no:- 
«M-'-. Her ecratract wIUl Fox baa nut 
e 1 lured, and «fac i\>mn home to fullil iu 

Wllllaap K*»«r|) Hctarm. 
Siieak'tnc al th* Fox eumpany. Will- 
Lam Hi±M'-1 is ilepartlni; for the Weal 
r'oa-t in the monims. lie has made 
arranxenienl* 1" I'eS'ia work a* soon at 
be i*ar.bea ibere. As we aahl a few 
ilayi a«o. r Ii-*- Fnv IVentern vtndio* arr 
bumminc with ectirity. 

M.u l.ln'rr III \ajelB. 

1'iiny M;i\ t-.-i i'-r! Nn '■i:,n l i r I|-ii 

the spry littte French BLpr recoviired 
from the temporary !■■ ■ of his eyeaif*ht 
than bf came dawn ivitli n hsii eold 
m Nil is 5 1 ■ ■ -- -1 - ■ ■ « : ■ ■ ,\ -i iii a mild but serioui 
CM* of -pneumonia. He ia in bed et 
bis home under the rare qT a jilii -ii-|»n 
and nfir-Mr and will 1-c tlnable tu reaume 
producfioti i'ti hia bnriosijue of "The 
Three Murki'trc-i*' for At least wo 
wee*s. The doctoe'a edict n that Mai 
eiereiae preai eauhon Ireenn-e of tho 
daneer rctiitirij-. frvni his bar in; been 
fa-teed in the war. He was left --tith- 
om the roefed ron.«tituiion he had lie- 
fore hbl serTTcr. He I* optimistic, how- 
e»*r, ad J dictates h-tier* aed works on 
bin next Btory — a-s -nurb na ihe nurse 
allows. Thai a the ri-fht spirit to ha«c. 

-hi- I nlli Ii i,i AfcODat. 

"Dear MIj* ParsAna — In to-day'a mo- 
lion picture coiunm you aay thai tlie Bal- 
lin family hna left New York Bat aud 
eone to OiidS" tu make iiernona] ap- 
pearances in connectloiv with their pic- 
ture. Vane rjyri'.' 

"I liBTii'i-H to know far n fuel that 
Huso Tallin ami Mlm Mutu-I Italliu and 
Gorman Trevu. tin- leading itnti. are 
liooki-d (o a|i[kenr prrftonally eucb errata.* 
at V o'clock at the Shcridari ThcAtrr, 
Twelfth etreel and Arfenth avr-aue. New 
York City, for four dry-, i-reinnid.; 
January -~ dnHa*: wbirh time 'Jane 
Eyr-r" trill be shown. 

'■Now ML,-. Pa-BO-i". buw do yon ac- 
count Twr the Efajlini leaTins vr flair 

"By the war. the Kh<fidaa Thealr* ia 
ItiTttin-: alt the edltora wad r-rltica to 
r Ipw >Jtn>> Kvr> ' any erentac they ran 
to come din-in-; Ihe p mentation, and I 
wi> wonrieniir IT you n-nrived an Inei- 
tation. I.ercA'i-e 1! y-mt didn't, you 
ibo«Td- Toura Very Truly. 

"Acitha Miehaet. <Mis9> 

"Ju«t a Fan.'* 

r. S. — Perhana ihn Halliflt liar* re* 
lueneil from Chlcaco, but vrc do ittslAt 
tbey were there a few da>> itao. Their 
appeamncr in, net HchrduJtfl until Jnnu- 
ary 22, "-iving tbcm' Llriic to return (o 
tbut city. 

a. Una -e TWA. 
Paul Beta uya ha oneo net a man 
who had ocTcr written a Bee&arfo, Ha 
hat appbad for tba motion plctnre rithta 
oa thia rara aria and eip-rfU to AfBbtbB 
the record fa tha Mtueutn of Ctnlotitlea, 

GRAND Pianos 

Well named! GRAND in appearance. GRAND in 
tone. GRAND in their influence for good, for 
soothing and stimulating the mind, for invoking 
visions of life's possibilities beyond the routine of 
the average day. 

Every Woman Realizes This 
Every Woman Wants a Grand Piano 

The WANAMAKER Piano Salons offer to the 
readers of the TELEGRAPH, America's largest, 
finest choice of Grand Pianos. 

CH1CKEK1XG, the Great American Grand 91*229 

SCHOMACKEK, Piano of the PreHidents 1,150 

KMERSOX, the Sweet-Toned Grand !t."i0 

MXDEMAX & SONS, the Metropolitan Grand. S00 
BRAMBACH, the Wonderful Baby Grand <!:{."> 

And the Celebrated KXABE Grand 


Convenient Terms 

Old Pianos Taken in Part Exchange 

Come and see the wonderful display of Grand 
Pianos if you can. It is the best and most satisfac- 
tory .way. But, if you prefer, we will send a repre- 
sentative to see you and tell you more about them. 

Piano Salon. First Gallery. New Buildinr 


Jack In-flia Htm -o Chunse to 

Whiskers, Though His Hats 

Keep Them Laughing 



K. K. Pr-M-lOT'a Fifth Avenue Theatre 
for the week-end its plajinr lo a-*clai»- 
tax ihroiisa. eeer the and test of poon. 

Jack to-ill*, who ihinL-. linle of mak- 
lac the Jump from Froadw*y to San 
Franci*ro. then •*& ClrUtsttaS Week h*e- 
train*- from Canal street, New Orieait:-, 
to be with the wife tiuH three" In I'nion 
Hill, la aenrins 11 wnipkuou* ■ucee*-'. 
He h-n uw fun, much of it unmannm. 
.1 blankfLful of new feTt mid metal bats 
and a freali-loolijiut straw which be han- 
dle* carefully. H+> Iib^ the name njd lelc 
phone. The co*iver«iilion has. no connec- 
tion with It. 

Ineidentally, Mr. Irslis l« j-ctllw- 
ready lit put on an entirely new act '.n 
which be will dweard the headcrer worn 
by the nreman, the baker, the Judxe and 
the other* who used ■ taloon Id the old 
daya for a dot*. He ti jtoin-r" to n»* 
wi-ra and --i-hisker-«- No more wiJ he bur^ 
leaqae Hujth D'Arey 1 * ferAOU potto. 
"The Face Upon the Floor." 

Mr. Inslis. in explataint: rib imper- 
sonitiona of the patrons of ItA*cflfcer='« 
rafe t elaim" to xi T e someLhiin like -1.0(10 
different rharactee eipreasjons. This be 
peore-j with rapidity. H* obaerre*: 

"In one place 1 am a jrenlleniBn. 
Watch eteaajy '' 

Hit phone conrrrpAlionB with rarifis 
ittdiriduah. inc'iidi*!** his father and 
mnthrr, are unique, lie asauren his 
father, rereirlnB to htai as "Attn Boy, 
that If .ho put th* half-pint between the 
liuifiTTTiB Btin there. ^ 

He Is a Frvtuman, Too. 

Ilia aonK number** in different tones 
minus melody, cJoae *vith aouoos like 
"Aaleep in (he De*ap." Th4 Gbam* 1«: 

"Many braTo heart* are asleep ia th* 

JanaaB-u** acd Eioora Dnrlin atop 

the show with jonra nnd clownlm*. ^' r 
Burke vocalliin-; "When t'rnneis DanCM 
With Me" finjinndh to QO lem-i ■ I1u.11 six 
appeala for verse*, Hi.* toppou-h cUort 
ta the "Wahaah Btaea." Mis* Irnrhin 
■iua "GrauDy." Tbe two delineate a 
wedding- proposal in P*t" Thr *i(irartEre 
Mi*s I>nrtio dr-***ei repplendefilly. 

^'IctOria ft. Ihiprcc are fa^"-workio"r 
acToharir dADr-iTv 
t VoUnc i Wlljiams, muMtisn* nf hlsh 

I" abiltiT, 4-lTe a |iiatio and Vkolin p-rital. 
Tralton ic. 'IVaix are versatile with et>\ 
oqia] and Iwenlirlb centary steppms- 
, Their melodrama sketch ataeed at Hodunk 

* is amuainsr with it* snowstorm, reeoe^ry 

• of "them paper*" and the thraiblnK of (he 
I ra-f baby. 

Mixed Innreilleal* An Here, 

i* "Her Color Scheme" is a farce comedy 
ot m.ilritn"iu:il cotiftiNinn, A collar filled 
with hooie, a inn r lire- in -taw who win* 
herself a husband, n divorced wife who tr- 
mnrrics liCr IiiLsbaml, n muii who eets 
drunk for (lie arst tirae, tbe mislnc of tba 
name* lllm-l:, White; Bn>wn uml Olt**i 
«ni *ome of the complexities ^applying 
I mrrnmeut aplrnly. The cast inHudes 
Klmrr Thompson. Valeric Ilickcrsou. tlit 
diTorred wife- Clara Tfaropp, the mother- 
in-law; Cari Iteed and Rtry Thayer. 

tieoree Jeaaei appears ia "Troubles of 
ircfl/' a satire co the Wm epidemic 
There are six so-uci, with Iweire "tnju- 
blemakrr-L* r The story is tbat a theatr. 1 
bad pt-tawted one mot after auoiher 
lirinx cn-rjibody. _ It r^ccoTTed to Mr 
Jeansal and Al Lewi* t*> -crita a traveif j. 

It -("JAr* all ktndsi of fua. There. In no 
limit to the melody and dandac The 
analyst* is that Mr. Jnacl desires to be- 
come a producer, ilia mother furnishe* 
the money, Th* plan fails. There i- tha 
nolo of pat liis. 

Dixie >■ '-[fni fni'i Coral Melnottn ap- 
pear in an Ln'ercslinE lyrical anil Sanaa 
re. nunc* invoh-iiif; epiaodca uf JKJU, J^7',» 
and 1 ;?.::.' 

Joe Mi-'l'urlon And Johnny Pa I nee pro- 
dace Yntamea of harmo*!?, Thty w*k 
tri pve the ImpressioD that their act has 
not teem rehraraod and tho pLaaaed audi- 
ence accepts (Jki idea. 

Mil*. HeHdia'a Pela do** tha ahow. 
The dopi aq4 eat* l*ei alone amaa ln j j ly. 

Women Artlili AaaeTSible Here. 
The annual dinner of the National 
AsAOetauou of Women*. Painter* and 
flctilptor-t. Mrs. tl. V*n Bure a MbaooJjeK 
prreidetir, U to be siren at tha Archi« 
tecttirol Iit-Acnr room*. *J15 Went Blfty- 
sercnth rtreel, on next Wednesday, 
January 2$, at "JO P, lit Mm. J. P. 
Warbass, whn went abroad in the in- 
1 em t of the Co-opera live Le ajruo - " 
America, will apeak, on "*Co-0per*ti<e 
An in Knrope," 

Stay Awake 
After Eating 

Give Your Stomach Help With A 

5tuaet'a DranwatU Tablet And 

Nooo Da*- Meals Won't Botber 

.Many people nre so aTraid nf drnwst- 
B«h after '-alitiK Hint tbcj itkip meals 

or eat ao little they are Undcruou-isardi 
rluch stunisili* TryrriT need tin; beta of 
Stuart'd Uyepepslu InbMa, Tba *ap*« 
of ritllncin U relieved and tbure ta no 
acld effect,, no Raanlni;**, no heartburn. 
DlfvsLlmi pratAA- Jj -- Ithtrat those P*- 
ruhAr nreaaurea and senaatiotis of tadl* 
B-eetioti and you poon learn to forltet 
yo«r stonjacb uruvided jrou do-not lor- 
ie*. Siuart'a DyspepaiA Tablerk Get a 
Ueecnt box tv-day of anj drnsjitt. and, 
rote how rnueh better yett feel tfter ca- 




Division, of National Association 
Alio Heart of Hew Washing- 
ton City Begnlations. 


■ [■■ ?unic Original ]Jran Hcllj- 

Btrthe nod Kennctb Webb Strne4 
for "Tb« H*7or'i Wife." 


WHY'S the roll v(ik r nil.-.l yen- 
tarda; at the riaridae for fhn 
TrJatrihutora' Dlvtaion of rto 
National Aaaoclatloo of t'l* 
oration Picture. Inrltwtry the aUcnriaoco 
tu filmoM 100 per cent. Among tltoflc 
who Mid J 'nWft" whrn the attend* e Co 
was recorded were White, of For; Kent, 
of Fanwiuh Playcrs-Laltey- Heas, o£ 
Crokrwyn: Barman, of Crjlve.raal; Hani- 
TDond, of EduearSonal; Itcgws, ftf It. 
C and Brettch, of Hodklnson. 

Jnclc Conmsllcy iras on hand to jitb 
information on the houviag situation 
130%- pending- In ta« tHatriet of Colum- 
bia. Certain fire irfillatlonit enforced 
in WaaataetcMi make special precau- 
tions noccflsflry wherever films ar« 
•tared. \" --■■:■ ■■■" tie exchanges are in 
the Mather Building, BTiJ the owners 
have jironiiBed tu ue-c flit required ref- 
lations aru fiilfillwi. 

The Cannulas loner." of the District of 
Columbia nave [rlvm ton prAdBeeia iiatU 
March 3 to complete the cbangBli asked 
in the film containers. The first rp- 
quirerar-nt, that raeh box be fibre -lined, 
ha.s twoii eliminated, unit the ejdljQXM. 

Cops and Imlloitis A dip for tliis ; ■■"- 
pose It available, so ibe •■■ ■ will not 
be very creat In thet iropecl. 

The Hoy plan of establishing credit 
through F. I. L. 31. soeleeioa in vari- 
ous cttfofc) to be dralcnatcri a* centers 
Of zones, was formally adopted, with 
Fox, Famous riayerH-Ln&ky, Metro, 
Fatae, T'ionrer, Educational, B- C-« 
Hodkinson, Goldwyu and I'niversal 

Sla-aa « nil. ind my lite 
Walter Qnezul raid yesterday the sec- 
ond ptetnre In tw made l>y Pyramid "ill 
bo "The Mayor's Wife." This is a Welt 
known. detective, story by Anna Kaili- 
erlnc. Greene and has crouch thrills lit 
It to Satisfy the most uviil lore* of/toil 
sort of tale. Betty Blyitlio haa been 
tntWi Tor the leading rota Kenneth 
Wphh has Item selected to direct her. 
To thin anuoimrcnienl Mr. GreeSfi add- 
ed that Pyramid PleUUea during' the 
rt>mjft,c year will produce sixteen fea- 
tures, each With on mll^tar east. 1'yra- 
mid'a tint contrihtltinft tfl the filpi lit- 
erattirr of the country E* '*My Old K*&- 
niek.v Home," ^j Anthony I k aul KcHf, 
dir*tltd hy Hay Stmalhvonrf, with Sip;- 
frid Holmiiiisi, SlontO Klue, Julia 
Swayuc tiordon, Frank furrier. Ar- 
tlntr Cat-ewe ud Billy Quirk In tne 

U. Wi I'.'-Us 111-. FnvcrlH-*. 

Any flEC who M* on idea or i-n(er- 
iag motion pt^titrrs ;*oq her face" 
had better read what 1>. W. Griffith 
lias to say on Frmlnine hcantr.. It may 
vonuin a surprise for kuiiip of thtkc tittle 
imitaLion Mary I'ickfonU who !.-■ n-'- 
all tlii'y ha vt to do in to eive Mi - . Grff- 
fith a chance tit nee tlieir ciiiih and 
iiimplf* + A( fl talk ma«J* to the Art 
IHreetors' Club at llroirnc'.i Chop 
rfauES yDSterdai nn tho subjeet of 
"Heanty," Jle. ^inffiih naid: 

"Tbt! three most Iteatittful faees I hare 
trcr hccu arc ihe faces of -oiaLiirc 

"One is Alexandra, the Ihmaerr 
tjiwen <'f rn=lnnd. with that serene die 
mtj and t'nuTiouh sympathy ami kiudll- 
■Hnra thnl mhjj>- front .■■:;. ;..;.-■■. of 
ariator-ratje euvlrounjcni, 

"*!l"hr acvonrj i« a scrub woman in a 
PftlatMirs theatre— a rn-nid. Iprautfful 
r.i-. , kindly and idireivtl ami und-rniund- 
irnt jinul tiirtitiiistk- hii:I stronj: iiith the 
siilemlJiJ ili^uity or laoof. 

"♦The ihirJ ix a iiU-ailtaj: of these ttvn, 
It Is Mrf, llarsliitff. ii iijallt Ohio woman 
nnnr the firnt lady of the land. Sho 
Tim the ftoHllty of ihc Qneant whnm 
ahe resembles, nnc) nhe ban that sturdy 
Ijiimartily »f the rharwnmati — a union 
] ihlut couhl exist only in Amt'rirs. 

*'If I rould show :h«w thr*e fa**a 
<m the sercca ax they actuary are then 
Hi* poblle would well declare; motion 
uirtTiraa an art." 

To Holil Convention In Chlcitso, 
"All the motion pietnrf writers in <^hi- 
cago will have a chance to interview 
-Harouc] Goldwyn next ireek. He la 
Eiitnj to Chicago for ft Mid Winter salon 
convention or the Cotdwyn branch man- 
agers at the ConrreA^ flotpl foe four 
dayi. starting next Monday. A«ttn- 
jinnyinii Mr, Goldwyn to thts feaat of 
wfadora will ho A. F?, Aronaun, view 
president and ^aloa mnnafor of <?a!d- 
wyn: Alfred Wcies and FT A. Gnd^r. 
vice presidents, awd Abrahani liefar, vice, 
jireaident in cbcrjre of production, all 
nhlfif Mf'UtiVfM of the (■oldiryn Com- 
Jiany. Mr. Ijflir will dia<!UHs r^rloua 
anglea of production and hare an op- 
portunity ta hear from the exhibitors 
through the ureneh JuanBgers. This la 
the first scAAinn since the oao la CllUeC 
City last.yoar. ■ i:.i many imnorUnt aub- 
.-''■[■; nro hooked for dlseu&ilon. 

Tbifb mount Chanfei, 

S';Vi-i-.» 1 cllSUECN in dtudlO pfr-.n : i."| 

tvere annnuneed this week in Los An- 
(elea by Jesso L., I^isVy. 

Tha Realart Shidfo liha been rcDtujcd 
tha WiMii;-i- studio, to '!i iinffufati it 
from thrj Jji»ky t 

FninL B. ifarhntt. uaUl now mannECr 
of ih. Rralnrt Srtidio, han been ap- 
pointed apncial tfrbnteatl advbrr to ttia 
^aranvouut prodUrtlon dopatttnent and 
will he. In charge of all of tar-'eoinpany'R 
lahftratory work In J*o» Annelea and 
New York. Under hfo supertlslon a 
aerf aad Injprond laboratnrj- will ho 
eonatnirtM to replaee the nrratat on* 
at the I.asky Htudto. Mr, Garbutt will 
Start (torn Ml lately fof K*W Toi-lt fc> con- 
fer wfth Frank Jfvyer and r other nTecn- 
tivca at thp home oRice ever the latest 
and most aflactif? mntbuds of hnndlinff 
the eomitamT's Ttrlntinc and drve1opln c . 
Victor Tl. Ohtrfee, fnrmnrly manacer 
at the 1--:: Inland atudio. h ;i ., hern 
["pointiwl raBiiatTT oT the WllKhlrc *tn- 
lo. Mr. Clarke ban been in Hollywood 
ftetal ni.i-if'i-; as .-,. ,--[ ; -,| [■,..,-.., :. .-utr.M-, - 
' the production ilepartment. 

FeHlDSitit i::ir> Here. 

The FVrrllnaiid TUuney Enrle case 

klDSt Tbtodorc Ahrens, nrcsident of tiie 

h* has Item ritn»iird hj fl"n.1teT 
Grernv to play (he tending; rtfif 
In *'Th* Mayor'* Wire," hi» next 

i.' f:| 'I ,] i"i ! ! ! :■ . 

Itubaiyat CotD|iajay, indy he miUmI out 
or court. Mr. Kurlo arrived b*W venter- 
day in jusiJiPiiai! tu u wire rnun Mr. 
AJareaa, and if tliey COQie t>: on aitmc- 
meut the final heal buttle will fc- rolled 
off. Mr. Kfirli'. if lie tinea nut effect & 
setlleraent, will hie a autt iillrpiu^ hia^ 
of part of ibis vcpjtilvv of " Th,- ltuli.ii.vut 
of Omar Kha^yjtm." TJerhert Ne:ileumlt 
and Qurt-MLc Uriurihrtriii, htoi-t hit] tiers in 

the M !■ ::..!! ( ■|i!i1|i.ill)- 1 bfOHgtlE the !•■ .;.,■■ 

ti«--c fclust, Mr. Barta clnitiw, mid ho will 
to- rrrttiiiic ihem friifu Klivwins it. 
Be ia Iwire now either ('■ eyme to icrma 
or else take his troubles into court, 

fu (,'gmr nit (he- Anqltnnlti, 
When tht Anulraitifi rejidifs hvru in 
Fobroary it ■will tarry anionc its nan- 
Moccra KImp Oobcxi, .>uc uf LotLdoa'a 
ieuuini fiui* lY.nnen. MbH Colirjl proves 
feminism itt inking liol-l in Kn^hLii'l by 
de.mun^Lrntiiiic her ahilllr t*t hnld a jtnsl- 
tion as luniukifer of the Uollaudiu Film 
Co nip any. 

w. ii you n« in nexnz-kf 

John UiiWifli is flying t-» Newark (o- 
nwrnm. Thiit i'em Qtoy not bo of trc- 
TnentloLiy juonmucli hh Hyint 
these days i-l One of Hie wotIiI'h favorite 
outdoor apoita. liut Mr. llu-Kdl pro- 
p.»M',i ilrupl'lii); $IVJ iMjmt'wlieiT in Newark 
when he reuelH-H there- He will Maet 
frum h ;:;•:. , City and Hy to New Jersey 
to nee 'Ten Nidus In a f-larroonV* tu. 
which be hlul*« Use lending tale. 


illtili Wilt'"' f«r Londmi 

Walter M'nnscr has xOnt a cuhtcKrara 
tu Curl Lnrmtule. askinc i!i> (trice on 
"Fimliah U'lven" fur C->ven( IZurilen 
Theatre, hmidtin. At Si,3"ili.tiatf.fl0 what 
would you »(iiy¥ 

Piral siah< at Bat*. 

The Ititi-t'urlton last evening wok oc- 
cupied by paolion picture dovefiix* Tlie 
rciisoii. ns any ORQ with n Jirnper Slier- 
lock Uolmi-s Benn can n-tnllly under- 
stand, <.%■-.[- ;ln fimr nhnwiitg oT it ni-w 
pntdneliun. "Kimiretl of the l.Juft," witlr 
that leelli'tit director, IEumil Walnh, as 
ItO-Iii^it. director and riiiiiingt-r iyf the 
event. The •;>■•> coatajna hucIi pluvern 
as Mitiwwi Cboyer aid W r , .1. IVrnototi, 
with utitei^i of Littusl Intcrwt. The audi- 
ence approved, and did not betdtMtt to 

±hn.or h iii Kinnnuttaf ,jni, t\f \\w. WnlHh B K 

!ii:iii-i-i .-in lit placet. 

.!■■.:■ RobcrtKon 1a In direct !'..■ ■ ."- 
"Blood rind Santl" Krory one who 
ItbQwa "Sentiment at Tonitny, 1 " -Fottt- 
liiclitu" nnd u few others will flpprcciate 
why Jetwe l.utchy cables Mr. Hnhirt-wm 
to come hnme nnil ntt<-:iif to this little 
evMcuiLienti, Rudolf Valentlint PUT" the 
load. We hope yon nouee the "Itoilolf," 
Mr- Valentino 3juk cli his name. He 
t* no lontter Rmlotplu Ue mir* and noifl 
we!]. Jiun- '.'.::":■■ Has mlaple'l the novel 
and May MeAvny will play the leudbu 
woman\ role. 

Mr' Lanky ahu aniwunreK that in 
GeDin MelHtnl's production of "The Cat 
That Walked Alone," in Wuidl l^rothy 
Dalton In to be, feuturetl, Wiinds IJawley, 
n xinr in Iilt owit r = —: ■ ■ =■ - and Milton tilllg 
will he seen in imitortaltt Puna. 

Conrad Ifagel hit* been Wleetwl to play 
Opposite Acnea Ayrea in hnr next Mar- 
tina; picture, "The Ordeal," «<« "risinat 
alOi-y by W. Somerset hlartftliBiii. Thn 
iiictnro will he n spednl William EX Tay- 
lor production. 

I,lla fjee, Mr. 1-ask.v iiniionnerd. will 
aupitort Wallace Iteid In "The Hictator." 
the |HKiular Richard Hunlinc DbvM eom- 
edy, which Mr- Reid i* Jo begin on short- 
ly under direction or .lames Cruse. 

Jack Holt and Hebe Haniela will b* 
(w-starred in "Vitl of rnrndise,"' utitlfr 
direction <tT Jnsoph IScnabery. 

tirtm I'rmt.i imi \-n--.::,<.-t"--- ^ - 

Lionel Tlein w a boKtler. nnd with h>i» 
an a manacjer Peaffy Marsh has landH. 
t«o joo*. Although *l?e has not mndf 
any motion nictnro arroniicmen^. nbe 
will dam-e at the Knlckerhoeke? r frill 
every erpninc; with ber hashand, Albert 
Johnson, and a little lati-f Mr. Una will 
phtif Iter under a vaudeville eontrai-t. 
NeK^iiiitinrtH nro on now, and everything 
in readiness but the aetusl -i^.1 i.. 1 : of Ihc 
name on the dotted line. 

A Liar or Tiro. 
TT Will Haya gets a day olf he ought 
to lonk at die flood of BpfuMcatibai ceht 
to bint by inotlou ^ii-tur-- folk who want 
a Jflb. Every one not of work ]:.i- writ- 
en the posttoajltr general a jtersonal 
.udnnieninnL of his own nt>fllty ami rx- 
Jiialnrii how iinporinnt it i; to thn per- 
petusticiti of the. l>ti*biru» to hiin 
a« ati^LHtnut, 

fln,.)i.. I>.- frum MlKht Colds. 

Ultlln IIBOHO qtUSlNT TiblHp uog Ptl|«rf 

\:**?-v r-- -p. I (■' :-' Cnldi. A unV ;.,.. 

lilt *i>it [rnn ^ TV p. oiuilft trir.. ih> 
*!rtHTur» fll C. W. OnMt. (B* lura rm i,l 

SR0H0.I Me.-Asvi. 

The Many -Sided Wanamaker Store 

"As good be out of the world— 

— as out of the FASHION!" 

"As good be out of the 
world as out of the fashion" 
— I repeat it, because it so 
perfectly explains my state 
oi mind at the present time. 


Because in the trunks which 
left the Wanamaker Paris 
Bureau on the morning of 
Saturday, January the scv- 
cnihj shipped via the S. S. 
"Paris/' and which f arrived 
in the Wanamaker Coin it 
Paris in New York on the 
afternoon of the seventeenth, 
there were a number of the 
frocks which the Parisrennes 
are wearing now— at this 

■^^S^Km" completely captivated 
by a brick red frock — made 

of Rodier's wonderful Kasha 
cloth in the most simple of 
styles. The couturier calls it 
"Simplctte." I feel thaE this 
brick red frock is my dress 
— exactly — and there is not a 
wee tuck in the bodice or in 
the border that does not give 
me joy! 

Packed in the trunks also 
were the first hats which 
Maria Guy, Lucie Hamar 
and Monsieur Levvia have 
created for Spring. I can- 
not tell you about them for 
every one is so new and so 

—Now. the point of this story 
is : Paris fashions come to Wana- 
inahc/s as soon as they ore creased. 

And the result of this is: thai 
there is a Paris-inspired dress — a 
perfect tlrtss — and a hat — for 
every woman and young woman in 
the Wa:iarnakcx Fashion Salons 
every day. And it i£ here at A price 
to meet even moderate incomes. 

The illustrative silhouettes shown 
on this page girt but a glimpse of 
the almost endless number of new 
fashions now on view. Andj by 
the war, speaking of silhouettes., it 
really is to be a season of sithQu- 
cttes, because Paris has done such 
wonder f til things with the lines jii 
her costumes, 

H is to be a season of colors, too! 
Beautiful colors — new colors! 
"One ftf the things most notlccabte 
is almost the abandon of black" — 
writes the Wanamaker Paris fash- 
ion representative. A visit to the 

Fashion Salons here gives this im-_ 
.pnwl — /TOOrt- — ^"" -' -Tir""*-"" > 

The lovely tone of canary yellow 
which the couturiers Introduced at 
Deauville is reproduced in t!ie new 
sports fashions for the Southland. 
Also in soit silk crepe Tracks, for 
this canary yellow is a ivr>mlerful 

Speakijig of sports fashions re- 
minds me to say that you will find 
the collection of Parish-made knitted 
puits, frocks, capes, skirts and 
jaquettes decidedly unique — in 
styles, colors and prices. Some one 
said the other day that one of these 
knitted suits which is here at 
flWiO.50 was seen in another shop at 
$95. This is easily explained be- 
cause the entire Wanamaker collec- 
tion was made by the originator of 
these costumes in Paris. They 
were not bought from a commis- 
soinaire or importer. 

There arc also lingerie and 
silk crepe frocks — hand-made, of 

course— from Paris. The organdie 
frocks in mauve and canary yellow 
are especially charming. 

Laces haz-e again received the 
favor of Paris. But Paris has 
Found new and more beaut i ful 
ways for using them. For some 
frocks Paris has dyed soft silk 
lace to match the silk crepe in the 
dresses, whether it is flame color, 
yellow, mauye or another alluring 
shade. For others, Paris makes 
narrow black Valenciennes lace 
the only trimming on a brightly 
hued Georgette dance frock for 
Miss 14 to 20. . 

Blouses are certain to have a 
Mflt' cagm*. because they, too, are 
so different. Their chk and new- 
ness in the waistline, which is far 
down about the hips— just where 
Midaroe Renee placed It, And 
N*w York will recall that it was ■ 
the Wanamaker Store that intro- 
duced Madame Renee's blouses to 
America. That was several months 
aro. Now, every one is talking 
about this new and very duTerent 
type of blouse. However, the 
Wtnamiker Fashion Salons shall 
con tinue i a feat u re Mada m e 
Rente's blouse and* to introduce 
new Interpretations of it, because 
it is practical as well as smart. 

Sw/nlers have taken on new life, 
too. Some of them are embroid- 
ered all over— think of it! They 
are stunning. 

The fur cape with which Cheniit 
created a" sensation this season 

(and which we imported and re- 
produccd at a fraction of the 
original cost ! h the type at wrap 
which has no particular season, 
when in ermine, or kolinsky. The 
silhouette of this cape is perfect. 
The cape reproduced in these fine 
*>"S&fi r_riHif.Vssfif.pie Sf VbTvex : * 

The collection of Russian Sable 
scarfs is intensely interesting both 
from ihc viewpoint of quality and 

Incidentally, many fur coats and 
wraps for winter wear arc now 
being nfrcrL'd at greatly lessened 

This reminds mc that I must 
stop talking about the fashions in 
detail as there really is no end to 
their new story-— and I want to 
sum up my impressions of the 
Wanamaker Fashion Salons. 

It seems as though new Salons 
had appeared on the second floor 
of the charming old Stewart Build- 
ing. However, the Salons are not 
new, hut there h a new Staff of 
Fashion Authorities who have 
brought about a rejuvenation. 

Frankly. I am amazed at the 
many changes- Every new and 
smart fashion is there, whether 
a sports suit with knickerbockers 
or a tweed frock with jaunty little 

+ * * 

Sporls togs from France, Eng- 
land or even the remote Fair 

Sports blouses such as are now 
befog worn at the Riviera, t or 
copies or blouses by the great 
couturiers of l J aris. 

Traiuuf and sports suits and 
coaU of stunning English ma- 

Sports skirts of every descrip- 

Frocks after the picturesque 
peasant fashions — some in Crepe 
dc Chine, others of knitted fibre 

Frocks introducing the new em- 
broideries — some in metal thread. 

others in self color, and others 
in the rich colors of the Balkans. 

Dinner and evening gowns 
aglow with crystal beads — but 
beaded as only Paris can bead 

* * * 

Exquisitely simple frocks of 
silk crepe — many introducing the 
use of higher contrastng colors. 

Frocks of Kasha cloth trimmed 
with wool lace dyed to match. 

Frocks of fine wool jersey in 
white and the gay new colors— 
others of the lovely new gingham 

"and linenS, " 

Trotteur suits with the new 
two-toned checked tweed skirts and 
plain colored coats! 

Suits of white Marseilles — 
others with white skirl* and the 
new !?ox coals of whte hien with 
unusually artistic " designs, hand 
block-printed in color. 

Capes and capes — from knitted 
models of wool ami fibre silk to 
clever affairs made of English 
plaid serges. 


There are really two collections 
of Fashions — those for Women 
and those for Miss 14 to 20. The 
little Diana Salon in which we 
present individual models for 
Mademoiselle is a particularly 
bright and fascinating comet l " cse 
. (JajM*:.* ,,, -_ -; i**v^v-" ■ '"■■ "- - 

The prices on oil fashions mil 
be a revelation, toe arc sure! 


When one comes id the 
Wanamaker Store one also has 
the assurance of getting all the 
new. and correct fashion acces- 
sories — everything, from Rcynier 
l the finest of French gloves), the 
metal girdles, the beautiful bits of 
neckwear, and handbags, the proper 
footwear, to sheer silk stockings 
in the exquisite beige and gray 
tones when ihe smart Parsiennes 
arc now wearing. 


All ci these fashions will fait 
in their purpose for you if your 
FIGURE is not correct. Your 
silhouette must be moulded prop- 
erly, and iL must be supple — and 
to accomplish this ( unless you 
have a young girl's figure) you 
must have the right corset. Yea. 
Paris is again wearing corsets. It 
may be a mere girdle of elastic or 
silk, or a topless corset with a few 
bones, or a corset to be worn with 
a brassiere. 

The Wanamaker Corset - Shop 
has Paris-made and Paris- in spired 
corsets to meet the requirements 
of every woman. 


HMt jHortring OEelesrap!) 

Fiftieth stwi. i 

■ -«. It I<W|, Pre-.! 
Tmiunr, Eu Eighth A 


t kvlkv msli.m. 
7 THE l.EWI* rmUHHINfi rOMfANT, tit No. I 

PatilUhnl , 
■m-jr Fiftieth Street. !n it* City „. . . 

-W. E. i-ewii, Freatdcst. s-ynA eighth Atpqd 

of Now York. 

I Eighth Arec-ii 

;., BecrtUrj nn 

H Ml ITT, ,\<!trrll-lnE 
Telephone, !«* Clr**», 

ilike cherka taysl>le to The Morning Telegraph, .SW Eighth Avenue, N*w York. 

The New "Sort: State Motion rirture Commission will 

jl-^ You WOlm* Es """ ™" '*"* "" or ftn "P 60 ** acc.ium which will total the 

- — — ■ "'- small yum of J20O.OM, almost three limn *» much as 

Id Be Taxed far ^-v o.^ - * 

ill'v had last vr-r r. 

CesifOrthip? Fatfrnt taxpayers, already shouldering n citable hor- 

ded in luxury Intra on their undo fountnln patronage, 
their sniilinfty and their amusement*:, will he asked to triple ihelr contrlbntino to 
the cause of motion picture*, ninety-ninr per cent, pure:. But is It worth ft? Will 
n larger investment In State reviewer* dedicated 10 tbe task of. clipping .vie* from 
[be celluloid, im-rtl+o cAir virtue, proporllonfltely? Are motion picture producer* 
really ho immoral that it will lake a fifth of a million dollars to CUtb their exploi- 
tation* of the naughty eternal trlnsgie,, the. frotd, bad Jesse James of the screen, 
who incites a love of firearms in the juvenile, or ibe -nicked plots and cannier-. 
pi if*, which :\t" n Urged in be Hi-» of Youthful delinquency? 

Out In Chicago, where children go ta Ihe movies nine times a werlt and spend 
~iu six schools — W1,000 annually for screen entertainment, W; L. Bodlne, super- 
intendent of compulsory education, recently declared Hint the tenant and the dclln- 
qntnt had disappeared to an encouraging sod appreciable extent. 

And in Nnr York, where tbe busy censors hare been pulling in a cowl ita- 
Jjont day issuing permit a fur tV exbibltlou of O.TiH motion picture filoia up to 
January 1. V-*--. vrt still h.-irr bc«o treated to the nauee^UN npectacle of Fred 
B«sura.iB, coreiipondent in a notorious divorce case, exploiting bis angle of a 
notorious trLnngle in a Broadwsj house. 

Senator Walker pointed out Last week {hat "ceneoc-iaip )ms not crcompltahod 
tba Jt#rping of Clara llatnoQ oT toe Screen, car has it prevented Fred Benurals, ' 
.connected wjtb B Fcandalous divorce ca» in aociet)-, from showing" hiniaelf in 
motion ptotureB. Tou can't get t(> Betumlu wltb-cFliaArehqi. " 

No, jou can't, Not/ta jou witb $200,000 »u/ m«re' thjin with $70,000. 



' | 'HE more we ae* or motion pictures ibe mora we realise thnt most, directors 
■a. are labsring under I lie "«re nothing, hear nothing, know nothing" utogan. 

Vie pointed not n. short tiuso wgo that when screen arrors cuier a room (bey 
^refylly fall at first ghinc! to see anj'body In It. Ii is with pome iJImctfltj' and a 
bit of maneueering that they finnl^y bring (heir eyf-:* to focus On the object of 
their search, who in ntandi'ng jq thp middle «f the room. 

Pifrruse odors decorating room (tcenen »re as* dennr. Tbey nevrr henr any- 
body eater\ They may be tatting oa tbe m>st prlvnte of *ubj-cls, with lover^ 
voiees and lenm nerves, yej lb* hero opens Hi* d^or nt (be bnct witboui difficuWy 
and advances to Vrttfn'-i few feel of where ibp conspirators pre talking. Villain* 
Can plot, rather Cflntioucly, and jel be draf to ;hr s;.--o"- entrance, though the 
chap nwinja thrr-uph s window, knocks avrr *" couple vl chair* and ndranceK in 
hrogana, t 

■ Tbe -n-jfe in iij^ fiJnt nerer htara her hjsbnnd rntrr (be room, eren wltejn 
she latrriag id conceal from him tbr Tact frit afae is woTltlng ,.n brby'itbrvotiei:. She 
eewfl away, hqppy and neireUre. nnd is Blway.s startled to fl|w.*¥rr flmt hwbby has 
craahe>d through Ibt gln«» partition* and Ik strmriing: befor" her. Worn the way- 
ward B*n of the films returns to tbe far™ he always linds the door unlatebed. 
Mother tils reading her Hible cmj wishing ber son were home.' but i-hc never 
hears birti tear up lb* fn»Dt Mfpk ar.d «pen (he door. Not until she h«« rend 
through tbe Psalm* and part of John does s>he realise that |)ic .prodig-al h"" e* 1 - 
tilr&ed andU standing In rhe daorway. or i-oarMe, i~. ihiu instance we might tah; 
inifi. eonsiderntfon, tbe fact That ujotber is old enough to be stone tlraf. sod jet tltc 
nuitter of ber deaTness is left io iliii one Incliient. 

H la prarticall>- nlways ihr same. In tbe (ilm» any one can enter a room 
■without being heard. It ia ibis ability to guinsboe which keeps plots alive. 

In real life ons t* Usually aware if a person"* entrance ln(j n rnom. EjTCB 
if the person can't be seen or heard be I* utiuully vn»*d. But sppurantly the 
idea la t* irirli the public into bellevclna- ibat all film actors nre hJlud, denf and 

office, Turing ontji of office \* no uew 
mnnaged Tbe Harding ciimpnisn and 

ON March 4 TVill ILa^s aitfat inl 
eiperlr&e* f»r this young man 
brought the lie publicans victory. Bat with all bin wide experience mi polltlclai 
i&d a. leader, it in doubtful if lie hds ever lidrt n fefeger job cut out for "him. 
Director of nun Lop picture*. TlJe title is re:lll.t InNuRkient to indicoie nil it 
signifies. Mr. Hays, vriib ai^ civpablf hand un the helm, t?I31 be called ui>on to 
decide mopy flueitlions. He will b« ankej for adtlce on questions or legislation. 
He wat have lo deal with aucfa plensnnt reformers n* \TObur t'raft^. nnd listen 
to other Issues rounllc jwten;. Onuorsblp fu tiie Hintes will C"nie under bit 
supervision. The question of di^rributinn soil screen propaganda. In fart erery- 
tbinc thnt has lo do with taction pletnna will be hniufcbt to Mr. IIayn for dis- 
cussion. He ba« a big job. we repeat, but he lit a big mnn. find (list In why tba 
appointment wan offered bitn. 

MELODRAMA has come into I|* own on the screen. 
Vuhampered by the endttleJ -( ibeutre seen try, it becomes Bmootber nnd 
more realistic than Its original exponents erer drraanttf. 

It in not surprising that revivals of eucb old thrillers as "'Bertlm ihf Sewina 
Machine Girl." and "Ten Nights En n Barroom" are meeting with u-w j-tuvewc* 
One only fear is ibat tbey will be w wltotith ar.d consiMent (but we will htive tJ 
take Ibrm <ieHouHy. 

New or old. there is nothing thnt goc* as well, be It npecially written for tbe 
screen or revived front a distinguished jiiist. It In the play nr picture thnt plays 
upon the emotions HtuimeleHi'b; that Imi tbf immli. Keen wlrh rbe on timely ItKCh 
removed Ibat made the theatre repret4entations doubly enjoyable, »c Tvelc<'me tbe 
motion picture mdodnima. 



Ol'K human rare 1* no busy rowak* 
img !t«elf it cannot afford to en- 
joy motion pictures. Tho old 
thing* that our mother and our 
grandmother* H>«cd to read irr »o passe 
no qua who is seeking to uplift hla in- 
tollectunJ stnntliOiC dnrc sbttw any ittteregt 
In them. Cifilltation la mnoving our ap- 
pperlatioti for the nil thinns mid suh- 

sdtutlng Insceni] P cold analytical ml rid 
that eliminates oil our honest ernoitlon. 
No wae who carcjf f'ir bis rrptitation as 
nn iatcllwtunl ever tetraya hi* keen In* 
tercsl Ja old-fasbionrd raelodrainB, or his 
deltftht In a wholesome, fine love atory 
with nil the n>cOrn elemcntd of cynicism 
■' removed. 

And wny3 Simply because'the world 
U composed of tlir^iT who follow where 
the loader goes. Motion pictures are con- 
«idepHi a form or entertainment too banal 
and cheap to bulii any intercut fur, tlictio 
p*opie. If they nr<? really IntriBucd by a 
<llm story they soon fortvl it nnd look 
[or the flawa. The t" i 1 1 c- drama that has 
great appeal for the ordinary folk U too 
far beneatti their notice to be worth mom 
than, it ].:L'.iiti;; glance. Tho beet tbey 
can give it is i\ sneer and a refusal lo 
,pdinlt the fiBc thing* It frequently 
teaches ntid IHusttateB. 

Alter seeing "Hail the Woman" at the 
Strand Tbontrc Lait Sunday evening, 
with an audience ihui sat In rapt at- 
tention an every scene unfolded, unil then 
^trwhaf-trut ,M ' "rt^ 1 *!*'^ *..w meetm^r^ri 
one of these i&-c."iTlrd bljAhrows ■g'fffrf' 
like tramping to death tbe next one d( 
tttla ^p»cie^ who Hint my way. 

"Hju'1 ihc Woman" la the same old 
thing, isn't It? Trash and piffle- 

1 said No with audi force, my li. b. 
friend* mild: 

"You don't m-;an you enjoy feeing a 
mined girl die for lore of a man? Why, 
lay dear, in ibis duy ntid age a woman 
would -■-' out In the world and d<> no 
mucli better lhan [lie luddish mun wln> 
dlwwued her child abv wouldn't he u«- 
nuyed with uui-li a v.etik lueuibcr of tut- 
cletj" lied to ber apron atrlufs." 
The Latr uf AirriSt. 

l^'lia; use to tell the a. b. all womcu 
arc not made of the st*nf shv ailnjcnttt^ 
Mudi us we believe in feminism, ivu 
do not think Hubic Li the more fragile 
uicmli'ni ui the feminine ws are ault«4 
to battle with ton cumincrcial cli'meuta 
that ara oft^u diuconra^ing tu tbu moat 
robujt wohjan. 

Thomas luce in "Hail the Woman" 

Lit* bIjow'U he nfflliKW Lbi>. Ill: \nn\*X 

the hbtcr fit iJjuIrf n »troii4;>uiLudcU 
j'aung woman villi the cuuruge of her 
Cuurictjoii*. Florence Vidur sby*s bnc a 
•.cry plnuniblc youug pi-niou. Sbu ia 
^mh] in luok Jipoii end Buftick-ully eu- 
tlu*ed u)|]i braitm to fight uvcry luIidL- 

A* for poor little Nun, the gitl who 
sc«vi_'tly marriejT Duvld. Madgt ilelluiiiy 
BjlVcspdlitrfifHuajjcc'thiii lingcni in Ibo 
uicuiory. S.!'.' makes ber gentle, sweet 
unit afraid, and such a luvdy creature it 
w^-ald he o bcfirl of utouo *-lio eould ru+ 
kist. her pathos. 

"Nyw, really, you eoa tell toe," said 
my friend. "You djdn'l enjoy 'Hail tho 
Woman'l" \ 


1 net only eajoyed, ii. 1 uwured ber, 
buL 1 sat through It n second time. It 
may bo old stuff. Stern foiheM are ola- 
fnjihioned. aid nurroa -minded p«uple%, ° 



HETWOOTl BBOUN, in the current issue of Ju4«*, offers *ome thoughtful 
ragsestionii under the heading of "All's Swell That Euds Swett." We trite 
pleasure in nuoiing ibe following: * 

, "It sfsi! to us r.<-:.\ n-- '■■:,-, although undej-ktundable, that ihc successful 
dramatic trick of tbe season Before lust KhouLd be ronijaued into ibe present 
ftetnon by cauljoijs and imilnlive |ilaywrlght», Ii neema tj u* equally deplorable 
nnd a litle myslrriouH thai scenario writers should feel Impelled to copy cl nicely 
(be insoTierB of the tneo who write for the spoken drama. The (ilm h ousht to 
mii ' 0Wn bHrk . rj,r d- They ftnght lo be glnd, Inn, for their* is n ynrd nn 

IjniLdei.* ns (he world. Tbey can nend their Mory phasing up to the tops of mnun- 
W !in d down into jonfre*. Ucsert*. ilaciers, gryaers and flome or thr^Hinallrr 
5WJ ™° , fit lB l° tbeir scheme of thing*, and why on earth mation picture plots 
S j *'3?'v*d to P"k« their heada into the tiny cnbtclfK of the drntnn and shut 

the door behind th^m pni^Kes our comprehension. 

" "Cet-Uich-Quick Walllnford/ for instance, j& nlm^fit rlflvihh in thr manner 
in wfuch it crpies the methods used by ("'chan in dramatlxing the ■torf of Oeorge 
lUndolpb Lhester. In the final act nr the piece. B s played upon tbe stage, iter* 
was a backdrop xhowing the new hoiiKes of tbe nucenlly pronprcepus CDannrters 
in thf P !oy acid in from of ihese tmili modeb^f trolley cars moved earrvlng tiny 
rfectrie lights. \>. was amu*ing. Tbe models did rtot look like trolley can. but 
that wa» not tbr idea. 

"'Doesn't that nound like, act Approaching borwrtuan?' asked one of th* 
characters in still another Cohan play, as two olf-Atage cCCfaliut Kheltn were 
clapped Inreihcr rhytbmtcally. 

j2f*" nftl ^""'■ll?-' answered tbe comedian, 'birt it's surely a darn good rffeci.* 
Taat. we Inke it, wa» the r>cbeme of ibe bnckdrnp In (he play nf Wsllingfor>l. 
but a Wpuen _pfetnr* directoy aliould not hare hrcn, under any great oece*iuiy of 
fnllnwing in Toban^ footsteps. B:<H]uirFng trolley earn, be muld hove gone out 
and brought in trolley cars. HometimeB they make nn (excellent illusion at bring 
trolley cars, • " 

Characters Should Have Airinr;. 

"Aa a matter of fact, wr. are prejudiced against joott Endoor tnfttioa pictures. 
We do not mean that no character in a film shall ever he allowed to come in out 
*i tiie rain, nor rf« we contend that every emctliopu) conflict ought to take place 
on top of Moot Blanc or just below the Horseshoe Fails. We ore simph- sug- 
gesting that, when feasible and suitable, the writer ought to he glad lo 
let brs rharaeter* out for an nirlog. When we *e* o wellphotogmphed film, in 
which there in dome siMirb of orran or a wooded fleU with wind stirring, ire are 
moved to doubt greatly the fundamental audi everlasting Kuperiority of the spoken 
drama *o ofteu nuaerted by more or >*» critical persons. 

"Nn matter bow greui Ihf *-toi]iiener of the spoken word:, there nre physical 
usndiraps which mn rati it or its waeor. Vaughn MoadyV fine pl<iy. "The Grmt 
IHride." never moved us mticb hecaune we always remembered a rcriaiu scene fn 
whleb the herpilie'led "Uotber character to tl.. edge at s precipice and loudly 
called ur-in him to Toot at the view and fall under tbe *pcll of the great and 
untamed West. On the particular afternoon iri which we saw thr play, the view 
coneMrd of a btae cyclorama, all too evident! v mede of cahTn- qnd even morn 
palpably wrinkled. If was a sky marred iu the making, and it bung limply exactly 
six inches in front of Ibe noaen of th" two ner?nn B Id the play who wpr^ talking 
shout t)*d"h great outdoors. Mr. Moody's English waa not elaouent enough lo 
create nu illusion for um hi the farr vt l&eac i-ireunrMSoirK. ■ 

"The problem of the m-ennrln writer differs funda menially from that if the 
playwright. He cannot do much with wnrdu whit-li come out In I'a.ptluoH riiber 
coldly 'and formally, taatjead. he must hay it with trees, and clouds and mount jius 
' thr"' 1 aire not without eTofluene*. 

" Think, when we talk of horses, that you ece them.' paid Chorus npolo- 
ically In SLiakreprnre's "Henry V.' It was a good dramatic de'rlce. hut it would 
ve be f n n poor one for Ibp motion piciures. The dlrector'n huslnesa would be 
jt to talk about horses, but to show tbeni ^wanning across tbe plains of Flnnders, 
Shakespeare, we tbink. would have done the samr if' he rnubl, for m> IteFiere the 
di»eVpvcrr ha* already been made in Hollywood that tlhukupc^re might have done 
extremely well willi a Crifflh or u 1»* MHIe in guUle him. Of course'. It would 
luiTe b^eo Oeressary for him tci learn munt things first, and Ibe motion picture 
producers omiM w-ll nfford to legra with bini. The chief lesson, we iliink, tvonld 
be ihat the srrcen In not a siibntlluU for the »t«ge. and iml even a poor relation— 
butr tut better, ot worse, a separate cad tlittlpct art forW 



have been pictured often, um) tv ha» 
small town life, but our very existence 
is old stuff. Then 1 isn't a bunion emo- 
tion that some one ehuj bns riot experi- 
enced. IE nt ore only looking for the 
Freudian principle of Itfc, with our inor- 
ala tumed t'>p«y:tun.ey and uur ideas 
tuadn to suit 1 lie characters our psycliol- 
ogiutA arc creating, wc will noon erect nn 
atmosphere 8» false as some of the new- 
foAbloned people. \\'hy rcftiKo to givo 
our finer ihouEhia utterance^ Why try 
to oumelvcn with an artificial 
world? tr a. picture Is old stuff that ia 
nothing against its quality as a motion 

Thotu&a H. lncc. who is one of our 
finest producer^ has nmde a uieturc vttb 
heart interest. lie hoi given ui in "LIuil 
the Woman" a story oiTry one will enjuy. 
There i« autpenae, there h a te*C tban 
is humor. What more can uny one atf* 
John Wray Griffith, the director, and 
C, Gardner Snlllvan. the autbor, come 
In for ulinrc of the bouquets, too. 

And If you think the public docs not 
like "Hail the Woman" you should have 
bc.'U ai tbe Strand last Sunday evening. 
The theatre wn! crvwd'^d and not a noul 
left Bntil every scene had hcen unreclod. 
That I* the answer, a , 

Harold: LInrd on Personal gpnraiT 

"Honest, are you llaroid Ijloyd'- 1 ' 
n>ki'd. a belihoy at the lliltru'irc. 

"Honest, I ani." 1 rep'ied his victim, 
hmilfng at the bewildered lad. 

"Oh, yotl don't took Ifko him a hit," 1 
said tbe boy, in a voice he &tni~sifd to 
keep from show log how grie\ - ed he frit 
over IbcobSeDcO of the fainoaa tortiao 
■ jvli-'iintui-'! glisnen. 

"F'upay, to be told yon do not luoti 
Uko yuuraelf,'' said Mr. I-luyd, as b& 
went into the dining- room. 

"I anppose." ho went on, "I should 
(insider the absence of mj make-up 
which serves nun so admirably sn a dis- 
guise fortunate. Because I nm permitted 
to go tuy" V^aj without a murmur." 

But Mr. Lloyd btMisted boo hooq. The 
waiter, the capliin. the. gtrl at the check- 
ing Mitnrl and another iHlbuy not only 
recognised h|m h«tt culled bim by name, 

"How do you account for tho recog- 
nition if no one knows you without your 

"Oh tbat in a cuKtom at i:,.- Uilrmore. 
They learn lh« name of every ancst who 
stays here longer than two tiny*,'* cx~ 
plained: yfr. Lloyd, apparently disintcr- 
ratcd In tbe subject of wbether It is 
goof! to be KWOXsJaed by cae's fellow, 
man or whether oan would prefer to go 
through ilfc bring mauled by tht eager, 

kindling crowc? who always uact thin 
ppimity frnm the wHl knovvrj ptars, 

And. after seciiiK Chnriie ("hnpliit run 
down tin; hack way of too Rita, Mary 
I'ickfiiiil give n trrrilicd look at tbe as- 
sembled ni<»ti aliu"'vl"." S. Hart try 

el i pi 1 1 out of a muring taxi, perhaps It j 
is juBt as well ouly the dfrcernltm people | 
know Mr. Llojd without bis siKicks. He j 
is so popirnr ho wou'd have to ilu a ! 
routinnnl ilarulhon to get away from j 
the crowtT, Motion i>ictiire fans are fans. I 
the world over,, It isn dteeaiic that in- ' 
crease. 1 * in hlrengtb an the victim grow* ■ 
older. So you can readily nee how murb j 
lbo*c tnrtiKis 
our hero ia t 

six months, when tdn* will he alnrre.1 in 
her mva iirndik'tloiLg. 

This young man who rofiiHCs to let his 
fiiecesa spoil him itiyl who jilwayit com"? 
in The Morning TrleSrapa, to --all on us, 
I »teetns to bftrc .the happy faculty nf 

making frtebaa ICvcrywLire ono- goea 
one h'eaTvi rdaaaam't JhJnKs iihout him. 
llr hujf nn affectatiou r.Jid no |i-'tt>~ 
jealoltay In lik niuk,< Fit'- Up i" eurucat 
in bis work nnd eager Iu tnuki- Ihc goft 
uf pictures the public want ft. When one 
enmaWera that be directs fill bis cunti-dics, 
arts Jn them and write* many of ibem — 
It is Tlnnccesaary to add there Li soinc- 
nhivl-rinmied gjasf-es savo I tiling more to him tlinu mere amiability, 
if tmhnrr Moment, [ Ho ban n horror that people wjtl thlui 
be l.i trylnjr to do a Erich von Jatrabcim 
in lllms and fur thnt rtMwi* lu> wilt not 
permit big name to go on the screen 
Os director. 

rathe hi very fortunate In hrJus able 
to keep him. 

M Is Sty. 
Bapactally when one ton^iders how- 
very fthy Mr, I.Ioyj is, Hi* gets sta^e 
frith l ntery lime he ip anddrnly precipl- 
fated into n ciowd. All pcrnonn] apncuv 
biicch arc to lilm murb what tile open 
window in n twenty-Htory building in ii> 
the contimu-il (deep- wn,lfcer. BnvcrmJ times I 

He ReeoKlil*«il 1K-. |''nvnrHe. 
Itnrry Corey, accompanied by Mrs. 

he has been booked Hi appear nu the ■ Ca "V an ' i ' n **« frlemJ-i, wuudcrod of n motion picture house— and. ■ '"lb a reatnuraat for dinner early hiat 

ps Booq ss he has learn ed of iha plan!! ! week. At ftrst lie waiu-r was very slow, 

being made In hie bouar, hn has, without \ nnd not particularly interested In his cmb- 

cvrtmouy. tailed, off the cngifgcTnent. tument. Suddenly lie hi|ikcd at Mr. 

"i Ciinnot make personal appearances Carry mid snlcl tu himself: "Wonder 

unless 1 have a nketch lo pur ou, or ■where 1 have accu him before?" 

Komcllilrtig to do," he said. "This Idea j Then without waiting for c reply, he 

of coining out after tbey !,.i''.v -■■■■■■; yoor j exclaifheu. ao every ^uc In tiie cafe could 

picture and .saying, 'llctc I am; look at j. heart 

nic: don't you think 1 uui nice';* is to mc "Ob,- iu Hurry Carey. What can 1 

the essence of Htupidlty." : do for you. sir. Whnt do you want:" 

"You know eery well," be went on H | Although rliMippoluu-d that hK favorite 

"they have to appland nnd to pre lend ; bnd left the pony and luriril nt home, the 

thoy like you. On<l crenlug I slipped into t waiter did nut leave tho table nil weniug 

u iii-:i:.-'- 011 tbe ■'".,.'■-, The manager atul n*a#.Eu thrilled et having Mr. Carey 

sow inc " just before my plctnro went : in tbe (liuiiig.iooin he made u big prc- 

on lie stepped! iu front of the screen and l. u ■■ of refusing tu take tin- Up, 

said: | Bet he look it,, said some quo to whom 

■* 'Indies and getittonicn: Mr. Lloyd ; we told tiie story. 

is in the audience this evening. ]f you j Tlireo gnisssea. 

tike hla picture 1 hopn yim will let him ' 

know, He will appear before you when WiW I- Chat, 

you muy Stow anprhcuttloB to in* face." ;^With aiiologicB io Delight Evan*.) 

"1 wot on; of that theatre befure The [ Kvery one is eyming East. Whether 

manager bad time to get lo the buck of ; it ia the theatres, tho ahotn or ju*t H 

Ihc linn*-. And. ngreuvrr. 1 never went [ deslra to be neiir the heart ut thingK, ns 

hack ngsln. Of course, they would shout : one knows, but not u wcc'k, passes witb- 

laiis. The original 320.000 fact made to 
| aliow the Austrian count Bud Ma irrc- 
| slatible and fatal fascination for the help- 
Ices fair sex has teen reduced to a mere 
, 10,000 feet. That will be plenty for 
! most of the people, who prefer Iu have. 
! the amorous details in a film to he teas 
pTuhouhred. The Censor Board raised no 
objections, so far us wo have heard, to 
the sensual lovemnking of Von StrOheLm 
: until the daily papers took uji the war 
1 cry And Ukc4 In burning InnC* of re- 
, aeatment. Why is a censor bonrd? nieaii- 
| while Carl l^aemmle, Who Kpousorci.) this 
Austrian citizen, has to Buffer fo» the 
man's colossal conceit. 

The toi U?1a Ills t'st. 

Tbe nudienee at tbe Comedy Theatre 

was cotivulart! with laughter one evening 

last week. The cut that Hot, Olg.i IV- 

trovn has odopted and m&do lo ircl at 

■ borne by feeding him every day, decided 

i he would join the troupe by walking on 

! the dtage. Mad n mo , bad juts mndo her 

exit, l'ussy tovk one look at tier aa 

\ to say, "Now if )«U arc theougn 

: I will do my bit," nnd stepped before the 

, footlights with a mouse in bis mouth. 

I Whru th" nu'lieoi-c shouted with laughter 

j :lii-I npplunded Thomas, he turned Ann 

■■'. :lI! ■■■: grandly of f-stuge. scekln;; M^adomc 

'. in ber dreafclng rnout-for comfort. Itfl 

did nut like the stage. 

.,i^ u>,|..- «i ClObc;*.'*''^ 
Hope Hampton is hooked fur a series 
of pemonni appearane'es this weck. 
Wii^revLT she goes she plcaees with her 
bounty nnd her winning and gracious per- 
sonality. Mim Hampton ia otic ulnr that 
looks well off as on, tttid some of her 
admirers think nbe is mora lieautiful in 
the l).-n|). i*be made a number uf pcr- 
sonnt tippeariinrcs la^t week in conjunc- 
tiva with "ytanliMT," her moat recent 
First National production. 

'can Von l!c:il TlUf 

An ajnnglng story of 0" Texas exhibitor 
has just been brouuhl to li^bt- The plo 
tuitj was based on n sto-ry by ''..'I i.'aine, 
and I believe Pauline Frederick was the 
utar. She sacs uwsy with her lover 
vithoul the formality of a wedding cere- 

"Not married, eh," said pic exhibitor, 
looting at Ht "l' cannot have that Iu 
my theatre." llciug u moral man bu 
bunted through a collecTEon of nld film 
lie bad. and to his delight discovered a 
wedding scene with Florence Bred Iu 
bridal rrgnlta. He. poteliM thin to the 
Tauline r'rcdcrlck lilia and said with the 
air of n man who hns "aeon his duty and 
uono it": 

"Now no enc can nay a OT*A She ia 
married !" 

I'nal Bern Snym * Few Words. 
1'iiul Hem. the Goldwyn editor of nce- 
nniiow, who Is well venml on the story 
vitultiuu. Is con.udc.nt tba days of tho 
$7&tUU) tor n Mtory have goue, ucver to 
rctnni, >tr. Item believes prices of that 
hurt arc nn necessary and one thing 
that has worked audi a hardship In mo- 
tion pictures. He bcUcVCs if we could 
hove mure simple stories founded on the* 
; ■ -'.i things in life we would have more 
friends. Mi* mmlyws is boBcd on hie ex- 
L . ,_ ■ ;- i . .!■-■■ with Vbhttt the ucoplc want and 
what jilclurcs with which Goldwyu baa 
won ibe best box-office receipts. 

Look* 1. 1 l.r UliHe ttorke. 
Every one remarked bow much Mao 
Marsh/ Iguk* like Millie Burke, bibc won 
■l t the Rilz, Friday night, to sec Miriam 
-t'ooncc'ii "Kindred of the Dual," pud 
tonka ux ■■'■■■■•■ did when she made the- world 
weep over her iwrformancc us Flora lo 
"The Birth of a Nation." No, I take 
■ hat hark. Hhe i- lovelier tow. Jn a 
white frock with a whiw ermine cnpe> 
she looked lEkc a picture. Her hunbahd, Arnvs, Vai with ber. and agreed she 
has never looked no well. Uhu Marsh 
is here waiting for the next Griffith pic- 
ture. They decided nut to bring her play 
into New Tork until later. Miss Cooper 
nnd Mac !:-.-.■■ been friends for many 
i yours, since they were uotb in Mr. t~rlf- 
| tith'n company. Miss Cooper, with a 
| wroatb of-ailver leaves in her dark hair 
and a silver gown, wag nlao tbe object 
j of urucb attention and ndmlrttion. ,stn- 
j doea smno of the best work of hep life 
| 10' "Kindred of the Dust," where ihc Is 
| culled upon to do some big dramatic 
! scenes. - 


■ \'.:r tbe !.n,-v ■.•-..„<- |.,-iiu 

| She — Ob r how do you do? Are you 
i looking fur Mra, Brown'* 

II.— N.j. 
I She— But you are Mr. Brown, aren't 
I you, husbuud of Vemu SiBieru Urpwii, 
| Hie writerV » 

He — I am, lilt I am not lunching with 
Mrs. Mmwn tn-dny. 1 nm lunchlnB with 
j Misa .Cleveland. 

i'lscc: English Tea Room, West For- 
j ly-eigbtb street. 

their approval, 1 wauled lo w.* for 
*clf, yriiuout being recogaircsl. bow tjiry 
received, my cumedy." 
- Mr. Lloyd linn'li'ad the best holiday 
of hut fife la New York. 11c luuc visited 
all tho theatres, had u glimuH' of our 
cuffs and enjiiyccE life unilp' an thurougb- 
]y a* ii old Yoltitrud had nut ciirleavort'd 
to make the night fife of New York ex- 

J. Vt. tvllliaioi 
several. occaslniiK. 
any enough pleasant things 
genial herid of FinuT National 

out some one ■rcgiutcring in Mauli 
and letting m gllmiwc rliem, HoruhJ 
Lloyd, Frtnlctick Finney fclarlc, I'uu] 
Beni, Mildred Dltyia, lluiHTt Hughes, 
V.'.iiijii:, ;-.--■ !1. I !'i r: r Curcy, find. & few 
itoceu more uro brightening our cafes ntu] 
giving a note of iitterenl to the restuu- 

(i i>v;ii Monday- Mfrtit., , 
With *:\Voy Down l-"asl" ond "Over 

■Mf paths hndn't been 

hns lieen lii.i host on 

id-Mr; Lloyd eontiot r, tlc I|;]r ttIJ „ g\ D *i, tK exampte. "Tu 

t i ho i (3 || IP night" ewtnea lo the Lyric, Mo 

dny night, to attempt again to prove 

> kiad I 


■a the tdd -fashioned love Mtory ilmt ^hm- 
he said, "1 ivuaW have signed a »0- | p , mt Ret lugram and June Mathiw, 
tract with Mr. William* In .two seconds. , , !it ((um „ mt bruq(tN[ ^ ho y w „ Uum . 
Bu: you ^ I huve been with them ever j meil ^ Ifcl . iRg-J^rf* to such glor>", 
since. 1 came Into picture* nnd they are B1T U(n ^.n^ratoM raigKiiiidhlc for the 
witling to pay roe whot I mdc and o.r fi|m nnSoa o( Wil)C ,, c n SmItD ^ rf 
relntioiia have been so agreeable I ex- j ,(,»!] n Qohlcn ario" Marcus l^ocw u,re the 
peel to Tcniflln with them. Hut t will i producers, 

not jtfgn until my lawyer co-nina ou from I "™ 

»Le Co«»t." ">■* l -"*'* 4 ' 0,, " ( r *»* 

Mr. Lloyd did not gctualty sign nn j Erich Yoo Strohcim is so uaeil to ape- 
the dotted line until Thnrsdav. And after i ing "Foolish Wives" juiced up he pro'b- 
doins the deed lef: for Los Ahr*Ics enrly j ably expresaod no Ejerman oalh> whan 
the next morning to begin a n«w pieture, | be was told Joseph Levensen, of the 
MiFdred Davja, hia leading _ woman, will j State Cenjwr BoanL thought it advisable 
remain with rathe and Mr. I.loj.l fg t ' to cat out a few of the barrowinfi da- 

over&ewrd „i thi; dflrldare. 

Tw» glris (Irersed in the height of fash- 
ion stopped io speak to ;i young mnn in 
the lobby o( the Clnridge. This convcr- 
rntiinri Is recorded &a ft iictunlly occurred 
uikI without; an attempt to duplicate norne 
of P. 1'. A.a brilliant bus coaventution- 

He — When did you get back trom Ber- 
Itn. liraeeV 

She— Jttst a week ago. . Brought a pic- 
ture witb mn which J nm* trying to sell. 

He — I would like, to see yon jjamc time. 
When did you get backi" 

She-^A week ago, I brought a pie> 
tun; with mr. 

He — Uecl I want to are you. 

Site— Call me up noatc time. 

Uc — All right. I want to ice you. 
Where can I reach yon 7 

She — Coll me Up. I nm very ban) in 
■:ct. J am never <il Iff telephone hasn't 
been pnt in yet. Well, gjod-by. B^ aura 
nnd call me up. _ 

V«xa>ai iniai 1v*J» Rsnile Knlarltt. 

Nelson l".v:i-.^ , tbe Lea Angeles pho- 
tographer, iiiidj Bodalie Knight were mar- 
ried yeatotrl.iy '" itu: at the Methodist 

EJpitcopa] Church. at tHixtieUt atre£t nnd 
Mjiiliwiii avenue. They nailed at noon for 
1'nrope, where. they will apt?ttd' tbeir 
hi-ucymoon t nnd tour il-« Continent, 
Tlmy expect wi be gone aboat a year, 
Thin being hia thin) attempt ant! her sec- 
ond, wr might he facetious and add, it ia 
no amateur performance. 

\f{ii|»ii Plelnre Editor, The Mcrotng Tcla- 

gnrpa:- ■ 

' During tbe Lut year such aallafAetory - 
progress wta made In tne field of color - 
motion photography tast f am anre yea 
will appreciate a word from me soXilng 
you nf "din- nf ihr- Insin reiutlB feared 
tiy tala company, which Is, sb yon in™, 
taa principal color motion eou- 
pmy la the world. 

During 1071 we predacud and distributed, 
through. Slate ri;-in.-. ri-Jmu^" a regnbir 
serleB of twenty-fix abort subjects, com- 
prising the nnlr regular abt-rt subfect re- 
t«H la the world made by. col&r photog- 
raphy. Mors thoa 3A0 mtl!i of rrL»m* 
enior poaltlroB nre now cunolnE regularly 
In theatre* la this eoitntiy and in England 

We released the first twn.resl pholn- 
piny ever made on color pmIiita atotk, 
"Heldt," fltsrriug Madge Evans^ and d:L- 
rected by rreuerlefc Thomson. 

We r*leB«ed the llrst *ve-re«-l featuw 
irarel story ever m.iJr of the South fiea 
Islands iu color, Barotd H. Uortoo's '■Ball 
ihe i;nknowri." 

TVs sucresstnlly eompeted witb tbe newi 
weeklies on Armlitlee May by pbotogroph. 
ing tbe "Burial of America's rnknowu Sttl, 
iller" aaxl relessing 1t on Broadway with 
the current news wevltUes- 

Vt'e srra.ugeil -a non-tbeatricsl releano 
comprising tblrty-tflx speetally eelected 
« "r ■■.-■-i.i "nl't ■ ■«." and thereby made eduei- 
tTonnl color pictures gvaltatilr for use Py 
eoltegct, sehcots. loitgai. c^mmunltlei and 
dther noa-thentrleal eshltiltors. 

W« Introdaceil prltAia color pictures la 
England through .fury's raiperlal rtc(nr*s. 
Ltd , s-hA ioni* tertr subjects Save mat . 
with a remorkBhls reception [tern glnea 
tbe InLtuil Bhowlh^ In April. 

We. eo«pleted la 'FrngTanil tSe pboto- 
prapblag In color *T J. Stuart Blscktoo'a 
tenrcel proiioellna, "The Glortoas Adven. 
turt>." featurlag Lsdy Iilsna Manuera and 
K notable east- Thin )s the Orst tutl-sUs 
feature phnto-play to be made by Color 
ptuMAonphy and uslaj* eolor-ln-the-fllm 

Wo m»d> oiir proi**ni» aTsllabte to all 
other proilucers In the iudimry, sod a re. 
view ef thr feature prednrtlons of IKl 
foe whtch wr nipptted art titles. Imerts, 
or color embellishments la Prlnma color, 
.nn*, nlU* r5ftjla.ll>- iUt-arf' -**» Test's-. -- ■ ■ 
beat photo -plays"."* l»at-"n1so" Is'aiftiilflenat 
si ihotelng ihe Inerenstng ImporUnce and 
popuisrkty or color In the best type of 
pictures. , 

Included n the li-r of plefnrea made by 
other produeern but using Prlxnia color ta 
soran farm or olarr ftCs the followlsg, all 
of wo I eh are well known to thestre pa- 
trons: "The Four HurAemra ot the Apoca- 
lypse," "Passion/" "The Added Mly," 
"Klstae!" "Dream SI reel. " "Etpcrlenee,** 
"Urpsy Plood." '"Decepllon." "Tbe Paa» 
slnn Flower/" "Opo Arshtnn Night," "Fob. 
session." ■'Hearts of tne Northland." "Pea. 
cnek .Alley," '■ftcbool Days," "Prrjuulee." 
"A UC'i Hoi UnmAnCP," and others- Spe- 
dal eolon pmlngneR were made for Jacne* 
Dllver rnrwond's "Isohel." for "Tbe LsBt 
nf the Mohicans." for "Sehool Days," and. 
for r 'The Sbelk." nnd Prlima color titles 
were supplied for Tony Sam's Almanac. 

In view «t ibe growing Interest In color 
motion nhotflgrnpay on Ihe part ot editor^ 
theatre managers and the nubile generally 
1 am sure ymi will be glad tw haee th* 
shove fuefs n* IndtestlDg tne unuaual 
progress that ':■■, Seen made recently la 
ibis eo m pa rn Lively jiew branch ot the la- 
ilUitry, Your* Te?y i^iily. 

station Picture Editor. Thr Morning Tclo' 

Of nil the notices, rrrlewa and comment* 
I fajivs re«il relative to the much discussed 
"million dollar pleiure," "Foolish Wives.** 
nothing hns pleased me hrtier than' '■■• 
edltOI 1st pUtlllBtinl In jinir paper Just Suu- 

This rrltjetsm. pubmh«d under th r bead- 
Ins- of Hundred Foot rinitbes', cenalntj hit 
tbe null on (be head. It picked to piece* 
nod "showed up" Tor Uh drlrel It In IbEa 
:■■■> -i!!i--t feature picture. It lq nf great 
'■■: r n li. :■ :■■ t-n n ?*per that coma* 
rlgu.1 „Ul nsii sprnke Ibe truth ftbwBt «ueb 
a senanllonal film us "Foolish Wives." 

[ agree most hiartlty with every word, 
thnt won written in this editorial and only 
n-tali thnt uihre writers bad the stre-ugi^. 
of character to puhlthh :■!-< eonrera- 
Ing this uilcrlj uinloflrub I M picture. 

.'•!■■ 1 lake thin opportunity to ifaunk yoq 
for pul>Ll^ilim- this edltorlnl. 
Vary truly gears, 

Jhtucb C Woodruff. 

ilotleu flcture Editor. The Morning Tele- 
graph; . 

I take this opportunity ta pVfse Th* 
Horning TeU-jjniph for ||m edltorlirl of Hit 
ffirmUy on "Why !« t'eiiiorshlpl" 

If the ceneor 4'onru can do nothing about 
Barb aim twacldli! is -[■'onllsh Wives" I 
should thluk It would, like the Arab, 
"ijuleily steal sway"— itr be pMCite and apt 
st Ihe Bam? time. 

A aim mieb ss "Foolish Wlrea" Ib fsr 
more harmful (Ban nlctnres fearurlng th* 
nam Hfttnoiis and the Fasd Hcsnvals. Ue* 
■atlsnes the i-iirloslty nnd ihe other ssils- 
nei the lowest InBllnc's, The fact. (bat th* 
censor hoard allowed "Foolish Wires" to, 
■run. 1 lotaeL In all Us licentious glory la 
tbe most amusing argument against ceu- 
sorihlp 1 have ever be.-ird. .■ 

We all nppreeinn; ^ good Joke. I am 
gtsd that Tbe Morning Telegraph, not only 
can appnelate a sood Joke but. what I* 
more, can recognise one when 11 sees It- 
"Foolish Wlvr»" bnfc accomplished muelu 
It has rrrcaled lo us Juat what a nreat 
organlz.Tllou tbe censor ncati] If. 
Happily j-ours. 

fJeorge Weston. 

New York City. 

Motion flcluTe Editor, The Mornlog ;''-]*- 

Can Tbe Morning Telegraph Inform tna 
what Will Hays Intends to do tn tbe mo- 
tion pieiuic [ndostrrT It rccaii to me ttHj 
most absurd more that :■;■■. yet heon made, 
viiinf on earth c«a politics have to do with 
s budding ait? Of what Use ■- .m '■■■- Ue Vt 
the Industry s* nn entertaLnmcnt medium? 

I know there art many frho believe that 
Will Mi;.- will be the next President <t 
■ ha United Rlatea. If that la. his goat then 
It Looks ns If the motion picture Industry 
as nn art wsnid bo tuTQ*d Into a guranlls 
polltlesL machine. And, of course, aa usual, 
Ihe public will be the butt of ibe Joke. 
Yours, for entertainment. 

Mrs. Martha IlempstescL 

Motion Pirtttre Editor The ?lamlng Tels-> 
It 1« charnclcrlBtlc. of the pare-mloded 
American that bo seek only evil In lb» 
much -to Iked -of "Foollia Wires." The most 
"t'-.-ciit: iiisng about tho psrforraance U 
the whiripered '''sinn^nik of the andlenco. 
Von Ptroliclm gives a portrayal of -a 
drapleafcle charaeter that would not b* 
true It It wvte not Just as he plays It, 
Of eauKa If we wlnh to dblda by th* 

'l'-f>j.-Ti of IIif. eeahor, Met. II OS me r, to 
"■ no person ou tac screen that we would! 
net recrlvn In our own home. -'Srrfclm" 
la out. But to rrai'ir- tola really grcst 
rerIorm*nce from rlin plctnro would h* 
to leave nothing but imiab. I frankly 
sdmlt, iiitit Von Htrohelm ™ tho only 
(b)ng about It that Interested nre. and con- 
sider his the greatest one man perfoTpjsocfl 
1 have ever r*«i on the scnea. 

The trend o( the story la orthodox 
rnoiirri; , rei: I lis mort moral and ietlgloua 
of beings wnuld ant wfkb a worse end for 
lilm. Theta would Pe f*W great play* or 
■■r'l-trt* If tbey were IiskiJ upon the Uvea 
of perfectly nice peoplo. 

Ity baoolng pictures like "Foollsb 
Wives," we would no going back 10 Ik* 
priggish old days In the theatre when 
"Csmllle" *esadnll«cd everybody. rV> all 
remeiqlier with amusement w tea ".Man and 
Xupemaftn" causrd a' furor of condemna- 

Wh) the same old silly hiislrrii 
with plctitreiT Ft will only b* a taw 
yearn when we will be accepting things 
iv hi to faorrtfy ua toeday. 

,■ BADICAt.. 



m:iv vimtcs I.KADtSC I'll 

EMPIRE K **>- H - "i- ^t-tsL 1 ** r J 

William Gillette 

S*V^»4 The Dream Maker 


weSS^AMST £ftOAM W. 49 SI tvniOs 

Henry Miller's ^vS^i^S? f 


i.\ss"^V.",-i.v Tte KaliiMl Anlfitns' 


\fir Annc«T<liim RiKtr. n 1I-7.KW 



.'BtiTliiiiE Drummd* 


i •TttrBatV'-TlinM 



m«t». ii"ti-T.*»»(.:.ra, «■■», jnar,«MU •■■ 

IM.vliI 1i*l*i«-(j prpMul.i iDtTid I!*]*«jii trnnU 

i.Kxoitt: ' i.roMif, 




A BiJJ.of piyerefifMF j 

Thandar <PopA * Sa*. 

'THE WILD 0AT'=^i»tff- 


ana tn, ytvmi* n*n, bn. o r . icrw 


• ™ p'YEAR 

W. « St. 



m im Will > 


i:vh. - -■'. :.:,-,. 

r.v.r. A AH..3.H 




1] tl.l.lllAV 


UK Ml EI, 

QCI WYM TKBiTRK, W. « EL Et». ti*. 

Joseph Cawlhoin & Lillian Lorraine 


JjWipriW. r^.>.-*v"* 

LONeACRES~ u ^i , „ , .,;T.,.rv.V"- 
• THAiVK-17 


'- "CAPTAIN APPLEJACK" b , -»-",:, T.T* 

*S HT. 
TIBTjiiiialtiiairt 1 
![«■>. TO-HoHttuw 

4 SATURDAY at ; 


Mjri_ Mr*. IT. It llm 
Ma1*.Tr>-m. ft?"*!. 


].ii>flJltjjj. Lin Mallm 
To-ra"»/ *■**.!, MS 



'-op; IPnJ7 
...rj.'JH- THE 



j "A HUGE 


r Sam Bm»i>a Fteiwa j ff „„ > W , M n, n „,,, 

,»■ Willi 


."Six Cylinder Love 

APOLLO TH * A ™ t 

W. 414 St 

7»i.™ Dtltr 
2:111 —1:10 
Inc. Sunday * 


of a* STORM 

Pop, UatB. 50c *o U.DO -Najhti . r J Pi; 
T4.Ii Sltt to CM-. Good Orrbrttn E(*U ll.&O 
jflut pJ**"-j «p(rfc ft* Dj^nsJ/murir * lMnl <ftci» 


iMW- m 



Jim 1 




i n "Sk y Hleh" 

■n«r 1 «4»-at vim Uebert & Co. 

ESS A m=hu »e mSt Powell' Oulnletlc, 
:-.* ^i'.'slui. a hbi 1 ■ Others 



"" 'r4SS- ""■"""■ """■""■ °» 

'[J I?iT i.U, r r ,, i "i""- ""™» "»" 

...'J ?*S» |;L" ,L " l v. Cn orfn.-if.r. hin L 

S?. UK*™-' «»»«.™»5i. 

T„; l i.;;T;,<,'JS;;"r,™ > >"' "*"""■ 

Silt, -MffliT, "t'nrillcn." C»Meii Hon 
tOI^ Al»rj- yoCotU&t fbihull 

^ &;.te^o'^■n;;s , T, h \■^•'■*' , 
T w^' ^ ■^"T rl *' J t * ,, ' ■"* i«oT«i<-," SS 

h- f K ^," Ur l ^ bU "- !ttil3,rTl fc^trt Mr- 

UirnrFiL Awr., I^mmu. Dert.Uffd imm 
«»«!♦». Mvnlirr, » U |lr»F I nr 



^FBtSS CUT IH TlfO " tl 



??.FT R <> p O'-lfANiiy 

— < T jirnn*n 

IKlrla <;r..|nii,>%v 

»-■ Jlo| d'Tt. 


■\**t Man kir. ■( T.i.,.,. ... Loh>n>Tlu 

Weil. c<-. 

rtiin Hi 

Than. Kt 
fcrrf, Eri , 





rj^rnnnb n:n; TO-xifiiir' 


"Srs "SoS'K,©" -"TSiiii :tdu. 


VAKDEHBILT ffi«- Si," »•• 

t a.i-^,1.1 hM 




10---BIC ACTS— 10 


COLDWYN prwwii* 

"The Grim Camaflian'' 

Pi, Capitol UHaMD ctrrc-ii- 

RFP1IRLIR K*-* '- ,l fiL>Vrtis l r.»ri.l.»ft 





r.BT"" " 



£¥ffi£r. "SATURDAY NIBHT' 

.1 I'nranmunl riv 1 n i-,-„ 


■ tC«, Hoi K.iiiM.rwt'' 

Srs. 99c 

CtPlH Jlnrr. Htnr* C rtifl;, Vrrt»-r 
* Klllntl, firrofil 1 , O.iLtiOn.PhltiJj 

fth*n». ft*)' »nd Aitftur. £ oon. 


rir*« I'rmli In '"Tfi* Terrujnr" 


XIM £ Ilrtlr Momrt. Ma r » Klmrh, 
n«J.rf 4. WbH, Jonw A Jonn.i.ih,. 

Kthel CluiDa |q 'Bkh ths V*rafr/ 
»*r.<lnt i-o»!pii E**rj Thur- Kljht 


Prink Mulliar. Dknclnjt Sbwi, 

WHKm I I'ullwrV, l'«r>«ti * Wird, 

I lUrllnj A Iv- t-> - 



In "Thn Hullne l>±^lta^. ,, ' 
Itnnd S$1»|>ti«S7 Orch. 


Dr. James A. Hamilton Colli Con- 
ference of State and City Officials 
to Consider fiarcotic Gate:;. 

[rr_ .lamps . 
of CoriWtSDB, 
ilictnt will I*" 

. lIutiLiltoii, Coitiunshioner 
imn^iiir^t yi-»,fni-,la)- Unit 
1 oonfeireHob »i .iiiy nm! 
o-fjiiM-Mw fa die ofSam of 

■J.m.r In-. [:».,,! (J. Caih:- 

I>KAT1I Mil i' !:■■ 

lanri nn ihc jnibjcct of cTruff addicts. "Btu- 

1; -iii-i fibnn" inn ndilfctiont) cnnriilantilr 

flji Lbc Indniure. During 1E?21 1 jiOT j»r- 

j akiiir; wcni corumlltrat 10 (lit Warkliouft 1 , 

while in 1020 only OH nim committed, 

! This bj nn incrcnw of 053 itcrwHit or flp- 

limiimaLcly 71 tmi- «nr. Of these com- 

mitaiMita. In 1021, 14S were wooifa virj 

in JffJO HO v<]re wpmrjl. In Iftil 1^1 

j fftra fint tiffciiileri «nd 4.011(3 hail bp«ji 

J jircYi'iiiBljr pn-mmlttcd. HiiHy-fivii per 

l.wnt of iIir mni leontnLttvU nnj (Ht jpw 

] wiil of llifl Wontvji were nlil offnicfcrs. 

Mr. HjitnilUm polntrd out that It cost $3 

n t\ny far Hie miiltilrtijuicfj of cacti per- 

nrri nuil .liirntinii d| LtraLinwit in i00 


i <■:, i in 
■si; 1 . 'i. UMI -te». Dn 
iVtdcMJ*>'. t.H r. M, 

t Mil' «)iiferpjiec tu 1* iirl.t to-mor- 

IT. Hamilton will aubrnTt Inlornii- 

vl BfrcwoiKnta for lliq cmilral und r*- 

nliio of (lie wrtrH l iip.rpitir rlruB sttj!-- 



Cable Jjmtation. for Tenth Birth- 
day of Fe&tnre Pictures to 
**Q,u«n. Elizabeth" Creator, 


Attvru|}( M ip (/tilled H^utnl f W , 

J'aJrbHDliwa Tiny Studio itarr 

Vjlll Btar J n --Trsi" Thrw. 


WHEN Adol|>b Zn.or. with ih«t 
furHPtinji Vf* that liax siftotl 
h:m in ^ood nhiad all Ibrnc 
ypJim, Jfcifirrl to rnaka Iho-rt-fl 
iii.:turcs. be offered "ijim-n BU»t>eUt ( ' 9 
nitli Sarah Dcrnhnrdl, n* lih HFst illu-- 
trntion of n fenture pfcture, That will 
DC trn yearij ago nCfct Jiurch. la Ularvh 
LVmous 1'tiiyorft-l.flatiy- iviil rHebnitn itn 
tcntb tuUtt-itonp. J^ome tif liie Hiftrn — 
cniiDy of whnm for^icrly worled uiili 
FaiMiHiH I'liy*™. wHBe utlicrn aro still 
In tIiih i*iii|ib[i>, nuj )■ few bar* mo 
cr-nnpftiiin with Xlr. /.iikor*ri crtfriniEiiUoa 
— lia-Tr-.hi'Ut A i-nliJpjjram lu 1'arifl to in- 
viu> the Divine pun to come to AuBd- 
e» fo^ ihitf hirtliiia.? imny, Tbe ■..:■..:- 
gram n)'M; 

"W«. nn r*Jiwaeotml«rs of American 
motion |Hcturu art. Lnrilc you tu rlait 
Amorira to bo hctuor pioirt in n urttlun- 
vrUt ctueonUiap oC th^ leittb lilnhday vl 
feature hiOUnn ni L -lHro". This invhatlwi 
k Ja rrcefinfcioti or tltc fuet yon were 
tinit. «.- >nii have bfwn the ^n-ui"!-:. tnt- 
lijt to lend yyur K *hlLin 14 cutalil^li ina- 
tion |ijcliLH'i uh nrl. Your l^mniilo tin 
yvara sjp in orratia^ 'Ljorau Kl».ahcih,' 
Unit featliro tHcture, »v* ibis now art 
in impeiux r :ii.-ii Ji.i ■ raerlrd it to itA 
poniLloa an thr niflHt imtiortant mtrr- 
Miiii;:- ,! of the world. Yeur -u'lu-HTani'ij 

'lff*JTmfniii [.iL-nii'^.-nT'vuiir ii|i t .citriinii! 
on the speaking BtABe baq been nn in- 
tmiratlon to ilrnuio.'' 

The labloffrann ii sifned by William 
])■■ UillC, rlmiriuan: !;■ -. :-.. ■.-.. \\ .■ 
Inec limits. Mary pittl'.jfil, i:;:uri:i Hwan- 
hon, Aultn Stevrari, U! targe HeLTord, 
Utmsla* F*irlianL% AffttM Ayrra. tluy 
Botp» I'ost. WSILiaai S. Ilart. l'tmrhyn 
StUiiaTrt. Mnnnc-i- Tunrncur, >JIIaor 
(tlyii. Hetty CanpiHio, Nornai l>rmadsr. 
i>ornthy t>*[to?j. WJlJiatii D. Tayht-. 
Uuilauin McIrfHii, Jai'k Holt. CtnutWaCa 
TnlmtOM. Thfndorp Kodoff. l.'lmtun 
BmualtiKti M*ry Mil™ Miuietv (jlara 
H<-fuiin(-r. Ui'Iif l^aniHn. Umber KcMo-it, 
May JlcATDT, Cotutanen itinnpv, |'au| 
ine PrL-:l<:.'ii k. T&OHlOrc Noultiw, John 
if- Hinhl. Tfaonuu Meiiiinn. Chliriej 
CbapUn. Rodotf Vtt>-ntinn. LMrhard Wal- 
ton 'i*u]|y and T mit! Malbih. 

''■iir-f Trotlblr. 

Tbers is always aonic hltl peadina in 
WtablflBtCffl to fllve the motion picture 
jndnerr.v a few nnxleun momenfir, The 
latest iho^ 7 *' ftf i|u> kind Ihcm eonirx 
frtim the Hurra ti o! Interna? Iti-irmic. 
with an uitciiiii; i# cnlltet (ms^iimcuij* 
fmm n number of urudui-iii'4 canitiBDit« 
on toe '."oast. Tlm*ip demnndii firi- for 
nirndredn or ibousandu of dollars, T f ;! »r 
OftOt. or thn amuutitJi roeeiKCd fur fbu 
rrntal of jiicturuH Ivy t>i'.' jiraditeprH an 
all ]ilct«rw they rote*!*" to t'tcitr Hffbtn 

under Bcc-Unn ^iO(i of ihc rexeuBa ant 
of lirtS, whirli wart rajHttled setrral 
months ago, Uii< Obvonmeut 1i«h uiT«fl- 
tij;ateil u nitmber ti the liankn of the 

i"rji|>:;uil-ft lll.ti •!■ ..;.ii. :■ imvryint In' 

marlr-. - - ; ; - 

Taese totlipinii's in qiientfon contend 
they hai-e Held tlirir iirodait ta thn 
various i-xclia nj?rv iliroiidh the i-oisnlrj', 
and tliAL limy hn I nn dirrrt draHnp; 
with Hie cxbil>iliiV>, They h ay litvy 
leaded their pm \\\n i5P irn> pitrpui? of 
bavins lb is c3Li'har>uPH bandia tbem. 

Thn Ooerraiiieut hn» toki-n another 
view and.aqtvea flint lb*! dbtfibttton 
■lluulil hnrc paid the r. imr rent, tux 
an smjn as ttii'ir plrtnipii were jsnld tw 
the State rlgbts. men and lu;f»n; tln-j 
frarlifd lha p ■. I.:" ii • v Tan queixtimi 
■eaini'5 ifn In VVaJtbinntao in ihc morn- 
i:..-: anij .Taek COBntitly, W'n n !i-:.(-i-.!i 
iTi>rr*-ujitaljvn for ill* 1 Natfonal Anaot-ia- 
Sinn. --•■•■■', ba on hand to try .-, ■ i aet nit 
ailjuwtnic&t or n wndiUoH that womd 
.'■i ■ ■-■•■■■ harrl.-hlp nmot eortaio of tbe 
jiitlurr niakcrK. 

Mirj nnj DnLq Buy n Stadlo. 
Mar..- I'ii-!:l t j and DoBilB* l-'airbiiiik* 
are to have a Ktudlo all llicir own. For 
tlft0,000 the I. \*- Hampton KtndLo on 
Santa Monica Itoulcvanl nc:ir E.oh 
Ansi'iev. tin- Inn jidd'il in tin- rirkrord- 
|-';iir1i:ink;. luilrjiity-i. TIji> lli-iv htilrjio 
irlll he kitnu'ii as t]ir- 1' RtudioH, 
eotniilninc the firat aylbititea el MarT's 
and I tout's Ia.i! names. ' Work will be 
Kiarted to media tely on ilif new ndialnii- 
Iratiau balldlaE, and ffiieeial drasHlns 
rooms will he rehidlt for .Mary. Her 
nest production, and nrnbalily the ttrnt 
ona to be -riBib in tiie ufn- Htudlo, wilt 
b^ "Teas i*f the Storm Cnnntry. 1 ' Rfr. 
Kalrl-aoltVa next will be 'The Spirit of 
Chivalry." a . rwiumo itory written 
around cfitmotets famoua in nattg and 
nJory of tbe uprloiJof Tranlioa and earbjr 
Ensliah hi*ici-y. 


Williams & Wolfus Appear in a 

Really Funny Musical 



.. ilii- (ra- 
nd ine liteniJillr. i h * 

niiiinr. n r ! of ll.r E.|r[h of F«f- 

Binn» riHyrn. tr In Alerted hy 
"•'•"' **t Ih* Ifn.ltnB fllm i*t*r« Id 

1 til* H'tinnirj, 


or the rirktoi 

Anthony Paul Kelly has been Migu^ed 
to ndapt "Thr Tailor Made Man." 
which Jark I'i.-U -ihI will ntart :v L once 
in Ihc INekfair ulucllfoi. iiorhiuc tvlii'u 
Mav.v anil Iin-i- art Eaat on the Wlt- 
heiinfntf ■uaae. They Btal't for New Vork 
thi> Tveeir^) 

t'ranv Kara fomSnar Ba»ti 
With Mte. Frank Mayo in New Voeti 
Mr. Mayo ii coming ob to enjoy n va- 
cation here and m<- !;".v Mss.naint.nj 
looka nfter an Bbs^^ltt , of fconn tinir. 
lie tpIH reaeh here to-morrow uuiniinK, 
ftCcnitlimr to a wire weired l.r Mri* 
Mtyu, ihe who waa iJAnmar tiodows^i', 
daajtBter f the fnaioiui pianiit. Mr, 
Mayo wilt lw> aeeompanli'd by Jaek Mul- 
hall, who is eoTfiinj; en vrltfi lito for a 
vacation in tb« "big city. 

\Otb.lnjK lo Worry *Ijl..i>. 

Aeeo-rdine ta h man well Teroed in 
Waablncton politic*, the Zfhmun Cloalna 
hill now ueadfofr in WaKhtnclon, la 
00111101 to worry th* arhlbitors. IE 
1U1U ivitli faetnry tad store eloalnjr on' 
otuidaf anrt doen noL rapnCinn tba iuikIihi 
pletnrc theatrea. 

Para RoibAfc] Ccnpllnrnl. 

TheintrnitetBtivediinw number, "Tbe 
Sloth,"' girea by Mile. Iianil)«relir at the 
Cntrito] Sunday nlffht. hraiiBht forth en- 
thuniaatic praJM from Eot| StoUon 
( rawfn-nl. lit- ivn« a inemlnv of the 
_lw»i party ffiv*n by lllta W<-IniDii In- 
.iin=jr of the HroAilivay ores nji cation of 
:The Giim Comedian," Wr Jtrat Atory 
written dljwctly for th* nereeii. Mr. 
i.'mivfnnl «rai delishietl with rise COiOT 
efTeeta, tbe bliKt. and j;risBiia. and the 
I'h^rm of the yettae; daneer, who Jlttrd 
uilndraMr Into ilio icttbu urranircfl l>y 
Mr. tjoiharel. 

"Thin ltothafei. >e jh an art 1x1," Mr. 
Crawford aald. "No one but an artist 
clod.) nr;hlero etich an eurrl." 

Ijiter Mr, Crawford ttii prenented to 
Mr. Hothaffl, and li B tried to perenBun 

RoXy tbn.t thr art world \o*t a Ri 
meinbei- wht-n Jm ebeaft to iH-i-otat 

M*fcw W^eimau nrMcrt her |iralnc to 
fTiiwfnrd*M and ■■ompiiraefttwl Mr. Ito- 
ihafii ou i!|.^ pr<u.>i-i|n tie hud iirrunjzed 
r-.r -"'ii,. lii-iirt CvntraUn/ 1 And !iy tJe 
bjr, ihr i.'.-ture- i» north a JMi to the 
CapitaL r'mcl) T.lnnl directed it and It 
came f;om Ibe «oHwfa vatlpbop, 

s*!+ec Ynnr FhvnrHe Proilm.-*r. 

Would you likr in y.?p your fiivnrii 
iiintioit iijitiiro nrodocerr Vi^Jt llip 
Broadway |.!"lure hnR*fi'n Ihi" tveel and 
B^r th.-nj nt worh «lth Will Haya, Th*-y 
wili a iv to the miinTii-r born n ml take if 
lihw actinic ny will: bi 4 duet d»<^ to 
water. Willliim l'ti% to,* u nm£« that it- 
uinuiiic und nlraHtat. \. IX. WltGamn 
aft* 111 if peaftla for a cnjttrfa urn* be 
mot mare ilian eatlPJi 1intn!*f«--t. Ailolpa 
Kiilcor ni-vec look* Into iln ramrn oiira 
Lewie J. Si- u nick, hariTij uti.i trylna: to 
dudui- the inni'>rn. remnin* in a f«r roe- 
aer. ' Mrnin. 1 loae to tat llrim: Ittir* nrt* 
a-.-if he g<W h vetmaiit. inni^-ad-of the 
yottflae-ii man prenenl. MaTCDfl I.e-ew. 
with hk ju*l-n|iened^a-ihEalrr nir. Can 
I. 'i. <n.iiiili> i- [i^ iifltnrul nil i.-li.ii hi- |i..-vd 
witJt l'/L^ideat UUtem. Ham irl tlplrt- 
wjji luu 11 iiumint-r Ifrni bIhiww the i-njui- 
era U tioiliini; in ai-. life. AJko, theft 
1h WiijKpliL Sbeehnu. fntlejivoniyr not to 
ilrnmiLtlEr iln- fart he U ao-id lookEue 
enough i» In- tin nrlor any day lie Keti- 
tlrtMl of helium; Mr. Tex ran lii" lwi»l- 
Ties«, Tbey ore alt there. And 1 Wfcttt 
to Hiiy they receletfj a land when iloir 
piCtarU were shown. Some oT the 
(uiii iu---t-i.|jn million pJctBTB f\r\n WfiT* 
no ovrreomr WJUfl they nnw bow near 
they were tu the iiower^-tbat-V they hud 
to lie retstniLuril. 

"Only filial ine, 1 ' f-ald our. **oo near f 
and never u rhanre r^ ti'U. for a jok" 

itny HcAvey In \Vr*ek. 

May McAvoy Ilhs been lu a wreck that 
,-ud not filmed. Khr mnl her mother ore 
on Ihele way tn Ni--v York for 11 brief* 
v:t ration. Near, Colorado, a 
bjohen rail <-au*fil the ditchini; of txrl 
earn. Thsr" were no futalitic** and MU* 
MeAvuy atiij her uiMher resumed tbet* 
journey uninjured, hut with, iheir eap^ 
liiL-m- in mUrondn -jiu'-.u • ^j 

KJ Wyiin llereiim nn OBer.^ 
There i* a very Mtrona; report cuing 
the rounds now that Wllliimi fox in not 
linrticujurly ioteresledi In HPelm the bo*:- 
offin- receJpte nf Kd Wynn'M ahow. "The 
IVrfrrl Jr'ool." Iir>-nk nil :■■■. .;',- He 
would Iff? iierfectly wiiliup fo hand Mr. 
Wynn a iroiIoti picture contracti and 
we wnder>i!|rnd Mr, Wynn would be' per* 
fei-tl,- willirtEMo alau on the dottud line 
iT blH nbew were not sellinj: wit every 
niehl, I'tut ii ia, hn whai is Mr. Kox 
to <!.<? 

U. W. Urlirnili in ton » leaierday, 
D. W. (Jrilnth was niarouaed a| Mnrn- 
aroiieL'k for so many months' we Alive 
not hantirned to nee him in New York. 
Hr fcame into ihn (irithth offiren yesu-r* 
day In time m henr n report that km aw 
woman hnd telepboaed In lo »ay ., iniklti 
.royal I'rlncr, 01- name iirio^p .. r other, 
wanted very n-v- '■ i« meet lijnj. The 
Iffoiiii-.r of 'Ui-.lirii,. ..r i) w MLnroi" 
fiomwud hiKi'ly miiused. We bnivicurd 10 
be in the oftire wheji (he r ton cat i-amc 
oirer the wfre. 

'"lou do Lut ^(;ellJ panu-iiL-irly creiird 
ifl uieeiitu: uu IlleLuen.^' 1 w- .-nid:. 

I would rutber mev t an old fflelid," 
he n^jilicif. and told of 11 letter he rc-i ie.-d 
from a former tlmud Ituki*. ,1 Uu-jilan, 
who ir tin till to e*jm.- i.. tJtis iij-i.uir and 
aet in a (JdiffEth pkturc. 

"Didtfou Kfv* him tlto job?" ilr. (irjf- 
hth was naked. 

"Ccrtalidy not;' he witd. "Why s* to 
linttdtt und enjcna^.a tntia becinwc lie 4a 
b ilukq? I want some o«e who 11111 act." 

KlicflHtiS of Mr. (JrHFlih, ho linn 
cbuuKcrl th* ending of "Onihum nf the 
Btortn. ' Thn nmiou is- n,iiuikencd amt 
maiiy touehaa.ftf eotnwly am uddwl until 
he baa achieved wlui he ijoclarea la (he 
fuatriii. tittialt ever made for a dim. 

CrrJifhioq Unln wa* reoalleil for i#v- 
eral acmes uf comedy. Tlis wUti-rU t.isli 
■wern alao nt work. And It, W, cofltlnoaa 
lo buuai; the Apollo Tlicuire with hi-' car* 
trumimt :;nnncil lo ibe lowest wliL^prred) 
ponunaat that any elvc him 11 further 
idea for topnivimr IiIj* tileture. 

1*- B, — It doeA hut need uny rhnnizes. 
Tln-m U our teaUmorita, farmrd Uir ftrnt 
nijfht, anil we intend tt> itlek lo them, 

A Ltttft- nf Tffll, 

peel] I>e Mllle iisa siveu « puap tnanu- 
facturer n valuable hint Tor new botb 
wap In ,+ .S.itunln.v Nicht," now plnyJJttf 
at tbo Kivoll and jUaltn. Sonn- eut in 
tbe hhftpe of roaeji. fjooks like Frcneli 

fiaatrj- nmli \n pt> ortiflmenlnl It mlpht re- 
orril wtiie of tluwe who believe ,>ai onlay 
nicht m';ni- bath night. Mr, Ut Milie 
holds there arc still iosib left. 

*^4j"a nar^utoia*; 

- u 7bd Van*, jit^t a raito tn brtab.. 
poasMAf 1 * vocal poweiK in ean'Taat t" het 1 
nimiiililiM' *.raniep. Indeed, tfcc "PrWhlr^* . 
We rirand lones, paT« b» h bell und true j 
lo the Mpmo^t rulij:. Her program i^ 
well ebo.9 o in thnt it diiplnyi In r mu- 
sical i|ii:il![iroilon>i wUhont brine "owj 
the ln-ad-" of ihe lowe-ii fiMWa in (he 
loftlesl v>nU. llnWeveT, there I» illnple 
tmurieBl isotirishuieni for ilmse nlih 11 
knowjedge nf the fine thintH. iJ-ntl 
Domniie renders ad(nlrable iwdatanw at 
llie plana and tyvealu ii ma>itrrij- rnneh 
and 11 'rnw nf technique. 

Hnrherr William* und HiWn Wnlin*i 
gfii-r their craveatv nn the BbWf)B revo 
era^e. "Snup to Kots? is tbe- title, nti.l 
it BWra (lie entire etiiir.-n? of the fan 
menu. M'illlnms had the npcriniin* 
rnetinj,- uiih Inncjitcr nt bin emrj gea- 
tin-". Mini* Wolfui U an able Ml. 

The Gnat T-eori nml Ma croup nf n- 
ftintJilH-- rt'-ry The maul «1 erttind >.il1. ;. 
IKjrlea of illuHioiiff ridmlnutinc in fire- 
nnd-wnj^ir ilnninn*l'**itLO!i. I.eon baftillre 
bin i'-'.ii- whh u inarkril decree uf "kill. 


The till offered nt B. F- Kclth'n HLver- 
alde tbjfl week N up In the etandixfl 
est?ihlIh3ir--S bj thnt hoiine mail beasts ol 
two or three hStdi npotB. 

Kay, Ilimilin & Uny ibrl the Bad 
mllie^ with n lively hnr cxliihilion. nod 
Prc^i I'nrlinri liiereace*! I'd inom7'iiiu:i 
wiih rt iiroprnui of vioTin .(eli-etliint nit- 
miriLnly eboMD nnil (.'alculalnl to di-*|ii;iy 
her musical kr-owledee to the fiillest. 

Howard Longford and lna l'mLrnk j 
appear in a tuunLeni comedy ftlt mlh-d t 
"Bhopplns." The piM* slvcw LaitBA'td 
a "nip" pari he revela In. He produces 
lanabter uiih deft '-omeily tourln-H 1I1.1: : 
mot- hi* salesman tliarRCtPriiiitibin it 
ccedlncty enjoyable. MI« partner S« n 
perRotinblr jfirt who works clTcetlvelj op- ' 
pOisile the comedian. 

The (jniiey Koiir combine fbeir ioire> 
in tireeeble linrmf'nie*. Their appear' 
■ne.- h neat and they keep well within 
the Until' ■•■' ilictr taltBts. 

"Weiinc'idny nt thf> Kiti" I* n bricM 
Httli' eomedy by (tofflon Bii-lnrb. 11 


I cdj iuL-rvol of divtrtbia fim and 
i ;i inrdium fur Front Melniyre, 

Rous and ra<u;s a} pin 
tucks and ivt di' A entre- 

Stunning girdle '*} jet 

The Gargi'ttt' > wpe 
frocks have silk slips, a 
most derided addition. 



A New Frock, hand-made and 
typical of Paris — $69.50 

fVerii» Bfyi r».ne— A'.ii'y, llftilr, Bfa/efc 
t.VororH-r-./Jmct. WMtf. 

Mi'»j|.1i:r and uttder-ircn ^ctnis all reinforced hv irachinc. 


Broadway tit i\tnth.-\ e-n York. Stoic hours l J *o 5.30. 
Telephone 4700 StttyvestMt 



Attorney Well Known to Theatrical 

World Will Take Frieda M. Fin- " 

kelstein for His Bride. 

florin Kaplan, erspen miiuiiuilator ol 
TiniipHiiI rij;iireH for the f!clwynF, Htnppeil 
eareoTaClDii'a yeptprday Ijnjj" enon|;li t-> 
prove his a|KnmH for imWlelty wofk;Ue 
ivas around in jTKlordny'n eol([ weatfcei* 
(o "b?t the whole wifrld' 1 know that one 
of hi? t-ent frieudw fc Satut.el W. Tnnnuu- 
baHm. wlil hnon Ijeeome a i-enedii t 

Mr. Tannenbatlni I? an Attorney | u 
New York Mitb a wide aciLUuiiitancv 
jnuanu tbeatricaL proph-, and hi.i tif- 
trothal i* announced \ v Kiieda M. FinVel 
utein. danehter or Mr. mid Mre. Mux 
f'inkclHtein r,f 820 West Nlni-ty-rljjjhth 
atreet. MlM Unkef-teln has been aHi- 
Haled with the Coilcjrr Battlement Jind 
other fori a 1 und eharhahla iniitttiilions. 
Jihe t*eeivr<] the dearee id" Hn.-helor of 
Law* from the New lurk OniTrrnltjr 
Uiv School nod la itbout tu W admilted 
to the ]..ii of this Stole, 

Mr. Tiinncnhniir>! received the degree 
iff Hnehclor of Arts. Mauler of Arff and 
llacbelor of Uw.i from Culuiuhin Vui- 
vrmity, und bis eooneeitons fneludc niein- 
lo-rnhin in ibe Nailonal Flrpilbikan Club. 
New York Connty Hepnhliean Cemrnit- 
tee, the American Itar A»af»eiji!ioo und 
the New ^ork Conmy Lawyer* Auocla- 


Celluloid Vcraioii of "Turn to the 

Eight" Hasn't a Giggle or 

Teur Drop Missing. 



Some day, no doubt. BMrto one will tc- 
ii-r Ul lie l'Ijii;|]]ji ns il|i- tiling thm londi- 
ilie rnnlhrr htneus. M-jlhrr in luni luo 
dene a tot for tlni pbOte-play, Indeed it 
\x hnt.irdniin i.hi rijik ti picture wi'liioit 
her. She ih at prWut (he life. *>f the 
|iariy at ibe Lyrli: Thuaiir. wbctq 
abe brujiu an ijirended eimnp^niiiit Ioki 
«r«ani| io "Tom i» the Rfpht" the c^lln- 
hdd veriibm of tin- popular Wini-hitl 
Scnltli'il'din Hazard miibu nioCnaa. 

Tbe til In Ii> eicryiluitj; ihoi WS wr„ild 
expect ft Jjft. po aiwll 3t [*■ ,oy aj , q trlfiii 
I mi re (linn Hint Ixcntiw of tin- motliiT U|i- 
[■eal. Melt-i bun Kl*rn (in- i.ieiune on es- 
e<tlent proilu.-tii*u ami be WftJ 'if ajtO-wJHjl 
pl-iiper re»I-eei for tbu MUfB ]il'>.>', liirii' L ,| 
it over 10 Be* Iimrutii for poliili, !]■■ I* 
itn uliln dfreotor. il- h nympailietle ami 
ulneere and In: liiw imuh 1 a iikiflde pic- 
ture. He bus maiLiwd t" jrivc dfminy. 
i vtn dlxtlnetlvu, io the neenes. Jf jiiu 
are ut nil swact'iitibh' lu b«iuir mifl 
moihrr acein'a wr advise no cxt.-it tiuinl- 
k"iThlcf or two coyly tucked Inn n bandy 
[klaoe. It Ik (hut kind of a ptetare. 

The aUir.v \* tin popular and with h 
■bow* the lierlln of u hie rily. It calf 
iranix life m ibe dty with tin> dnwo pan 
tbe farni. The hero in u country nrtf *bn 
ij«e*i wrona nod ihere [a a llltlr niollier 
nnd n uiri Wflitfna »i homo fur him, ii 
tttoation which h hard to hear if ynu bap- 
pen to lie tdtlinj; ant frfint with ayaa 
Bloed to the acreea. Th-- hoy return-: home 
on tbe evn the Huh- mother m ulmut u 
tie atfofed from the family launtarttJd. 
Two of bin pnh froni SIor SID*, in 
search of it baod-OOti itrriie ut the form 
at tba Mine time. It only regains for 

I Ibe Iriti |o bent ih.< vitliiln «r_ bis nwn 

carur, T'-form end f:dl tu love, linil tbey 

da the Calling in leu ■- in ti pearh nndianl, 

. whieh ut"a plcamat ibinc to ib>. 

| Thi-tt- U a rami Imsnur sy*i.?niOlieBlly 

| iiismi"! with tin- patho* for those who lik>- 

l ir. The bunier, we miicbt mention 

ihooeb, i-t mil an tucceaifti) in il« pur- 

POHC hi die patho*. IVrhnp* ii in itamer 

io make peop].* rry. An a mninbr \>t the 

teni bri|£adi<. "Turn In llie Klcbt" tafcra 

1 iln | I m. j uluni 1 wiih tbo major* of [iie- 

. Til"! 

i & capable cast Iul# lweu cbaarti fi»r the 
him. I.ydiii Kliiitt k the masher. AMee 

. Trrry llie hweeihejirl and Jack Mulhiill 
ihe wauderlnic boj. Tbe uu moit i-hnrni* 
lug rcaturea of the ptettiK ore Hurry 
My i'm nml i!mri;r Oogper M 'iilly nud 
Mnjtsy, (he i rimiia who n-rorni thnui^ii 
llie kiiiillv n.liii' ii -■ of bono- und mother. 

The bwUfct u\» lour hren select,..! 

with pure itii'l 'he eajnera wort In ue- 
lichtftiil. TIlt sauttrlo mm brvparttl hy 
JnSO Mulliin nml Mfiry O'tlnm nml !■< 
-.m-ioiti ami etutvineiut;. 

< lork 

tu Atlanta. 

Jttikt' i\ Iifiilcan. until h-cenlly a 

deputy eJcrfc in ibe t'ulted BtaLea UN- 

tflci Court, yjatetdv beftta Jntlae John 

j (*. Knox pEaadod tuilty to uti Ir|dlctme»( 

j .iinrr-itii* h-Ini with embezzlement of Uov- 

1 -fliltu'lit i'.ifidfi, lit- Wil-t niiiTI'luTil tn a 

| term at two yeuri> in.jllie Aiintilu I'eu- 
I itfiitirey 

Getting Too Fat? 

Try This-Rednce 

l ■■— - j. jj— i. iim dnn't prow inn int nre llie 
fortanat* exeeprjon, itn; If y«u floe] Hit 

(ut ..■ .'niu-i.! i'i:.^- or alrendv euinbe;*oeie, 
1-ini il-IU lie Wine tii tollow i tils suffuebllnn. 
Hlikli Is eiuturrtt-U hi- ihnnimiiils or imkjj.U 

IV 1 1 (.1 I. iii,.> A«l: your i! m jl-Ih: for Mnniin. > 

I * rem- rt prion *J"jtt-]ri< uml follow ^IretlloLn 
ana ilollar U ih«- prtee Hjo woTld over. CJet 
pikpio f'otu ymtr owe drugjilfli or aenil pile* 
■t irr-i' t e.. Munii'-lj *\,,. 1W2 W.,odwarLj 
Ave. helrnit. ,\Jle u . Py .UiUik tBla you will 
l>e n .-iff iroui li-iruirnl .Irons ami lie aid* 
to reduce -"i-'inriiy a m] enxlly. wltbr>ut itar- 
tjMvil diet or tiresome csnrvlB*. 

She Alleges Wounding Waa Acci- 
dental When He-Had Showed 
Ear Revolver. 

Helen Schmidt, 30 years old. of Suf- 
folk afreet, yrstrrdny war, heM without 
ba:£ In Iis^es Market Cif.irt f<*e rxnmlti(i- 
lion Thursday on a charge i.f fvlonloaa 
aaaault. She was arreted Suadajf tiicht 
after Anthony Dewrnaky, 24 yean old. 
ft Ludlow etreet, had vahl. aeeordiui 1 to 
the dettetivefl, nhc had ftiot him. 

T>ewerBky w Lu Gonreueiir Uo^pttal 
with n bullet wound lu hi* uto-noe-i. I operation on him the phytdclan 
(old him he Wonld pmhably tile aa the 
Tennlt of hT.H lujliry, and be immediately 
caTleil for the de>ett ! v.« and made the 
assertion about the Kheotins. He wan 
*hot whiln In *-.[•• room in Tpndlorv ttreet 
nil .ijiltllii: \ i'r, 

Arralaned before MncMrate (7orrij[an 
yealerdar. i lit- vromao said she ono C'>ne 
to nee Dewensky's ronaimstt-, und that 
while in tbe apartment Dewenuky lunfc 
an aulDmntie rrjvolver from a trunk and 
nhewed it. She *alri die pb-bed Up the 
weapon to examinr it, and .i .■:■•■■ d|d ho 
n eartridive exploded, the bullet Mrlkinjj 


We find you cm hjirtj; out the 
beamy of your hair tu its very best 
advantage by wishing It with canthrox. 
It mikes a very simple, inct^ei^lve 
shampoo, which cleanses the nilr aad 
■j-caEp thoroughly ol ill the dindruff, 
dirt and excess oil, leavinii a wonder- 
fully clean, wholesome feeling;. After 
Hi use you will find that Ibe hair dries, 
quickly and evenly, is never streaked 
in appearance, and is always brigbl. 
loll and fluffy; to fluffy, in fact, that It 
rooks more fbundint iban it Is, and so 
jtoft that armnglag it bccomei l pleas- 
ure. Just use a teaspooiiftii of cam- 
thror, wbicb ypn cm get from any 
good dru Erin's, dissolve it In a .ur of 
hot water; thli niakej a lull cup of 
shampoo liquid, enough so it Is CiSv 
(o apply It to all the hair Instead of 
just the top of the head. 


A. piece of machinery— that is what a 
motor car really is; but few owners 
like to think oftheircars as machinery, 
so the ideal car must be an efficient 
piece of mechanism— so efficient that 
it withdraws attention from its faith- 
ful service by the very faithfulness 
of that service. What higher tribute 
could be paid to. a motor carl 

The Habrolds Motor Car Company, JVnti Ttrk 

BroMyn, Stamfvrd and Poughkctprit. The 

Ellis Motor Car Company 

Nraiati und Trenton 

Pierce -Arrow 




William Gillette 

&X„„,.The Dream Maker 



la U» "Stw Cornedr, 


Vr VUcSBr lx-saral anfl Lajtra H"o, 

arrilt nrlrn' 




tunm Miunt^ 


.\.tt Amȣcnlmii Hoof. ,i U-SEW 

ZmtTELS MIDinoHT frolic 



^K^P '-Mnrr- fun (rins :mIV Hf- 

**■ ™ to* italK — — n."-Hwr'a iiipun 

HUEKItU H«w Ft*? 

[f nlcV r rl"i-:-Li 
« Uattn.* Td-< 

.'Bulldog Drommond' 

H'-»T, :. m. Eti, I.K 
To-dtr <Ma. u Hi u :», 

fan th is 'The B*LV-Tln 

With A. E. AlATTH iSW*. 


Mlilldl Cataadr ftl ADE^f. MS. Jfsu. 
tajiloj it ■.■>* LMJVD1.TQ..DA.Y b tbi. 

V. If St F.I* 



KFrnW fh.,W. *iS(. E*». (.ID. Hat To-itj. 


•flj Wjn. Hurjbiil, wjlh I- - ;.-, l-n, A J>nT, 

MtlOPinr JIBitiW. 



as K/KJ 






4 «l 




KtIh 1,1ft. X*U. 

7«- cur * r«t. 









■OU l-lfWMC. 

HSU. Tj.^,.- ft ->,.. ].|| 

■— Wra. Jfumil 


Wtz- -y ; ._. ,. : 


Joseph ClwtWn & UITian Lorraine 

find Hi. Ha sic 'IE alt, I 

L^i I SH"^L£ ALOW 


Thank-U • ne i* YEAR 

ll»'l' l-MMIIVI. 4tniEXlE 

LO NG ACRE „Z. ?X. '£.%». ... . . " „^- „ 


AU-tth THfl. of !h» CRAVHX I 

LITTLE ?•'«"■ 



" fsUptofla nrjrifii *t 

".Yew 2'orJt rrnd /^ondoa** Hifjaesi liacetl'" 



HUDSON ^.fe 

U F t. Mr. II. 11, 1!. r -[. 


Wast <. : !h Stjy^i. 
l>*n,Hi.T* a IS, Malii:r< 

LAiT n tiiiks 


i EoE 





Hal-. 7nUi7 ■& jjai. 


William Collier, rsormiri* Macr-> Wltda Jt- 
J»r HiitK. Irrlhr Burlln. m» By ,ath*f» 
™w. "Bhi Kuilc RriMX H**r Mail.i In AjihtI.j 

j "AHudii 


"Six Cylinder Love">^ 


George Hum Wil] Ask Local. Film 

Men to Hake Films in 

San FTanoisco. 


II. fc. MOH llfi'ivM I'lnl.:. t,.r S*B 
llntiipii i'lfllirf I hrn'rr In 

tho iie-i.iiiT. 

i.iiti flntl llir WdMB," TbU Dot. 

(t-dit rh pc-c*ntir mtHUlui in 

Th« ttiirnliiic Trlrarniih, tiuiJ 
errilll tn phnt«[TJ-p pfarr InndVtN- 


With Her Associates, This K1s.nD.i11g 
Bar.csr Please* Brooklyn Play- 
goers—Has Large Company. 



Or i 


HViHY G.\ltDt\, Qencnl Plnrnr. 

MAN HAT i AN ™™£ 

To.wl Kh( ii H, "Pcn+dii and Urti- 

•pnil«, <:«tiJ*u. llisurnaL, I>ufr*iir,r. Can 

Than*. Sl'ilii. -Thfs (ilri ok* rhc 

Goldth Wifl},*' II* pa. fit*** Lkpp*. 

IDfUlll. Tl-mlnl. r-lgiurior roUrtn. 
Irl Mthl. "M*din» Hind rrti " 

Ulth Ua*iir>. Jfltciwn, rMllmlit, Rimini. 

C-Hk!.. folaCc^. 

s*i. M«(, it r„ "Barb-r ..f Seville." 

M*,r|B |.rt(. f liHbiith. BrblpjF., LaltfJi.r, 

T'f'l'i: '"■ ■-■■'i -i- 3"--r-- 

*i»i. XlkTfar. -CiRmii;' Oar*?D. Jfirra- 

Irtix. DaklinOtr, Mirj Urr&rtni^ 1 H ->i uT t 
faTkr. 'Jt|W[,;nil.]- 4 |:«llrt, run.. Pnladto. 

Man.. js»ii, 3«, ■■'iiiiiiii'i Ynnnn." 
Ulrica, Miraiirr, ria*li«urf roftif miaxo 

Tltl.. ■Irlilan and l«,j| ( ^. ■ [:.-,: 
Wtt XOIMar (dxtault. Hhhard HfhisMTI Iflp- 
f'lii. J.i-i^.jr i:-)hrildn nli-^iH.r , a.j 1 ..iai-™ 

Wed., •M'nullnrrl,'" i Ui„ Lhi, itJebyLl" 
burner*. It-fiwirt; (Vind. Clmlei' jipd 
■Ihr BlTahdMy of Ihr 1 n f n ,. I ,. . ■ 
PmTLnjr, Ouknlfukf *j.d tfUmi. Card. Van 

; *lm. Kail. N«»M, »b. 4. "Itilomi-?" I 

I Caorril *mr. '■orom'a. U«rataiM l~rta:« 

l.anlrn. tore. Ilutraniir- 

I Bif-jAutiJa, r..., .1. i-„| L ...-f „. 

OtUOD ft Jlamlln, Ihfl "QRIcllll FlBfloI}' 


To-nlia-lit " 

Thnm, >!•!. i 

Than. -..:■ ■ 

%mt. t I.I!, (Poix !« r If* M , 

£*>» Nan. ■«»». <> T.« !...:.,-n:;ri 

tir-J. Kr-. «t ^ jfia 

■'AhDA^'v iiamj rsm 

nftrla C.s.diin,.^ 

..A\ nlkiiri-f 

,., L t Hn| d'Yn 


..,.., Tot* Sludl 
f.'i.i i-ii:; ri ii 


m iin> Omttofa 

prrig*) mf; T Jii'i 
ance. T!i"« Ki-: 
ulnrlty Kfli Hh 
whu k'lfii tlifi: 


jiiiiymjt « ri-jurn iiiKi.ij:i>H1rnt 



yrnu diini'i'i'. 

I Hi 

i brief 
TJOUH npjHMir- 

tu lii?r poi>- 
ry, jftW thonp 
•- rar In tbe 

for thf! WB- 
t uf iIiih rt>;- 

rJiiuk UfJiI 


IKriorm- | 



• :]DlDd. auadin 


Dulur Mitfrrn S5c to Sl.OO NlthEl U 

fcttUrtUy Uatlmn Jfc rjrj J| JO (, Jj. 

Oi»d Ortlintra fctBta Jl.OO. 








P«dm« Lord 
'in 'Anna Cltrislie' 



Robert Warwick" 



MOROSCO ■:-„; 

roi'll.An >i,nlM;i: 
CTdllllli T13HE ' 

\ Win 


■wi.m irMjm » nrjia imSS 


n "Sky Hldh" 



Sim Liebtrt & Co., 
iX^TwrttJ f5" J "*' Puwell Ouintctw, 

lEs. Bat, Ban, A IM.) I OthcrS 

I 1ft- 

' ilflffkj 

B--.r .mil. ii 3 » Tlaa 


Ja, |>nrfl:iii>ii]i( Pie I icr. ■ . 

Ttnwa B<ni»r*. ANITA LOOK iTuamtiflii 
NiHKI U It. 'K<-;l Hat JNuipi.i,,-,.' 

All Baal* WW All Mh »lfC 

RPPIIRI IP Th«*.» IM 6I..W.0I D'l.En.1 3 





q io. 





Prnnt I |^Mf 

Vlilllunia, * Wnlfna, at 


IKTKl.I.A HATalt*W, 

UKllT KKUUI'. oiliana * 

PJliiMptar/Tlir- N..ii JAOIf 

, wiib t{oe»ji Ikw^rtii 

KVKRTaDllV 1.1 LAL'OHINfi at 

" BEtMONT *■«* aisV 

l! rnrniroir^maarrisjaai J 

Ort-w HyTT. ITI-^T * Clarh. W B Twr 
A Krirotl, F.flari'm O^d.UH.pTtlrlda 

£ bit, Rnj ana Ati?n.r t atfa* 


Cljd- r*>i In "Tha Tnrvidi-r' 


Jim riiiiif Uafcict HotS i r ipf!i, 

Pf^ilrrl ft VT*>I.J.i->* fi .'nifn.riti- 
B-lhal CllrUia In 'Silt Ihp Vamp ' 

t'a;it mi h-'iul'mI Z**TJ Tour. Ml)ll 

Pra,nh ;i.>:iiE,r. Daoclnf Bhnta, 
\vntvn A I'ttiiwi! I'atinii t Ward. 
Hkfi:*]- c L«f ind auiara. 
Gtor|o WiliS In 'SerenidV 

ir j A at A. "W 



Laoi.Qav.-i prewsi* 
"The firim Cflmeulan" 

ffaftT »( EalBE Ft. CA11T0L' onAKn Dunn. 

"TSjllik-L" Kuon to JflO. 

flu friilur. l-Vbrujiry ■■3, tie CtnTkotlji, 
"Tl.iank'1 r," at tli*' Lntisqcn- Tlivatn-, 
wIH Biwrf) ir*0 (.iit! b*x- ii if to limca null 
mark th* tristL ]ilay in hJs join of pro- 
QUftUnn whleb. Joliu'Ualdfti Hill hi. v. 
hsd du BniAclwiy w itcatd a NewVwk 
run. TI>e tola] ot a L unit ted .mrj.d. n liaif 
tSnin i.i rut i'it |>rofc»innnliy as n run mi 
BttJiliJwar. Mr. QaldtUi'i «l!hor rpiucdifw 
JlUrn ijciiii in rf jiri|tinilCT: "Tiini \n tJJi* 
Itltfit," "UBdrnln',- '3 VTiib Fool*," 
"EXmr ile" and 'The I-'imt Vcar." 

ohath SOTirEW. 

WMntvdaj, ftW r. it. 

Kpntifiik'nL uk Hi 
iSi-i.-m tor ii hU 

q:r jet fviU-t'iI ll 

miKl!- «yT« by 

usiji-rt ^L'"ai>tTij. AL-LordinitlS 
□bJloo h:in iihiiivM Mitniunilfd lii>r- 
"•■if [Jip beil ti , ni"ipliJ'r* , iin niiriial- 
iai?i iiiinirv eoulrl Imr. Shi 1 httK in tnrn 
i-iiipioTci] ili.' Uxweotrl itrOlbtr». KiUi- 
"ftiu (iiiil IClS'i Cniit-ino umi \a ]ipp prp- 
H|»nt ofTrclrijc. iEir Mjrlc>-K nnil Jjiiih-k nnd 
M^pcm Ti ntplrtiin. All of [bfw nrtlNln 
Jinvf mtrnrd un .-livlKhlr rriiuiulinn mid 
"in KruiE:»f iii'prttbfiiuon f..r rh>*jr tU 
' "intit iictrjirliriji n vhfl rrom 
Lun'i" ItHilvHiiul r«ji tribiit tun. 
bte; rn jitih for nil. ami Mch 
p}BSfl trwjif. Uui- biiil r#arl 
I Alpr^ifr TdnplctOti Jirt [be 
, I'lMiniiHUiin in ii ^p||-vT.irdw] iit-iirojjiii-^ 
! ttnd luhx the Wjidfrn a>xfraiB at. uttim 
} ot «r.iwful dnnfi^H, liuludiuar tlH>Er 
■infjaniTf* inimbur. w-.iil^ ihr Ti-niplet«nsL 
Kparaicly ;in»! logetber, in-rfisfm Kom* 
>tmy lirr-iik .[iivk vi'cyIttll[iD>. Tim V*r- 
JmUlp K^stKtCK, too, tint n:ilv pro.-jilii ih# 

^ M*JW nTiisln.l a«orap»iumeBiS, but 

llifje nine :iBrl diiAcp mi ibi'ir inon oc- 
couiit o« null. AIJ |, fl „Ll> vii, Lilaudlti, 
HibI on ion ftC rwrylbFRj. Mi-.;; CIjvl.jj, 
fe«« 1«« t«H likl- n !.,,( nj, th - 

Ulini i Hi*- tiny "m;iML- bft," lit Urffld% 

ra« ini'itiy-ninn, rtrert wa? tbe banter 

« NffW \„|(-h cs)y nijrLt li:... N,i,d!o. B 
I* "J^*li»VC»nlM nil twfarc Vr. 

1-tlur.i'^ Mug. ,n„. nf l! n «,j,ijn'Hi nnfivi- 
. " *»IP|««r - -nlth I^iT,, HLck*« in a 

ftllDMlr *ltft Ul,l1 .rVi.lvr., ,J„ 1Lll ,j n, 0I1(r 
bt..u ;; ,.-.L„ wntoJ, ^[.ij, |] r , Llr urriril « 

irSnl 'r- ' l ," wl11 "* 'I*«-l' !"«» u 
J.FnJ..,l Isim w, t ., (1 f , nHhJfll | n . taw i y 

wuiiw. mnnVrnl in { ,i> itt;>ni»>r Unit ntum- 

fc^n 'fr * K " ,B flir "«■■"" '-««■* 
Ul» mm j witwome nmnncr ir, fj, 
H.fp Ma n-,,1, IJh* i: <.,,„ r:iU h , | , n( 

i£« ft aM, »r ^rfflBtllu uk- 

Tlie Arnant HpniiPw w]io, Fnsiil^nttlfr, 

I.™ T J J p,f ; , ' lri 1 ri K ,"'«• "" thf bllf, wlcntflt- 

^Tti: Jf-^, w lni, -,,,: ,,i . n::i , -, MPy 

rfo f t mlr!t °t tW0 l,,vinc l!ir,,,t ' ^W 
imblin- n „,t „,,.„, ,„ m ^ I1|j[rpi . nr[ u 
i, . "IiulfEOnn? fun «ut nf ihrlr ca- 

Wfm fcil pntalnr nnd Ma rtmrV of 
bJ^art liofr ivin wlunIt IaumIb Iti iibuut). 
Dbra. i ] U fiiH-.l BTliJinrco. ,rf Mn I(in , a . 
nil ro«l[Hli _nuiU* Rtfinrit miffi- 

Hlunr-hi' kiuttt, in bccomlnji fmrfcrt, 
fliytltmiilrJiM bsMilf h.v ljrr rn.T rra5jLf* 

(>le CJJfi-ii iih.i rj,, c JdlHjBon -cnii tltc 

m-.i-Mrn Iwnno win, „ BIlli | p T!ir JM]nj( 

fflmi nrr ln<tt qn i].,j (*rotram, mid Sm- 
HidK nnVriiiF tbrir Dnini vin B ;i,|{ nmi 
pinna JpfrJnltr. iliejr w«iire tin- na«| n t- 
nnw of .iitutt stjl Kc band! fyr ji f.-w bar- 
r on in rimrtN. 

Clnj-diri White nail (Jhim Witch HrtVe 
Jawinm 1. ],f4»in-r. 'Tb.-rJ..'- «-|ih Ml™ 
1,'iali in i!„. j, mik , part: a!| j u'lilu M Q 
Mi'rtnirk ront. 

Jod liMlcj in nvurw an,) t-nuruJnia 
iti/ Mii^UItj. In wtiteti ho In u.wiritnl by 
:i r-r^tty ti t \, „ m | Uk* SEflnli-ri'. hor*ttT 
orlinlJi, pomtvlrTfl ll» Mil, 


\\ .-::■:. iki-at! ItaxH Tnalnar UJT«anl 
, 9(0,000 far 3c n no n. 
rtpatla: to Wu l Ki >n ,taa-r»i*TaBii,' , 
""0O"SH"ESr.Ia B . Vt.— fro nycmw, well 
known liotdf tminfr of I'mhrji, hns juhi 
iwpii ofrprwl ?lO,CrtrO in kpjiboij, ii mi an- 
noiineiHJ Uhen ^o-dajr, t^i p tu ^'ipJ5na to 
tntlD anil ijrivo ilif5ni«i),'t]brtH]ii for n.^ 
w«Utl*y AtuJrtiiu turfmnn. \\ r . \V. 
Wi-rtlmop of. V Ion i io. who culnr Ui Ararr- 
irrt urekiiis; u trainer, tumlr the nfrp.r to 
HyorwD. nlnntN.1 bock io Kumpii to-diiy 
wil' r imVirmin- ItTrrnuLi ht would Hnil 
bni*K a. rilhlpHTflin jfiniimoniriE liim tn Ell- 


NSW Y0I1K nrodiiccra arc ta hive j 
n irropoBitlott put up tn them j 
February 1 when Geortc Mann j 
retches here from the Coast. I 
They are to lw tnrltrd to Sab. FranrJaco j 
to make thcif pleturee and; If A "Uttle 
thine like ready cnuli Interferra they will 
be invit** to n>U their trouble* to Mr. 
>tiini!. wtro oomcH n« aa cattBtatr a^r the J 
banking Stitfr^it* «f this Callfornlan city. 1 
Mr. Mn::n hail (inorhep axe tn pflnd. • 
T.iLin alt r-Mplf; from tlo Simto where they 
nuikc nlotuToi, he umca to Matihuttan 
whea !in wantT ti tulk cJistrlbatl*)!!, He | 
in In ehnrin of Uilu branch for tbe Mo- [ 
tian I'ictu^ Utility Corporntio» rcprr- | 
Brtxtitie laeal hunkine; Intoreat* TannM to 
finance Son FrMldsw made picture*. Mr, 
Mnnn, .who in also prwldent of tale 
iMWpiinj-. will nrraage far the dlnpo" 1 o* 
pictureg iiliw iu tlu mahlns- 

.loappb It. li. Jacqdt. who produced the 
Inst threo Hobart llaaworth tileturea, is 
liofl'il of the. new organization. Kcnncin 
Mctlnffey. former piiblicity man for Flek- 
ford and Fairbanks i» Bp«*t*l reprfiUftiitn- 
^^c.!^iLOTiM-^7fi ! ir-'iJi*^ fc 'V : crjl An»» p- ! 
takias cJrrH'rteaeiw* mni into' tbnir fiJm 
rtineern. Tbry nru enter \v Tfiflko San 
Vratinlaeo l"ini tn las be.-im of the film 
industry. « 

Mou Gem Baay> 

B. R. Mora Is one of tbe tint of our 
Elm citizens to reGbitrr hla confidence 
in the futnre. Ho linn Hied new revised 
p's'ns tct a theatre to L>e ei-cetod in the 
Ilrons at Tremoat and vy*B»tcf flveaue*. 
Thnj biiltdlnK of tab motion picture 
IhcJlrc bnn li^pn Md an for a year on 
account of the hieh Cost of construction 
uad the srnrrnl cnndilt'ia of husiucfm. 

Mr. Mux* [a 1S0 Ban^iilue that Mareh I 
Wljl tiw: a eliansn Ln lu»Eneia condUlonn 
he has started VfWll on the IWW play- 
huuse. lt will went 2,.V)0 psopifl and 
will COft in the hi:lKht'i)i b&mJ of u mil! loo 
dollars. Motion pictures w|l] be the at- 
iraition orfen-d. ^ 

The namin of the iilnyhoilHP will }n- 
announced hhtiTtly and Mr. Mnas ex- 
pects 10 Ope.i Jt D4XI Tbaaksnivins- The 
plium call for a hrlclt n n '1 terra eotta 
■ truclure of Colonial aty>. The ninin 
cuiraaee will be «u Tremotit ot«iiw, 
end tbe luiildioc will contain stOrr* both 
on Webstei' and Tremnat avenues. 

I1n?» In>. 

AH nO'tlos picture wrlfceti iri» ■•■«nt 
to Waahlnften thin week to inferrie^ 
WHI Jlarn wore rtoeupfd to hitter r,lin 
s]i|iotitliiirut, Mr. El.i' ■■ la in i ~ .;'•->■ w.--- 
ilD Li ui ill technically I'osimastcr rJrn- 
crftl af tiie United fiintf* nnd #IB r*v 
sihin in nrfir* ittilil .''inn '• 4. Ho hae 
not yet started to take any action no 
motion picture*!, and Lis trip lo iht 
Winrly City m undnuhtndb' made "n 
th<! LatAtvsts *f his wflA on thf; Presi- 
dent'* Cabinet, 

Millard.* Uolur Bpceial. 

A peep at the his Fox aludlos din- 
eloips tbe f.iet ltnrhara CastlHon and 
CborlH niclimoiid sre reportimi tm 
Work orery day. Tbry fire In tho Mil- 
brde aprciat, nori- in proccua of construe 
tioi). liike all >'ihx iirodnctlona thla gne 
]• being identified by numher and 
not b* p^on*r;i• chrlftened until Et l> 
rcady for release. 

llodtclusaa More*. ' 
W. iWi llodklnson is optimiitic cunu^U 

tu hellQve ■■;•■ inotinn yilrturi? >■:■.■.:••... 
will last at least '- : .; .'■■■■: yeart lonfrr. He 
hits atSLled a conttAct -n the otflcet for- 
merly oecii|ilis) by liralart for tliat lunn 
ot year*. Thu LeHo. whlcL sluea (hi 

liiiii.iii.' nn nrflnaiaALioil iin--i-;'.."l irf 

thesn iitimcttv* oilices in ih>: WiDRald 
Uuildftier, 400 Fifth Rvenoe, waa alfned 
-rhhinty 111 and dnted from Febmerjr 1, 
■IITS2, to Febmaty, 1901. The IV. W. 
ili-idJiinEWi CorfwratJofi was oreanitHi 
nmi in cur | hi rated on (Jrh)bi.r IN, lQlTi 
nail in> it is Kroiiins .tulu a Rood aLied 
rilui child, :it Nov.- need* pleiity oT room 
lo eipand. Thtl 1* why Mr. IliwJkinJioa 
has taken the entire H-wir at *ffl fftfth 


rbo[4> by lyan 
GRACE I'.nnuiMi. 

ilnr^nl in ■ "Jsli a il cm * at It. 
< m Warnrr iH'olhrm pn 

a fll»pnirb iiosttnarked Piinielson. Ct.. It 
(wys Sir. PiwMn, ii^'iiiuT In the BInvlUe 
dtsinri. .»Ecliratcd his. IWfth birilidav 
t>Q Jathuary 23, Hn hoaMs he none i- 
nuircil tbe trfijfe-<ili)nal serrlces of a 
dui'icii 1 Ant] lias ncTcr born lo see a mo- 
tion picture, Ito was Imm in Bristol, 
Vt., in 182a. Hiu iw-oiiil wife died 
twelvr years akv. While iMV. PftWBOn 
does mot .i I ; r 1 1 1 ! i : jt hfct ripe old UQ 10 
avfiMin^- the pti'lltrc tliralrfa. Jir> places 
thnn tn t!i.- «unif rHteeorv at the dot> 
tnr-. A ihollpbt tbr.t sbonlj he Toad foe 

Penrl White Wnnla Murdnck. 

lVheu IVarl White saw Tied Mtttdoc* 
At the liiiiety Theatre In 1>U1«? Jdtil>> 
coiiil-nny aIip lud n Lirisht idea. She 
dectd<>i| in- WAS tbe on.' sbp wanted to 
do sr>nii' stmilji in bcr ni>s] ptcliiriVnud 
KWrillnilU wmtc li'ni .(aal* aslcipa if 
nJle vrotald t<«enW Mr, Munlark line 
enaush for him tn h!<i snnu* nio:lmi pk' 
lure HtiiiLju. 11,. -|w<-iallieH in i.lrjuane 
And hlett dirlns l ricks. 

Ilttya "tnilrr Tivu ring*/' 

i i-::dit'.i ■TiiJi t Tv.» i'l-'ii! ■" hn hern 

il Tor Frncjlla 
.leim will NOT 

piirchnaed by 

t>eaa, Erich Voa Sir 

dlr*^ it. 

Oatei lJnnni.Mii in JlerlHl. 

Warner Urnthrrs wnan always in 

at>m« rilia nr ntaor tnesn iIujm. Tb 

"Shade w 

*■■»! inY|iiifitliin[ it* ji 
file Jitiisii',*' Grai'i 
lending role. 

sm'ImI. _ 
hurillnnd plays Ihi' 

fl*.*- "R*d Hot Po 

■ Iter." 

Who MVf, satire is all Iqke oa the 
Atiierieon branil of Intellect? "Red Hot 
RcitDtiriM" at thn Crllerinu Tli"a(re 3iO? 
Krtiw nyi-r so well It will remain riaht 
wtteri! it l* fpr another week. J^bn 

/^.■.■; ■■■ii and Ann:, L"--.-- ]l::-h- UC<n teen 

la the vicinity of the theatre wntcliini; 
how tbe Audience* Mko. their burlesque 
ou uielodraiuo. Anita has had to eiplatn 
kIic 1b eo-anthor and not the etar. Every 
i in ii tftlo Hfea Ivr Im-lii n-- -in- oiUHt be 
one of those 'Jill urn Hlars." 6bc la a 
;-'■!■■-. of eourd-e< but not uf the nctrcea va- 

PruBPH,H at tat; t'fltaea. 

Viiucir,|,ii tifln. fi-iind a home on Dread- 
Way (or tta newest feature. "The Ftodl- 
gal JiiiSffe" opens st the Comeo on. Satur- 
d?ly afternoon. Vltilfraph seems to have 
randA frteiidw with the patron* of this 
theatre for- "Th* I^rotUfal Judpi-" fol- 
lows "Flower of lh* SortH, 1 Hkcwiafi ui 
Vltnzrapli make. Jenn I'ni'e.- and Mac* 
lvji Arhuchle arc the featured players in 
"Tho Prtdiptl Judipe-" 

J.aeli* ciarillT" 
Luella Carr, l iliinjlHcr of Mr*. Miry 
Carr. And fen actrea* on iter Owfl, I* ml**- 
InjE frum the Kf>i Atndloa tliii waek. Tbo 
CfluU bellid tclvrn as a had attack; nf 
neiirltii, which !s coahniua; her to ber 

HajhP |I>> Waa l.tirki. 

Uenoifl Cook rawaon U 100 yeer* 
old and ntiTer paw a motion picture. In 

At the Capitol. 

S. ],. ltot ha fed cJ-'peeta \t) nlve" every 
obp who missed; seeing "The Kmir Horse- 
nten of the A[*flCh f ypi>e" when ft playni 
■'li Uroadway a ehaacv to .Tre it RgiEll. 
lie luis liooked It ajf the chief film *t- 
trociion at rj-i- Cjipitol nest week. 

II Ihc HlVOlt tariil Hlatlu, 

Will ttojiers In "One GJorlon* Uny" 
niU be the feature jit the IUtoII next 
week. Thf epigram butnorist who won 
fume with n lariat and a bobaely face 
staria out in thld Fsramoimt comedy ah 
h moek Htudent of pwyehlc phenomena, 
matures a new soul and turn.* Into a 
flahcin* wildcat. 1 ' Hojrera say* IiIk Dithta 
in the film am the first ho ban ever hnd 
and bin eaurttWrj of the landJady\ dautrii- 
ti-r. LJIa I-cc. is hbi iireaiPHt re want in 
picture". Other* in the picture, ivhicb 
ivdh directiMl by Jfime* Cruse, are Alan 
Ha!**. John Frts, George \lchois, Kndly 
Walt a rut ClarcJiCD Hurton. "Oo,> t;ior|- 
oijh liny"' waa adapted to the twtpcji by 
Walter Woodi from the story by Waller 
Wood* atnl A. B. fiariniter. 

Bel>P Daolels, In "XaijCy frjini No- 
where," >v-Ul be ibe aOraelloii nt lite 
LtEalto nest week. Oraw lj rew and 
kntliiTine Pfitlierton .vrotf the utory, 
uhich was niiantod for the serpen by 
OoHsJajj Uoty, Ohcati-r BE. Franklin di- 
reeied. Others in the Citt are KiJwarcE 
SLuh.rliii.d. Vera Levis. Jan.?" i^-nUm, 
ilA'-i!'- Hi'-dinaii. Alberta Lee, Jlulon 
Holly and Dorothy Ila^en. 

AJida „ JftW IVnrd. 

SllMred DaTl* hits added ,i new word 
to her lecieo]). She bus pTOmiNHl to DUB 
it extensively .in bar con vernation on thi* 
OMat, It is "Ritay,-' & t r mhl a friend 
or her* wlim she returned In the. Coast 
everytltiog rletant. LMnenalre, Inxurimw 
ond tnorvrloLis U Mndensed ctmvtLientLy 
into tnt-uiic word "Ritzy," 

Edward Falck. one of Hupo Ttiesen- 
fdd'a mqvlc staff, says that the ,ea*£e.«t 
job be ever aftl was limine tbe tluya 
when he was aaxiKtant conducio? at the 
Cwlnruhe Opera Hon*?. Fells MfHtl was 
CondtfOtat anil Falck aiird to be per. 
milted to play the triangle in (lie oroliea- 
tf" durtnt; the nerformnhet;- i,( the ovpr- 
lure of "Die iiloisiefiUMcer." "I spi*nt 
tna whole time cmutiiifc the "real*','* said 
EAjfiaU "-^be. trianile Itni ..iil r ^ae-iin- 
poruat measure to play." 

"A !■■.!:': House," rnisd x mpi in front 
of A Tevss motion picturo tbeutrc (come 
nnd briiijr tbn childrenL FoBiiMy tlw 
humor in tuat i_- not oa treat as it mJEht 
have, bppa before ceiiflorshiji. Ihaeii, 
Sobo|>Mihniier anil alt writers who dUacct 
the prob!emii t of the day will have their 
•creen trmi «I at iotia made for the children 
wherevxr^ there is eenaorship. 

The First! 

Tbn fir*! February Sato of 
furniture mu held In W»n»- 
naker's. The idea was orift- 
n*l with thii Stora. 


Today Ine WarLsmsker Feb- 
ruary Sale of Furniture i> ibo 
itancbrd by which *U othtn-a 
ar« judfad. 

# * * 


Will NowBegin 

+ * * 

The Wanamaker February 

Sale opens today with 

"Days of Courtesy " 

Selections may now be made, pur- 
chases to date from February i, 
when deliveries commence 

Babstm'H January report on industries 
says: "Prices of furniture at wholesale 
have, on the average, been brought down 
to a point where they compare favorably 
with the average price of all commodities 
* * * At retail, prices have still to be re- 
adjusted downward before they will have 
n reasonable relationship to wholesale 

This is a warning to look before yon 
buy; to compare prices and qualities and 

Wanamaker prices are down because 
during the past half year we bought from 
day to day in small lots, taking advantage 
of every new reduction In the wholesale 

Actually nine-tenths of our furniture 
stock has come to our floors within the past 
few months — fresh from the factory, all 
bearing new low prices. 

Now, from these new low prices the 
February reductions averaging a third are 

You will be surprised, when you come, 
to see how really small the prices are. It's 
like getting back to old times! 

But the quality of the furniture remains 
high, No more war-quality furniture. It 
is the old-time lasting-satisfaction Wana- 
maker quality furniture. 

Regular stock of furniture on 
hand In the Wanamaker ware- 
houses and samples shown on 
the sales floors, to be sold at av- 
erage one-fourth less. $ 5»8,568 

Special priced furniture in reg- 
ular stock not included in above 
to be sold at average half Its 
regular price $ 150,000 

Special February purchases of 
furniture now in our ware- 
houses and In transit,, to be sold 
at average one-third less s 1 k;.-j.",(i 

Total amount of furniture prac- 
tically ready for the February 
Sale , $1,164,81$ 

To-be offered ln the February 

Sale at | 801,426 

An actual saving to our cus- 
tomers of $ ,'!(»:i,302 

Yes, furniture buying will now begin! 

l-Onrlh. 1-1(11, . D d Rl.tfc GAll.rl... >.!. Hnlld F„B. 


QPbe iHorntng SEekgrapfj 

VOL. W. NO, L'fi. 
FiiMHTiM i.r iv,* l.tSlTtS l-fl.lI.lH«ISO COMl'ANV. at Kit, S» K'jthlb AHM^*. 
I'litf HH&th Street, tn the Tut ft Neu vort. jjorMti-b of Mann man. 
—JJjJE- ).i. p ." , . I *-_J.'; f -'. llI !^. t .-. ^ Kljhiu .;«uiift. John J. -Sell. -Jr.. See rata t;** ana. 
i •tophi ;,-, .*,.■'> Circle. 

Treaaorer, k.y. h'tgaib ak-ui*. 

A. II II l.fll. Ail>»|-M»l>IC >f.irmff. 

MO KI E Mh fctfriBi-. 
Uir in it rat. Kbw to itre»d gtiM). 

T*lfjvhch*, IK? Ilwttir. 

rii-ih. w. l-unrox, M*Ba--r*-r. 

►t'ly anil Sua da j. i!i mo a:. I 

Dlllj- otiIv, ivnt> rtar... Mft.ftll 

JHir.r enl-r. •!» month*, T Don 

Bally oa]j. tit-*-* n»n:h» aj» 

, Jl.-ri 

fully nW(. 
Slns-ln fa!' 

me rooiiiki , . . . -< -Sl.J^ 

Filing o-jiij. ona year ,. 
gun-lar BBlr, *l< mr-ei}.*- 
Eundaj p a ;r. ttr'i in-. hi 

•f taten In O' 

_ ■ferrl-jn iKHlMpntf. PtTiiln'brfl oil HipplWtleTi 
Enler-Wl ft 111* *■.>■«■ T> f V ]'rt*«, h ril-* .■.« S-v-.l r|»»« Mill 
IS tosnoN rfc-* D^Ll* anil Fi-*.Jnr imtn nf The M«rnlijc Te't-grti 

. SIAO aitM nnr v«r Mi "Panda* 1**11^ Whan the Bannay wlltln 
f"Mtmctl«n with ita- flail* ■piper no rm*i poptaga 1 B vhariail. 


hB»ii7 r-*n mpii i>#l 

6J Hf'!ft,.»>i,.|-T J. W . 

pe&r. inc. Sol. 4i. 

are if 6t 
•it"ft 'Fftfws'nii'n; '■&".." freer oV^ni" ■rarttftii'sirwt* 

Pnrssje Arcane: The American Nnri Com 


- V*** riiprtai rmrnTiii* fn Tni 1 ; Siriwsivn TKr.w.RAm, 
MHKMi orncw. \ ra-hth AtfSti*. 1ft* tart. 

xi:w Vi>i;k. ■nrriisiiA\. jam Ain 2ft 

Scientists Begin 

.\ Waahingti 
rlicitiivtv an) dili 
rnfce ihe pnir-on i 

Work of Making i PSk a, awtblsjt wrof; while tcif 
Bootleg Whbhy h** 1 " 1^'tiHB lot Runpthlns vl lb ; 

SAfc for Tippler*. n u ' w oW fostl 

Eli^mlPfo nniinnnr^i ilmt tT\-rt (Jrnniin 
itij- nt ivurk OTfr^a formula t&ai Ttitl 
i-:' ili-'-i ivIiiNky ant! mak^ ii u ]mrui- 
ins Iik ljirk. Wo Imv*- 
kiwi: but ore ilarr sny 
iifurirrriiMii uill tlo sotelC-' 

i bell* 

llitn.5 to a%KOQr«gc it. ScfettBJft r««*BTtB «Uaj!: ]ia* met 

wilh bfcitAclcv. 

Tire prprrini^ntfi nrt- matift. it in mlS, TfHh Ocnftturfii clcohoJ, ami ilir ck^mhls 

■ fcs*f IWm broufrltl ti t)ivt *Sftl*lrj- niwtri- t'linrtii't. Uriits atfliktnlcians. tiiry. of 

nme, kml ao tTouble in ii^ntns ihrnnch ElHs tdaaft, lu a ipott liiithly-iirgnn- 

'izH ftoejet/ Uioa mir own It Is. paaidbk tiny wiuiW W BBeaiPP^j. with a Mib- 

crrd b'W&Jtffti^fSWti «f wHk.iliiiI dr.i * i«n.v. In « May, lit-colur Tfctmiiiird. Tlir cir>'K 
Trill Uuve tlieir nroiniitory lav, trill.' i|i«t wfls irll! linti- Uirlr bouticg tippfe* 
Wbicli rlioy may qnnlT wilkpwt fi-nr lime ilN lifiiiim] nml ■spnlfDuntarj' uiiitturc 
wi|[ hi' an mince or two uf rmha]mib£ HniiL 

3Junt i v, i. ■::■;,_■; : - dbtti fioiur^ frtt^i Cambridge, lO-iilj' 

Encouraging New* WK *«*> »"? llf «"«*> iirofc» 8 o«. d««a«( Um. temttfi 

nuuvimcrd tlmt tin- iindTprtultiBSe ut l»-iln + v b;«|il ln't i-r-r 

Con linucs ro Come 

bourtf. tlrnsik less riuu :uifl wu*t ill OfWJ 

l.i-i t 




n«.turully tba iindrrjrr.idtifltc m»st tif iuiludiMl in a ceusils 
i«.hr1i at tiiats ore ft? iuclln^l lo Iwlt Up m blw «*" n siii'irMucrUB 

From the Harvard hai . wl , h;in H ^. pi-^t^.tKttor of twnnr-fl-TeiywHw «ko- 
Campus. Ttete not Imaoli mirfittirf. Tlji 1 vorli 1* better. 

of till 


Xpw, Pr. tlosrr t!. Ij**, proJwwoi! ol bygone at HarrarJ, s'^th tin- fo^lol 
m^ ffloUier catdfintt •>£ ftrcDSta^^ ibnraeiPr, lit toll* us itant « Iwat b»lf 
<be trp»iinwn iu «w mttftfitt*- i-mokr. It fr sPGTifyinB. TJicy bav« "cut out tbo 
booic" «nd clung- t<i ili* bruit It will [iron: very beJuful; ii trill sisiat la tnc 
alndr room: it w-111 dlfinl nostalpa and iu ottxf **t briBbten tb« various conion 
of Cmnbridfr. 

May we flOt live in aw lb*? day wlicn soint brandminilrd i*h.i1iTitIiru]»i"i, ilfln^ 
■will jirriTldr in bio will n tobacco fund f*r pemr bu« drMrrioi undersold uate* wai> 
nrr working (li^ir way through tl«c luiivorflilj- 

Ttif kink in liiat younp STow ELiKluUurr"* bruin ban uec» 
There la a Trtan- ffiK*WTtfi.'at-ta«t. Wr- baa a sout'inase. ^TbetBcr tbl« «ovV 
, _ niiilc nlii.r« any «f his MWOttlC fitWS fltMliOI- UlflB hi« 

— . * iv>u!(>iii|it for i l*i* i?o nvfu i ioun lilies we do mil knoiv. hnt 

and It Listens Like it | B ^-gyifjrjuit iimt ih^ nnuounceni'-iit of Uis abrrrunt 
a Million. : i ■"; - ■ - 1 L . ■ 1 1 - , oxtcudine; out of doers and a«ay fn>ui lii» own 

ItPtiTtbKti'iD^ C9in« COWal with Ibn nunnsinccnu'm lUat Jie 
will accept bis itnlljoy-dolUr iiihrrirnm.'**. Ronl-puni*,* imaally bnTi- n woj wlili 
t beiii. Tliey Cflti influeare llic ndd flnfflp of lli<- triangle. Perbniht llii v OBC bclOTB 
leoilioB a f«Torsile*«i* i« tbr youti* mOhV wycrtnr* 1 *, ibid hini bluiiiU ihat l.ivi- 
In n coitflgc wan nil -riant, co lOBf ts it was iiiLdi'm-riticp liy n larje and rc«]ioniiivt! 
Iiaakroll. It is ]iOi>sibt« *be imlJtrd n rot> 5tt «nlt-li slic mini: "I lov my iifliniiy: 
Iral r>b, you HOcka nod tioasitf." 

Mis. laivrully-wrddf'J wtte i«nW to luive bud s (uir no: sou. of \vli:ii ten koiiij! 
ou for *omi! time. SJh 1 is wiUine I" ellaiinatr bnrjfell, anil, from wbat w« li:ivr scrn 
ml.J bpan] of brr biTshanil, ore «T* dkpOtmi not l> i-immisernt--. but |o eOnfEBtB- 
lalc her. 


Won't Be Investigated Without 

'■Bay in Coart" — Censorship 

Looked at Askance, 


C«hb*1 umi i.rii*i-"i UaBaiaH n(». 

ftmn Tlnnril ■'<" Trndp (.'ammlltte 

Wdrl.— 1. rimifi In I hl.'.mu, 


Tilt" milimn |-irtiirp indusl^)- is not 
b-oIiht iu lio -UDJoCtqii to Invra- 
ti»tSoD of ii-H ]»olilii*al raotlvcn 
Wllnotil a I'liO'ir* to Bay ft wn-4 
or two first, t'oltetl SlAtn $ecnt^>ri 

|S>OcMd(« 1 AshuWI, i'f Ibfr Piilv- 

rommltle i JudiciBTy «-flrwitIpriiif; Hi'- 

y- rc ™ J.'ll!- - 1 *. .•.■■'.'.■-! 'j. 1 ! 1 ! Xof-n-MJli'lliirj" 
tatn Sw ihiIUuilI iiHiL-Jlion*t of l)if In* 
dnHtry, iFfM-fhn iilni innit Jaould liavo 
an opporrualty i» p^prpM tliem^hcs 
ou thin Bubiecl. 

C«uwi^liiig<, in in- wise a linrt of tin- 
Uyera rwolu'Itu^ imnidod i^Hf tnto 
ihi 1 himriar; of ibe Hiriiaio Mibcouiniit^ 
iff yistrr.lay nud UruliljW Tj, lijelil aev- 
l-ui i (Dtw*!tt[ng fart*. Knutrar sim:i- 
riiiir raid bo waa abmolatolj a|t»0Pi?d In 
i^cn*»r»lii(i. and did not *ifo any value 
in making It n law. S run tor Asltnrsl 
nktnlse Hlowed no Inlrrwit iu ocnsiir- 
kttlb, nii'l TCStttilrd ii With anjian-lit 

(JUnoo lVHImiN ^. (*hasr>. i-peakiiifr in 
Tnvoi' Bf (lit- bill, Ijroiignl Tortb tbp o\- 
]in>*kloh ,.ii rrn»i-**hlj> ^lij- ttiakins a 
lonj* ontlion otj tb« netfewttj" for coii- 

. *wrgJiii.. 1L-_J«.BV . hnvj* nas^iinplv 

' E urtPrJvrli^'*"- v -i' |.i -!,^ Hi.JhSiiy t.V 
liis loii-r h;wwIj mi a |diitM> that did 
not coarern Ihr MtL It iva.i aflor Jiis 
sjhmhJi laai tin- ofituloni ai:aJriat QfJUOF- j 
jj&tp t-aiui* In lichr, Tinr Hcv. 
Crafls'a ai'iV tt'-rr' nil on liAEid to help 
the 'Myrt*.* rrtoloOoB al^np. 

The film iikii wore iai/lined] to fcvl 
(tiry liad -i-rni-d n victory ycaicr.iaj. 
To. [hrti: i!l.- Mrprs tewiarJoo lifts itl< 
way- ueniied obsntd, more bo ilum 
liioft or tin- other • lio rcos alnu-d at the 
Idiiif-MSffi rim- film UniiiiOBS. 


Commisiioner Continues Shakeap in 

Effftrt to Make department 

More Efficient. 


PoHcc •'"Umiji-'irjiicr Ui-'Einrd iu. Ku- j 
right y<->~t> rday nuuoiiiiivd ibal In; had j 
BUdl Ii.-' followine cllAOEC*l in his sniff 
of (It-put f is : 

WlUiani GElleHpSe, whci lin.+ Ih'i.ii Uiv 
t'onnnisfivcur b surtitarj", vu apjioiutod 
Fifth Deputy Fvliec t'ommlBtaDnec tr. 
fiJ the place bnaerlj held by Mr*. Ellen 
A. O'Orady, who regigued froUi the «■ 
parlmt-Qt about one yc-nr ago. 

Firat Derrtjty IVdinco ComntiR«inni.'r 
John A. "ji^ch. who for Ibc piist. four 
yea™ ha.i trnperrhied tHe police of Ilro*ik- 
lyO, t)n" ■: : !;.. i.M.'i.'i and hna offi' 
taated at police triuls in tin**" boroiiEh-, 
lias b*tn trunhfenvl from Brooklyn t<> 
T'ollcc IJrurtnaarrcr« Ii> .Miuihininii Id 
look eftirr (ho legal end uf lb* ifrpBrl- 

lm-ut sail Kit at all police trtala in ih« 
JVuhikIi of idaBhBtt&D. Ho will kIao net 
jic iwiice commiwioiior ii* die atncoee oi 
riimiiilariiimi'r EnaiffBL 

JSooiftfl Deputy foliit.- C«mDiUnioiter 
John "Duly, "who 1i»-s cukou can ol thu 
l-Tihinoit* cud oT the depart w<nti, squh ,v 
hariiitc Hinrgi: of thn wort id the fhlrf 
rlej-kf Viokkiwpiiiij nnd record*, biQ boo 
i r.ui-t- rrrd tir BruoLlyn L-> fill tbc pluoo 
• uuaiiHl by l>i'pn(y Com initio m-r L> -..■■!: 
iJrtly'fi place in the bn-attenJi lirau^li will 
1m.- takrn by the nan l-Mtli Uepnty Git 

'J'binl Deputy Police i.omnii.^inner 
.fonf[tli l-'utirot lui-i lii-tii givoa >hc new 
title of "executive rfepiny" sufl nill rep 1 
rr-tcnt the CotHmiwiom-j- of [Vice un al] 
boanl^ Biieh aa th^ )ti*nlilt BoMd nioi 
otherp, nild will ainrwvr nil innniri -s jnl- 
iii>s*il i" TMiitally tn th-- I'ohiiniw-i'iupT of 

I "imrJ*: k (i. young, a i-irjl engineer. 
hi:s ix#n [iii|j-iiiii».iJ unci nary lo the FoU«e 
rAunmUatoaer ta nil (ho viteaney created 
by (Jilb.-in-Vi a^jroiritnicnl «s depniy. Mr. 
Yonug. who in aboill IU feara old. it u 
iLiiiiil>:i L>f [hi; AtnniL-un .Sn-i.-tr id t;lcc- 
!ri«*til Kiijrini'4 1-. ihr Ni-» Yj.ik Itnitroad 
<*Ilib UEi'i otlivl' dsctrieal and jallrnuij 
■iicuiiicHtlons. Jlr i- a jiratluate of Cor- 
nell UnLadralty. •* 

rUni Urn In I'ouncM, 

The coifflRl ami funeral tnsnB.gers ot 
some of the larger mm panics toot yirBter- 
d.iy in tin 1 onici- -if ■iiilirift IJ*-s«i nt Hi 
ijioldwyn Compuiy to di^mas the llonnl 
of Tradi Coiamit'cv, A. W. MobOs ninl 

WiJUiim Maok. the former wJch it. C. I 

Mi- hitter ■• is h J'athe ol lluftalo, n^iurtnd 
on the efficiency of tliu iloy hnwier, 
which i* oiiiraiiiisr in their to<vii. liire 
!"i:. ■■-.-, i .: .- ivprwlali»i-> wei* 'Hi hand : 
Wlllinm JSuabury, Vitagrapli : I!. K- 
TfautapeQa, Jimikiiisnii; II. A. Whhc. 
l-'ox : Clinirlw ItoRi-i*. ft, r.j Sfdn.'j- Kr»[, 
Famnua P h qtrfrLgaky^ Jlnrry Uormnn, 
t nivri>:il ; N«t»6ll Kmii-nlHTB. Mk'su ; 0. 
■I. PMiTik^nilriiT, Behtalefc; '>. Mcr'nwler. 
Wa OaaaJng ntnL Sir*, 1 ><■ Witt <st 
. K(iu*-aticnifiJ. 

| II, W, Grimth In l litcos"- 

1>. W* 'iriffifli haw cone tn L'liiriipo i.j 
he ]it*m-iit when "drplmn-* of th" Mtmni" 
opena thereat ih^ (£f*aJ Nortlumi'rhaiitM 
in a teat diiyM. Hi* will In- n'wiy i week 

l>r Mllle Wltl Uourrv Weat. 

LVi3 I'o >iille expeeJa in ratab Ian 
Aii-j#-1is un rtbrimry S. A J nliiu.rriHii 
ban Iwt-n sen: to (b-. 1 Ltftxk? -Jin lin in ihut 
effect, lie will Kail fnun ihi^'hiTi.l -Iitnn- 
ury liS. nrriiirg in Neti } nrk I-'thiunry 
;!. He ft'ltJ travH din-Mly Went ili t*^*;lu 
inrrnbiiiin?* id *Miinslyinj.dili ,-«■" >fei 
l»f Milh ivill inw L-. >rv Vn.-li to meet 
her hti*t-.aii.t, Mr*. Paul Mb* «> t uIpi* 
■.■-■[iir Erital tn rii« i et Mr. Irihp, win went 
abroail Willi Mr Do Milh . Iteariniitiotti 
i"oi' the tnu m-ontinciitiit trip of thu 
irurdbta and rln-ir wivta have alrewlT 
ben nrMH«>il by f»e Milk's tuMpflM 
inuuast*!-. JinnU; alacl'horaon nnd *'lur" 
iVewt, who an: hrtr. wlM start for tln: 
t'ooat at the Milne lltne. conimlilni "iiU 
Mr- lie Mille un the adaptation and <'o«- 
tmnln-j of lii.-r ticxl iiictur-". both yunin; 
women bavins conn. Baal to mcrl him Fii.- 
Itiut j mi | ii ■>.■.. 

Hhe lictfl n J«lt. 
In thcue dnys. when so many folk »ia 
liontiuff julif. It ik it ri-aL joy to nlaio 
titnt one twang ivnauiii nil made liit[ipy 
yeaterdljr. Shi- I* blstblcea Ai-di-il*-. anil 
vhe hoi beeti esgaged lo idaj opijonlto 
Owen Moore in "A I'rcrSoun l.njiaci- 
luoiit," the tentttlvG i.: 1 1,, of bhvaoxi pie- | 
tnre. The enlllor of i hi* department 


TJIIK ik noi . 

whil,; l'l 


aprt — Kraa lVhai Tbrj Mi-.. 

jnliiig io astrology, fur Jupiter ili-minati-*: 'n evil 

Ii U a rule olidrr which btf«n*aK nhonW be ciiaduc<Hl with (-Button, Had thrrr 
way be dtoquJetini rtiitior-i founded on commet'tial oppreheuaions. 

Mr-n in high phicc mny soffpr from Criticinma aj^d miHJiidgiuej)t H whil« Trnuiw 

Tin- re ii* to be an ebb lidi* Lit public 
where il khoald t-ccognisn TirtaeJ' 


which will ttnpfaanJlC faultu 

Again Ireachery or nnfatene-.;. on the port of u forrign iioivi-r is indicated by 
the eUtH, nod it will he well for riiplnmiiu to he i-Kcni-ditJKlv wive. 

Uranu* win U place tupposied to nffrct tar luind In u rjiuiine-f (hat eniHnir-aii'it 
QoaHfideaey apij •Mn-pirioa. 

Thlii is not a lirc^y SruJ*- (or tint mcplinirta^f mi u mjil woih*-d. a-^ ir hi held to 
- i'.i-ii!.- tbi'm (o 'i-J-iiiiie pt-nmnaliiic-n ihat iln 

not belong; to tbem and to ianse 
.< ev]i.fee-]it*>uee'-. 

re than nhe Cabinet or jEorrriiinjr body ore 
ixhy is ni-:irtng \ta end. 
ec-eaa of beauly for American gtHa, win* yill 

.'.<-: .;.!■■:: | ...: I,,-,- , 1|St _ 1 1 ; ■ j- T: ~ 

t"tjniiK---v in (be person raH of i 
f->*-*BkflflWw! for Kurope anil a ipi 

Thei-K it. ii >|gn ntltT lo btoitita* 
Cain wi-rM fani" tbnt wii] rival thai ol Urwh* 

Th" dark--rkiani H (l ran-er 1 huve .1 dtrefti-JB 
pvomUi- jrrnt progr*** In nil pari- 6t tba wo 

Th-? Orient it lo offer o COAKUni altcceaa 
and oar l» \a Hcvctcp »u.ddi-aly neat montli. 

NorJh.rrli AM. it. Ibe Trnils-.iial uriij N-rv. 

ra i- ikelr r'lllcg *Un, 

l't-rw^n- wh>se birtbrfntu :t it wilt hovr mi actPre veur. In all prubtthilitv but 
y khnajd lo' cK>etul tn Dm iimragiiirpfM of financial niaitcrn. 
'■ Mi.t: twra "„t! ihhi iaj wul ba ainhlUou-* and entcrprhdag. hat inclined to 
- gtia t a iMtce. 

tfopj right, iO-Ji.j 

the alar* that Js belie-red lo 
of problems, the Hsrs il -c ■ law, 
te ij mltet (roa\ jbe fact tbllt 

Happened to h^ In Myrou Sela 
iirt' whi-il he decided lo cn-t .... 
t dellp In thn coveted rale. He hod pre- 
1 vi^piily iliseti! the matter ivEtli Vh- I 
tup Uerniftti. who agreed that Mm Ar- 
ilfile. front the <'ie»pniul of liliimbk - 
.■iLnriiji-, I- thi* Hi 1 " ibi- picture iieedg, 
She was fortnerty in (hi* -Follies " and 
hai a nuall part in a Crilutb ! 
l.)-ofU|Lii"n. t,o that her muiion [dL'ture ! 
education Is jurt ttatiing, Slie was ; 
ealleit intw the office !■' i cwivi- the booiI 

new» and wa« wo nrerjoyed wo all 

thought for ii uiouunt nhe would Imrot 
into tears. 

"f>a they all a« thai wayS" u, t^ked 

"She didn't expect to get the i-liniire." 
lie said, "ond didn't know a w«d nnjH 
von mentioned casually von were jibul 
she wtia to Tilay in the picture." 

■Morah Jfirrer tell my one good uewg 
loo ■.iiikkfy. It i-j Ltmi>ii -is ureal n 
vliin-h ba bad BBWW. 

Mpenkluc of Om^m itoort-. 
Mr. nnd )ht. Owen Moore are iu 
riuehurKt taking n rgctitlon. "A l'r-y- 
■efoiu) tjngngemciit" "ill not lr ■ un-v-il 
iiiiliL «OHW lime n*.^t wt&V. wlo-n Mr. 
Uoorra returunfrom the Sfomh. 

.I-. i-,-- nnd l.»«y to Un Plot-ant. 

Vai-ation for .fano M it din aiul l.rtrry 
Trimble will man be orer, They tro 
UngorUig in the liaid umi! "The r>j|r*ut 
I 'nil" if playeil al th* Capitol next ivi-rk 
and after that tliey will volntn to m« 
Coaat. Their nnat' piettire i- wrilten 
Willi the dog again on Ibe -lUr. and tn'irJi 
tljo tiamo buainesa arrani;i>u:eiiT. w(|| uvu- 
thII as in "The Bilnii fall." By thn 
bye. wofd coaica fmui N-iu Kminii-co 
ihat thft pLccnrc did ::'■- higgeat hu»l- 
liens of nny piettire in raontha, and that 
it wai« a*, popular Ii hud t« lie U-|it at 
the tbeatte a second, .week. 

lintcrl«ln*v lVuiuFii I'u)!, 
Joha Bmcpsoit iv goiu-- i-i sivc :lie 
W'mqofl Pays Fliib members a choice to 
Bai thi-y do not always pay, !!■■ i-j in- 
viting th-tn i» come (■■ tin. Criterion io 
ace -'A ICi-d llc« Uomimw" nnd utters 

In puh.s eacji menther ot ti Int. wiUunit 

th<- nwiipl collection nt the dour. ll( 
Liinrso. tbl"i wiut Inspired In Anita Loos 
who, being a member of ihc club, knows 

iTanin br AllifB erhtai-jr laf-qulasr. 
-:■!■ •rareelvad ih* ajlai] -ttdlnirA ytn- 
ii-i i i-la>' atie hoil Iic-mi L'hnwn lo 
pl»> fit*r«a>ie OtT'cii lloorr In hla 
iitrst pirtnre, 

what it nMafli to pay. Or, on iho other 
linti'l. Mr. I^mi'mon may hare pmlileil 
by ihr Hac .-s amnio set by Krnnk ("aw-. 
.Mr. rn-o- yi-at^tdoy i-nti-rtiitnid ibis rn- 
llro club nt the Algonquin, ihr itaual 
U".*dii.--iihiy Itini-hrcn. -wltli Mr. Caw a* 
host. Il «■«■ decided let i> nee 1 1 rase him 
in nilopl This roll- of Iuxki any. time li" 
felt bo jhfliurd— that waa nftrr the menu 
was Bcaahad and irinl. 

To Un VanUevLlle. 

Tin- secret \» btrt. Th* tpohou fur 
Frattt Slgyo'a vtalt to thla city hai hern 
DOdd imhllo. Hi, Mayo i* solng Into 
vauib'vllk end rrni-in'a Iwf- th!-i to-irnin^ 
lo talk eoptEaebJ and aataiy/. Mr*, Mayo, 
hn* been here nomi 1 weeks. 

RlnUdell IV I th Twit Hdltw. 
(Jwrgs Klais<lfLl, formerly eilitor of 
tiir Motion I'ieltirc- World. &U jnined 
the BxhtbttoW Trad.! lleUew. He baa 
nwiiiy frieiidn in the Industry who nie 
pind to havm Iiim back ill the fold OfiOXtb 

Sum Morrlb llnkea TrllL 
'llic etiiH>itOW In tin- Middle M'eat 
nri' going to iihve a elinnc*- to whefco 
Ham Mnrris tiv the hnnil and hear nil 
abODl biudBKHi in New Vnrb. WB t« now 
En Obieago. Iiarfun dopneteel for tlmt dtf 
Monday. Atirr n f--w diiyn tln-re he 
will go tvest to promotD ■"♦■ "^'o "i 
"A M;io- Ha-joo" Bttd "fonceii/ Mr. 
Monis tiiiex Iheso Irips mve »r I* lei' 
p yeur to lin-p In i.oieh with BJO e-ihlbl- 

Thtr <nr'}'H In COrlBUBtlMW* 

IMi-pilo'.s may have diseovercl Alin-i'i- 
ea, hat the Itarry C-iny lamily dtwo-r- ' 
ored foliiinbiiii, Ohio. A letWe 1'rooj 
Mm- Unrey dihrIo.neT. the fnet tney alt 
lik-.! the toivji ami buve hud a wonderful 
time, Mr. -Tarey Iir« been playing to 
natdl fiieatre* Mtd ham niodu ID many 
friend* he ban hft,L in nrdvr -i now ay 
-i-iiiiiiciii -t ]ili-i.t»J-i-ii|dis to kee|i UlDO 

.^jpli-.-l. Tlo'V s:l,i, 1 ii:i- nJ-i.t iv- 

nuriiiiu lo New York, ami M.m ibe ion..* 
of tbc letli'r one would asKniae thoy are 
on their way to the Harry Caruy 

RCirflrlut: Slavy Hay* 

"A bird's-eye view of the Or*! uitht 
aiuliitui' at the Brondhursft Theatre 
1'ueaday n'ipht diseiiwe.'l many motion 
pfeinje "enpic. It waS nut alone their 
ihutom in The rt'javi'tintlon ot '■r.iniaii- 
il.-r Walk" brought ha.-k to Mb d» 
"Mnijiihitnr." that toot thrtii |o tin- thp- 
aUe. ti'U de-iiiro tn se.' JIary Hfi'. She 
i. th* pioHt rnplivatlng little lady and 
her pei-fin'innnci* us llarhara is Hie yirt 
L,f ihioa That will tak« yeo(jh- lo hear 
Broadway's nnmt refi-nt niiulrnl remedy, 
Of cvunt Uhiiaid Barffielnjese waa 
llieri': ao were JfirhlBi Coop**, .Miriam 
JlattiMe and oth<*r wott-haown aprech. 

At true Mraml. 
With Wciley Barry ar* tii« |irincip*l 
hgure. "yclioal Da;>," a i>icttiriiatioa of 
t)us EdwardB ,, « JovenDe fllgaglc. couum w 
the StuLrd next u*eek. The lnei»i-.ers of 
tin- east n!ip|iwtius Harry are Franc-la 
S. l-onlnn. NdHe P. KpaiildluE, Mar- 
■mvet Seddon. AH Hie lHaekhiihi. J. If. 
Griniei". tfohn. GaJkworthy, Jeroffto Tat- 
liek. Kvrlim- Sliennitii. Ai-iinl.1 !,i;. v, 
O.-orge I.o«>ey nml LUppy the doc It 
wan produced by Harry ll&pf and di- 
roeii-ii by William Nigh ' from ihe 
fteonarlo by WaHei- He Letm. 

t'lonrtoll-f III ITOHB Cnrnllna. 

t'eiDinriihip is ho\ Ming in prevail in 
NoMb tTnroliiHi AgdJh if Jack i'^nnollj 
can hlhw o baud |o preveai it. Ho in 
now dov-u Hoittli lifting hi* ncrii(ianiTe 
lonjtiie trt he'll the North Carolinians 
what u futile thine ponMrablp h. 

The Pollr* Itrpoi'liM-. 

Nothing hut ihr III" Iti tht.*- motiou pir- 
ture life. On behalf *j£ Andrew Vol- 
-rn-LL-1 nnd bin famous laenmire. Chief 
It. vemi. Aui-ai U. A. IVidf of San Frun- 
.■:■■-■ ami -■::. of hlEi piekerl ijepullea r*- 
cenlly Kv-noiH-d down iii>oii &now*wept 
Trei'hee, California, unit made two, boat- 
lrcgiiig arrpfrta. The next nioraiug the 
guilty Ones were discovered eacap;!)*: Willi 
their d-nilly beveragea down the mono* 
tiiin ;nilhH.. The officer" of i]<*- lav: fnl- 
loweil n( top raperil. J-Jatpr ihc ■nreaa 
agepr— left, ".liiai then l'dirbrn flten- 
Iiii\h, proiliicer. arrlvcl wiili lietly 
t oUiprsui). To i» Monre nrid hts I'nriinimint 
Couipiiuv for SceapH in 'Over the Bor- 
der." The revenue officer-* eniv the 
huinor of thr; aiiuiiriou.V Tb«*y olwayi do 
In well- written copy. 



By E. B. SMITH. 
WASHINGTON, D, C. Jan. 24. 
rnngreaa la busying ItJielf jit?: now In 
making appropriations for the expenaefl 
of running tbo GoTemcieni; for another 
year. Senator Warren of Wyoming and 
Mr. Maddrn of Illinois, chairmen of tbc 
ApPTOprUtlonit Coninilttce in the upper 
ami lotvar ehnniTier*. re«pecilvey + h«h 
of whom are good huslneas mep t nre mak- 
ing a vnry fair ahowing of rttttaehnwat 
and economy in Ihf various anpply hlDl. 
Doth, however, have a very trying po«- 
lk.ii, br they are omalaaity aiitiject lo 
abarp ittadtn ind etHltlC erltJelfm from 
nrtemlicra or the minority, As uv Lllu.itra- 
-ilon, nnd Eatclng only n minor item, when 
thi* pai-agrapii appropriatlm; 'l«e am* of 
gW.OOO for the Ordinary care, rrnalr and 
fiirnlnhing «r th ■- Watt* Hwwe *«» 
macfaed Mr. Black, n uirmliee fremi 
"i>xaa r moved to reduce that umoMUt to 
*J3,flOO. In dupport of hh-amendmeut- 
Ihe Texas represeniaUve Ha Id that £!"■.- 
ilOO had hern tbc sum hpI aaidn for kerp- 
ing up the Exeeutlcc Manaion (be many 
yearn and he thought It wa-i hisli limn to 
■-■ot l»ack tn the former apt>mpviatlon. The 
Federal 0**en«hent ahoPid prtetlw nc- 
tual n-onomy, and he WM mliafietl that 
¥115,000 vre 5 an ample attw for the main- 
tenance of the Presidential mansion. 

ApuroprlalEon H*teTnled. 

Mr. Wood 61 Indiana, nho bad rhar-cr 
of the bill. Hnoha agftlntt the rwliieMon 
Knggentefl by Mr. Plarl:. making iHe fob 
lii.rlo- arguinni:: 

"We esaiotnod particularly into this 
item and the name gentleman now la 
eh ii roe -of thr puldie buildings and 
"hltf*!! iha*rWffwi:„ lifatg^^-^^n a *JiV 
lust days of Pn-*Edcni WilFniin adntlnhR 
trnlion called our at.tciHioii to Iho fad 
ihflt during the Inat monlh-j of Mr. Wll- 
son'a admitil*trotlon, boeauae of bis Itt- 
nieaa, the White TTo*J*e waa closed. Il 
was in need of rejialtn then, hut in order 
that there might nnt be any dhtorhauci- 
to Ihe President when he was ill tie re- 
pairs were liol mode, linmerHately nfl>r 
tlif advent of the ptt-hSUt ad mlnlrt ration 
the puNIc gmatdf wftrt thrown open and 
Ihe White House was Thr.'Wn nijen. nrid 
fvoni Ihat (in.ii: to Ihia there have becu 
thousnndu of pecple pilng tbrougll there 
every day. Every lime they go through 
there is more « Ion wear and tear. Th*y 
nre not as ehoufbtfal 0-* they aboul-J U' 
nliiJ there is much uaelesa di-struction of 
property. In e-Tder that the battdln|| mny 
lw put iu the ct-iiullliott tlmt il idionld 
have lierni during the la*"t dgjg of I* real- 
dent Wilnon'a adniinimrnliim it wfta 
thouiht wl-M to make an appt-opriminn of 
?OO.f>00 with thg-.hope it may be reduced 
ncit year." 

The wort»B of the t-peaker above -jotou-d 
eareled weight with ihr Uoilen, nnd tlir 
rniendtnctn r-vJueing the iippn»|iriatioii 
wag re-|cctcd. 

Contrae-t to That Effect Has Just 

Been SifTiftJ in Ch : en go — Gallery 

Frequenters ProdU in Two 

HouseB~^Brady Comp|et» 

ins HU Cast. 


It Starts To-day— A. C. Hobinson 

Deserts Theatre for Bermuda 

GoTernment Post — Henry B. 

Stillman. With PJaycra and 

Fn,tron5 Associated. 

So H#m ttaeaji*-* AI 

A |,lne i 

T« u. 

f)L't-n in '"FooliMh WJtbb" posters: 
■"PftUit 1 huudr«?r*aoe1ely v.-owieu o( San 
Franelapi ami nalivep -pf Sloilterey." We 
hope rhcladles of Monterey arc not hurt. 

It la natural, of rouiar. for the. mi- 
nority both in Che >Senaie aud Houao 
to iiink-! ohjerrtioofi to the ao^ropnollojiB 
Pulley of the dondniiut party. From Iho 
I*, no- -.tlii- ataiuLpoiiit it la koi'1 eatu- 
paign material to accuse the onpn.dtion 
of (JgtrgTagailca and waato of iha peo- 
ple's money. It does not follov.- that 
the ailrt-rhc . rilk-iknin a^e alwayn either 
just or ui'i-Urate. hut canes do artau 
WUeee the "tahwrity i-ontent;onn SW 
abundaatly ^atahlbhed by the facta. 

Very often it i** «niil l>y way of refuta- 
tion of the chargen of that 
ttifl waata of tioremtuent money in bosh 
particular departnient o.- bureau had Its 
origin during the WiNon Aiiuiiui«ti-a- 
tkm. Atlneka on -ihc KXtruviganue of 
tin- Shipplug Uoav.l a™ a( prevent ti|icr- 
ntc^J. cUeit ■rejoiudet-jt to tag effect .1hat 
even trorsc gbnticf Kthfted bef.vre the 
llaifJins- AdtiiiulMrailnii enine into 
power. In regard lo the Shipping l>>srrt 
if evrr ft fiovorunieut had n white rlu- 
i'iiant oil itti handu ilint partlcnlur iu- 
nlitutioa 1m one. An AdminiKlrnlion 
eruan pubUahed here give* vont to a 
pathetic cry by *.oyiug that the Pre*-, 
ident is* PCOlriflE a witar.i, a genloa or 
a j+Tipprmau to lie pm-ldent &! Ihat 
I'oafi?. It wax IbAtight at the tune that 
.'■■!■. !;■■!:-.- ■-■ j- cbeiieD .■- It* head Ihitt 
ho might bring ordic out of ,-hfto*i umi 
juU the iiinrehnut nftnlte on \Uf feet. ■■: 
tn speak, A man' of prcul nl-itlty who 
had matte a liilliiant ■rneeesfl of his 
own private affair*, he anon found hiai- 
icjf up agftlu--*t an aiuui^l impoajillih' 
HiLuation. He hgM been constantly l)i>- 
[nro t;oacr?jr» for .Million.* and yet more 
liiiilionn, and It bcglna lo look ;«-■ thuugh 
if Uaele Sam were to turn over 1» thij 
one agoney all the money reqnJrefl lo 
iaaitro Ua encceaafuLoporaHoii it ivotild 
bankrupt the Treaanry., 

Mir. i '*.'>' In I-r-a-tpavf. 

Suuthim jmliticiana bero have read 
with icu-aaa inttrtot the nnnouticctnent 
by former Qovernnr Pnttergon of Ten- 
nusee ibm he Aronld be n candidate for 
the aeat noa" occupied by Kenneth Mu- 
Kclinr in the Unit^i Btatta Bengtb, This 
inautea on*- of the lierceKt political bal- 
1105 evrr worjed I" the Mtwle of Teuaea- 
rae, and the fa , ui- of which nt I lie urcnatlt 
time seems .very doubtfid, PattciToti, at 
one time th-. 1 idol vi hi", people umi an 
>.!:'.i"i- of IhQ tint rank, bed a stormy 
time both ns chief vteeutivc nnd after 
bin tellramept frt-ni that oHiee, While 
id the aiibemntorial etanir it wUL be re- 
called tlmt fie lined ihc prirdouin-: power 
In l.-'iml;" of the Qnopcr-t. oonifeted of 
ili» Silling -»r former "feuntor t.'anoiick. 
Thin tragedy was Ihe culmination nt' a 
political fon<l which rnsbmilMl the entire 
fjuta hi a way di?aKtrToi» to th* Ueiao- 
eratlc party, nor han the party ever fully 
recovered ihflrefrom. After his retlr*- 
nicnt to private !ir« Governor Pnticrt«n, 
to the great jmmilstiinent of hut friend.* 
and tlic, publie Renerfolly, became a con* 
Tfit to the prohibition cauae mid lectured 
In in. my States In behalf of itjition-ivi-'u 

Senator McKellar ]ia» n contiataJlt prO' 
bihiinfu reoonl Iu both l.i-.,^- -".. - of 
Congress, and be will prove a hard an* 
laeonht to defeat. There ia a iliin! can' 
didatn iilw in tbo Held. In the tH'rnoii of 
Qtta FltrJju"th» a lawyer t sf ability end 
Inrrre finanrlal rcsontcen. The campaign 

ptt red aea to h* uplrited from otnrt to 

huinh and aliould Pfltteraon and McKellar 
eo on the atump i» jojat debale there 
■Kill lie excitement pleuiy and lo Enure tn 

ib*-*M--¥trtuntccr atito. J, -_-^=s== s -*- 


WHETUHH or not V. /.[eg- 
fclii, Jr., ■■ wip+ oeriotis Wttn' 
he recently ihr-rlfim-fl to irado 
>ih bevy <iif Ml,-.. bcmi-iii« for a; 
hoaehnH li-atu \* n matter ol no niuiin-iit 
at the [ircKciu writing fur he will nt 
any rale coiitiiiiic io the thcntrlonl buni- 
neBS IoIik vlnoiEh tn alar Funny Prion 
in a new play .11 the beginning ol next 
so-aaun or (hero will Ik eonnidi- ruble cut* 
liiiK iijv in the 1's-iji h 4-r Hti-juLium 

Mfe Klortfehl enteral into u efdttnCt 
villi Mfs.s llriee, who in now iipticiirlng 
lrhh 'Tlie Follloa" nt llic Coloniul Thwi- 
Irc. I 'Itirnri*. thi 1 ! week, to produce a. 
eopi-adj In the eorly Aulmiin with her 
in tin- leading role, unit word from Iho 
Middle Weal ha-J it the p" 1 *--- will bo 
-.■= i-i 1 1. .-i . by si young nL-\vri|iii|M-r man of 
that eliy. Tlien-r will he mil pie op-poc- 
tunlty foe Ml*"* Urhc to interject ih>q3o 
nf iter mure or .lesa luiiultablo mhih i-\\h- 
clalliesin the piny. It is pi mined, and 
inorrover, ihrre will br a choiux of homo 
lirriTiHniiM by way of Junking iho ZLcg- 


ilium will ho a' mi-^imkI company of 
■'Sally'* which ^ie-jfcbl "ill m-oiI oil a 
tOUf Of the country. Thi.i troupe was 
iu- have becu orgoiiiKed about the brat 
of thi* jfCgr, but i-iHidltionK In the out- 
lying dlgmgrg dnfern-d thu plan for «ee- 
cral -ii... ■:... 

Mnry I'lntou. nt pteaent a member nf 
"Thn P'ollles." h-JM Weil ai 'In-led to play 
the title role which Miirilynu Milter is 
IHirtTayliig ut the New Amutcrdntn Thea- 
tre here. 

I'tnuM'-* for (rHllft-T-r tiuda. 

At the name lime, we lejirii thill ilia 
rgnikry nffia an costing- into their otni 
out in I'lilcuao by virtue of n -derided 
cut iu prtoi-s that lia» jilat golte Into 
cfleet nt Che Illlnoii tinti Pffwera ihea- j 
tjn-a there. 

Coder Iho no** &elieiue of thiitKS. nno 
may {H*cupy :i leift mat now for 50 ecut^, 
Inateed i>f the dollar «cale that hna pro- 
vnl'led hi retoforv. the ehaug». ifi-iirdin-* 
to Harry ,1. Piiwern. having Ik-cii mmlc 
"to conform to Un; aplrlt or the time,** 

Hillli t'hntterton umi "Mnry l'o«e" 
net- holding forth nt I he Illinois mid "Mr. 
Pim pRsaes lily" la ihc ultraclion at 
Ihc rower*. 

I|'a "Sabtvaj Jirliu Utieho." 

Tlioae of yon who didn't know thr: nn 
'k'rgrouuil liavelor-* ol our fflJe City hud 
n dance nil their own will bf (prprlaed 
in learn they not only hnve. hut that 
Jrfon Ktrol baa decided lo expose it. 

At the opeuinu of tbo seconn ediliou 
of "The Uldulght Frolic", ooj tbc [fttf 
AftJrKrdaui Itnqf Bftgt Monday niclii he 
■,vi,l aUtatet ■■The BuhwaJ riebntlkche" 
for the find time, and ho Invite-; nil fiv- 
t|uenten' nf the tubn to be on ban;] to 
make ante he Un't guiliy ofjnaLure-fak- 

Ihllc lianiliol At the 

umlar til'-ht. 

Anil An«tt«r *.p*i- Out, 

Sllll feDOtber ni-w niiuiher i^ de-ititiod 
to burnt rurth upon an ox per tout puhlia 
tar tbo find lime to-nichl. wlion Uarttrntl 
MJIlo* iutroditi-Cft a (.opg entitled "Win- 
icr'" htto ".Sally"" nt tbo New Aautor- 

'flie iii;:ul-er is ihe work o.f Jerome 
Kern mid i* iiaxed on Shelly 's line, "0 
wiudl If "VViiiter cornea, can Stprin-.- 1-c 
far bchlnii!" 


ul Hi-mi]-.-* C«at> 

Wllhttnfl A, Brady mldetl fdiir UlOK 
jflayiin In I lie caul ho ii collei-liu;: to 
support 'William Cotirtcnoy In "The Law 
Itreakr-r" yotitentay. Thi>y are HWU-fi 
Wallace, Krodeciet Hlckel. Frank Kyl- 
vccier and Herbert Kothkc. 

"The Ijiw Breaker," the work of 
Jnlea Eckcrt Ooodmow. i-- atlll lnjldtng 
out for n production beta wotur uieht 
nest week: 

Sal* lor Lamb* CB-uliiit, 

If you'd purebasfo neati for thai public 
Gniuliol of the Lamh-< at iho (llobr- :!..■■ 
aire en Suudny nighl. prepare to dig 
down into yoilr poekethook hinl <ljst:iiree 
wtvr. It may he loo latL- in auolhor tttr 


For the public ^aloof hphu opeaa io- 
day .nt, the tilolic box fltftce. and the 
Lamm M-arrt the pontic advance requesta 
fni 1 ronercfllfotii i\r" luniKimliv heavy, 
The bill will be made up of the moat 
popular sketches uu,| inusieuj niualwrn 
pi-en at thn private iramlioN .Inrint.- the 
laat year in Ihr chibhoune fn \\\**l For- 
ty-fourth atroi'U 

One of tIl- frature.s of llic -fnmbol thla 
year will be a recuptinu cnjiiin]., (,-.- jif 
-young wpinon «-bo will ntno difjpeait-D |i*i> 
graniB for the Lamba nt to miw?! per dia- 
3e si"--*. 1'hey will eomiirice l.'raeo Arwrll 
MonJmi, Sue MaeMiinnmy, Jljrinm ■■*!«. rs. 
Marsnlo -.immore, Knth UJUmore,, Marion 
I'oaLIey, Dorothy Kly, Vivian "Vbln. 
Fanla MnrinolT, Mary Uarpor, Ivy 
Satfyer, Virginia 1'eamon. Ueddn Hop- 
per. Mrytle TanneliiU, Jtutli f.'.-inhm. 
LouUe tiroody, Peggy. W'wd. Imtte ffhlr- 
ley. Mm Cioorge V irlim, Mtv. Evorctlc 
Hiitterflehl. Mm, Jjnnei SpfHi^vo.i.U Mrn. 
tMcar Sbawi llnEel Jiaw.ii nnd rYttawtr 

•*ltaaa' h WIU Ct-nttime, 

The 'uegibera of the llddjah \rt TImu- 
tn- are aiiuiewhat upHet le*t Their patrona 

S<t thn' i i In ii that prrfoiiniince < P f 
ndrtyev'a "The ThnuRht" nt iiwir ni ay . 

luniac ililn evenlng^la goinR to Inii-itn.' 

with ihc rcijulnr i^in of "Ifcagg** ifuwu 


Perish the ill-ought, they sOtilfalty pro- 

claim, for "liaga" wilt muiifjn" nnrriSy 
[ on iln way live perform aiuTu a ivirk a'a 

heretofon-, belflf rn-linhilprf fnr l<*rjdar, 
\ Katuhbiy mid Sunday,' nniE 
| tiisiincori on Swtntnlay and Sunday. 
] In nilditinn to Mauriii*; BeliwnfU. thi< 
1 cnat for frnto TliOunht" will lake in Olla 
' Adlcr, Mfti-e Schweid, Hyumu Meiiwl, 
. JulliiH Aflbir, A U'niingtndli. Amelia 
. Aill.'i . BeAule Mogutoaka nnd Jjcnrn 

A. c. nubmann iu'mtis ta. 
, Not Ihat ho lovca the thrntrc ihe lew 
j his' the tdlra-nljy .,=.n. :,y KnutblandA the 
i more, la A. CT ItAhlmuin, ono of thn heat 
known protasonlKiB of the drauig Hi the 
buaitir-jH, walking ottt on us. 
1 Jle baa iJojti'Hed the thentr^ to neeept 
1 ihc position o.f Director of Entertainment 
1 and Publh-lty fer the Bormndrt Qorern* 
ment ifhd Iu already on thy. tv.iy In ih-. 
nocnn of hl-i future nrliviiion In iln- \, mtl 
ut Ihe lily nnd the onion nbonrit th" 
Airnjjier Part flamHten. 

RobiiiMOu'a )ni*t ihr-Hlrlcjil operation 
waa Sn anaoi'lolloi-i with Edwin Milton 
J'cvlft in the piemuiattou vt "Lauacclut 

and Etalpxf nt ihe GtWJBwteh Vsltag* 
Theillti.' earlier in the aeasou. 

It'-a AH HlKlit Willi VS. 

"I beg lo a ii noun ce." writen in an eS- 
rili ,1 <-i<rp L ili>iiideiit, "i lint Mit-x lli'tly 
T.inloy, who recently appeared ia "1110 
lireat Itroio|>p,' bun lell (but compnO.v 
to niijii-Ar aa \-. ■...•■ ■■ ■•'.-. with airs, Loalio 
Carter nnd John Draw iu "Tin- Ctreuh! " 

(iPiii-j n. NtnlmaJi fo Do Ii. 

.TiiPt to show they menu bur-dp en, the 
dlrettorfli ol the newly incorporated 
Player* and PiUro'i* AflaodatW have an* 
ga^iKl a diri-rtoi- lo ^tnKi! tronic, play ti for 
ihexn. i 

Th.-ir e]|.ilee hfl-s fnllc-ti no Hepry U. 
SU1I man, who acted in j*. similar ra- 
iiacily foe the Thonlro OnUij iluring Iho 
iiT*t .war flftd a liftir at it*, ex kirn it-, and 
who more ret-entlv' linn been director gen- 
eral of Ihu Uccchwo' I'layt-ns at thn 
lirivate theatre on tin- rs|ufo vt Frank 
A. Viindorlip at Kcsrooro. 

■.vent <ti Ibflf loFumiilo, 

Hilly Watson will ■trire Id eutenatn 
Hit- I'utriMihi <if ihp I'olumbia Theatre nl\ 
gOSI week, heading: the cfla( of Unve 
Mnrion'a latest product ion. 'World or 
FrolioN, which opi-na 1t« engagement 

lieFe mi Monday :,:"!.Trjin..;i. 

In hI.-< support will be M-fu Anna 
I'rnpji, regardc4 An rMlrlcMine'a 
inost i.l indn ut iv« comedienne: .Jack Cam- 
i*ron. I, illlaii ^Harvey, N'dL Vernon, doe 
llrlHtol. Hoy Pwk ami Kd Irfeffter. 

■Hit! siiaUp-p-piurr" ■■ Book, 

Now i luii t-kiUelice PancV new play, 
"Will ShakaapearB," bus achieved con- 
sSdcnilde vojfiiej In London, thtL Mac>fEI- 
iuu Company ha? deride) Jt a about time 
Konii' one In the Ainerk-an |ii|b|Ie iu on 
the were, of it* miccc*--. Accordlugly, 
mit Jirra bii-i published Ihc work in hoot 
form and it in now ready for dieperae- 
iiienr in him who rumt nml reada. 

MJH l>it»o, it wjl] hv-rccalled. ia tbo 
nittlior of A Hill ,.£ Uivureement,'* iu 
ivhicli Allan Pollock is starring nt thn 
I'lmet. SqQaro Theatre under the man* 
ngenient of Cliorles Dillingham. 

i\>n. Wf-iit ■* 

-Whu s-hould b» biding away all the** 
mouiiiH in Taflgerine,' playing opposlt* 
Jnlia Snnilersoii Jom u-n she did years 
ago in Tlie Arcadians-,' " rumiuatcK C*r; 
licjtn. hopefully, -hut the fair Audrey 

Which, -we take it, J s aupjioacd to 
prove Ira n aniull world, after all. 

Ele'ia a. drnnd-in*-*. 

UciiiEr a futhrr fn* ihe lirKt time haa 
[is ilinlli., maybe, hut wait 1IH you're a 
j: run ill. 1 1 hi- r biiforo you atatt bragging, 
iirjrrs K. A. Price, for lanny yeara iden- 
lilieil wttli mo-deal Broadway and cu- 
nwna. PHeo i« now- a member of Hugo 
Kiescnfelri'n ^ijifT nt the It iti it y and Ilia 
Brundioii weighn ten poinnia nnd air 
ounces by the family nealea. 

"lIiH-nifi-ur Jon «■-,■• Still (ioippr t 

In spile of the wstrulog* or Ihe Kit 
ULuc Man, in ihu race of whleh Adoipn 

Klit'dn-f euiii' tin- r'r:i!iinder of lio- 
Souilicni tituc nllotiiii io him forOliarles 
tjitpln nnd -Tim Fmperor JoUcs/J that 
aliow hit. uirt ecaavU nctiviliea. On the 
contrary, it in idnyiug thla week iu 
l ICVCMad nnd then is booked for nu ex- 
inidi'd fiigaijement in Mostcn, 

Tie.: latter dnlo w.ia aehedtiled as far 
back ^ts the +-nrly Alitllinn nod was post- 
poar.1 fruiu [jme to tima to pennit ot 
■in Envaafon of Iho South. Following 
Boa ton. "Tin-- ICmpcrar Joins*' will play 
ihe Subway Cfieuft hetedhuntj!! aud then, 
almoin the iiiiddlo of .liny, ibe entire 
iRume, iiododius GUplO, will act any 
1-or Loudon for on cUKagemirot which it 
in hopiil will extend through the tf.uu- 

Mr. Klauber in planning to make., iha " 
inp io Knrope with his company. 

I 'mil 3r en siliih^DirliillH-r. 

In HiniunclJon with ihe tweuty-nlath 
birthday of the Umpire, which wnn cele- 
brjuud l:i^i rdnhu it i* iatercatbg to 
nnii* ihui wjiiinui Mnrris, now (itipenr- 
tn K with Willlnm tltliettc in "Tba 
Dream Muter" ut that humie. was tha 
leading, nmti of ihe company that pre- 
rii-uted l -Tho tilrl I Left Behind lie," 
the first play erer preaesicd in Ihe thca- 

And then. 'William- H. Thompaon, a 
memlwr of that tir&l company, will i-omn 
io Un- ]-]jupin3 again in "The danna," 
tho cometly In which Doria Kennc begins 
an cnKngemcnt Hief* un Tutsdav mealnc 
neat. The Empire Theatre was opened 
io the public on January 'JO, 1808. - 

Times Ho M-OVC'i 

After all, possibly the payehics are right 
ftbniit ct/aryihioK in this world being en- 
tirely iflcntnt For Instance, n new type 
of icvolvlng illuminating tllaca dcidgne'l 
to create a more perim illiwloti of glow- 
ing rtiihei-s in il fire]ilanc haa been fa* 
mailed In Iho flrnplrt'-o on thn atagO of 
the Times rjipiaro :ind tlireo mcmbcT'l of 

ihe cast of "A Bill bl Dlvoreeownt" an* 
deoJnred lo have bn-it oVLTn-mo hv hr-at 
on TuiTHlay niaht na n icawlt of viewing 
th-,- new cftccta. 






William Gillette 

£."';,», The Dream Maker 



Bf Welch lor UnSr*' md Lajom l)lr->. 

Henry MillM's '.j'.J^'i "»*."« 
LATmBTTEl, ^JThe National 
TAYLOB U:';S' 1 , ;| Anthem 

l/nleLerhorifc-fr, "•*■»>■. ;i ;»i_ En. s.S". 

■'Bitl I (log Drummon(i' 

A. b, MATTilKTVS. 

J KLW AMSTERDAM Wr«5rt^iaf5~ 


.\i'» AmnirrAitm Ronf, ti U-JTI1V 



Y^V "More- fun inan hit II*- 
■«^ mr ilil- sent-tri,.'" si--. ■: :' ■ ■ 

BELASCO?:,' ',%. LYCEUM £.";■,';. 

an*. **p.i 


1nur.tH»LT.3). - "*L*. TbUK £*£■! 1 

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Uncial CABkoiy t;i nftF' '- **■ JI * l »> 

,-i ■<■-■<■.: :. [ft* JLUUL^,:' lUt.S.TJ. 

Kln« Tll..ll' J ( J ei.KT..LM.U«l-.WfJ.i fu. 


»y Ttm. tiuribm, ■riia frtdrrL-k. rwrr. 

COIa. CjWtrK, IJim 




» "A BUI pI D.ToreiMnfti.t" 


linn 35«*» Wa^Bm. 

MR": : i> i : i ; 







W i"il-li-liL"I as ii L-aiiii- to Mm il.-4; 
W tatttr* of oxphnntiun fe!Wsr 
■Mi- Deat Mb* ramonit— Jkftctf rwl- 
- J&TIr mOW iutiTPSlinn itIILi'imdj <^f 
'"■]i*h WlvrV I win ninth surprised 
Qllid that my name w'n* tint In ifcu 

Shortridgu See* Ko STeed of Inves* 

tigaUon. end Farther Hear-ingn 

Are Not Antic ijmted. 


M-liIIi I nml tun CrillOiFBlilii Mlunllii 

Lnahi lloprf a] >ln|-tii(f1 

JaMliU ' fi Unci., 



lthn rm una 

Joseph Ca wl horn & Liiliao Lorraine 


\ irnllWI runifdj ntvrlnllon. 






Ultil "^1- IMrt-lo Hull, !sH. 



Hudson «;„',;,- 

Msc Mr,, ir. it, fr.rrlt 



"Xem York u"d J.andtm'it BlpfftMt HnectS*" 






WliliJm (-jilJipt. ytomKir u&ai 
siwrt "ti»»r Mini* Bbui ] 

llpiili-fr. Jfrfli t-'.nrif L"'. 

K*4* In Amppir». , -~G^ib» i 

HARRIS £■ «,3 

"A HUGE «[; 


Six Cylinder Love"* 

"JOHN CCU.DB1V Prunil." 

r^Mf/ • » i sf y£^/? 

i land iv. i.Mh 



AllHHSrK r.miii, i 

■i^* 1 !' ?'■/«■■■,*■-■• LfTTLE ' k u:i -^ '-■■■- 



8 «'\. M V* ' l •■ A 

1lldl.ll . 

itnrb^rc.r HcrlHr." 

" Ile^ur. 





IW. HlkKll^ff. M.,, 11,^,0,1.: Hf>,h,lt> 
^'■Tkr. Qutnih.hj- * luJtil. Con . I'„l,«, 

U»n!«n. Uumtfiif, it l tr an .j|[ l ion,i ro.AiTu 
Iitrn.. TrUinn ninl I . n>. ,'.-.■■ ItaaMH 
linillPr r<t*Nl». i:t-hm. A-tu^Tt li!*liuil 
r Kornnld^ i.]»huli: ("il |«| r ,.,v " 
"IaH Uiltirn: 

Weil™ ' 

I til It 


TBTIMrlL kntf New „„ 

lOlllVHOX." ,^|„. thyk-Jirt* w"3 
fMlkl : ( Will, flalir'vl QmitUi . Iv-bud 

™. ,l '' : .. ■'«-■'< = :.;'-.. 

'Itrli'Jf", ilurilfrrr. >Vh<iri' ifriiii! i'lraltil- ! 

v»,' (i l« 7 ' ,1uh^,,^F,, ' "- 1 BUrii CdOfl.. 

FrJ..;;Tbp <7«W«la «( Itaw .iina».iti. 

•in, Ital-*. lUwmi". l^r,»npt. niniihi 

Ji'tejH UvkFB[up F >, |l»|l,.|, rcmiil, Ctlrabul. 




llllh L *^o jam w.jfi Ln^TJisiB" — 

■ ■ lllllil ■ Willi 

£p«\ «til. Mirbt. rVll. I, ■MBlnrrtP," 

IVr.pJIi »i«ff I'Ammlx. CKivmuiil F^iCL-t 

i.*rdni., Mirrniorr. Dei rranrr. 

I^nOIdh. <'i>«,|. I'olum,, 

TlfltU .t It li^-t mn HI, 


n. w. r.Fi 
ptohv or 



W. 4U St, 
n. v. ■nBifRTii'S 
rtohv ok ak immortal uvbuul 

■ ■: s---i .'...!,!,■,:,. ihc HM. ,. S j-v.-i.... 

J Pop, .Mm, 90c to $l.m - Hicht) «rtd E*' 

,! M«;iMcioim. Go«j MmnJh «iT(rM 


./i(» STORM 

to - Hicht* «nd Fjh 

Owd Oreh«ua ft | .» 

I T^Ij j-irlvnr KrilA i'j ^■r-Hi.'^^raiHrjf.r'j 

| WHWur fatJirH.1. .nflTiiMKj, -- 'Awlrfjfi .Vi ficy» ^ 

Harold Uoyd ■ — ■' '— ^^* 

■yi 5-.IIW ii-d, J METROPOLITAN ^"*5* 

: !1 !1, I _. . , .- _ 


CliA&E remircd mloh pool- on- 
I'fliirir^tnent In Wnalilnfltou ua 
WnlMMlir there Lk Mttle tfkfciJ- 
lirioij of ftinh*r l.i'iriii; nn ttc Uren 
bill. Bto»tM Slwrtrlltgc. riT*|iubtlrBn v of 
Cillfornln. aud Srii/itor AstOMtj Ilrmo- 
crat, ■■: ArixaaiL. ■.Ini-.'A- (UMmtintGit Oolti 
thft views of t'itinn t'tiniH? ivhm b/C up-' 
LuMtred befnr* tlifsn Sfnatom aLttlnc ak 
n jiiiL-ccmnilttfi' tff rlr-(*imniirnj wbH-hrr 

ihr' jiiotloii picture buInoH *• t s n <j rt Lu 

ucreil t>C Ctjiisr^>i(ii:al iuA^KtlunUoD. 

Tlw Cnaoa mtul» the- ?ntup II im »r 
lulk lit B»T# on thi' Watuli hill to pro- 
hibit the mailing of npn-k^aiJOJ'n tam 
1 tinnaiBfrd radnjj a**-*, and il «*a imt 
j rt-cPlTtd in Ibc uiannrr he IwllpTCfl it 
j slmuld l>c,' Xelther of tbc Sra«l*r.i w»i 
f at nil tmprctui^il bj the asarrlioHi. of ili>> 
[ revcrCBil jji-mleiRin, and baih contru- 
Tflrtod btStj point hf mid* thai HOfbl 
I tin abridec ttic tight* of mi'tlfin p&tAn 
I in-odu.-01-K. 
? To B. 1!. SaiitlV; fbV iinrnlntr Trli- 

pmpU mtrcMci tfe tire in WtiUhtiriM. 

Spuaiw -SboitHd&e, '■liulrniaii »f the 
,6iyj»j»M,ip----j««tPrday ^nld t^inJjfliiTcially 
In.- vaw no need (vf an lnvpatiBatloD. 
"tVaffrriu," mi id ihc HAnator, "ha" 

jii^ar: - of teal btttinta to cnnaRc tti at- 

Icnlloj], Tbc Klca tbi> Ytf |)lctnre mm 
aii? In a ' r»nniiLrsij to Iulluenn* \ht I> n I'- 
ll C in a jjolitlial \\-ij U nh*urd." 

Hcnator Aahurnt la -rp.n;iv nRain^i 
tbc rutin:- noliry of rommrnbiii IiMviud 
tin-re *r* othi-r «njB- of nreventlni.' 
jiS:!-'-.. Hi:rli nn rrxhiibrtiiNti of ItvtUorai 
plcttuXf. iu»t ia nuiVHpapii-rri are i*- 
piihainwl itotji urin ttog ubjee liona ble or 
lt>dr-:ciit orliriSs. 

tnltrd Ar«1ai» SIbda Hay. 

Tbo "Dijt F*Br" was cb/i&gt'il to (Jj^ 
"Bla; Iftrb*' ri>H»rda; Wboil iJbnrka 
H«y t-JciiMl a contract M-ith Fliram 
AlirnjiM io lifiunic a Opjted AftiMl rttC 
JK IUy and t'hsflen ('hajiltn. Marj- 
l'ickffrd, Doiifrliii! Koiriiatikp nurf 1>. 
\V, lirircittj «jtti|»rliii» tllo ntnirltis per- 
wonnrl nf [iiin orBanUallon. The- con- 
;.Li.i was apvotlatcd wht-n hv u-an in 
Xeiv Yoi-l: and COUbiiiuuiatoil tbroUBlj 
Ibv Arthur Kaoi< ollltp*. with wl,L*a Mr, 
Ua.r i? ftttotiitlda 

Tli* Pi 1 In oil* morn DfctitfB to mnfci: 
for AWddfttttll J'-Ji-Kt N'ntfonnl afli-r 
Mliirti the Ijitb tiimkr in tar I'i.l'-i, Ar- 
ii*t* m h«l will brgln bb fklartal orwrn- 
Ifoiis. Ili>f*tnforp Mr, Hay ban liwn 
inrnltit' i, 'ii about vipht :.!l'!j-,-. h > ■■ ; . i^ . 
Thfi plan Ift to AlmCt lln- niimln>r of pif 
Wrta 10 two a ypar aod lu ^pptid BJOM 
Huir nn prwdiictiun. 

Mr. Kay iniuc in for ronMidnrahn'c 

entfcitm wbui « el^ctfJ to iUkci blab 
wit l-'ii-.'. Nntbnal tt«i not In ajuti- 
Itmliy. It Ik -nf. I. wHh tfi^MQ iltrtK-tdriat 
■xntnubDK, M*hl,'h tin* cHttoi lK-llev«j 
were on a ■■..■:>i i nomr of hU lutost pio- 
Uhvh weei nol hk sooil bk kin pnrlicr 
"li'-. K hr -tnakps tin' ]<iz pn>ilurti<iin-> 
hi- (.'ip(*fln lo under I Ijt Unit oil Artist 
b%nner e t • l- t- h- will nsvi-ui-Jy ln s a dlpector 
in l In.- tipw nrrancemonl. 

He in. a gnati brl, hl.t fflgffa baring 
incn-arHMi until lo-dny Lc is onn of the 
most j'0|ni!ar Ma™ fa iho rotintry. 

Ilrre lu -■*;- lllrnielf. 

Tbe lint plai.-e Jack MnltiaH vixitod 
wan Ihp f.j-ric Tliratre. where "Turn 
to thr* Hi^lii" i* playlup. There wan 
a v^aiidii fur tlii-i enthusiasm. Mv. VuU 
hall jilaj's tn iBlpOTtinf l**Pl lu (bf j 
Itei ]iii;i-;iiii pridiK-Uuo, 9c arrfTpd j 
hi»re vnRt*rdiiy f(flm ihi> <>a*( with [ 

Fruk Mayo. 

nuuu;s RAW 
■ I* »r> alrncd > v '^^iaf>-'ii? i mifl 
'■'r' , HftQn.jpn*V lw«^^tref»i L -4iflrUrl. 
fie Hill iiml.i- ..uv u.i.rr plelOrvr 
fur Flrat ^Jtllona] brfarn frc Julllk 
the "DlBt )'«nr," 

Betty Bond, 

I'Mi-t Mion HfTDt- 

?■**•"- * tAOVr. 
Jliy, Uthpra, 


m.'i m; 
i- Jt.-l il'Vw 

Ttol* Made 

It- ( <i rt 



pfttiQSJ OCETHER morosco 

{^&&r, "SATURDAf MIBHT" 

a Pa 

t.n Ti 
I'ATiiii'^r-' I'l.tMi USZD. 

« ifiii. 

; ( i:.i-.-l 

th t'ihi: ' 



■Red Hoi Romance' 


10—BIG ACTS— 10 


Pauline Lord 

in "Anna Chri.iie" 


Sa^HSaB I"-- 

ram :•■ ■■■■.• •: ■ --ra.,-. -the 




w. EELHOHT »■• ,,»■»■ »"•»« "" ■■» 

Norma Talmadge } C ff.? T °K,^ 
'The Wonderffti Thing 7 

• lib 


unt4>evs pitttaim 

The Grim Com*jdia.Ti" 
■ipjTot* grand oncn, 

REPUBLIC SKK E„ , i'^ ! .-,2 





?.*!■ t, it n. bW 


DltOOKI/TX AMi:sji3tB\Tii. 

ITMaPIarlE Trt " - M 0l, ' h - T " f" Panr 

. Ule MlniliT ('imrrrl-i. AYi«i r ■. -,, rh 1o j' Nijhl, 

Jurnes E. Cooper*! "HELLO 1822" 

Km Wdck.. ..DAVE UAHJOK'S liEvrK 


S 1'. w. 

Sauiurl '.nlil" j li IljieL. 

A:u : in--- :::;■.- tbp t\\ 'Piitf-lu'v branch 
nianapm of c*ohi|>nnie;i *uJ talklrirT*bo r > 
for tbrrc whole day*, .Samuel G-oldwyn 
bus iriiiiucii to New Vurii. With him 
ere A. B. ArOJtHn. aftfe* ujiDRtcr, Led 
AICrM \\>Jma, whft wpre a I no nt tac eeO' 
ri>utlfiii, They !■ ; ■ nnirli ■^■I' 
on the part nf Ihi- ninnaBflrB prpaent. 
t',lrrj urtc (JidtU n fine ruunplr ol 
mM wralhrr. hut If ft In ndy wtjrfrr th*b 
New Vortt 1 * hrentl ft rnnnt Indcrd have 
bt-cn of untitle rariciy. 

i-;tii*-i C-IbtIou, Ib Tawa. 
Ivtbcl CJaytoa ban conic Lu X'cw York 
for a vacation, Phc ban riroiiRbt her 
motbrr aud hrr brottior t>on and ibiy 
psTfp^t to virilt thir tlifatn 5 .* and t-njoy 
a !ii-i: !...■■ , r J':.;-v :,■-.:- tt U)0 l'laa« T (b*re- 
■<y Ificreaaine the iinnilior of lilm play- 
era rfBiftcretl there. MIrlnrn Ctrepcp 
■ >iiii .'I:'.-; \!iji-;i aif intooft them. In 

fiet. It •'" ri,„ |., ii.,. -|ll:;ii— in ;»yr.r 

wftb film Kim, who prefer It to the 
nolee nf the Broadway boiel* 

'""'li i :ir,llu L«oka llapctal. 

Hemtorship Tn South Carolina, which 
hap nnw ron^hed the »taj(i* vf 4 third 
rradlns of thv tiirasiirr-. It Iiavinp .nen 
ronsldvrrd by the Judltinry vomBilUee 

of the. .*>euaii>. is ix-ivA iliKciiSaed in film 
drcle*. Jat-k iliuinolly. who went In 
Columbia lo he on huud fof thn fray. 
flriihwued yrjicriliy tho nitHalSou I'wks 
m> fiii' ho i^ timing home. Thiro 
is anuLher hill pi uiJIiij,' lu Hgtitb Caro- 
lina, «n* thai wonJd -I.- en addltiEnnl 
¥." bjh?«tt a reel !■■ caeh film rei'leweb 

lltttiet a cciuor Dill. Thiji \t not rrrriv- 
Intf enough citnuira^i-Rlrrtl, howc^-i-, to 
L-nu^r. much Worry on tap jiart nf the 

I'nnt |t«' i-n llrlurna. 

After W-turins ai Columbia, roadiir;; 
nn vela ami ftHradlrtB |ilujs, 1'aiiI Horn 
ret u ma to the ijul.ii uf llallyvroorl t« 
t«ki! jtomi' .-r llic |.uirliiiM\t hr uuiili: wllb 
him lor Df*dlicUoa ttl CuIVar City. II h 
i* MnTerxunt (iii.m^i m.iv with Lbe 1iJm 
tiiBtorial iti ibi' tn nopitinii; uiiy 
dual* for Gelawjbn by wipe 

'!'<> tei Wltk i-li-iui-c 

Wit* 1 !! tlic Jiulrtikk jtmIp end Joj - , "ThL 1 

.Man b'roni EJ01111 1 /' fipeua ill ihi* Cnjiltnl 

Tbtairt' I" Hctroit <>n January 2&, rtri 

Rttn] prrtpje (ft Hint Michigan rily ar? bw 
Jnii Jt* have a ''iVli.. ■■ (■■ pre Unrry Morry 
■inir tirucc \ iilrnl im , both n! vrturaa will 
mnbe prrsniiKl npiwaruiict'. actinic Bw 
library rcciip. oqo of rhr> inert dlUUttc 
iiiriilant^ ill 1 lit? MboT^-plny. Uolh nf ihi-m 
biM kwn mwau jioginratt- atrpenrailci" 
flacwhcre, b»t tin* m tbclr tir»t joint 
upirraranci', TJsf tnguuncrilit of the stugH- 
play, from wh.'cli "A Mutin II011111" won 
■dnjiu-d, uiii hi uned by Sir. Uerey nod 
3lm \'Blt'nllii ■■ Iti nltytaij tlirir "rnli>.^ 
The inrfdrnt v ill form mi iiiiukiiuI pn>- 
lirXtit;. rtiliiiins ■boat llfii-i-n (uimitf-s, in 
a dfroct (illiniin- uf rt**« mill jwrren. 

Kllta WIU llvluhir. 
Ilobrrt lvlliR ivi]] crunc cljrrfting rDfi| 
enous/h to tftki up acting ae/alii, He bm 
Doen «n£A(ccd by Allrn Uolidmr to act m 
Icndlni; mnn ti> t>ornrliy riiflll[hS \u her 
nr-st atarrinc .phiilc. "Tht Soid Seeker. 1 * 
PrVKhicljoii in now under way. 

Itftnrrn at Ma(- F tm»pl Jua||n. 
ThOM of our rrndnis who wont to tlir 
modon piotarv pt^lit or trn yeera ago will 
nrohahly rtiueinla-v MiirKflrft Jtwiin, b( 
Snaljculllc comedlns. Sho pleycd 'with 
Alkali Ike and Harpy Todd (hup tmebandi 
nnd Victor Pottl. hi ihon^ days thf*r 
RnaJtrtvlllo cotBvdies of ICaeanay were 
cepMdrrcd thr fnnnleai pletttrea mi the 
eerem. \Yt\l. Mtai Joslin. «r Mrx. Todd, 
hia bp*n rittfUHr/d to play in u aerici ot 
t*A'0-«el ci>mw[y draioax whlrb tba Hoy 
Ktiimb ProdwclloTi Company hi utukiiiH 
In Hollyvood. fioplii'; Cliiirs. the rrle- 
bratriJ BnakevUlft fhntiii'trT i«nrttayrd by 
Mlsa JosHn, will not 1^ rei-livcd. 

Stary WhiiIhe ror IIIiu. 

Wten Willlfim ItuancU Tenches the 
ParlBe Coast hr will find a etory wait- 
fun; for him. \\*o should* have wild, now 
that WSIUam RupbcEI has rearbed the 
Coant. he Im.- foTiLd "Cherub DiTlne," 
ijy Hewrll Ford, of Torehy slory fam^-. 
u-i"i(iafd to him ak !■;■. next . -ii.!e. We 
undfimfand Mr. nupsilt will play la 
lin-hter rolea from n«w oe. e*ehow(n( 
Hfbtrr comedy. 

U*!* IiiIIa-t- Write* b l.etler. 

We arc slid tft publiah the fnllewiua- 
letter ree«lv«d yesterday from Dale Ful- 
ler. We always resrel u lien a patac js 
Jrft out of a catit, flinl In this liistam-c 
wc* urc uudnr Ibc inn-!, ,-niit lbs «*t 

, "I pUyed Mu.Iitieha, h crwJ- 
:ir] t.= Sit. IjJdmttrttHTQii. Tbh i;. the 
tjarL vt the ■errant, tfrl whoH tin' Count 

rlr-.-.- [V f. H ». 

"I fee) s'lri' ilm! this i- n Mnnll n»l- 
ti-r 10 y„n, n ,K| 1 preaume tho .-a^i wbr 
KhMi to you b> the I'. offielatte. but to 
nn> H wlm ha- ntriicET'eil lii achieve a 
emill HlHrecAs in lhi> silent drama, thli 
oini-Mini nirntui a tient deal. 

i »iiiftifi Etime ye*m an.i « iih KeT- 
ntofir tOBlftflee, hilt felt wire I wai 
litli-d fur ilnitiie. mid thrunKli i-u lii-nr 
tratehlnj .:>■[ waitinB: -Mr. Von Sld.luioj 
ol ln^L allmviil mo in narii the plnniii-D- 

Of toy C| tldlit iOM — VJK„ Jl |r"l D'.lilti; 

pari in (1 real picture, 

"Nut nf -t-vpii New YuiM (ISpifira I 
mi^ f.. happy lu i«ee that Tour ol tbi-ni 
■d and i--TJiiTii*'iif&] favorably nn my 


"I aiij fanpjnv that in une ol ynur fii- 

tiin- Inttpts ion may iHjprcci th^ 1 ■ > ■ - 1 =■ 1^, . - 

iiinilc in the Mutt end trust my ivetk w HI 
rrn-ive jour jhki i :ril£i<lpipJ, 

'Truatloff ilmt thi» t-omiiinui. aiiLJii 
mnj imt luire bureil yon. I remain, vv-tv 

truly yea**, *vi.te l**n|h- r ." * 

1 iincrniulB(!»na, (irnn<l|iii! 
Even if he is B crniuffin. K. A. ]' r ir.i 
Ihitiku he run hpnj* n llttla about It. [1 
In n boy, wdfba ten pounds nnd in )i!m 
firsl crfinilehihl. Mr. I'rlrc is on the 
I hip. Uii'*enfrld DlllKlr atnlf. 

It UiiKy hrsra Atiy more weicln hi: will 
apply fur 11 job in motion ]iii:liir> j . L .. i?li, 
J'li, lie in Miil) iuii.rniin.j !,!•■: "ttsijrr" by 
B' 'in - to 11 well known gymnasium iiiry 
nfti riLwm unr] imnkiriE time ptnyirti bdita- ■ 
bull htiiI t-Tlirr SPOta. r l»ir. UoiLitel i- 
if> 4ti-nvfniiN ho in wilhlis lo (i«s« tins' 
P'^tl ioliK 14 other llltJifHIS foil :■■< , , 

wimi tn rpdiiec tbaEc nv<ilrdiipoi>. 


-- ~\*+— - *' ' ' 
Scrvicei for Dead Financier This 
Afternoon.— Middlebury College , 
Dinner Postponed. 

'lb, iiHiiiiril dlnaeir of Mi.lrll.l..:!-..- ' 

Coileee. wJntiuinl to take ulac -alBh! , 

at thr Cnirephiiy Club. hu» tjeeit |hi«i- i 
puti'ii !•■ t'"i-brnnry U on neennnt of ilit" ' 
death i'f A. UnN»n U^libiirn, ji gntduhtfl j 
ef iJk fi'Hi'g*,' nnd uiumbxr of tod board m I 
inirtU'r.-<. 'rlie Midwinter meeting or tbo j 
tniKtt.^, vii 1 1 nl fur to-duy, has aaw Iwon j 
pm iilY ti- F.'hrunpy IT. 

l"i>]ln\i infi in n Mm nf tin' hiomrary ■ 
|>flltbfj lr i i> niiu will nine at ihe fliu-jnl ' 
nf Mr. Hc-'diiini thU nflTnucn nl I 
o'clock in Bt JarniVm Chwreli. Medi*Aii 1 
aventtt oed Sivi-niy-rint mrvet: 

lr.ina iia-hen-r. Ueo'rce ff. Baker. 
Jolui i:. HurOAiiir. llr, Nii'li'dim Murmv 
Butler. Mr. Walhive lintlriek. lleiirv \V. 
('itnn.iii, l>r. .J^litL H. I'ihliv. Jinnr.4 Vf. 
Ulffenl, ,1-itiii \V. Grla-gi. .Villard \'. 
Kin;:, 1 iar«rln f. lilii^b-y. John L. 
Knsii. WJIIialu A, NmIi. U. IlotlP I'.-- 
U'iv WiJIimn II. I'orter, Howard Pressor. 
John i>. ll<K-kefi-Ilrr. Jr.. and AltiTt II. 

I'elriiJltin frulii fifili tlrillt.V till tlur ao- 

ciul mid economic urganjidtroita with 
whirl] Mr. Ilrpburii wad a'WK'intinl will 

\eie Yorir 

VVfr^rtiiuo f!iQ6 . 

At Last! 

from M. RODIER 

and with them the actual inspiration 
{ of his Spring collection 


t lera:>tUn» ("All* tltta "Illrf-W«d 

l'eaiceniaher'> nt World;* 

It.) Ln mil t>'«n |« Til* UvrrllftE | Trt*ii-Rll!> I 

I.O.VUOX, dau. Li:.— The body ol Vh- 
Count BtTCft was ifcmtiied Era-clay alier 
Impb' but luipn K-.ii i> services, No eu- 
l5fy wax ..llrr-ii. but the olli' uitiu^ 
rityman In his Brtyct paid 11 tribute 
ihi- lute politiral hietonan in I'ullia^ 
hlni a "faleaaed Bad p^iwrrhil pe'Hri-m-ikcr 
[Jiiiuu'iiiiin tin* whota world, and '-"tn- 
clnll.v benreru thts nations cl Gread Urib- 
uin ciul .Vincricn." 

Tlie flxhrt u'ill rtlnalp lit Tile rn-liia- 

t< -rti mi pending; burial in Bcettaltd. 


Ihrrnpill* Ar>pl>lh1a l.uililrn 1i>r 
JodTI U- "iBnehllrli] I'ruiirrl). 
Ity tiirretioii nl Surrogate Cutmiau, 
.\ntliony I'. T,i:ibleii, nttarhed tn the )«• 
ml iranch nf Jhe BttUl Tux i'ominin- 
niiiii. trae ynterday apiiointvJ npiirnlser 
of the vxtatf Irfl by John It. Stancli- 
fii'hi, noted ]«mj"lt. for Ibc plirponc ol 



/* /-^SM v ^mL A "i^fc \ 


" v ***^* 

■M- StiUll-R bjs m-jh 1.. u\ 3 ' __j_m ML[r cr( iii ju> nul itirprlse 

■;..->st tpatra ciMirK-iv. TniK~("trj w^^gjum'iKm E\«b a 

W^"-i' ll! * V l]ow * ?rcd <ajaqu*- of A } fei^weekf'a^O and Tty"H iht^ ilnv 
*NohtU!idy pea*ir>t. from which | c fe iaq U « wilh the eettfll Emeriti ol 

he durivrd the inspirjilDii ul the 
liny etnbrnideretl Sowen which 
art the rfominaM charaetirlsUc 
uf bh new cottons. 

When we !.kw this culUttion 
Ji^l fall wf asked bin whit siorv 

wis behind thi! rejietled use <-»i 

Ihwe adurrfle tnolils — fnr M. 
Kodier li nol one ti* grab idti*. 
irt/m the air — ts 3t were — he it- 
ways has a dcJuiiu- plan and rej- 
m.'ii back til his creations* ■ 

Al our quistlDtj hli lace lit 
up and he *l I £■*.[> pel red. In relurn 
with i his fasclnaUbfC cmqun 
which he Inld us lie lound 
early In Ihe ,unimer. while on a 
inn'oriiif trln through Norman- 
ilv — the very tWft(( be hid been 
Iinikitis for. 

W. Rodier. 

He hid tOQVat ttwl%tT, and he 
wished its tn have the first, to 
keep II a .i*:jin( doctinient lit Ihe 
biliary ol fabrics 

To think— 

Tlut these liny rtuwet>. care* 
fully itid exqaiafttly ^mhrnTid- 
ercd years iiid years a?;o. Ui- make 
1 little f fench peanut <ay for 
Sunday peat, should bloom apiiti 
in the fibricv ui Ihii. Ihe greit- 
est ul Kre tilth, dcsigiiuri tad llius 
tiei-unie the model 

They lend j cfeariofttg air uf 
spriiiK-like frClbUC*! lo h a -> mus- 

lini. sheer llnern, orBarri&eSi 
voitea and crepes. 

Just enough material— 

Ua individual models lu ill Ihe mo^ impTirUnl CftUertU M. H'lUhN 
made — includins those selected by the Rreit COtitarletJ lL>r thrfe 
-.ihjtU'M K'Evieri and summer I'mcl. v 

BULLA— 'the "bihtettd" rations, 
7 f\c naming vogue. 


l.tN'M-ZirAjulk QRGAND1NA 


VrG&frBuFi—f&r rcmtvtd from the wftinwy, 

A natural colored linen — sheer as only iincn coit !*e, cattrt'd 

tt'ith silk flowers in gold and red wth blue te&vts. 
Mosaiqucs Cfatjucs—tce ean't describe them — Ihey must 

be seen. 


KASHA, ("UibmUlrre'l 



r.t Floor, Old BuildmK. 

ii - -i-v -in c whatever taxei* mny be duo 

tn I'l- si;:!- nmift* 1 1 . - (nhcrttasee (ax 
ilr. Htaticli/irld hail been hi poor 

henltil for over ft J«r ami died at M 
Situimer borne a-. HarhtTry Point, ii. t., 
on June ^.l tfit.t. leaviRc P wj!| ivbith 
whip e.\e«jiiti'd en inly *J, "OJS'. 

■ I brr UUt tr-ntiTK., tlulM fosn. 
■Uinor. to!(iit4 wlh aj La v J> 
itod m.ia*r «r jMejitf wt Hu- 
tu janr, Si-crrlum Kiiiirtfii-, 13 
■bdMaU r*rl«1-* of C1>M. A. Il^ni- 

riii KL. HanltaiLia. Iniirmniit 


Bohemia Meets Broadway 

Pagan Costume Revel 



(A Silk! I«r a 5«ii>t b> (a|»M) 

Terpueboraui Entertainment. Fantutic Co>timi«. 

Exbilajatinv Syncopited J«zt Orchettni. 

Admission .at Door — %2. |n Advance i 1 .5 

Boxes, Including Admission for 10 J 1 5. 

THE PAGAN, 23 West 8th Street Stuyresant 7399 

o^r ffivsraa w<o>i& 

mm . 

See this new creation and its 
many new and distinctive fea- 
tures. A truly remarkable 
six - cylinder motor. Excep- 
tionally smart body designs. 

$1485 for the Touring Phaeton; $1885 for the Coupe; $1985 for tho Sedan 

F. O. R. footer]/. 

We invite you to ride in the 
Rickenbacker that you may 
appreciate its remarkable 

Hunt Motor Car Company 

FUk Building 
' Broadway at 57th Street 

T.lcphon. Cird. 7S-H 



Clams the Basis of Mnch of 
"Money" Used by Them 

and Culojiists, 


ItOElruptt \ l.rsriHl 3H3TS Flock 

\'. ■:-..■!.:. (-,,-c- ^l.,,M..: tb« MM 

to Uln'iTatbn. 

Iii the IxnlE at ike IndiAiis of Che Wood- 
lands In tin- American Muwatn of Nut- 
urnl History shinv be sec-n a cave contain- 
ing Htrinpt and belt* of curious-looking 
white nnd purple bead*. Tbla In waco- 
imnt, which was used aa currency by the 
Indians, curly colonials and traders, md 
which the Indians also used in their cerc- 
Tnauivg and an a burlap <■£ authority. 

AlllOllg I'tJii-r LTQilil UjUS. explaining haw 

wumpum first tame to be used, the Iro- 
■ i L i - -2 - have one I" the effect that one* 
Hiawatha, on ji journey, camo to a litHe 
take and -vns wondering how to cross it 
when rt flock of duckd ap-icarcd nnd net' 
tied on [lie water. When they flew nwny 
The water had disappeared and Hiawatha, 
looking on in- 1 dry bed of the lake, raw 
tlrnt it wn« revered with shells. Of these 
be made the firm •nfmputn. 

Dcjipln tiiis legend nnd silimQr >m-\ 
however, it is believed the earlicat warn- 
imiii was made of minll pleera of wood 
of !■-,!!■. I .-;.■!■. Ktuincd blaeLr < r white, 
I'oreupirie nuill* ari- nlso »Ld to have 
fo.TR lined. Later, wsuipym waa marie 
from slirllx, soiiirlimeH of the fresh- water 
varieties, but generally of &oa atlvllt. The 
bc*t ivuinimni whs niude from the hearts 
of tbo common hard dam of Long Island. 
In ItirO, il man named, Hnoiel Den- 
i'*CB*tptBt>' «■ iiobfc palled" "Bricf-Descrlp* 
I ton of New York." in ivliicb ho said: 

"Tbt Indians broke, off about half 
an inch of tbc purple color of the inside, 
(of tbc common hard clam ebfclh and 
converted il ir,to bead*. Throe, before 
tap introduction of airlu nod threads 
(by the Colon!*!*) were bored with *karp 
Hones and ftrang upon aluewa of anl- 
inaK nnd when interwoven to the 
breadth, of Hit- bntid. mow or iewa. warn 
failed n holi of scnviaat or wampum. A 
blHi-k bead of the wise of u large straw, 
niiuiit half he itipft long, bored length- 
mm and well polished, waa the gold 
i-i I in- liitltrtin- Ft nd ahvnyri i-HlecmwI 
of twice the value oC thv lvhltf."" 

AMiib' nbell iicaria \vcrr tarty mann- 
r ? -:-!iin-tl by ib- tmlSaiiK alopl Ihr Atlaa- 
tie shore, they ureee rflrc vest or the 
MihhiiEi Kivit Twforo Mie neventpetitb 
j-entiiry. Willi (lit arrival of th« tulon- 
istw the TndiHiiK ii-er* fliipplLi-J with tooli 
ivalHi maiip il pn-iNildf for ihelil to iiork 
n ffreaier vjrl«y of f-hi'lii. and t» pro* 
dm c more finwhrd work. The colonists, 
[hfgnsclve*. moreover, pHriieitlurly th* 
Untcb. entered into tli.: manufacture! 
*>1 wampiini. A* Inte as \80O it was 
I'pmc made in Babylon, Irfinjr Ulanfl. 
for two in rli*- (rade with the Western 
[DalajuL in SeV .lerscr, too, it waa 
mannfactored to a fnn? iloto. 

The mnkinji o( wDtaptUn hell* by the 
Indiana MennlB to date bael: only aa r*r 
a> ihr nriveiit of tin- whitu men. For 
nil Nip IwltN uhleh have be*n found n™ 
Of bcaiOB allien Wara nndoubtHly mado 
citbrr It? ilif white men or ivlrh toAll 
•oipl'Iioil Iff tlti'IU, 



Uotion Picture Circles Want to 
Know Who'll So Bis Exec- 
utive Secretary, 


rirm SlKurltic at C«n(a Ta-n \n II I . 

T*rrr Rr»w«*j- Writes Boole. 
"1.otp» ot; l'b«t-pahi" Heady. I 


American Flyer Joins Coinmeroial 
Aeration Company in Operations 

Oft* Florida Caast. 
The Aaaerlciit pilot, Roland BoWfe, 
Iiah joined C» Aoromarine 1 .\-_v.i;r\» 
forcen at .Miami u»d will he [dentipei 
«HIi that company'* nyins lioat npara* 
Lwtn hetwnrn I'Joridn i-oasl resorts nnd 
imlnis in tbc West Indioe and the lia* 


.1 due in New York tba early 
part of ncit week, when he will 
bo bombarded with Mwral fiuea- 
tinnn tli" film vrifrrs whiiI to auk him. 
Whether or not Mr. Hays think* the 
time i« rive for asiuwrring ibeiii remniim 
to be seen, Bring n pnliticinn. it I* 
rpawouably ccrtnln he w]tl not send tii'g 
rvportera away tvlthout wime anawat to 
tho (pipri"* now beins e^ked in film cli- 

I'mlmbly ihu moift pertinent wiil be 
:!-,.■■ name of tbo man who wilt \:n cifcU- 
tavo secretory when Mr. Hays sfena into 
(lie job of motion picture dlrecior. 
Vnriuuji nnnirs have been mentioned from 
time in ttint 1 . with TarkJnKten Bnher 
nnd Chnrles I'ettijobn reerivinE atten- 
i lion bcclmic they bail from Mr. Uny'n 
1 native £talc. He '■-■"■'• known' them both 
infi'iy yr.'.t-. and nn Tndianion'-Liip 
i?i tbicaer th*« water. 

Then nsnin. the immo of fourtlnnd 
Smith has been- mcwLioncfb Mr. Kniiib 
in !t brother-in-law of Arthur Brisbane 
ami }ios been :i no.wnnaper nian mnny 
ypara. He ban been a^soelateii wttlL Mr. 
H&ya ia, ; the l^L* orTti^' Depprtinent nt 
WachinKtnn Jind wast hen: nt the ..-J*of 
the MCnitiK of thfl cnntriLct. A nlaacnt- 
ing vote acQlnnt Mr. Smith raiaht oc 
based oa the faet that he 1ms had nn 
experience in tbc 111m butinew, Mr. 
liays may wish to .surround :; : :-:.- ■■'■' with 
men who art- fainliinr with conditions in 
the industry. 

If the National AFsocLition remains In 
force. Frederick Elliott, executive seen- j 
tary, sot! his itaQ" may be retained by 
Mr. Llaya. There are eleven compdDle-'i 
on 'the lidt of siRnerw, and it »cem« likely 
three more will be oddeil litto-r— Viin* 
B-TSpti, Tathe and Assoriated Flint Na- 
tional. If the National Asrwurlation *b 
out kept intact, a new nreanb;.ition will 
reanlt- Tbew; queaLioun will be aiuwered 
In due eour&e. Mcatiwliik^ oar new dl- 
I'eetor genera! in devntins llie next month 
la work for L T nde Sam. lis has Juft 
returned to Washington from Chleagro. 

T* Hevtve ••JoJt'Hi" t"«p"ar." 
""Julius Cner^Ot•.■• one of the lirst nt 
tho historical filmn made in Italy, in 
coming to Bun's Standard Theatre Sat- 
urday ami Sunday. B. K. Eimborg. who 
aperatia a chain of theatres, has ar- 
ranged with Geotpe Kleinf lo hbow tbirJ 
piclnre. whieh was Inukwl upon a- n 
wonderful spectacle at th.: ihne it wan 
produced. The v<igue Tor hiistorical tilnis 
has indoeed Mr. KleEne itt Ltrins bneli n 
number of bis produetians mnd? In 

Tarrr IUH.ii! (toes to Comal. 
Many water* have pawod ijndur (he 
bridirea aJacc Terry RaniKny aeitt tint 
merry aqniba- nbout Murunl. lint i» that 
time Mr. Itamwiy haa not heen forn^Ken. 
Ue haa added to hla film knowledge by 
editing Kinnprtnt* ami d&iue oth.;t edi- 
torial work; |n pictures, but for tbc Inst 
year lie has been freelancing. Hi writes 
when tie flf-irU moves him, and new h* 
is ;:■■;:;,: to ta« Poeifio Coast to put the 
fjaledilug touehoa on hi* free lane.-' work 
by gottfna. mnteriol Tor a book he If about 
pubLlnli. Titia hook, "Tbe BomanCe of 

E'ifot linhti- tiBM urouably ejtfpblihhed 

tiying rciordH thut any otiior Kiu-icle Hciion rictiiTea," will be publisheil in 1 
cerlnJ form finrt In the rhotopluy >ruga- 
aine. Somo yeara ago before pfciCuraa bad 
so many b,ViIMJ« of interest the cii'lor of 
thla department rtmpitod n scrie* or nrti- 
cles eaUod "The Heart RwMTtea of the 
MovlcH.'' They were pohU»B«l ill the 
Chicago Het&kl. 

pilol in tin- lititiu S;aten, and bis aJbaa- 
donniK military and nsval nvintiou for 
i-i hin mert-ial flyins acUvftiw indicates the 
Irrnd or thought of men who bnvc beea 
prominent i» t^e dcrelopmcat of ovin- 
tion. The Aenntiarini! nmil jiud ]tu;iei^n- 
«er fiyinc boats have- diiriusr the past 
year (town nearly lOO.OoO milr^, ear- 
rti-d niipio^iniatyly T.(HJ(J iiaitaenfi«J>n *tul 
LlUW noiiuds nt uinjl anil 'freisflt with' 
■mil n hiingle iuir-ha[} 

hi commenting on Mr. Itniili-V j.iiu 
ing the Acrumariiic forces, C. K. Redden. 
preatdeot of tho Acrgmntine Airways, 
Inc.. mild: 

"We believe irr have demonstrated 
ihfit trnvet by o!r it jtlet aa safe ax any 
other method of transportation. We at- 
tribute our Mhccewi tu tho followinp con- 
dttiops; firat, we tine United 
States navy Rirerafl: ftecond, we employ 
only moat Imativortiiy inni rtlirient pljotf; 
th|id, wia keep our etiaipment in the pink 
of condition at all llmcw; rwiriJi, under 
no citcom^iancchj w^ntsoover, it auy 
time, do wc Lake the ulighte^t chance.'* 


Patrolman Claims That Negro He 

Arrested Shot at Him in Dark 


IMlroInwin Jacob (Jreenbere- of the 
Wert lyfilh Mn:et stailon. who nrroated 
Itobert .Inckmn, H'2 years uld, a negro 
of a l..:iv- r»-ii'-- street nHdrrss, in a dark 
luillway nt a tenement lioaae at HUM 
(street and Seventh avvmue, early yester- 
day, declared he probably owed bis Ufa 
to a faulty cartridga in the pin alleged 
tu hare br-en carried by Jackson. 

While i ho jintrolmnn. in maWnt tli* 
iirroat, fought^wlth the negro in tho hall 
he beard thn click nT a revolver but 
there wn* no report. After he bad beaten 
Jnekii.m into Hiibiaisrrion, the pHtriilinsn 
naid In- found a revolver lying on the 
floor nearby. 

Jnctnon was locked up charged with 
attempted felonious asaaulL Hi( arrest 
wiih made ult comtdalnt of Loubje- Coto- 
mdu, of TO West 1.TH Btreot, who aUeged 
that tbo nrgro entered her homo and, 
nfter holding her wp it the point ot^ ■ re- 
volver, ftoln a. quantity at jiwelry from 
liemeU and her frlmdti. While out wjth 
:i girl friend ■hertly bi-torf 1 o'eloek yea- 
li>rtlay momiug idle v.^n-J Jackson near 
l^JJi stivri nnd Seventh atcnue. The 
gill scrtnOlctl nnd Patrol ninn tfreenherg, 
tirsrlns her anil swing Jnrkmn running, 
■ j; ,; -■= i the in--'" Intu (ha hallway,, 

il*#.Jaebeii from Mfjrbt Colli 

l.iwtlT* ilKUMO QUIJtlNE Tibl-^i Mg nlln* 
l.f*<S»^n tilirfl Item CnW,: A Umlu Icm- 

t.i» *n4 iffn> if.™?'!. Iti* r>pulr* binn Ui 

i.lxr>4taT« i'! B. W. Crnvi. Ifli nJM • o-i (( i 
nnOUO-j »c,-AdvL 

Mnl S'liTTlni;|;lil. 

The Cameo la *oing W have :■ r-gular 
firat night when the "Prodigal Jud^o" be- 
gins its ran there to-night. This picture, 
recently completed by Vitagraph, with 
Jbh^t l*al^! r 0B ibc featured memher nt 
the eaat and Maelyn Arhaeklo and 
Ernest TorTance f reapectivclj, m the 
Toles of tba Juilge and Mnhaffy, is one of 
the most Important of taa sperlais Hint 
have come from the Vitgriph w<nhabot> 
this Bcason. Macljn Arbuckla Is to Inflko 
n srweeh at the 8.30 o'clock performance. 
thiii evening and his frlehdv have all 
promised to be there to give him a bond. 

'■l.(!Vf« at I'hnr.T'li'- UcbiIj ■ 

Under l(« new tine of "The l*ov*a of 
Pharaoh," "Paarttoh'B WBp* to-ill follow 
"Red Hot Romaaee" ioto the Criterion 
week after neat. The Krcast Lubitaeh 
special haa been undergoing a special 
groooilog f*T Jeb Broadway preaentatlon 
and i» ready when Ihr theatre in free 





rearbril N 






,i K W n 


. Kb* 










il red. 






■ h 

* trae 

« m>4 



B ™*" ■ 


Brrt Lytell ran go on wlili their regidnr 
wurk. Neittier Mifs Pniin nor Mr, Ly- 
tell will mske New York fnr two weeks. 
They are otil now oti n^ pei-uniial uppeflr- 
oncc tour, anil aceordiflg (o r hfi report 
(hut ban reatibetl Jletro. .ire bringing in 
]driit r v -if the well-knowji eoin tor the 
eihlbitor wherever they appear, 

3Inr M*Avoj- 1 1 ere. 
Miiy Me^rToy arrired In tnwn yester- 
dnj wl(b her mother. Tliey are .nt ,U«r 
Aiwonifl. Iryiag to Toi-jsti-t Hie luirrowing 
experipjuo tJiny bad in Trinidad when 
ihc train did n "Sleir Brodic" oS the 
MeAvoy bns been granted 



.... of abseuce, ..„ 
will rim In- her fnult if the mlsaaa uny 
he wants (o tee. 

of the pluya 

i i 

Thentrr f 

Ed Wyim has a eotiple u f favorii.- 
theatres. Tin-" (leSi. V, O-hnn i» 1^ 
favuiite QDo for business purpoaei. Bud 
the Mayfair at Great Neck liis ravorite 
for pleuare. Jtr; Myi be has fun at 
the ('utiftii Ibsntn, bin he ha« mni-e fun 
at the May fair, whrni lie Iljis n mu-iui 
nf-crvijiiuii for hhtw-Jf a „,| „!' n, ( . h i [( |,. 
Uynn.-. [hi- i"en| nt:iii!i«ir of ilir Onat 
WM thentiv— flenrui- I>uek. by iinmi 
uind he u n tride-sn-dke bird, take :t 
from Ldli — nrrauL-es fhar'! 1 
Cbarle' " 
to who 

edy aide of life. liu bn 

arle* U H e nr flamld i'.'l'Iy'l priigra'mrt 
Kb?"' '/he Perfect Fool 1 ' tho eom- 
: to have some 


riKiini; or c**tv Bmaaeau 
Ettdpu (Jied lato Widuesrfay 

night uf imctijiioniii m u\* hinin-, :::ti 
West Tfrrlj fiUth wtreet. lie woe i?J only 
a week. Mb will he mined Iff many 
WAq enjoyed 1-i-uiiiiK iiiiii niiiji nt tin- 
TUo.tC" mill ilit..ii, wIuti' h i-i- ln-.'tiitifti! 
tenor vnice tuid eharnu'd I lie patHnna of 
HUH tbcatres. Pnneral aerrleiai will ha 
held nt ih*- chapel of .brtm p, Madliw 
IHH) Tenth avenui-. 

r^tiijohtt Caii«d to in.ll„ D ji. 
A telegram rcMited 1^- Charier* 1'atti- 
john aent him hurrying to ItifiianniKilfa 
yesterday morning to the bedside of hia 
father, w'lin Ik very lil. Mr, lYtttfohn 
has iieaji hiiKy >d«iiKing li-i-ortcru tblj* 
P»«t week, nil of whom raniirr bv knows 
i-rimetbliiK qlitMit the liaj-jn plan* ]Moc 
«*« i.tioligh tij liMfece Hilmer in sro'den, 
IVltlJulin has boon reiieent. « 

--Ifr... fall" 

AN D TAKE $95 ,000 

Five Rabber* of Crofton (Pa,) 

Beptwitary Eicape With 

Part of Plunder, 



•Ipollol Willi 
One or tlon- 

.-. I II 'I -"is . 

iBrL'Ditid ,^-r, [i Tt ( 1U--..I'.: T-:-<rjpe.h 
PITTHBURt;, .Inn. 27. 

liars wltli labek tfunrtot UifX wen 

luircanwd from Brio. P"-, nnd Cleveland, 
data, dealers are prncLlt-ally ihe only 
clneji to a band of five robbcr*i Wlso ih#t 
and JillEcd thr ceiaiter of the Croffbo 
Bank, nine mlW woulh of Pit^hnriT, nnd 
cscniied wiih ?ft"i,'H>ll in km U and snrtiti- 

Part of the ho»ty tu cbmidoned in 
th-S cbftsC that fotfowed their attack ea 
the hank, but much of the cask is still 
:..>.-- ii .... Tin biics HWOTCFInl wereapnttrd 
with blood, Jndicminii ope or more of ibe 
bunillla uioy hnvn Iwr-n -noimdoil. A Hun- 
dred bffitctffl in autmniibili<K aro seurchiug 
for ihe men. 

Tan five rubber* entered: the bank eniu- 
u'lly in, 'he taotiAbng. Tliaj wure no 
injudta and gpo^e gnoa! EngllHli. One of 

tbt'in t-olind 11 ^tlli bltU tllP flH'i* of llnr- 

nhl "3 , Mou<. caaliiar, and nuniumt'lvil 

him !■> tlif<i-w up |i!m baotfa. .'I I 

In ranch for a ivmlvi r Ihiu vrtut sdmt nnd 
kill-' I. liishiniiiiiii:::; ilu> oilur ricrks. the 
fcandlnt STVKiped iip'rtl! llie cajili ail'j'se- 
curitieM in sight pail backed 'out, 

Tin- men run tn mi nsKntnnbjle, whii-h 
wos nbmuloued when tin* ulTicern in pur 
suicaiiined nn then*. 1'i'mlly, it wn» I**- 
Heved [hey hsd inki-ii refnj9> in nn emiaty 
house, but when the piillce brokn In tlicy 
had i.injrilicil. 



•lnnc Murfin und fjirry Trimble expect 
to baunr the Capitol Theatre all neit 
week. Their firar joint produedqa, "l'h e 
Kilent Call." wli( opeu Hund«y at this 
theatre, n-n| they arc both eager to see 
lion the public likes Wlroligiiriirt. the 
famous dog iteior, And. lu the bie. 
n[jeskliig of the Capitol, Bex Ingeaai la 
not to bsve two ntcttrea on Prondwjij- 
until it later date, "Tkc Four llnrwj- 
men of the Apocalypse" nifl nnt reaeh 
tlilt tliratre until after "Tiie SUenl Cn]!' 
haf :i'M- -.■■ I its engagement. 

C*I*br*tM nia in. -i.,h... 
The bends nf the drpartnu-nin of ibe 
ntvoli-Hialio-Criierloji theatre onraiiina- 
tton. twent^-fm-r In all. captured Hugo 
Hiewnfeid, ibe managing director, Wetf 
ues'luy after the final performaiwo and 

HE STOLE $270,000,- 


Barber Offers to Provide Means for 
Eetttaition to Ketain Val- 
ued Employee, 

Judge Crnin. in lli-nernl filngthna yes- 
lenlay, Hcatn'iii-eil Barry El. 1'jibney of the 
Ilotcl T«urnine. Urnnklyn, to not ?es* 
tliun five nor moire ihiiu lm Ttatfl in 
State'!* priswii for staaltng (3tO^H) from 
bin former employer. Kidney 7,. Miihlull. 
preaideut of the Eb-rlrie Bund -mil I'tmr.- 
Oinipiiinj' of Broadway, by traoa) be wni 
employed as :i" penumrl fee rotary. 

tiibney nmfi-wnl tiiti theft in oprri 
court Inst Monday. There were two io- 
dlctmenlH nzidust bhn. A twonnd < li irsrit 
him wiih ihr theft id £l(l.fXHJ (n iwhli- 
tii*n to the t-JTO/WMl iiiriiliem-d. Qu «rag 

:;(!'■■■■ ■ 'I til plead gllHty I<- Olle -n-\:- I :in ■:' 

Ui cover bo:h. 

HI* attorney mod.' n ptea fur :■ kus- 
pendi'il M-iitnieo hat Judge On in i>i lur^d 
MinTEeieni coiihiidernibin luui t^'on given 
Cihnry when he was petiaitted lo ptend 

to the ladlettpeat 

WWle working for Mitelull thn <<■■■ 
irmlnnt MU jmtd 13,000 a year, lie lim 
-bei-n emphni'l llttea the iherft by Salvo- 
tore J, ■ Plorerrtilir, preiident of ibp 
Ijuited ItnrlHT Mhop. in Peart j/tnit, n" 
$4.fWf) n yenr. Mr. I'lorenllne offt-ml u> 
fncrroso tJlhnuy'ii Mahirv to }&,(Wf -i year 
and tn giro him miirfgti! ~».im rn -imn-s of 
the eninpunvV stock, which be said woul-i 
be worth StM) a viinre soon and which 
tiiibnry eould turn over to Mitel'cll in 
ri-rii itniinn, lie ik-i'Lin-il tluit ff liihnev 
was neut to piisor- it would limniiinp Hi 1 - 
grawtli of liU hneincifit. 



for IU bw. Emll J.ODii.*., wkn |il W n,) ' JjlfJ Jim cnl.ta.Lj l,h f. . r< _v- th I rd l.irtli 

_ . ' 'llV Jll .. i . . . , 

Henry VIII. in "Deception": Paul Weg 
eoar. who wrote, directed nnd starred 
in "Th* Ooletn'": Pant Liedtke, who np- 
peare with Pola Nejrl In ■'Patsloo," and 
and "The Lust Payment." nnd a sew 
ficr. Uagny Servaes, are in the east. 
From the flowinji acconnta sent to this 
desk. Air. Lubfttch roust hive uned half 
of Barlin io bU mob aceu**, Ills groojp* 
[ng la always n study In haw to handle 
mob scenes and we have reason to be- 
lieve hla Bpptiaa piotUTe 1* no egefp- 

M'hm'i. th* MuKrr With B*rl 

The ihubliriij- departiDcat of Unlvecval; 
sends o atory aayloj Hiss Dupant, the 
foolish wife fn Erich Von Strobrims 
picture, will arrive Ibis morning, Saya 
tlis p. a.: "Miss I hj-.w-.nt — first name 
caratully eKmiaated Hi in acid even MIah 
B'tipoot dor«n H l know what her hr»l name 
is) arrirea in lown," We couln be face- 
tious and say maybe that in what is the 
matter with her. But we refrain. 

Dot* In T~d WvettK. 

All those persona wbo have been doing 
a day-to-day watch for Viola Dana and 

*lny iir.iiiiFT.-.;:rv, 

" Hi alto rrojec. 

u! sJivrr tablet wni prencntr.1 to blm. 

Anj»Ji(r those prenenr were Folig R 
Kfthn, Lawrauce A. WnluL, Poiii.ld U, 
C ampbell. Fred A. CrtliBO. Max Cooper, 
Jowph I-ittau. Lndwin Lnnrier, Kr«l. 
Prick fttahll^i-g, Emanuel Jlner, Victor 
Wagner. l->iwAT.l Falek. .Tnaiab Kuro, Jo- 
KpS Lnfiose. Harry Htibin. tieorge ti. 
flhor. Clandn Millnnl, Hurry Shenhaa. 
Abe Brenner, Robert A. Burnet, Henry 
Talk, Mai Haakell and Abe Meyer. 

A Lin* 'or Two. 

Hpeakius of tho Edison test, we hav« 
had otic handed us (but is about an hard. 
A letter from Ifoaton yesterday contained 
;■■>»"■ of thea« i|ueatlons: 

" bat blonde jirl of the Alms, wg,i seen 
In a Hoyt atajtc jday a few years #goJ 

Thr nam* of the girl whrj was first 
«een In tt Bed Ctwi film a few yaara 

What girl playrd opposite William 
FiT-nnm and wn^ fai. T made u *l*r? 

IV aa Btilty Blyrlie Iwrn in Philadel- 

We might worry through the last two, 
hut ■ ■**, "i> not *o Mire of the h>st two, 
Mtul, *v hnti* to disappoint our eor- 
je*potidrnt frojn Boston. Cooirihutionrj 
are invUh.1, 

Town Hall Scene of Firtt 
Qet-fogetlier of "Haw 
- York's Own." 

Member* of ihe TTtli IUvliiiiiiii, "Nen- 
Vovk'a Own," ujll gi-t together for 
their first great xounUiu ntuce eauat- 
Pnlgiiinjc days on the evr-nfnt Of Tuec? 
day. rebmary 7, in the -Town Hail. It 
will l>c the first nppurluiiity all tin* im>ii 
of tba division hare had to discover 
what seeetal civilian years have done to 
their "liuddhf." 

t'Jui f will be a ilkplny of mnlEon pie- 
rurea of the dlrkdOD'a aciivitlrn in 
Prance. The mogi-am also calls fnr a 
band eoneetl, -rtmtliiii and n varleiy P u- 

lertrilnniept. Al Cm :i-i p.i^i-ililr Hull* 
wilt tie seated together. 

Veteraaa whose namps are in ihit «i- 
t'laiou file* arc 1-rlwg ^auvanoed by 
means of postear.lH, which eard« will 
ser*o *s Ilekrt" of ndraiiwloa, Upon 
proper IdfntifJeiltion TTth HirEsloir men 
may aadsn tiebeli before tbo ereat at 
'h« ilivlston elub Bl Tt West Twenty* 
rifth street or nt tl»- ball ou the nlj-ht 
of the reunion. 


Twanty-iix Will Be "Foreign'* ant! 

Twe»ty-eigrit Italian— Two- 

third i Heeded for Choice. 

in; iDiiad y,-»- ti -[ - - m.t 7 .- - -,\< ;-..-■■. i . 
BOVK, Jati. 37. 

Present indications tiro that when the 
electoral conclave of (he Sacred College 
ouejw on Fel/rtiarj 2 flftj-fcuir pafdinals 
wl)| have entaral llie enclosure rmm 
which they must not leave until a new 
Pope has been thoaen. 

Crf thli nutoliet twenty-six will (m 
'■(oroicn" and twenty -night "ill W Ital- 
ian. A two-thirds majority U accessary 
for election. 

Cardinals Dnboln, AiauHn and Lueun 
have, arrived in Hume from France, but 
Cardinal Men-lcr of Itelgium stopped 

«iv*iTiltTn at Milan and wan nuaaucat 1 
\y delayed. 


anlrratv* invtltatlon Offen It After 

■"■rviii'- la Aoher. 
'"j UsHnt N*"*-! Ld Th» 31-miri T«l»en:iii - 

LONDON, Jan. -!7/-At Ihu end of 
memorial service* In Westminster Ab- 
bey Id which tribute *rrr paid lo the 
late Viscount Itrjce the Sulgravn Itwtl- 
intion asnoqnCfd it has coin miss Innorl 
U'illinqi Keid Dick to execute a bunt of 
l«rd Oryee for preaentation aa a me- 
mortal to the AoiPfleau people. 

A cablegram ba» tw-ea sent to PreM- 
dent Harding offeritii; tho gift to tho 
CJly of Waahinaton ami a eominittee 
will he organised to e*iahlUi Dn ednea- 
lional tn n ertiorlal providlm; schglai-ships 
-ii liirjglnua and Atnartca. 

^Bke cmipetial&toii oftheJjigiori of$£orwut 
tfjne lugneit awaia evet given 
to any piano manufactutet in „, 
the vPotldiA out one ofthegteat 
nwnbet of honou Sedtowed 
upon the makeu of 

£%bme of the Wiickeung iniMw^/otk 

GERMAIXE SCHNITZER, one of the greatest of women 
pianists, uses the CHICKERING piano exclusively in all her concerts. 
She gives a. recital in the Town Hall tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon — 
an opportunity tn hear a brilliant anist and -America's greatest piano. 



Foidaon Tractor, Which Until T *s- 

terday Was Lilted at $825, 

Seduced to $395. 

ffofjosrtng their announcement of a 
price reduction on UiO touring car road- 
rtar, coupe and ned^n, ttie ffafd Molar 
Car Ci*mpou„Y jcalcrdoy redueed Hie price 
of iJic Fordaon Ttnetw from V$2* lo 
*o93. u c-ut ^.f ISaCt, wbieli Ii uu- 
jirertdeiited En the lifatory of the nuto* 
mobile Industry. 

On Jnnunry 10 the follow In q tir'eea of 
Kord cut* Wti* niuiouneed : Touring COX 
reiiuei'd from S333 Xn W^■ t *. rou-lBier from 
SU35 to J31l>i euape (mm *«9I> to ?M0 
nnd sedan fnrnl tlWU lo ffllo. 

Hcsteflay'a cut in price uf tJra traciar 
is tho aoeoad since- the mneklae ini been 
tnomifnrturcd. In January of lost year 
llie Ford people nnnoiinntil Iniil l||a 
tractor, which then ledd for S7l>L», wtraU 
be e«t lo (fTJC, which price Whs lu venue 
u-ull yMtenlay. 

tinulon .PlutitiS of the local Ford ^lotor 
Car ' '■ ■"![■ :■"■ ImliavB* that with (lie pret- 
toil [-'■!'.;•' ii tl his organisation will l>e 
able t'i move many more tntetoni, and as the reason for the Ub cut Ju 
price the ilealre on the part of i'ic Ford 
foett>ry u co-operate witli the antecal 
phlM of rv! tench in imt umung inet'itfac- 
iuior.< of fin to iihj biles. 

Thu l-'unhn-n tractor will not low an? 
of Its; efflciei'ey vx htuyi'iig nnnltUCB. a-> 
eonifnu to Mr. PlautLK, nn the -■■■■<■■ tne.' 
icrlals now UiNl wlfl be !!■■■!■: ■ : III tlio 
in *■■•- mtnleln. 


H'ulrni-i- ."ii.! |u. '.:-.! fnv »(H'rnn7n| 

drape Cru-ru Slug; Slna. 
■ in. nt ErtqaUea b i - Uaratsg TakgHpk I 
(JOSliliN. N. V.. Jan. 27.~An ad- 
ditional sentence of thirty day* just 
imposed upon M. A. (li^enberg on a 
Charge of Jail-lireakins disclomtl today 
that hu vlnuslly ran:; lil? waj nut a£ q 
ealahooso In OrnpH;- ConiKy where he 
was earring time for alleged 1 thrft of 
a watch itr llrooklyu. 

He waa coinmllled to tiir Now Vorlr 
City reformatory in New lUntpton. He 
Ig raid to burn taken n vnlib from 
Hamii'-l Allien* nf CainmbiM alrcet,. 
UrookEvn. While at thr re form alary be 
wit hilled :i five niouiaH ago to sin? 
at nn amutenr entnrhiinment in the In- 
Ailtutioa. itecanae of his pnrt on the 
procram he wait aeeoeded upex-tni pric- 
negus, broko faith nnd ■' -.' He was 
Inter rearresiNl on n new cbrirur In 
EmokijFn. but tblti wis dlnmisseil by Hm 
co nits, lie was taken hack tu the re- 
formatory In Orange eottnly und ihi-u 
erraiiriipd hnfore County Joilif Jliigmlt 
Wlaglna charg«l with Jsil-hrealring, Me 
was given tu additional thirty days for 
the eacat>e which !..■ ki-iran serving t» 
dny. OreeptH-rg, wlio is a good tenor 
singer, was once arrested iteenKetJ of 
imiierMonnfliig Irvlti. I'eriln, the com- 
poser. Oreenberg wlJl not lit! allowed lo 
■lug In JalL 



Father and Grandfather of William 
A. Goodall, Jr.. Both Known 
fnr Versatility, 
wnjiani % OwdaU. Jr., known In 

vmidevlile an Hillie OoOtlaU, l« this week 
playing a dual role in Sheih-r Terry's 
net, "*May and Heeemher," at the Co- 
onial Theatre. 

Ililiy in proving that versatility eau 
iif liihertlcd. as he is of the third gen- 
eration of pi-lara. Ills grandfather. 
kiic-M a as one of the mnnt verto tila 
jilnm in theatrlenl Jilstory, was Will I!. 
I'ioodftH, and waa wn temporary with 
Forrest. Booth, t>av<ni'ort. Adams and 
tlie leading acturs of that time. His 
father, William It. (ioodall, Sad, knf>wn 
in the pmfeaslou for years iii Hick 
fiondaHi ^r«s a eircua nnrtornier. actor 
and prnduetlon stugo director in tbii 
country and abroad, and alao for some 
ji'jrs n <Wrtooniat, writer of songs, piays 
and scenario!!. 

His ancestors have cotitrilmtrtt lo the 
roctaga* (ioodail'it vet»Btilfty. Bilk* 
plajvr" Ihe part of December well. It la 
an ereellrut piece of ehameU'r nclinf, 


llrlvi-r .it Plstt (IHll Wax- 
Mi rvi-,| Wtlfa Siiniii-"-! 

3evernl hundred dollars of ptate glass 
won (JiMiroyCHl when a horse attaelurd tn 
a wagon bearing the glass belonging to 
Itoaeiiberj A Botlibatt, glaeiew, rsn away Thirty* third itreot (ttul Four in ave. 
uUl'i v.J.i-:-i the :.ii-ii..L: had bcun left 

Thn horse ran Ea*t on Thirty-third 
street, the ykit-f Hlidlikg from the wogou 

tu llie ground nt different rointa. At 
Third arentta Charles A, Lureen. 'i» yearn 
old, i-t 107 KiiHt l.Tllh ittreet. Ike itruui. 
*qiaeil the btidte of the rumivray n*-d 
trlw) te brilig [lie horse to a stoy. He 
held on for half a block, keeping pace 
With the horse, tut was; flnnlly IfihiWn 
I. the unjmot and stLfTcrcd ..'-.:■■■.-- of 
both tea**, whieh made It Hepeaaary for 
1dm to b-a attended later by Dr, l'nr-Miii-. 
.if Uollcvue Hospital. At Thiriyfourth 
jitre+t the alllmal wtt* bTuitglil to n slop 
by Frank Rcjm of leVEiat Tliirty-ffjrijt 

When the driver emerged from (Jin 
restaurant be waa aerveil srlth a aum- 
moiaa by ratrolmnn Michael Benedetto 
of the Bait Thirty -fifth sti*#et -.titti-m for 
leaving the lit-rse unattrnded, 


rat* Who ai»w I'hlpese Will Br 

smniiirrci: In Cell. 
(Sr Vslud >"«»■ ui The ■!■;-.■.-., T)ltgrs»k.l 

CARSON ClTY r K«-„ Jao. 27.— 
Hujki* Sing and Ti. '/. Johu will be the 
brst pair to dEo by lethal ga% the new 
means of execution In Nevada, following 
llieir eOBvietlon for mttrd"r. SenleOri 
*-oa proaopnce.d at Hawthorne, Ner,. 
after Ibeir alnyisg ol Wong l.rc in a 
rermt Toog war. 

Tee men iv!!l dl* durioj-f the 1*v wi*ek 
of April. The gaa wilt be fnjeered In'o 
their death cells: sometime iluriag th.-* 
week, nnd unknown to the oerupnnt. Thi* 
meihoil of execution waa onlv recently 
adapted, and mlpplanla the foraier Brfag 
i-rinnd. jn which the victims were backed : 
agalnet a wiU and ahot to death, 


PERHAPS_the men who bought Picrce- 
Arrow seven years ago did not know 
what continued service they were 
buying, but most of those cars are 
runnihg today. They may buy, today, 
however, in full knowledge that the 
new cars will last as long as the old, 
that the new body designs will be 
beautiful as long as they last. Styles 
may change, but beauty is permanent, 
and a good design is always a good de- 
sign no matter what the style may be. 

Thi Haxholds Motor Car Company, jVfttr Ttrk 

Brooklyn, Slamfcrd and Poughkctfsu, Thi 

Ellis Motor Ca» Company 

Nntitrk and Trtnltn 

Pierce -Arrow 

W&t iHorntng Celegrapf) 


ti il: l-l- I- JEYKRI r-l M:U. 
Fablinhwfl tif THE LETi'id Pt'BMSeTIKt. I" n Si fax Y, itjif. KO "BJelath Aibojb, 
torjjfr Fiftieth Strtri, In '.!... ' ;'j .il N*it Vara, l!nr«u«t» uf Manhattan. 

W. E. Lewis. Trrnlrfrfir mo Eighth A*cpUc, Join J. Nell, Jr., Sccrntary ana 

Irniuttr, yj\i j£lgbth .*,!-■.. ..- . 

H. A. HAITI.ETT, AdfrrtUSag Mfcr*tcr. 
■i>ipi*!T-i"i-. Mm Orel*. 

Hale checks payable to The Morning Telegraph, S30 Eighth Arenac, Naw York, 

Cinon Cbau'i 
Speech Helpi Sen- 
ator* to Under- 
stand Futility of 
Myen't Resolution 

Senator Myers's brave resolution t© have tht marloa 
ucture industry jove-!-. titrated for passable unworthy paliU- 
ill ttioitrchi is about to pori-ib. , IHb gorgeous plan to bring 
be motion picture producers, into an open arena and Ercd 
them in the lions ok a liilinj punishment Tor having en- 
BBpr.l rosimnstor tJcneral Will Hays to join the ranks I* 
nhnnt to die « mjiifltm death.. 
This dentJj nntn was Houndr*! wtara the stl.MW rami Use a£ Lhf jiHHctflTjr, cime 
to rrpor: in the Senate. .This committee, rompnned or red-blooded,, virile men, 
saw in Cauda Chup's vindictive demincintinn of the film inlerrstn nn obvtot** 
nitterner>s that should not be pnrourngpd. TheYevrrrnd gentleman »l« kipcd tar 
floor, nod, nwrwni'- bjr hi? chance to show up the viilninles in the picture business, 
went a step too ftr. 

Canon Chase wnndered from bin subject. Instead of keeping to lac political 

| infamies aooflt to be p ra C tij ri by Par producers, be began Me old farntalar war 

cry for censorship. Alas! Usee in where Ihc Canon erred. TVhnt he •mid urns 

not neceptable to the oar*! of lb* Scnnlors gathered to boar wli] (bo appointment 

of Mr. Hays meant n political monopoly for Ihr film business. 

Senators. Short ridge and Aaliurnl, Imth gpnllcmen of learning and discern^ 
meat, were not in sympathy with Canon Chnsr's oratory. It was a wasted effort 
bo- far as they were conccrnrtt. That tfl. Wasted — fcr tho Upt. Wilbur Cr0((«"3 
rid* and followers. T'.u; bflpful to ::!■■ ImlustTf. because it estnblinhrd ibe reason 
■wby C»O0ti Chnsft wis in WmpbibRton. 

Senator Shori-rSils^ ^aiH eftor ] i^in-nisi— to Canoq Cbnae: 
"J no patfcprt* wtib, ven«<irNlili>. 1 buir tn tWnk our pntlon bris retro- 
SradH to a place where ther cannot sep |>Hnren witaout a bail rffrct." 

Senator Ashantt NBid far briirTpd thi' ■ ■ - r ■■■-*; ronlrf be reg:utated likp ;;: ■ nrvx- 

.paperp \ritlioui- a. censor i^w'T , ■ r ■ ■ ) '< " ' '- ''! - — * -. ■=---■ 

Po^iblr Cascm Chaff bss untiiiiinsly bplped Hip fight againM censortbip. 










li you have praise lo t>*- com " 
plaints to rink* 1 ur Ideas (o air, 
register lliem »ilh Ite UnlooVtr. 

T 1 

HE obi thHTj: [hot In* atotinn; pic- 
ture indusiTT is linol tvHJi gnlo 
iiml will i-iufrIs up nny .r mount 

of monry if enuoeh prcasiire L« 
hpoutht to bur iiiis bepn pinlodryl. The 
<1btb wnrnrtbp rishc pn>d««ri;Cl«nc W>, 
thdr phTN with might nnd oiaifn ant. 
bsk<x) KiHl r-lpasant little pri«s a* 
5I50.0W) hme ^11 faded *nnd (CtM. Tht 
vtrfonnrj- dora have deirtlteJ oa-1 now 
w c m«^ f*j»m it> liavn a little common 
Mime in tlto niw oJ "ntflUWi 

flip Wnrcllj of urigitial pltjU; tt»it mub 
n menace rtic irTodiierrs Ml :bcy Wert 
jiwtia^l in fian-iing out any" sum of 
money lo gvi into the.r posBtsalin a plfly 
that hail made n hit on Wromlway, The 
thp author, realizing the 
matt-rial. Iisij- ; in their 
trrai>nri>ri aiiJ asked even more Uutn tho 
fat ttMsbry Wl-1'dii.sorcv. The wfie 
ohoa made hay while th« awn aiionc nnd 
pockctoil tlifir itoiU proSt»i frhUa the pro- 
ducers were id ibis Dptiml-itic state of 
mind. The frwlish ones waited. CoXiG- 
deu^ that priecs woubl not go down and 
nn [h« contrriry might unnt aail Vritij; 
ilirm ctcii Ereaiff frvenue for their work. 
Samucl Sbiiiinon wa» orfprotl a price 
In six fipirra Tor "East Is West." WU- 
llani Harn*, fhe produrcr. rfaliKinf hr 
bad n plriy with all the him requisites, 
decided tu waii. The play is stlti-ah The 
mad nnd Wr + Harris n^r.i--ie^wo*li 
alWajn be wnrtli (he mhrinul price ottered 
ami by plnying the waiting (S«mo lie could 


pTaywrigbl andthe 

dearth Of ::;:;.,. i\^:.i 

He mity have jilaeed n Tflluablr wenpon in the handf cf the producer*. It ius 

.'-.■ ' :-*. '., ,, t , ,.» .f, »bj1nnliti^»> iiiiilti rr^n .[i>r Mr. Mijiiuiin, 

•-5KCh^£^^Ia^fnFprMip t v« :.r^«»d I'3 rbc m?±b* — t^tfk.rt..:'-Z^fm5^^ h ^J { ; -K^ u vti&- is V vab 
what will it* effect be on the thlnkinir pubtic? I llilbI( . U!W , t but from the way the "Wfett 

li l» irrallfyinir (o know lhrr<> are met) .of the caliber at Senator? Sbortfid«r : locks I* eitrcinely doubtful if Mr* 
and Asaurat in our raited Slate* Spnnte. There Sa Light in the darkness and hope Harris will ct« cet lb* fortune he. wna 
in the world when v.r ran know the reformera are not to rexutnie our Ltps to 
their own narro<v standardB. 


flirt alTcred. 

Vrtuinly hr wtU iicver ECt 

irh l.inier. 


IT i;;.r.s - tail kinda of TnrIodraman to nink^n iinviirirfll een^On. Mmtiv are turked 
up on Hie pbeir at an eatly age, and tlien every onrc in n while a gcwil ripo 
one eotoea nnd H**bj m be n (radllt0li + I-^Bt year "The Hot" wu an otilstnnu"- 
ing bit ntui is still thrilling and curdling the~blood of the ilellfuted folk irlio'nefl 
it. Thid yetii- "KtillJ^B Drinntaund," t^ie English mellKlramft'of rerenmn rtnd gnrfk^ 
and dastardly deetl^. it one of the moML rauccesrifid plnya in town. When it enmeit 
to morion pieiurrs otiiI one colanders the recent mice* f a e a, on? ilninedintely rP- 
oieuiberx "Way Down Knsl," "Over the Iiill," "Tnl'aWc David/" Hail the Woman" 
and others tif that ilk. 

AH of tbest: play* and niniK make bo pretense of bring nnytblng cirrpt plain, 
nnadulterntrd melodrama s. It is ihelr lack of pretense and their utter frankness 
which in rfinriaing, "Bulldog Dromffiomr i? whnt It i"k because II offers no com- ' m 
pruiiiise. ]t ta n nable piece of hokum ploinly labrted nnd nnaHbamed. m mas are like people. They are enjoyed for the natus rea^oas that one 
rajroya.- on*** friends. Everybody adoeea sincerity pnd COUmge. Such Hielodrtaiun^ 
(in "Hulld^g 1 i-ntmnioDd" wouhl be loved for their courage alone. It in only when 
n melodrama becomes, aehumed of itnrlf and iries topn^a Itself off an o counter- 
feit article that it beeomea obnoKioon. There is in>lh3itg niore annoying thun see- 
ing a melodrama which hasn't the murage of its Inbrl. A tipiiielcsa melodrama. fa 
no more intrrcslinf tnait A FpineleKH man. Thoroughbreds huve won a place in 
The hearts ef the woi-ld since time bcgBti. I'retenae fa never a pretty 'trait- 1 It 
aeema to us that too many motion pictures arc pretentious. and t^o few nre frank ' 
and yna8*t)mJnff. It will be Intetetrtfllj; 10 lifcoW # whst will happen to "Bulldoj 
Drum tin.' mi" wlien it rcachea the screen: 

AritOMINXST man recently interviewed by the newspapers declared that 
nit Americans were trying to get to Heaven ti fiend of lime. He wnn re- 
ferring: to our national speed. U ut he might Jtare added to bin acntement. tbui ive 
Itave fallen into a daageroun Henvrn-ot'-co thing attitmje ab^nt-tOAPy things — in- 
eluding !!:'■■! .n piclUren. And I hat" it threatens lo hamper the work of many pro- 
queers nnd director?: who bare iiceatafLlishcd one K-nxntiun&i success but buitnte 
to attempt the aecrmd, because tbey may not reach the name high LTtasdard. 

This is an uufot-tunate condition. No flrtiit. tio iiiuaiL-inn, no plnyivright, no 
aculptor, no novelist nnd no port fa nblc to «trlkc the highest nvcrage of genius 
■t all limes. Bizet wrote one "Carmen"; Gainsborough painted one "DIup Boy": 
Barrie bad hid "Little Minister": Itodin "The Thinker"; William Gotten Bryant 
■"Tbanatopsls. - ' On any one «f tbca* ifceic Tame mlgbljPOFC rested (.looe. They 
were not eipected to duplicate ihcbse masterpieces every time they gave a work 
•i! theirs to the world. 

Itia so with motion picture men alxo. D. W,- Griffith tare us "Thy Birth 
of a Nmion." probably *tbe £neiit film erer made. Lie (j.ivf ur also "Way Uuwn 
Eapt." anotber cIbsmc. and iiiiiin-rrnis production!!, rxerlLent In many wayr*. hut 
not always rearbln^ the bright*, of bl» two lie»t. efforts. Hex Ingram produced 
**The Four Hornemea." contiidered by many to bine beeir the Baca! pi r tare mnje 
in the ye«T it wan released. Since then Sir. Ingram baa made "The Conquering 
Power" and "Turn to the Bight," both excellent motion pictures, but not dp good as 
"The Four Horsemen." 

THB man who- maia "lliimorrw]u«" will probably have to wait a little while 
■ before li*- equalt. or mrpas^ei*— -if that in poe«ible-^ the ninudard he set for 
himself in the beginning. 

But hcciio&e n man has made a "Iliinniresque," a "Way ]>owu t^aBt." or a 
"Four HoTsemea," niuwt he m-i-ff .■n-ily Ue^tate about (ryiug apytliing lens Une'l 
Certainly not. it wutib! mean the death of Motion pictures* If he did. 'Die Kcrfcn. 
like evpry nther art. has both its liehta und iltt shadows. We neco 1 all of these 
men of camera geuiuH who are ^apubte of ptvipg us even ^oe greut nieture. We 
tnuhl eneourugr and support them even in their lesser efforts. They m>ed our 
enthuaisrim nnd our faith is them. If they have given us one masterpiece, ihry 
will donhtlpss give as otbprs .1 u - ■ -.. - fine. We siiouhl not ank or aspect to rea'ca 
the pinnacle curb and every time. No urtiat ever does. 

IN an nrticle. "Mr. X. of the Movies," in the New Republic last week, Bruce 
Blivea tella of the failure of his friend to, induce any motion picture producer 
to film II. I.!, WeJEa'a 'Oiulinc of Hisiorj." X-'noti this ground be stutes that (he 
•■ibibitor will never handle anything beneficial, or edm iiiionul j>i»i that the material 
from which picttirea htc utudc fa only* the mrwt worthli^n am] sensational', iiercin 
ha? acra the doom of pleturoa, W* Would aiftv- to the ArtettClan of .Mr, UliM'n 
and his >LiH lit: dnti od Iriend. Mr. X„ to the fa^-t that "[ndderunee," 1 madr" years 
■go by ]>. iv, ^ri'litli. wuk not unlike hin pfipoiied glorioiiN len reehi, mid that tJte 
rxhfbilor n,^ in it ni.bly.- That mrtre n«d more iht i* beins mtadfl or the eloMiiir. 
It is itiipnwiidr tt* get n rnpy of -reter IldJpi^iir ur "The Two Orplinns' 1 or "'The 
roTir HiirMjiifn ut ibv Aiiru-nl >■]!-! ■*" in n iiublie ht.rury nwios i fl the denmud ol tile 
ptetore-K'iinr pdhllc. This !■!■-, yeo r filin adnptHlloits have been nmde from the 
Mories, i.f Kiplnis. [>nrrie,.C« l.ioyle. Elnll Tain*. I^oorgr Kl(ot T t.'UurJea Uiekens 
and Kiilawe, nil ..f which tbr. public have, appreciated. 

l)f eourse, for the areraga bimiau being there ta n limit to the weight of the 

p-itaajcrt and f«-w would sahrttTibe 1*1 the jctoph r -■■ .-;]i i ; p[ "liHernatkmsI Law,"' 

oy ItURft ilrnitiiis. NcvcrthcJeaa. 4is far om liternry quality is concerned, J| r . JJIivcn 
and Mr. X- have no ruij*e in be so pessimistic. 


rf^iIitTltfi. obarrrera and orrtknUia are cjnstautly watchlnaj for revolutfoas in 
VJ the cinema world. Ih*y all claim that some dny (be photo-play will come 
into It* own; that it le rui ueec&aary'for tb« iwroeo. to bog, borrow or Meal ritber 
from ilir «tng« or lltrralnr'; that nome day i-oatc one will come along whu 
T»ill ttnierstaod Us pWibillthrs and barces* thtan. Bushnell Uiinond. In the Bon* 
ton Tm li script, cvidentlr heiievea fh;,t Uha Weininn In a best bet for renrbiax 
the goui. Hr mj-.. in' part: 

■ "Terhaiii- a pjiiMgroph or mo on 'Tl> Astulenees of liiln" mm not l*e uminH. 
Mis* Urinian, tuinl. Jfil with no efni-ni-ili^ k-iamtlard^. aewsimp.-r wutnaa. nhoCt- 
story untir. playvu-iglit. hn-. to in;, iiiinft. jkIio", ■■il that ctuiiine criti.LnL-a.tste. „t 
w~*ri<!lT wiKrt&iM tliwl llr. tV-i-.d*- U- Miii-- \ ia * n ,r r .|> *Viri-*.l. Only u Tew ncoHarios 
las ulir coneocterl! but in them what .clarity of uar«tiv*, what lucid drplb of 
character. «hnt pitlty social aatlre' Cupiintng her studies to the *tsge and li* 
P*-->pli-. i, iT iLnd nu. *Jie bus cruelly, yi-t keenly, dlsru-curd for tis the 'iranxports nntJ 
lorniidto'h of ihe >.tet)iir o^trrt™. hatina; lb" daughter who Mocks her ftirlher pstli 
of suVa-fps; th« ntbincrgfed timhor. ;i protestitis pawn in the game; the b^QItetiirtni 
girl who muff feign eiotit- iaanTjerism« to ho appInnd.-Hl: the suate end flmbly pro- 
rfueer; and the hundred und one Uny s*etiuti« of f>M>i!ijtlit existence that no one 
brfore Miip Wehiian wns Hlert enough to notice: the hnlf-nltetf, npaihellc house- 
Ibe swank and awan«r of un opening night; the ■gripa' ami matinee girK the 
cabnU und ■.■iiiitien. tb» "kinjr spotsr nnd bnekr-tiig^ chime*, a lu IWiin.-o . But 

lae gre;tte»t ol th#*e !■* irony. On the n.-^eeji r£m rdenta and beeomCB nentimental 
IVrbai.!-. ■filirrv.ii-r, she jiiigbt fiod even her xaodnlarad bttteruess unmaekemtilr. 
But it ii liirie ehori of :i crime that: n hrilllnnt talent ebjitld hnve to assent to 
necbahLi'ii.] eadinfi"- 'clawa^ttp. 1 'eltn.-h. 1 Tade-ooT— and to tte vapid routine of n 
rcasoulr,." iradirtoo. When *w wriiee n'iih ujjrhet-ked t«;c anil idenn lOiineLwice, 
ve thall hsve whiit we ban- never kntl on the screen or in) tbr; singe, a mihirrsn 
*f meiropol-tan 'linl>I*-rie, a p.iiuter ot satiric i*ortraila, J true Lndy Mtchuntc. 
WheO wilL -he begin?" 

The wlac ftuthcra and playwright* who 
sold their plays and avtreU wbih- jpie him 
.huaincM n*M sirpuding Ita money Hfce the 
proverbial drunken eflllut can he thank- 
ful. Tho foothdi ones who wolted, hoping 
t3ie orgy of apeudiuc would increase with 
tho aearciiy of good material, arc out of 
luck.' Tbaau iiny« ot recalww iuveainiciiM 
In plays are gone; never to return. The 
mah for screen muti-rud a year ago m-bs 
bo violent the producers rushed m and 
bought any play that had a .tiru/utway 
ran* That it wan famous for Ita dia- 
logue and badn'i r thing to rccommwad 
it for lh« screen was uot regarded an a 
cauac for reiectlou. The jilay could fat 
rcwritteii tn liii the screen. 

The em *f snlid buHtnesH '"Use bus 
been accompanied by a welcomo dnwrlmi- 
natlun in the mutter of iscreen tnuterinl. 
Tb"ij queatJon ol whether u thins li if pic- 
ture ppM-iiilitics or w-hciber It will nevor 
make a picture now comes uniler £t:AVu 
erjiirddpration. Nu play that i a j l ■= :i niu 
nn llrofldn-ny is bought tbew diVVS merely 
lo impress tho count rj- folk. The failure 
of tbcac actionlrsa dmnms b-is t^en too 
great to make their purchase popular In 
our film circles. 

"We. arc all gCttiOE better jqibjtnenf," 
paid a scenario editor of one of the big 
companies, a m«u who hya bad years of 
experience in selecting, playa for bin com- 
IWUy. "fiices pivot around ibri i?lO t O(Ml 
tnarh, and work down of up, with tho 
SJ10,000 aa the startiag place. I bare lu 
mind," he said, "a play that M'as pro- 
duced ftoMC years ugo. Tho irod««ra 
asked * 10,000 fur it. It was nit n hit, 
but It wag known as a play that had 
fecen Broadway. They lime coma duwu 
!■■ su .-■?'« i and it k aUll beaaing tor that 
priw. 1'laya that have a run, " said tha 
sCcnarln editor,, "of eotirsc bring in mora 
than (10,000, hut the days of SD0.U0O und 
$75,000 ure gunc." 

Berab Market V ■Inablr, 

One leaaou may be ascribed io the 
quality of .novels on the market :e-day. 
The book market is increasia^. A belter 
class of fiction ia rcsnoiisiblc for this [»■-,■>■ 
ularity of bookai and with every i>ur read' 
ing "If Winter Come*," "BraAB." "The 
Three Soldiers" and *'Erifc Horn,'' theii 
ntucc in the sun of film tniiki«jt ia im- 
portanL ""If Winter Comes" and 
"ilria4a ,> may not be what one might call 
born to the screen, but their Iremeiidouo 
popularity will enhance, their motion pic- 
ture value. 

"Main Street" wag produced for the 
stage. Ah a play it was tEisan pointing. 
Those ■■'!■■..' had had n gorgeous tbra read- 
ing Sinclair Losis found the nlay 
not measured up to the novel. Wjicther 
or not this will aflwt its vnlue as e pic 
lata remain* <«■ be aeon. 

But the book market will not lornitih 
all the ;.:■■: ii.'-- "- the future. Then- are 
play* with picture material Mating into 
tin- i bent res every day. HinniicL Shipjmin, 
that prolific playwrifihT, wlu-se plitys seem 
to be aa nbundant as the Huwcrn of 
Spring time, anya he hopes Bonus duy i ■ 
aco nil his :Hagu productinns repented in 
screen ihtMoij. He knows the (eeling 
of picture parenthood, having had 
"The Woman in flocim 13™ Irana- 
lateil into film form. Mr. Shlpmnii n~ 
g re bf his "Kaal U Wft*' ^IW not reap 
lit haevesi when the gnld was ..:■ .- - = =:'■■■_ 
Ho fa Hkewipp sorry Ids "Friendly En- 
emies" was kept for a large sura: but 
he Iihi proSM from past experience nnd 
it will he a wise producer Inrlaed that 
'-■ -!■•. Mr. rihipman from selling plays 
when opportunity tuoata on his •■oirstep. 
Or course, with "IjHivful Larceny" turn- 
ing them ii way, bis financial worries are 
Jen than the dust, tjtill one neier likca 
iu feel "he hua turned hi* shoulder when 
I'nme Fortune held out her arms. Mr. 
i^lifpinno'a ciperjencc is nwt an iwlatcd 
t-ne. There are other playwrlfmts who 
wiidi" " they bad liateued when th« mil 

Rulpb lwre— Ihe Offltrlal l.lnrnln. 

When February rolls around Italph. 
loco always goa* to the attic of bla 
eottntry putce add looks up the Lincoln 
diszuLae. lie knows it is wig? to bu 
;.■:■■ ;■ u-i'ii, for, if there £ji a l-ineoln pic- 
ture h« will he called upon in play the 
martyred President. I »tisiict?l be would 
ho rather hurt iT any one elw was 
given that join It has grown to be Hurt 
01. a tradition with him, He started 
It ia ibe old Vllapraph day* when '"The 
Haiti* Cry of the ttepubuV* Wfl « Im-Iuk 
exhibited as an urge for patriotism, and 
he has continued it now that he it with 

seemed extraneous oil the opening pitfht 
hare been eliminated. 

"W'ith kindest: regards', I ain^ 
"Yours Tery ti-idy, 

"Carl Laemralr." 

Who Killed Cock rtoblnf 

The very first thing Will Hays should 
he called upon to decide after he ofticinl- 
Ij becomen (bo motion pleturo ','. ...'■■ !■:.■:. 
inisht be to Jdeatlfe juat who booltC'd 
him into his job, 

It has been printed thus far that 

(1? C. C. P-ttiJnbn, 

(2j Joseph Schenck, 

(,1j TarkiDfiloti Baker 

^V'as each tho one who Qnt broached 
the subject to Mr. Hays. 

The Original Fkirodora Sextette i* 
likely ito be Cast into Ibe shade hy the 

Ho 1* « nlfr.! Mir ( t.ln.tilit .. f tbr Sfrcril 

minded at TbU Wh« Pcbrnasr Con 

SvLKaick and the ^ukijeet of American- 
iutfOn fa still a fa mriie 'topic. 

J5v#ry Frliruhry— tkal hi the. teat 
three since Mr, InCo msd,c 1 .- famous 
"Laml of FrwfdttnV* for" the Setx'nlfk 
cOjupapy, playing liie favorite' role at 
Ahraham LiinoLn. this picture lim; been 
brought out for tho churche- ;im] . i li'"^ 
to help ftdcbrule February 12 in fittiug 
Style. ■ 

"Art you getting your Lincoln pic- 
ture ready for -It* AunWl iWfiVal!*' I 
D#ked Myron Melrniek. A question that 
brought up the subject of Mr. I nee and 
ended with iny promUc in go to the 
Netanit-k wiiitilo.- an-l meet the official 
Lincoin of the acrechi 

Now ji -l:fin=e ;it i he pln.ilo^rLii.h in 
thin pagu will pi-ote Mr, Iitcn docs nut 
JnOk like Uncalu iu the leitsL The late 
PraDdofit, acirording lo Ha photograph*, 
was very plain and In no sense 'A the 
word nn Apollo, Italph ■■ luce ia very 
£Ooi| -kicking, liu has light ^nply hair, 
blue oyes and n well -shaped prolite. 

"You do not look like Lincoln." I 
Said. "Why hnve yon special {serf, in Lin- 
coln role*}*' 

"S suppose hecnLise I mnatrrei.1 the 
make-up in the lirsc pactnre oinl con- 
vfocnt every one I could Imik like him,"' 
implied Mr. luce. m, lt wai .1. Stuurt 
BlaektoTi who first gave me Hint purr, 
and il has Hung to me ever since, fre- 
quently iatcrfpring with nvy directorial 
fit] ties. Another reason may be my In- 
terest in the i.iiiii. 1 hnve rCnl every 
hook HvuLluble." 

Fourteen Year* fn This Mn>l nem. 

Italph luce is one of the fotnou.s hire 
brothers. The other two, Tom and John, 
having disti nan tidied thrjinsr-lTcx in iln- 
uiotion piciuri! world as producer and 
director, ranking the name Ineo trebly 
vDluahlp in the film world. 

"I was the flrat Im-e to go into pic- 
tures," *n£d the official l.lmvtlii of the 
Bcrcen. "Wp were all on die stage. Our 
parents were of ilia tlieatriee.l world, no 
It w-hb nutiiral wt should follow ibetr 
calling. 1 went out to-'' VvtacMiph nud 
aeled in one-reel stories. I always Hied 
to'Mrile. so 1 spent all my leisure tinie 
pounding out seeaarlo?. 1 wanted to di- 
rect,, but for a Iijoe limp- there wan no 
opportunity mneii me." 

ri bcanl,* 1 »™i on Mr. lure, "that I 
enuld (nftfcv q aioturc nn my o.i n and nrll 
it. One -Sunday I went ao*«r to New 1 
Jersey with it cumiTiili<au.. eoilocted n 
friend who had a ear. and with bh ivjf- 
sod inv wITn. proditeed a a 10- foot coin- 
edy- T made tlic picture. En a day. I'nt 
Powers. s«w 'it 9»d l»nid mi- fiHiii for my 
day's work, and I f''tt iiko a UiilltoTiui-e. 
E wrote another ateiv and tihoed it on 
a iileasant Sunday. But tbi^ time ) 
wasn't so lucky, 1 could not soil my i:ii- 
tiio' and 1 had to |m> for the. nEiu I 
lined without ranking a oent." 

Thin. Mr, face believed, was the turn-', 
lag point in bi» earner. He knew he had j 
a good 'atorj. and If he had ;>ropir facili- 
ties* for p rod or i off It be cotihj bmkc n 
Eood otic-n el picture 

"1 had talent In my family." he said, 
"My wire. Laeao JSI*-waH, could act, and 
fieiirge Stewarl. bo" ynapgoi- hrnthii', 
who was jiiat a hid In tSosn days, was 
vesy uood ou the screen. All 1 needed 
was the opiiwtunlty." 

That came when A5b<-rt Smith nn<] .1, 
Stuart Xllaektou lurned hljn lonsi- on +» 
story and be directed it to their >:n infn l-- 
tiou. Frotn that lim;' on htj- J<di us lead- 
ina man ivUb cnae. He Was Imliile a houa 
ittTe director and wa.< one of th* brave 
n-i'ii;; who esperimentiMl w^tb two-real 
pirtnecH in 1he rarly days. 'Iliono \'itQ. 
Krnpli i.lra»ias of 2.isjH f'^-t wrra lhr> joy 
of all |.Irtneers. They were the Sral ntep 
forward for better pletores and were 
bailed tun triumph ia the new trt. 

llnlCr *nlra tff*«VSVI, 

Mr?:, lnca. aa Lnelle fitcwoil, p!ayed 
la niiiny "uf. brr husbnud's jdrtures and 
(wcamn olio of the well known screen 
actresses. About ihiM lime Anita Slew- 
art M"*- lace's yotlntler slater, in all her 
youth and beauty, flashed acroas the hori- 

ionj- All 

!zoji nnd [jecamo a wiinaHonJ- Almost 
ov'eraiglit flu- \\:\* welcoined Aa nnutber 

I ^Inr; Hckfortl unit wittiiu a > year she 
j btpl become inteniationnlly rumour. Her 
' first work wan for Stiili-h Incq in "The 
J-Wiaul Violet.** ■ 

I I :Bist. thrwi rattling tlm skrlrtou reml- 

■ iiaMTiici'w luive norhlhg to do with Italph 
| luce's Uiiculn. SHI! »tie contiot Jclvo 
I into In.-, l.i-.i-.i-.i wltbout mentioning n few 
1 nf the ouistunding facLv iu bis career. 
I Mr. Inee remaliie*! with Vimgrnph for 
' saiiin- linn-, lairr joiniii- -lie HH?]iu<k eoin- 
'■ pnny. !!■■■ has bent with Si l;-.nick for 
: four yenra and was- deep in the thmca 
! of "Who t'flfes," a story by CoBmoi Ham- 
I iltoii. when I auw him at the Scltnick 


"Arc ynn gniiij: to tin Lincoln thia 
your?" I nslted: him, as be settled down 
in u big chair with a. Llncolne/qua ipjtfj- 

"No; I nio going to direct. Noi evpn 

n chance to get out the old make-up is 

going in interfere with my other dntioa," 

be r*plic4f, seUlltiK ' the ipiewtion of lovo 

' ami duly by choosing a' onphaE 1 ». 

Mr. Inm aaya hisi wife baa practically 

' ihv oriel tho screen, She fa so contented 

and happy with her home duties nt Bay- 

siitr she prcfnra tlic life (if ibnuciiiciry to 

that of the studio. Tie said. 

.Mr, Incn almi"<l the working sidc-by- 

■ side idea a nirriblc wallnji when he said 
he was tie lighted she luid decided to re- 

! urn iu at ibu homo fireside. 

I "I coHic homo worn out from work at 
the HttLd'e ."i.i I ilke a change of atmoa- 
phere. If Mrs. -face basbeen workimt 

I with me sun has been a part of the day's 

■ liniipenings. - Aa ft la I Ro home, llnd her 
. mind refreshed, and I forget my work. 
I I think tliot is as it should be. Although 
j we nre w.ere very happy* in our work 10- 
! gcthcr." 

; Mr. I ace says he thinks his brother 
[ Tom ii great director. 
[ "More than I In* I. bo is a groat organ- 
i i«er and a liiw Lnisliiesri niaa. Me w thft 

lo"st hnstnPHs man of the three of us, 
1 lie net-Mi: to combine hfa telr-nts with a 
j practical ^ r ue of iiii.'iin ■■-. a gift fuiv dl- 
n— tom pnftriesB." 

While we were talking the taPMitant 

f director, the cameraman, the telephone 

I ami pvhu the players wefo trying to coag 

Mr, luce down on the "Vur. ATier nil 

tlli'ne efforts I felt 1 shouhl not interrupt 

' uny longer. But Mr. Ince knows So 

1 i n i : idi nbout tbn picture world-r-knowl- 

! nig- cainrd iu libi fourteen year,-; in (be 

virliulry if one Es ulso a pioneer it In 

Very iiiiiTiHtln-z. lie can say he knew 

■ tile Eiljn -biislncss "when." nnd since; ha 
: bus [irnutrd by hln niany «pcrieac*a otir 

miifht fctj;.be baa won the race Only 
tin- directors nnd player*, who have bi*n 
(ilile to'Tcflther the storm Iiavn survived. 
■Running ibe. risk of belnp thought of 
hnvfug n l>nlcy laliid. ive must nay the 
tmrvLin.1 orHhe fill est. Has been ppriicu- 
I«e3y true In the picture business, and 
Mi. Idc« in one of these *urvlvore. 

list of men who am Credited with the, 
original hook-up, 

Jane Martin AdvssHi BT<rvr ]*>■- 

Jnnrr Murfin went to church last Sun- 
day and bad to stand up duringTiie. ser- 
vice. The church was crowded to tho 
doors. She went to a mqtiou picture 
tbeatra In the afternoon and found only 
A few*- people In the theatre. 

"No* I want lo asi," said Miss Mur- 
fin, "if there Isn't some way to *turl pru- 
pagaiubi against crowding tho chuvelie.i 
and letting the tbcutres suffer. ';■■■.■.. 
Wilbur Crafts and hiu JIluc Huiuiay uid« 
elnUik the motion picwre boOEes are in- 
terfering Willi the churcii nttendiipcC, 
Isn't there some way we o.*,U cuaic back, 
iiftrl tube tb> opp'ofjite t-idei 1 Why not 
send mime silver-ton^ncd orator tbroiigh 
the country nnd plead far^a, bettor Suur 
day atrpmTaiii:c' i4,t" the pn-inn? liourrqiV 
And nu long na the Sunday closing ad- 
vocate* say motion pictures hint the 
rlnirr_he«, wo cfiu say the cnurdiri hurt 
the theatres." 

Hope linnipion'h riclvrp Heart*, 

"Stardust'" comd* Into the Strand the 
week of February 5 and to tho Brooklyn 
Strand the following week, This picture, 
which was. the object of Fannio Iliirafs 
denuueintiijii nftec (ho found liberties had 
been taken ii'itb bee origiual ttorjf, has 
been doing nn cnonoous huHloe<j<i tb'ouifii- 
niil the country, llnrry. jiavln, ut the 
tiraud Opcnt Umii":. Pfttsburr; .lames 
31. adrk.'of the Rowlhud'aud Clark tlic- 
ntrtis, Pittsburg'; 'in;- i„ '.v,.;i.i. ■ : ■ : the 
ltivoli Theatre, Unit Lanier, have wired 
,1. 1.1. Williams Of the entbnsiustic man- 
ner In which !:■;■. 1 1 : : . r ■-. and her 
j nowcat picture were received ul tbesi: 
j bouses. ' 'Stardust" hna boon- booked In 
i the leading theatres Ebruu&'liotit Uu: ciuiu- 
I try and ttH rej-oTtn; hove Veil of n moat 
I eompliinputary ehnTuotcr. New York will 
| await Miss Hampton's picture with in- 
I tcreat. 

Pearl to flit AkhIh. 
Crossing tho ocenu in to Pearl White 
[ no more than going i<> lEoboken ia to the 
| average New Yorker. She bus just re- 
I turned from -Paris, and in about to turn 
around, and go right, hack iitfuiu. Two 
j wcekn ago she Umlcd in Hie 1. S! A.. 
! mid if oar iniortltaiit is correct (I haven't, 
j seen Pearl), in le>ki than two Wveks nmre 
I she will bo ou her way to PariK. There 
must be same nttraciion, whether - it ia 
un oflft'r to make idccucts ubroud or 
whether Pearl bus occiited to become the 
first lady |ireaideuH< of the French capi- 
tal has not been, made public. 


cm ■■■ If- writ- 

The following letter from Curl Lucm- 
jule lias b"*n reccivo"!. It proves Mr. 
Ijiewmlo la n hie ciiougli man ta-ac- 
ii|n eriticirim nud to take it in the spirit 
in which it fa written. We need mora 
people-in tbv bdnstry of tbo sams open 

"Jiy Dctr Mrs. Parsons — I want you 
lu know flint a, BTodl innllr cliiui^o 
liave lniM made in iiillin« nnd eililing 
the film, 'FouElah Wlvw." ahown at the 
C'latral Themrc. Many pf_lbrnn changes 
and elimination^ wvtv directly iluc to 
the constructive crltMam priatud In The 
.Moraine Telegraph. 

"Of '■■i'i.! -■■, in eutunc this picture 
from IIUU.OOO feet to 14.IHX) fi-et, the 
form In wliie!) (t wis ahowu the first 
uiKbt at the Central Tbcutre. wo Eacd 
n very diftieTilr taick, I know that yon 
renllxr the dltlictilties Under which we 
liil-ir-i ii. The pii'tiiro teas tou I.. liu. any- 
how, as ynn well know, and w« have 
cm out ovar BjWO feet, which ViriuEa 
'Foolish Wtfes' within tratiomil KmiU 
•\i h mil oii'aiflg'x piitertjiiiiu,- ;,i. 

"I will ant ?o into details an to JnM 
what we bnvc ewt out, but I can assure 
you that the bccdci and incidents tvMcb 

K"»b the lama 

..f MinilHr,* 

Wc bite to thlftk M'HHum P. S. Earle 
is trying to make us discontented with 
New York's cold weather and prohibition, 
nnd yet his letter. Cull of the beauty of 
Xa&iairi, makc« im woudor. Mr. Ksrle 
writes gluwlnjfiy of the uualnt ntiu pic- 
lurcoquc island In: baa chosen as the 
tropical hackgruutld for "L>catiuy*a lslo," 
his next picture. Ho calls It a fulry 
Paradise, with gulden sunshine, billowy 
clouds, vivid blue jfrern wntcra, und long 
utreiches of piUm-oedeckcnl bciichpa, lie 
goes on to mention bathing in ihcac biuc 
green -■■,.'■ i . And ns if that were tint 
enough, lie speaks nf real old GonJou gin 
at f 15 per case. With Mr. £dric lu tula 
Paradise is J. Stunrt lilnctlon, Jr.. JiU 
pnnii].-tiiin mntiOffer: Ward Cwiw, Wil- 
liam Davtdaon and Virginia Lee. They 
move from the Bahamas to Miami wilb- 
in a week or an, whetv Ibe <!ordou gin 
will not floa 1 cheaply or easily. Ji is 
iu Ibe U. 3. A. 

T« Slurry |n .Pone, . . 

Shirley Mb(whi".i favorite leading man, 
Raymond McKce, fa about to lead 
Frances' While to the altar. They have 
planuetl. according to wotd rcctl<-*ed from 
the Coast, In take ihia step in June. 
Miss White, having been married several 
timen before, will not need the' usual 
couching to say her yuwm properly. She 
is familiar wjt|i the marriage ecrcraony. 
T"he Fug Company is euuutlnc thla ro- 
tnauce- as ibi 1 eighth that has fttaMecl In 
liieir llollywoud studip*. Old maida and 
biLchclors take note. 

I. Il-i-l inula- ia Dor. 
Neat wcrk when "Tbo Stlcnt Cnll" 
playa at the Capitol, l'1-.e-h. n CJormen 
police dog with a pedigree from hem lo 
the Battery and back, will make u per- 
sonal appearance. Flash ii a first cousin 
of BbotntbaarL' the cantue star of "The 
SUcat" and In Nbatitated for his 
relative, who cannot make Ibe trip ncrutoj 
the country nt lhi» time. Larry Trimble 
took siicfi a fancy to Flash be boiigln 
Mm ut a funcy price. But S. L. Bntfctfel 
lore Ida lienrt so completely to Flash, Mr. 
Triml.ic fa leaving him ut the Crtpito] 
aa it gift to Roiie when at s^s to the 
Coast after his pictura plays there. 

.Vllrlnm iinlll'lil at 

err UOonea. 

Miriam Batttsta wiil begin a tour of 
the Mnreun Loew thealrea to-morrow, 
when abe wil] make a personal appear- 
ance at Lotiv a Stale Theatre, Newark, 
N.- J., in conjunction with the alto wing 
o* "At the Mtaffc Doo-p.'' the CibanTii! 
picture m vvblch ihe has a prominent 
part in the prologue. Utile Miriam 
will recite a special dramatic story writ- 
ten for her by Robert Kdgar Long. Uur- 
iag the week of February il the diminu- 
tive sclera* (she is only S years of age. 
will appear at l*oevv'ti State Theatre in 
Bnffaln. where -n gain jciar" will he fen 
rtircd with "At the Stage I>oor." Mr. 
IjOcw in arrannioR other duti-i- which 
will keep Miriam busy for the next six 

Msty llay'i 3tatlnaaa. 
Mary Hay (-Mrs. Klchord Barthel. 
moss) bn Itt present Ibe mniinec Idol in 
"MarjiisBLjie," the mmdeal vprdon of 
•"Pomander Walk." in wbirh slip is ap- 
pearing St the Broadliursi Theatre, Last 
Thnrsdoy jtml Saturday afternoon Ibe 
theatre was filled irith yoUnfc peonle 
tvnxloiia to see tho charming lihlc wife 
of ■'Iiick" Barthel tuttaa. Ibiawll Jan- 
nej*. producer of this miwical place. *aja 
bo is templed to name all afternoon per- 
fc-ftnanceji "Mary. Hay Matlneea/' 

Uotloa Picture EditPr. The Moraine; -elw 


la your. Issue of January 22. nrvoritiy 
nurton, w riling ou the ■ubjret of motion 
nhxaro coadtt-ons Ifl Knglsnd, stale* tint 
much cxceiith'n In tikcn to the nhntiiag 
jq (bin country of plcloren denting ."HI 
episodes ami rbttrnriers in English M«- 
toey Whltts pervert bfBtorical fact. Mr. 
It urtau oienttona twe auk-h ptctani espe* 
cLilly. one of which Is VTavrlil Film Cor- 
poratlon'fl proiHirrloii, 'Mudgmeat." 

i>f "Judgccent" Mr. Iiorton says. "In* 
predtieer hna n»i fhieli at endowing osb 
at th* plainest women who ever w*re a 
erowu (Mary Qneen >of Seots) with all 
(b« atli-ihuleft of gram and bp.iirty. la ' 
ord*r lo Bbow ibat itm i-ould break hoaJti 
an we'll as bum baKtlca.'" 

It seems straua*- that ;<r. should 
ivn.. -,-.. | ..-.-. t nn. crltlclBin or "Judcmrut 
i> iitiinji (lelrlnK a little tunro deeply Into 
blaatoi-y a-hlch he seoraa tn coanltter no 
distorted. wMhnol truiihllni lo learn a 
Utile more ;i:...i!i the chuTaclera he thlnkh 
na maligned. For (he principal ehnraeter 
In "Judgmeaf— Bloody Mary of Kn eland 
—Is not Mnry Q«eea of Scoia, na parea j 
iMlmUy etplalo(iJ by Mr. Burton bat... 
Is Mary Tudor, the daiiE/Uter of Deary 
¥II-n sad K-atberlnc of Arngou. Maty 
Tmlor, wIiOhc hejinltsdnefi «nd cnielty 
wnn her the sobriquet «af ■■■BloooVMary'" 
and jiround whom the story nf **jB-d|?asnyi L"' 
a-evotves, llvcii. reigned nnd died nrarly 
ont linniaTftd •ejtra tieforA MoTy Soart 
(Mary Uiicen of -^coln) v>-b« born, 1 

It seems ntriingc, too. thut Mr, Burtua 
abould not '-■-•■■ ifi'in r.-'i -.< Ilitlo mora 
deeply into the Manga of the story of 
"Judgment" 1 1 afore laying aaeh u ■■..-. 
-i ■ h* may tbiiik att»ehe-,l to the pictura 
at tho ilonr of the. producer, Mr. mirtoa 
■■■■-.-.•■ io Imply that the whole pur^osa 
of "Jmlgniont" li to besmirch the eliar- 
acter or nn Knull^ll mofKiteh, yet "Judg- 
ment,", laVHQ.JMj ;;a JU. utery la .cui^jtncij, 
In lh<j ii-ork of riisms oilier than Iho 1m- 
inorrnl Prrnrli author. Vlrtor Hugo, and 

_Ihs. pLi-Ju.-.- .ti.lloLia ILuifn n lafJlui -Wlt-b 

thi.. utbiioai fl.iMlty" li "dcUil of plot, chaf' 
SL-Ierliatlon a ad etiixode. 

The referenee in the breaking nt heu-ta 
might lend one In suppose Hint "afudg- 
n>rnt'" shows Mary Tudor In the rol.C of 
a proicsloual "rHmti," liui, on ibo con* 
trnry/'nhe Is reoresenled aa n woman .*■» 
Constant In bei* love, llmt abe rlnlr* bee in heT abearpl to nave the life of 
tho man who linn won her heart. It. la 
her mJsfnrl line™ not tier fault— that thla 
nuin in an adventurer wlm ban turned 
her love far blm la Ms own advantaga 
anil hns clow-d Imr ears to the advice of 
her lorn I .-ono.iellarn. 

It la true thai h>tory mikea no men- 
tion of !Mn ndvcnlurcr, Pablaho Pablanl 
—nor uf Ollbcrt ibe cafvor, nor of tha 
woman .Tst no — three oT the principal char- 
arters In "JuiJjtBipnt"— bat Iho tiivenlleh 
<rt {■tiarnefers Tor the cTeation of ilnininila 
Interest hn* beua eoamson io all whiten 
of hlsiortral plajjs. not eicepUag aujika- 
ntiea re. 

In bis dmnta. "Mary Tudor" from which 
"-todameol" wit* produccft. victor II into 
nrlrrted n j;ei|iT.i|!y nduiltted clinrneleC- 
l>iin- of the gih<en«— and atmut It he wora 
bis nlory, Tkli »n ht»r rendlneaa to Ua- 
ien io and nvt uima the ndvlee vt tboso 
In whom a.he had iMinfidenre. la hlstnry 
'his trait \i exeiapllfl[-d uy her net tn 
■ itfnltiE the dentil wu r rant of l^idjr Jana 

fiTi'J clli the tnnlntenci) of lie* silTlBfffS 

artor she bad ■!■■-.. ■-iniin'-l fhst the girl 
■ i - ■ • ■ j : ■ ! not tie. eicr-utrd* Til "J u tin mm t" 
Alary Tudnr \g. nbown an ntinll-irly nui-J 
by Ihe adventurer, rnlilanl." being Influ- 
ence,! by him lo aigu the dentil wnrranll 
.at 'fVTeotijipt iiijjii other dotilei who. bJK 
htVb»od made to bolleve, or« plotting 
ngalnst ''-■■■ rrown. 

Willi the aXSOJaUan "t the three iimnetj 
nil uf the ehomefeM fa "Jutt^mcot" ara 
drawn with absolute fidelity tit m^laty. 
The Spaiilah Amluisaufdor, Pinion Itenanl, 
wan ii iiowrrfni flnun- at Ma'y'a court, 
having aa HaC^if:il ihe hacking or ' atgfy'e 
uncle. Charles uf Spain at n time wti^a 
Spjilu na* the fllroTipfflL nntlon la Ku- 
rope. Iu "Jiiilgrnent" it Is Rcasru ■■,!!. •■■-. 
pinning ilanlly neudi tile tavdrllp to Hm 

Iji iunk:uK ".luiiE nieiil" 1 remly for '.t» 
A:t-.\- ;n showlni:— Willi r, :,!in,,.- iitC^— ' 
fnr which wflik. I an Joliiily resnonamlo 
with Vi IJIifliu n. I.aiiti—ihv uimoet enro 
wna taken io keep the picture -true to 
hiBior'rnl fact. To Hit™ end iho CoeCTaja- 
rlotol I.lf>rarj- at Wanhliisiou i*m mea^cheil 
for data In rite farm of conteDtpoMiry 
dortiinrnirr. nuthrotle Information nti ibo 
mannerii and euitonin of aUteoath eeatury 
Knpli.n<I, etc. Aa a reaulr the aillil.tlel 
apvLnn by ihe Queen nre. iiamacd a* near- 
ly jii possible In tifr ;i.;!u.-t niouurr of 
expresalou aa shown hy ber p^rnnnnl l.'t- 
ters; ibo in-serli of Tyreaanaf'i deutb n^r- 
Iraal and other offlrlm (iiipera nre In nc- 
eiiniDnee with original^—exi^pt f'ir umd- 
cralutldB «r spclllag?— and the tjoeen-a 
tlgnatnre i.. n raolfatlc or Mary's own 
wrlttng^li being u tracing of tier signa- 
ture on die tinier freeing from the Tower 
of London Ciurteiniy. a liUtorlcsl ehar- 
aCter who did enjny M.iry'K royal fnor. 
Very truly. 

Marry Cbflndlee. 

Morton flcmre KiHInr, The lUornlog TcJo» 
graph : 

The ulniiie t taw Poia Xegrl In "Pna- 
flon" 1 know that I had mat the enemy 
and I wan h«-rn- ( tliouffbt her, bcauilrul, 
talentetl, HDeefal, inteillgenl— In. fact y I 
ibuirjjttt j hnd dlaroTsred that pcrfrellAa 
whleh nl| Krtan sLara should hive, but 
which I had found wanting- up till tbea, 
I hare btra her (ilarir ever alnee. 

That ts— I w«n her bIatp until lant Puo* 
day. On that fnral dny I msaed hopefuUy 
io (he ItlqJIo and saw my bHored .Vpkti m 
"The [,a*t fnyinenl." All the plciura 
needed waa .in aeeomjiinlroont hy the or- 
chest ni rtt '-ScrtSit Hand Hose." The film 
whs akin In ill lla glory to the "[a Bt jiay- 
lueal on a gohhn oak dlnlnc mora sejlte 
Pols Negri fa bl B b while shoes is a piotuta 
1 ahull lower forget. 

Tbo film li old. ft shows ibui it hi old 
by It* cfasturaes, Me- rurnlliiro. Its mpdea 
or hair dn-ai. Jt4 imii.Foin rinacjng. (am 
■■I'll fslthfnl edaiicli tn Tola to mt that 
ire fault or the tWure- In that jt i5,honHE 
*r*r be erli|l.I(e ( | J n IPii u hsn no doubt 
had a l(,ng, ui.,ri:l life nnd there waa no 
reason to rrsuaeltate It. If u were ever 
eihlblieii as an AnWit-na ptoduci It would 
be laughed off tile bonrda. 

It seema a stiatue that "Pola N'egrl. who 
Is *ueh aa artlai. ahguld ham to Buffer &** 
cause soirm acil-ltlena company ln-.l4.1s 
upon refenaliiB. her pictures wJib-h sre ovl- 
deiilly <ia old as lime. Were, they contUihO 
phturrn lln-re would Ire ncant dsJnsge, but 
"The Last E'flrmpnf' la AuppoScHI to b* 
modern. It in supposed 1« be— but It la 
feeldc nad howblsterert. And it la hound: 
to ln>urc lbs popularity of the beautiful 
-Negri. It has mime, me Inse faith. . 

F. L. M. 

IIortEeukaraJ Tint*. 
Motion Picture tktltor. Monilir* Tel»- 
Ernph : 
HoTtieulluriiTr* and plain Down Ea*t 
fttiucrs mast nftph lie startled bythc tour", 
vela of Nature which are pictured by aom* 
»f our motion plelure illreetora, ■ in that 
othtrwlM flne picture. "Ji»l| ibs Woman,' 
whkh I daft reiently at ibe tftram] Tbealro 
an early scene shown the cmtitnu D r tl^e 
Vitgrian back In Iffit. Th*nj l< one rh-it 
In a garden where the 1'urltait maiden^ 
wapjar In the garden among hnllyboi'kft 
shout atx frrt hljth. Now 1 t-vea amat"ut 
jrardener* usually know that it takes two 
jefli-* for hntlyboeUj, i„ c .„ w !t? Atty mim 
after thp aeetl la plan(eil. Plymouth Jtoefc 
h»>I only ln*u illncovpred -a year before 
ilie Bt-enca in "UnJI tbo Woruso,'* wem 
doled. Maybe they Had. made the stenea 
•bloom in that short lime. But 1 nm very 
iniM-h af.-atd lhat only Iq tbe mnrlet i-a* 
soeh things be. 

Vp'Eirs truly, 
iloatclair, John Jacobs, 



:ijd!dc Km it «iii tu. k... it «.w. 

tWKIKt K .l^wV ..,18.1. .1 :.k. 



: . ■.,;:.; ■ :.;;":■. 


In the .\*n- 1-jftnedj- 


l'-r It+lchlnr tafagrat & Lain* H!n, 
ETtHlurtU \>r ailU*" Itlllrr. 

'HUDSON ?gV^A*fat T 

MAP I £ „ ^■1^ j y?/5 c 
L. © M f* minaret 




«TJmi.A Sju.j.kj. 
35 XflC/ 



"A Bilt of DiTortsmsnl" 

.lil. .J.VM-.T !u:iL( lll.ll 

NE.W AMSTERDAM w 4? ST b«&l3 

MATS. WED. a SAT 50*htte*i««« 

S*w Aiim nTii Pw Mam -i u.— it law 

HenrV Miller** 1 * 4 *■ l " s * E "- *- 15 - 

LAOEET!rEL-^- tr |The Hatim! 
In** f\Vj I 



'■»«>* Fbb Than Any B>- 

'■• I'Mi r-aaana. "-Haywood Hn-un. 

^Kazke, -'■'-■• IM m, 

*Ui! n -M UKTiS-»',![i*V 

•mi aATL'itrur. : m 



» 81. fin. a ID 
._ J5> and 5*1-, 1.1*. 
ma ■■■-•- ihs -TUCTlmaa 

"Bulldog Dttimmond" 


LIBERTY •"«.«■•■' *»■'"» •» •= 


OVM St. Mu*!c Halt. h*i. If *> r * c, V, w. 

SHUFFLE ALONG - ''T';:f:;, J! ,■, , .■ i " ,, 

Kxvri Uldntght Pntnroaara «"KB. it Ifcjft 


Ul I I UK Hm W#«l, A**j„ I.!". 

# the 2" YEAR 


J l>«fp h (**W(h(FFTI _ . . . 

i\>li— 4it r.M 

"amen tgraigf 

unlrnl I'omcilv Hcrelnl 


.'. V-; : ■ Bit. 

■.!■;-: i. i-.s.n-: 

f r \WTKH 









]tlaW"Ttl-l..W. « Sl.P^.tJu.Mi.!. Wrrf,*lUI. 


iv. v'ni. liu'lErut. *i!ii V jrederlck Perry 


HARRIS i: ,' 

-.(AM II. ]fAltlll>* ATTil .it'TiONS 


, J:i»:. j i,l'ht-- SheM |, r 
■r M«J» I n Aqi«r| r*. ''-Ultjn 



al a Aid" 

t. >.,Cnv<. ilioit. ft ■^"""'V' 

e al (IE liB Trnvlntn 

, s Hanoi 

t *^ '.',... ','vbr- Sbuiv Mdldinii 
>« Prle«»i ■ ..«•■*■*•••** 

,, ,t a. -i a , i r ■- . - ; ■ ol »*vII1p 


HAHV CARDEV Cmiral nir^ lor. 



To-ntarlit *i fa -Trim am Jidil I»m>|.- 
d#,*' tiniriff Jtoiilnr (dvbvt}. Ri«h«rd 

BrJWhOrt idrlHill. KIpiiut HTrn":-"* t*(l«ii-j 
CcmtutlHir rojai - '^-.' 
Wnl., "IJI |l<kh r mf ." HlWla, Jlrt'Or- 
in+f. Tin" i'lHlrrn. Dfliutl, Itlattol. CdnH 
1'rfHrl. atd !fcw Ualim "l<n Pl!t« a. 

U<.!iiiiki>n." r, ■,;-■,. ■■ ii,-.i-!i-i, and 

IUIIH. Conr. faferlrl flr^tlM iJi-TnllJ. 

Tbun,, "I'HarHnci'l," CWra I>o< m** 
bull. Muraiurir. ilrh«#rt rirnlnl. And 
"Bfrlltdny tit ilir lnranlM," r»r- 
\**, U-ilhti.Eai.k*, IU1HI. t'ond. ViO Ornr*. 

],l.. ■-■:!'.■ joncla of Mrs- TE; 
BP.*' iUlu, <Ii»moH». l**noo«. Hlnsln". 
■MOati: 'Jll^t»t|n«r. [Ialli.1. CflOd. flmLnl. 

Sntk IPot. «i =- ""Tb*- Tal** nr Iliiff- 

■nniui." tfrtfua, M*«.n. N*m*r» h JrfinTrto, 

PatIo'I* Ki-bwat-* * tollfl- tra. «T«i«(»», 

.vol. Nlnht. -"itilnrar," Ca-rdan. Mania, 

tfrni.iU-. I>«rr«iLar_ Cfno. I'*llM«. 

Hru. i.e .1m. tntti fur 1>»aain»d Frinr*. 

iTI.-fc-i. N-w ii I* KiH KKh ft. I 

lion., |i*rti. «. rre«i1*T# "f Proindair* 

"Lnvr Twr TIkk-i* ■: w i .:.-;.. ■ ■-.'- Ni»i 

..Kualirt* «J*l.Ct>. favlMka, tdtrculL MOJIS*. 

■I'm---... "lYAinor* *l*-I trr jt," "*'• 

i|#ti, JiIidhiii, ■DaVlanntC I.-hsj/I . tirnl. 


Kl : 

.... ITwifp ip;:1[- v.rt (liltfllh'a ; |>. ;: .i.Jtj i 

li'iil'Ir..- ,-:f KtW Kmottonaj 





Mo S ,BR0M>WAY4k 





Fi'*»r * tith W. 

Fanline Frederick 



B"»«t at Hat St. CAnTiL r: n «. s 8 1 
'"Thp F*ntr iitmcm 

tit* \ ii-c-ril-. v -m~- 



Completed Nine Pictures in January 

and Others Are Sow T/n. 

der Way. 


ElffELfe-Atl iVnfi Aftn U* -Mtrl.- I 
In Mavlatp; I'lfinrr Un- i:\rr.f. 

Ufnrr Kins aef|OBal T HI. 


NIXH plftHir*" MmptttwJ in Jdirn- 
ary id a rsrtrd Kamftils l v lft7- 
p-E ^./.aKLv tirwi twit f-^i MJuanrnJ 
tf» idmlt. In (bfflf iIbva wliai 
th>? pfltowettl I" "cut rtrnrti and eHra- 
inftt*. tlrf- r>YMwlii«lfl-B- of- Ihor- num-brr of 
pteEOf*! KOQiwfn like a bord-oTef from 
thi> fofld old prt-wir dayw. All o( til*** 
thildrra fMSM br^uiht into b»lng at Iho 
rarnmoniit Wrat CditlL BliKtlo^, trh*rt; 
tin- i*ompnn»> units, urft hard nt vrorli 
(tftliflK Lit jcndlneaii for othrr produn- 

Amone; 1 far- new pictures iijkIt war in 
Ittt-llywc-m! alru "O^r tbe Bordrr," with 
Betty CojupsoD. and Tctu Mi">r*.' \a 1h>a 
IndiBC nJl^P. flfld "Tb* Cat Thnt Wallifd 
Alfiur." n Gtorge Mplfurd iirBductiivn, 
fpatiirlnf; liorot&s DAtbDO, ■nitti WrbcU 
llawley and MUton SIIU in the eML Pit- 
iUTrti to bp siartpd dul-ttlit »broaTy ar» 
Ce-riJ B. I>* iMiU'm "M*ll»^Bmr^^t^r■ , ; 
'The Diitntpr," ptnrrinjt Walla** Ttclili 
Tba-tana ^Ii-iprliim, in "Our JjcadifiK l.'ltl- 
xen"; "Va! of Parodiw." with Jaclf Holt 
mid IWii- n.ini*li<: Air* 1 * Aires nml t'on- 

tia 'SScet in *Tfe drdffli rt :"'''Th"i'^-rrJ*'V! 

Oaf*,'" Hiarrinc Gloria KwniiBon. arid 
■'Bhad nnd Snud." with noTddpti Vdltn- 
tiao and Mny MrAvoy. Tbln numbrr of 
ui-iitrr. trill noon bn mixmr-ntcrl by G>Jorc>? 
Fiumoiiri**- APtl .Toan N. Hobr^rtHoa, w5m 
tin 1 expect e-d to iirrlT*; in tbis cwuutry 

Thr njnr plcturea cutnpkr'd dnrinn 
January at* "Bjnulit and Paid Fitr," 
'■Tb* H*art SpecialiM,"' "The Si rep- 
Walker, 1 ' 1, Thr«iip(h w Glnsa IVlndctw," 
"Actojis thr OoTJlIupnt," "The Oreit 
T«mpltll«ti." "The Prfwy Dadily," "Thr 
Bed CbaLtrDf-c" And "Bryund tbc Bocks." 

in-lny Mark* an (u-ani-n. 

AlUioqfili ft freak or pmhv will be set 
aside to mark the eijElltiVOih anaiT*T- 
■ary of William Fox in the film Imsi- 
nriw. tft-ilay vt rrally the exact day of 
i-r'lobraliou. It 1* ebybtecn y-cant nffO 
i'i-rl:iy (bat Mr. l- n os tnado his dsbut m 
tin- !fh-.;ih - .. At tbat i inn- picluroa 
ivera not t-OD-nidcrrd *crjf tmt*b of an 
art. Thry were not eonuldereil Wfj 
runrb of anythiafr- It hax barn the prlvi- 
Ipflt <>f William ■"« "lofp ihpn tn brlp 
drvt-1or> an induarry that Htariw] at the 
?■■■'■:..!! and la now approar-hltiir :'.■•• top. 
In ibr- limn (Bat ban r-Upacd. bo linn 
watohed n flLfkcrla^ .".'-i fret >of film 
jthtjtvicu g lftfomotirK in nrtion I<rrmn,i> 
n dranin fonndrd r>n the wrold's ^.Tt-at- 
r*t ■.■ontrlbniloiis to lltrraturw. Ilr ban 
sfun the hifihenl |>aiJ flrtinl* and ivHm-tb 
turn t-njerly in ptdtUTM and "bow fi vrjlJ- 
iufnesfl to be na^orlated with ihlif field 
"f endfaTor. In tb* fceetaaiair thew 
i'pT-iii:^ s'-nrtii-'l *ven i '• mrailnn kd 
I'h-l'iiLti n Ihiiiir r.- thtr 'WtIct," na iti' 1 } 
h-iti' 4[i|lei1. H*- aaa S r<*ti (hat word 
"rnnvlpn" put in the dlfward for ilir more 
rliciiititd wfini pbf>lo-pTay. And ell the 
tfms hi? hns '■!■■■• f. ^-atehine: !:■ baa firen 
bis nii't to .■'!■', tiirijiir abviiii thiran tn!na«. 
It ia no winder to-day id an trtcadinn. 
Mr. Poit ••liiiiild in- cmcratiilaterl for 
all he has arcompUnhed. Un nlic-uld be 
ronipllmentrd fur (he number nt ptT- 
^amt he has iuadn- happy. It \n a ami 
IblnR tn In- nfile to eire bappltie*f* to 
otbbre. Ttii 1-Vt Slutiio« H*r d^-oeateiT 
with tlaire nnd Ibere is a holiday npiril 
nbmU Ihc urbanization that oul)" An 
etent of thl<* kind makr* podsHde in 
these huny dayj. 

j PLAYHOUSE ?■ «£ •tfiP.flH KTp - L »* 

WllMait. A. Hrntl "' 



10— BIG ACTS—10 




n.M.k' 1 .^ ^jr^Pniiiinii Lord 

P»«»<.^*»<^^ Id "Aon. ChrUli." 
» VHIIR BI1.TS- .«£!■•»•» •-"- 


.(■■«'«<]. A Bat. 



RFPUHL If Th " ■■ *" ^.w, P f ■ry.BPM p*. 


ELTINGE SSL- f wi*i£*Aff 



IVOLI "0ȣ6LOitlDllSOAr.... 



KATl^kr^ 5Q D KVK.VIVGB na_ 
AU. SKATS " wu ALt. SI.IATH l '»' C 


"»' "uWt >»"5" ?«'nfP 


_J * COj. Mirimn a rraar.u. 
J L;ril*rt Doaeo* & nniihar. MoFar- 

[SytEfllaStl I"" * l-ilar-. Ld. Iltll. LK>wm r 

1 " — ■ ;■ n'l*!li1£a r)tm 

I ftEAB 1 etkAVtl .i-:i -.iiprc-nir \ ■nd eTJI lr, 

Ml, i-ran* Wlmci 

I B|(ut*| aH'- MnrlJiii. Iittvli" 

llrlde-M PMi," 

I Lmnrihc i">air-t Eutj Thiir.Suriil 

ttj A CW.John alc0ca-a.ii 

i) a 1Iu«u*a. Dtaatm, Kih' 
I '"U>:mi In "Kill Un Vimm" 

Op*nitig TO'inorrow Evg., 8 30 



TEE PLAZA, 5th Ave, at fiSth St 

Tuesday Evemny, January 31, 1S22 

a; t.v, r. ii 

Hl.riTAI, II T 


* ' TiciifiPi •3,00, ■..:::■■ 
Misa J. H. CATJICAPT, Pita., 

TYmtlOEttm llfltbla U U U> k] Tiub. 

n w«ii tin, ainri. t*1, PIm* tail 


Crent ri,ii«ti-j,-nii,.ii in ( :l ;n*-iirr i mt 
Serrlce- tor iin. ( ri ir i XV. 
.In the presence of a vast ronijreinition, 
which Indltded odidnl etrprcitciiiUtirea of 
several foreiirn cationa and of the 
municipal pOTerninpjiit of New Vork, not- 
«uju puntilicial requiem mssii. -,:,.■ hbjbest 
masa of the church, jwas celflititod ypa- 
twrday in St- I'atrick'a Cathedral Ur tbc 
rcpoae vf tbu soul of the late poDtlft, 
Pope Benedict XT. 

Th« celebrant waa the B-iatt Rev. 
John J, lii.nin, auxiliary bishop. Arch- 
bishop Patrick J. Hayca oJKctaled nod 
ptcaentett Uic Jrermon. Before the hifh 
altar stood a towering catafakioo drapod 
in tbo puride papal colora and stirrounit- 
t?d with candelabia. Tbli Mtflfal^uc 
was a repfMucdon of tb« bier on which 
tbo ijotfy of Pope Benedict reated rvbon 
viewed by the throngs: wtii.-h vUjt'.-d 8L 
I'cterV Cathedral fast week. 

Si' >|[li flBa. 


win Wesley Mw \ 

■mod ?fWfhtioj oicb. 


>ia*4ar, 1 r. K 

LM r. at. 


xtalajitatllAn VII. 

II. 11. Maxirel), formerly assoeialed 
frith Itealart, has been rnjeaped hy 
Katua fiealDtter fti Mploitatloo man. 
for the }!:i'i---Y-ui NeJLan eumpany. 

Jirnry iviiifi Mm PnenmonUi. 
Htmry Kins i' aorloiwly ill of uneumo- 
:;;::. He waa atrlcki^u ivliile Bl work on 
llirbartt S'.:ni]n '.-.v.- -.-.'- preterit vehicle. 
Operaliona v.rn- -.-i ■,.■ ?.■!-■■! ;"■■: ■ ihii--, 
but ilr, Bartfaelmeas tinu poor ahead wlih 
inme or the Ki-riK-.s that were all act for 
lmnicdLflte produetlna. 

Grltolth Conmainr In Cbleaaah 

The opening of "Orphan* of tba 
Storm* 1 in Chicago \s In have all the 
jtlory of n N'ew York opehlnR. Mr. *fr1f- 
R(li baa taken hbi colore cimrany if-est 
for tbiit :,!i-.!-'|. :■)•!- ... r i - L- « i . _ : ;■ trip 
hnvine been madif In a prhale car. 1,11- 
Uan HLBb, Dorothy ttish, Aihert flrw 
itid [». W. Ufiffltb. «-(.,-.■ In the party. 
They n-ill be cntrrtalnrd by tbc i'hU-airo 
1'rcaa Club at a dinner In CbleatO. that 
famorla "loop hcupd," a»ou Kousenian, 
iNniiit made arm momenta for It. 

neat l.j-le'l llrrr. 

It wsi (hid Ii'hik' iveek at the Sixty 
dub Sunday night, so many of the Lo« 
AhupIh film stars aow In iln> r-:ty were 
araanp; tbi* jfUh*sw. lilany of the players 
went from the La cabs " Oatnbol to the 
club. Bert Lrtelt, ■■•■'.••'- cata^ into' town 
ahead o( bin schedule, wit there. He 
had nn loiprgmptu reception Imlh at the 
Oambol and m the ilnb, his ivclcuroo 
being eaoush to makn bim wImIi ha had 
reached New Vork moatha ago. Mr. Ly- 
tell probably will rnaka itppvaraures at 
the !.■■—- tbeatrea here. 

To Vbll > ijih.-i, 
Many [ttnuun visit Cuba. b«t for a 
reason dlllereat friiin Frank Mayo-"". Hej 
la gaiis there to mftke a tour of tfca. 
theatres and appear aimutta neonate with, 
the shoivjEf of h!s rk-iiirt-. R\* at' 
tractive wile* Dajfmar fiodowaty, daugh- 
ter of Leopolii Oodlowaky, is ae»>aipiny' 
Injr him. They expect to start t»gt 
vr'-k, tftcr they bare bad a chauce >to> 
look New Y of t over a nd de ciid t for 
theaieelTM tvbat really !a the best abow 
In town. 

To Do Collcellvrj Unj'lnc. 
Tha lllsEi producers have learned i-o]> 
leetive buying is ivometlEnea economy. 
When the Washington bill went Into 
effect, tailing for corrugated cans to 
hold Lbs film, many of the eompanlei 
dlweovered they heeded new ooalainera 
to meet this requirement. The beat price, 
. lnjipa.b]c en thrj cans was 63 cent*. 
Thru the pmiiueij-* |='-i their he*da to- 
ffethtrt and, with the National Aaaoeii- 

jnonoTiiv d.u>tok. 

Mil- In (be afar In "The. Olil Tlm-l 
1\ :iIIl«>iI Al .'■ h Paraunuunl eja-a- 

daottou n.o*r undtir mnr* 

tinn us buyer, were iible to get cnuK for 
UH eeot*. IT Lher«> i« n moral, it ih— 
"always cheaper to htiek tnffctbee." 

Oaaaa In I rul.-n. 

"Way I a - = -k -. I, Kb«** elosen at the Kin- 
pire Theatre In Loudon (Ium vreek after 
a run of six month-i. Tb|g ^Uil>li>hc$ a 
recortJ in motion rrictanf, no other tllm 
prodnctiwn liarlng been ibh to keep open 
no many months. It ;.■ intec^ntiug tnnt 
■'Wn,v Down Kast.'' waeatUQ* AiuCrl- 
cau in thornr-. :.|r;.i-.ii- u> the Brit1ah 4 
who tntfKt hat'f? found the New ICug.And 
farm life Hnrnetbing with wfaleh ehey 
were actiutiiuled only through ili-iiou 
and the theatre*, „ 

iiaek in TukTB. 

William ]t<':imond and bin wife Mary 
an- liaclt i:i iovvji. One nlivay* ela«nlHe-i 
prrtlj- Afrf. Diamond an Mary — «h(- luftkd 
too yOung lu be mnrrTWl. Atli^lU Itogotx 
frit. Jolin earned ihe ]*i,im| nawi tu lb" 
DapiOMifa i hut .Mur.v JuIwiiiiii lias 
leanu'il i« talk during ths abwiiw i>f 
her utitntta, Ajid now Me. [«.■■:■: ..-..■. : 
wonderlnK vrhat lie will da wkh two 
«omi.ii in Ui? Ji-iii.ii- ttuH. Ifilk ;i! [)!•■ 

kniiic time. Whru the hr ml- left 

i 'sjlif-iinjia Mary Jobanmi conld way four 
word*. Aeeording th^ Mins St, .Tuhn. th^ 
now ban an entire vucabti.nry Ht her 

lleebert nairllMaon In Toirn, 
Tbo aliuiting down of the I :,;-■.■■. ■..: 
Htiidios in I niverml Cliy in brlngfuf nM 
tbo ploycrs here dnrinf the temporary 
reapit!? from work. Herbert Itiiwlliuioii, 
wbu baa been'minKiii}; fnoui JJriiinlA'ny for 
mora than n ycjir, wns KlunjiHe<l on 
BtOAdway peal prosy trying to Itvk ok if 
be didn't mimJ the r.dd weather, 

.I.i«.;lI, 1...IH.. to I,. ■■.-.!. 

When Iltirold. Lloyd, ud Hal Doacfa 
were Un town thw "ure m lEcl'^ttLiI with 
the way Josj-jih Krdily handled their pub~ 
Hdty they put in n n'qiieflt for hi* eer. 
vleee. air. lleddy Iiha i ■ . i in chtirgr uf 
publiHly tit 1'athe during (lie niuence iif 
lLiiniii.l]ili Lew Li> and now ilmt Mr. 
Lewia una - r > : i ■ j i- .-3 l.-.m In.j; nil qmittid 
(he ft.-.t-nl and Ji et>ming back to New 
i'ork to tomato, arrangement! were mado 
thnt will ;n>rmil Mr, Heddy tu no ttt thi 
Pacific CoBMt* No will depart on Stin- 
duy with IHamfc. J!e will lie ^niwrd in 
moMofl ideturo elrdea In Xow York, 
whero be ha* many frienda. * 

i':.i( u'jm^ "it Winter Coati." 
Now U ItoJtS out thnt ['"anioua P|oy«r»- 
l.iisky really has the motion picture 
priYilcgta of "If Winter Come**' but that 
it- pr^xluctiou has been ]iOHtpuned. The 
renimu adiauci4 is thnt Jntin Rnbtrtaon, 
wbn wu sbitiril tn prodnrv A. H. M. 
Hiitcblnson's widely -rent novel ill Eo,g"- 
land, la coming home id iinih-rtjjlte uu- 
ottier Job. lie i. to produce, ihunex^ 
novel, "IllrK«l and Saint" aa TO»a us he 
reaebra Hollywood. I r. -■--:-• 1 1 \ "atRnJnq 
nnd May :i.-. \,r. lmy>- bwn ca*t for -!'■■ 
leading roles, "If Winter Crimea" is 
probably Fbc most widely read of tlu> 
rurrent novfln. To admit not :..:■, inc lead 
tb* honk in ir, prove one in imkiil ,\ hack 

■hi la n Wolf. 
Coumirjr to i be impre*Kio)s that the 
anltnal which playa the female le-fd with 
Htrongheart in "Tlie SL!rnt Call" is a 
don. it la .aaid that "(Hirer," whom 
Simiiiriif nn eelecis in hi* mgte when be 
!■ i. .■;-!. . tmck In tyi>e la in raatlty n (ull- 
blooaAd Jilte-wolf. Tlwr l^nm nrt-ng of 
the two nnlmals U due in Lorry 'J rim* 
hlfl'a direction. 

i-oukiiiar fat* \'<i Faeea. 
.'.ii.v oae with a faee that will screen 
may hear something to Ilia advantage 
by communicallng with Hobr-rt >lcfn- 
tyrc, who is here to gp£ new factn (or 
tho Goldttjfn Company. The p. a. that 
*ent ua thU Information m-glecled tu say 
whet kicd or faces Mr. Mc-Intyre wontd 
like (O engage, httt what E» fl face among 
irltnila. anyway. In 'thwe bard ttmw 
whan job* are acarr^? 

l- - lore-ni*e llrnl In V.biIc Till*. 
-Ni-itjM'r the legitimate atajre nor tho 
SLTem will sec Florence Reed right 
away. She opened in Chieago last night 
nt the Psdaet, Thesrrc m a apeeial vHude-- 
ville «kctrh written for her by Edgar 

i i.l" or Tt»o. 

Fred !4wmfel aayd frf hasn't heard HA 
Hyqn tell whether or not he has stflaed 
* crni tract to mike plrfurr* for Kox, but 
It is all right Lt. mention every day In 
the** columns n eontract ia penning, fin 
wa it won't hurt Mr. Wynn, nnd he 

I* flltr* Mr, FOX la tnn good n L.iinr, filflh 

to Uhe any exception to having hla 
name mentioned ever* day. 


Program's Length and Enthusiasm 
of Fstrona Almost United After- 
noon and Evening Shows, 



Attractions at the City'a Theatres 

Liilcd for the Amusement 



Dcl.ylr Aldi Wit 
t'f-ratinrilHr -' 

i With .Ununpl 
,t .\*orj Al'el. 


KvrirLidy wnnta the money's worth. 
iSfidotn does any one concodo Betting ii. 
l'es-ii-rday tn* patroHH of B. F. Keith's 
Palo re Th.-tnir (eft flit motitu'. 1 dcelnr 
ing they hmj rc*Ttved an entertaining 
TH^te tji rir^s^ of the price, 

Thin Referral cKprerwion applied in 
LkiiIi 1'nn.itiv nud 4piiinlky. Bill- lopping 
neta WeTo prcMi-nl in force- Ammenietil 
»'.i> diteindflwl and Joyous. To help Ihn 
jjiuiim-t- and evening perfoTmonin"^ froBl 
mpfBln-- into the i-otninuoua form i«i '"■ 
tiTlLiiirroL-ut, ntje hi}|i(>r[.int prodttelfoa 
wad tfiEplaaud, 

Carl Uandnll wos to hnvr; boejt (irraeni 
Inhfted liy Eorta t.»onn au«l Mary Waste 
burn, tils i:tnew- lirouffht the rtlbatltil- 
tinn by un- hookers, uf Mva Shirley uhA 
her iranei »*f ftui-making InllltcUnn. 
Niittii-T [>i"u:lnetiun appeared utivl lvrtl 
unl. i:\t-ti tlpru the iiiieruuOii perforin- 
ftuct,-, was nut - concluded. . ^ iiitlUI.-if^'. 
liioush il f.tnrted pru-iuptly ot Ii. 

TBb aiidiciii'e wnji a faetur in Ihi- 
lUsman. Tiny wanted so many encfjn'* 
for (ph&jta Hml jlunce» and hrttpjltrd so 
beatflljf at ibe je*t^ tiiat tho actor* 
fnniid rlldiriitli- in liriti*ill>: In ,\ ■■'■•■-" 
'rhelr Lini;iiniiMl .evjph itrinfnriV M ■ i-.-.- 
luerriiiu-iH ot the occasion. 

L'orraduiln Animal mart the show 
with ii ppeetij rireiiM divnraiori vontrlb* 
Html by poniea, *la-£* nnd mnnkey^, 

Jed hwW Is a droll ymuh with .. 
bright Hue of talk. He ropes casually 
n« he i<-*\* with tlio aid of » hwnieaiw 
yoiius woman <--anceflli&jf none of lu-r 
p|j>>i<nl i ha r fiii. 

"Vou may not enro for my net, hnl 
yau rmtat admire my nerve H " he com- 
mftiiN in safe diMpurage merit, for Jed Is 
phad iniTiieii^tdy. 

Harriet and Marie SlrCouuell an- 
np]i niiil Eiingera. Their vocal effort*, 
innri-nvi-r, nn- not nun- hnmioni/.i-d pvm- 
techitlea. They dlapenw meliidr that 
Inlemts; m well as aromriag ndmiratinii 
for (he j-n r.'i'iimi «f their musical tf*-h- 
blmte. :!.!■■ :i-j Short ha» sueroitnib-hl 
ihrm with n daitling acenk and ccstuim 

Jdsi i» of Spice. 

John t'linili-rtand, fmrn the legitimate 
ftr» field, l*-lhc »tnr or J Tb Kail of 
Kre," He hna exce'-lant ilnsi^laftet in 
this phtylri by Arthur Kck.-rsVy nnd 
finrdon UVaAactt, of Malic! Ca ia ej oi l nml 
and C. Carroll Chi^-as. LinK- wonder 
that bichalor aeted b» Mr. Camber- 
]and fell for the seemlnaly OTeOflBCilfllB 
aUiirement »t M^Ikh rain^ron. 

Aphastn resTillinij froto ft Tall on the 
dimly lighted «u-pa of .Mr. IMunUefMbu ™ 
Dtiartraent euused M6M 1'amrn.ui in tic* 
Uovp herself married and lit her h,"i*- 
laud'rt home. The i-wiilliug dtaio»™ 
and Ini-ideiitii at times npnrum-h tbo bor- 
der linr of Klli:ci*atinil. The Itoft of 
the plnyem mcoit* the eroding of tbi 

Sylvia Clark nceoinplleheil Jier '■»*■ 
lonarr Palace feat at alo]>{dng tlio show. 
This tively little nils*, wfusen to tako 
herself neriuiwly. She doe* not - -" 1 1 ■= : 
Mill. Shi- luiii tiow paossnaa and stead- 
ily improve In her infections. *&Hl for 
nroualng mirth. 

t>e hy\f> Alda. prima dnnp« cnmeiiL- 
eaae ftom the -ftlegfeld Folllw, 1 ' mmie 
ita inauiutaneoiia capture of tnitdevllle. 
MIbh Alda did thin by bnvinic BTery U4CM- 
«ary trqulaite In herKcIf arid her snr- 
rniindlngi*. Her pood looks and her 
grace are ^n^j-atiallnir a I iir>t glance. 
Abort lb is she has the nire gift of mag- 
ntilKni. n Ringing rwee of I'hurni. a 
*ca*e. of ^umor, iatelllgence In irjeald&B 
lines, nnd she can ditme, 

fi\\f dO«-a not exploit thin remarkable 
[■■-r^innolity in one. Instead «hn ic the 
stjie of a miudeal Cdiuedy in which ilB J;" 
ban the dnuriuu and kiddiuK Qld oPTJoto- 
thy BUfrkky, Tierney A: Donnelly, nnd 
(taargo Dobbs. tile leading j'lvetllle sup- 
port of Ij. J. Bartets. nml the nellug «T 
a stern matron role by C'nroline Tnjcke. 

She fimt pops upoo (be admiring gure 
in n eafe, -Sho has on tattered boy.a 
clothen, Ho tattered thnt Iit l>.ire E«i« 
Dire dlneloxed full leugtii. Shu » 
jiapern. She slnga. she dances, she |e!U 
a mock sad atory of her wreirh«'d family. 
Tha lendlug juvenile transports her t» 
the home of bin wealthy mothor, whence 
she la turned adrift on Iter bJatory beipg 

He Knee* Her »1 liner * 

Later abn returns to the bouse at a 
i'.'iini[n:i,' r. r ji iu--r for tho evening. Iinv- 
[ntr li.-'-atnf a. famoua ntnjje star nailer 
a change In time. 

"Thane. legaT" eiclaims the leading 
Juvenile In rapture ns lie recOsnUirs them 
despite their change fr«m nndity to ailK. 

Jiiatlfled aa thla admiration mny he, 
these form only "one of many reaaons 
for "Mia" AldaV sueeesa. 

Ella ■Hetfnrd in her carlain speech, 
whirb wits demanded tninllUnnii-ly, re- 
ferreJ to her nne sulitnry psperimentnl 
n-eek at the t'alaei> a year u^". This 
had led to a. tour of the K V, Keith 
Circuit. endinfT tbi* week, The talsnlad 
English (Nunedienao now sinew "I'iite- 
lnud" and i-ipl-al n»inl>i'cs thnt would 
an anywhere (be language i» spoken, 
beauioji giving effective tmnervonatiooa 
or MariJynn Milter and Lenore Tlrle, 

Ofteu a* .Tiihaiiy Itnrke has delivered 
hit ""Drafted" monoiogiie. tiv apprecia- 
tion of It* humor inrrras-e^, rn»itivily 
the patron.i were upalde to eontrol tbeir 
laughter over what happened after 
everyliody was happy nnd any en ihe 
dav he onr-'lint Awt.y tn war. 

William nock wait given n hearty 
welcome. Thla time the delineator and 
creator <of types in song and daure. in- 
troducea Nanev Welfnrd and iloleii 
Kbv. He in constautly a«fillng tn hta 
fame for ditcovering fflrl Bnds. Aealn 
he Ja to hp conflTft'iiInird. 

i.ittle Mhw Weirord is the daughter 
nf the. relebratmi comrdian, flaHea WpI- 
fnrd. She U a eute. winnnme girl wltb 
an od i air of nmusod rotpietry that 
makes her decidedly Individual a« well 
as attractive-. Tier youthful reach, 
though altogether modest, brlprd vn-illy 
Ed making hits: nf three niltuhcni with 
Mr. Itoek. A kid houji nf hee own was 
a mvttoua! triumph. 

Mlsat T,hy \s * tall, ^liglil ri>airB- , 't 
to Mlsa Weltord. She, too. has Indi- 
viduality^ 8be shines particularly Jo a 
inirftl«T about the ttKhta™» of a hick 
r>I r. Hock portraya. She tell* him where 
lie geta off, accurately, emphatically and 
lodicromslr, tabulating hlfl disinclina- 
tion tn -.•■•■* rr.fe, 

United for «cinim and dauceji together, 
Mr. Hock. lOaa Weiford. and Mi-- Eby 
are a ml lining trio. 

Tor Cold I. Crip or Influ*nu 
ami aa a PMrfeaUtlTe. take Laintlte 
nnnMO qrtNIKR Tahlet*. The, Kcpulnn 
hears the aJ« tin tore or K, W, (ir»fc. (De 
• urt job get BB.OJUOJ iSfc,.-« AUft* 

With Tr 

an fnila 

v™|l»> on Maill 

nil I'ollte-. 

The bcei nf jiiundnrd n*tltfltttoit*i ihe 
Hjwest in rniidei-ille antl tbo brlftUDHb 
ill biirlesniee ah- ,,iT.-r t -i| nn tJn- Hew 
Vork staap this woii:. Th* program* 
rdra.A tin- wblevt possible rniiffe i\\ ainu-o- 

A ii--t 5J JI^Kflttfi attractioriri fo]. 

UehiMi.. "Klki."* lirnon- L'lrle in eliar 
Reti-rbntinn; Itelmuet, "The S. H. t*Mi.||n- 
it.*.' iiiTit<v(y from tho French; (Johait, 
-Tha I'erfwt po»! ( " Ed Wjnn rev,,., 
' nrt. "('jiiitsiu Apprn-Jiu'k," mi Eogllab 
romedyi I-.iopirr. "Tlif Ctirttttt," eon 
cry niewi; lutln^e. "TltO Uetui-Viutiit, 

i [in [■ l|,.in\ i (nrLT: Fortf-elchth 

SUeet, "The NeaU*' « Win. A. Itnuly 
otTnrfnr: Pxagee, "Muky," i-allre on 
hii.iuhJi.-3: l-'idtun, "The t'ir«- 1-,' Mmign* 
am piny; listcly, Bloia .lauix and "IK-r 
Uiuig ": fiatrielt, 'lie Who tie" 
N iippj'd.'' nil(l[.1i-f! frunj ItllWltTLj lilii'- . 
"tiiaid MornlHg Denrte," Dililncliniii 
tni^l'-nl comedy: trrcenn'lrh Villacc. 
"'Ihe ficeun,"^ revival: JlarrlH, "SI« 
Cylinder LoTft"' iiuntdy n[ unilnr cars; 
Ii«ur> .Mil.i>eV' : Th»v N»U.ii.*l Antlww," 
inlli [.nnrilie iflyiur; II ipiiodmaie, "fret 
Tiigfl-lii-r, ■ .■ 1 \(niv.iEoii7it: Ihidjinu. "The 
I'oler Fr»m th,- Minnr>-i." by Blehrjs 
(newi: Klnw. -l.iliiv of I be Fi« f d. ' 
BWdeTB i-n;: Knickerbocker, "Bull 
doi; . Uruiomurd," i-bi-tiuie im-iodrjimn: 
Wr.nYty t ^HP-t>^rirT5 -tiiftf;' r,.*»„ 

'l«'fli prlrtllWllgji; Little. "■'Pile First 

Year." comedy of married Hie; 
l.rniiincre, "Thank Von,'' peuuty of mlti 
i-ti-riul life; Ly^-uni, "The t>ram| Uuki-,' 
Hgoha Huilry ptor: MoroHO, "The lint."' 
mcJndnuna al injuiery; .Munfe Dot, 
"Musii- ISoi Hev«r," iiuihIckI orferrnfl 
de luxe: Sew Amsterdam, "Jfally. 
Kiegfetd mnatcal [day: New Amsierdira 
Roof, ZiegfcUl's "Midnight VnW: 
1'ark, "Frank I-'us'n l-'iihlit"/' iiitiiili-nl 
reviiit (newt; l*lnyhfiuni', "Drifiini;" 
iiLvbidrnum nf ihe IOhpI; llepuldic, "Li 

i i-dy; Siii.v-ll.ird Str.-.-i Mii«If Hall, 

'■Sliunie AJoBB, 1 ali i«.|., r .'i| reviw; Tlmos 
S.iuHr.-. "A Llill al, M Kng- 
li-'h iri|Kirtrfiii-ii; Vfliiderliili. "Anna 
< -bristle, ' Uui;enu U' Neil L^wi irk. 

Tbe iiiirlrni|KC baiisen arc hilling the 
t'rilfwing attrnetione, nmoiig olbemi 

Star, A Whirl or Oayetyi Casino, 
Keep Smiling': Kuipin 1 . J*ave Mitiiun'a 
Own Slum-; t;,»tfiaibiii;, World of Frolic*, 

Anions Ihe vauikville iiro^rams aru 

Klhel Levey hrnd.4 n program of ainrs 
,ii ilm wpiH-lnl B. F. Keilli HumJay mull- 
tree mid hiiiht c^Cfrrtn it the New Au- 
stonhiiii Tlit-tnre. IWid. s Miss Uvry 
therO an- .Inlm I 'lIUlln tlrni.i nnil riiiJi 

pmny in "Th.- Full of Kvi.," Fva Bhtrhw 
and Tn. t.Mlifiiraln Uoinl-l.-r-i. ,T.,!min.- 
Hurki;. Lee Beers. W l\ Fields'* "Frtia- 
ily Ford," Jul Inn I^iuLberc *ti , CrTehettirR 
«n'l other tlar nets. 

Ao iiEiiisiinl iitlmnloit La _ . boon hanked 
for Keltlt'i* Alhambnt 1lii* wwli in llnr 
Die (ioldin, (bo seithHtiiniiil illusionl>it. 
who jiresents obat In- vtyb-s "A l'ossmti 
Imp*. nihility "' Attlftted by Ml^ Irene 
\ F jinderliill, Mr. Unldiii ofTers a sflendtij- 
Miirgirnl problem. PHii-inj: ji woinnn in 
half. ('haHi-K King and Ml* Rnodei Ea 
"Tool Your Horn." nnd Maigoret Tonne, 
"Vmi'ipville's Vi-r-tnlibi C'iiii>-dieiHii'." are 
proa if sent fwtiirH nn the hill, oth^fH 
are Vnughti Comfon. "Ajnerii-H'n Moat 
Nitniijil Tenor": Madame 1 l<-w.M.n n und 
eopspaity in "The Womnn Who Know"; 
T-Viink 'ialiy In "On and urf": MeTJaritt, 
Kl-iiv & Qninu, "The Wane aforeee aad 
the Artre.nK"; Murray titria. In aoiiies and 
ilnucrx; Henry A Aoehaidn. in '*A (ihauge 
in IHticing": Aesop's I'uHes, Toplen of 
tbo I'ny, and l r athe News ['icforinl, 

Eva Sbfr!t\v. the little ciil with a l-itr 
votef, ^barei? th« tap-line honor? with 
VlejDr- Moiore, celebrated einiedlnii. op 
thin week T s bill nf popular favorites nt 
It. F. Keith's BtUbwlek. Hvo Shirley, 
who [s n linmklju girl, runs ihe tatnllt 
of noug "From Kttfllnie In f}rfliid 
Opern." Victor lloorf. one of a family 
of Hlnrs, iireaenla bis [rjdlerona akelch 
of life behind the ncenes rolitrd "(Minage 
Your Act or Back to the \VWIn," pr>nis- 
Iba Lenritt and Ruth Slury Lock w nod, 
nutaicnl ronjedy favorite, offer "Tboni- 
iielrea," AKsIated by Hretbrr Hay. Leo 
Beern. iflieruaiionnl seeiety eetertainer, 
wlni recently renirned ftnin n sitL-rresafn! 
European engagement. Is down for n 
greeny ptauologne. D. II. II.? the ot- 
eollegr profeaaor, who find" ai-liua l"r 
more Icicrnllve than tenchiug. in heard la 
a facfltlaua Juopologiie. ond FA'M" Kaae 
nnd Jay Herman, "The Midnight Son«,' r 
offer enmedy nnd song in "A itagiimn 

"i'rofiteering," n HM-iftty raorlna pro- 
duction: I'ejrgr farhart, enneert vin- 
liniMc, formerly aotoEAt with I he Cleve- 
land Symphony Orchentra; Aesop's 
Kablen. Topiea or tho Day anil Pi the 
Sh-vtb Wciures complelo the bill. 

The famotia Courtney Sls'err, Fay 
and Frnren™ <reeer.ll}' Llliltedl and 
Hheiln Terry, the Utile italirlri^ »tar, im- 
"<!.-■: by her '■omiiaiiy, nru !'.■ pre- 
iliiiniuiini fwjtaTol Of Ilm hie tm-jrt bill 
at It. P. Kellh'a -Hamilton, Tin* Court- 
nev Sbneea. n**i»t*d hy (heir atv>ooatra, 
offer 41 pteuMiiz ntnl vnrir.1 revtie of songH 
under the title "At Home— Courtney 
I're-i." Sheila 'I'-rrv rind lnvr eota]hariy 
en 1 seen in h uowj^reji-'sretir dance pm- 
dnetloh calle-l "May and Deceiiibcr," by 
Harlan Tliompsoii- 

The WIJ im-lude-i BftJEe Hale mvl com- 
pany, BlbbUt &. Malle, Frawle.v A 
Louise, Topiw nt llnr l.'ny aad I'.ltho 
Ncwm PictDtea. 

V. P. ErTAceaVa fifth Avenue Theatre 
brails tlii- program Tor the first half of 
thbt week wnb 1 In try Borvaford, recent 
atar of "Shaving*,'' in " eoacdV sketcli. 
"The Night Uofore i 'hriarnuw." Other* 
on the bE'l nn- Cnhill A: Ititrmilne. "The 
l.-ij- Sfmj,." JM Mil]. I 'iihucj- A- Clnuile. 

Thuraday So ISuudny~.Ifm Hbimoml 
ninl Wihjl HreimnTi in "Something for 
.Sale," VI-iIj Hu-Ii-ll ilihI F>lwanl Punl- 
Knn in "ReMielicn," Welch, Mealt>r ft 
Hon I row, Will am' Harold Ilrnwu, "Uttt- 
toiw." n eyclonif farce, nii'l tight Lniiu- 
tic C-liinli*. 

At I'poctor'-i Twenty-third Street Thea- 
tre, Monday to Wednesday— Itny ELudm 
and I'nm in "Green and Ctasa," W:\:\ ■.-,-. 
&. Weston and rompany In "The At- 
torneys," MUe. Then unit Her Umiilica 
In a miniature musiea) revue, Anthony 
& Arnold. Siiite-v Tajdor and i-i-imniti v 
and Condi. I^ono & Zippy. The fea- 
ture picture if Muriel: I Vivien ill , Tlll- 

Itridea Play." 

Thnntdnr to Ryndny — Joe Laurie and 
oomtiiuiy prrArntLTig , *Whntir-arr 1 " Audrr- 
son & Voting Players and Srll O'Connell. 
Tlie faiiuef pieture will be \\ T aliacc Ilrid 
in ,r K*nt Free." * 

F," P, Ihroetor"* rifty-eighlli Ktreet 
Theatre. — Mondny tn Wedneaday — B. A. 
Il'ilfu and company In a speelafulur 

Fat That Shows 

Soon Disapjiears 


tat that rial 

m *h fl 

'■-■■>'l l> a t;„.l-i=. 

, hi .!, 

ji-fc, upon 

tl'Anlli"- 1 

Vi ila 

■ It ibova br talllaa 

mfm e 

Uu no* 

Uirmula ".-■ 


a labJala 

arn aa tUrti 

n]| prn 

rlplLon !rmn 

<■. Hi!* 

aAflJ an 

»ni) If j a >ai 

.. . am ■ 

, «H,<r l!-'»l dlr— I 

UK. PRATT, Plamtlc Hnriran, 
C<nwtli-Ba, Tim L-lfUrl. WilaklBL >l*l 
Raaaer**, <D WHf 34. 

lorwcal ejiTiivagrtiizn, Webct & Klliottae, 
eceenrric r-omitpieA; Frank Wiilcnx nml 
finiiHiny in Jvui-Ji," f'«ur<*y A: Howard, 
Allnum & VYtwda, Kora .Ihjh: and com- 
puny. Th- fenture )m*Mir»- Is Mftrw-n 
Uavfei In "The Bride a J'lay. ,- 

Thiir-^h-v l>i H i in. I li y The miiKlcnl 
cfimwly strtf, dark Snrwurlh. will appear 
nit Ihu tlieatre attijitna- ■•■'■■•■■ of biit old 
fmoiltrs unci iiitrinlMi-|iJj: miiny new mrlu- 
die?, tllhrrs will ttt- Fred mid Alycn 
KendinK, Bd mid Eve HLdiai; arid many 
Bthcn e-pially ns well Vmovn tu iti.; pub- 
tic. The lViniir«; picture, will Is- un, at^ 
pejding film Atory, ".f-t.-t Aronntl tun 

. F- P. Piroeior** li"itJi Strwei Tboatre. — 
Miiiiday to W-nlnoiolriy-l'i.: rjtiinn with 
Prank Master* and Unddy Caoovr, "A 

tjin.eii an'l 1V« Kn . in :i ]•■-.,-, 
liunihnl," Ihe ttuii-d:iin> Iptrta, Arftw Sfc- 
fioiTun. "'['he Mm ,,{ rl„> Hour," and 
fli'lTemi! fi Mugbos. Tho failure plctum 
will ho l-;ilii-l lln'.i.ipt lu "Exit ihu 

Thursday io .Siimtuy- Mile. Theo and 
Fl'-r I "nmlii-jT. ihe ordinal bullooa girl. In 

a miniature mutdatl ravnt Jn iht 30m- 

[ilture weaats, tame liy L Pinataopel ; 
llnley & CfOM, «ltiiwinc tfn- snutrl'M 
Stylos tU Bnllgsi r^jiton iTNi-il. tjie Se.:- 
bucks nml Tb'imna tlrity. The foaiurr- 
idetem will u- "Itoat Frw" with Wal- 
lace [(pfd. Topici of ihe Day, Aeaoi>"s 

Fahb-a and Pa the Ni-rh jn all uf tho 
E'roctor Tlu-atrea. 

The iVdit-i'iini Ttn-airr- ]rBirun« barer 
it jjn-nl treat 11: *t*»re for iln-m the Hr»t 
bnlf nf thi.i WCCK when l-Vitxa Hehett, 
lamnUM nio-i+nl iiiinnl.v, opera, pEi/lnre 
and %andi'vilin atlp, ironiea on, 

The jei'lNit. Pklurii « Ktbal i£inrifcr_-. » -. • 

SW Ihe last huU of lh^ weak tho 
vnudnillli- hill will Iriidiide Snm l.#-wtM 
nnd Ham I'oly In (lu-ir faamn-i '*IJelt<J. 
Helb.. Hollo,- "Tdia I'liiverlniir.." It.- 
Ojud & W..>« au-J Jiuy. ilamliu. .t Kny. 
The foutiirn utetatc will, be . Wallace 
[told in t(U later-t comedy <Trn>aa, "llent 

The stellar feature *f U. R. Mosa's 
Rajtetd Theatre- Iliin wn>l; i% Thf- world 
famoiiH .|u,Lrviiv.Mir. Prinrera Wnhietka, 
trno will aniivi c ul! trn«itl0DB| of the 
pattt, prrrnem nml IiiHirc. Oilier Keilh 
nels for tho first half of tho week 
im-lade liert Krrol, with the Korgroim 
iiowna end rite Tel racial voire; .Inh'a 
.liininii, SterenJ £ Hrunucll, Fowler <% 

Tha fentttre pirrun* i-j Mitrioa lJnvio> 
in "The Bride'* Play." 

Fdr ihe but hair <.f the wcrk. in ad- 
dition In l'riur-oKs Wnblelku. -.. \. will 
he held ovi-r for tho rntiro weefc, iln» 
vaudei-ilto Mil will itivliiib- Wnhusbv A: 
Keatliti: Iti "Utile t'oinii-alllicH „f LW*l" 
Mnn-ell,. Fnllep. Elm l-'i.-mli refnur-,- and 
Scbrrftrfc A Clifford. The Tcaiun' |dc- 
lure will be Walluce Kohl in 'IJeiit 

The Canieo Theatre Mils week Una the 

premiere- iirt-M-tilntti f YitaiTnpb'a 

super-fenliitr, "Til"- Prodigal Judge." 

"The l-niiliriil Jude-r"' blibJi tt» |hi» 
NfTwn a ehnrectec who 1ms inne litetl 
in ri.-iM.u ntnl l,n. bocouiQ endearn) to 
the litMirtd ot fleilnn lovers. V.i spieni 
at rvrry [par. FnlxinrSuii in coiineUy of , 
rt|ipetiii<- mel iinrlfrt-i, lih.- indue is a 
ruuii to h<s reckonrij with. Ths npeetit- 
tor fJFUChrf over, bim nnd then Jove* bim, 
and tu the eiwi rises to ji point of de- 
lighted admiration for the vagabond whi> 
flill remains fh«j high-minded, great- 
hearted gentleman. 

Ho In ihe mo*t strihlni rlmrarter in 
u jiielnre nf turttiy wtrilfitig ehnrih.-|i-rat » 
romance rich in ineideitt. hearty in 
humor, full-flowing In :i braid Current 
■if lift; And events. Lore ond hate und 
prlritte fend, true Triendshiji nnd e*H 
ambition, Mn- myFErrlotis and uuexpecte-TI 
- -nil fjuve their place iu the plot ef then 

Amemaa jiicturc. 

Another very InlereHlIng and entee* 
Imiiinfi subject an ihe proBruai will he 
Lnirj Semon lu his hm-at comedy, 
"Tlifl Show Khip." This totuwly i% 
ekptiiffiatJnelr funny and fifty girls of 
exceeding tiulcbrltitdc make iL very 
pleaalng to look Upon. 

The nininunder of fhP procrain imhules; 
tho Cameo Topics, sjilolsta and etalior- 
nle orcheMral uelectlnria by the Ctimcu 
fosrert Orchestra, under ths- direrfijb 
of Craliaui Harrir;. 

The bright fecture of Ihe Keith Taut]*. 
vilte bill at II. fi. MooK'd Franklin for 
the lir«t h:ilf of Ihi-- week is Uvrth tier! 
the dancer from the We**, with her c-o«i- 
puny of rariptloual duticpr-. in a ne*hr 
terj,jiit-h<>rrnn offering. <hln-rs on t hi' 
bid inelude Ida May Cliodaiefe. ihe musl- 
f-iil comedy eamcdiePne. with b«-r dad. In 
? coiardy nkcu-h, eutitisd "Wigcin»"s. 
Poat Oft.*"": Wilsjt, Brothers, the 
bunker YodlerH. In "Th,- FJeuteniint and 
Ihe Con"; Pred and abtrjeib Pale, em- 
issaries from joylnnd: Kay, Hamlin & 
fvay. preseiitinB "The BUlpoHtcr." 

The fenture picture Eh JIoliiM Bo»- 
s-nrth in nn«rbe r Hirilling phot^-drnnin 
>f the Ut, "White Handu," n pktnre re- 
[ilite with thrilla und romance. 

1-or the last hnlf uf ihu nvek tho atel- 
lar attraction or the vaudeville htil will 
l;i- lh.> Llghliier Sinters and .V«-wton 
Alo^nniler lu a n«w musical <4i»isdy n-- 
vni! fwililrliiL' Winnie Lrghtner with thfl 
t-iouunn Sisters, l;an»inu, Hnrrv dun-* 
and a i.ig tuaipiny. Othent on the bill 
will he .Ilm nnd Betty Ulorgari. tiil|e n & 
MiiIchIiv. n wiiarrl pianist anj a second 
Jflliti M.-f'netna'-k, whtnte ri-oderlog of 
"MachiiHhln" U a wonderful impcrnonn- ? 
tfon hi£ that famous artist; Qninn & 
Oaeerhj- in their enmerly nbMurdhy. and 
ltomn Dtio, iiitrnduecta of naveltjcs in 

The Franklin also preAenti Norma 
Talmadgp in "Th^ Wonderful Th| c n.- 
As a. special nitractiiju [be Fraaklin 
holda a "iy As Vou ^*I«l«e'■ contest 
every 1 ni'srfny ovenljig anil a dance 11m- 
lOJt every Thursday eveaine;. 



It is not necessary to shampoo your 
Inlr so frequently If It h entirely and 
properly clcitijed each lime by tha u«d 
o( a really Rood saiHipoo. The easiest 
to use and quickest dryini; sftimpoo 
lliii we caii re^ommeiid tu our read- 
ers Is one that brings out liJ the nat- 
ural beaut j- of the hair lud may he 
enjoyed at very litlle expens*, fey dis- 
solving, a teiipcxmfu'l of caxitbmx, 
which uln be obtained from any drug- 
gist's. In t cup of hot water. Tats 
mikeS a lull Cup ol Valmpuo liquid, 
enough so it U easy lo apply Lt to all 
the hair Instead of just to the lop nl 
the head. Thi*. when Tubbedlnto the 
scalp and! onto eveiy strand of hair, 
chemically- dissolves git Imptirltlej. It 
li very ^oolhlnt; and COollnt In its 
action, as well as to both 
SCJtp aad hair. After rlniiuf; out the 
lather so created, you will find the 
scalp i* fresh, clean a«d free front 
dindrutl. white ihe hair dries quickly, 
nd evenly, developing a bright luster 
nd a 20ft flufHness that tt jeeiu 
very heavy. 


lllrprUitrd bom l'*nl**di J , « fast EsUIOb-1 


Appean in Own Production From 

Icafon rf "The Voice From the 

Minaret" at the Hudson. 


Allien Take* Place In ri-oloBtta 
RP4 Tare* Acta In DhhicQi 

IK'IWS TISKATIir— ' n- t V»j» Traa th* 
MtMf*'." ■ jiltj In pralnpis sod thn* 
. »-.'.!■. fcy rtebar! II | .:- rS ., 

Th« Cast, 
Andrew Fjbl«B .,.., JTwtarl Msralull 

'■■--■ ... ....B. li*r»m (<■■.■ -n. 

r.i--- (j;**,-r!S- C. M. H*Jl«H 

t*dr Carjll ,, lUrli L»hr 

A jfu«fELn Ji-iiJA. CMplD 

V;i rthlin Vi.n* Pfi!h«r»lon 

yHH*-R«44 ,.*„... . r ..,„,.CasUnt FslMfosN* 

a Wt1f*r .... ,Ktxs Bdldvls 

Blr M!» Csrjlt .. r ... ,..TXttW&4 Omi 

A*U*r .. B, Ra] 


It wts a typical Knsli.h east that 
Marie .Loht brrjiifhi into i'»lay I 113 ' night 
at [Jv Hudson Theatre with which lo 
present "The Voico From the. Minaret," 
the piece from the pen of Robert Hidicua 
which she- 1 1 r- - ■ 1 ■ : ■-' -i in London some 
months mo. 

Moreover, a typical EnfiMeh cut 
fcprani into Instant favor -far reason ef 
ita performsnw last fcicht ohd every 
mctnlxT q[ the MMJi|miiy from Lbu atar 
down to th" portraycr tit thn ; n:d;'-.: 
part stood 'if 10 his responsibilities i:i a 
WUjP that r-iinfri not but have iIolifillt-EMJ 
the mflivt milieus critic. 

The scpnic effects, which were brought 
all iliac way orer frnm London,, werq mrnt 
effective, especially so in the proiopif, 
which wna act In Damascus, and the 
Macing, too, was up to (be same mark. 

Awbttnj! JUbs Lohr wen.- ITerbrrl 
hlnrahall, & Rrjysnn-Ou.iens, C". M, Hal- 
lard, Jiii.ijiiti,i riniiijn, Vane. I 'withe mlonr. 
Content FhI nolo sue, Evnn 11a Id win an<J 
Iftltnnnrt rtweoti. E. Kayson'Couiu'ne 
doubled in two parts, riiai of Sal is n In th« 
JiroLoeiK! ueii Astlcj in the ensuing prc- 

The prolo£ut> nun net in Damuscua 
and Uie three arts of the play were set 
in London. The action of thi; pleci? con. 
wmifl iiic fo^e affair between it y&uus 
married woman who is irked vim bcr 
ktiHband and a ^omh «fio iloccp't qniir 
Kf-Ctii 5" kniA' Ili -* fin n minil. In far-otT 
UamiitfUs ih^y uppcar 10 s»-t ©0 preltj 
>vrll. but tliMi ihi-ii; i<i a hiatrnt of au 
Jrurw. aoii nb*fl tlio two noil jni»« tho 
m#a ban become a ricor and all aorts 
of maitilintioon «i*t in. 

iTcH-rrpr. Uw himbawi (lotsn'l sc^Tn 
nathUnl dii'I h" xnakfa a Hrrnr in his 
lilt in tht InEt R't that provrft a rrally 
bie iHuitloD. In the end Lbe woman 
railhiei ibe wmJI m M ol her spotisr'n 
nii-ii] uur! tfll/i liim no. and thU L>Brtlctilar 
tilt of drottalChl nctiun la tbe uout eJ- 
Iffllve part nf I be oniir^ pluj, 

in the end, ■■■ii f 1r I- Ei to lijiii-v «ut 
wrs-riji':.- or not thn vlntr renouorra hla 
calltoft to follon- the lure of lore or not—* 
and aJtef all, that l» probably the moat 
>altM»' n>rj- form ot ptayitTLtmR, 

Mario Liihr aiiil, h'rr ri)nii>anj- have 
come to May for *ome time hn our fslr 
ciljr, and j.I thn. rcee|>tfoD (Hat jTrcetcd 
thrni Iik-e niebt ia nnj crl(i<rion tbey 
will have a pliant, in New York. 


Creator of Equestrian Statue$ of Tame Han 

Suddeu Death. 

kiolrist Cannibal BoT£lnin, faootiB 
Atn^Hean acutpto?, died Monday at the 
HtaDifor Hospital. His death waa eud- 
dcii, U he wait ttaly in hid 5^(1 ycai- 
Borflou rcallied fante in hie worku dc- 
plcdni; borau (mil otber tjiibjecu drawn 
frnm life on the WcHtern ra^chCS- 

llti was botli hi Otfdcn, L'Uti, thd 
T0uus«at of four Bubs of Dr. Jnuiea dc la 
Motho and Uhristiiie Uorslutti. [lis 
youth wuh ;-p ! 'rn: on Ida. father's raueh r 
where he l«nri]cd. the bundling of Iiurmis 
and had tbo 0pp*riiitii(7 (o Depreciate 
\hb open lu-oiintrj 1 , Early in bla itens ho 
bejran to cnakG aketchca at tbe varigu* 
objecta he knew bo well. Scion be made 
model* i» .piny, and decided in mtkn art 
bin career. 

iVfler a lon^ mj-hc^Si- against poverty 
She yimnj: Amerlcun reached I'ana, end 
hlmrtly utttt that had one of hU bfum 
iliiplayiirl in ih« taloii. It waa then one 
triumph after another for the sculptor, 
and lie won many prizes In mancy and 
mcdald. Mont "f hla work concerned the 
Wrat of bu jouib, hut he did many other 
ngurra. iuclii-clinc .ir-vrrol portrait Imsis 
tiic HfB. J. It. Uordon egitcatriao atatua 
in AtlAntii, lie,., a\M i M-Hea of portrait 
buBU at Kcncrtil* la tiic Chi! War. - 


Adolph Zukor Sayt Associstion Will 

Be a Clearing Home to Settle 

All Di£cultiea. 



Aaacplcan t.raloa'i National L'ob- 

hii4h D«ntaa Tlrriort Sx-SJerrlca 

i|fii Fnor Pad*r*l GcBaarahlp. 


Tlir<-r Mii"nnB.'i Km: 
.Vol l»* rnlltrd {a 


Three stowawajnt who boirde.] tiic wrs- 
ael nt Cristobal f«r the i»urpOK ot j:!^ 
ing a clrcUa ot bridjteport, Ct.> aa aero- 
beta end clowna, arrived ye«terilay aboard 
the L'nJtrdl frwit Comiwnr'a liner Paa- 
tores. However, ibry wem not allowed 
to Intnl. but were tent to Kllia Thluisd to 
await I'M' action of ■■■lmwj: nouae t>lh- 
ciala. J'flflKcncrrs aboard iho «h|p for 
wlt'.tai the trio bad performed, wiahed 
thrm IhpIi, but Ulr three were dc-wocast 
jit the vti'-]i'-'-: of baring to apend an In- 
definite prcriod on tbe ialaad. 

Tin- bu*ciisc und effccL* of Tboions (J. 
^linuiie, n. K^bojcnt at .the New York 
State AKriruttuml Ciperitnetlt citation at 
trcneva, N. V., who uiaappeared os loir 
warf 15 from the vessel, were returned 
jnul taken care of by the rlriim dcuart< 
ntent of the ^troinKhip company, (t It 
the Iwife-f diiionc; crew mffinbera tnnt 
Spropur. waa In b oiclnncholy atatA of 
mind darinij the entire trip. Uo Raid hii 
v-':i-. In bad health. In the ■ifnu of 
younc Kprajtuc. It was a Hid, waa found Jl 
M-aleil letter addwaied. to a friend in 
■ Jfew York, The letter ■*** mallet! whws 
the vraael reached Criatc-bal. 

IVuriili-L to l!*iJir "(XJlcllo." 

Robart Warwick may fire i>pccfal 
loailncCa of "Othello" during the run of 
■'Driftittjr'* At the PlftyhoBet. Hctai 
Menken ii to act Deademona, 

Sick Stomach 

Tor calc*. ic'lic-fi fftbtDcent woiaflool 
Orasi^lDa j'owtieM at any dnii atort. 
Tti'jiKip ajiTBlabj of bcadacha or alak 
•top3*<rh from anr cause and oaTir falL 
Toll formula prlnttd on avarjr pacajuja. 


WILL HAYS'S round taVtc of rao- 
fi-an picttiTe produrara met him 
at luO^acon; Oil Moniay and 
talked ahop. Mr, liny;. Flipped 
into town, v«ry quietly sod mnoaeed to 
aidratep the alert ucwepapcr reportera, 
who ao.»r trailed him in Ituo Sherlock 
Holme* fabliion irer alnce he put aia 
name U the famona pontraet. Adolph 
Zukor aaid yeaterday putfia the pro- 
£acari bave ooUfofd telib Mr. Hayo ore 
*try simple. 

^'When Mr, Jlaya takea rbarfic." fttd 
Mr. Zukor, "we eineet to form a Cham- 
ber nf Commerce; an aanociatloti where 
we can dlaeuia the 4Lfflc«UIe« that nre 
rommoa wilh vTot ua. The ateel e«m- 
naokta hare such AQ or(aniaatieii. It i^ 
a clearing houae to take cbarfe Of tbe 
problems that affect the companion reji- 
reneatert io the Caauiber of C^mmeree." 

Mr. Zukor said Mr. Haya wilt hare 
an entire new tiraanhwHi^a. The Na- 
tional Anaociation of th# Xfotien rieture 
Tndit<ry, which lias heretofore bao'Iled 
rill qiK-stions on motioii ]>i>tttres.wrjl not 
he a part of ihe Hays r«|!me. Junl what 
will become of the >ii(iooal Aaaociation 
Sir. Zukor did not inv. ITe predicted. 
b-,-11 ■-! ■.■*!-. tbe Sret thiugr The Chamber of 
Commerce would do would be to fry and 
eatablieh friendly relation* In erery 
branch of the busincai. 

"We hope." »uld Xtr, Xukor, "to pro- 
UtoXt a Jjeiter uodiemtandlni; between 
producer and diatrihutor and dl^tributoc 
iod exhibitor.. IVe wiiat. first or all, 10 
do our utmost to try and eitabliah a 
better working hnaia. That we brlleve 
Mr. IlayR, with hla yearn of experience 
aa organizer and his famillurlCv ttith 
Uumiui nntnrc, will he itble to do." 

Mr. Zttkor'fl CAnveraation ypaterday on 
the HayK" plan Is the first definite In- 
formation on the nature of The orflaniwt- 
tion to lie formed in cArryinjf out the 
new motion pk'titrc director** Mtv, 

.lmrr)f*n JUrnlom Denl«a aio*y. 

A New York moraine paper rflrently 
carried an article anyin^ tli« AeaerU'^n 
Legion war In fiiTi>r of Federal CeCaor- 
chsp "!' motion pictures. The irtlele, 
uliirh appeared Jannury 3G, created no 
[iltle talk and di^eiieflnu amonf; mem- 
hera of the P. JUnkin Drew Post of tbo 
[pffion tn (Kli* city, Yeatwday Haofonl 
McNlder, uatlonal commander, aet the 
mind of the publir nt real by repudlatlnc 
tbp alaletnent, lo a t>-Ie£ram -.■■»: r to 
Yirter M. Shapiro, conimandrr ' tha 
H. Rankin Drew Teat, Ilaqford 5le- 

"National 1 ;:,--. ■::[: <■ ('ammittce baa 
made so nark ntatement as <tao you it- 
CritUtD to Mr. Field. The queatlon hm* 
tierer enme befnre thctn to my lnu»'l- 
edeje. Tlrtie no idea upou what ha batten 
his statement. 

'XSlcnf4> srcNIder." 

Mr. Field is named ns tb« man who 
l* qvnted in the lunrnlne paper atory 
js Mylnc. tbe Amerkan Leei«n farora 
Federal cenKorahip. 

Constance filnncy Here. 
Another motion picture alar has romo 
to wwii to apcml her vacation, Cen- 
vtance Ilinnev was elimpsed yeaterday 
lookinc; very fit and welL 

Debe DnnlPl* Uenlfn S cmni[. 
Bebe Daniels iu not Roine to aMrry 
Jock Dempscy or any can elre. All 
tbeac front na^e atorlts namins ber ia 
the prospective bride of the heavy weight 
champion of the world are untTtie, Hho 
wired this little hit of information to 
Ltie Famous F^lujeni-Lasky olEca and 
added a postscript, aayinc; sac expects 
to spend her time plnyimr in pictures 
Instead of promising to lov?. honor and 

"Ttto Cone orjB.nni" In FElma. 

Such a title as "The Curse of Itum" 
ss'cnis rather unnecessary in ilif>e days, 
whoa \'nlstead nukut drink n prlsou 
nfftrniie. Still there arc ihoac with ennueb 
money to brca- this law, and becauae at 
the few who enn do M> a picture will 
shortly „makfl Its appearance irilh that 
:i ini'iii; title. Harry 0. Hoyt, we hear, 
!^ii *wt>eii vogjtKi-ti w uirm the produc- 
tion, With "Ten Nights In a Bar- 
room," "Where 1* My Wandcrine. Boy?" 
And a foW more pf the name Ilk now en* 
tertainiuc the public these pliyg with 
the old fashioned titles ba^e come Into 
their own and arc now numbered soi&ub; 
our beat sellers. 

Sircaltlaar of "Mf Wanderlnn ""'J ■" 
"Where Is 'My Wnnderin; Boy To- 
niffhl?" based on tbe old hymn, wj|] be 
the feature attraction at the Criterion 
Theatre beslnnins Suaday, February 5. 
It Is an Equity release, and In the cant 
fit-!: Cullcn Lnndi.-, Virginia Trun Board- 
man, Xvnthleen Key and Ruth. Patsy 
Miller. J. P. Uogau and Millard Webb 
are the directonj. l*h.o acenarlo was 
written by Gerald C. Duffy, Huso 
Kicaecfeld is taking advantage of the 
mualcal nonlbllltJe* fa thla by 
prtfiarinC a rpecial procram. 

3<i«r Uibv Plotnre In Mir. 
The Ilaonl Watphee urn eouidering 
very seriously a proposition In go abroad 
and film their next Associated Fir-r Na- 
tional production on French gronqd. A!- 
thriiith notliirg definite has beta panned, 
both Mr, Walsh and his wife, Miriam 
Cooper Walai 1 , are eager to do a story 
abroad. Mlas Cooper exrxwta lo lento for 
Palm Bench next week for a brief vinil. 
jlr, VrJjli ii up to his neck in work 
CTittlttz "Kindred of the Dost" and get- 
ting ft ia ship* for an early rffaiEf, 


§be deal** h*r rniListmtn: (n .Pack 
l)rni[,-iM. Mad ■;:•.-! nhe tfllt '■!'•':■' 
krr tlnr ntiklKK iili-lurf* 
Of nertlTtK mn ri'lf'l- 

The WnUiiea may be litted muni;; the 
hai»py mnrrieii folk ha the industry, Lhr'k 
devotion Jiminp rxtcmli-d over oil ^tie 
years pf clieii- mnninl Hfi\ 

Hfl J-I^ik- 

riar "lmmp. 1 

"A Fool Tla-tif Wns" will he vamploia 
oo loftier. Jdttc Elvidje ban l-ecn cn- 
gngeil : - ■ . . . . : a i . _ =- \f, ■, ..;.; from tb- Coaat, 
In Likir tin, 1 part [Ji-u lini::::!i". Thwla Bam 
to cvrTJ(i»tlrie; feme, EtBmnCt l-'lynrt ho* 
tjiken (he fci-uario out of rh<- nrriilves 
of the Fos Fiiin, Company, tiikfn n liwk 
at the old C:J:n and then ■" I out to make 
hii own version or till* fnnvoiis vnmp 
play, f^en-is Ston*i has been ensajted to 
play (he centleman who loses hid 
frapp on life, through the wiles of 
the notorious vamp. Irene Uieh boa 
been tntfiard to jrlay the rlrwcrfrd wife. 
It will («<* :v.^ :■■■:.:,.■ Iji notti thl lirr-r- 
(hKE betwccTt Mr. FIviii^b "F'>!>l Tberu 
Whs" and the old mn— « [flcture tlmt 
did n Iflod office bnsinejis in the old dnjs 
when vamp* vierc not no wmmnn. 

a< in* Htm bd, 
Jftn week "BtnnluHt" takes ua jilaca 
en tbo Strabd w:ruen as tha L-liicf at- 
traction. ThiH in the ; [■-, ■ ■ \ -.-, ,. -■■ ■.-, 
liieture rlmi raised mefi n furoro whan 
Funny fiur.,:. its aiitluir, dlN^irred It 
hod uot reinaiu^ii true to tbe > ■ ri^iiml 
text. It lian. jdayrd to capacity liouaea 
throuiboijt the wintry and has receirpd 
SOffll itolicc! in iiic tiaiJe |ui|ier«, "Stni'- 
duaf wbi piiH^liril la tbtr CofrAOpolltan 
Udfajiloe as fl serial ami Ifreittfl corj- 
aiderable nttputinn at ilin tirng uf it... 
|iublri-:jihii. Joseph Plonkelt is plnnnfng 
an intercstmp jiTOitnim In m-compiiny tba, 
New York pn^nmiit-n of the picture. 

David Powell coming ILonit, 

The latest word ft l>inid I'owcll la 

that ho is com ins home, llein^ u VVelsh- 
man, one woutd TiaEurnlly aajJ ilr. 
Powell Je home noiv, or nt least nrnrlj 
home, but he Jio* ttrnd in Amerim ho 
many ycar« tbin is liomf lo LI in, lie 
went abroad !u,-r year to lunku pielurea 
in tbe London Ptrafti&uiu .'tudios. He 
Will return lo tlalb/wood anil America 
to support Gloria Swaneon in her ne<i 
picture, "'The UiJdrd CaHe."- Klmcr 
Hie*, who formerly signed nimself su* 
pervlaor uf nrodiK lion W Uealsrl. hoa 
haen retained to write for Mlwi ^uraa- 

Wby. Grace' . 

Ted Taylor writes to •*.» il'c I'atihe 
Coast record for the vtanitltif interview 
ta hold by Ii: :<:r KiuB#IeJi Los Aogmlcs 
film writer. 

"Her (Bterflcw," aayt Mr. Taylor, 
"vrlth (■'erdinpud lififlc hiifnre the ertiat 
and prodticer of the Itublyat, left for 
New Yoii'k, look eleven ami a half 
hours," Cut. tdds Mr. Taylor, il didn't 
fill that many column?. 

gljiati Dexter In Qcrlln. 
Word from rJltiott De»ter sires bis 
preaent addTea* na Berlin. May we **k 
Sir. Elliott, vrho is the ffl^orit* *f BOM? 
of oltr tilui fans, when < 

;oti coinluf 

i.'ii-i:- 1 rniiir in riclwra. 
Lennox 1'awle, who flnys the ple- 
(nreaque character of -Mr. lloskins-Broob 
in "MarJolaoPi" has on Impormut role In 
Sr Stuart Blackton'B picture, "The Glori- 
ous Adventure." nerorrfinc to the cll[t- 
S ilng( from London newspapers thnt hair 
ound their way to this dmk. Walter 
W anger, who has Ittmed the Covcut Oar- 
deua, where tbe plriur-- wsn Kho«*n 4 bad 
probably the moat aatnblc ciitbrrlmi oit 
tbf smbIjii nicht that ever tu-sehibleQ f&t 
a motion pIctuTc pn.-mierr. There were 
members of the royal fnmlly nml emuu-!i 
dnkei and duchesses to tin at lritlt two 
rowu. Lords and ledle* were -o ninraaa 
no one paid any attention to them. Whet 
a (rand time Fens Orman had Writing 
about all thla nobility. 

To Appear a t baaw'a I hrsire. 
Frsnk Mayo i* alated to appear to* 
night at the Loew's 'Boulevard Theatre. 
Niitumlly Iippmar Godow^ky, hla at- 
tractive wife, will he with biitv. &ha ii r 
dauahler of Leopold GiTjuwsky. the fa- 
moua plfluiir* and I* te nttraciive one 
wonders why »me rntrrprisinj* Him pro- 
ducer hasn't coated jkt to make a ple- 

A Lin* ot Two. 

Should a Wife Work," read'sTfiDe 
in frotft of a New York theatre reaterda]'. 
"Efary one btlt her hatband," *D«wered 
a Broadway wag, reading the rj.rj« aloud. 


Hake No Mention of Aiteta or La- 
bilities — The Office Force 


cirj[j.i,lfi, nun Dealt on i h r Oanuo 

dated. 5(»ck Ka*haBisie^t're«i- 

rirnt Csnast He i ■.■•■ami. 

An involuntary nrtitiou in haiikrii^ny 
»u tilrd yesterday ia the Unlleil !itot>:5 
District Court tirofnitL f-qgene J. Cnlln- 
ban, Broadway MockornVer, who denll i-n 
ihc Conaulidaled lin huv;--. Na eslimate 
of either liabilities, or onset a I* madi- in 
tlie papers tiled. 

The petition, n;: i-reditora, Ltur- in 
Dumber, set tip ihai (hi-y each liivl nn 
open trndiofi aeeputil with Oallnhan. 

James T. Kelly *ay» jiia balance: on dr- 
poults for rtoek luarxinn aaivutita. lo f^M. 
Kelly live* in Jersey Cily. 

Jnhp L. Whitacre <>f Uroitkhn with B 
balanee of 51.500 and Bernard J. Rosters 
"f Pastrana, N. .t„ with .. 407HM) balance 
makg Mini la r allpj;n(lnii« Tbe brokT 14 
ehorced with bavin? transferrnl aateu 
Tor the purpose ot giving preference to 
certain eretiitorn uttnatned in the i ■ = ■ i » ■ r 

Hnys Sc Wadhams represent the jtni.- 
lioning creditor* an attOrury*. 

Judge Julian W. Mack in thn L'nltcJ 
Htalca District (.'ourt appolntrtl UoDfred ] 
W". Kbrich reevlver with a bond of j 

Tbe iwwwr took cwars^'.if thr 1 ortieeVf 
el t'iitshao ft enee. ilaya & Wadhoma < 
were deidgnaieil w ntt"r«eys fnr the il- I 
ceivcr. A group of iinfurtinmte credit pr.-c • 
n( the broker were iitHiitl thr ofrievn. It ' 
wiit atmed by n n-pr<-fu-ntail\e of II ay I I 
f.- Wodhflma thai CWUihan hnd not been I 
at the office wince IjjiI Friday, and it wm 
believed that be hud teft the city, Tliey 
hnd aluo lieeii nualiTp, be Kaid. lo local <: 
thfl rwanairer mid Ow eajshlir of the ntiMr- I 
inc: broker. M- naiil Li km ■■...■ - ■ '. 
to catlmate with any degree of certaliiiy 
w'hil tlie nnseta may In- or what are the 
liabilities until mi InvriHigatlon bos oolii 

gjpjfl (inn,, :> ra Wft. 
Wep^anr fTOO Htu^rttanl. 

A Sale of Silks every woman wants 

Trtouauida of yank of love-ly NEW Silk* 
at loweat pticea, ei!abUahed by corapariaon 

We have been buying ior \i\H Sale for weeks. Fur- 
Iiuulely, we got most of Ihc silks before prices bc^an to go 
up, They arc all staple, wanted kinds — 'not an unwanted 
weave in' Ihc tot — the dcliphlful itew weaves that will be 
worn in |he Spring. 

40- in. crepe 4e chine 
¥1.78 fa $2.2S grade 
ElUck, white and 1*6 co!c;s. 

40 in. cfepc tic chine 
$2,50 yd. — for $3,E0 (trade 
I:.i1ri heawy Hit crepe, in blict 
and 1$ color;, 

36 Li. taffeta, $1.85 yd. 
— the $2.26 grade 

Plain colors and charm cable 
ihl&i — -a variety Coi-erins ri»- 
nuUy all needs. 

40 in. Canton crepe 
$3.50 yd.— for $4-60 grade ■ 

BbtCt, white and to colore 

afein. Dreaa FouWda 
$l.S^yd.~for $1.65 grade 

Novelly- deiienj 1st black and 
iOHLc. brown jnri wWtCi rr*T v 
Hue ind wjilte. 

54 in. Black Satin 
$3 yd. — ■for $4.50 grade 

36 in. Stack Satin 
$1.60 yd.— for $2 grade 
Very lustrous linlih. 

36 in. Washable Satin 

$1.85 yd.— for $2r25~Vade 

Whit* and 4 colors — flesh, 
orchid, pink, blue, 

40 in. Georgette crept* 
$1.05 ytfv — $3 grade 
NOveU? ■ Irlped effect* 

40 in. Satin ChJirmcuae 
$1,95 yd. — for $2.50 grade 

Biattk, white and 1? col^r. 

32 in. Colored Pongee 
$1.35 yd.^ — for $1.50 grade 

HIjlI. and IS COlGts 

32 in. Natural Pongee 
$1.20 yd.— for the $1.50 

The ninin* shirfc, 

32 in. Silk BrQjuklath 
$l.Sl> — for Lhc S2 grade 
White nnlv 

Silk h'rjlti.uU — 
Main Flour. Old Building 

»ible f^r 


Mildred TCamte, School Teacher, Al- 
leged to Hhtc Stolen Merchan. 
dlae, Admonished by Court. 

It was disclosed In special Senphns 
yesterday (hat Mildred Kaune. 24 yenm 
old. aeJwO] teacher of Mon'noaiery, K 
T.. who was arrested November -5 «y 
(teiecllrei #f the Mtorrs Muinnl PrdtrC- 
live Asxc-ciatlnn for atealug rnerchuu 
dims ralue ai SAft from a Broadway tiore 
;:iii] who pleaded gulliy to the eaaJflft 
»■*» a victim of neuronic and It wjis 

dahned thnt «be was noi re*pni 
lh« theft. 

This di^elnsure was marie by Stare 
Senate* .limits J. WiBcat. anil [SBjoani 
tsdy was gircu u nii&pcodH senteuc and 
r.fiined on probation by JuHtleea Kredwle 
Kfrii-icluin, Arlhur C. Ralranii itod Jsirifn 
.1 Melrirrney. Hennisr Walker mid the 
.lilhliee* thill (he firl had been rail in- 
iii^I b.t ii noted nlli-hUt. who Maid ihe 
v.i« BiierTrinK frtun a form of neurosi* 
and i- ;r -i-'i-n-ii ulth an uncontnll<l<l^ 
drrlrr ia take lliings from (hi ninrc 
iiniutc^ while alio wo* in the illy doing 
h>-r diriitma* flhopnlng. 

He hsld she hail ->nmit *noo In, her 
piirhe nr ttie tlim* find HHI there was no 
ueeesoity Tor her la sterli. The Bftttator l 
cblined her cotidillftn fnlhwM n-, ■"■•■■■ I 
rind thnl thl* was ftWBtht HMHt by liee I 
etewdiag a Lhtee ,ve n rs eniime Into on* 
year hi order ihnt *he rould procure a 
lieen^e to learh. 

>■.■■■■ Kernnrhnn. !n placing Uifls I 
KiMic- on rn. iii. 'ruin, toh) ner (bat the i 
Jqstiew believed fhe bid pone good En J 
her, and dint Ihe trouble nhe bad cet 

Intn - i I ■ i he a !■■>•... n lo her tn try J 

ntid etmUro] hert=elf in tbe future. I 


fir., mi, Hnd ^ 11'- i :.>■:■! |i.:t in l|IBO||ll. 

mif Uf) Paw ten), t'nl. 

Thi: Tn-eotietli l>nfnry BrOWn He 
WWtfl Tji\ir:iliv n ill reduce their rntra 
Ll> pe.r cent, comnauciiiif lo-day. 

The fedtteed fares ar>- io tw paid in 
eoapcm font in onler td swhi ilie fSattiyt 
infclnll&lion of new fare inelern. 

To gii-H- the taii-tng pubMc [In tienefil 
of the redoes] rates. thr> Tw-nlielU Cen- 
tury Hmwn & While TaJtlfflh A*»«ut* 
HM) «iH ROll el" cOilt>nu books fur $H. 
Thf- rfiirwna will he nerentrd as •fi^ii by 
all Tweuib-th Conlury tasi.-. 

fir*II > tit I'rodnrr Ovrrn UnvK I'Ibj. 

Owen Ptivi^ hat written u mm play 
"ailed 'L'p the Ladder.- William A. 
Drady has accepted it far ■ prOdtjetfao 
whlF-h will b? made irnmeddteiy. n dml* 
nith a relent prcthlen ami will be Keen 
in New York umin. 


l\oma» Was law MurhflT* I'rlctchlo- 

Vm-' F'liiu Jai'riuiiri.i. 

IJ«[W lit CWl|MIril II rui- IlirrTTlnA Trkgripn.) 

sr. Lin IS. J mi. SI.— Mrs. CktiMhn 

U'ahh. bubmI 7N, Im-t.. mi b'n-rVrb'k, »%, 
nnd wan preaehl when Hnrbflrn Freltcliin 
n-«*ed ltie Stars anil t*lr!|irn frtH r H hop 
Wind"w si (Ji-u. Sli>newa!l .lui-kMtn iiOwil 
-whirh Wltlnir-r Inlrr iinnmrtaliai-d in 
hit poern, dN Iffe yntletnlay. 

She Imil rewdetl in ililfl elty more than 
filty ynars. 

liunl.iHilii lt**rla« t» I'u'tpoaed. 

Tin brarihF of tlie juirjimon* a»frt«3 
nut nr thr laiCftt rcvolijiinn in QUato- 
i.ulii. in whli'h S-Inrlnui- Munn^ aacre> 
lary of ihi? thnattnaala Cmtatilati' suthnr- 
iuru by nan »f Ihc n^Headlur U'nneiimin 
coiernnieotnl factions, was clmrired with 
ivlrlili.dilinc properly'. <f t)i# nun I t"iit«te- 

msin fDu^uiatr, mu yeateritaT arl- 

Jn.irneil until IVlirrjJirv 1^. \n MiagHalmte 
Tlinma* ,1. Xnhiti in Tumbn fourl. Tha 
ii^jniirtiirteoi viia Miiii ihc convene "f 
hnU) Bjthw. 




Represented by L. It Steel Service Corporal Lon of New York 

a. Now Own and Operate js. 

>410k 37 5c to $10.00 Stores ^ItTK 
15 Lingerie, Waist and Hat Shops 
7 Cafeterias 11 Candy Shops 

in the United States and Canada, at the following locations: 

United State* 

\»bwr Pstk, V. ]., SOft-HQ C ook m siL /ITTPO* 

rSafOfS. 1IL 27 tV-ULh Seoa4wpy 

HaaUoi N. Y.. :*J.»1 Ws*atat»&ri £i«« 


■ OoL , Coan Boon tqwn 
l. Oa*, +** Ssn«t Cth«fa- l 
OsJU 11-11 SUbom SatNC 

H«iii r>. w -j jrw a im win 
n^ri •if. Ii-*., 4244J1 aUaa 

nmtJ, N. H-. 44-4* oU. Sir* 

Con , 

rjHAbuif . Qwm-, 1 H ■ 3 *4slo 9i ™«i 
DiorfUV.ltL, 41-U N. V««witIbo* &fr*« 
otiimu, Mkti* 3 1 1 FmdiJt Ambm 
KsoiM Oct, BteL. EBjglsCSCS Ammi 

Ijwrcew.Ma-i, IttWl 5Si abw 
I>air«B; btsn_4S-l n C— •— * a»— 

^. n =l«w«r. N. H_ r~ 
M**i*Uk, Kt«4Wi._ 

Molicp, iL, 41 1 Wwf 

HSEwL N. H-. N*r(.Dn ■ 

Oitiknlb. Wli- 5»*I X 

ftnwiw, Em. JOS-1 IO TUm Uwin Pt**rf 

f- P»lndiw. Ohio. N. il.rte UuJ K Wsla BSPaSI 

rpKibwndi, pi ji$Bfth A*«m< 
l|oiitT h k*appls 7 N. T- J24016 Mas 9*** 
?jrt ltr*U, H. ¥.. I i.J J Frwrt 9w**r 
HKkU.kod.IlU 17IO-J7JL l«o«lA^.- 
SttantH, K. V.. 327-310 S, galiM fw*« 
grHalliaii, D*U a04 U«L* low 

TOIIII1SW1IIU, Oats, Hi* Fedsrd ittrwrt 

Oawa fills ST. Oat, 940 9meoaA Anmi 
Ot-*"*, 0**V »» B*. John SwMf 
Qat * * u , Q^ U Oram, Itr—s 
S-sfr9M.M«i«.OaL, 6J4 Cro*Tti 6trt« 
•%s»troBa«. aia, iosMCI w«utaamiaBM 
T«-w„ Dau. U«te| 0».. (W-^ho-wj 
T"WP, D<uu SaS-AOt DaofoKh Awa 

N.H.. IOOA.lPZOBlp.Ssr 
. Tk.4 Wsm cWoBd Sum* 

llL, 41 I WCK n&NHAd) Stfrtr 

Csaasty Sfupt 

B*affaU,N.T, IfTM-aSsiK 
■aAsk K. T* W H, DrrtsUd acewt 
MK N, U »« sfcta KM 
ataahlev H. T, I Mff aasta Btt-sr 
B i Bau N^T-IWBsnwtfttEssKfPaoBi 
Cfc*es*», D£, UUtJf Mkbssta A«n. 
CbiSBaaal, OUo. lO.eOO bdkf Ann 
C*U, IV lo Wot GUjtkah *trv*t 
rUnawsaV.Pt, yM E. OU« fenn 


The propertiM upon which seven (7) ol thee** atorei and the warehouses are 
located are owned and one leasehold U owned far the Steel Realty Development 
Corporation, an international corporation affiliated with tbe L.-R. Steel enterprise*. 
The remaining properties, aa given above, ar» held under 10 to 21 year lease by 
L. H. Steel Company, Inc., and subsidiary companies. Seven (7) additional lease- 
holds which are controlled by the L, R, Steel Company, Inc., and upon which stores 
will be opened are not included m the above list. In addition to the above, the 
Steel Realty Development Corporation owns eighteen (IS) business properties and 
six (6) 99-year lease* in the most desirable sections of American and Guqasttim 
cities. Upon these eighteen (16) choice locations, and others as acquired, wilt be 
erected additional chain stores, shops and cafeterias. 

The Candy Shops are opVrated by companies controlled by the L, R. Steel 
Company, Inc 


Represented by L. R. 9»c! BOTfc* Corpontkn of NswYork 

Entire Fourteenth Floor, Knickerbocker Building, Broadway und 42nd Street 






tnjrilltt;. «,„. n«i*i.L i.k„ 
Uons heane Morions in The 
Ltimnn.,"— fcVe. World, 

"Mia* Kculiu ik kupnrh. Onit of 

tic nnwi( Sflrtjcon-lj rnioj-rjijniiu,' 

romomla ciriLCtlltm lq *wuk>ns," 

,; ,. — IVftriil. 

A highly R^i^ril <ii]iiedy in 

ft-fiiHi l.'inrii Kr;uic avLkvcn » nrw 

tritJiiijili,'*- — £%tn. 

"-Mmi Kvaue' 

taining abltiiag h ii ( ] p 

oomi!dy."— Timet, 

t^lAflS-F-fl rilOIIlIAM IVtrnil- 


In ihp t'qevJr «l I'enrt lulrlrnr. 


l"f^u.^ bj UILbtrt »«!:■„- 

"Mi«> Kirrne NfjorM bit In rr- 
Jntirknhl.s well tfrawn ri&Tlniit," 
— Tct^ruKi. 

'"Miw Kraut 1 in Qui top-not* in 
a ml*dtitTOtit omnrtlw. -the Irish t- 
«n of its* L-imL"— Tribune 

"Lfcwin Kr«tic wftTftH ia 
charming liJ*tuMi-ii£ piny." — Mail. 

'■Nothing uv iim.i us Mine Rauae'a 
BecoiftpHibmrat hint bum mini thin 
*■: BEN 01, "— .4 Mi aim n. 




j Anthem 


Hare Fi 

a* Thu I 


HA7I'r tt'ri! IJfl Ft. 

living, fttDN'aruf 
rn r.*T"JRDM*. T.aA, 



wkrr< IT'vir. S* St. Krt I.W 
-1. is>. to t:i a ni.. :.w. 

"Hon- lun (hin HI* 'IUI'."-Tnnt» 

"&u]ldog DnimmontT 

Bllft A. E. MA.TT1IEWS. 

._.107J.* (tat.!.-, 
ll*iii-i Eiriiw-i) vrivcai« 


m KIK! 

MnltTndoy.'J.lM] tl*ia>H-i iirr.^nt, 



7 [ iS C C ^O agj j. tUjJi-AJWii. A.H. . 
'■. -J.-W.'V,- ,ir.i 


"A SOI of Divomamflnt" 

Tiih ■ jA^ny in:i:iiii;ii 




!!■.■:.' i Hi I'rrrlrrlil. 1-fTry 




U:l.i fit. 11*51. N,. „ 


«. C- P, W. 
'.». Mai fiat, 
(M. 1141. 

11. » 

PARK ""■■'(■"""■> , 'i«i".Frt,« 

us? Frank Fay's Fables" 


• r« E r year 


W t 44 

1 1RE W 


I. nvnum 

Jilt*.! KHI.1F 



cort ; 

* nd BiTcanAT 4i tin. 


Tdrciiid* Hmpuii ii:-X 




Bt3BLU8 J l 




Pictures From United States Dom- 
inate Market, but Requirement* 
of Fubtic Umt Be Met. 


r,-T„ atftiiai an Lone i*rruii] 
Stlolc to iiotlywoiid. 

I l.r Tcii-f l>t»ttirtr ? H. S>ir 
Hi In nalElTiK ;nnvf 1 ; r» tin.i- >Inrj 

-.ItjmI.i in. i 4(,| n |i !f > pradi««ra' elmn- 

in+irlni^-1 from Tmirdiri LmI iTiiti^,, . 


llnthtinnr ij interr^tini; a t timf*. mrl ho 
■ utrr-Hti in ]jfin c ilrRmntk' In hit »w 
rvoii In tlif* f» w or 11^ |«uj|h»r frfim 
Ihr- fair Cftthprfaf. 

The ofhoT* lu ihn cut. »11 nfr-jyWit 
TCCK. pitatyitt*, ^rjnfn^cvrt F-cij ■"■ AWT- ft, 
FrrrJprJoL, Kerr. Ian Kchh, Kenneth 
Tlifsmion, Willinm Dt-rtrtmt, Kk-liard 
Mikbka, Kdtrln No*l, WIHIiitu H. 
I J'liojnpson inrl \'irjrtnla Tnbut>. 

Is Presented by CherleR FrohmaB, ! „ - |~iirr»r nrti n 
Inc., ia Pity Trom P« f fllj WIFE 5 GOLD 

Hungflrion Writers. 



1 ! liLiiri] J-'TOIU I*ntP 1.) 



Tl>0 'Ti'lr* 

Ahhl* JiKhlkoi* .. . 


Thr '■hijwethr..,.. 
Mr r\Mnrb Arnbur 
CoqBl A!#-*1 *r**n 
Klrliilu J^-fill-.iH 



KMvrmiii..»ti r 



'I 111- ln<f. 
. ..Df*U KriA. 

'- L*l* V#r#d!th 

Pli^llti JHrn 

m4*rL<li K*rr 

^« KtKi 

..P.HI ::,■:.!.'■. 

• i. ■■ •■■.!! T4o>pr*Au 



J 'Aceita Utatidft* an Tip* of Their 7"oe»' 
S«-t. Now Srliint 8 Wwlu Ah«J 

j -..-■..■l J ,! M-.II.PiH>.!- 

-*— "I it -WP^Klnirtrirt'. f" -■- 

-Tb* Mlu 

UnvJil W*rk <!riBli1»'* 
1 Hi[ilri al Nf 

I'ntrr IHiU v 

;il(rl. K|IC|4(»}-fl 

ii'iiv !ln<<!rli 

»»■ 'I. -(■;.:. ..Vi. 

Kllr N*>". J*I«1h«. 
O: i^, [|i,iiM>f 5 r h 

llnrl,,-r „f •■> » IU^ 

— + -i La D H<< 

li> li Onhtmt 

-. Aranri- ,'.i-\ tf Hv 




State c p " 


cock Alley," 
&. Noll, 
Grici Cnravri>n> 
V V iL r " I D»«c* Evolulinnit 
. *?„, 'ft iuIi,, ) Rn«I * M-ek, othi. 





tbriXlXUCUt niMr^vaONtOn 


T-. . —•»=">!"> WEEK— 

..?. ^'J 1 ':" L-l'l-'r fcS-ir(. cibIibi, * n ™ 

n. '•■■ ** J ■ , » , " , » ol tl.« JIo<I»»- 

Tom., ■■i.onlw;' o.rt.n, cuuowl 

Jr." „"TJiOnh»n"r." k*i„„ v . b 
J^riliP. &-htnw.L Prhwre CP^d rVm," 

_*V it eT. wrch, IB. «» a ■» 


Hipjodteme, Ban. ffijiit, Feb. 12 
" '•'«« n-' L "™" l " i .■ ,0, " l 


ttcwjw n, it n. j:. i, ■ 
SEAT SALE **™^jgg_f" TO-DAY 


^^' li."^ 3 .» ■■ r .l«T «r pinmii. riTiv*. mi. -mi 


CcrtJiinlr Mdlcbtor IyenjtJ-*! (nil Ln^rni | 
lUra, Th* Llubfiirlun ^lfiy*rri|(hls. ilirln't 
give Catherine lt. r nf Huudaii l..n..-, liny 
tin* hMtcr of fl «'hi , ii Ibpjf co'"ifiH:i^[ 1 
"Tho Ciortiiu." which CbMrlw Knihrnsu, : 
ivi!-.. prPMrnlrd at the Empire Tho-ilre . 
Iniit lilfht wLlb IXirU IvGane in the litre ' 

- liivi. t.J. 
Abrnrltn* A Wlih... Li.jhjOiI A 

'-'I * £u£PI|iQ. TJn I 

i nkt. <tf.ff^ 


«J Vand-.TllIf. 
M.i« H.. r , * ra . M^rCorli A 
K'r-ji-fl,, TrttJ A Alj"4 WhliHlai- 
PUWM, iMilAI Kfiium. '■JL8T' 

_*H <■■'■> n Tilt: eg u 7<j t:n ' ■ 

Jf*Lrfij |»*41t A fl... Chi.. 4 MlBf. 
!«Ja. Thinh.r, llv^l/- A i: nu . Thw 
4 T^Dcttn, v;ir.m* OKi-tf. Th- 
:: .',j v., .■-.' WALUCI 



*<a H^flLE WATHOS 

PLAYHOUSE Stiifi&^Jtt' 1 *^/* 

\\ 1111.11... A. llraJj', i!(-ci!jiJnn*J Rg^«-ii 


famf T^TiM hcp|i him fmni lift work If 
he w«iln4 Minply wlih j- n tht> roqiirita 
f*r "« few mituitfV' of hla time. 

Work* [n tlvlp BnulA. 

'"Some dnjr." lip milH. in an riT^rt lt> 

BrLilr the i|iHistT«u of wTiy ]jf m worltinir 

fur h!« Hvini in lb? foeirtiiotlvft iiIrqi, 

"J d1i*]I irtiirii (o Hiinjiln with my wlff — 

, to. thtf liom- ihaf jii min" find my fiimUv'*- 

! Tfiffti tJiire will in- meat ommJ f«r ruupjf 

I tncji wli» unHnrattiliil ItujAln ami (be 

1 jitTilt clTtlizallun* *if Hie W«i, Thr 

leiidfrm of rim i la .»■« of ih^ manj-rfij Cxm 

\ ir ifltbrr tjraii ur enfffblMl by povwl*/. 

1 The .I'rniii;: men m |.i Arr r.i l.r thr I, .'i.!. i-- 

' when thi! mmutrrfiy i- rcttirn^l hii-i 

kunte llif! ncr<l» uf IlKaJiifl nntl how to fill 


"Runia norM>,*tat* picrj-thinit. rail- 
ro**4«, lu ilraw flir mlnci-BUj from thr 
( niiiuwn im!.I the Urmlrt p t« curry fi-wi 
rmta the J-rrdtff ffnuib, 10 wirrj' ihc 
v.-rM'* iiiKHtj, fri.m Lhr iiiirt* 1« tlie Rnij- 
illlO JMHipIc, 

"Hnw citn I leirn nmro nt nilrniult 
itoulir not that CttlKEtaa «'«p *ll ■ -"""l, V, 1 * 0, ■ ,, in (l1 * ^'P" ^hflfo 'hry 
butnry ha.1 mi.l of tier but ih* «i4>m- " TC f*"hlnnml? J tint Ik whai I tm krtni- 
, meiitioucd "dao lum itlnycd up tinr (r«ill- I , " a 1 fpor |? T !. "** ,,Jl1 " IKIlf| J' ti B * 
I tie*— If jujcU tJiey tnajr be aUJed— in a J ; i '*"t- . J „™W" "lay j^rt- unUt 1 Brtc 
wbj- Lhat would hiiTC BMdt onemlM ol ; " ; "" , " I Bl1 » ,,r "» Mnrl«> tlmii fliDWiii 
* her relml*M f<»r life. Ifrreawr, M!m | *'«. ■* fm ml I win .jn hock with 
j Kfiams whn mjikc* h^r d>!™t n* * t'rtih- ' J*»J biro* nnil hflp iif hr.inEtn( tbfl Ifhyis 
] tniin *tar In thts vehicfe. cio« not 4]iart ■ «f mniala 8 K™atfnl jtlnrj," 
. li'Tc^!/ lo pis* the wliiti! nmnV bun]* 1 !! 
i whfdi M^w«rf. Iwcnir^J ft" 1 '! Wi^ '*'« 
. eonopetwl fur hfr (d t«iiT throu«b three \ 
[ (s-s-ih. of n ctKnfKJy, dcid nIii? liKnc- ■'■!! the 
! ihm-[ inil'n Hi.]-- r r ! s ; 1 1 i : i r .-. of ihc Ctith«r)cie 

; h la-- tins fl«t«d to p*rtra?. | _. «*P-plnP*s i« _itot 4 mitlrr "f nMftO-i" 

I Tht play. W Uie wny. mula Mi«i 7, htw ; »' '*■■> » «H fttHtinle «f Mm. 
I KectB't rftiini to th'r Aiwricili Mlttp! l 3 *?, .' Ht "^' an \ anrmt to milltem, 
1 3T*° .' '° m * T *>' AimtABB Andrevltch 
< ^ riri.jt(t-1ctn -Viij-i • 

"afonny hni rsothtnc to do witi jiij- 
I raurrisivv ' fihi> mU\. "W> i»ho|| Hve tvry 

I*Jmplr, to urcArdiincfi wilh my biiKheiKl^ 
IMKiHon. rilfhiniL'li wp nrs- iui aoinn; to 
ll'v k iil exactly the kind of n n-nrkiin;- 
man'i cottnsp that bu hwn dom-lbcd. 
1 "AnttaMi* In ii n.iirL o3dcr man th*q 
] Pin yparw indicate- T\^ rspcrlrhflc hhp 
I went -throuph in hi* am-lr* with lifn- 
1 i-nrrni Dfnnlkrn nnd BKbtoif lVraBE"! 
Iiarp broedenm) hlui .mil ikt-nhpp^ httD 
hfvntitl ! i. jrew*. HIk tiff lian been a 
tratlc fine. I m« bim in I'm-i* bint 
Muy, I hifve alwaf* 1m>du lymjinlhfiie 
tDirttrd UttitlfteiP. The.y «ro aurh eood 

SJrtt, Rie f ih"iiJi ndmlttwl hw i!i yearn 
irltH.iiit tn-^iinijit-, I( L -r buF>buit] to be 

Thrt weddlnir Hamril*/ In to h» nt- 
tciia^ by nrlAtlv«3 anil a ffw itIj-dlIj 
«« cnid. „nm) nfii-r a uliort trip ttn-v 
will no to Ridley F*Tk, N. J., whurc 
yoiintr \ ofiatJ'kov-VoaBfiKslir In tm- 

"Wi.' fiiiprt t» he Tr-r,T hippy," eon- 
(•IllfTPtt thr JtmUmc 111 p. t run, 

«W MoBKtf la S«t Havi>lii*K)l. 

'is? fatten ^■e*^ u T>* Mamiac T*l.f(i»lM 
I'HK'AfSO, I*rb. 

after an frlmnto of nine year** th** lavt 
time ulii' won H>pn hfTvnbniiln hnriiiK bMn 
aa the itlur ■'■>' "tlcmanco," and tlia actrf** 
)Ut nlxht III a COrtain apifrOCh eiprrmrd 
rl.f hope that ahc u-i.ui.1 not hAvfi to 
watt the Bjimil tun yenm ^r rtusn mip*r- 

-!i;i ■:. <■-:■ nlinfjlnr ->r '■■ ■ - (rf rl|- m,i]lU 

tM this losr-immpil plaj. 

Pl*r !■' Woll S1r*c4, 

"The Tjjirlin" la nfll ntflcii]. liarlqc 
li*"pii iir->.| -i fu-i-l tntder lhr rflri^llon of (ill- 
twri SlIllfT. and the (^ituniffl arrr almost 
lavbtk in cliifaotrf. Iude«d. (be i;;.-nV 
rairiii-in run mueh marc richly to untliut 
htid far? than thai of the v-ojneQ. hut of 

OOUlftif thn latter flaij* wak sot PT- 
mittcd to he offifcru in t nji? U»u»*a 
arsiy. whirli may ncroinit for A number 
or thinfn that ma ^n In "The Czarina." 

Aa tin* In-™ ifiiiLr.nT'-<l. Calbrrino II. 
of Hnxita in -ilif- central lijrurr of the 
alorr thp Kun^Hisa harnp. Thoirjtht up, 
and opft of her mnny enamnratnn haa 
t>e*n ipi^«l upon aa thr nnhjoci matter 
Tor the ploL It 1st a yennff ilriili'iian!, 
a nephew of the lord rhamlnrlalo tit 
h0Tn> ii.n4i itilni. who fT'-Jik- Into lli'- 
royal iirc»Pi|TO ih flu- firnt jiii with a 
of a plot .■catBst her llf p and ^ho *nl>- 
BMni»nti> fladi himnolf- the toirpr Of the 
InErie-uUiK (.'atheHbr, 

It naFy taken har a few mutnPaU 14 
■Ize up Iho Alluring [ihiRii|in> ft the 
ynuiix man And. owrlnoklxie the impor- 
tnnt aii's^agi" hr hn, iir^nchl from the 
hoiuh of Fnnei! wtitrt- he hn,n 1jp*ii ftttht- 
le«, promote iiijH fnTtfiwllh to ihe rank 
of a mnjor and Install him At her taurt. 

lREPUBLlG2: , ;i^! ft -i 1w -i'B' ,fJB * Mja - 

f .._ vwfa '^>talP. wrd. 4 *ijin. a.;i:ij. 


I Arlbn 

ELTfNGE S*™ 1 ™^ *** Kt "- ,k - 




■HUES la "Xmney kiom \airh r *i--' 


M^TlNKfl KQ fl BYRPIK01 flRo 

10-BIG ACT5—10 


n ;--ii'.i'i.i. v:.t*'i':Fi>«i|f P !.l»,eiLBH l ~fHHrtM 
World of ProllcK ^iih miAJiii PHI/ Wit*>a 

SvaVull "SCHOOL DAtS" : 
I Ilfl Kit win WESLEY BARRY 

f VAflDEPfil 

, Pauline Lord 

"Anna CJirii t it" 



HC3T CAfT AMD PLATfi tN ToW.-i. 

HltOOKbYni 1.ii1m:'1i;\ts. 
PMPOtE I ,L aoao jfr T ' ■• ^fr. 

APj.'^* ■'■•"■ H-*4rl» 1? i.^li ITilpb ATi 

B *2S ?. *¥ ' Wf! OW.V JIHW 

_.*' . 1Hf **at TOWS HLMXDAI 

1. *HKArT-tartd#niy akd at bli miiircrr, cav- 
UnraoN ftnn. m#r«rj(i. r^, M Jinvury Jiit 

!»». CO&JMI] K4«»l B^-tuttii: C*.H|L n*]<. 
SJVf '*** "'WO' 1 * *™ Inrll** W> tlM i*rrlf»* n-ri 
TrU*y illtriwi >r 1 uviort .^ (b. i-Tibt" 1 !! 

I'Jlsuninc r+mtitrr. 

Ha Q»|ri n Hr,l I'loAb. 

The promotion carrleA with n a rod 
1-lnr.k over th» major' n uniform that r an- 
ient hat mnke itarif fell on the imprM- 
j»ifiuhlf mind of the iitceii. anil lbl«, too, 
pnibahly ncrount* for ninny liiiuRa that 
Et-ullwpirc ffora that point on. 

Anyhow th^ qneea luteu the youth 
away from bit Bweethearl. makvA of him 
A sort of mtoriiled tHrpanl and c^j-tainly 
a ftyeojihantli; lover, aitd. ia Bkort, iiu«i 
aaoitt am ."lie fll*a*iH with Mm. It ia not 
until Uia apirit of di#cooti-Lt la awnkrned 
in I1I..1 htr>B«t hy hla feltow nfnerra in (he 
court truariJ that he romee 10 crief. 

And ihtia, rrfmniitltni; hfipai4f to a con- 
spiracy for the overthrow «f Ujr qiirtii 
«tid her followern. li^ finda hi* plan t 
failure nnrt ht Mihr^uuently condemned to 
daath by dithering 

Jll«'a UIIIlBc to He Vrrrllnl. 

After (h# paaalnirof KKotcn^c iheoLiertn 
ahowa a apjnt at oercifulnojia provldinc 
the youD* mai) will get down on his 
knrt«i tind beg for ht& lift, inn be dLv 
pTayn do rnch di*p.ipiilf.5i. nml h» In 
anally ted offalaA?, atlll in tn- niuniLctoa, 
[■r*iUmahly alt net for ei«utioA. 

In the portrayal of thn ebaracter of 
CatheriUfj II, Mt.n Keatie nhawn an nn- 
coiiijircmlr-laji i-plrlt of mrTnlraxno«K th«t 
rrfu*fi& 10 gjifn her creriit Tar Anythlnfr 
In th*i way of hilmJiiHtF other than 
neaane-N and MfasfcaeA*. Nor i!.k ■■ 
5ll*p Keane hefiare In fiivinA ta i'.nih- 
erine a. regality <if manner lhat nui- nrr- ■* 
farce eipeeb, of. a qbeen or the oJdftv [*** 
dayp, prtferrinK to ptay her aa a rather I oi« 
common woman 01 ircuxjh and eewa- 1 
i/ji'jrii'ii WhfMUj peraonat preffrcnCfa atv [ ' f * ***■ m Colli In One D«r 

far nuprior to the affair* o( A(4t* T T * ll * 1 *•«*«>* DR5H0 puiW^e utun 


it>'ii»*-.F„4niii.-v ..; 1 n i n „ 

H«-n ia Ueat lu rhi^m. 

\Bl I'J1I1-I hTlIfJI to H,» llimfnl T4-1«Bri«K.> 

t*inrACJO, Fek 1— Ttei?reaenfaTiv«! 
01 LdOOflfaj rallrflatl n-^rkcm aart ap- 
pro ti nip tr\y Wl>.«VJ eool miaen will 
m**l wlthHi. t.*n dayn tiy dlarut* an «ll|- 
aiicii to combat wure r^itctloim, tt w*» 
lenriied here to-ilay. 

The Hlxteeii alandarci railroad unrona 
wdl trreut the iorKacion at .Fohh I.. 
■wi*. K-eidenl of the ^'ntteil Min^ 
\S nrker* of Afnrriea. for a rourerenrr in 
imnui an allianf". ftceariUue to 1>. W. 
BafL iJresirieftt i,r liic Jlrolherriood of 
Itftllway Mljtnatmeo. 


AWAENINO tn our American tilm 
producera la contained In the 
report 00 pita mnditlona in the 
Argenlloe Republic A wiU*- 
cattnri in thr- aiirror aay« their inrt"...ry 
eannvt afford (o fe*l 10* *»!» of e*u- 
tinned Rxipremacy Sa tar flefcV: tint whllfl 
thr American flltB At prw*rat a" "1* 
Fteali-rt aliare of the mirk*!, in nnlpr 
to retain their joW on pTodnrrrP muat 
follow i-l.rtiely the rogBlrfltueuti of Lie 
Ar.:i'iit:ji- ItepuhllC. 

"PrLem of American Bl™» iu Arzen- 
tina nr*- ho much higher than tor the 
Eanveait ptcturei taat dlatrlbmon. oftea 
plan- "iu- ur more KnroT>e*n dlnir in thf 
prnirmul ip order to bAlanre lhr rest, 
■ai-rf tar (invernment report TcCcli-pJ t-y 
the National Association. 

■Tbi* public like* the ArtOTicnn phfilo- 
I'inr nod the tielertion of th*. 1 prn^rniu H . 
ui-j allowing anmathios • or up ritl ?' 
rJunal t-UrAcler- of the tA«n rnr-t- II 
cao he aald the peefewmci! la wwh Hip 
aamr aa with our naotSon picture )i«- 
tr^nsi. Utif ANtrw «re iiioth poimlar. mid 
the iireferrnff*. if there ia any. i* d»f tw 
tli" tlinme rather thBa the iciiutf In itu- 
KnrniVAu films. 

■'At prraont there aro l*H oprrating 
mnti^ii ijleturp theatrea in the city of 
Birm.iH '\; r e« «}one. with y.a.VJ.tXBJ mill 
a -In ii**:. in* a month. U«mal!y thiw 
liliua. lAraethrQM four, con^iilute a «o- 

pfti-h day. Only one theatru In Bll*o«« 
AltrK. uiifratr* continuously, a* In thc- 
l-'nltirl HtAl#*. An LtiteTVftl of cevernl 
minutes I.? allowed between reels and 
frnm live in ten minute* h*twe«i Jllr- 
ta-w. thr pvnhlle demanding th"Me mt't- 

^-ala to look around audi greet n.-< mi- 

atn-ea in tlii* (Heaire. Hiitranf.'r may he 
hoiiflbt fnr one plctuto or for llm entire 

"There are not Ipsk than fifieen fiuab. 
Ilahed inDtioD picture ]>rodu' n era iti At" 
centicn. Since the AUrecwiftil pniJ'H: 
tlon nf th« drama "Nob-Ira Crloelu. I>T 
the i-nmpnny Martinet y (Jtinihc in ll'lii 
there hah i-i-n a. di-nuiud for local lUm 
prodQOtioii; hm with almoat no esii'l" 
tloo nu-li playa bnfp been poorly iet«f 
by Inrxper^nrcd imrformrrs and uauallj- 
pnor!.v jiet and UlttHlflTd. lArtl^ or no 
r.i..-;'" has hrrn Rpent Ip their predic- 
tion, and ilninrlaUy wieceaaful onea have 
uwed thin *aet to their "homo talent' 
Drttwre. Unceutly the Tyle* I'"Um pio- 
duecd a flraina which Waa ri-wrlttep jilJ 
direct rd by an A marie* n him tUncfcOf. 
Several .■oiiipnnid*i are maklat; rfforLs to 
train loctil actora and no gradually to 
become (■nxiiice.ra of BAlable play*. Tftrra 
it no goml reniinn to feel ttstt lorAI tal- 
ent b not atnflshlr, hut iflpitnl ban been 
larkhc, nini the few actort harn Siren 
picked an fair from n limited circle." 

Tn raodaee In the Epm*, 
Doipitr thr talk of productlnna heUf 
piJidf iu Ihe East. moHt of the ntltilioi 
will he kept tn Hollyn-pud If ooe is to 
hellevr the talk nnuinrl town. FardOUa 
i'laynrK-Ijaaky expecta to opeu the LoPhT 
IhLajiiI City feiudio when GeoTfo i-'iU- 
Diaorlc- cmtiee back to town. It being tb« 
Intention of ih!n company to keep lum af 
work In the Eaat. That leads one 10 
rvonii-r if perhaps EUle Ferftnaoii »ilt 
not atay Ul the Knot n»<1 he Atarrcd la 
Fltj^miurk't prod nc tlena, Some pf ber 
Hneat watk Ii.ojh l>>"'ii done under hln il|- 
reewn and Mr* Fltzmnurice ncn-r iirtl- 
iatt'n to aaj how nmeli he e»joya jnnkins 
1 picture Id whleh Mlsa FYrgunon ba» * 

JaoIl 31 nib all Jfaa -Fla^-' 

The "flu'' thtn year Is no reapeetor of 
persons. It Felice men in every n-alk of 
life and it hlta them hard. Jack Mul- 
]in.! H tbo lnfttiuti pii'liirr- atar. Mini CAG3« 
hi'j'i- to enjoy tile, La nt [trraonf doinf 
hit beet to keep nway rrom [ineniuDhla. 
Mi- tits & very bail cave of the "tlu" and 
ia ronriDed lo hi* lied npdrr A doctor's 

*tAii(;t:t:iiiTK mahiK. 

J'!- Jia,s (hr- l-ndhui (r" 
In ■■lSn' J ,,., r .t-:,„u. IHli." n I.lah4-I 
UnrrjnMir.- pirlDfc. nJileli rnmra 
4c> thr> nril wrrh. 

brimi Irinnc- lii- lun-.»n with 
linn maxea errry uiie happy. 

^ni-fiirii ■ 

JJeomfieoi/ nt Xmtbi Wm Vert. 


The new hock of 

crepe tie chine and 

hand-made drawn 

work— $59.50 

£.rclii*ire icirft ft*. In the 
li'Omen'a FotAiun Satonx 

IVUglitful eoloti — beige, rose, 
f|p«!i color nnd nf coiitat navy 
blue nud black. 

E'n<'v?n bem-llne. Rmart 
jirillf. faee.1 with contruating 
eolot. Iitti-rr^tlnje (Sat) pf druwn 
Work. Thpfii' arc rrnaona foe 
tin- rhnrm tu.rl chip of thfa new 

— who aiad- her Ikiw a aliort 
wJiBe ago- -tJ* nuiUher moat de* 
ILclitfiil frock fif enual eJmpIiL- 
ily anil rlisllticrtion ; S'a.^i. 

Second Floor, Old Building. 

The Women Poyn Club cflnu forgi'ta 
cm it Li im pictuiM^, but nut wlirn a tneiaber 
IiftJi W* to Jier eredh. At thn luncheon 
yrmenlny the club WW baMasiI to go to 
ihe L'upltol and are .lnit«' Mtirlin.'a ]rir- 

enre, "Tbfl mtent Cull" W« biiiw I#ai»> 

.-. ::i-i' Trimble will nut objerjt to hu>lai; 
i -i- HP-mo omitted. It in n v™ Vi «iwii, 

(till **r. Object, (i-liiiuiiiii. 

Try In v It on (be »»«* 
■The tJotnit cf Monte CrUto" 1 In II* 
lilni vrraien h«n been ptay<-d nt JSpring- 
rlrld. Mora., nnd in li^nver Wltjl Ktrat 
rn nil nil dartoQal^ i-amtgh tiii-f word 
■■nine in AM in iwu (di'Hrra fmni thoae 

Cltfea. I'lllim^' (rtllH.llr I HI VI '. l;j| lifTll 

mlaiited to the screen iiv Knunrtt J. 
l-'lynn umLvr the title, "Monti: ('riato." 
-Inditing hy the reporta, Wiiliaui K«s 
hnfi another- big picture- They liked 
it in Denvtnr and Hh'v were lUilbu- 
dtwtlfl Aver It in fprinsl^hl. uacking the 
hon-,1 b,i jill (jcrfrfrrn 111 ^ h. I'liijn nre Bl" 
Wrtym '"tried nn eh"' tUt" in rmnllor 
liiwnp. Why not tT,r out picture*'? 

A lie* rtnidy Better. 

Alice JlrniJy, who hast hera eeriow»ly 
Ul Tor M'liral weeks or appendlntta, is 
mproving, nnd expocta in bo rendy in 
mart for thr i.-oaBt enrly in April. In. 
'lief, Arri 11 bAh been net aa the d*y 
for ill- departure. Klin will atari work 
for 1'iiTaniuunt ab i'h'H ni Bhe renchi-a 

Palrbunkara Here V'ii Week, 

All the paging nt the RiU for StoFJf] 
And Djlig la in rain riirht row. They '. 
are not there, ami will not arrive i 
town UfclH Kehrnurv S or ft. Hint 
Ahranitt, hrml of I'niied ArtiBtx. n 
celled a letter from Mlaa rickfnrd ye^ 
ierrlay saying she nnil lir. FairhanAu 
would not v< ii'-h here iniUl ahoiit nr>xt 
Wt-daeHilay or Thurcday. .Mr. Aornma 
hBH not yet Joined ihi' prtHlticera in their 
new Chamber or Commerce. He in 
waiting tit eonanlt Mis* E'Lrkford and 
Mr. Falrban 

h:i' bit upon lli- i.ian of uaio-sr the aljr- 
antnrr of Xaaiiuura on nil adverliainr 
nwtlfr. Fur "A DwII'h Hoiiite." the 1b- 
aca plfty in whlrh the Uusaian aetroaA 
will nuiL' her lirct appearance under the 
l m[nd ArlJ*M bauner, llie printing bearn 
the Naalnmvn niKnnturc rjcaeih' aa Abe 
^l^;a■A her Jiame. Th'' di-HlKn la "the work 
nt Kobert Kilirar Long. And It la kaIu 
i the idea will h» cnniwl out on. All fUTure 
Niuinuiva pfettfre*. The [irodiirrion fol- 
■oivlii^ "A Lkill'a llaiuA" will hr Oaair 
Willie a ^rtalostie." wi>rk on -which I* 
now irefl la hand At tba United atmlios 
In Ilollyn-flod, 

A Irlne or Two. 

Btronehearr, At the Capitol ihl< w«*k t 
Jiam two diacinetlonu. He Inn, uerer re- 
oeired n "maKh not*"* from n matitiMt 
girl, and, ftcconJIng to fEr-vwond Broun, 
he ia the only raatlnm idol who doea not 
snilrlc. Ho |» rwelvrni.- more attemlnn 
thfa week than mont ntam d-*pllA his 
drpartinB from Ihnlr CtmRHW. He ithowa 
ph> iaieri"Kr in iilsrtlioe the matinee Elao. 
1'i-r Wt(jg him „ r nfj( . 

Ivefnre taking a tleelalre 

At the Hli.ill mil lllnlln. 

J-iIftnr ielwrn mil (ho I uin nindurr . 

Ed«r Seitrya and rnmmndori: W; B. 
Hrntham knvtr Cnlerail Into tin acree- 
meet whrral.y thev n-!H ting" and direct 
the tciura in ft. F. Knth TaiiderEHv of 
#evrmi n-c!) knowjt artiat*. Mf. Seiwen 
will write anil prod tic e and Jlr. Een- 
tham will take care of the hmdae** tll- 
tKllon. Florenee Reed and Kay Laurell 
ate the first iwo co appear under thta 

F'rolliu-Uonii Sri-L iu- I ) Ir .Vlda. 

I"- Lyle Aid*, the jomu rwiina donaa, 
b'nfilLner At the. -FaIaca ThoAIM this 
week, haa reeedred two offcrH for lead' 
Jne rolea Jn new mnsleal comedlea, and 
Iwo for BftW Tfltiift ulnre che openrd ln».t 
Monday In "'^adic— Oflo of Those CiflrLt." 

Whir A'bt * A trait w tele Dallrl ■ 

QarLrutli; Qoffmaan mill i-onduet a 
mnmlng hallrt fekool ok loo stage of 
Ihe Bvahwlek Tbeatrr. neit work for 
tbo taatmcttati of young Rtodf ,n plrla 
a*vking a profeairiortal CArrer. '. flpirAnii 
""j intitwl to inert Mlnj HolTrriunD 

raiima at 11 o'dock-. 

Hnodlllph Mn n It-It U'llb f:..ii..n-. 
naudolpli ftartietl hi:: ^Mifrncil frfim 
c!n- Hrlznick organLaatlon to lll!e ihe u- 
cen 1 assignment nf <<rrmn n iiielurea 
brought to :!.:• country by l-'niuoUA 
i'Iafera-U«iky. Mr. B«rt]*lt'a (l*«t Aa' 
h^niurnt in "Thn Ixjr^-ji of I'baraoh," 
which i-.'iii--* to liir Criterion the week 
of February 10. He ia burning Lhc mid' 
ulffat oil at the LioDjC lalaAd atudie now, 
CCLlng the I^ihitarh fcilfure In flhapo for 
(Tie Eir-al *howlnr, Mr, Martlet I ban iirvn 
with Selanlek for rails- yodrn, -■■j'!. tba 
except ion of a few months he icprnt od 
the Photo-Play MagayiDe. 

l.iiitlir Dtrutr In Ftliua. 

Having fiulabed n tour of the Orplicuw 
Circuit, LouIas i>ii>*ner baa dceidvd to 
Itnpi-ove the ahlnLuaT honra of bar vaca- 
tion by taking Ati-a*Hifument lu motion 
plctfflrt*. She lit A cleat! frlAnd of Paul- 
ine Frederick, veh* preraJltKl upon her 
ii' K<t to the It '■'■ atudlna mi') appear 
In the rolo 4t( Lena Fdntalno Jn William 
J. Locke'* story, "The tJlory of Clentcu' 
tin*." Mian Liroftaer nnd h«r huaban4 
Jack tJArdnrr, havo been paanlng the 
Winter lb til«ndaJe, too ci'.ir the motion 
picture, colony 10 permit rcfuaai of Miaa 
Kfederlclt'B ofTcr. 

TakJttir a Real. 

With Henry King At hgme ilh aad 
Work temporarily ali.tpendrd nil hla neat 
[ili-Uitr. fti^hAMl Hurt he: ul en. hi* £0nt! 
to Atlantic City to take a rest und got 
a Utile of that exeellent oxoae they hare 
there, Mr. Kins; bl rcry much better 
and will be back at work aooa. 

DHU De Mltlc line VTtgMT' 

Cecfl He Mllle Is dun to reach bare op 
Kriday, providjlujc of 4-ounr, (lie Ai|»1- 
tjjnia la on time. With the brand of 
*raiher we hate been limine iaohI of thn 
boat! an late. FammiN I'layem-Latiky 
cipni-ra to aend a lance delegation to meet 
Mr. f>e Mltln wIk-h he lanik. In fact, 
we HUKijrpct thef may make It a le^al 
linUdar in that orjt «a tuition. That it 
hnw glad tliey are lit hate him back. His 
■'.Sfiniplny Night" and other pictures 

* aart ftu tat AROKaj Sfc.— Afrrt, 

nt it w; Gist*. 

Lose Your Fat, 

Keep Your Health 

i*OB*rf)nriiii nesa la not tiDalthy. rr|rh*r 
la It beallhy la dUL nr etarclfa too mm-h 
for I la rrmoTil, Tn» aim pi eat me I tied 
kflown for renutlac lli> oTAFfal twdy easily 
«n<1 Ki'sdlty La ihe Marmolt Mrfhod, irli>.l 
11 ml rhOerirrt by tliaiiaimN. Mirtrir-ln Pn^- 
P'Tlrilrtu Tohleta ranuJn an esaet dose of 
(Be famutJi Mannaiu Tt**c ripilHii, fltirt ari- 
■oil by drngfrUta the warlo »*+? »t onr> 
clnllar f«y a in**. Tbej are barmieu au4 
leave no wrlnklea nr ilabfeUlAtl. Tkey »Zr 
popular brrTiuae effeetif* and eonrealanr, 
A»k pour Oruagtat for tn«n nr ■aDd ark* 
rtlr«i to th* MimiMi <v, *di3 Wooowai.j 
At«„ Ihkttoit, Ulcta,, and procara a esse. 

Vorothv Haltint ami Itndolfn Valen- 
tlno, in "aloran of the Lady Lriry," from 
the norei by Frank iWria, will tie ihe 
feature a'r Ihe ttivnll. brginning next 
elunday. It la it On irrr Me1l»rd |iroduc- 
tfoTJ. Koute Kfttlerjrhhn prcparril the 
■ cnnrln. Oihera in the eaat are 
CliaTleri- ilrlndley. Waller Lnnjr. KraH 
Jitrgfnsrrl. Maude Wayne. I'eril Hol- 
!.::■>! alld flrOrge Kuwn. 

"Mo ran of ihr Lady l.ettv" u P ihriil- 
log tten story, with MIm Pfllron In the 
roht of ihe girl sailor ami Valentino na 
(he gllrled y.ittth whn nan fhunghalcjil 
and ijMtKlcrcd hla raptors. 

Tilooel Carry more. In "tViGinTEinc 
Bill" will he the feature at ihe ItlnlM 
next w*ek. It l« b CoaoHipolitori pro- 
iliirilnn, written be Jork lioyle, lhr 
arrnjliu hy Hoty Hnbnrt und directs) 
by Totit Terrla. ] n tha rapt nre Mnr- 
guerlta Slurah. Miirgnn-t, Frank 
t*|j*tnrnin. Matthew Pert-, Charlie l-'ruig, 
Hirrv Lee, Mlrlum Pattl^ta nml llrl'n 

"ftoomernBg Ji||l' + Ia n en>ok atory — 
a i.vpe Barry/more liken to play. 

The Vnatniara. Slgnala-ee, 

Aa a neaiiJi of giving a trid>m«rk in 
all Nkfejmova ]ii-cHiui'lionn, Cnlter] Artftls 

F. F. Prwtne'a 1^«a>k>IIp4l Bllla, 

F. T. rroctor'a Pifth Atcbri! Thea- 
tre the iaat half of tie week. betinnioV 
tliia afterboon, will offcrr "Buttoca"; £Ka- 
aiotul & Brepoflii, rViaafan Or Whit*. 
B»™ A rhxrord. Ivirht LitMtla 
C hPka, Wrlrh, Meiily .t MoiKmae. Rn, 
Joll^ Hunlgan, WiV.a & Harold Brown, 
ooi il other*. 

F. F, Proctor's Twenty-lhlrd Street 
Theatres vaudeville Hut include* Ja« 
Laiirn- and mmpanv. Hence flaherta and 
compaay. Sunahin^ <rjr|*. l^ L . Kohlman 
«ad eoitiparfj", Xell O'f'oene]), and Kin* 
A riiine, The feature pietnre will be 
Tt allAee field In "itrnt Free. ,f 

*. V Proetor'* I'lriy-eislitt) Street 
Theatre haa Ja<-k Norworth, l^> Maire te 
Hayea. Sr a |i & Heali. .Uiittgofk A- Kea- 
nedy, FxeJ ft Alyre Waimnn. Kd &. Rt A 
Itwidlng, and the Ifen-ndeo Troupe, ThA- 
f;-atur c picture Will he 'Must Aroiind the 
Coracr.' f 

Pi V. rroetor's l^ith Streflt Theatre 1 * 
vnndevJIle bill has Chnrle*" aod Mailnlino 
ilunhar, Theo audi Her nandtea, Healy 
A- Croia, Maiule Keuiy nnd rompauy, 
Emma O'Neil. and TW S«^bo«:ka. The 
feature plcturo will hi- Wallace Rrld ia 
"ltent Free." 

Tuple* of ihp Pay, AeAop'n Fablos) 
ami Tnlhe NVuh are. aJOwn- on tbA; 
attrocju in all of the Proctor theatre** 

inline F,. Timtenaark "i*nt** AaTAArf.* 

Arthur i;. iMacUn^h ia booalinc for 
B. S. MoaA again. Staling. hlnutclS 
"Pralac Ajrrnt for B. B. Moia'a Broad- 
May,"' he aubmlla: 

"■The B. F, Keith Ttuctfrrilla bill at 
B. fi. Moaa'a Broadway Theatro neat, 
eek will be headlined by Uleo ft W*t» 
uef, Mnekfnce comedLaaa, who w|I| ctt#f 
an their jmrt.iini or the entertainment 
n laugb nrovnkliiE srIi entitled 1 't>ji thw 
s-Mffold/ The chief pictorial nUwe* 
lleti will be a Jpulaaiin^- dramfl i-nlloit 
'The ITall of Hooie,' in which lreno 
Itieh la th« prlneipal finun-." 

Ilnrry VmT*T In \ Jink-Mlr. 

Harry Carey, slar of Oic scrren. In 
m foraake tho -if.-m drAtna for a while 
Ahtl will appear in B- F- Keith vaude- 
ville. At IS. &.. Afoaaa Hj-gent Tbi-atri* 
next Monday until Wednesday he will 
be seen Lu a comedy. 

Furniture, too, is subject 
to discounts 

SALE of lamps and 
furniture ia now in sway at 
Ovington'g. And you may 
purchase any of the charm- 
ing lamps and shades, and 
any of the novel furniture 
as well, at rjiscovmts of ■<>& 
to509&> Many Other articJeg 
of interior decoration too, 
such as mirrors and mar- 
ble*, are included in the 


" The Gift Shop af Fifth Arcane" 

Fifth Avenue at 39th Street 

Thl* jnvgM miarid it bat cb* 
efjna riy odd pt*t*> itowpnt- 
aaafud tayou in ifi* «*-'*- 

! i mum ju 





mi>INfi THKATH1JS AXU it (Ti;j*fi!«, 

empire- ■-\.;,:";;iit i;: ,. 

"Doris Keane glorious in 
The Czarina'. '' _i;rr. irwM. 


r, \i.v- — L-**r*l *M I^Jiw B|td. 

| ■. i Of Ulltirtt Mittrr, 

"A IlI.i1.E-. ■ptrrfl t-nmcflj In 

\it>lr>h ln>rl* Hrnn.* nrhkir* a 

"iru» Keane. [■■ niiporh. One 
«f tHl«" ltt""1 |anr«^il} rnlrr- 

tattilnu, riimflfidr eomfdki tn 

KAT5. WEEtSAT 5tti^Z&n£i 

KtiBQH MiUSliylllA 
LEOHEM(M."yiU" r 

Henrr Miller^"' 1 w - '*■ *'- *** * :J 
IAUEETTEL7*- |Th* SatioMl 
•j TAYIOB |«SS| intlioir 

GAlElt E.-,:' T*5-^'T "- : * 

MTB"""* t^an Timn Anr H*- 
1 ^»^r var Thr, !-'*i«^ri."-r4*-»«w« ftrJun. 

■HUDS ON^NV^^r^' 

MAR 1 E T " c VOICE 

U. O H R m'in'ab'et 



EUSCO ;.':„", ? LYCEUM r J^,Z 

t 1».Tt. U n..* P«i.:.r.. Njil>,Tlii f r«.i8*'.!'.* r 
•Tlrt *<-!.-o prr^sLlt j Oi..d ■TiwItO prw.01. 

t. i:\mu* Linwrci. 

(/iftvc jatw/u 

ES AJAJ $ urKR" 




ft t.UHnn l.crraJn 

A Man Ira I > 


HP! HO wU, Vili.TMi-.."^ !*/«■ 


"A Bill of DiTOTC«llieilt" 
i*Ui JAM?!' likMr i!l;it 

■ML WlWH«»i^l^)lo<H^ 



l(n|rh<rt>r>«krr. TTF»j r jt ft Km. isa 
•* «"?- ,v » d - «■*-. to i;i £ HaJ.. :.m, 
rt-r-O j, Ub.v fan th« |<,s *ITHV-Tfinw 

J#G^''Bdld(>g Drummow£, 

C*™y M " witl, A. K. MATTII irfr*;. 


Bill* MIJn'jcM Pirnrrannr* Wnl nl ILfj. 


Pt Wat Rsrlfc*) * Ui rri-drrkk ITTfr 

LIBERTY ;':i:\;f^t/i~ V? " 


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^ "Frank Fay's Fables' 1 





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r/fiiVIC-tV • The pt YEAR 

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LONGACRE EJ%&IS-J3t' 1Jl LITTLE , i;.,V^ s , , n -. E r »■,";"• » 



Violet Herficroiti Gets Star Part in 

"S'njplierd King'' — Beaaniont 

Directs Shirky Mftwn. 


l. H. I*. <- >'..],!, llrrUir;; H,.ll.l ri . 

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rlCI llnrlrj Klelta in J.nnilDm. 


rrt Hill"?* bt- nnt -1-, dull 
lu-Tiirn rirclp-i ft* CTPry 


Decree for Morning Dress and Hat& 

at WeddiRj MalscB Them 



-W11.I.1AM A, BHA111-.S S 


The Nest 

»llh Ll'<rI»K WATJWS 

PLAYHOUSE *■ " ,h - ■* sc*. k«, 

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( * Mi — ,. Amort iirl Tr* 'fl* 
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in "PfcaCOCJJL Altcj," 

Gricc Cunaronr 
C * r d a &. Noll, 

[: f ' M . Li -::'l-- Evalulltina^ 

^T"' 1 ' R*e*' & M<ck, otbi. 



\©rkts air mrm » ££*» 


Pauline Lord 

tn "Annn Chfiitic" 

• BELMOHT " " ls - "'r««w* ="■ ' = 
M.t». Th'ir*. * Sit- lit 

-s. s. pimr Md -the noiiet's Pir 

"ll»llKll*(Ql" »rj "A Thplll*P," 

1 republic; ii.- 


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Put. irM, ■! -. "Tb«. I j.1-. nf 11. .ii. 
iitana.* 1 I.ttran. Uirrn, Nt«M?i. Jm.«b 
jn»lnte fi t -h*»i* a Dtiin i-„ r ,i. ciwlr*. 

S»I. \inlit. <•Jlo^ ^ ^,r. +, r.i,e*r, ll*rtln, 

-llw,... *■>!., 11, J'i, B „; : n ••Low r«T 
Thri'e (Iran it (••>," Mr.i 5..,.' -■, j<rt 0< | 
r**lt>h>a. CdUwIL HWVj. Ujij. IWrti^T 
B*ta; (-And. FrrtolkH. 
Taeki "LubIm." t:.n!r n . e,«™, n » 

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U nl.. - i .1 ilii h ■■] 1111 -I-,-- K|| u \ Mtt 

CktMan, fl^b-QMrt, Scli»»r» i'oi. J TrmrL 

Thar*., >■ ti l*hI. m ... i:,.on,' lir(| rra 
Ilkklicl!. I-ikIdiIlk LaiKri. t\,„i in,j„ r « rt 
i'rf. -^nl-.n.^. - Cirtlim. 1Ihti!|i IIr*a- 

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_gr*Ts .^OH JtCLH.MJ H WSSK1 Allien. 


V t i ; r t: ^ tn ""Nancy \i>Miirn" 

T*3l'*rlC I .-..■-.. nialin •it-'-.. ,?, 


*M, K '■ » J ' C ALL SEHTS 

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TH V. \ |*orA LT1*SK" 

iUMIp) 1 furir, t c P| _ Abfitllla 
Jho^U 1 ttnuiii, .Bgitwi. tf»]di 
™;» * "Mlnrj#, ttudJlj >Gii 


.ail ft- JgT , aa YuKH-lli r; 


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AKOCT |> THE C im Ti^KJi ' - 

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lft.n. Diu^iMf. nnlV A v™.. Tb«» 
A Lwadln. Rsam* CN-lti The 
5nV"/jL"- Dlhrri «'AI.|,A<-K 

10— BIG ACTS—10 





H.-ir-ii Bymph»Bij Oroft, 

nH(*OKl,l\ AMl'SKMUST-1. 

EMPIRE ^] ! 

nSSD Ugrh. 1*Jca Ii.ilr 
>■■! «rd lUlph At*. 



fabllr Sofc*el -I...1-.: Dlu Pirom 

JnfwIJcn at I'l.viT. 

A frrii iirif'k in tlic middle fiitcrr i>f 
the b*.od K«]rcd liy RbiidupI 

okath iroTice* 


J f ':::■!■ :■ ■■! 127 \i\- ■.■•■■■ ■ ■.'■-..: ■;■.:■■■■; 

the 3nii> death In St, Mark'n Honpii&l 
j-rwtrrniij-. I><-pHtf Chief Medical Es- 
amintsr Dr. KMijamin W--li\v;iri/,, 
madr- hi, cxamitHtivti'Of ihi« <v»uod r saM 
dr-iitli iiad'rmmd uj a rualt of iufc^iion 
from the- pel polrjt- 

Ilajrlcr, wh'iic wortipf m goh)P of IlIU 
«lmii^. Wsaa MrllJiij. dilipEns a pea 
Into qrj inli.n-1'Tl wi'lfltocailj- is he nrate 
down notCH. AlwnL-m faded If h* stiieK 
thp [«tiir nf ibc pro into bin ris^cr Jiud 
ar.W« fr«m a aiDDunmry »lmrp- pain 
thought nn morr aTmiit it. La*! ThiirS- 
dny iufiviloa «rl ja m-Si the Injured mtin- 
bvr LrrsQA (o swell raidcllj-. 

1.0.VIJOX, Feb. -. 

"'Tin? sudden ifccrw iiruKiLiiiit^ iiwrtt* 
ibK drcn nod Imtn cm tlm cokiuiug L" b<; 
worn by womni cimla at lli^ lVdiJiTig 
tit fodnctaa Mary In Wi-atiOltaetrr AlAej 
ban c.iii'-'-iJ (-iiiihifrnaTiou uniuu^ the 
lunlitt liriblii mudiJitnj *>f 1.0lid(HS « lid bud 
lnrmt^il lituvily in jilw;ks «f svettfbt 
i in ■...■=■-.-■. ISuL tililiu lth'5 ., r .- loollitiK 

UwiiiiiTlT Dfun their nRCfwiVii I'tirU hkn- 
■.I.-. suv Lit y vomt-n iiiul miMiiHTH mv over- 
jii,v?<I. mill ji m bkTaiuc i ■■ - - iniiui'iixr 
^■nii, in which tin' DMtJMj '* BttrWOIpt 

J-uiitlJf Wc.mi-l! ttb-. it|«vl In jillr-IUl 

tin- ivrihlin^ uti: uuiur.itiy graiiAm I'Vir 
eHOtliilii Hip nr*w|wct "I linnuin tJiu tuM 
Abl--y with bun- otrouhb-rd uud llnntjr 
i-oiltsM bL'ud#. T|ir> nilltinirx, ii in niit'Li- 
htM \t\ may, a nl ici nrili' :t erval Imuin 
thrlt imilf. Tjn-y un 1 uln'ady bu*y d«- 
ML r iiii fi ; invilvtel milTlOt^inly |UC[llJV*jUe ( 
wliEk ni the nami' tiiu.' wiltn-ifjnly nil!' 
uilinl nitrl iristly tit mtxt :i|.|-i+ur JHCL' l( 
iIil- Abh.>y et*rumwiy. 

JCST in Ti 
in nmt if 
obe tJiin^s. abV«a3 p^crcs of nevra 
inme nut of lhi> K#t film «iadl"s 
,1-i-Mri-dn.v. Violet akmrKani wh» flajcd 
onr of Lac kadinc rdl*H I" *">>ro r " linn 
licfn eojrfljwj iiv rJay the leadlftfi f^min- 
pac wla ii ""I"!!- Plicplifnl Kl&s." whkh 
J. Corxbin EdwaHx ha> ataHed In Eayfit. 
Mi/s Mtuwrffiiu rani" lionit aH'ouc 
t'briNKMMime am! lias hfrn li^rr fince 
Tticn. naillnjr word frftnl Sir. KdwaHii to 
rrjoin hl-i Tntnpnur. SHr re-ill J-ail for 
llnly on Frhtitary K>, to rcjitiu the Bd- 
pfatda prrniip. when it Vfi«tfl*M6 Home 
from KjJlir- 

^'illiom Foi ptl tcliaM-v] the matan 
^ii-luro richtfl tft tain . ntnrj- by \Vrl(bt 
l.nrininr >evohil rnoaibn a^o, ami had ibe 
Kite in mind when ho rent Sir, Kdward» 
nbri'iul tn ptTHlure nhe plrmrrH. Jiic es- 
lerlora nrr All^tpVen in laat irtcmrft^tl* 
land. IVilb ihr f«cepth:t of Mi-*s Mit- 
r-'iiv in. the c»>t is eompoiied of foreign- 

Tlw seoond F*)X anpouncBaiont i« the 
»iiffninjt nf 1 tarry Hcaumoni 10 dlrprjl 
Kliirl*; Mason. IIu will aiart iwrk at 
once on "Itotvii the Baokntaim," her 
JfAl. uK>ur^ 1« tlL*^ J.Olu. 
t-.n. l.rrnii.^r lif Tlnlurt llurrn-i. «>hn hn-> 
aloo Jdin^ the Foi I'uiofany; Botrto 
Hii-vfii-. I'reil Van Anker. L'lairc Sir- 
l).h*cM :•■■: Awlc Ilerrina;. 

That Vo* will iinidvre twn pletnrMi 
from Htfirie^i br ■.-■--- Owen Banter If 
tin* thinl ■nuotinefiacBt. ">"pee Hnnse 

]..:r,ir :if" lof* t" Ton» M : T OUl ot I hi* 

jrjwp, find "Whtgi l>on Turns lo (5n!u " 
in ! -i-i ii, Furouni. In tbr rant Wit* 
>':irmiiii will bo ' MnrKVerlr* Mnfih as 
fcniiniBP h-ail, and 1'alny Hurh atlller 
wilt play 'uppoidU- Mr. Mix- 

Tm Taltw Taylor-'" Ptrirr. 

A* soon 4a nord reached Kunntif 
, rii.rora-LaiiLiy of Lli-c death «f William 
Tular U *»■«« nceMsary (o hod some one 
l(. take bin nhii*?. Mr, Tuyloi- bad made 
il!i arraoEetneatK to start wnrk ironuTii- 
nlKy no "ThL> Ordeal" irbaTftNa; Asn« 
Ayraa, ami an tills h in be oai- of the 
ilniuirtavt I'lranvinat re2canrs il was 
B*eta»ai7 a MMIilfl direcCot be nufeitl- 
ftled. l^anl E*««re)1 !■*» beeji af^bjnerj 
im Hoiwli the pietiire. 

Trnij:|l M n 


> It is inlprwtinc to pole, (ft), Hibl Lb" 
iLiiimyiitTiiiciit of tin- Lurd. rbuntbcrluiu 

prr?friliiiip morning drcaa und luKl 
nn-nkji n irmljijnti rontvHva »Jd eoscertt- 
iiij; iIil- drifts of WOBiPII «1 wufi fuin- 
sinux, unit will prnbubiy \>n>w Tu be lilt) 

41-uui kibcll of L-ouri m iivenitia ilr.-w 

fur futOTC rlilvrlnilliurtilj.i, eSErJfljit purrly 
eveniug uffairs. 

I'-ricmpd's witrneii nf t us Id. in arc beeu- 
jdc k elosf fjT on the jprosttsa af I'riu- 
»* ^lary'ti iM.usw-att. Already It baa 
•olvH one nrnblcm fur ibcin. 

The Ainr-nean eun tHnplW 1 ps in 
whether or aoi defiJUHV Hboulri bo issued 
in lliu 1'uris lonfr-Mkirt nlk-l. Htid lu con- 
tinue Lu WfOr lliriti i-luirt. C0UtH9 no 
worry tp rln- l^tisfeh wminn. 

■'i*rinefaih 'Alary > tlrcKMa ari' polnff Iq 
be j"ii,:. and the l-'.-.,.'-. -. womraa, thire- 
fqrr-, wHi Icnpthr'ii their ^tir| 3 , wnHl- 
rvcr i;i-liii i. ileererM,*" Slltw I'^uflli 
I'helPB, atjfln creator, vim n-iiirmtt pa> 
cently from bii Ahirrh-nn tunr. raid. The 
E'riiireSriSi bridal ruMiim., Iht i«.r-H iit-i 
tcou-ns and bet tfnlkiojf Milla will a|j 
harii Inns akir:-. (Jf rmirse, she lias 
always wor» thi'itt Ions, hul Jbal dort-n't 
matter, ny ctsitHinniif Eir wear them 
loua. Mp«ei*lly »M * I tt'a a loom ruin ok 
oetwjhm, rfio Im* ji^tt^l an imtHnlaiot 
fashion. iguatitao Jpr Kn^U^li wcnucrp. 
••r.arlLhput- Ifiux" Kivorllr, 

ti. i\ Rwelle, uf Hevelle, Ltd.. ruuri 
d:r>ii!iiuAki.-tt-, disposed amubcr ibHu- 
eaee ivincesa Mary will rxeU on Sptrina 
fashion tonea. Prinecas 'Mary^B ravottte 
tolar ii^hliie, whieb irlll i.luv a proini- 
Deut part la her itoimm-aii. Tlivn-Atre 
lihao, ibe rtAm- of !■:- ,::,■■ ... ^j|] U n|>ro- 
prfStely ho Lhi' li-adii^ (rh fl rt> f tbc 
faalilon snaioa m which, [in- auni notable 
event will U- Prinemw Mara'a wcddlne 

"All abadva or bine will be worn?' 
Mid Hevellc '-lot ifc. particular fhada 
wlm-h will dominaU' ihc Serine mlor 
jicheme 5a the eniutake hhli koowa a* 
■I_!r:.-.|h'i! ' f-arLftjuiir Wur, pi,-.-i Eiarl v 
wo!t Mittod to tiie \]fbU i,I the Abbey; 
douBden will play 4 nnrt iu iat* 'drawea 
or 1 bi> royal hndt^malds." 

TJie fonretfalnein. or %\ icnai tbft 
nfE5ect of tbelyiM t'baiii!n-Hjii| F . r<i rrte*i- 
tton }ut,\ wlmr feiiifl ttf dot hi eg tnunt 
be affected by the men Invited i-. VYltK- 
rainalcr Abbey to aw I'riii^e*!. itiiry mar- 
ried tw VbuMUnt LoacetEe^, jjiits tlimK 
nude aodaty rolluwer^ -nli.. an . not en . 
titled tn wjir a uuifnrin i.ttft snniethinff 
of n 'iiinndary. 

Man Mbj IVwr GvraaBU I nlfnrin, 

Of cotiree, if a uinn ii cstlilJed lo oao 
of those aorajfcvua uniforttiH rvrcml with 
row nftcr row of cotd hue, u«d worn 
by the hbr!tCrMi|jHi i n the various pjr* 
ininiriii dcnnrUneCrtB when tbpv po on 
parndo, the problem H Milvcd. Bwl tor 
lu Ofdfrmry man, Imnhtiiig no iiohiinil 
rank the '"cveiiinp! r*rart coMinaie" |irob- 
ably will have to d^i. 

TkiB L'osiuuie conniMts r,f an onBnaM 
tnilwriit with a white aiij^ii hizh, blurk 
silk bfne£ brcccbnc and - .IL. at«ckluaK 

The ljuiroi'ti:; '"Jtrvoe" coatmne may aim 
hr. permi«iibie. Tblx In r-imilnr in tlic 
ovcbIhc eourt eojttume, except ilmt the 
coat ix a aliurt garrii'iii ■>[ idict. v. uli 
rurflea at toe rdfL'ir*. 

'.'euitie baehto uilk of v.-r.lum- c-.ivns 
and irouMOtiu-i. here in an Jurn for the 
wniMiu, Advance *h*taibi I nn-'lh-iiicwfa 
JUry'i trulnm-au dhanW' tnii! her lin- 
fii-ri" will be nil hand-uiad". triinin- il t nli 
ithI law. and bcr-own rnjnl crowa will 
be embodied on each camirut. 

Aa tu material, the l J riTn-f.« like? both 
very fine luwn and rre]* di> rliiiif. Shi* 
yrerero Blmiilkity in Iie r wiirdrotM, it is 
fftatod, and no tjaitucnt in elaborate. 

A. SI. 

I\ A. 

L..I.I- ¥rflloi. 

■Wcaltnojillcaraed hnw it ftkt tliat In- 
l-.-.--.-.!I faiLrni nt (ho weekly A. M. V. A. 
:-i j-.- h- -■ ii y^.ttcrday at tbo CaFe Itunlc- 
vnrd. It alt came nl«i;it through a d>- 
■ '.:«!■■:; betirecti advrrliaiaK manager* 
am] !:■:-■;■■ ; ■.< — r ■--■■"-»■_ =■- .;■ tu in.--' what 
]njlili'-ily rirL-aiit. and Junt what had b«t 

lie donu with it. a ''■ :;':i there were a 

number ■■■' #{>eakfni, includiiiK John 
1 ['"liua. Jerome ''-,■-•:.<■. Vivian )■!■■■■■ and 
tbu rdltnra of the trade ;iutillcation», no 
LNnliiiii: n;.ii!-- were obtained, n lttn-»ui^ri 
a star* wk* madr 1 tn an eadearnc ta pet 
tt ilnwirr ridatiun between The publicity 
oirn soil the editortj. Ow (tatBHtfoal hy 
Mr. J-'lltin, tn lhi_- eff'rrt lhat more new* 
Khnultt Iri fuMinhed by the trade papen. 
npparrsnlty jnet approval. I'ONnihly alter 
a fc«i' luwfa meeting a definite joi:thod 
uf \iH>\>\i loddirfty matrrial tiihv be 
nnrked mil. M'hnher it ivilt dotdnp iato 
"■ nix month*' ;.«Mirii - holiday" ot- not, 
nn wan ny^^enled. rprnaioa to lie' seta. 
Jn»t iiiiupui six months without L*'ib- 


l|r.«|n H Uriilfj Mnrr.n Ui,, .!,'.. 

Wbon Il.irlt'y KaoteK wrat flbmad Ibac 
linn* it vru for ^omethin^ oJ* c boitdcs 
making jilctUrcji. He went 10 M up! and 
L> <lii tin a bride, nnd it \n latercatlBg 
in ike motion picture iaduntry to Itaemr 
\rr«. Kuolwi Is Jtfialna Efaxlay, They 
"rrs ■ !.;:■'■ i r . ; in l.nndon 00 Keplemtrer 
Jii and aanounecment vards received •rea; 
|erda> aaj the? will In: at home « Collej 
t*onwr, Keirato Heath, Surrey, I'lizl^int. 
Mhis Henley, ot Mrs. KbuTch. if fe he in 
aoi aq aiiroeate of the l,ury Stone 
[cM^ue. went to TiOadon lo write title? 
:iih| make aduptatiodn fi>r flu [^u-flixh 
[■r'Hl'n-ipir tomiiflny. Previously she had 
adup:c<t many of Lae Faiaojn )'!ayeni> 
I.asky Hccuariott and written title* for 
them, Mr. Kaulo*, who fc an Eaaliab. 
mnn by iiirth and an American by adop- 

lii'ii, ia tlio [irudinvr of "L'aTDJrnl" and 
inaay other pretentkiti?. prndnrtioat. He 
a-aa Bssociatod: with W. A. llrady for 
rttne time, and dlreeM "l.inle U'omen. 1 ' 
He went abroad tfl L-onrlaue hi* pitluro 
work in l^nituind and, from tbc brief 
anndlinteucDt rece'rei). it w<mld seem 
In? and bin bride Intend to stay n,n ^tto 
other "ide, a fail tboir frienda here will 

ItelBrnlna: l« Sftfr 1 n*L. 

■Hit Marffaret Talmadae v ill roiuo 
back to New York to-mnrrow, Hbp write* 
sh? is bored with Cnlifomi'i, and that 
tbo children^ Norma, fon-jmuii* and 
■Natalie, will have to sbili for themselvei 
for a rtlit'e. Aceovdlna ti the mother 
uf ihe Talma dues, California is nil rhjnt, 
but ft- ranjiui be mentioned in tbe narao 
breath with, Now York. 

I 'i -prak m| \ .a nrhr on. 

The aaaual luncheon of the .\atiooa[ 
Bourd.of Ketiew will tote place on 
l-'ebftiary IS* John Eaiersoa. wuo is the 
C'liBiiaeey Lfenev of jnoiioa picture*, bai 
been Inrited to apeak. John Eisuria at 
Fia nuay lY^ablnirtoii bearlnsa, paota~ 
piny baaqueta and Ilic-rhcoaK that he 
makes apoeche* i0 h his jiler^i. Time iraa 
when Senator James Waiter >■ u-- c^ven 
thr palm aa tbr- world's yreatesit oratur. 
But Uiojie daya are cono; he now -harm 
aonora with Mr. Emer«oa. 

Frederick BlHotl »aa tli<- "Via," 

If ope were prwuiminticfllty Inclined one 

otroJil let/ the nd«» of the ilny po ami fill 

n full column :ilynn t ; who are at 

home with the "flu." The Intcit to closa 
!ij»; rink and cull the doctor U Frederick- 
Elliott, ficciltivo aecretary nf thr; Ka* 
rional Aaaorlntion of the Motion Piriu r e 
Iniluitry. He Ji at home in bed with. p. 
had cose of tbc malady, 

UnlihnCer nn Vrnihicfp, 

r'red J. Balaliofer. who wan associated 
with Metro when TTarold LncJcwood win, 
malting jiietni'.*. ia in town, Mr. l>;it- 
idi&fer Is alili In tlie jrictiire Tm*ln«iB-ni-- 
fiiMiis to be dlacooraged by all the talk 
of Lard dmc*. He aaa opened offices at 

\ iiii.j.r jhwhm:i[i;ai . 
9kc *i rsr aall rrbraur*- in («r llutne 
Id Jiiln J. ttuAiarilH liwnlMn'n 
lian». Sbv i\Hl ptaj ''■■■ IcndliiK 
rule tti "The Sheflhrrd KlnU." 
n«i> ..rim- Blair J ubi road fur »*, 

*Jt3 l\Vst l-'orty-srvi'iilh wlrcet and will 
[Kroiluee a strlca of live-reel iiruiluciions 
with l'"nirbuakfi as thu htar. Sir. 
Uillallutcr canie to town (ibont it werk 
ajo, hlafirat visit to till* tfty hi three 
yeanr. Ilia new i.ia ^iiinv-ni i.-it will be 
called Uoi Daliliofcr I'icturca LVrror- 

.Male (tfflco. 
In the future |ilcuse nddrws mall for 
Priniaji, Inc.. **» tlio Wiwlda Tower 
EuJIdiiijj, 110 Wciat Fortieth atreet, 
After three ytmrt nt 71 West Twenty, 
thinl atn-et lh>- company Is In its' new 
home, wlii'tv L\ K. I >■ \\nWn, |-n ■sidi-pit : 
(Jarrolli Ll. LmnnliiK mifl H- «■ SWb«r 
vlco prcaiiLunt-t, ear; be located. 

•ihoMlfiji on Satwedny. 

"Willi Stanlry Ju Africa," an eUnca- 
lionai tiliu ikulimd for touchers, will bo 
uliuwii at 111* CtnttiiL Tlientre on Satur- 
day mo-rathi; at >0 ii'cIm:*. Etneet L. 
CrandiiH, director t>i vlaual cdncnliun Ik 
the pontic achwla, Ima [donned to bijv* 
hii ti^ictjcre lirescnt 10 Me this him, 
which Uull IdK-'miale in uyojnjarius- 

k Haana Hohber. 

Lucille Ittckmu ia only 12, but eha 
knows the value ot publicity. Wlien a 
robber recently broke into her beu» ia 
Hollywood and took her jewel*, a Locket. 
a travrling bar: and other penfonal ef- 
fects, she iminrdiarely t^lttdranetl Inc 
i;.il.!«yn pwaa aueEt and told lilm of 
bcr loea. .'.«*. ... , t 1 ■ 

"iJt course, wiili'd LUCfUBj ^ WWUtJ 
much rather lorn my l™iket,back than 
■Ct my name In tin- niiiwc, out an long ua 
J hail n burclar 1 11115™.' aa we*l net 
the publicity." 

Chine** Pai-ty Vlatla Studio. 

American pictures are much in Ml* 
dencc in farawoy Ohion, aecordiiifj to 
Mr. and Mr», IL li- t!hti.w TsuehJ, Amy 
Chvtr, ^Uiio Cboar. ti. IL Bowlinj; ami 
\V. C, -Kwonfp who vhdtcd the Foi stu- 
dios do. j[bcir wny oack to their native 
land. Mr. Tanelil t« Minister of Ff> 
nonce, nnd one of the ablest CbUeae 
Htntcemen in Ills country. 

"llhineso are as aTdent nieluro faaa 
ax Americana." *aid Mr.. Kwook, who 
acted mi !:>■'■■■■ :■■■:■■ 11. "1 In: family fioea 
to ace yoat; playtrn as often na they can. 
Tin- Aim-rican pietiirt 1 nr-' in nuicli mure 
nnptilnr it i-* ittiaeOTaarj lo tnention the 
otlifira. We liava BttaH from Ormanj- 
■nd France. .Imt they are Bot liked, jm 
wtl|. The Chinese tbcatrpfffwr aeema to 
like American action— **w\h 1 believe it 
ia called. And tlic Clijai*e women and 
pirU are very mucli lu p bare with tho 
romance of the trcrcen." 

Mr. Kwonc; naid he hud licavd of stv- 
cral . C'hiTlcae conipaniu'* nttcmptlae to 


STOP over in New Orleans 
on your way to California 
and feast your eyes on the gor- 
geous spectacle of MARDI- 
GRAS, that famous carnival 
which started more than two 
centuries ago. 

From February 26th to 28th you 
can join in all the carefree revels of 
Rex, Lord of Miarule, and enjoy the 
marvelous pageant of the Mistick 
Crewe of Comuo— the gorgeous dl>- 
play of purplcandgold — the beauti- 
ful floats — the fun and revelry. 

Visit tlie old French quarter — 
dine at famous restaurants and en- 
joy the quaint ways and byways of 
thia"Oatewayto the Golden West." 

Take the 

-*»n> lake The ^s, » , 

Atm*?e£r f?otfZ& 

v *» California 

New Oriean* SU N S Ef L I M ITED San TrandjKO* 
San Antonio Tucson San Diego Los Angeles 

Operated over a mild, lunny route all the way. free from ice and snow. Observation 
Car. Throuih Dinina Car and other comfort* of mod=rn travel. Dally Thrimgl. 
Tcnirirt Sleeping Car Service between Wnihinston. D.C. and Sar. Franciaco. Thrmif K 
Sie^pituj Car three days a wccle in each dirertion between New Orleans and Cab* 
fomia l-ip Globe, AiiEcaia,affetfdiri«cofttfeni«it aervicc for the sida trip lo ROOSE- 
VELT DAM or the 1 arj-mile detour by automobile over the entire length of thfl 
APACHE TRAIL between Globe and Phoenix. 

Connecting. YumawltH the San Die s o and Ariaonn Ry. for San Diego 
Far Information and Literature ad'o''**** 


Itid wjufl fi«"*" Another L'nlt. 

The Fo* Film CoafHtajr, says Fred 
KweUel. Jinn not all the call on Mr. 
Wynn's *ic[Tiee5j n^nrilni netur. A well- 
known dijector called nt hit drcs?fnx 
room carl* this week nnd ntdtcd him to 
consent to be utaejed ia "Tha Three 
Twmfl."." which hr rjcrnlly pureliaseii for 
motiotr picture pfoiJuetion. 

'Ilia name." said Mr. Zweifel, "wJeha 
Noble. Bui. *ay. you'd better mention 
chf Foi Company In there somewhere, 
\."ou are. Winnie ftheehtu is a frirnd of 
mine, and the For. Company made Mr. 
Wy»n bis first offar." 

A Line or Tlf*, 

The manager of the Snowflake Tne- 
atrp in Ilathrook, Arizona, accepts fnr 
admission "good Bquaab. «Jh, chieken!s, 
tomatoea, poui;oea and wheat." Hugo 
ttir-enfeld. Samuel Itothafcl and J«*eph 
riun^ett take notice. 


Student Actora Will Appear in 

"Thank-U 1 ' at tflc Long*cre. 

A Bencflt Ptrformanoe. 

The following witt act as natranejiacs 
at Ibo spednl matinee of "Th*nk-iT" to 
be siren by New York tlnitcraity 
Bhidenta nt the IJJiiEBtTC Theatre Mon- 
day, February n, for the bfiiefit or the 
University endowm^ai' fund; 

Mra. J. l^orinjt Araold. Mr*. Joseph 
Smith Aucrharh,' Mm. Philip O. ltadccr. 
Mra. Frtderlth W. Baldwin. Mra, tfri- 
ward S. Ilarbei-. Mra. John F. Barklcy, 
Mrs. Aadrcw 1^ Barrett, aire Onirics 
H. Benedict, SJra. Philip A. Benson. Sim. 
Collins P. PllM. Mrs. Edward L". Bod- 
man, Mrs. Jowpj H. Eonnevilk'. Mr-. 
James O, Boone, M". A. A. Brill. Mra, 

■ (baric* A. Bri-to 1 . .M™. Ilatlow T. 
lln*oks. Mm. t'liarics li., .Mr-. 
Elmer Kihworth Brown, Mr>. Oeoria 
11, Uruwn. Mm MBmhnfl S, llrmvii. 
Mr*, I.e*a Brummer, Mrs. Rofefirt $, 

Mr-*. Andrew (.. 1 arne■^i' , . Mw. t'rrilln 
Carrcait, Mrs. Walter t?. L. nevcrd™*. 
Mra". Thomaa Coehrau, Mrsi. i'.^irnin >'•. 
rollter. Mip-i Hello. OrwJn, Mnw Wah'-r 
C Crumn. Mrs. Frederi-'k M. l^Mscttt 
Mias Harriett* I>eroc. llHt. Krneat tt. 
LlL-illcr. M'r.*. iVilliam M. I'oiiRta^ Mm. 
ThomaB KiIjuiiikIjioii. Stlaa titrtraflo F.d- 
luuiid. M«. Jo*c(>h II. Ivsaufrot. ii«h 
Ri*:hanl V. Kltiager, Mrs. Grorp* 
Fetter. Jr.. Mrs. Hirry Fernaldi, Mra. 
CieorgO W. Ferrisa. Mr*. CnarJes W. 
Gcrstenlnerg. Mm. David K. OoSab, 
Mrs. Charles TJ. Ilaueliey. >[«. Arthnn 
E. Hill. Mrt. Jowoh M. Hudson, HfH 
Henrietta ttaffmaii. Mm. E-'rederlfk C 
Ifolden. Mrs, Tlennnn H. Home. Mr*. 
John V. Irwin, Mi*. Jeremiah Wi 

Mm. Robert I'aderwood Johnson, 
Mra. -Clarence IL Kelsey. JlnChe Hoy! 
K. Kimball, Mrs. CiotIcd H. KnOr, 
Mra. Harry I^indwchr, Mm. Jacob W, 
Loeb, Mm Jarnw F-. I^ugli. Mrs. Alrs- 
nnrter V. Lyman, Nfra. Itohcrt ,Mne- 
DoilMll. Mm Atcsonder 1". Makay, Jim, 
John A. Mandt'l. Mra. Virtue L. M«"u. 
Mm. ArriiibiiSd ML-Liinnck. Mrs. Law- 
r,<n.><i A. ik-I-.jih, Mrs Alfred Meyer. 
Mra, Kunley II Molk«on, Mr-. Edmuo'L 
L. Mponer, Mm. John Ohmot*. Mrw. 
S.atihiV M. OlrcHt, Min Julia. Park, 
Mra. T. fiilhert Peuraoa, Mra. fhauan-** 
Ji. Purter, Mr?. John flcid, Jr., Mr*, 
Edward S. nimer. Mra. J, Francis ll«l>- 
ert?. Sim. Mnrriion ItoSora, Mrs. Tmb« 
P. rtuwieSl, Mra. Willium .Sbe|iardson. 
L*bi SiBiJia Sorority, Sigma 55p"il"u 
Sorority. Mr*. Cbirlea Henry >*unw, Mri. 
Alf^nndpf JI. Bttsvenar, Mra. tieorfi* A. 
Httong, Mm. William J. Thompson Mm. 
Kdtar Til ton, Jr.. Mra. Arthur H. Tut- 
tlr. Mm. Aninrih VoisJavghy, Mra, WilU 
Inm E, Waters. Mrn. Kdwio p. Webh. 
Mrs. Jqbd K. Weeks, Mrs. ChMter.F. H. 
Whitney. Mrs, I'ereey B. Wielttman, 
Mrn, Joiin W. Williams*. .Mr*. Albert P. 
Wi!<iOB, Mm. Huso Winllier. Mr>. Wiii- 
<im II. WithrM. nnd Mm Boy A*. 






NEW YORK'S is: hum; tiikathi^ a^d arccBsslE".. 


"Doria Kcan« gtortou* in 
'Tne Czarina'." ~Hvv. HVrid. 


HAttYH MBlBt( 

]N.>i. ,ni«lrrjum l{.,.ir. it n-NEltf 


Henry MlUet'iU,' *i"?* 



!x.iSiii.rj Tfc * H»ti<nuil 

mmTKV ' Anthoir 



-iiBA.. w. net, *.i 

Mtl*,'Ttt-4w * Tblin. 


with J \>i:T llEfclt'JIfcK 





■•■tnttee at L h. JLvOI T , ; -^ * n'«l. 



THE PunCT root. 

irLrr, aTwaf-j n St Kn. I X 
3BJI TU-IIAY « Wed. }.* 
■Man fun Ihin (he ■ftilV-TlBiH 

•Bulldog Dntmmond" 

Willi A. E. SATTirRWS. 

4l*Irl St, Ml*«tr H»T|. h*|. Il'rirl C. P. W. 


Clin Hldn'iht ril fm SUISW W«S, *l li.SD. 

LOJfGACRE J£ £.£, ?£," .'■«■ 

9 ^ I" YE4.R 

■ATRTT, W. 41 PL Br 
To.<j»j 4 W*i Ul 
■ ■Ppb ' » i«- r lm i n £ UU1*B 

KI»W Th»«..W.|l,f ( . En.M*.tal.T*.iln. _ 


Ej- Wm. 1! . ■;'!.,! -n—'i PrrrlirLi'l; (Perry 

rnau.,W. « s«. Em. t.s. 




i.Aivl nun 

RABir n^-v'K Wnti. Nt K H*. Feb. it 

~"Fraitk Fay's Fames" 


Mai. TO. BAT 


,-.,- .^UMUT 





Sf.teJS y.l.B 1 - "CAPTAIN APPLEJACK" to *Jfi.«B&, 
M U S It B OX 

W».+ <StK Frrt-L 

:." K ys » "music mix revue" 

HARRIS £■ „«S 

M»i .- .T.j- :n £ iVr ! -.: ., 

wuilim Cotih 


4STH ST. ; 

Tke Nest 


: ot arwjfi Em. 

«. TaUn. A *aL 

II11AI1V5 Kirrfiati 

J PLAYHOUSE ^.■.". , . , h_ Br I:_??■_ r .' , 



Ml Mitn. iv»a,* at. 



op the 



»t< Mini. 

11 Cll. J:ir- i! 

Th|n. nu : 


him si: 

iiw MulJrtl i 
nHrflnTnlcJe > 

|«T, riaatatr: I 

rond. turn. \ 
r of Seville ' 

, , L.'-m'-- , 

U vi BoliFinf 

Amorr O'-i trc He 

.KlKijl«-IIn ! 

Amltr l H h#nl*r ' 




I nr 

i riANQ ceE[i 


m-;viatioX Off jtf 


Hah v t; vntii:\, DHwnl (Hfietef, 


T. n "jI^ T M *J- "' : J "Thf; Tiln crt 

If rcTi.innn. ;,.-., »lMJ*r, »»imii. 

Jrtinwru PttiuTti. a<6»*r« A luliai. Cu*a. 

To-nlklil ii U, "Ra| OM i<>. > > aitdcB. 

SUMIp. R*jrnat4». l>u(f, nB .. ron^. PcUftt.. 

J*"-i •■•■b. II, rrrrawca "I.o. r for 

Tbrp< Umiinf» f " Nina Hetim, lazuli 

TaH^.a. C^lwlt. «(.>!«, Cua. I> r ffm. 

H»cb: OniW. mkHTflatr. 

I nr"H,, •■l.iinl.f,' OutHl. ''•„„„;, 

mv, bkMMEL C«d. (Sroilri 

Wcfl.. "'!'■ iMih.n u*i- r." RalM. Van 

*"«l fchah^rl. Bch-tTl, f4Tla r . uu.ralH, 

■ly. (I,«t. ret ri-in,rl, 

S l (" B *d '■IHaol*1lo," Haann. Bctllai 

B*t| --trr £ Pi.^.a tMurii DarJ. r-hcST 

Pi-L »*aj?onit.* t!anf«,, Manln ».™- 

oldo. I ' . . ■ c«d. I>o!4.n:i> 

!lV *" ytZ nt - nw "- L, ' , » , ■ ni« 

Hmt, SlBhl. "I.MI,, fit X.mtttwr- 
"'"'"■■ ' Panto. (^rhJi-i Rl.m|;i|. Uriirl 



»r*:h. an, «4| « |- 

The bat 




in "Pescoek Alley," 
" r 'ce CaJncron, 
CirJo & Noil, 
DkQce Evolnttana, 
R«rhL it. Mack, plhi. 

^OTBCKCUIlaTID ,"»<:.*" 

lAr ^ 

Pauline Lord 

in "Anna CI;rii!iV' 

i.'fim<lw * I" . ,Uy!,1|.|, 

* VMiIip. Dc V*# a li. ■:■.:,:. Dia. 

"MirJ K ll(,-7in*!. linl-rn, Wrllh 

,.l<-jl> A> MmllniH, llujrlj and 
I'imlaa r. .« o ih^.. 





Malr*, f[ lr » A Ce_. SHrdnch ft 

Xrmintr. Ft»d A Alftt Whllro.n 

!■■"■ '■■ ".■;? T r| ""'■'■ i!«..-lal Vf.iui. "JOT 

L r -'h '■"J'Sl-J m«:im, ini: < iMi\i-;rr' 


IIUl)OKt.v>< AML-flBHCMTff. 



■■Uri Kb. 

2-lTl|t r un 

Vrn Week.... 

T#|. 3BSTO Bmh. T»lta Dal 

'W«'l OWN AllOW 

"" i.l-UIl i „.|,rr. 


Ir A Co.. Chmt T A HiCr- 
_._ Hutitur, A Crtm, T!i« 
A twn^lla^ Ksima 0"WilL Mm 
S«t->P1HF. Qtllrn WAl.l.ACK 
TTG1P In -HEM' — 

A I. J. A 


** E"irj.j( al Mi 



iw*!b -« ; "Tin-: I'ut it mut'i'.in^ (if 



TIVIPI In "XtmtT r"m» Sowa«f" 
^t'ARi: raSHua [:i>jl« urniin;,, 


-Ml * III: K.11>K T(J II 


ALL BKATa W 130 


"S. S. lEHlCllr lid "(HE MOHIETt HW 

^IfUHtUtul" .nJ -A Ttarlllrr." 




Say John Marthaier and lawrence 
GaraTents Participat*a in Po- 
lice Lieutenant '■ Murder. 
MBgioirmi- Tbtrma* F. HeAja d rw a i lu 
JeKcnron Market Court yewicrdsy JitliJ 
whliDtir tail unifl 1'VbTuary 1 Joba Jlar- 
lhtt[ff h i; jcawi oW, uarl Lowrtacc Grira- 
vmic, ^J ic-am glil. botli of HdUkcn, N. 
3.. gn a Aort ntiifavSi cUArpnjr Ihem 
witli homicl.fe. Thfl [irtBunera flT e 
BWntnd wult i m ritcl nation in tin- murdrr 
M r>ltc l.-xijr.oniitit Charles H«mi, of 
IIjc Wt i it Ilolfukcn [^licr. on January ^S 
in 1'Spnt IloboliPti,, N, J. Menh-iltr i« 
knon-a to tic nadenrorU, arforilliic [« 
I fir imllw, m '"Itapcy Uciiuy" niiil his 

Elice aJimm arc paid m be Jgha M^ 
UAliHn r!i:.| John McOidttV OiTtTetlte, 
UeorolBf lo thr polico. j ; . kDOWXt na Uabo 
He I ft r, 

Tht two (jcfrnclanti wens arrested early 
j-iMitcrilny Jiiornlns u« iJjey wan fitk.ut lo 
rntrr I lie Hotpl York, Kcvcntfa avcntlt 
jod ItiirLy-alAtb ttmt. Cftptaln AnftJc, ot Ueat HaBoktui, Deiwtlv* 
^-^s;(.Jmr Ohaflw. btamta, uf Bobakaa 
iiurf scrs^ant Ktiward Duyle. of Bee*? 
««r H. J., waJtrf in the Milla HoIbI 
tiir*ctly np|ios|te ilir Hntd York, for fire 
*r aix linqrji loift ulskl with Dstaettn 
SnrvcnniJt Jnmrn Finn. Ttiftma* Karltht 
tod Joltti I'hrltin, of the West Thlrti^ch 
■irwt fltBtloa. 

Accordlnc to tke pejlee an-l tJio Hncftr 
friui reeanJji ef the l*e mea, MtttUUar 
is lit preaent on hill *or a banjlary tn 
UoWkfB Hh record *Lw BK( , WB efc»t^ 
wSthtn the last few yenra ho lind be?n 
wnt to Lkft New Jer««' *" 

tj Stjiir irformuwry" 1 
tilaonlerly conduct. 


and arm ted for _. 
mad Ituwny nari wm ifladlaffdi on a 
hominde eliflrge In UoIjoBifH la*t year 
I Ciitravetitp'ji re-»rd fchown tlmt uithin the 
I list twit yearn h* was arrralrd fnr bfcuk- 
, injt mid *-ul#rinE, aasault and robturv uml 
| diaordprly conduct. 


Daredevil of the Films, Honored by 

French, Kay Sign Ptthe 

C cut not- 


T,, lll'rnm llnlliUnt Ktualnll 

W^aihlnatAti— ■Tktai» Oct 

Will I'linvmr In Ml.nn 


PKARL WHITE will aail hr 
Garope aext week. Khe i« booknt 
to appear ft* Joan dr. Arc in 
the creat r'rendi pageant In 
Paris. Before Miiw While tlepuriA nrcib- 
ably .-!i ■ will i-i;:ii a "contract row 
wsiUni for her In Paul Brunct's ■■■■.::■-'. 
Tlic *tA|ce l« all set for this younr 
womnii 10 wliuot «riBl>< art fli thc^ 
breath of life. Shi- would talker ii:t;i,: 
by iiji- ryelinh 10 a cliff than iu- 
bettt fiTtii;,'-, and becauw ab« iitu 
dciiiuiiiitratrd alio can do there daredevil 
"AtiiiUtT Mi well hr r *«riatfl art populm 
in every corner ol the j[lob*. 

>iiw White has flnlihecl lur coiitraet 
ivlili r-i. and expects tii make Anirlala, 
for a time at leoat Tkat is why the 
I'ulli- ciiiLlriiot Le rrClLr>l''ci O.H U'-iv.Z at 
fioed Aa jiiennl. ticrfirfC B.'Sclw, who 
UDdemtiircbi the Wliltc i^y^n. !.■,:;. and j 
directed, her In awtna of tier nrnut KJ*- ! 
ceantnl nrriolB, will sn*kr ttliwe jik-diK*. 
Mtui U Jiitfl a laat hcfIiI, "TJii? Ultck 
Becret," bmtisbi her udaitional rnmr and 
made her an papular she almost haa 
to wear n ma»k tu avoid reeoenltlou wlien 
sbe willfi nil the atreeu •■• I'ari* uud 
miiiIiiji. Mr. fteiue dJreetdl liiisi uud 
orhew tit her balT srtMrr.- 

Tor I'uflf contrflcl. it-Miim-it. will not 
lie cnfpmil unfit Mlaa White returna 
1 1 ■,■■:;. J'urin- M>r . r;-.,-.f< to (at back in 
July, fan selection of mi Arm-rlcan 
actresH as Joan do Are for the prat pai- 
eflht in Paris in il-- lito - s |-rniK I* I* 
jriirded H a spU-urild tiimplhni?»t, and 
one moat Man would nlk ubnnL ilut 
Pearl Is as ■.'..- Iw— minus cuueeic find 
ref«idnc to uel trfatly rxi-lteiJ mer any 
homaae pnlrt her, whether it be French. 
Kntcltah or Acarrican. 

A'k-* Theatre* tie Inapecfeit. 

It is u ptmr dny in Albany ivbea nonte 
JillL In do with motion pictures Is not 
InLrodnerL The lati-ni ix fpr an UHM' 
t lo the IjiI.-t la».r and coneerii'f in- 
r ■-.;■, ■■■: th<-atfen in New York Stair. 

imrt i.f tlji-lr bilfcineis when tLey conn- 

'■ :■!■:■ I 1 .. „. -.1 , . i I r r — I (. 

If j-nii want to ece a motion rticttir*- 
Ktnr inee tit (arc you inny Brarity ihh 

desire by #i\v£ |o ill- Ptrnml n«t n k. 

ll'HM' llHinplim, alar nf "Stanlitat," ban 
c .»M-nird in iip]iear twice dally. Her 
first np|"-iirnim* will be at 4 o'rJiwh In 
the. iif^rnixin. at tke end nf her photo- 
atajr, .,n,i rhi- mhn at iIip putom»aiX 
in the ivcTiiue. which begins nt I.BS 
n'rlnrt. Sho wttl matn short iHlks. 
Xiilmn Frjinkn will be tfuest CUulactof 
fur Mr + rinnkclt next week. II- ben 
been idsiyJnt; in Kurniw with tlie Berlin 
PbilliH mi. ■iili- (irfhrstrJi. ?fr. Frank'. 
Will Kceupy Cnri EilnilArdci'ji Bin nil for 
the week. Ybriiir iJt^rliert recently WM 
tlie diivemv for the week, njittc 
hi' conwd.-i-.-d ii an honor to temporarily 
uccupy Mr. l'drrUanlu'H fJoee. 

Twi I'redortlonA on Broad*v«i-, 

The Four Horaemen of tbir 
■" movea Jnto the Capilol Beat 
ji work's enirajicment Hex In- 
iiL have two pradurtinnn »u 
tc; | lie *>ther oap, "Tura lo I'se 
n't the Lyric, mill doiim lui-*Lr.^i 
at mi- nljiivr andreiia. Sot *o bad for a 
director not yet 3U. Wr. Infirnm'a ms-piil 
av-hii'vptnnntu ba*e placed hllw in a peti- 
tion reri doee io the top- -AlU-e Terry, 
tit the fame time Mr, JoiT"im is in eTi- 
1 deuce, will ha**!- the distinction ot play- 
inc tkc Ei-ininhie lead in two Bropurejij- 


Judge Sentences Slayer of Invader 

of Home to Twenty Years 

in Sing Sing. 

H l3ie future welfare nf the uvn *mall 
hililnn of lhi> i-iuiviili-ij Ann. tt Is H 
iiuii'T thst wtn very much nh tny iiiind 
while in ihe jurors' room (Jelilieraiinn 
I nnd r->lliiK' I'ltat I ntielit hare a tendency 
( f^r xymnathv vnteriaf Into our jucIk- 
— - | Meat I-iUd nut dl^-uss It with tnj fellow 

TO SEEK PARDON IK ONE YEAR f^^taSt it ) >w t to hrin, tkb mutter 
i to .vAiif fittftiitkiu and T ideetreb trim 
1 '?im- uiov be iH-jnje Jf-aul way to tm»v th*> 

Rauhfe] roinltH to oil mm « i™- ' ''; t,|r ■• ,hl ^ w fPJ?™ *?' |r " it *"■ r, ^a r,,lM 

me rnpaDUala |.en|i|e -.> that tkertr 
iiiiiy Uo, ino'fe decent unit r'r- 


i>" *(ieletr 
"Jungle Ha]' 

IV he 

week Ti 

£1-11111 i 

Pr U 


, A. far 

i Very «lci*. 

P. A. PamOOt, head of tbo advprtininB' 

d'piiriiiinit of i tnj Patfae Film Company. 
i* n.iirim-cl to bis home with luteatinai 
Irniihle. Mi-iji seriously ill. bis CCiudi- 
tlon Ktrln* lii» friendn HlTlTe cottcern. 

Whai Aha 

'-ll*ln 9tei>; TKHHV. 

She will he are* oeai meet; pt *tro 
ih*mn- (tn Broad n «) „t Mm ami 
lime. Vhtle nhe !■ iilnylni 
ihe caiUMi in 'Thr l-'nnr Hi 

ttlBn ot the \ri«:-Jil?" *llr VI III I 

be *1 ihe r.jrie In •■Turn tu Hie I 

"Mails Street*' is still loo«p on CSc mac- 
Let IV lib [itrnly of cdE-er liidilees. Il u 
still rin-il r-j-ii^ iiirt fancy rrei- uud 6- y*t 
mine 'tt Ihr motion iilctiira nn>ilin.TM him- 
bikufhl lh.- firm riifbta, The trt-uble Is 
hai.l T*i In- tli'- |iHl'i-. 1.1 U beyunil nh:it 
Hit' film rneo think ]t hi worth. 

ttom* tarn ! 

Hurry Hoyt, who h* SlilnK to briai; that 
nuifcx. j!iMt!ct>l favoriu.. . "T^. Ciip-s ■ ' .. 
i." rn'tfie iwrretrn; bat s^eloeti-d a till ■' 

rer i-c-:ii. Cast. In liij^-'vuiiL^aiiy srp 
torb Kcnyen, flarxy Uorey, UbarbiiT" 
Walkcr. li liuniid H.vene ami Jtirid it 
, Uiiui-*L-i. Talk abottt an rtH-«tnr cum J 
\ Air. Sort hft^ it. lie ii Tnaklii? ihh 
' piclur-i for on tndeiien'ipni unraniEBtinn 
, and il i* tn bs n in tie ivith an eye tu li..--- ' 
|nc nit ibinc-v riibr. We upoloRl/e io i 
Mr. ffarl fur .■nlJlnB litft pi«Hire -'Thw • 
I urn ■■) R.HHL 1 ' Jtiim seems a nniili 
t \ nine.' .Irninrtib- word lh«M drink and in 
\ so fre-pn-nilv need our typewriter ("llppi-J , 
1 at the critical word. 

The "imwriiteo law," vthteh in ihe 
Siwith often operatn in protect a rnon 
who kills t.i atenc<- bi^ irife'ri dwbnnoT, 
4«r« li'H opiTOlc In. Sett- York: (lilt ri 
modSficarion bt II di«s ahcaiti here, it 
»i at Khowu rrniri-dnj by Judge Uti*> X 
HfisalrLy in *ienornl Sessions. 

WilHafii tlritldi, ?Ti years nkj, of Weal 
Twentieth Htreer. «hn la^i week «■» 
eoarhrted of first kirp.-r': niaiinlni^^Ei-r. 
ttaa iienteneet] by Jiu|j;e lilosfllHky In 
from fuiir to twetitf ycAM Hi Si»s Hlajp 

But Tu RcntenciiiK Ui» pr!s,on.-r .Indue 
Rosalsfc? ^ald hir wnitbl mnke t-sery .1- 
fun (,. jui-c he was fardoiH-d at the mil 
nf ii .vinr_ 

llniiih ivnn cuurleteJ of having skit 
,vi'l kihoj tjrorsje Corcoran, L"J yeflr*, nc 
Bfcrteenlh street and Eighth, urenue. on 
lb.- maralnK of 'Slay I, JIT-l. afler he 
lijid niifht Corooraq lylnu axron a leij i 

"Il tin-re In any B(i*tsCnnee trjut t pe*- 
-■itinll.v .-n ti r'nilee i,. o! ( | in hrhiq;i„v 
about tbi* result I would only 1^ i-i . 
slui\ rn hefp in nny way poAfifnle.' 1 

Judie KtWAtsrkjr nntiHiinreil that sr- 
rsnc-niCM^ hii-.l been pmaffl LnrcniA 
l-nthnr IjikIj - f f ihe 1'arb.dir Proleetire 
Society to Uv.- ihe rhildren prupcrly 
j !i'--l nfli'r. 


lilah-^itoniil nn Tltlaa roe n[ 

(Ulr \\ttri„ K rsafteaakU. 

There is a. tery iwrynUlerablo official 
fninily li.i.kli.i* after ill-- WcIhk clown ul 
Meiieo Crtj iiiul th-.v sure Jiavo noeib 
biab senoJittj titles wbeit liey arc oprejd 
wi In SpRHlHll, Wh hnvo jmir. about an 
ninny ofTiijifllw jKifi^miriliiiB- the sport, htit 
f.>r furn-y tiller ifaoj il-.n'i ewniparc. i3crir 
jiti^ the iuTieirtl-i. 

A. 3. Dlivier, president". 

il. it. Brjrsnn-, cereate ftawrtt. 

.l-.-pfi A Murphy. Ksrentfi do ear- 


Mori|ii<" , 

H. P. 

rubli home with, bis «Iwji 
..snl iftrtly disrobed. 

Kmtv one of the member* or Ihe Jury 
that 1,-iMirieted tjriiW.lipd Joined In tink- 
fna the Judtv to *hon* tki t»rlKflaer 

"I will maVi' er«rT rn lear«r ril Ihe 
i-nil nf n ic.-ir ti> hare von panli-neil." 
HOid Jitdee ilosolsky. "Von- wife la I 
am v.ortiiv 1f» hare tke cuittoilr of your ' 
n.i^ inllilrm. The kllUij.),' »r CorwrtAU | 
hj nn h-e hrnd, He intajed ymr luimrt; j 
k flWi* 1 . ."Tl-.-o^bll^JAV' ~-«i»]l J.<:*;l , ' ,1 -vL | 
and lie Ihe stini JM*?, adiiiiiii.-T. ri:i|f ' 
I hi- Is iv of the land. Their misconduct 


Itiiicu Cnllnr.b,, 
ie. JiKK lliillurnrio, 
amnn I'oslij fJfHwale*. director 
i lie In* rarrnrn«i Mciicanns. 

i Nuprriiiiendt-nles rtn 1'ijtta — 
mhllnjF, J. F. Moikk, Joseph A. 
f-Mwhrd Tribe. 

Hattdfl il.-.. rer- T. Miller. 

irtai .k Pi-m - W. IL NatT«U. 

I5nkann- J.,| m Turner. 


■:■:■ II. '.. .mi al 

Fr.-I Sfiffor. 

the .■,tti'ii'"j to eome i» 

talk future production. 

hrre two lrnks. tutd. n 

LnuTrA.'Ciiiiiiler,' a* already "re ported! Include n theatre 

i' nun re 
jfii-ito a eci 


i'.rnLJ srtuptOoT Orca, 


irrnrn-e-ftsMr. -the rvstiRAi* 

irsmjb«]l TiulMlbll. Kroartiiij- arte 
Eiiiij-iij, 1 l 1 H, 

1 has Introcfur/ed the amrUilsirnt, wlileh 

i rii I!-, ffri.- iiiisrlcrlv inspection of n i" ' '•-> ■■> 

J Irr* .nirl nSttCeH nf (lildlii.- nn-<rliil.|ii --■ f'H 

amiiHenienr piirnosi-B by au indnstrial 
ronamission. After .J'tly 1. IftSi, aivonl- 

j ins to trie hill, on p:rsoo, firm or cor- 
poration nhs-11 Ktn- any ''■.<::■■•■■ itn p, 
theatre m plmre of public ■dsoniblBE* for 

; nrnusement purnnsci nnleaH It iliull first 
hare been {napKClel by the Iiirkistrial 
RoanJ and a certirieBie Issued decltir- 
Inp It Is a prober nl»ce In teeefilltiee 
m irli ihe rub'., of the. hoard. 

report of the azent insjiectliiK 
hijilriii:-.' the 1-onimtss.lou n>ay 
certiflcBte nr-on ilu' pnyim-nt nf 
$23. The ci-rt'ificBte In to be fririued nutl 
prominently displayed in tbe lebby, 

U;>irIbQ(an to Meet, 

Charles I^nklns, of Washington, T). 
C, will meet the liistrilnitora ef mt>- 
tton pjetnrea at 2.2t> Monday to discus* 
the liTifidin^ !■ .-•'laiiini- now pending In 
Woshinptoe. T\ir. film men have only 
until Utreh 3 tn cruuply with certain 
■ 'l. r i.n- r i'- laid down hr th* ftrr preT«l- 
tlon lawa Mr. Linklns will make a 
proposition to the distrihiilori bp hufkl 
now brick buildings fur exi-han^c* on 
North Cnpitnl nroi L streets. He wfll 
ausjreat unfa be Tol-med n m to boiue 
nsoi-e. than one company in n hull Huff. 
■It-fa said Famous Players -Lanky la 
looklnu- ahout In WashlbKtou Tor new 
QtiirLcr* [or itf exchanee. 

EalilbMon Id Albany. 
r.n«t Wedncedaj. in Albony. ("liarlea 
O'ltcElly uonipleied all sre.-iiifiu- u:x for 
the- Stale ennvemion of the Motion IHe- 
lure Theatre Owners in thnt city on 
February 34, 10 und Hi. Mr. Olteilly 
mel the executive commlttsr. composi'd 
Of W. A. lllilon. rjticAl I'OuIh HetJtmei-. 
Coboea; Krank Toch, n«vhe«Ter; Wi hom 
Brandt, Brooklyn; W. H. Linton. DUwi 
3. L Brrmuu, Nrw York; tieorge Rob- 
erts. Albunv: Jjovid ("ohi-a. BitiieQriUitou; 
Frederick iJuffy. ITiIcj: llernnrd tirn-b, 
the Bronx; 1>. A. Warren. Messina, onil 
A. A. Elliott, Hudson. The convention 
will be held at the Ten Erek Hotel. On 
Wednesday Bi E ht n ball will he jflven and 
Mr. O'Reltty n&J* rn*i .. v stars bare al" 
ready alEtriffed rbelr iniriuion of belnc 
prrscoL The producers are invited to 
a banquet on Thursday nii-hi, and It [a 
expected acceptance* will be lar*;e T 
Senntor Walker, tae HnyOT* ei-Oover- 
nne Oh'nn, Thaddeus ^wr^t, .tnilan Jenka 
and Hlilney Cohen nre umonr (he apenk- 
erj. An invliatfc-n has also been tent to 
the Bev. Dn-ffht K. HUfis. 

What Abont "l( Winter Uaaanr** 

"It Winter Comes" seeum io he the 
subject of ronrfraatltVTi along the Blaltfc 
N'o fewer than three coropnnics kflee 
hinted at myateeloua owner^bli^ Now, 
with FaxnouB Players-La aky posiponlng 
its pro^uetlon — well, uo one knows. 
A report that come* from London ftfirii 
WIHuliH Vox k»s a flujer In ibe pin, 
»Ml wnw fine ploaae te.l as irhn ■n^- 
own tbei motion picture rights to this 

t'HMnal* la ic-m :•■ I, t. 
A bill hna heed introduced In the Ken 
lUcky Stuata- providing eenaorsb^ in the 
Blue Grass SUI*. With the demand 

every feot of film be pnporjv fF>nioreri 
there Ib n prOTialnn that mukPr- tt. coat 
from flOft to tXJin If a picture bt 
■town in that Stale witnnnl a license. 
Well, one thing— the foreee of the in- 
dustry are brfox organised to tight tbia 
plcuaant little tneamre! 

«*li«rlk" to IUto a mater. 

£-■ 31. Hull: the women who jure na 
"The Hbeik," fans had another Inspira- 
tion. Thla tine it is 'The yiindfiw pf 
tin 1 Lust, and It la *tn>n lo make itn 
bow to mi from the screen. Wiillum 
"» lias purcJiAge<i ihe mmi m ph-ture 
Nghls, and n HtOd bird whUpers It in 
intemleil for one of tbo coming Fox spe- 
/iaU, with till the trimmings of a big 
f pre*l*-rbn. Tlie Sheik" hua brought in 
many dollam to its iiuihnr and to Fhoipiui 
1 layen-Lajkt. which translated It to the 
acrcen. My «u tiers landing, although I 
am not certain ou this poiut, Is that 
"The Shadow of the East" is a aflcfoeJ 
to- "Th* ahelk." 

3I1U0B. Ifoajmain In Town. 

A familiar Ngtire Along Jiroadway la 
Milton Hoffman, studio manager for the 
Metro Film Company. Mr. Hoffman 
came Into town a few tJaufi ag* to dtotusit 
buaineaa with ll*nra I^chsw. He took 
advantage of ihe temporary abut-dpwn of 

Mont folk (nun Iho 

!A Line or Tiro, 
Kiin rn- it| wnltini; Toe (he wlsvaere 
to My KomatnhlK bIhiul Will !lsy> an.l 
t'oliiimn dit Pn-nl l-elus at Miami togeih- 
Ier. ft in toa good u opportunity f.i- 
lln- vBlajte ROaalp lo misa apetMrhilng oq 
thdr bdlM 1^ l'.«>ridh nt the same time. 
.Min-jri, millii-n-.. -Fr'-i-l-nr, Wlmt n »turv. 

ould pot deliberate 
Lite at Ihe lime, and (hut yoiir feelins'i 
p»| the better of you, 

"Hut we i-u-i:i"i live by the law of. 
ill.- junfrles in i-iriliii:-] ivuuiu unities. If 
we look Unfitly ii|"Ofi low noil order ive 
nrr- likely to bfcu.' thdl reipect (or law 
juiil .ir^j-rand It wouid mean tht* hreakln^ 
ii X ■ of human society. Hut 1 aut aware 
nf Ihe liupllleea llin* illl|iolleil ymi to do 
iibat J"M did." 

A letter from WilllBin It. Wait 

r-'ifth avemir, onS of the joroi 
ti. Judge ltowileky and read bj Hi 
In court, follows; 

"Your Konflr, I am one of th 
n ho Hnt in the f^ntbli qqae hh 
rp'llimlnc our venllrl oil Ft id 
I- >..i||ieiJ!!nj tllBt ha* been to. In regard to ltd*, n 

1I-.....I „r t;>lnentli>n RotiOra M tm. foe 

' ■! :"■ ■ I I : '- I I (lln::'. 

I Tlie Bo»M of p;i]ij< nlEiin pf the C!!.» 

I of Nh iv Yuri* yenterday preacfited n iil- 

I ice Living eiiu In '"nrl l.a'-nimle, preti— 

j iJpfit i«f (he t'nltreraal Film Man»faetnr- 

I inff I'oniiujny, in Pecojmltlon of his pin- 

| neer ivork in prodm-lnj; the first fdlica' 

rit(eti i tifinnl blattpTteal serials. 

Judflo J 1-, L. Cnihilnll, head of the l»rpart- 

itieul of l^ctun-s n nd visual Eiruonlmu, 

>lltOfi J irlin inniJ+i the in^cntiirinn yesterday 

since j Bft+Twuoii. stioke of t.qemmlfl'a avhleriw 

. there . liii'u! In Eilinini* Hiihjivrs of historical and 

Him- my j tnllic'EHfoonl vnllie n« "A ffeeai fnrwnrd 

That Step in ihe K nn»th of motion plcliircn." 




Uniform Quality— Best Results 



AH the year 'round 

Standard oil co. of new york 

26 Broadway • ( « 




&t)£ jflonting tEelegraptj 


ClDLinilEn kvkbv m;vi>at. 
T.VrtH rVDl.lSlllN(i rOJIPASfV. rl %<•- Kftl Klghth Avenue, 
Sites!. ID lot CUT of S>w Tcrk h Ol M ulinltaii. 
IV. B. IrfW.i, Prenldnai, SM Elifalh Art-ni- 
lr*«iaier. KM k.lfh.1. Avenue, 


■cre-tary Bod 


A. II Ml > II. Advertising 
Telanbsn*. r4N Circle 

Mike checks payablt* to Tbe Mornlni Ti-leemptt. MO KlgOlli Avenue, J*lw York. 

\ bill nhaiit to lii> introduced in Ihe IjCgislalurl HI 
Albany by Senator Leonard W. H. CSifubn and Assemhly- 
Ameiwmtnl t O mtll Joseph MeKee that a motion picture operator must 
Operator'* License bave id* innwhs" actual evperienrt before lie is arWrn a 
L*w About t* B« 'fr""" 1 i° OflWWM a nrb^Unn machine, Swell a bill was 
- . - . introduced in Mnreh h 11117. by Kenntor Wuik^r. but nt tliot 

JrctrGchiccrl , .„ . - > 

lime il wn« killed in eoininiitee and ncrer made n law. 

The Morning Telegraph on April 8. 1817, carried Jin 
editorial iircing this wiSa procitdnn he made in protect thn theatres from fires 
ana panic end r.tbcr trng*d|e>, attenuating fwna the edlturtaf of that date WO 
reprint : 

"The imi.-udiucni mm- ■ ■■: -i r : though perhaps iiniiecensary in Boat pnctn 
of tin* State where only competent operators ire empluyed, i- nevertheless, a 
move on ihr ralrty first Midi* nf Ihe question of operating motion pietiire-s whirh 
inn do hi |»nssib1-r harm, i* Hare l.u rrnet favorably on the Industry in the 
long rmi, For hop thing, Snrtirature roles whit-h. are jmej high will be lowered in 
time, by such lejiMntlon. That ia the monetary side. The hutesnltnrinn nitlp cf 
Ji iiiptp wliii-li iiniy tovr lir*n ami pOAtri in iiirlwr' rlii'PlTTB ttroUth I 1m* rftprlPHH- 
i "-•, in- imimii»-|j-in-j nf pprralors without flu* pTfliper irtinitit! is iiclf-^fiiiPTit." 

Tbf ivin-:. r'.'.iil?-: 

"A Itri'nsf pbnll nit bi> j:rnni^i tf» tbo tipptionut in !.-■.-. he nlmll have operated 
u tndtitin picture projection mapbioe aofl lu c*nnprj!o|)« in n«- c*ncluaurc or 
■ttwrtttnf room in il tbcutri>, ball nr ntbi>r ptiii-r iJ«TOt«d tfl pnblir inhibit iuu for 
3 |.>iTi-'-il ol out I: !" than .--Is itn-rtiis prior to Hi'' i!nir Ol tie npflication, ibe 
npplinlinn must bP in wriNnE (in-il m«fct b? nccjuspnni^il hy tl)-' ei(Gu»vlt on tlic 
appiimtioa <i> the poxih? cffecl." 

Fire J**ri nari- pAK^d Hiuct) that r-ilitorJnt wii-i wriin-n. ]!ui thu ihiinirittiirc 
of *urli a mrnsijr« linn not lenen^d in tho minds of lima* vvbu cro ea^t-r to see 
every >nf- »::j:ir'i i>a(;»itiLv eMjibliRhetl in the mpclnn pk'l'irr indnsiT.r, Why imt u;i 

ii^I'M']]! jt.-!:1|> fir ^pernlom?' I. :;-.:-:■—. I,ii - ii|ie, :!..,; I'vrry ll^lu v. !=■■ (MrM 

lit* Uent to a ijiiiis must tern n cetftda liaip lu Icnrniup hi? trade, ii si'i-mn 
to us n wise provieiuu. 





If jau have praise to give/ com- 
plaints lo make or IpCM In air. 
re«lstcc them with the Onlooker. 

i( \ iioi.i'ii ; 

ZA - Erciilral 



THE Ksicx'rbcKkcr,- diMigler i« WiMbJtLSlOB So* L.rouplic ixpr^niqna 
of M'liijuiilii from ttie inllri- rnHllUV. It 1viin OBt vt llmsr horrililr (rClfeilii'n 
wlilch will undouMeiJIy prove n pafpBuwrd fi>r Hi* 1 future—tt frlulitfnl an*I irri-paro- 
blc Jmv whirii ni!i ntLipioHtimiiibly enrry pteeautioit and fiutm- mttts in its grim 
u-ake. It in imp ( .r thf worhl'H pitiful truths thnt wc nium psoftt ^y Jlint Hitch 
bnrrowin,c ejrnmpleii. 

We KTirumtbin- keenly wifl llitrr? Oabrldll. nwner <h[ tJi" i!]-fnted llieaire. 
tvLn In* been iiroiitratPd by the iratic rv^mt. Sn hliimi" "m pttu-Ib.y W tix>il 
jipuii IiIitj. He liin* alirnyn hpen kn.iwn ns a HiDneleniiouii jiikI cnpi-ful Klion-man. 
Hii pltxht. LoweVfr, will reatft A* b ^.v.irHtlig Ha- ■ -ilrilnHir-. Ihr frO QD t fy over, They 
e.n- evt-n b«w ilaing crerylhiOE; within hummi povrr t» WJile. their m ; . .,:-■. .... «nf^ 
BEBinM mim »Ufh frcurrinj( trna;eJ.v. It w h^irlble liiiit dentil iind jtrief hurt to 
bpmt nhoiic the u?i>ded prccamion. which wiU IWWire fiitnrr vnfetv lo Ibr tlirnu-L-- 
EfluB public. 

ONB *f the fver-p,'«ent HroWirtn" conui-ctpd ivirli llie lii>k »r rorreelly e«tj- 
BfttBf ncn- dlmn Je ihnt of cetiinj; a mi i tub I c tetany for the fitr-t tihonln^ 
«f a tuodoet.lon m nnrinreni and crftki, Shoubi » ninurr It- t-hown t> ihose 
who nrr to pa-n tritlnil judBtnent it in the proj-ctloH tronm TrfthOBI tnwuii' 
or nor .ether fxtoinicitlnx; nrrampauinifiit f An* tin? pie-vk-ivw Ki*'»it by •£0010 

■ ■ninunnieA in lurf- holflh to the nrcompunijiirhl of H riiir-i'd OWfcfiBtniBi «nrl Utftlast 
a tirllliaa! bacicErouml of wel!-dri*>ii>ed ttn-n ntid women tun*? MEthjctM to i r j 1 <■■ i 1 1 k - ■ i ■ t 
jndeiue.n( J : itr Khauld revieir bp left uotil (he firm «h(iwing in 11 Br**Mdwa« ! Centre 
w 'li™ tbr «ritirH jtmy fw n feature oudor tbe e»ini> couilkiniiH the !unJii-iii;L' i> 
which it ti ni". itii to :i i ■■[!■■■.- i •,■■■■■■-. jf 

Tflt^re in miieli U> be wiiJ for revjrw's tvrillro ofler n ..Inur e ix -ren £11 il 
-M Mrt rtv Kweo -ilne nji-^t biane of iritirs nad thi> iuoit fi.-.i.t^H.^lid i.r>evlnv>r»'ji'n : " 
iiillii-m-.-l to ji gri-nttr or Ici-n drErre hy the ninn^r'bpre nf a ihentre. T11 miiiii' 
t-impt ibry r^pond like otli*r liunun liritiKa m ilii- inarllnl mid. Btltttiaa 
which :ici-niiipatiy ihr dnnfaof tb.i* imiffirrned -.iivalry over tba bill In time to saVB 
*• the hei-oinr"*' lllc. "llonts and Flowers-" iil.vujx Mips n teur at Ihr levVtn" 

There never «'ft* it linrij- boiled r^Tie^er «ilb a tout >o dnul ihiil tin' i-n-epv 
iiiunic of the KBW-mill ureai* or tlio fiotie dlrfllnii for iti« iTHBttdfii e eutnun" fiitli"! 

■ <■ Mimidate thi beart anion. 

la ihr lust 11M.1.KJH tbi" pfO&WBtl whjiI" lo ItBOW how- Win plidtrc in going in 
uiT-u audieniT*. not how ii ntlvc1» n revjrwer w\#t rmij turn ii ninliT cniirely 
duTereut (rodSHana ilmn thoms nffi-t-iiiiK tfae ICBftlaJ publte. ■ There in «Iivoy« 

■ Miiit-ijjjiii; liiirtl jini. caorUau nbout b jirojectinn room shonitiK no hulint hou- 
■■urelleni the picttlEf, T1l* ei'llimj dorf" liffrrl ■Uyone'i! eslininte o! 11 riiirturr. Any 
sort o[ pr-e-ww whieh (e unitit fxtrflt protlCf" llic tbejiir-? almimplnTP Is. pref- 
•■rnblc t^ a iirojpclion mum hhowlnic. 

ZUKOK in one «r the 
rst mitiik of this jjenero- 
tinn." said n man. whou natna 
if n bouMcholu iford in Amer- 
icita "We |iny tribute," lie weat On, "U 
0«r liTinnrirrn aait to Our statesmen, but 
W* PaOXnl ■!■■"*■ man an n nntuntl |in rt fil 
On industry tliut hiis raailc ihjiiit tnii- 
(nin>t. atitT SOtaa itetiieriiRietitn, We fni] 
Kb fHKli-^i.Liitl Jir is one of the vital furrrs 
in uiir ihiliHiio.j to-day." 
■ When t stripped, in Sir. tutor's FWth 
nrnrne Office lu-tt Tuesday If talk with 
liim abmi. ii^!* tenth nnnivenntry. I re- 
rauinaHi^'il thnw wortt*. "one of' the in*Bt- 
eM aiiinfs >>f lim pfiioration." Aitoltih 
SStUwr's iibitliy us a buHiiicM mnn Md 
liia y\niy in (IIP irtniion pietnrr World has 
nevi -r befll iHKjHltril, bill few of ub, nifroi- 
'i t liim 11-, ,» . i" do. have i-ealitciJ what 1 
:>uLiii, ™fr5tjmllal lipirc ti.: in out»ide hiit 
•ran To-M «i md-MVor. Tlie natot* Adoliih 
J.nti«T ifinnK fur a» murh in the nnnnh 
uf WhII Sir.Ti. in tbt baAkfttfe bussne'ii 
end in tin- riiinmi , n.'inl life of New York 
as ■ io»'s in_ Lis nwn ffln"lt7» ]Wtift|in 
m<>re. becaiiso iU h fttU iiliilosciphur oner 
aaiil, w« lisiv liltlo uiipTeeiBtion foT ilie 
things wir-i wtiiels we «rc fatnilidr. 

Ailutph Kafcor in clmoflnjc the picture 
proiinuiiN Etohi n bftd Voricty of onft-rrcl 
•itoriri i'i 11 iJiiiuifii'il ■ Titi-cj;iiLi:iii-:ii, hint 
jtMablbM « iniouitneiit ttiRt will Bftmu 
even wii-"! Ii" Ims ]>ji.ur<d on. Marrli u 
1* (lie lentil niuiiveriaap.v of this ebatUM 
i'i lb.* us into 1. picture ctitrrininnioni: *'f 
Amsripa. It tlieieforo murks not only 
lhi L lentil !ini]ivei>iiry of Mr. /nk.-r"* or- 
KiLiiii'.;ita.-i. ..f l-'aiaima rj,i>i-r-. but it 
innrki: nOotber eixw-li. the hrinxini; ol 
S:in!i J'emhEinlt'it piftiiro, "Qur^ert 1'Ijt..- 
brtk." !<■ ttthl oooiitry fop p ittm a fl oB 
ii. ItRitiiiiuti' (tieatrea. 


i Hen] n« 

■ : ' ■■■'■■ L11 Ptc-tuee*. 

-■\X7HAT is liing 10 hlppCD lh our rhlldren'; The reforniere believe, with the 
•» motion iiicture* BOW nuch a meauce lu the hoaie lift;, we inu.i .ill expect 
to rrnr a «e* of rjentn] ileEenpratpe, Our eirii*. inatead of IcniTiiiip to ilnrn nock*, 
biiitf- breid and beeic houne Jn tbe homely fai'bSoD ofTlielr iiii.*riNir*'.,-»'il] t)evelo[> 
intr, Btreet^vrnlklnE. pleasure- seek! rur wuinen who*e bnly dell^triTwiv^if Home in n 
plnrjfl to deep and em, 0»r boys. InjuoBfl of be^omiwjf gooU cilinens, will develop 
into bi|rh-ola,iin buralars or ihenj. polliicians. vfth pn, mv-tr hmn'stv than VtU "f 
thos»* old-tlve bowee pirturejt m doflnliely ia the old-time {lltos. 

And (be motion [MrHJi-eii lire to lilnme for all thin. 

I ■[.!•'■.» every frnftuent that tabowe: life as il la nomcf imi'i lived Hi cn\ oik 
■uir bny« and fiirln nte jrniujj [n tin* boow^we. If 11 n woman In jilctured 
or a mini ia nhawa whoi-e moraln lire nueationnble. our children nrr g'A'.ix lu select 
tluu us thrir fdritl of bow one ibould line to enjor life. TJte purt-mn pzr lu bjame 
fnj fnrelDf all ihl« de-jirahle tnowledir down the thronti' of the yoimfn 

Out return. it- fnij to (tike imie thnt human unlun- i<> thi< raitne luilnj- sr \l 
WAa when our paren.1i! were rbildren. There U only tkis diff.-ri'in-.'. ju^ti-ad of 
itealib^ uude'cjrnble books and Iryinj; to puin kuowledro of lif<- in mi underband 
wuy. ihe younj; pi-upk Io-d«y wire to (heir [-arem.? and osk ipjostfuna in a direct, 
piraiEbtforwiird wuy. The latepSHt ia Hfn iinelf »M*t be tekeu awiiy rroin ynuncj 
3 ■*--- 1- 1 ! - _ hut it ran be. explained to ili> mi 11 (he riaht way. ] mlon pictures thnt 
•im\ wiUi Uie'tf BQbJeeU ean j.giret lines do a. cretit deii] rt hkmL Sin that b pun- 
i-bni hoi] wrong*; thnt on- In* repulsive are it» helpful as :i E<>od Hprrapn 
in keppinc ihe youth of the t'onntry in 'be stroinht and mttotr nn;h. 

/.i-lii xiiBile vice IiIiIl-oum and with bis books nr(-i>iiiTiii-|;.--d (Feat flood. VIk- 
tttft* Hint follow /.Olns rxnmplo CftO also Jo aOOd, 

The term ioDBhlp between parent t. nod child 1m mueh rioefr t t-day than it 
njii twenty-five yenrs ujo. There in a eomtirudPrff mid nn [inrlnr-iiiudiuif ihnt 
nill tak" more llinn motion plclurcM to ii]i*ei. Ait for ihe hn»i« lifi-. if tEirri 1 la 
any in* if. the fault ties w|ih the pitreOto and aot with the children. 

t>i»e m»M tMnj in |m!d, a E >inni jiicture*. What will lie the next modp of 
of nttack offered by the roformeri'it 


THE Knelish '.'incma prints the followlni: Tbe foilowiai; anode tjp T,. Albert- 
JlTmanri, Foreign. Kdltor o[ the lendinr llprman trad.- weekly, I>er Film, 
itsrliit rrp^»4'ii!niirn nf HTcffll French trftg> OTftM,' nud *-liief critic and Editor 
• ■{ th* Ctnesua (\niin_-ninr.. Berlin, (jlveir the preaem ponUEnn «t tin- film businesa 
■ n t*i-im:iii,v. We buvo d.« ixtniiivr a*aurDare of Ur. Hecmiuin ibni nil he «ijh 
is utMirfutelp unbiiihiid ami impartial, nod that bi* ifpiuinns on new prodinHJona 
Of 'ttln-r trade auittrrit are Id no way influenced by pcrsoun. Hate re (M*. L-oniicr- 
tions. <\j- friendaJiips. In any e«"e, ihe ■tltementa In this, ortirip tire mnde on 
3lr. All't rl-Herrii:inn -L ( reaponsibllity entirely; 

"Ttwre is DO end *>f tnlk nbout the terrible rrifti* in the tilm 1radr. yet atill 
mfflloa* rOBlrotw Id poor In and nCw rootpsnir* are arnwin^ up Htc nitinbroaiiiP. 
vi.,li- [;.. „),\ ,, n .-n or*: L Laereanltif their npltiii. Tbt- niluuliii: is cm nit fuiiri* 
wiih Unit ni tin- i^ttiie itsrlf. lamentation*} nboui ruin und liankrupley are 
tri'.'iiutli j; in the sklen, yet the aubjems oT I'ri'fitdeni Ebeei npprar to prow more 
nod niore protpsroii* erery day. trade and induatry geenerally brtpe flMiri-funs 
iih jievf-r i-efore. llurli of tbin in pTobably lictitlous. baned ai il in on tin* in* 
toi-itdfni. Ipflittton nbd the activity of the note printing prrtni 
nud small >irtployees, fifin* abfloluti- nuisreTn in a, tialf-^ocbiliMii Itttmbllr. are in 
p in'.-iimi. in kt*jw np Their wapfe without nny resirniol, All riniw iRi-rrnni's 
of v-oa-i-s mid sflladei* bate to be provided for by the yrlntiiiE press. Tbe cnUQtrv 
i- nil.* M.h.drd rffth Dteiid!ly <Jb-prci-iutin(c tnoney, tbe Slate coiner nearer and 
nenr-r !o iui>3<TUj+T^y eiieh diiy. nod (he puckew of the luhabltnot-i are UrtLlted iviih 
weallj ihnt :•• really imaginary. m 

New Hillions. 

"This i.t;itr of ibinjiF, of rauriie, alsp nffecl^-the fiJm market. Moi-i .jf the 
priduviiaji rniorrni. lire Ktenilily IncreaBina their capital. The rreiiiesi Unnnun 
Iru^t. the rniti-f-nni, the U- V. A. as; it i» Cnl^d. Iiph qtiiic roceitilv ilvuftj^.l ii-; 
capital from Tf)l) in ^Otr milliou?, follntrlni; upon (!> locorporalion of the Ilerla, 
LiniHeil. whieli mnde n net losa ol tweuty-cifht mil[t«n marks last tear amt whk 
compelled to oeli out. 

"Anoihre |ifi-!iii-i:ii yoiiuj; croDcern, tbe Terra. IJmiled. inen-Bfen its cupital 
by leap* and boundi. i*alJowing up one wcuall firm nfier another. It* t-ajilial 
i.ioontiliH now 10 nlneen niUllons, The iinnortapt flrm* of Alllnlf A; fo anif 
Ambon- Film hove juet amnlEamHted, wrilti a capital nf elchteen millo-iis. u-bErh, 
*1 itt onnoBneeil. will jwhjii be <lnilbled. Rheniah capitalints have founded the Stir- 
i-aior Film «.;onapan]-, with three millions to mart with. Auoihi-r Iniji-tttanl fln- 
fatlo n fjf .sjH-riai [merest u> KuElith readtr* in ihe HflKenhi-clt Film i'..»jpnr.v 
i -.-i"ii4kniiliouKl. d icreiit part of Ihe capital heluK nupplied by Mr. iViiiiiivricbt, 
ff LoiifJou. T>ie new emtiipi*nj will *peclnti« In wild anlniflf filnjti, ibv hearts 
1-iiiB iwJWlHet! by tbe fnoioint Zoolngirtil fJardens of IJaienherk, rn Stvliirnjen. near 
Ha-mhura." ■ 

t-'nr friini winding up. th<! liuropean Film AtUa>*«, lie <lpclnr«-d, will be 
uv>re active tbna ever during the neit season. At least ten big llllns will ba 
made: tjomdes. the TcatO-ItulInn plms. wjtli Aibi-rtuifsyod HdelHte. wlii,-l, belisnc to 
Mn KAml'lf own liompany. Ihougb they will be distributed bv tlie f., F. A. The 
ii'Xt fllUB with SlHcisle will be 'Sanson ami IJp|il:ib" mol Tin: < , lia!uliemniid of 
1 1.-.- 1'mprem.' Tlio well-known prodiieeri*. J.iibituch nod Joe Mtiy. wlH mlso mako 
Keren.! filmK under their contract. A ulm WerrtW, of **3oIe«a" fnao'. W 
slice ori jmr«l. 

The first K- F. A. him mf*rreii lo above. .* a KOneeOtu tale of ih? Fdnt, ! 
mprrbly ntatdjOi tnd Tul1 of thrillitig jrenrs nnd benutiCnl pJetqrea. Ion iLc caw i 
tiinrbu :- rather pwir, 'iroi hiih-etl often Uloyjetl. K'iM, tin- plefJirr niijtbi ppijve ' 
turrepmble lo Amerforti Budietirpe. With tbe owdalanc i-f Fniumig [■layer* - i 
croai ifietribclUig facilities, it ■»lm«hl uoi; be ditTifult to (Jet bnrk the cobIh, whleb. 
In American uoneyi ajBOtuit to S10O,00O it lit moat, | 

Mr. Kukor'a dory ia one of the iooki 
takctosilBR mhbiuch of the Ludiwtpy, Wn 
ban- .ii: Iteard bow ho came here from 
Hungary e»il by tbrift, peitftrertwee ntid 
n i. .,:■.:: .1 ftplltnde fur liUHiuiu**! built an 

ot-£ui.ii.nil>n tliat Ma fow nquals in tlit 
munlry and no iieep*. Uow hf- left the 
fur burdneaMl to invest n few paltry 00 1' 
lor« in n piainy nronde, nnil with Mnrviii 
L<H<w luli'i added to that plaOr "i Arimk' 
DMnt tbe IlaJi rraifinc; enm ami later 

a eitoin nf iliniiri'fl. 

An Fiv hulliMl bu wetic highrr -uni 
iiislnT. ikIiIi:;,: more nlnl ttior*! prelitiliHiui 
Mi.'ji'fi'ti tn bJa list. TEii- unbroken ha- 
ul achievcrai ills wjunila Jibe r lioraib- 
A I pi r HUnanee. Tbene nre fe*s- If nnj 
siork-n xut full of in te rent us the /.ukot 
bii..^raplij-. ITo Beerns lo liave teen l*orii 
with nil mi^Ij:Ii| info tin.- fuiure «od a 
rare intuition tlmt noted us u fninrdlun 
OjygtA in jjII bin ui-i_iviiii-!a. FeenueiLily he 
atukril oil, and ninny iuncn he plajeij sq 
cIosq 10 tlie tuargln iie bad tn win if he 
won tu >uvc liiriiv-li from cittnplcte uu 

Ill- ;,-■■ iiiFipiniliiin m ''hniiiti Ibi 
tenor of fltOlii'H (iltrluii- i:uHT[itiiint'jii 
vamc btfote l lie "(Jiii-en KHwibelV n-ile- 
*lonr- fie now "Tbe I'nsitibii Flay," by tin- Fa lie Cotnptiuy, and win 
:ii mice Inibued wiirJi the idea'uf giving 
it a proper settine and Btmoxphere tvben 
Ii wan iiri, L aented. Three resit, bis naao- 
cliitcfl fiKtir^i, wBd too hug lo mlil any 
trimtniiiEs, IniE Jlr. /.uk>r had an idea 
and he *'bh hoi In be cheated nut of 
liutllnn; it tu :: tent. He had n theoLn: 
In SrtWart; thnt viiis far eiiu.iith away 
lri>m New York to trnikc the innovation 
be hud in mind asfo. He enraged a 
apcelBt nrcbu-ntra, bud tiieia play tellgloui 
inuriu. und gave a special program with 
the prcseu td lion. Tlie theatre wan 
crowded ti the [Soars. He illil a liiu-i 
office tmtiues, Hit inwociatei wore con- 
rlULL'd n proper prrscuiaiJnn wna the 
ihjntf, unJ Aibtlpb Zukor I'-H'iii an record 
aa beinc a one ihoB-mau. 

Hi uhcu^iiif: the Newark epieodt 1 , Mr. 
'/.;].■■;■ nnld it wiim Lbc -..■.; of that 

reotnra tint mvo him i>ouracc to invest 
niouey iu h-Uer piciiiree. 


Mnrvli ft. An oecn*lon 
tlili euunTer ft Hrf-fwl fejilnrcn. 
of tbe arrrnteait nilmln ut tUlq [rn. 
U jl huuaetinld word In ;l.i, vo»n- 

otHctuerrn <uulil \u 

'That day iu. Newark," 

flee limit! 

said Mr. 

aStattOTi "i knew if wfl wantial to i«tay in 
butiiiietEs we bad to derate thn entunoLn- 
rueiii we wcrts ^iviuc. The jwople wero 
trowing ^IreiJ of the one-reel picmpca, 
inutit uf *fi":i! !!.■■■ Ii'-:i.::t slurius burrioilly 
niid cheaply made. I w nt to tbe men 
front whom 1 bought my films abd 
brouclitd tbi:. Hubjuci in ihnii. 

" Tbero .8 no future In the longer 
fllnu,' Uiej told me. "Wo have a market 
noiv. why boibpr wjtlj oocthcr jirodi.ct 
ihnt "iiiiy uot plcnei: our pntrnna'/' 

"They HfWB sbor 1. lighted," went on Mr. 
Knkor. "Tliry li«.kL\L oolj nt the preaent. 
They Jtiiil tie? ibcaiivH in their control, 
ivhy hoihri' with wracthtBe. now? I'er- 
Imps ili NOinc one came 10 iim 1ml til with 
a plan that wonbl rovolu lionize orcry- 
thins und coat ninny liniea more (bun m 
nm xpeinliiip, we woold Jo ciactly u 
(he,v did.'* 

WloriL f-he filni; mrtiiitfactiiTeni refused 
tn '■■■ '■ <■<;■ a pnrl of Mr. Kukar'it u-cbeme 
he went In buiuneiti for bintself. Ue 
fonncd the FaatOUi I'laycru UompAuj 
mid boURlit "tiuecii Flixabeth." a five- 
nut picture lent Imd been made nbrund, 
w|Ui Samb Jlcrnhard*; us tie BUuv 

la atuwer to the qenctfion of how much 
the I iie: u re cokL. Mr. i^ukor replied; 

"We upeut S3C,fXKj. It took most uf 
our tnuuey nnil Wa i-nly came out even, 
Jini we M.irti-i. snineiliiiiK, "Queeii billza- 
tu'lh" »us abdwn in tun britimatc hoaBts, 
«nd jji-!>pL'- who bud never looked at m 
lion picture went iu ■ s..i,ili Bern- 

"I odried Uum and Uicn," nnid Jlr. 
/iik»r. "tbe tioie win rlpo for better pie- 
mres. 1 = - - ■ a L ■ ■ see we muit bring lu llic 
aerri'ii lite liloratun. 1 uT ihe somge and 
fiction, I kr.i-w If we could Interest 
fiotne of tin: iLidl-knowu HV\m in our plan 
w»- could itnpruvi- 4iieinres. We could 
krrp flie people whn were lieginnfni; to 
uiovr FipnK -of "■■.liLjii.- . »( ilip •[iiiiljty 

DJWlllM The I'li'.-ii.-: of fAenihi. 1 " went on 
Mr. Ziilor, 'The pirtiiTft cost fttwnt 
IW.-flW ami we denrej *2fi.rt00. After 
thai wo dimonstrttieij so elenrfy the pii.- 
tSfia WHB ollb wailmc for n better claw 
of Mory jnd prcKlm-iiiui, we lunl im Iieii- 
[iiney in np;irouebing thn ncat-knowst 
stara in tbe country nnJ buying the mo- 
rion picture rirAt* to the {data In winch 
they had seorml thrir great *vn Mcocmcs.*' 

Jr HF 

Hkjr Knlro ihe 

'I.' I II!-, 

nd kipt buying rflayB niu 
urn to their twiaxy. 'Tfn 

Aboul thin time Jtssd I+, Ijaaiyvcnoie 
abois. Jlr. I.iiKky hud no iurmm nio| 
Innte (Hipi'i'i'iaiioii of Itft He kiiei.- gin-*,, 
and bad pictures, nud betf-r »li.M In- reol- 
iied wlmi wan wronf with the liim r-rup 
thnt hail betin coming 10 murk.-!. He 
joinwl toTCM wlili Adolpli Kt.knr. us did 
Cecil IV ilille. n yunnu singe prodtiei-r, 
wlni hod ijruiinftiisd Tnun the Uinid liruMt- 
Co wchiHil. Thli* affiliation wiw Ideal 
-Mr. Aik<i1- had the tihllity to tnalte iTO'in-y 
.ted tlieto twt joune men biu] the PttUrtic 
aoula to create Mr. Knkor'ti iil-ns and mbl 
to thcin their irmi nnUii - coneep- 
lions. They nrynninil the .fes«i- U Lfuiky 
Featnto (.VunpoJiy. oln. lOaCrthnien iln-ir 
I'dhIiil-Uikij through Fhithisjs 1'Iityem. 

'The Scpjow .Mini" 1 wus. (loir liryi pur- 
cJiasc. It cosi xi rnncli it alnmsi lvri-r-bdJ 
Hi' new concern, but ihcy fulh 
Zukor lend find 
niIiliiiK new stfl 
Squaw Man" Woa not a great pi.-turc. 
As it cornea tract to tin; it wu» iniiliiiiTe, 
but it Was K-tcd enough to ctinvinn Id 
Mille und Lunik}' tliey wem 101 thft right 
track and thry kept mi. building ni ihcy 
went. Tho Mcroucu Coialniiiy Kbant iJiii 
time fonner) an cr^uilzalion with well- 
known stars:, und joined ,l«se La sky in 
dintrihiniiit; ibrnugh I'iiuiuhk Fluvern. A 
little later Mr. Monmcn went ftick tu Ida world, and Jtane Lasij, wh«M 
brand of picture* hud titan sl'-adlly iin- 
proving, Joined Mr. Xnkiir iu one i<rgun- 
iiwiioii with iln; lirtu imm.- of Panioni 

TWj wine lie r.nniUition nf Funioiu 
I'htyers-T^isky, iln ••Tf:\niti>tU-n thai now 
cmplujs HjMO p- niuiio-iu 1 injil-.yn ,. ,i m | 
soiitln It^i iihsuiT-l 1., cvrry i.-ivilitr.] nuiri- 
lry in the A-i-rid; Tlie man win. ii.jilrf>L« 
ihlai greixt urgjtni«iiiFin. .\i|.i]ph Znkur, 
hn* agniu and again prarod the words, 
"one of the greatest mind*," 1 i*. Wg idle 
fallacy. Under lite nnnie r'aramoiint Mr. 
Kukor host (urhislied some ..f Out fineat 
aerceu entrnointrieiii, und he ljtw prob- 
.ildj had a bund jn bribfloa umirr pltiyora 
Into jtrominrnef than nny other man. 
It ww h« win made iht; name Mury 
i'lekford a lnjiis^lioM wurjl, anyn DoUdfj 
Fairbanks a rduce thai (a hilifiiKtu 1 :I, 
Added to W. H. iinrt'tt fame, truido Bhrhl 
FergunoiT iioptilar on 1 1 1 1 . nr-reon. eNlali- 
litfiei] Marguerite flnrk in. llic h.arta t>f 
ihe raolioa picture pntroto-. mail" i.hin'ii 
rtwanaon famoi.H. uml btini^it liomir.'ils 
of other well-known tavorlten into promt- 
Iteticf., ineludijiK TIioihiih Meiglmn nud 
Wgalaee IMil. 

, !ln- ?JI«1 ll.i rvtlblfrlm. 

One mlitht eipeet u gi,ijj E (n Mature 
to eorrw]ioml wiih the mental qaatitdnJ 
of p mnn of Adnlpli Kidtor'a power. Ha 
ia rather utiuill, aoi inui'li more than live 
feet iliree. Mout of pur groat tnen have 
been ama.l. .Iiiliua Cawnr nail Napnforn 
weio both short iu .ttaturr, Mr. /.iikf,r 
Jjiis freipK-ntly hoi 11 cnlb-d (he Kapotoon 
of pictures. 

A man in Mr. Xukors pottitloii, of 
coiirwe, had miule some enctnlea. Thcr«* in 
never nny chance to g^t to the top with- 
out milking nu Impeeatiion one way *r an- 
nther. uiif! 11 ninir wlin U nevef ctiiici»i<il 
r la too colnrhita to he 


rtniiinn nt they wore pelting, nud 
hi rtw fairiJiij t« our tlieaUtiL h ia too rororiiaa to be of any intercut 

Jame* K. Uackctt wna engBijed to ' But I do not boliore Ad*lph Xulior ever 

witlinely hurt nay «oc, Ee is «nc of 
the kuiikai, nmsi ihooshfful men I lime 
ever kiinisn. lie radlnU's gontlencm mid 
-ir:i|.hi-it>. It is rnncli eaaler lo reach 
A'h'lpti Zltitor on the irhpliimc lluiii mi-Fid 
nf the publicity heads. Hbj Ik u per- 
Miimli:j- 1 hut mnkes fiHeniJs. nod many 
people who hr.v<! determined tn dinlik« 
1dm have ended by being his •UrtruKeat 

Hia ten ycni-a of ortive. film making 

iuivi; In-eii wrutight with many chuiigea 

and numerous hlllibihi|w. He has foiiad 

1' himself ntr n;nnttr<l innny timM by illffl< 

[ eiiities thnt wi.-tild down n h^rn Endomliu. 

bio i -1 1 a met "t Every tiro- he hna CMne. 

' 1.1 the top bctler i»pii[ipeil for his next 

' buttle hy nuoti uf tliht ei[ierienre. 

] He has 11 ureet mind. Hi* is a 

■ great man, und one who will, while do: 

: breath of life is in him, fight lit;; bitthB 

I to win. W-! juln our <-ongnituiniion<i to 

' the. cotignititlnliotis of tltn rouiitry nil 

!j thia (Imt ileCmie cf his aucceMi. mid hope 

In leu yeiUil UtOiEij wa aiuy write annther 

editorial on t!*.e founder of the ftve-rrcl 

ilrama iu Aini-rica. 

t'ranl* ami thn Ennrir Dnemnr. 

Uver fiincr IVnnk Moyo uiarriej the 
gnrKPoiiif Dagaut (J*d*Wiky he und hly 
wife hove buen in the limeli^jt. l>ng- 
miir, an cKOtic cruntnre full at temiK'ni- 
ment, colorful, decorative and n few more 
descriptive highlight*, cottlu O'U iioiwibly 
stny nut of print. Hhc is ihe iypr> who 
is always iloitif; itomnlhiiig. Wfina inert 
woe iiuthiuK Hal- tn do din- juid Frank 
■tarted an argiimertL on wlo-thi-rt siIiq was 
lo lie called Mm, .Mayo or relfiiii her 
maiden nninu of liodowi-iky. It wuh a 
liarntlffw ciicugli argument, noisy, per- 
onps, hut iivi fatal. 

fJul it r'-.i'-ii-'il the i ;!■'■>-. and thn first 
Ihing'the papera were carrying stories of 
their separation. 

"I love Frank," anya Dfjjninr r 
:i! him, while Frank, who Li bo in lov« 
with !!-■-■ bcantiful Doguinr h>- cannot 
help telllDf tbo world, looks aa if noth- 
ing ' ;— ' mattera j ti--1 mo ho can hear 
Lhtme words."' 

Add even while eke in speaking: «hn 
looks around tbo room, her eyi-n filled 
with interest, an variotoi weiL-known ib.;- 
nirlcnl folk come into the dining room at 
1 he Atfoagnln. !>nKoitir can no mure 
help lii'.my imbiiffJ with the Jove of liv- 
ing: than ahe em help thnt passion far 
music jilie hau inherited from her futher, 
tba fum sum painisi, LcOpohi tindowsky. 

Mr- Maya la bete tu make personal 
appeurnnet-a for Marcus Loew and to 
illaKOH u vnuderille contract preneuteil 
Lo lii in for lita signature. Ueforo he 
fvisir- he will go to Cuba to make per- 
sonal appenrancca in the theatre. Of 
course Ltuffvnor will go with him, B)ic 
has, been in tbip dangerous city a wock 
without her husband, and if Mr. Mayo 
]■-■:- hid '■■:..- it will not happen agalo. 
Bin rame to wish hot parent* two voy- 
agii Iteforo (Jicy Bailed, 

Uiwn I"'iufi ns b i-d wbotluT she liked 
New Yora, SEow ISodowsky-Mayo replied : 

"1 have lived bern a litrKQ i'«rt of my 
life, but I am perfectly Mounted ill CkK* 
fornia. 'i have been *H over tip*, world, 
and 1 nwer wnnt tn rexnaLit in any one 

Elara very louK. But when one's, hua- 
nad'a work calla him— you acii that fa 
different," and E'aguiar glvc.i her fcua- 
biiml another of those smilea. 

And now I wonder why aome etagn 
producer huftu't wen the j-oMlbllitica In 
thia fascinating woman. With her vohw 
— she apeaka with tin ttttent — with h>r 
betiitty and with her eharn). nlle might 
with proiwr Lruininsj do hi*" ihlngu in tlm 
lliratrical world. 

Perhaps tbeae words stiould never Itavn 
been written, Frnufc Mayo snye. he is 
^bl-faithlpned. he wntita bia wife #3. l*t 
bhn auiiport lier. He wanin her to atny 
liome ami be Mrs. Frank .Muyo. 

It's a great jirobEem. * (Juc the Lucy 
Stone Lcaguo it) trying to aolve, tlio 

4 1.1 1' it Jul 1 of where the wonuin's place la — 
home, or where (rco/newly hoc ln-urt 
inker* bar. Uu ami**, Mn- Htndlo or tlir 
huxinoNs nlTieo. I wnnder. Frimlr M 1 V" 
Is a niti' hoy. eager to do hie tilings in 
picture. Will 1 idiKiiuii- help liim udilcve 
dlHW iiinhiilnriH or win -In- aturt out lo 
paddb* her owtj cauoo and aeek her own 
earuer, and tet tiitn work nut bia iksiiny? 
There la uincb to he said on both vrtilrs. 
and UB one ean trll nnolher pcrwiti how 
10 nm ids lire, 

Iloalna llrnle^'a Jiverei. 

Who hHj* n woman Mttltttf k^ep a 

aecretV More ia Hoaina Henley, ntfrtied 

ijiten Beptefflhor 1ft iu Harloy Knoloa, 
tba ■Motion picture director, and not one 
of Iht friends nny 11m wiser. Verhapss 
ifhe did tell (.ruri-oll JlcCoinnn. Imr pnT- 
tleular friend, but if she did, Miwi M«- 
l.'iima*! never lirrntjiril it to a son 1 . And 
they any women talk too much ! 

t u r I nt 1 ,,:,-. 

Ow Marcii If (he S. Kniikln Drew Pdat 
of the AmrrlniTi legion will give ha fir it 
annual theatrical ball at t lin Hotel f'onn- 
sylvntifii. Many film turn are in thia 
legion, which is conipimi-d of theatrical 
men who ser.-Ji'd iu'ersean jn, thu Wnr, 


aid flnr 


Fay Ti'inplcton wiys ahe would play 
r rat if -Ili* could he directed hy Liavld 
W, lirifFHh, This cxlrnvogntlt .itnte* 
merit Was made after she age/ "The Or- 
phan.* nf ili-' Stiinu" und the merry 
rodtau t/htm artniiuj l)or<>lhy Olih'ii 
(COt, Mhta '1'i-nipMon. sfnci* U-Hvina the 
hoanln, iiaM tnantad n bunker in Pitta- 
burg: mid doesn't need to piny n rat ur 
anything elae, hut she wna so curried 
usuy wuh the jikliin nltn bad a hanker- 
ing tu ploy ngniu. 

"I ft^nder if rail ever licrOtne np- 
stnee?" siiid Miss Temple. mil. "anil the 

net ikes n| all ifa Hritnln-lL 

If BO, I speak for the ft rat elianee. 

"To tiRVs M». tiriffitli tell yon what 
to do. und w-hiit not to do; where yon 
get on. and I more .than libelyl where yon 
get ofl. 1 feci quite sure would he fifty 
limes tnnre iiltioatlonul «mt a lot more 
Co a tto f t a ble thnn. n ride in one if our 
rnhLvrm ik jidIuk. T lint laltflia nil my 
l'r..'liil- tn see 'Orphan" of The Slunn." 

Don't liugglc over the price und mj, "ii'a 

only ti Iiiennre,' Yes, dene people, aa!y, J 

hUt BJUlC,"' 

Tbcj- t.iur Plaaktott^ji Pletsae*. 

'The tilorlou* AdTpittiite" i=s hailiiJ 
bjt Knglish erillrs rn "at I"ni n line 
Knyli-li |i!eli!To"' uml with other eiinatl.v 
i-utluiJfitti'tic terinrt. ThB opeQing nt 
I'dviuic iinrdin miisl i-eeeuiiiled one 
Metropolitan Openi M . ■■ first nlnlit 
n ml even more Rn, Hukes. daohcMpa. 
priiu-essi-y, lords and i.nli...- wire *o umeh 
in cvideiici' ihiTi- wna Utile nmm fur 
the common folk. In America nil Ihin 
meonit very little, but if one h* to judge 
hy tlW' manuiT in which ihe Itritttdi prena 
triotnl the nccaulOB:, rwaJty in Crtat 
l\rirLiui is *i| ill a mutter" id awi- and 

Madame Fetrova was iiutprlacd to 
set* 9 Minn step itiln her ear and order 
ihr i-lin Lif inM r lo drire away the other 

"Wait." .Hho called. "Where ar; 1 you 
gnintf't" ' 

'■What is the matter;' lie nn-wii.ii 
-1-L-: then he i-i" 1 . a look at William, 
^fnf|I|tl]l'•*s ^bnufTeur, at the enr itself, 
and ut MrMnme. 

"Ob, I mn so Mirry." he apologised. "I 
thonfhl il wan tny own car."' 

fief ur-' Made me could speak, Dr. 
Sluwitrl, Madame Fetroro's hiiBlianil, 
baKencd to introduce the offender. It 
wnn -jurise Lauer, who Uvea in the same 
apartment hoiwa where Dr. Sli-woTl'e 
olflee la loeaied. 

Again the JiirTce iiimlfigiieil. ami 
Madame then invIl*Hl him ta en me to 
Mn' ihemre and see nuuther jndge.^ the 
onr iilm figures In her pluv. "The Whttn 
I'earock." at the Comedy Thealr". 

oar fur Puna to. 

When Miriam Pntliftn lefties lomi 
she hftn to take n tutor with lit r. Lea- 
sons must bo uu and seliool must con- 
tinue even when Miriam fn working. She 
left for llnifjil-'i in-! ijit-M with her 
mother nnd her tutor. She ia boohed to 
make jirrsotinl aiipourances wiih the 
nhnwibs; of "At the Htace Poor.'" Wil- 
Yr.iui Cabaane'i pKtitr*, in which .Miriam 
haa an inipoHBiit role. Marcua Loew 
is rtfeausinjr for other nppflnranrrs for 
thin jrottns ladj"- 

.NnxImovK to liu Alirnnil In HsrcR*. 

Madnme XiiKimovn cxjjccIs to finish 
'work on "Salonip" in lime to come to 
New York lor the premiere of Ibsen's 
"A Doll 1 * House," scheduled toy United 
Artista for February 12. 8b*B will leave ' 
on a vacation shrood In 'Mnrrlt, spend- 
ing tbe entire Hummer in Ettntpa fend 
returning hero In the Autnma. While 
on the other Hide she will make ttoveral 
icenea for "Tveginu." the Suderooinii 


Elay, achediilei) to serve liwr ha her »* 
irie following; "Salome." 

To IVattva Tuesday. 

Every day Jane MurfJn haa rxpected 
to leave New York (End every day ur mo- 
tiving hfln tiirned nj> "to keep her hcr<\ 
Slin didn't expect "The Silent Call"' 
would go so well at the Capitol, nod 
when It brought no many people there 
she simply had to snenk into the theatre 
nnd hear wont they had to say almm 
her first production. Larry Trimble 
spent about twenty hour* u du.v ut the 
C.-ijiitnl BtbH tryJDir PO.t til a«tt too pleased 
Over the recejilirjii given Ills film child. 
KfJaa Murfin is leaving Tuesday. Khe 
will visit bee family In Deiroit nod meet 
Jnpe Cowl wherever hJic hop pens io lie 
playing in •'HmilliiK Through" before 
she returns to the Coaai. 

Iter Tress Aaciil Bstp*. 
Here wo havn HnKtafatt Uew. Mario 
Doro'a prCsa agent suya alio hj :,:■■;:.; q 
Ilenda mask made to send her mother in 
Italy. Very good. Idwe. ¥w*, ibe Idea 
voinrs from Ilose >Shulsing-er. Not eopy- 
rlghtetl. Free for nny one to use when 
the jewel idea is i nap prop rinto. 

nlek wild ihe "jpin-.w 

dock Mcndor- in nt hOBW sirk with' thi» 
iollurnrn. Thia is 'no press yarn, hut 
t|ie sad, diurnal trulh. He honca to be, 
back on thn Job Monday, doctors. nnrsiH, 
etc., permitting. Uto is awful bhiI theta 
ditys with I Jr. C'epe.laud'x pet innin..|i/a 
germ mmed loone In our Bi]'i|«[, 

lirtiinh itt-aiiv for i in' Breajfi 
H one la in judge by tlje pnrchtaw 
mnde by -Mrs. Tom Mix Ihe nxpeetajl 
Mlv lmhy will hare enough clothes (o 
clnthe three or four Infants, This in her 
fir*r baby, fend 'she Is drtnrmined It «-ii[ 
have a proper trousseau, at least so her 
fr.rjjd-i on the Cofeet -■>■> . 

j Mnllon Picture &lltar, SlornloB Jftl*tttP*« 
For ihe last twn rrek,* I bars l«W ■« 
■ New- York »lKtitseelnff. WBh mo m-p mJ" 
! |wb lOlta, aged 12 cm. H, Naturnily wo 
i wlaa. lo net in alt ilw fun we «n tnEottier 
i ami ttifi has been leads ulrapie prtfllupiMlF 
- hprause we have fiiiind m inaay b»*uW 
1 pli'ture* tlavr please U». 1 *bJB '" ■*' 
i your sitenilniB to thritt pletnrvs -wliU-li "s 
J ail enjuyeu iiui! ivblrh UN- an WiMMWOfflD 
nnd dePghti'iil tout "very family n-V'-il'l 
■ee them. Ths first we fniiint nl H'O Stiia 
Tlieatr*. It wo. eallea '^kj lllgh" neii 
tinit Tom ?llt «■ Lin etiir. The t.-ys wero 
DBtnineeil jiml t rilso onJjyiMl li thorough- 
ly. The ircaind one ivn« mnfe my style. 
Tun they upreeil ihrit M wua a '"petcn 
too. This ivm "The [tilling 1'it-slnn - :it 
I He mm nil. Out InM Mil .B»e«i"l ' ri " ,u 
wna th? racitot fraiare. "Tin* rillrliL Call.' 
\W Ml ihroHKh Ji lwl*e sitoJ vnleii II ll»» 
iHtl d«a picture we hail star seen. I 
merely write thU letter for Ihe mommare 
of other moihcri who am nlwsys .Irplftr- 
Ing the loan or Iht* luutlnu pictures. 

(ir eonrae there Diflr bfl many iiiuIcpIv- 
nlih> onei. bill We ivere 10 plpnas'l nltli 
ih. une« that yaur lenilinti New VorK 
IhmlTea sbowert ni thnt 1 rrit like **v 
livpselhg my feppreetation fend s^ylac 'hat 
I brlleve pletnrtl urn Hpuwlna; belter h It 
ihe lime. Harsh Tcsmlitle, 

Sand bake, N. T. 

fICrahelni tntprvkw 4>eti n LSuEb, 
Motion I'lttore Hilflur, AltimlnB TeleirrunlL: 

.lomcwtiere lit Ihe mld*t of Ihe npU- 
tlies nnd ad j>r th-ps -which Bttowared down 
uc "l-'eullsli wTfas" utter Its first sliow- 
])ip on llrnnOwny I «! inivrrred ua Inter- 
View In which Ibe hlEsri-P Von KbPLilielui 
was o!)nri,etrrli*J S" *H»rhrtfhl" B'tr sWen 
1 hnve ht-en w#ndrrlng J imt what sort nt 
a role Hiln Tin rt Millar writer wnul.1 si-h ' i 
as s iuliuhle vetllcle lo krllijr «ut ihe Aii-- 
trlas'a teniler nnil Briprallllg ebsrm. Artt'r 
iinti'hliis VOn Slrtiielni"! nnuirooa advpa 
titrcn at Mnaie r'utlo, his Inaratlulluii IBOTS 
nt all wanton »0 oaatt** whet UinSr rank 
■ ■r station "fid hi" ntOTfe vulsnr sffaim 
I run no l helji woitdetlUR Just wlist <ort 
of "wlntful" role be wooU |m>k 1>e*i lo 
ir this i-rlllr la a aaod Jadce nf casraoter 
wt miy vet "«e Von Hlrohelm tn finn-ltit 
locks nud n L-roivji of vine teav?» wrnrlnC 
n ii..fl-.:ii} i aim of an UabeeoittlBS 
iinlfotm. Cant you loai Lcqasjlite thk 
Iiero Who enrabod irellUes. til niMnlfflil 
1-UvImk Uie pensive lioet af Sufi ■,.aepo«e« 
nnd nutili-".' Will hr i r> Itomeo. n>r 
la*lftn■ > e'. , nr H*nll menial Tommy? Tfeli- 
•-Tnr dererlnes "wistful" us "yeaniliiE nr* 
Or I be u nal la la able." IT Ihere If uny- 
ii-.iiii.- nf ttih nature E»OltL Ihr ntsterlnl 
itnd Rnins chsraderlxnt ion of I3rir Von 
Mrolielra In -Foolish Wives* 1 -ben I sin! 
t he juiil-triu- of otherit who WW hi* pie- 
lore wtll have to r«*vlse kb-na about 
tit- mHna.nBT or "*r|«triil. r ' "l.usirul" 
wcuhl lie iijnre rtullolile far ihe hero »f 
"FooUih M'lre*." Vmin truly. 

Mow York. J. a. 

s't.i ; »- tot Hiaers, 
Miillnn I'leiure Eiiltor TAP Momlns T«!e- 

t nflriulil esijoy telling WiU Tle(ter» know 
through yuur eolumns Just how g'eat -i 
(ilctor* I consider "One i;!erteus IIay H ' l« 
be. It. is lo my mind tbo beat mot Inn 
nletnre I have ever «pe-fi t It bss_ J brr*fltj, 
wit. besuty, orlRiufility, csretut Iboajhi. 
flisnn and appeal. It Rets a new stood an I 
for tbn film* and Is Worth a Eiuanllty of 
pkrnrra InbeleiL ■'aitper-estrn-apeclala.*' 
aeeansje, ion. this picture srrlveo linheP- 
nlded. I Lad never beard of It or read Of 
it mull I wandered inio the lilvoil ihi. 

It' Ihls is the aort of plrture whost 
pnllU co umnnir, I ahnll horenfter stay 
ftWIJ fram aoTKeoualy sdveiUsed Dims 
:ni.l seek irir ones which are uulnudeil. 1 
womler wbsl occaaloned tbe hick et ad- 
vance news on tho p-srt or the produecJa, 
Tan It be thnt they didn't know the d*- 

lIctOUB gold lUlOO of orljilnnllty .-.r.-l !.-ui;c-r 

which thry had la ihpir pOfOfefethra} 
VtiU H for unadvertlseiL pictures. 
Jobn H. KllliOurn, 
Brooklyn , K t. 

iim-.' "ii Your Sauh-a. 
v ■■■• ■. Picture Ertllar Tbe Motnlcr Tels- 

I-.'H'!. yoU i-iifii. tfaSt one trSnv;\ Wby 

motion pictures urn belittled Is beciusn 
thry are an numeroua aa to be common 
nnd bo cheap ss to be regarded as not 
mueh nf a treat? It In a common trulh 
lliat we fall tf appreciate the easy thirds 
of life— we «n)oy beet the things for which 
we bsvc to work. The motion pletarc is 
within .-.stay reach tif all Olid so some nt 
|hp fn-njiie blesaed tn life with an nhnml- 
Liiiri' nt ihliBKa regard tbem with toleranrs 
and treat them with Indifference. They 
|lkp to believe iharfclhey are anperlOr lo 
ihe jil.'ii-isr-i "T ihe poor folk. In the aams 
way to they hav„ a eoaUmipt for" pBoVo 
parka ami pahUe rjtsyBroundt It they 
ive« more ei'-lOSt'e they would be hnllel 
as ji .teallli of fan. 

TIicbc an jierior people have n lot to 
: i-:ii ni . Et does not neeeisnrlly follow ih.r 
he^sase an undertaking- hna Ihe aupaori 
ni Ihe cnmnion ueonk* that It in unworthy 
or even lan-UsUe. There Una heon aonin 
nnrltntlno !o riilSa Ihe prliti of the tinKli.n 
pidnre Itiesltea, an kOt Which wnuld Ub- 
ilHiiiiiteiliy help Ihe presllRa ul tfae cineta* 
tn iho i-je* of the affluent, but Wbtrh 
would be n lad blow to the people whu 
really need and depend n; ■■■■.! the !i!:ir 
I* 1 ! Ihe motion plrture Industry have saf- 
fli-lenl itreaEth of efasracler lo renisln 
ohltsltme to ltie allghls nf Ih? high broWa 

and piatocrata. Mtieersiy, 

MiunJe II. TboaipBOn, 
Wslerhury, Ct 

AltealSon. 3lr, Hays. 
Moving Pilars Editor, Tho MornlnE^Tere- 
Dear H|r — I, as n pslrop at the mnvlng 
phtures j would like [a anlmlt to yon tho 
enclosed "reminite'r lo produrera slid 41- 

1 would greatly appreciate this "re* 
minder" publliiicd lo yonc pst**:r sad t 
ran assure you thst many otiher "movie- 
lutronp fn'i'i the nam.; way i:iin>.: i Ulk mat- 
ter ss 1 do. 

If absolulely necessary you may publlaA 
my name as the writer of antne. 

Tbnn&lng jroa and heplne to s« I Ms 

"rem In del-' 1 In your dally paper, I femnim 

Vuiirs. very siacrtet"', 

EleleQc. Wlchmaoa. 

A Word to Iha Wisp. 
"■'■■ la wbdi ■'■■ make It. 
So see motion pletorei r 

If we dlislpale and throw our Uvea away 
Wo become a wreck. 
And so with pieiUtes. 

If :ii,, pToduclaoj companies, 
Uoa't wake up. 
And make good pictures, 
They v. l i I lose tbelr foUowing. 

How la the golden opportnnlty. 
For men of anil fa ret h(M eht. 
To produce thine* irortb white. 
"Foe a thing worth doing Ib wi>rth ilulnj 

Just Ilk* leadlaej a clean, wholeiuime, life 
If picture* are madn that way they should 

llvr, to 
"A ripe oh) age," 1 

aniens Wlchmfenu. 


_- ^a-. 







empire ^^r^^sr^- 

GITHA MAT. HON,, l-'KB. 13 

"Doris Keane glorious in 
'The Czarina.' " sia wom. 


mq la ntl'Kt\ Wim lit ihd IBPM 

iniarutfttfc routine tc rpmnifri 
"— Wi»rW. 


LAUEEETEL ^ IrT |Ih« National 
TAYLOH &S Anthem 

MUUiUN jj. t ». wrt. a Sit., i.iiiTtmr« 
MADIC "TMI* voice 

ifinrCl£ . FROM THK 

L O H R Ml?f AltBT," 

iHikiiv in- ni:r*sl 



-.. *i Hot orrin 

siu, nn, * p«i. JlJi.". 


Intncil Commit "I flRpi:^". 1.9*. **... 

KlflW Th..W. « HI. Kta.MI U»i|« Kri *t>f 

i3,: r f i' ln 'LILIES OF THE FIELD* 

"1- W m. H urlt"jl, «uh Fradcflri frfrj. 

FEDORA | <&r»Mlio&"i>rommnS ,: 

■- ■ — - " \ **Z_^S vita A. B. MATTUGVS. 



!'. U . 

"" . s 
_ 1M._ 
v. i : i ■ at il.». 

BEUSC0 1 S.'^ 




".- i SELWYN 


A ilnalt-nl •'iiinril> Ht-va-lalton- 

I -Till: BKAWD f3 




TIMES SQ.i.'.V.V,^.'^^., 

I \f , wliri JAMiT Hi-Hit HKIl. >■— 


ffniPf, W*l (Jd ?r. 
Mil,. Wtdhrtdiy, B.i. 


Hail. WhJ. A £ 

1 Bt f>». I Sv_ 


• ™ E l- YEAR 





nttclna- t.3i. Hallnm. 
WB0; i 9 .| HAT.. S.I5. 


tt'HIlBj™ r-cll«rr. KtHnnrr MOT 
Irj, Ir T ?:..«;. t ,. Srtllj Wail, In 

liy tlimrd Shore "km rami* tig 


tlltl* ll*nnf[t. Jwph fiint. 
Itr-rllil, tnihj' Ottirrt Pfafir.1 
■ier InaJ* In Ami r.- i ■ •:: ill 

HARRIS %£•& 

ft-KN, *n.l pat. 



iftTR ST Tl.-ni™-. K, vMI"* 

TAe iVest 




— Til lEip WBHK — _ 

in.nijrht -: « "I Li-," n*r,v„. riic 

■ 'Hi. Ujj.,1 ll^il.i.en. t-'tuiO. Urovtfi, 

W f i|,. ■ ■ |„ n aba ii»rr." I :... i . Til 

■.^^i^^ftSSi r "' p? ' ,>,sk^ " , '■ 

Tli am., "ILLiciile-lttO Uuan, s-in.-w 

|Lml;|*ii.irr 1'iilis.l,.. U, H :I; rma. Smicinii 
FTI., ■•.Hjildfilr." C. < ji]rn. M.nln iltju- 
nld>. iiurt-*iiui. , CurnEii'irir. iv.i*-,-, c 
J>«t. Hlb li r;. "l'hi- Qlt>| i,f t h* 

li»l<lrn « «■»(.'* r!»U«.. Lrfpittt, KliMnt. 
1**1. nil»h|. -I.ui'ln dl l.nmnirr. 

iiiiMir. l'» it in. Kthi[u. hinlai. HMbUj* 

SENSATION n" T."tt1i6WH)R 


5«U Wow SisJI^, 8 l W«i>7 Ah«d 
iJini Win. I.ln ni1n r « m rthriny, y,i. i 


Mm - i 

at I.M.. , 

* II 1U 

.. . .«V ,"■ /'- ll *«■ Virl.-* Unify 
i:rii|.rn. of \r-« i:,r...M unH * 


ttV THE 


M ™t (MA O* HOME: i.rnvi) comkiiy 



!k.|f;.- t iv 

rr* He 

Norma Talmadge 

in "Loir*>'a Rtrd^mp. 
iion," DE WOLF 
GIRLS, Dgmireii & 
WiMUmi, HujEhtc 
find others. 

• I Cl.i-L 


NC^JKsaffWTio; 1 ;:,!™ w 

I Anh 
! HopVfH 

j Prc Wu ij 


Pauline Lord 

Ann* CJniii i e " 




10—B1G ACTS— 10 



REPUBLIC j;;-,^^'-;;'!;.-^;;,; 


* BELMONT "*:&.»aSftEE.a 
"S. S. lEIICm" and 'THE MOKET'S PI*" 




Q»? On Yhr Atrlr. 
" « [ 

ud - i.i'f-,,1,1 Siiinifiihi-, 


Th* I.LlHt |> () ) III, -I, |." 

M i*BP«me Vnndrvlllr. 
-In* CapTMl Hvmi THur-.MI* 

Will KUnton, u W-. .• *:\ i->.. ■ d 
UlHrtiV ItoL'l QurlmnRii, I^wimi 
SlUlim 4 CO., N4rlhf * CMbl, 

Krad A I'mniw L>umi. Stnrinu 
I>a.ii*» Id -Tiw SfH*'< l'l«f-' h 


Htftff l.*t1r L.r<ry' 


iiuuij c-owjenT {iiick. 


I AT TO "K»nMi!ltA\[:Eii.i." 


"Willi Is Hi Waodirinj Boy Ti-NigWl' 







.Ml*i ffiiinpinn Witi A,n>.;,r J, f .'M 

.VA1IAV FHASKO I Ilitruld Miij-,1 

i*tajlBKaD4 Cnducllni I ,, fih* Um** ||* yoV 

Mritin) Nrni]ihonj Orrhrntra. 



Chicago Company Forced to Post- 
pone Opening of "Tfee Love lor 
Three Orange*.'' * 

OjKYapKni WJ|A V*T* fcer«f] IJ|| Ju.t|C 

(WKlH ill tlif: iirc^invr of H'lini>iiM]|.itf n ihk 1 - 
flrjr in NpMjr I'r-k'frcff'* new cjwrji, 'Till! 
Lovo fur T|i n.<c Of4iii|ji*," ut clw Mudhiii- 
lilt Uprru ilDiiiw, wrm tlij>ii|i|HiiiilciJ, In 
my flip (f>nnr. wlu-ti rliry nri-inil n! the 



KMittlFi-AJ-ilKtlr HSU, "CS«?BSL.l- »TJ- 

Kitjui, church," anirfwir mi «ik Be«*k 
K«l«* lltrt. _ 

lliralrr tn finil thui llift ^i»ra hart bwn 
(■iiiin:-:-(i to Vcnir.H "Ln Truviljita." 

Jyse Mojicu, who kItjih fhc. Icmliri): 
inttlL- i-gle in llir Pniknflett Wfirk, thH^qn- 
ill lali> in iho sftpfiiwn, hihI it n-ua iiiailr 
iiWDiBHr,)? m <!hiirise thg otn-rn nn abort 

Tin. dlicruntlnt auiltcixvr t,oon broucht 

ilif'mwlic^ buck iij tlv- .■[d-fuHljioufd at- 

i!ii>RI>liori' nni? iirrufcil'^ l» CJij"j' thn Clii- 

CAffrj r.»ni]i«nyii i^rwrtUiinn of Virrfl'i 

Illti'.'firl nncni. <trriBii']lii I'jirrtn aniip the 

f iwiTl uf Violi-Un jiiiiI ntn'iiKlliRiiwI tl|i» f a v- 

i fl-llbfr iln|.fvMHi..|, yhr Iijik ri i ji r [ i • t ll Ik tr\i- 

i mm. Tile HelHuri nii]n*jir*(!- p* Ovnoont. 

r WTlllr JufCIlh ScllWarK inilirTMIIIIitriJ hi* 

fjUlii-r, Ottom lu tJir caul iinrfuilwi Ali«f 
I'llFrifiun-y, l-Klfvicii tlllvif^rl, UttArr, 
IVfn r.'. SieII ui-t-. Clvfli and Ooumanllu 
NlColAr, Angrln Ferrari ■ cnniiWtwJ. " 
Kuril' in the nvuAinic many of iJip 

[M'HJfJif wlj'l IkiIikIiI -JM-JllM in tl S|»Kln- 

iir>n .if liBfttliar « novelty tri«j to fij 

llinrn^rlvif'H nf LneniMarDtinraH lijr ttnj p 1 - 
K!jH. ^'l 1 ™ - Nnl ft fPW J lfl t R *H« turnnl 
rh'ir biichd ubntplly *.m> tnr- ^pom houm' 
WJien tIm?>- i*t«f tin- aiifinancctncntfl ih( 
iln- i-hiiiiB.-. Tftow ihut r^muiiiitj uppinni 
to th> jtmlKfinl wiili tlinir lor. nml innro 
waa connittc'rabk njipliiuH! tor the *L0|rrs. 

Screen Star Takes Matrimonial 

Plunge Third Time — Marries 

Cousin, a Seattie Physician. 


adieniP It*)* Will Prgmuir Plnrl 
ruhtlrly I-" i::r,..-h,-,[ In Thr Mnri- 

int T^irvrflnii — r«i nan.fioo.tuH.i. 



PAl'T-TNi; FREDERICK has iiffnin 
lakr-n a rnAtrinioniiil pltlftft, TiiiK 
liiti*- Rbc lis." rnarrtea Dr. <^. A. 
JliHhorfflnl. n SMttlf pbxricliJI. 
Tlit ceremony wm perfprmfil BaiHrdU 
nisht at Pints Ann, i>ii> Qntda Snita 
nT cTf>Ilr*Brnl, (d ijutptly nnnc of Ihr 
Hollyivufld rcflifiontB Vncir ef Misf F»4- 
crick's Intention* until t)\f weMlng wn* 
matte pi ii lil k. 

ThEi Ls irii* Freil^ru'fs rhiTd Itttempt, 
nrtnlng *bc ■till haf f*lih In rnaYri«L 
life. Her first husband W*$ Vmni. 
AmiwwiS, it w^l-kuiinn urchiteet. who 
drew the iilans for die McAlpIn, *rtl her 
.inranr] VMt l\ r illaril Mr-ik. ni-lOr fiiul 
l.iiiv,n i^i.f. Khf ftfroreed Jinck nftir n 
•wrjnj; nv» vnri, A few montliH «E". 
it is aaliJ, »<he |hr>->niiae:l to uir* Mr. 31 tD-k 
amitlifr eaUlCC, hut nwtflblj onnu? of II. 

formc^ whrn. It romeU (i cvltine iinir- 
ricd, inndf bbj jironii"0!i to lore ond Bhtflv 
i*h Top th& fwrth rttta rWflj irrrks dps, 
whfto hu marriril M;t. (Vulrln- li, Siunr 

of Denver. 

... r The d&tp&^fi! ^Vinrlart-i vnc~ -w. 
Hniil !o b« imr- of liiust slniuli:!^. Mn% 
1" red erlfl-. hn^ knuivn hot hiisiiiiiul. ti«t 
»econ<l eooalc, Kinrr >hn ivw u tltllo 

fflrl. Hi* Wtl her firm ■su.-nl t olid 

h* hut Im-pii hr-r sinr*r L sad wa- h illtle 

3Um Fwaeri.-k, wtw i* r-iih Lie *tirt> 
crtnon-L'ole L'auipnwy nif l^h" Anjele* 

find \n laltj lu h i<- nf i lie hijtbeti| 

-■.u'jirjnl v.niuan wlarp in thr litm ivi'ihl. 
won ii.i.i ! ii-1 miJer (he Dime of> 
l.ibliry. Mr. Hntbcrfrird. *a\i\ to l>o 
iipnltliy. RATO Iiih u.'je «h >17 jrejnl. !<he 
CAtra hern in ;t7. Thr rwemniir wnn 
T»erforrne*l by Hip Key. Llr. I'ifinrr iif ihfl 
CUrb£tttj t.'hiireh of Snnia Ann. Limine 
Jfrcsar-r Mini her hiiwbjind* )%dt* tlardui-i. 
etd friendfl of Ifiag ptcdnrWl, wi*re h*-r 

It Is atitioum-ei] tutre will bo uu 

COawjfl lh the l'--.-!i.i. i\ ,.:,.?:■ gf (}if 

brld*, S^hc will fatfttl bcr rnulrjii ulili 
IluliortKoo^t'oli*. ag il [a WtpBOMlcI I 'p. 
Rutherford wHJ tmnsfer I lis |iraitlj<e In 
lli'ilvw^wd. TJic htiueyiinivii. n|'| In- 
postponed until afli-f tli«> Htiir Whii. 
ptoteai h'T pJeaent iriflore, "The fibirj- 
o( ClrniQiitlijii,"' by \Yll!lsjii ,T, Loctu. 
t« Iriri;? iiiiidr nrtdrr dtni'£l«ii uf 
Lmile thinilanj. 9he rotnraifd In Iho 
Mtiuli'i i» rernini!; ivork jfrfdcnlay. 
WHIbtlI Kujek I'i'eni iu Lpa Aturckn in 

Us iibtj ia:irio>-ilI» llteicb, "Si ml 


Telr-jrrniili llmo Siorj l-'trNt. 

Apnin 1hf HlibJerL or ^ninliuitEiin i>f 
dittribatinn U b^Djf rb*BU*tHMl nn the 
fir»t lnnk VViiT Hay* will iitidertal:i- 
M-hen Ti" KatheM tits motion jilehirr- 
rehui In uh) hattfla. At the lnn<- -Mr. 
tfaj!> ^iaiipd tin- watritci with iln- pro- 
dnr-eiM The Mnr-niiur Delsjrjmpa wue tba 
lit«t ntwirpitpcr Irn prlnl ihr dl>irU>iitimi 
atnry. At rtial t'nie tbrre Koa ji divi'i- 
■ Ity tif opinion, n few iicihoiik hilrlint 
th«t iIib idpa xrta rh^pontewoA!: 4ltrt 
nio^t of ihe men on the iniidi^ apnreiu« 
'Mr. liny* hud been rnaiippj m |mi [hiu 
^iL'at Heoaomle niorpit'icnf hum optx&f 

I..i-r Katunla}' the BPBOttltf Wertd' 
printed: * Hpb'ri cuaphaMiiuir that Iln 
Hajfi> Bret taiOa ivunld bp k, [ift rt $30, ■ 
OJO.fXlO load br ..sEabl| H h|nc n "roctnl" 
aorrii.-c to net its a r'nirine' h«nin far the 
i^mdufera. The Amcrleuii Ksfrwa 
Companr Iihj' bwq muni*! dm ihi cur- 
rier jervhp to CfStmllM nil iliJli|>in^ 
and io do away uiih the o'd Baynujr u f 

Tin- nfrar plar-rdll-eoiit'hrrweeii ^Ev" 
WO.000 and *3O h 00l».OlM to put Iti apen,- 
lion, (he World] ajald, becttMO it Envolvca 
building new Btra'ettt-a in iln- piiuripal 

Itobf?rt K. iL UomI", vire president nnd 
RPiiernl maucR^r (,f t| Ir expren rniuipany, 
w>m dimcted the mark uf mertftii the 
■evra eipreu eoupairlcti ilariag ilie *&r, 
narked Wrtlhe near jiTjih In whleh the «x< 
Ijre«t n-onjpany will beratac lUatrloudruj 
»3»nt for (ho uiolion picture i'nripnoieii. 
Under tbo new aclieim 1 _Mr, CovtW* «Hn- 
ptDy wilt build ClttirlllK JlDIIW» 111 100 iicr> 
tlcnnt diHtrihiition ]wintH f ty nhlrh dla- 
iribiiturs will »blp their KIlDK. n J vejr lifting 
naftttBT nnd poitien. 

The cHicrlbntien oflicca will, nuiirr Sir. 
ihivh -h guidance, funrtiun lilte llr- s . ■-\- 
iilllws. ni The Morning Ti'h-e.ntp]i «- 
rdaiucd In t!to sViij printed torn weeks 


Frrtl MUg liOgjiiimJ. 

In tbo ilay*» aaalcumi'iit ■■:" nen- jobv 
Ctmtta the nc»a from Uylljivuitd Linn 
Frnl Niblo had h*m h-i^jl-i.I to direct 
riodolpli Vnloatjnv In 1'nrunviMJirV bin 
l>rwiiiflion, "Blood and Suml." Mr, 
MhIo> him. DBUfiex^oOe wm "The Tlltct 
MnHlieti-cra," which Lu ah-o dlr«red. 

Wnfrfrn In titrle 


f)oo of the ciont IntFrrMiiih uunounce- 
:■!■ i : ■ :..;i--i y ■■■i.iT' In > -,■■•,• ■ : ■■ ^ thn nr- 
leibdng platia for "Cardlean," the Mvh*- 
uiurc K.TLiinll ^"'"'Iimt:. i:. "1,'nrdlnnu" 
nill ho di«cr!but«l h/ [In: Amrrlenu llo- 
|iu*inK LVmpufli'. FrH Warren'* ueur or- 
pjiiiLKiirluii. und ii hk-iiHoihiI qjs Nn fLrNt 
limduetlon. Hln« It in thi< property vt 
M^nnumri- Ivoadilll It in r* u;ni|[:bly ^orc 
ir will (wni* t" tlia Cipltpl- Mm-lj I'dll- 
itit, i.-uttini und liilir^ ban been dion^ ii> 
Ebfl j'i'Uirr, which 13 Iiiisl-lI nu (be atary 
br tUd-err Cliarabcn nf the AiJierieiui 
]ifv<diiiioi). It Jiiut been the nublctt of 
tender enrr fnr weeVs, muil it is now 
i'-i"ly to inako its bow. '-('imliKjuti" irud 
mm of the nu>ht widely rend nf llir t'liani- 
bew novela, IlitM <."ar|jeiiier Iia* Lhc 
b.ndiiiE ruin in th* Hint venlon. 

fa« Llrnml l>nlliiUn. 

I"ti.- j r ii n; i. ;-i ■■MiTii that dmnii ■) 
Mirijmi IUii»(A. her atothci* B.nil Robert 
Kdfflr l,oflj; i a the street at Newark in 


Labor Official at Trenton 9*ya Snn- j 

ihiv ExSilhitiona Cannot Hnrt 

the Churches. 


i L.jiiLiti ifi>> f;i>i Teailanrig 
loth Kldra In fw« Illpor- 

llllta llrfiirr I .*•£ t" lit I ' ' ■«■■ 

I'M 'i,|M-: mfSOBniCK. 

m> llurrloil on SninfiLny la ! 

tioi ii« iWrfoua «h firei retjorts Iwl OBI 
tn b-4ieeo, Linh< SDVIiiru wtfl m>i lotwe 
■he n.fiJn ft hnr eye h mul [n'ynnd n lmdj.r 
Lirnini'.t .in.; *wnlh'n Optir, -ii-- i» nn ;»»'l 
fin DAW, Tin- rir>l wprnj she wiid n.(ti«r 
bw tusknb Bttuuli tin- truck, soil nlie 
wily thrown fi-iirn her Mitt, uere: 

"flh t Mr. ErfBiK. fio ynn lliink t will be 
homely now J" 

Mr, I ■■'■:. whj bolievi-d ik- diild held 
wrliiuKty hijun-d tier i-yn ^aa nvereO'tn* 
nt thi*. feinitiiii- refWri leuliiiiie Iip 
fiiill bad a l»l ■>! Innrn n-btral He fulr 


"Von w.ll be ;<ll i-3-Rltt mon, Mirinrii. 1 ' 
hr eald, Konttiii|r;ty +, I>o.'h R pub 
stack r' 

-uh." walled oJifftrtn, •'will I h<r>k 
like Hen Turinor 

\ Jinoiur. 

Wi- him huctuinbed to it runnr cifjiiu, 
TW* Urae ■! mime iw ■Wfltfbl w* IimI- 
tuie lo evi'ii hnind l! n^ cottrJli*. We 
hure been laid On hitbl.v relhihlp nulbor- 
Ctjr (bm Fred Quhn'JV -ind .lark \V«nlj 
ha*.' poflMMl Their reuunriTH nml nre 
iiLinul U> buy nn i 1 1 1 f I'l- e> I ill noTle of the 
hlrjtrj pradwlnj nnd die^riholiiw eom- 
i=[irii-. nnr thru U my v.f\\ Itneiwii- OF 
countip, tfilK jlitlfl venture L- Bnnoced hi' 

Olltvldf tl. bill, irflli nmn likn 
Lbtbehy :md W.-oily, It should be n w\hp. 
iiueMninii. Mr. Wood) wftc fsnn- e!y 

tettrral wnmuret cl Itrnliirl. n po-ltWci 
e hi-ifi imril ilnii ciinoiiny mta auvarbed 
^v Fninoii^ muycra-Lanfej', Mr. ijnlmby, 
uliiii- his ri'nijeiiiitl ;ii if. K'l'eriil nuuaajt-ot 
or I'mliH'. bfiH h ttd rartuna film ijitcrntts. 
oitiotiK iIi+-iji an intiTioci In t'i«' IJpranse.v- 
Cot]n-|p|[i'r nii'lni'K. 

i Tin 


Tbv SCtw York I'li.itndriiuiiiliM Antil- 
vereury Bit}] vjll hr lirld TttbWlniJ'. 
Fehriinry -JS, nl ft* ll»t''l tv,. .[. Mnelj- 
fniirtli Hi reel w"ri IVniiftcw.v. Ura <!, 
J. tJi-lifilliiB Eftd Mre. It. J. Ln^riin ace 
in idiinee nl nrriio'ejnE-ni*. UHlcb pte? 
iiir*- i-dlirni Imvi- been Imied in nttnid 
ibJit dlitiHT. Kel-Eoarthrr meetlia io nin- 
CUm III"- ninrl ■! nii'l i!s pjp»Sliilitle». 

(.l-lir. In »ew Orlean-. 
Lillian and Um-othy UWi lino guua 
ttj NotT OrbflHiH to ba iireaeut at tlio 
t>[M'iiinr- t>r "Ornflawi nf ihe Storm." 
Their pdfcfHBCc in CbSraajo the opWthlg 
iiii-H! of i!i-' titKBlh p riuri' wiia "Lrh n 
Ween liinl thoy iwr« imltt-il to H" 
t-rtiUli for nilolher ui-:>m:al apjicarane*.-, 

Tin' cluawni criths waro cothualaatte 
ov.t Mr. UHlllth 1 * |dn»ro. Amy Lwlle, 
or tbo Jiaily Xaw», ewjltag iu the Hao-l 
iwrtnre that han i*v«- lieea pjadr. Chi- 
cuaw MHtna to luir* takes "Hi-ribann of 
llir ^torni" to Us Ueart, «.n<i returns 
frmn llif lf\ nlln- ,-ia : ".'i,le mnm tlmn .' 
thllt — It i" doiliK ii 'tig hit sin i«ss out 

l^llnm t'mrvlAin-r In Iln n Biae, 

iTlirnion in Lo* Anai'lm wnm |o to 
that Thorite tlhniiltn will M«,a embark 
In HR uililitional lilii vi'iiliire. lie hot 
[dunned, if our iiifiTtiinliiin [a COTrecL 
it* ntnr E'Mita I'nrvi*a.ep in a mrl™ of 
feature prodqctiinic. UIm Fiirt iitvLit 
bus been with Mr. I'bat'lii. an tiy k-atl- 
|»c "'phim iwiiii or Agin yecTfl nod 
duriitfi ihRi tijnr hni. refused ninny 
teiiii'Tincr nfTem, jji-cfiirrlnj; to reni*:n 
Wbare MB wan.' N"ow he Ib to repay 
bar iid.3lii.v l*j itarrloK h*-i- in her o»vu 

Tn Km Wlifci h-aniBiti. 

The mTrdrer* ate inrilrd to hai-e n 
tlftt jclliupst" tv/ "The Slop-." Willinm 
Fanium'K m-iv picture. Taria is* the lint 
h« ban rnnd? for thv Fox Conij'hiiy 
niner; hi-H n-tnni fit"Bl ibrtad. It wait 
l*nwl'tci'il niirti-f th^ pergonal il'ri<-tiioi 
Of Ih-Tlo-rt H^riion untt bt iiieiitioheri in 
film circle tit boiiiK a very jrniorf phttlire. 
Before rUi- i*fa.owine. v hi-li i- •,. li^dnl. .] 
or K o>!oei it the t'nndl'r Ruildln!!, 
i hi- nflwVpappr f»!li nn- lot it Ail Pi* enr 
■ -rvitrLofi, ;u Li ] other Italian delkariu 
at *■ p«t(y plvoii for ,Mi. Fa mum. 

Hall* To-Ibj, 
!^i«frifl llrdfniiwli?i, -tin.- roimf SatetBih 
ftCtn:iW tftio-ltM hwn very snmwfu:) In 
Ihia c«mj»try t ba-i goiie home, fifie nuikd 
yeettnby. sin- wil] retunv to tliin anm* 
try nud her wrieu work idinr inmnne >;ix 
woek« abToad. 

A l.ln? nr T*rv, 

A *<:■"■■- of peruina i\il!.-i u» up on 
the cmitmlizatltui of tHatri bill ion ttory 
prinlisl in tbo Evening World. And they 
way jio oai- rrmU inotioii nfctorc news! 

■'5* ii One*l*tJ »Th* Uomlol T#:*ar»r^ i 

TUKNTON, Fe*». U. 
Miiiinte-R nnd repreartitatleei i>r 
Lor-I- Djtr nnd diner allUfice* ha] * 
nio^t emlijrrapiilnj; experleni* thl" aFfr 
noon. Inhfeitd nf bavins a elflar field in 
airaet riiey found theinavlrca on Vb- 
defensive. The iDelrpinL aroao <liirln>T ihe 
liraHni; bufbro the Scoati? Carai-iitirtM .<i 
M Eni^ilficinniit Hiisiatisa on the hill r 
trodueed by Minority Lrnder- Hlmrison ., 
Ifirdsoa proviiJina fof a referendum i.> 
BTttej i.d molion pieture and other ninu-'- 
nrnm rihilri.dnaa on Hunda^. 

Heorj tlflfefib nemars at ihp \f\\ 
.Ier»"; ftiatp Federation of Labor, nl.n'i 
han rndnr*i-d 1he bill, * J a.s At^akin- 
It and hi- ira liad hern aroimeil by mmv 
meat« mxfo hy the a.npoaUion thin pi^s 
nae ■] iln- jiifomiri- veooliS injur- 1 the 
choriti.'*. Ma Itiirem denie.1 thin. The 
reaaow iv'uj werkinv pnople d" not ait»n»| 
rluin h, be paid, we a not fcecaime of iln- 
motion [iji-i ore* hut -beenatip or thr ruin. 
later*, ('kn-vmnn do not elndy th^ d.-- 
aliT* find ti'untd nf the warkiiitr jHi^le, 
hi- «niii, ami neither do they preach sir. 
minis ni Intexeaf an'j aid (n tin- i**p<;, 
"rtrniT* (flnl "ur-ln ' tdrjji In rdtiiip ulml 
Utej seeded thrr-MRh IfKoilnlton. Mirfer- 

abo rflu^r-d .ni protest from fhi> ininiMiT'- 

when be t;aieil that they caternd In ihr 
rleh iii?T"uiI of the poor bceailse tliey 
kn^n i>n Tfhti'li Hide their liri'ftil iuis 

.\f|i-r ■■y]iri's-'ic nynipalhy for lh-- inn- 
linn riiciiir" interest?* tid'-aiiKe no i> |iro- 
itgBlatirfM ol Ihe ludnnirj won- pTi--rit h 
ibr Itet. Frflderiek' WDIinio ,lo|in-,.,i. 
ieaerai ^rrreinry of the Lord's Dbj Al- 
llnniT, strnngty oajoarf the taesaiirc, 

Su^er-itin^ tl'\ th (ho inijciniMin n>l 

micron fe*> Io IwiTiap bouts lit N«w .1-: 
aejr Insl^nd of *Ki, Robert H. D*h«Tty 
of .lerney I'ity. ehnTruinti of tin- Spiv 
Jewejf HoiIiir QuimtiaifDia, in apelkhts 
ma the hill b.v Muiorily Lendrr Kvqhs of 
Pasnnle providing foe the *I.""i inaxlnnim 
anil limiting refereea to rrpidenta of KeW 
■leraey, ^odari'd that he emttil not KM 
the rn-en-lty or a refereo beiiic n reai 
di'iu oT Ni->i- Jericr for lltn-"? jrotatt U 

lie treFfl n ■■■■■■:. ;■■'!■ :;■ man. He tltO 
fa^or*<l lisdtt* to a dev-l*lon In nil rat^t 
wiieiT n lltl" wan rntiivrnert. liolo-rly 

in-jeri that limit* t>e extended to iiriM , u 

ronodr" lii«trid of rwetl*c, as. at preaitaBi 
He Hnid lie fell thin woold preveni New 
Jrirey from beenmlo)! a 'dorrjoin;' 
ttToiin.l1" and « plftee where fbampimni 
coul'l +arn eau* rnuar-j. 

Former A*a-ittblyTmn Joi* Hurley of 
Jersey (."Uy, who bud tin; bo^inK low 
Jim-He*!, fareeed (bo SjTaJJB bill on the 
irroiiuil Ibal ft w»oM help boxhJK iu the 
Mute. iJeelarinjr that bftOta had jipitrtl 
to be n big nt-ioi'T omkiT for tin- Wat - 
iitonweflltni, be uaid lltat t&iBMX) had 
I'+'i-n turned Into the Stale tfetOtUfl 1 
."Inn- the hoxinc raiunitiFdon lind bvcstnt 

" AwtriLihlynton Cb.aa)>KHj of bWeSi 
fathee of the bill to rental thu liosjog 
• Ifltute. Utted that he believed In hoi. 
liic bonis, Inn thai hi- wan at iln- opin- 
ion ii hrntil spirit wn-s iiioii-ed in 
jire*em rit;rji«, and fmlr-itnlnil MB! tear 
bonis would no doubt suit the need. 


■Etnplr Seet-Jc*" for 1 «mn Irirm 

who niea inndif MoradLnet. 

Simple service!. Mere hcl.i ycJtrrdaj 
for Blenaee tjr#hon, who die<i Saltttdaiy 
nt St. Vlnernt'a Hospital, at Thn t*«jnp- 
he'l Funrral Chureli, BroadUAt ntnl 
7<isir-Nixt]i street. The Bet, Ur. 
Ueoraa , 'ttm*oI1 of. the TiLritao (.'lnin.!i 
..*fifintpd. lulermejlL fin* at Mount 
Ztoh CrlttetefT. I.onp loJund. Thn-o- 
■ -'i trienda attended, .i, h..n >Ea.t 
KnKtmnn, the writer, who was a rln^e 
■i i'Ti I qF the ■'-•■ -■•;,: ,'i|. anil hir .■■•:-. 
Jlra, Floreece Dank*. Ji. Everett Hall. 


Wk tfuKniy'4ecottd%t;ice'a~tyeai$afe 


f!i>r of the niii'i 

An Ev?nt, Indeed! 

TO those wlio appreciate iIIl 1 elegance, intrinsic 
trains Ltttd e-M-jtiisitc iteattt.v at SteifUng Silver- 
ware, ihi* Itiice^a-year sale is art cvcnl to Be taken 
advantage i>f. 

Wedding fttfts of the mpsl detlglitf.u.1 kind may be 
selected. Hiitn-eitrakcTS may add to Iherlr awn itidwkr- coUccluin, Those who are refurnishing their homes 
vill lind Just lhc nchl tea or cbiTce set. ihe rtjhi silver 
servtcfi, or the ri^Til piece, whatever kind h required. 

A. number of out hesl silversmiths, wiHi wham ne 
dt'dl rfcgtiiarTy, eo-o^cratcd with u^ to make this event 
of Interest LwilJi frnin the viewpornt or" price and of 
artistic dccoraUou. 

The: unique collection includes 

At a reduction of 25 to 40 per cent 


— Irion the h'nc, Nlcrntcr niWS ftlr lhc siiiRle blrji"-oiTi 10 Ihe 
hit;, burn -shaped jftjir-; for a huuaurl, 

ihsti we i \ay — chised. engraved- etched, nr l-tamifiiiLy puin 
And iu m-"St CI5C1 li ii pnsMble tu K^t .1 iinple piece ur the 

complete set. 


sandwich twavs 
fruit baskets 

iH in in in UtSHES 
llRtAIi TKAr - ? 




At 50 per cent reduction 

There ntc also a matuber of fancy pieces in seven 
dirterenl p.EtlL'rns Ilial are marked al So per cent, re- 
duction, Included in iliis collection are: 




At 20 to 35 per cent reduction 

Spoons, forks and knives in the Nile pattern — a 
refined Colonial design — a complete assortment of 
spoons,, forks, knives and serving pieces in good 

Main Floor, Old Building 

a r.irrairr frleiit! nf Jlto Denbon, ptftjM W. I'lianler, Mmv AlHta f'rump I 

"llrjinlitiil late or Snuieii hen-"" on Iln- Moller. Hendetlf Rlsr*- Cferoenve 

»-(;nn. Floral pieern hankod ilie ea*li<>t, ilobtli. Ali'i- I.'arroll and 1 Mairierie 

tbom' n^nl b.v Iti-ben j innini- .■.ml Tliyni Von r"j mc 

nrhb-b l 


Why Stay Fat? 

You Can Reduce 

Tim mmcr i»r iinmt in-.tpi- ■" tba« u 
la in... i.ini. tnu vrouii|r#vioe anil ■■■ i dnn- 
slvrmia 14 Torre Ibi- iv^lshi ilimn Mnmn.ln 
rrewriptluD 1Ui.!,'U owt, -n<- «LI !h f *. ,nr 
ilj-IIMi™. riii-y nh? n l«i>|n;irlj kini-mlnd. 
eniaM no illcihiif al run. ;-..■, anil hate tbr 
aoi[j-il mlvnu^tfr ut ilwap^nu. \ raae <■ 
*o-d ill nnn dollar hj nil 'iniisul*!* Iftr Mvrr. :t h v oi| thr veti* "IItmI Io tbf 
M:.ri„,.!;, c,.,, if.i-2 W^.difflnl Ave.. H«lni|[. 
ilTeh, Sow that y.,u himw toll, yon hiin- 
nr. oiMifi: fnr heiiiu int. hm ran redniM 

Btra-llM- ;ni! (-amy \vi|I..ii|( K r.inK ihrcDsO 

loiiji *,reea n( tlrt-sotin- 

niJ-r i 

diet or fear'or bad cffrci 

Watch this Number: 

it's one that's going to mean 

something in a day or so- 

IWtfiH Ur. 1 





"Doris Kcane glorious in 
'The Czarina.' " &* wo-m. 


la !*■» rotted; or Cmirt Fatrtftia 


Htnrv Millar's ,:l w - «-t *s- K'F..Mf, 
TAYLOH b^E Anthem 



^'r-ir AmnteMnni it. -..-.:, it ii--rVKW 

f™. "FRANK IayY *f ABLE5" 


gaiety ; , ;;^,,v i *e,7"i» 

Mm-. Kaai w«i- WVil. i Sat. 


nUUSL/ID M«i-.T<.-.i«r *,tUL 







f lfittakerljfocLk*rtB*nr. <*«l •«.*•», 

I "■ M«l>. 1.,-il.r (W. tn til * Bai. r i*T 

'Bulldog Dramnuutd" 

wlifc A. B, KXTTftaWA, 


MsU.Tr.uJ- 1,.|...IU v.1 
[Hi.l1 t^tnw rr«»«lW !»■ 

<t:ii) 81. Mu-Sf 1U1J„ hrt 1Tn-» & r. P. W. 


! Flilr. nidnUM IVthmnTtf* TO-NTTF. Ill 

fxiiu Uii'j i"-\— ■■■■ i.r-Mi'i-. tt.'l WYM iiiiMTSK, w. i: !=!. iriii i r. 
K L1DXKL ii!_l_»Y|ni jt,,. T-v-.Hr. *". * M»n„ i». - 

. K/A7 


■ ifl T>U. H, ■! >„.t 


A V[ii»ii-nl Cornell y IL*vela t Inn. 


; Mm S-it Wii-1i-H..ri..1!.usn.fl s i^- w 



liberty:;: r 


tf Otiol GIRL f EftWYNM 

-JOJfM C.-OI.DL-.V Prcsetlll- 

Thank-U • ^ I sf YE4K 

i.-.«th t.Al tdniNtl ,M ihhSik, OBOtb Tftaial .It Crunk CriTCK Cooler 



" *AH- II. 11.111111*. ATTJt*l"Tlt»>« ~ 



WW 4Slh «Hr>C ' 
THrMrnrlr l'-..m,1 Kit, 
!:•«.* t'-.Mm*.TO-DAT. 
TAT * JIBS., til 

Harris s .';K;i 


Wilftfl lull*,-, Mir-ur M-tfri-,, -Wild* LknitftL 3..m,h B*Bt- 
> ■: Iry Sakjer. scily Wan), Irving H*Tl!n; nuny ottiTt. Kn»l 
p) llit'uril aiiorl, "UfeHndftli". khn* rttf hssliiti In ABrflr*'"-lil<i1if 




Adolph Zukor Says His Organization 
Ha5 lro Intention of Leav- 
ing Hollywood. 


T'pnrl U'hllr Si II. far Bwrw* ,9 

I'AllHt-il In MHPrj HluII— nIti 
JoP|l(»n With Inlv^r-cil. 


Thrills The Multitudes Attending The Capitol 

i i . - ,-ii/i. ■. i. .I I.? i. .i. i 


TIIK IXUL'LAK Tost tjJUt I'll 

AT Slrf ST. 

MjTK: lhlOf!B OPKS AT XGOS ItjB TllJiK K'S 1iAfiEHK,VT. 


•isra st, 

Tltllrf. K, 1.1 tl'w»r. Kit. 

h ;.. mjl- Thttfi. * B»L 

Af « C f 7.1-f ii.i-: 


morosco • , :..';::;! 

"* Mur-- XO-D.VV-'fop,) : 

TMEATBB, Uui «ph si. 

-(pop.) ji.'i si*L. m 


e»U N W * SclliftR S Weak. Aht.d i 

i-k UjII i f, ,,■■.. iir- lllrlfadii 7t ri-b, 13. I 


nlKJil p.. 
Thurn. Jilt E. |1, U t 
■Oiiim, mi A.a 

l^r,. IN*, hi 

H*l, W«L ■! J.... 

■i..|i.-- !l ! 

dpi iw n. 

. si ;:■...:=■ = I 

-xi wnn, >idi, .i * sl i .j V: jnlttrtl* 

■in. in, K I tl.ln 

nl. B»b U «.is . ...i.*» Rol d'V* 

.-n:i...-' \'J rtAKO !:>:■(■ 


Hormft TaLmadge 

in *'U»vt'* Redemp- 
Uob," DE WOLF 
GIRLS, Den»r««t &. 
William., H UR KLe 
Clnrk >nd ottor*. 


•CAR.V (i.4IH>B%, Onottl DMctH 


T».ql ff |i ( .- 1 *-Tjt|,nhq.Ui,«if.» It*l„ 
S*tt, ^Kin. I'flTlr,. d£ 


■it. iuii^ . 

?* ,lru, .r_' ©"don. Muiln 

'.::,"-,.",v^sr'.':Tb';"v„'S : *»■ 




IAT. T(f-UAV. 

_F r UOL . ,t ""' Wjgj. A >nt. U.:li 



W«*t Hd4 PL tit. »M. 



fc Pauline Lord 

in "Anna Cferiltin* 

r VANDERBlLT'SV, w ^.'^5 

: J " F^Th* A?r?^ J..H^ 

1 «My v>utjlv.ue < .FeAi^E7iLnsT. 

)"i.rk»r * Co. 



■>■<■ SnprfDif I'KDdevflle. 

fill. A \Htiltl In 

"TBp l.i'-i I'iiMiiftLl." 

■i ; •■<iiii-.': i i.. \ n.nli-i II lr, 

DiiHiiJs i.'oEimf Kt*it Taurp.^iiif 

Will BtaSlpfl: i: *U,. J^liff.t+r £ 

Vii&tr. Kish'l lhi.ln.4nn, riivmn 
£Mtn ft i:o.., Xhius * Ouhl. 
i-«-i £ Pr-tT-le linn:-. Murlwni 
Da vl«p m "tih- tiriifr » PI*) " 

■ : ■ <.rir'.,7 "-.■■ II &BrtFMU« 
S t'P wtlk W .iHD jmi llEAl.Y 

APDLLO ^K" i=i>f-».r» 

l.t»,.lr F u r ml „|„ ll " ,,,r,r 






H *llor.» M.DVD OOKBOV 


^idniiShtr 1 


HOME. \ 

■* irA L -^' '-11*11. 

*J^. H lAlmn in Jt l -!"U.ffiYl£fVJH ~--JJ' J 

LAST WEEK | S. *ft tSaSty'"' 

*l T5.I. Tfi(*| r . t an) i -jB. Hnak ^ ., ^,, 



I ilrtjJL' A Pir*jcou[vi Pktufa 
"Jyqt.1 cokcxh t ouch. 

IAI Tfi "nOO»EllA^(7BlLL r - 

"Wttn Is My waideting Bo| To-Nigtil i' 





Till' {'.idttrije calf priBtfJ tirst iu a 
Ntw Ytiik moHiIni: iiqiht nml 
Innt niclu rpprnrnl in nn cvrn* 
iuK fitipf-r lliiic I^mmiun PlajW*' 
tiaikj wil! rime its llollyw^i] ituBIW 
iid'I m«ro Its extensive cquipiunnt Bmil l« 
JOiuk nut «f wtinli- rlulli. Tlir iirlii.-lc 
(ittaiiwl Inst uiKht Kin's Marrli 1 nK Ihi- 
dutc- *a£ ItHde l»j FflniftHa riui'flfti-T.n«ky 
lii nitni, tlii' J.onij Ulaml mud i us to lln 
l'.i!ifii':i:i:i c-oinrilint*«, 

Ail»l|ili ZliVor. ^[M'nkliSK fur lliri COT* 
jRirnijiiin. ciiid j-paWriiy: "SuHt it attipy 
Lsj Brwint vVu own vaTinili'lii pttpprtj in 
lJollj'w«3i.iil. ib« dtmite i" wit»ble fur 

ninVinc pi'-turr-". ami wki' nhotiLI w* 
k]ii>pihI i.:iil'..;i. tvii Niii'ti = » r i iuiimuM irtil 
innir"? "I'liv*" wlmlc utriry Wiim ]ir"lnitily 

slnrli-il bj IU Niiiliilinnn tiMil rtilill** IIIHI1 

alio ujfllirtl |u make tbn \}tvpar*f in 
Long [»limil nion- vdliMil'li-. Uiglu nmv." 
utni on Mr. £u|cor, "ninny of iltr parrtrrn 



nrc rirlnl 

(nvornfil*! t.« roorifln ptc-tu rr s." 

ulfflrt-iilnrj '^fig»^ L Tii3ftVh;» -.liirTp 

lie tunini Into n iitlrilifil JSollyw.jinl InN 
hmuxltr rurih Diach inctrbmJil (nnu lti«" 
(lljii Industry. TWlt Jiny ktcul I'liiiiiurr- 
riul bibtJBHI vnn i M clwo up its IflfBO 
plants mid tpavo Ihrm to moth nUil rum 
ami BO TO itirny niilirmi i aasamtu fot all 
l]it* MUM ' ■ ^ «"ii,L(! to in nil i- the Niiliinx 
umllp. TJir (n^rtLinK U«p« wkidi piM n 
fttlumTi in ihp wilil yarn .^uiil (hrrn ivnu!il 
ih- ii penrrnl GXttHu "i" lilrn pmwioeari 
a ml mart in LiniK IkIihiiI City to begin 
Life Jini'iv. 

("ptinii-iLtinn -*n tb\*. Mr. Zukor t.niil: 
"Thrf uri* CTMji llmv cimlil Yfi lai»f 
sniilh>f rained hi tnfutiHU tu plnn n tftW 
i-alHirJ?" . 

33a FtimciU)* l'loi'crB-LjirHsy rtuaios, u 
In tr»f. "ill in- opened "Vn Gtana 
IHinaanrJer trtirraii frow alicujil fur 
lin-M Ucit jriehrrc, B»t Unit Is michinc 
ti«Ttf. Me. I'ltrniJiut-lri' Iihh alwuj.'i 

IvorkiMl In Lhr BftBt, 'L'llf |lllinl lit Loni 

[^Inti.l t'iiv U vnLu«d in *^MHl.lK«l. :;«'l 

iAiiniti:r nn.ioJiKii. 

M n-rr-r nf pmh lliHUni pr 

rn ltd trnrllnjc Inrlj- It 

1'iije contwfEt. Mar«jri!r. Mr. Mwst 
En-iiiN hin niilijji'i 'in mi ■.■uirFtiiiniiiir 
utaiurtr, IF* l\t\* a [>>^shiii ntyW iluit 
tJm-t* not liftmnir ht L n*y rvu w lir-rr lln'iT 
nrc Jiufy W n-iuii'. Our «iii' 
prtrc roaaratalBtlin l*t Mr. Moms un tin- 
iiinlisirhlil|i i>f lii-. luihk. 

_ Att it rcchnta |n-rm«nfuil> I'lf* 1 ; nWt 
Ii. it liiri tntvniiM i*i i-ri.-ijc bin nrBUiwui i 

Cum] nnli>K riflm IN GUUt 

TS« Kus UotUHWIJ, Mttfiji iitnJ luivsT- 
>al Jiuyb Jarnu- liiliTJ-lh in JLollywi+^, 
in:il It In jtoiti* in tnk< > ni" f i hnn n ]il.ik 
Vrnpsigumlq BTJll iitifrlfuill^ kiwhL]) to 
miller thi'nn teat un lln-ir i<lnnlH tmtl oliiri 
all OKf (WuiO. TBO nnili.ill |ili:tnnt lll- 
dlHrtry in ii R1-111I lnlrilU'mi, mil 11 gltlttth 
nnr yet :in ui«^;tbii l i>rjj(iiiian11*>ii i» "he 
tuwrad tihtjiit like a runbeT l>nM. 

' 1 1 '■. 1 ir .1 and I'r 
Thi" fHiluff nf iiruIVx 

Of iirufi KHJonitr rrrut-LlM'tH 
in ItsiiHin* u rliW lniilnn pit-lure eeajror- 
;!l[|i lnw- nl two prctTtlirs kvhhIhIim tif tin: 
tiuui-rn] Ashftublr tlid nut ilcttr ln.CW 
Rtntniiinirt i.;.,--- :'i,j .1 luokina ii iliird «f- 
fon. A Mil ir^iine n In.nM at motion 
pi.-iiirr rttwot* inn] vctfHni 1I*p ln"ir»l 
itli bfnilil Jt'iwi T* bUtlffll 

iii ilf 

,-.] 1 

Ml, I 


kitiilml meimtra 
Ui" Hoiwi! «>l |j.-l.iini.'s 

:■ Hiiiin- liri'ls' sif isiilns- 
lin ivurlcnl 

1 PT 


Virginia hnacklftJ 
Tor thnx eeftsdm e&eM '<■ ri- 
(i p»r, 'L'li^ l.o.i-.l, 0kf tih- N 
tVitwif t'miiniii'siou. 10 he iippe 
tbP Oflwrnor. AmitliT cbiftai- 
lilk-:il IiJiiluilJlUUJlLi If tt»* likM i- 

n- iri-iup rn iJ''t 
ii J>..Krd AilUnR 


H BrtOMl 

Shakcfiieari' nitisl Etn*C kail Ulf tuo- 
llun |ilcttii-f' ImJit.-iiry In m i n- H ulifii In- 
WMJt* "All^ W.-ll Hut iCml^ Wrll." Sn 
niiini" rJtBBgrMiiicata ilmt bare ■mrti'd in 
lln- Inw ^.niiU lntvi. bean innlrjiJily ns|- 
JuN|i>rj on Ihe iiitlfiilr. ' TJis- v/M »f 
LVnlinariil KiirJe ami Tlii-oknf Alin'ii" 
iviik iliajJiixMl uf lit Tin- "IHs^e nf l-'fiinli 
Tuhcnor, ivMNldnil i.r the KiihIitm Kilui 
CoDiinny. In jtl"int luruiy ml&ntH, aflw 
it lin.l fw«n pijrUoii*ly rifrtr s lafr mill. 
Mr. AUrcua tiroiiKht «'1rt« »( ,- *>tniir 
Khnyvam." thi- flilm ivn mean, uf Anne, 
lc Sof* YnrJt mid utiirtwl nl! tin- trotlblo. 

Ndh- rtrfTytllille K sriMIs' *tS"I ills' C(J.>^f 

h:iti,.-i hlsh. On pIctnrB "ill b« cvlatued 
n« ■■(Inuir." v l'Vrilinjinil CftHe I'r«lnc- 
(ii>a. Fnink Tirlipimr will irpr^-nt ihi' 
UnliRiyti coiapajiv in handllne ihf pii" 
tmv. Al tllr nh-iVlit i|n.:si.'i!! Mr. Karl" 
b In St. .lolin'tt UnppitaL nrrtrt'trliwi 
frurntt ntonj attack "f lln- "" 
wilt fwmptetf "Omar" a* *"'■ 
pbyi*ic3aij" riTp hiiiL-pTiiili'-'iin 
lln- lwftptialr-r — 

PdJnrt Whin- Salla, 

Yi--Slt-T(]nj- rturi Whit* milled for 
Kronw on IJip A^iunnln. ^Ei" "'«■•« ll< -* 
souipuulsjJ to Ihi- l>onI lij Frank L. 
nckwinr. w b* InuiUkd her foreign «n- 
tra<*;* anil 1 arsiU'Mi hi-r }k\- ■■-■■- MI«d 
Whit* will nine mid do an bcl in variety 
jtiiuu-if lit 1'aripi and Lmtdni), rr-iiininlou 
nlirimd for about four nni:ilhn. nflfr 
wliirli mhc will ri'turn to »ir Ympk to 
fulfil u contract hl»> made with I'attn' l« 
|» pturmd la a jtednt undir tile direction 
of Owirirr: B. St-la. Sirs? i^'ik nil Mm 
Intmt noon liltn with licr mil from tht*a 
wKI make 4 uflcrtt^ii for ibp Eitrotwon 


■ LaM 

: 1 tlTllCll 

Ttierc hnn Iimu » titocli i-p^riilaiion 
jilioni thi? Uii3Tart stars #t«t rim>- Itral- 
art waa nbvorheil by I'tinnnw i'laycra- 
T-anky. U |a r?uHy a hIhs! of iipwh to 
know May MpAtojt i* rcriirotait to tli^ 
l.a«tY Uollywoidl i>t:idii» to i-omins'i? b»e 
R«.larl contract undtt tb»' Famona 
rEayerj-Liisiliy Ibiiiht. 

A llQn 

'u Vlv 


W* hflYi? hi-rr si» nor ilwk 41 ropf of 
"A Komonc* of th* Motion Picture In- 
d(U(rf. " ltln a compact> Ixwklet. 
nitii tlin ii. :■>:■■■■ of tbt Fox Film t:«m- 
jiany from thn tjiae it mndr i!^ HthI a|i- 
|]!JTu> : in ll>IH uu to llic 1 ■ = f . -,v.f mo- 
ins'iii. Vivipin Unxfit i* nntanr of tbi» 
intewatin* iprrrf, mid be bm- ntur-iruti-iJ 
bis ruBUWre wUli a|>|ii»iiriai*< rota uf 
i3ir F»x pfflceW aid oWdtfu. More thoa 
11 blKof? tjf WUIUm Foa, ihyn- b a 
trip through the For — r tl ■ I i < = — 1i1.1t in 
coJd rL-adlUK Tor any on«> wlm UkeH In 
know bnw tbr wImWh f> iminin) in u 


MB*- r^HIJfJf. C ■ CAMFUiU-L fUKriiau 
BHIHECK." l'r.;i.!-i., jii-is! f.U. qurti, ^'.dn^. 

dir. t^A, w, 

Snatb l f n tin nl tit Harry, 

Tko ulr in nitllyvninl menu m lip 
s-imslnfus' l.. lEiutHtii.oi.v. Wfarci-ly a 
day ptmntm njlliout "sini*' nUtttmuortl 
Btsjioiiiijfiiis-iii ur athor bi'lnc m*4o. 
Harry Tvilani. knowju an tin- mw-n aa 
Snnlh I'dllnrsl mid Mori-- Moaoolni hnvn 

ilividi'fl two Can tlV« Wirunrr tha *. 

'lln- i-»n'iuoiii' 11 111 dike |.:ikh' in ntunit 
ibci-i- niMiIlif. They wilt po in SijHtrfl. 
tin fstf rlM-ii* hsiiw.iliiinH In 1 i»il Mr. 
r-tlHrd'- pm-i-Di-. rrtimilnB to lddlv- 
«.,„.| bo rH-oitii- ibrlr ill 111 rntrV. MUs 
Mm ,,m,,.i h rt - ,.U.v,.,| npnarila Mr. l'..U 
Inril to mn ti.i +T lii-> illicit disH.. slir I111.1 
rcjii'l4n] iin- t .Mii-liiMf,:i if tlii'V ran ariro 
in lilm .-Lork lti«r hlmn d lind lif<- v*ry 
pMii-ifid uubtidc sif i ■■.iKi.i pirn imd 
flhip flint!-. 

\l IHIni 

Thr II 

rnnrlH pnv 


(>.- .UJIIt- („ 


Mill.-- ore bs-ipin£ iff ifl II- 
Rp>»«w. KboH Ilfi M^ilb- r.>. 
tb*- fntiist Sttmiiiy niftht. 
William 1*q Milt- »,ill sirsi-L Mm btwtliiT 
nud iiii«iitii>itvl.v iifdT lnfcc lb"- train 
Eant for \ow York to ivnisiilt with 
ukni Ili'iaiiKrr »ri ill- M-s-narlr> a( "$irp 
IV-pj'.'" wliirli hTi-' !:■ ^Iu(>tilic to llio 
nrrt-«tti for Mr. I* Mill/* „**( ^r«n 

^irn.- Willi tii^ji riiHitu t'uiiiimn). 

A little tliiiiR lik» bnt'bia 111T iin^li* in 
il" prcblbiU on sbfc of ilw jtumt- btia iioi 
ib-tirrcd MniwaNl Clu-ilu-ib Fatileonor 

sls-bsil trite I'tlitmnl llnrihli-ti 
<xl InairfrutfuJi pictntr& Mlw l-*i 
Wtwr'B iiin-b' la I'l-iildbiiiuu liafftrceaiBBt 
Dbwior Hoy A. Unyiuffl, 

IN iur Hi vol! 1 lllnlio. 

"J tack 1'iiy," ju1ji|i|i'.I from Fatinin 
lliirnt'jt niory nod dtr--s;n 
(os^i'h 11 ili be elir- Iiiihi 
Lb.- J(tv*3i nritt w.vli. - 
1il. Kifinn Owep bti« d. ... 
Hiiiii-c T|ji i MKnittria una « 
Fninns Cvdi I.le Mill 
PafqiUur," ti-itk Conrad Nn B li 
HurrlK nnd Tltnidnri' Kri-?siff, ^ 
rfjlcf mttociion nl tin: KiiiUo 'I 

iiiK in 

by FrnnJc Ii«r- 
■ oitTiicilou at 
ruaJi Fi-kfunry 

nd* nr liWr 
1- wrKlco hy 
i FooI'k 


II Iw; tht- 
i-atro b«i- 

_ it iifst Sfroday, 1 1 . . 

-;:M1 : . II.l 1 lit |'"jl .I.:!" prtCUl 

At (Isc Ml-ntli). 

JJisfii wilf lw tm- attHwIion nt too 
Strand pi-m week. IW.-11 imTmlatad by 
Muditmc NflalnnjTii in "A I Mr* Houa.-." 
Thn [a Iiit fin.!, product iisii Wflr fm 
United ArifMn. mid In aa-ntt**! with err-at 
[titenat by tbvuo wlm hiw bor iw Nhm 

011 tbf ttatA Tn (I lpimriilic enst 

Btc Alan Utile, Ftorettetj I-'i-ilsir. weda- 
wikhI Konnll, Ni B f-l [tnili-r mid l-hfi- 
lip|h- I)|- Lacy, Cliarlf* hivmif !*■ ill e 
dJET«lan- nod the ws-itario i» H Fcirr M. 

I*'"5 An* tin I (in. in AltlHIlJ'. 

Thr InUiit reports arcm to la- "apre* 1 
mi ih* Altiany mill. All ot iho I'lhllii- 
torn on- Koinff, inoat of the pT*ditCKi nnd 
nil sif the utain in Itu- FriM, for tliu lilfi 
bull, UburlFN O'Ri-illy in m. : :ll of enn- 
VMinoii be la lalkiiiK in bis -li-ep mid 
his fnvnrltr word k AthmiV. We will alt 
l-s- iTiers- in watch the axhlbiton in jir- 
riii 1 1 ELtnl in rctwrt till ilevdojinii-ntK. -Con- 
Teniiuna In the motion plctnrr bunlneM 
am very different than ibr.r wen seven 
yeiirx ajfo wJien orriLlliktlli<i|> win Lintieacil 

K^ibbi Juutler- Coins Abroad. 

I'fls-Biidy thr Harris of En-an Jnatlce 
means very Ijtilr 10 tbc preaent day 
lilm population. Firr ys-nr- Hfro a-- Ihr 
brad of the Fox imbli.' !v ili>isi.rlincnt 
lie ivaw a well known fartnr In iin l»i?i- 
nrrn-, Hr ban now Inft i-is-inri't. istid U 
wlili the North (iormaa l.loyil line. His 
iri'j will take liltu to tlonnany. Far 
a j'-ar or two lie liaa bftn .ir-rlon-tlj ill, 
Uw fricinU win be ptail t^ hwtr in 

* Jordan Wltb lalvrmr. 
I*w1!b JiirdBB ii now (rlvlpg bin'nd- 
ilr.-iin uh ir»m Bruaway. Ile'bu juinr-d 
the ITnlTttrta] Company nnd in naw a 
nieinbcr or tho pntdicitj ftaff. 

A Line- or Twa. 

Sj^enkin's t>f ill tb»?so former pub- 
HiHfy rrrcii, one inisht mliltr the aketc 

tnits nml llli-Hllgrj Ruti.M-11 Janus-y |liV 

r,>HL.-..^i- L il yuunj; jhrmliicr of '-.Mnrji- 
•niif," Uf Yrm< furniurly In Uie Pal 
tfublieily departtnoat tornini; out <o|iy 
«y the yard, " Hi! fear* In- cmiW now 
paca no examination of Fas ii E m « t^urd 
irli'le be wtn tu tt« ecaploy of {his «m- 

A New Idea 
in Corsetry 

The woman ivlio I't-alizes I In- tuiiniHiiiice »l' currffl 
etif's^ti'V ISurpVettug Hie prevailing styles Knows that, 
if sin- ever so slightly rfvealH licr ctn-sel. slit- is as ill 
groomed as (lie woman wlm unwisely ninits hers. 

The newest iniiilel in the much favored 

not only gives the smart linos-Hal abdominal and back 
lines and slender hips — so well adapted lo the fashions 
of today, hut Features a new and eksvert)' designed ex- 
tension (built 111) only in the hnrli from the elastic waist- 
iiaiiih. which keeps the sktitbaml and brassiere from 

riding np over the top of the corset. 
charming contour ol the hack. 

preserving the 

$7.50 ■ 


For Sale by 


Broadway at Ninth, New York. 


Watson Siiten, Frisco. Frsnki e 

Heath and Others Offer Excellent 

Brand of Entertainment 


Fuumaking Is Led by Citric & Inez. 

Demaresl & Williams and 

Hughey Clark. 

niiht kfrp yssur 




Half a doKon fi'.nnv. altering* nr* ut- 
slinlnl in- the Otpb^Wn'j aWutOWDl for 
tills wjuk. The witcttr- ampRter^ tli" 
Wnison Sinter*. Walter i". Keteji Kriatro. 
Frankic: Heutb, Kauc Je llrrmciu mid 

I hi via & Danicll. *}n tin- result* be 
trUW*WT^ the lirmt Leon, too. Lb <niLrbil 
in B.pccio.1 n^ujtniUou. Tlir Mlmmm W ni- 
si ni fcriji an mlmirabld exlrs-alne -:■:■- 
s-iini. Tlirir bulk ia in praportiau to 
Ibs-lr rntertitiitinc ability. Tin- [irploiirn 
iiudience laughed wiib tbrm when tbey 
kidded cticb oilu-r, Hnd call til for cijtwra 
i- ---I nl (be pn-ndribed limits sif their 


Kelly in bis chanictcr of "Tin! Yir- 
Kiiilti Judge" pendeta dctlswc* over 
imafiiiiajy ditrkfi>a whom be k.-hiIx 10 tin 
nwl*»r aft*r IntmorDUs heaHn^'- It i* ti 
trvitt to b^ar tin- mul[3]ilit-iti ot nesru 
dlalecte p*Hwtly aasumi"d by Kelly after 
□abaotaf 10 the bordo of Hacbfrnx' Co- 
incdlana wbo aCem to think that dialect 
can be boiijht in the itiabe-it[i ean. 

Frttc«, hi* derby nml ritar, nre r>- 
htottd to vaqrtbville after ft «wU in lls«' 
i-iibnretd. Clarifij? the show, the itutter- 
in? ilancer-COlnediari wnn n k:;: 1 . mark, 
fiir bo held Intemt "HiMo^-lisnit f^lliiwiric 
]intticOlarly »Lruii)r nm of ryijnwJy aci>. 
His cooTerentional raoinmt^ were hrinhl 
nml i.rlffinol nnd bla atr-ppiuc mrnrd its 
una] BppKVal. The dimtiiutivf :.-■::■■■. 
MrlJeTHiott import* grace to tlir cnlh[bi> 
lion, wbHo Jack Dufly, formerly of Ber- 
uord & Duffy, punctuate* ibe tuni wlih 

Frankle Ucnili introduM^ a w^iolcwnic 
licraonaJlty la a *eri«a of sonjpi 
by LHtlt- Trayuor. Iviiln- Kapf and Juy 
Hsirman ImperaoBato "Midnkht SoO*" 
iLitTluinltiirly. In, raplr-.tliicVncu vf 
.■.licwli dill- to Ji Klip[K>st>d Lls-briiit.'.L ss>0- 
sliuon, thpy bccooie pnrtlcaSarly cunfiuH-d 
iu the prouiincialion of "atrumberry-ptr." 

Frank 1>btU anil llrfte Dtimel! deal 
ia "Dinbced" and L*on perform 1 un- 

II mi ci ] mapir; Teatfl that keep tin spevtators 

Snn]l .t Vvrnon are tatillljnl irnprKo 
^IM-clalUt*. Rule ife £r*Hrien niqir; I'ho 
tio*a weokb sIioub v-i«fc of the funeral 
ceremony of the lite Fope Benedict. 


Tlioro n nrnjiii: rariifti id ii mWna- 

tion «f flcrpra fealdnv*. fun, BiflnlC. liulie- 
U>s a\u\ rxliiLittan* of athletic and nrftnle 
BkiQ for tit*- tlm half of the wet* ^ii 
[iWir'a Slain Thoatro, tile lia*iinTi>ionw- 

IU jtnbisv of IbSn s^jtlctis^e nnd |.s.[iil- 

lap ein nil. 

A --Ttit olmiidaiisv nf nioii'm piitii'-ej 
c*f every iJ<-»rripiion has Sarin a Till- 
rtlOflga a" toe |iurtirnl:ir tilin oliic' 'if 
"Lr.iii.'- ?|iilem[j[kii," tin in:er»<».lnK 
Anth-ioy iiHIpy ilrniisjuiriitbin ,f iln- 
iiovi-I. "On I'rinnnto." Tkc Hlory In n- 
filoui u-itb romantic, L-xt'ltliis a" I Enter* 
eattflg iio-drhta. 

Tllf Fojlr HlHtr-nO [tuyi KtWtt ill'- 
vniideiille irltli lofiy tiimtiEin^. tb^y 
arn neatly uttirod in pi : i-. si ;iml whtta lieu! 
niak" a llahhircj; apecraclo "itli th*fir 
Bpee4> . \ 1. 

Hurttiti & S!i'-a bar. ;i nniitm- nn'tlmd 
f..r in i^ptnilliii: txcellent 
roicMt. In Hrefllng dreaa I lie iwuple- 

UK-Cl itl B Utreet mwr. r-i-|im?^»cil InjC tlif 

lli|s|i<u]r»mo ms Sistlt nrn-iiue. A 
Kt-il Craaa linn lit i* iti prajtresij and tJtt-y 
arp lirkct piirehnwifrra. 

iVhiiln the tfiraln* Ufa-aln* i,-niririns» 
lire -iin.iii un n drop ol. Sir Harry 
Laudeo*. Cbaunoi-y Olnttt, FtMcm 

White, AI .Folaoil and other edeliritiee. 
Tlip faces of the .<•. -•■',-■■ nnlr are Nhnvin 
In Ibe ■.csne rhcriiete-riutlonii. 

I.rm t'nrlc and Dolly tfrBf liav,. ., 
bright nLjl. "Tin Hsromieti Et<ipiro.'' 
Two yaiini! 1 persoae nre pt-alril in fn-nt of 
th»> Firlfl home. The youth baa aUick 
nronnd until idiciit is tuniin^ into jnnni- 
liifti To bint* t-i depart he i* hupelcnaly 
Eniln'j-rin'nt, Ills mind is on it. . v ■-! am- 
ciultiex thnt Ihr- two IJitro hire inridmlii-l 
lo Ihi- reuurriui.' ^nzpiftlmm UitiE he learn 
tbs- atiyiieivc (fi-i-tif for b\* awn honi';. 

Eventually ho icoea his way. to rin 
rvprtt oT the ntltlirji-:", wlieti \w joins 
the Rjrl's father, I<wiug Ui 1 .- Iwmste on 
111" Way to work. 

-Applr Htoi'som Tims,-" i> an attra-c- 
ihc netlinc »>f (I New Fnjlljimtl farin. 
A Iwj" nod a plrl uhlle away tbn happy 
Ttioments by ivKi-itlinp. -ii-^is:.' and i' v - 
im: luiiiatleaa of !■■;..'-. 

JLVsureat & William^ tiailc on Ute 
hinge after a disniMMin aenisw the fmH- 
lights. Mr.-Wmiama walked forth, with 
spt nxpre,-iors Mim'tiincitiK that he liai 
been l>er(nhtw] by the management t" 
explain tho alrnn. tif thn- AasocUtkn of 
Woman llnlera. itc reelti-n the rnlea;' 

One i- ynti nhiinlil ttevtr cutijur- 
npi- n woBiBti in- InuehinK win n i-h- at- 
tUmvtM Co l>e ftniny. 

Yoli nhotdd ner-er look at a wonun n«- 
lea*. It la abnoltnely m^o-uary. 

If a U walJcins in front of 
yon. d[-ni];iyh*i: a hpw ^: !<■ of hat and 
a li'OC eipauit aE attravtirely filled] 

ii) hi- 

-'[|ks-(j Jitm-fcilit;,, 

<■■■■* on tile hat, 

J|ii|iitii.- In utttft x brnji'li in fanurs.t'j 
lu-ii'jks if nny one Is prrseiit rmm llieri-. 

"I III fail it (.aHUrHi* 1 ." uttUrJlliic.-i.-S \][, 

1 nttpat. rrntn the (uiirlh row of or- 

sdn-^tni >*:iitx. "and aalpa* the shoit im- 
|ir.ivn> !« a hurry I'm suing rijjbt Ikli k 
thaw, , 

'.VKr, VVilliama peiilaiw* ontwtaiiiniont 
fllp-.i iirmet-dM [,. [ttav theplann, wbeii:a[ 
Mr. laiiifiis deriairely 

"flaw: haw I" lis. -seorTa. -Who 1ols| 
yojl vaa eould \>Uy ibe tilano?" 

I v*. ijhvif tajf lit* t» ibe stntiy of rim 
piuti.., m Lhs- an-twer »jf the wwman- 
bnlniu irnipneaiiiliBt. 

"Then," retort* Jlf, Demarc«t, "yon 
ls;i\. m:ei[.-(1 joar life 

I If ifluiwi, ib«- imcrrn|iliiii2 ai-tor gon-j 
in the (rtjiBc Hi* lint unci hi-, myreaakm 
fniiit!. He wona a KjAilar 
rll [diijiiic; the 3ani>, 

'■ " ■ '■■ ••-• - >■■ <•• 1 liiiJ^ii-iiiU "f 1 ' - 

i'ei-f jiI ntlfllntneni. 

Tb.- n- WW Kis^r. prejcnt a pie- 
tBteiMpie aeaflld nnd matiuat rome in 
?«'.iik and dnn re, Tln-y m:m<b forth a 
rvnllds- i.f r.-k-lniit; linn- -icigrd IrutnpeirM 
t't-sLliJcrij; .ihmt a tmir n rutin it the world 
A k.iktiJ»«n ,u- trip iKntiaa ib« pntrojn 
lit many Iii mil. 

I Bench plain vMt«d Ibe h- Wolf Hlvtrrt 
:itj- |m>ani. Bnri»i| irurj;w>ii*ly mid jtri. 
!i|i>iirlati>Iy tda-nys, iwvmlilv nt time*. 
fV tondi-ti.y sif un.. uf i!,f- Klntcn, ip»jtrd 
pluinpni'iui in no way InturfePBI with tlirir 
dani-lii« vi-r-^tiliiy. ■phejr have a allowv, 
plcu*uitf ilnnti; diveraiun. 

lintimil lhiLl..-y ilnrk strolia into the 
ronalfbta trench and iimeiteih to hine. 
lie si-asj-N vijiealiamir to talk nbont tha 
Hilly Ijrh-3*. The worths mean uolhiti^- 
aiiil h- lellj* ivh^, 

iU- ••.•■■: . of '.■;■- isspi-rieitee in ihe annv. 
SJnes: terwiic tvnsittnily n>me and ko in 
o mntiinn>u»-jM*rfiirniunefi thru! re, tha 
act up* fre«i un ally at* Ufatra«i-d tliemby. 
Ani no Willi Mr. Clark. lie Imermpta 
?iinnira. In luemn neat*, for atrollera down 
Uu aifle, orderu them f« iwmw ili-ir 
liniji nud t'i make thi&MKlfea nt ho to-. 

"I'll u-li yo« what hits hapemaiA," h« 
advlaea ana mnn juat nrrlved, prior tu' 
ahen-hhiE fui^illj- hit* prevlona aunnioir of 
x yarn. "N'nur thnt'a a* Jtw u wa'd iu«e 
and I'll |iruei>ed. Von Hee 4 I iloa*e want 
you to tniaa Anything:-" 


gPECJAL grx 

Tho lowoat priced, 121- 
inch whcclijiie. Cent*- 
neatal • Timkrn - Dclco- 
equipped all felumlnum 
car in America. 

W. H. Aib Automobile Co. 

5 3-ih Street at 7tb Avaaua 

I'li-iiiiunr t'trel* bTS. 


:W-'#WW-*'&*W'™' : * 







t;\Tit.\ hat, .ltitv.. [.'Ku. ia 

"Doris Keane glorious in 
'The Czarina/ " »«. wpria. 




Miami r 

ziifiFiLD'MI Dlil'lG ftfV'ROLic 

Hoary Miller'. j^XSli £';„! ■"• 
LAUREiTEl, -;!;„-,„, Iltie National 
IAYMR (jSnS'l in* 11 ™ 

Mat.TuJw), ,J.i!ll. I 1rnl. Turin >.£.;{)>. 




PAR If ™'-« =* M»" *■«! VI n A W,l-M 







A .Himicol f tHnrdy Krtrlndin 

shuffle" along 

fc? j "Bulldog Drummoud" 

^Z-y' with A. IS. MATTMHWf. 





fcoll'BHCRE v:;-;:,';,.,' 1 ;^.'.? ! LITTLE Tffi'S-.'CIi'jy 

• THANK -U[ • T« B i*YEAR 


> SSa& lm "CAPTAIN APPLEJACK" ... ™ .'£][:„. 
M u s i c b a x | ;--';., "MUSIC BOX REVUE" 

HSHBfi* i s -^'SlX CVLIaOERLOVF • 

Won T t Br Exhibitors' Bat Us ground, 

tut BuftinesilikG, Interesting - 



KllLcOr t.Dfn ll) WTHI 
lituy'.'f- fn-iulrtR- Ku»(- 
ifqiilrra "Hhrlk'n 

-1 llaicrniiii 


PLAYHOUSE w ***■ [lr ? :t » **• 

TtlJ • *iui Hn-lWri Wan-nick, w\ « •*_ a 

he W e s4JfjgfS£. """■«■■„'•'-" Drifting 

HrULL-U \v. t^il St. I'nlrr- Unity 

I fat l.l « nil n drill li'n n.i-t Siimtny 

Kmpirti uT Wcw BHOtlOaM 


nt" rut; 



):t,\mii:p:h ,in tips nc Tin:m 
111. Miinflu'. muhtiij "" 

TIIIIIR .■'!!■ 

tun. + Prt 1J. 



T.p-itr, , . 

Krl. Knv , 

i :, ii. m m ij u..ln-m. 

II »,J» Aiu*rrr del Ire llr 

t *.L» UlKillrtl.i 

-■ ■■■ .Andre Chrnivr 

.v !•. B.tffli , fartut-u 

n— Bmiltki^ (i|anlfl«; ^Vnrnhs, *MI» 

f!nT-«.^F. I,rrili». ItlTiatl, l!i'I>A OlEfc. 

. Slat. ■> J, It io |i..Iliit<rr(!i, 

■ i .judi* 

•i-tll -..., ...!,*> IK.I d'V« 

. II I.U.. ... . .t,n||f tiUflti 

'. m I, JIkdciu 

L M. mTO^MWB nBE\ 

L "TOE tAVV 0(HOMt u 

OAKOUV I.l.dVI> <'()111 r <liv 

H|FP0DR0ME'S' s "u E A T ll5 

VDnscES cut ik no »;"■,;;; ™ ■ • $i 


MAUI BAftXHiDtr C.u^rtl Illmuir, 


TlfinO UEHh 

Tri.Mshl *■ *. -Ulitoi^tlo.*' M.M1.. 
M'.lp*. lihkUt!!!. IMrlih^H. L*jt,rt- I'dIhcv 
F«f! "SulOKir." lUrclrii, Mar(tn. H«M- 
011% lim^Ltttin^ f' a pJ„rUr 4 riHrcD. 
Jf-1*. M*L- »(. ^ "Tbc iltr\ of 1*0 
'..ililr-o tt'ml." (i.i, v Idini, ILllnir.:. 

.Hn«. H'fjrlit. ■•LnplK dj Lgnnrr-'- I'ir.>. -,fc..;-,.;.:. s .-,■:„;_ 

^■iill., ■'■'I ^niilijiDUr r." lliliK do*. 
*JP t KfjHiVrl. WWifi. i-.-in.-l. r'grrirl. 
Tup*., "PbhIIupiI.'- llui. l..i Fi .j> lUk- 
taWffEOwrf. ■ imli.k -Tin- IHrthlln.* «f 
<hr InroiilB/' TtTli-r. OnlralTiiir. Hlh 


Cecil B. Dp MfJ|e'» 



j ; De WoW Girli, 

I Lmnc & f-Vcmtan, 

■nd otheri. 

10— BIG ACTS— 10 



iIm. I'inm A 1-tLUrtild. 
" olhffi. 

jujh^un: :'i:"-i'i'rr-^ 4 01,. 

r*ha- KlXfJ i LI a. nHOI't- J . 
rhhJ> BlfltH, I'rin-i Rnblu«. 

R^^^Sf JUOCE" I 

|>A.SJ.WiPNiQMt '-'TlAMVaEfTflrl^-""! 

HAIirr. r'nlilh ftKYI'}: 

ST A lit lU Ml THn CORNKD 

Plliur iaj« 

H.n,l.ln- ^^^* 



Pauline Lord 

In "Anna Chriiije" . 

IVHl T '-MornT,.!!'.. I.r-.lj i.rHy' 

t V UL1, \ vl fntim) 

i;il IIIIK LV.V A« I »H M IJSt'S. 
EMPIRE 1 '"' ■■*• ««'"• *«&i OUty. 

1" ■ , - fits*?* **" 1 ,M| p h *^* 

>>i| Wnk.. 


lALlU »-Lt'i li.ilii'l llrtlTTlLlLiri 

I OEITEBIOfr ^£| ^SSro !? 

1 -Wtere Is Mr Wani!cri«B EW To-Higlill" 
"REPUBL!C, r : , r.;.' ; w;,', w i'S»V:'i:':,S 


ELT1M GE SS3Si.t£:&S. 


^nurft. n HOPE HAMPTON 

tjm. M4<cb««a"apih-i» f»r».'.tTi:i'"l-'-'i ■■■ ;■' m" 
li.*nAV P"II*.\KI!. IIh'oM M»T'l 



Jnrj" rHynrji (f) Cake i.I I !.■„;: ...: i ■- v. 

C'bna-Erd Willi Murilvr, 

Ali-r n jury Jm.J linn irfocttd to I ry 

AMint Pctectir^ 8a*pwit Jewmlnfi linn- 
Kcrty nf th* liwitis 1'ark KtuUoii, cliarRPd 
wiili murder in t\i? finri il^rr^ J*nJj!« 
Luub D. Gihl^. in TJcdiix Co'tmlj' Court, 
«ni .if-nn.ini-1: for tin- inun..ry .»f Ajtliip. 
IL Muniliy, .h-iiHr-mtit; laUitr n-Jm died 
M1.11.lny, udjuaniBJ ooart until Kii.h.v 

jauruiut, n-|i<rn fhv trlnl will In- n tlim !. 

HMjprtjl In <*liiirflr>i| u-flk nli.rutLn^ mill 
lutnlfv mjnriibj; Jo>c)ib Lmuurv. biirtrisr. 
m "J^tit >trn.-i..jinJ W[iJii?Mi f iii« rmH 
"h .\ni:u-L ] r ! lii^r. AivurJiiis: v> Mn 
f.uii-).* »IJcf;*.r Id )inv« bejoav lolil hy Iaij:- 
KJiru licrut-aliM iK'inlt. i(i' tVt™tivr\ wliih 
n-iimtcinntTLlTiisi'll W lm h jvveiuifi OfiPJit, 

llfol fll-flJ nl II l-IITl hll|l|r|)Mr(l In ]s:| L .'i' 

■ "ilnih-Hl !i<|ii>-i i\liir]i wiiH hrlniT Mirri-.t 
'-iy Ltix*iih.. Th..- i>.illrl htmdc Fjuuun. 
kinJ caused l£* .l^nlL. 


M.rjA-CH—IIKL.l A 

■ Hi urn." u,ud*ii 
i: A. ii 


IV t!.* Alhnny win veil I ion dlirJOHCi <»r 
nil ill- <pJMlloiw Cbsrlm iru-iiiy 
lias nwirhnil for iliflcusf{«ii h vtll pM 
itwtf on llifc Tfliip at tlir ntnr r-'n- 
vMiiinn rtf tUft vurhl. ]*»m moiloH piL'- 
Hipfr tn'^iinpt Tfll*S+! lIll.TM BtB Tni^fh- "JW- 
ipmjitlf nmt hftUt iinni.s.Hl tlinn (We 
«td i«p*?ii>T|Ki wliffrc tlir rhkf rltvprrfOB 
vflK _ n MrlM ('f )n i rw>iinl nimrr-'lfl iitr^il 
in (hi- nrirn. BditbltoT*' rnuv'Tiliuni in 

llldW JI3J vh hH-JMl il lilllHT hilllli-. n-tlh 

riplnirii: to [In* firiHi. 

Till* Statf- mofliJiiR <.f tin- Ni.'W VnrV 
^liowmcii will bo n Ufforent Jifr>iir. B> 
liavf Mr. OTtclllT's im>xinr and Ihr lam 
two annual mrrfinpn mi rfadi I* bnw- 
ibis bHi1i> .iii-c-riinii. Tlic Ten Kyrk LI-l-1 
in tin- iin.<etnhly plOB* of Hie dimrmpti^ 
UobtVcr rJ'bIiI '*"■ f ^ s! »"eettiHS will be 
Iiclil. sin fvpniti*'' "iif to iiiiiL'- tlrfitiJUi 

plana fmr iW" ^rejlc. tji^ eoxniaiiti^ i^ 

diitiiHMnl of CJiurirw O'ltrilly. prcitdjitll ; 
.lie. EHEI.m, Losto Hurtunr. Flunk Koch 
Mill Wlnijim Itrmirit. vio- |in"<IfIinU: 
\V, JJ. Liniimi. CTMnrron S, I.. Ili-nnun, 
ncculivf n-TTclflry: ,|hhv* MiiiKncIv, 
riiairrniin 61 Uw extCUtfrs iinniiuii". ami 
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^WfaJiifliL. >V.iiluir Hnyji, -l^-^. »p"viiiT. \'.. 
A. WttBiBi*!. .T, Fmtou, .I"Iih Slnidiflm. 
er, A. A. I-:ili«n. [Inviil CSoucn. I--:..r.| 
Cmli. Uoonte Uutwrtk, Frwl Mpfl'y. M. 
Eiiin|i""ii ntiil SiinsiU'l SIh'it. 

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mid Hi-' moruinn will be tiikni up witli 
cr'fl'-niifils ; uls.i, ttif IiPiiiiii- t>iu tin* 
williclniwril e*lt#tihiMp MiUUBPe Ltitni- 
.Inccil Ly i*>'.ii« ("uvillU'r will \m nttwidwl 
by uiiiity iniuri^i.^1 in itiin Mnhly Im- 
[M>rtimt Kit1>joct. 

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lower I tip nf 111" film rriitnl Lis. ihn nne 

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thi- ^iieMii'Jti o( 4'«hi|iill!lOt1 cugi'tftnliis 
thp ^ Jind rlinri'lir>. Tin- iit l i'"^Stv 
tav ii puiiHi' MTviri" Imroau l« 1"* i-ntnb- 
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jiitkihii Hiin't ihrjf njcifclon, will b* 

([itfll up. AtinlfcrT ihsiiiv ^Ulijvi-l, iisfi't.v 

in i In- iln-airt-*, i-m til at Ion nnti lighting. 
will In- iH«qimiP(l, 'far WjiMliLnjrlmi ilii- 
n«irr ullt b* hmtijilil ii|» nnd BMIw 
ivny^ fur ;;■■■:■■■: i--;i iif lifi> v. i i Ihr- mUilf 

Qti \V*ilnchflfly iiiptbl A tnrKi' hull will 
hi* given ttt (Iti: Armiiry, tin- iiiuhi lm- ^tiir" linritlj? Ihth hlvUifl Ij ul- 
Ttnil. On ThiirHilEiy night ilicrr ivlll ttr 
ii banquet, wtili wit!* cp^ultTA KM ]*i'. 
riiviplu Ilillis. .Ini]^ .liniff.. i-X-rl.ivr-TTlf.r 
liljtiii, eEn Sluvfir nf Allium. HenntnT 

(ienrp- 'J'linuitiKMi. Slilin-i- Till &•»• 

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rrodflcfflM li/ivc Up en luvid^l nil l!TJ*rfftl 
(iiirr-iK. Jann 1. UelBeFni'y Ims iinmi 

M-li't-l ml to Hiirak ill tliii ecu- n-nliiji lii'iir- 

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Unit MwJitniw Ih to hr marriMl. X» 
04siu)iirj fur nil ih" 1 ' IiiiikImiujii' men in 
rtmilnilui-iri !u (tel nMldy In ffelil n du*L 
Alt. UuaUUUl Ih lit be tin- lii-rn in q OTjritM 
fif Iwj-i-ri'ft oiiii.ilii'H In tn> prpdHMtl liy 
rh-.ti iro.Bdtfnl profcfltfr. Hunt BlroMhtiTK. 
ApmpHoi nf ihin niijioi|iiT"iurrit, Mr, 

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nnd huiji'I-yihS m «f (Jit- tJorin Alat prrj- 
.iiii'iinri< fiir ltuburtx.m t.'j'lo. lli* +e- 
(ulna IiEh finaitK-inI int*TWt in tllfl Horit. 
Mny iiri.idiii-t.un.K. liaw-.-v.-r. und will rw 
!'■.! j- ;:: Hull Mwuiiirui pri)i|iii.'[lnn>i 
iht'itiijji IttibiTtmu Cilc. .Mr. StrpniOCTJ 
■will be- null' owner r)t liin m-w iiffcjiniJM- 
(iiui, ii nd lir- Imi« r^ntnr- ut* iiintiliioitH 
Jilnns f«r Lis Iii.e -l^urif BtJtx, 

Aitnlrih y.uLnr UpH *'» ComtU 

A(fot|i]i /n',.ir luH i(i's>:lj!i il for Ilii 
M-lni-lllllllEAJ ]jil|CtlM!rl^C to till' rnc'Mlc 

l.'ouuL Uii w-fll alpp'lii Cblfti(ti> <-n nmtV 
iithJ ail k nhi(|> ttf Iim monngor of lLk' C2dl- 
cjiru nfffw, rlsirins hi" ndmivc.i In hin 
leistiri' inuiiniits - i !i".y nr* 1 ci-tilnK ei'Fty* 
thing in hMdinrw nl llrdlyw-oTKl For Mr, 
Xiili..r r When niaully tnllw |n^]iirlioti wiili 

3mm J-o*Jty aod hUHj'-Nix n ctinngt \ktu 
ami tlinr.', sltlnjutli |: i« m&rr tlm hiwi- 
ncai ii ii k I.' tbnt tuV-* lii* iiHititl.m thuu 

■ nvrrimlnEr Ibc IE rile Hnlr. 

Work at the SfllMiIcti tut'iiflbm wua Livid 
Op Mumby long rimi^jk to nivs- Virtu? 

Unman n «banc<' ■■■ ;,:■* ributtl bla 
iliidglitrr. The younc !ad.v nrrirpd Sun. 
dny, ami aixiirdiim i« tn-r father luo'ka 
liJ(+.' licr fnfltliCr. wti" *«* Sninli 1". 
Jdaoofl. n tceoaxrtr) frtiter hrfiiiT nlti- Iji;- 
nitiU' Mn. UtTrman, 'fl;.> ludij liu*> Im-i-ii liiiiJirvn, mill it Imp f:ilti.r> lirns* 
arr irw inrl the ilorn liMih likh iyvr 

Uotltpr, :,- h a tine "vilijkret I-r tl est 

taby i-'fii!i-.-.i.. 

- - - »-■ *-" -^J^L~ " 

Mary mill Ilun« I.Mir i"«ij, 
t'oujit dint day utterly l"%f wbrn some 
pmpEuy i« tfot niudt maciTtiiiis tlw Jir- 
lival or d.:])aniiiw of Marj llckfnnl mid 
noagtii PiU:btnk4,for N B v York. Hitnm 
Abratiiff. win. ha* hwn kmwii f*. juke 
about mrli miKtim wlifii lie fp5t In r. 
Jovlnl iiumhL KMJ.M mi b|> (inliimi ..uii. 
ib.- I'"«iib4iikn [^ft Ij^ AnttftM yiniir- 
day nnd afv (bjt- to n> bow Mmidni'. 
Mr. Abram-t ji. bdokfiil h- nn Bp- 
IH-firaace In i'Jdcapi on rl " lllili. iliiiI i-u 
far n* br know* now wtli inK-ft lit.i tn- 
iuiiK*nKs mid mH *mi| Ju ti„ ;l dfiwtluil 
a WLi-fe rruai tiMlai', - In I ,V»t*. 

Ainuuir UiG trcltMrmat ■! utroltrr-i On 
tln-t,^i.iiwiilb ji AtluiiiJi- Ui^i Ehi«w LaM 
Mi rligTItugn UI«*cn(fli.! r,u< filiajniwH, 
Ho Ik tlow-a nt tin- rM'iri (■- tain- ri murh 

l.^-Jl-.r tCMl tin. uptui.ui .tiLlim t .( 

is uuiim^itLg diiTciur tf tbnt Uruadway 

i HtinrapU A*tt«ireB u flhriU. 
Tfre j.lnik jnw u uiK but ii«t tie suna 
nlictk that <?ui3iiiili-il ttnm i ** , brain of 
Ii M. tlull. H*hJ* abi-lk > l o hcrp of n 
rtrncb nroJnciion ami w.m imporir.l i.-, 
Ihbi mnimry by Albirrt Etnlih, ptMarnt 
ot" tlic Vitncrai>b iviiniinny. Mr. Smith, ;■ 
ptoTrtcr In tb.' lilin hiiMiiaFMr-wliQ^kj 
.-"•jit pirlnU'.S ■.!■ ci-ji !.'■ ■■■•■■. rl..'in -inn- 

New Play by John WMsrd la Pre 

seitted by KilboTim Gordon. 

Staged by Ira Mard^. 


■ : ■ ■ ^i, tmeathc— "TH*. CM »i;J 

thr immt. 

r«", Hnr-r* 

.lll.n'11* yrlil.r. i 

,.. . Jo^^ -win.,,! 

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tin* ..r ihr mir 

imn'ln'.ui id ,.t llrV 










Iip ■ lie 
by tin? 

Ill- Mliln', wbirti Wua alM'tl ill AlEt,Ttn. 
ami lf*t uu lime ndilhiK ii in bin p him 
phwmorfotW- 1 1 i* il.' 1 hr-L i ih 
pi'ijib-nr pi-iiiliirii.i:i rjlircfciUml by ViTit- 
Kfiudi. ii i-ninvrniy vilWi Ims hCTattrtOH 
c-unhiii-it iij; ['■■li-ii-i'S U. iti nwii [iirnlii.- 
tloijx. "T|(i- Strike tt'lfit" is ilii' lu- 
iri^niai: i it Ii- ii lli- ih'w Siullli purrlm*'. 
It in si t^rrrn'h juoiliK-li-ii. hill "f wEpr 
Jtnd iliHTrxl, llic ^Jtt ti( LfltMlW «lril:rat| 
Uuir lilliT ilii- iliP'utni*. 

I'ailir I'l-ndn.-i |m tu.imlli. 

tOH :ic:immii-i'an-nt }'i«lrMbiy 

.V.r [gp .l.i.l .111111' from (111; 

h ttinli With Jin- AtranoK- 

iLIh coiuiiuay with Al« It. 

Hydnpy. . Aiinlralln. to tukp 
In- iitinlu.-t in AiiKlraltiHU 
ir-i. Tin- ttinttalr* wua at- 
tint]* IlDHswau, Mimri 11IIU1- 

lllii. fXtdlllllRI'. TIlP ppHlllK 

-ip-il on n iT-oprniiiv.' biutbJ | 
tiriniuizatliui aiml(-lir>l 
Ihr A"W)' ijit'il Inhibitor* ii. 

All ih^rit.; 
Uii. '-.ruin- a 
I'titlii- oflfla^. 
n,i-i K majfln U;- 
Uf\UafiA nf 
iiv.i- i lie I'm 
fiir tbri-i' y\ 
nuged by At 

ilfii'r nf tliP I' 
«I9I l-r innrhi 
tbrauRh mi 
thf tiiui <•( 

U,i:-- .■imiilry. 

vt.H.r t'lnrkr Eti 1'Hnrier fl*«. 

iVbfii KiiiJunH I'lirji^-I-iu'ky opsna Ltn 
s[m!i'.. In Long UuYJkl I'iiy April 1 far 
lb., i initio (■'ItKiuunri.-i- t-uiii |i:in,V atnl 
iilb»r jinnl";' inn ww|io«lii» m b« stntioum 
In the (5iut, Virt«r Clor.BO will lw ■>»- 
r-rjil inflnagEi' of thr k%BWro w-'a. Ho 
is- jio* "!i Mi.- Wort Onairt. uad ban ti--n 
uuimtntoi) i" itii" .i'b By Jew L. 
pnntiictbiii niniiin: r <•¥ VmvOW cltsM*. 

i " Ihhmi (rivpn io looktctc 
m'Err ibp IhmI bcfoPt rotfrtnK 

■ i or Iiilvo bwn niiabji' In p 
mil you've made- a «efmd 

■ i!j.- l-r>nt ilnor 10 atrtl^p - 
i" .i'f it i*cure!y, keen 31 

■ N ;| [ii.iinl Tbcatie, 

- "Tlir Cat ami the t'a»»' 
myjitery pliy iry John WiX. 
iii-i i-l IbbTb In'*' «'P |,r onfln 
n..uL of KinKiiitn Gordon. 

r "tatP of Tiilud nn.T. hi I 

. TfiuaulT d-ertror an> 
V..-I may Jin ii- bnd toi -Imii 

■ tan n v. Iio luiiil thi- npi'iirr^ 
:it nnd the dtliftl-y" niirli'inii 
t i =ii- lirnt of tbn "pani't Jiti 
i-'I man or town — atoiRory. 

> Lbs .antbar of tlic plny 
-■», mYpiri-d l.";-' lfi> n fi.-i . ■:" 
inHtlialJy bt-ary \Vp;fcb nii^lm 


n. ii sftr;- t psinnoi I- ■ M: Untpli 

1 '. Ii..-.;..'- -ranTn- ..I r* IllJ r.T.ji- 

ar— lii pB,vrui'4il i'i" (flw-i la Hi' A'f'n 

TO !•• 

I ,. 



Of El' 

.n a 



To He 

Ilnhj n»hori 


Marri- OaVottrP. kn-wii all nit? Ih* 
wortd ni "l!ab^ fhrtinTniE'' In Lwlng 
brought hgelf tn tlw «»*« >•> l'.i^p- '» 
a i^tpi-tpp! playl!-:,. rraiaiU 1 from tlm 
nvo'ri^lors idii- mau*' fai- tlih cumnujiy 
wrufgl yuan ago. 

Dfrnon und r.irr SbuIIp. 
TIip Annrl.-nii AifrrrHtrertf- Ajpnrln- 
lloa hta bren lo.:.!.v .. "Sntih- Wtt't,,' 1 
wbiili i-tidiil Tiiawtaj n ith n luinhiiiu 
at iln- A4>wH*pr*' l*ln:i la Wsrt Korly- 
hUHl ilPi'l. Tftu*4> iM-Ji'iil "fri^in tbp 
l-«x Kind.'. 1ti'rl"Ti llrcuoo noil Mnrj 
Cam fcOHirilniiPil t.. l u- tiuiii'i wtn n ul*:i Uy III Wnin. I In- toMllUga- 

Iliiard .if rtevJcvr l.iiiirbs-oh. 

Saturdny i? wi :n itc da it.- fo? llti" 
fotirtwntli fljtinal Imn-lii-oa at Hip Na- 
tioaal Doar:! nf Ucvb'w of Mnllun Tb- 
tawH nt tha Uohp] MpAI^ii. >TIib topfp 
oplcctcd for (UBtnwIwn ivill tip "Alolion 
I'lrtitrK" at Hump ainl A Tuail." Julia 
KwertOu v.;ii «,iciik Ii- ut Hip vEi>opiilnl 
of tin.- Aiiiriit-nu siimlij.. II. I'lirb'ti'iiwoit. 
of "this tiwi-di-Ii Bl-B.-iii'li i.'.nipnny. will 
»i»PHk (or lli-.- IviiropiMri proiiun'ih: S. 
K JtntliaiVL of Hi* l.'ajiiM TaJtBtrw. 
't-.mi tbi- rit-wiH'iul— i»f lb.* Spiv York 
nio-iiij nlriun 1 auil^iipm. and Stiuitiir 
daium j. Wattfpr, nJrtairy [■oiiiikiI for 
tin- il'tllm ncfuro Tln-arrt- fJwitem ol 
Aiii.--j.ji. will tnfk fr.iin iti" miRip nf ib- 
rahiliifair thrunahoiil ihr i-oiuiiry. I^i". 
Albert Halebj >■; Uip Ji. jiifr.,ii nl of IL- 
una rod rjf UWub&r*' ('o!U-^i- T I 'ohiujuiii 
UaJTtrt tt t y, ami run* nt iftc nviiiliiat (<;-- 
gnnhMi-M. of Hip \atl.:iuii llnanl it Hv- 
vii-w in |»d0, wit] ,- -,, r . m„; ||,e l,<r Br .|- 
CJtWHIt3t(> rOIUlUitte«. 'Ih- ful I ii wills iii"- 
IhuL ijHettJrT! iihiVLHa tia.i ii.-.n intfliil In 
III.- Ilinrlnojti: ■Lillian ami L'.tmlby lil-li. 
Mny-licAv^it, |ifT-lii ;. -; :.i ';i. ii ZS r^'iu 1 
in, Wibiaui F*rniuii, Ktlt«-i Cbirtou. 
M.i' Murray. Aiitu 1-0*1* ^fi.i \]r, ntnl 
Mra. Birgn Etnilln. „ 

1U*1 nutntr \ili-. 
Jackie Congaa baa jus! trt-aphi a luinn-. 
Itpiag iwrtlPiilaT. a*r baa vhoeeti ft hi Uu- 
IDOkI' ■■■_(. ti;* Ltr- jit ii-.iln.rJi- . -i ia Ifolly- 
Wooit Juckjc- j* ijoi i| by Hip 
jtoCTip wlilrli Bflyrt. i!.;,: ,. i.\ a wicki-d 

\ t.!u>*j nr T"*>. 
onl -at imp nf niir sluillon mi a 


I'.in-n::.:.!!:--.^, iy fiiiias W ''■ 
htaVfifi ia"-r. r- ^..^i ^tinm Nii-* -'■™i'-' 

I*iTpr-ri,r Cwitli grt-nt war.*fls.ii|*— N». 
at iwitw not; T aari gjilng jj. .tait;: ilic 
wenr imii ri'lfpiir":. ■ nfti-fWiir-1. 

I'.ir nil I J ■ r. 1 . ImO'^viT. tin? plaj i- ItiaJi 
l> inti'Tfiliiiff and hern and iIiiti ..-i- 
Bmhj ii ihrlll nuttP the ftiitnl of anj .ilii' 
nan lAri iip In TSrt Bat," wbhfi t,„K 
la-rn mnnlna to otpidlly ctoH-ds foi roim- 
llinn ii yi^flT. 

1-or :i.>ijiil.i>, them Iit-iho ninl.t'ii i.jrMi- 
iiik nl .. i:iij.£ in the librMrv ..r tin- r.r^t 
irrn.' -.-! ami iIip thnHllijjjc n( m. .-..l 
law i-i i j ti full ilnr of thorn- prwr-hl. \m\ 
tin-it in i in' ~M-n-irl otl. there bt i In- unl- 
flcij =iji|i -iij-aiio- nf a brawny arm n! tin- 
ilinui ni Hi,- lair hcrolm. 1 , nefratnBEy n.iu 
ill;; fr>nn mil tlu> wan of lb^ »U<i-p(in> 

And ilii [i I...- way of fair nae#*-im«, rtl 
thi- j-.'1'i.inJi mi UnTf ir< tbt- i]<-Iivi'n inn- 
tlu- phatufnT i.r thv drad body '■> tin wwyiT trim - 1 = ■- = 1 1 - 1 ■ - ■ ■ ■ in Ibi- iii-t 
mi. Ami— but go down m ( b^ n ;i . 
Llonal j'lnl Bud ant tbr- otlier thrill* far 

^f-iliip; tn fev«t?llen1. 

Addod in an jutpirrsiitii; p|»y i£ il m 
Acting of a thoroilglily iub-i}uiili.> pa«t, 
bPiutiMl by l'l.ircncc Kldriilfii- noil n-rnj 
Hull. Misi UMriilgc In enjtRnLng rs iln- 
iIiMirp^.-d Iiur<diiQ nnd lluil i-i amsalnr; 
im it ha ff-t right I'nfd bntft, 

Tin- in Hip tninp.- 1 iiro l-"rrr> 
Moon', UUnche VmlrrUi, .tnlni Wlllitpd, 

ItPtli Fr+inkljn. Ji WnrrinKi..n. Hv.l r 

Ki'.iiii.. Ivilaimi.l I-'ltun uml Hurry J '. 

Thp Bbucjr drsals with ihp ln-.|i!r ■■«( „j ir i 
ttlil ptt-lu*" wham will ii n-ail twcuiy 
yes** flfler bii ib-mh in bi<t i-i.imiry hfj|iM- 
np tin' ILuJmjo. The L-ntutn Jh Jeff Io 
Atuinbt'b" Wis!, jwrtrtya) by .M.Lwc Kbl- 
rldt.', nnd iIiiti I ho emdtwn.ftni wtnpt-i. 
Tin- MnetfAcamlngry bimnphH nni) rben 
tin: l:is»'y* , r-Psi:riit"r nuliti'iily (]i-.ti[iin.iii-^ 
fpom i In- liviitK in tli^ firnt Rot 
thrniiKfi n yiiwnltiB litutel in ft Iwwik fb'^f 
tliif id-a boi't difliPtiU t<i bi-lirv.. 

It In furllirr i^rnpntf-fi in L«rj ntdiioa 

of thotHt rirr-r^nt hi tin" Boil act wb 

upon M i ( . line ii pirpimuct kliicc, Mi.*s 

Aniiatii-lli- in alnnmt rlimMlpl' In aoib